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schierbeckGaryvdM: hi12:03
schierbecki just wanted to ask; do you accept somewhat unrelated patches to brokenlines?12:04
schierbeckit seems that it'll be merged soon, so i might as well place them there, to avoid any conflicts later on12:05
schierbeck(given that phanatic is in on it, of course)12:05
GaryvdMYhea - I think you can make patches against vizchanges, and then send them to the list12:06
GaryvdMWith a note that it is of vizchanges.12:07
GaryvdMI think that is the best way to go.12:07
GaryvdMIf you send them to the mailing list - I'll test them.12:08
schierbeckok, thanks12:08
schierbeckGaryvdM: have i asked you about the title of the viz window?12:09
GaryvdMLike https://code.launchpad.net/~dasch/bzr-gtk/viz-cleanup ?12:09
schierbecki'd like to rename it "Revision history"12:09
GaryvdMI agree that it needs to be changed12:10
schierbeckokay, i'll make a quick patch and send it to the list12:10
phanaticif noone raises any objections on the list until tomorrow, i'll merge vizchanges/brokenlines12:10
GaryvdMI do like Revision History because it is consistent with previous vcs I have used.12:11
GaryvdMBut in bzr it is Log12:11
schierbecki know, but i just think that's unintuitive12:12
GaryvdMAnd I feel we should use that to be consistent.12:12
schierbecki agree that it would be best12:12
schierbeckand using 'revision history' consistently would mean convincing the bzr guys it's for the better...12:13
schierbeckscrew it, i'll use 'log'12:13
GaryvdMElse try get log changed to history in bzr ;-)12:13
schierbeckexactly :(12:13
schierbecki don't know why they picked 'log' -- it really makes no sense12:14
schierbeckwell, some12:14
GaryvdMAnd I think we need to add glog as a alias for viz12:14
Odd_BlokeHistorical reasons and it is a log of revisions.12:14
Odd_BlokeAdding history as an alias for log would work...12:15
schierbeckOdd_Bloke: but you're not really reading a log, which in my mind is a secondary piece of information about events12:15
schierbeckyou're seeing the *history*, the main purpose of the rcs12:16
schierbeckokay, i'm going with "revision log"12:16
Odd_Blokeschierbeck: Sure, I was just filling in the 'well, some'. :p12:16
schierbecksorry, i easily get very involved in silly matters12:17
GaryvdMschierbeck: are these the changes that you wanted to make against vizchanges: https://code.launchpad.net/~dasch/bzr-gtk/viz-cleanup12:18
Odd_BlokeI suppose 'log' is also a more obvious/convenient shorthand than 'his' or 'hist'...12:18
schierbeckGaryvdM: that's another branch12:18
schierbecki was working on a general cleanup of viz, but then i heard of your branch12:18
schierbeckthat made some of my changes redundant12:19
phanaticthat's the reason why we set up that mailing list: to avoid redundancy :)12:19
schierbecki really feel there's a lot of code duplication in there; i'd like to have a reference to the currently selected revision stored in the tree model12:19
schierbeckphanatic: yeah, but i've been having some trouble with it; didn't receive your mail, either :(12:20
schierbeckthe branch's pushed to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dasch/bzr-gtk/viz-change-window-title12:21
phanaticschierbeck: that sucks :(12:21
schierbecki of course made a typo in the commit msg12:21
schierbecki'll try to send a mail to the list12:21
phanaticschierbeck: not even in your spam folder?12:21
schierbeckit freaks me out12:21
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schierbeckwow, that's like the third "change title" mail i've sent to the list12:24
schierbeckfirst two were dupes12:24
schierbeckokay, it's off12:24
schierbecki hate the list archive12:25
schierbeckit displays my message as a reply to another mail12:25
GaryvdMphanatic: Do you have access to modify this page: https://launchpad.net/bzr-gtk/ ?12:26
GaryvdMIf you do, may I suggest adding a link to the mailing list.12:26
GaryvdMHmm - never mind -  it seems I have access :-)12:29
GaryvdMschierbeck: I received you list mail.12:30
schierbeckgreat :)12:30
schierbeckplease do tell here if you reply; i'm not sure i'll receive it12:30
phanaticGaryvdM: thanks for updating the page (i've been away from my computer for a bit)12:34
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schierbecki've played around with vizchanges -- isn't the window getting *very* wide?12:37
schierbeckit's caused primarily by the new "Children" label12:37
Vantage13Does bazaar have a way of pulling multiple patches or merging multiple branches at once?12:38
GaryvdMVantage13 - Yes - you can merge multiple branches/patches in one commit12:40
Vantage13for example, if I have multiple features for one release.  I'd like to just pull a release rather than have to pull each feature in individually12:40
Vantage13GaryvdM: how would you go about doing that?12:40
GaryvdMbzr merge branch112:41
GaryvdMbzr merge branch212:41
GaryvdMbzr merge patch12:41
GaryvdMbzr commit12:41
schierbeckGaryvdM: i'm not sure you can merge if you have uncommitted changes...12:41
Vantage13GaryvdM: is patch a command or just the name of the combination of the two?12:42
schierbecktest> bzr merge ../viz-status-message/12:42
schierbeckbzr: ERROR: Working tree "/home/daniel/Projects/bzr-gtk/test/" has uncommitted changes12:42
GaryvdMNo - you can specify a patch to the merge command12:42
schierbeckluks: does --force have any destructive side effects?12:44
luksin case of conflicts, you will probably end up in a confusing situation12:44
luksbut otherwise no, as far as I know12:44
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egx0rHaving trouble with the initial orginazation. If I have 5 sub-projects working seperately but under one major project, should I then make 1 project and 5 branches or 5 seperate projects, any hints?01:01
james_wegx0r: I would personally go for 5 separate projects.01:02
james_w(a branch and a project would be the same thing here I think).01:02
james_wunless you always need all of the sub-projects, and it is inconceivable that anyone would ever work on just one.01:03
=== schierbeck [n=daniel@dasch.egmont-kol.dk] has joined #bzr
egx0rjames_w: Good point. You can see my sub-projects as tasks in a project. Every task should work independently of each other, but they should all be under the same project. I hope this makes sense..01:07
schierbeckphanatic: do you have any remarks on the viz-change-title patch?01:07
GaryvdMschierbeck: are you sure that children are making the viz window wider?01:08
GaryvdMIt seems like it's the tree to me01:08
schierbeckGaryvdM: it's both, i guess01:09
phanaticschierbeck: i like history better i think01:09
schierbeckphanatic: me too :D01:09
schierbeckGaryvdM: i'd like some of the columns to disappear, too01:09
schierbecklike the revno -- it should be in the logview01:09
phanaticschierbeck, GaryvdM: as we've discussed before, i'd prefer to allow the user to set which columns s/he wants to see01:10
phanaticlogview is the bottom part, the details :)01:10
schierbeckphanatic: but that'll take some time to implement -- i'd really like to keep the viz simple until we can offer such an option to the user01:11
schierbeckGaryvdM: oh, yeah, the bottom :)01:11
schierbeckGaryvdM: also, we really should simplify the date format01:11
schierbeckdisplaying both weekday and timezone seems to be overkill...01:12
GaryvdMWeekday - Yes, Timezone - maybe01:12
schierbeckGaryvdM: if we can, why not convert to local time format?01:13
schierbecki think i better file a bug report, otherwise i'll just forget all this...01:13
GaryvdMI think stuff that is in the tree must be helpfull to locate a revision.01:14
schierbeckthere should be nothing more01:14
GaryvdMYhea - Timezone does not help01:14
GaryvdMRevision number would be usefull01:15
GaryvdMI remember revision numbers01:15
schierbeckGaryvdM: i'd rather have a search box, then01:17
schierbecktype the revno, and be taken to the right revision immediately01:17
GaryvdMThat is all ready the case :-)01:18
GaryvdMClick on the tree and type a number.01:18
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schierbeckGaryvdM: cool! but not very intuitive for a new user...01:19
schierbecki'd rather hide the column and have a search box instead01:20
GaryvdMThere must allready be some gtk applications that have a column selector.01:21
GaryvdMThere is on built into the mozilla xul tree.01:22
GaryvdMBut there does not seem to be one for gtk.01:22
schierbecki'm not sure how to do it01:23
luksGaryvdM, evolution, but it uses an ugly custom widget01:24
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schierbeckGaryvdM: i've fixed the time stamp format: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dasch/bzr-gtk/viz-date-format01:39
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GaryvdMschierbeck: cool01:53
schierbeckphanatic: merge material?01:56
phanaticschierbeck: looks okay02:00
schierbecki left the format as it was in the bottom; should i change it there, too?02:01
GaryvdMschierbeck: that code is now in a different file in vizchanges (treemodel.py)02:01
schierbeckshould i make a patch for vizchanges?02:02
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schierbeckGaryvdM: i'll mail you the patch02:07
schierbecksent :)02:09
phanaticit's a bit late over here, so good night guys :)02:16
GaryvdMThe formated date will allways be 16 chars - so we can set the width-chars to 1602:17
GaryvdMNight phanatic02:17
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elijahIs there a howto on bzr-svn anywhere?  The website seems to list features, downloads, caveats, etc., but no instructions on use.03:55
=== elijah tries a bunch of 'bzr svn <some> <random> <stuff>' commands, without much luck
radixelijah: The idea is that you use bzr normally but with svn URLs instead of bzr URLs03:58
radixelijah: so e.g. "bzr branch svn://..." should work03:58
radixFor http you might have to prefix with "svn+http://", but that may not be necessary any more, I don't remember.03:58
elijahah, and the works-in-an-svn checkout means I just do 'bzr status' and it'll work the same as 'svn status'...yes?03:58
radixwell, no :)03:59
=== elijah tries
radixit'll be a bzr status03:59
elijahwell, yes03:59
elijahbut very similar commands with similar status03:59
elijahyeah, only slightly different output03:59
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smgood evening all08:59
smcould someone straighten me out on the current naming of bazaar|bzr[-ng]  ? I am dreadfully confused09:01
smare there still two projects ?09:01
smnext question: I just committed and see my email address in the log in bad.. can I uncommit and do it again ?09:03
smand how do I influence the email address bazaar picks ?09:03
smfourthly, if we get that far, how would I typically push what I've committed to the upstream developer ?09:04
sm(or have I done that already ? not sure)09:05
smI see the answer to configuring email address, in the (excellent) man page09:15
smexcellent.. uncommit, just like darcs unrecord09:17
Pengsm: The old, abandoned project (baz) is just called "baz" now. The new project is called Bazaar (bzr).09:46
Pengsm: The old project used to be called "Bazaar" and the new project used to be called "Bazaar-NG".09:47
PengHmm, "baz" is easier to type than "bzr".09:47
PengOf course, "hg" beats them both at that. :P09:47
=== fullermd makes a note to name his VCS 'asdf'.
PengWhat about Dvorak?09:48
fullermdTheir problem, not mine   :p09:48
Pengaoeu, I guess.09:49
PengYou could make a symlink.09:49
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james_wsm: yes you can uncommit10:59
fullermdExcept that if you're thinking darcs-ish, uncommitting something other than the latest rev is probably not going to do what you expect.11:00
james_wsm: you can either push if you have write access to their public branch.11:00
james_wotherwise use 'bzr send --mail-to their@address'11:00
james_w(assuming you have a fairly recent bzr'11:00
smexcellent.. I'll try11:00
smnot new enough I think.. bzr 0.15 in ubuntu feisty11:02
fullermdWell, that should have the old 'bundle' at least.  You can attach that to an email manually (me, I do it manual all around anyway)11:03
smfullermd: thanks, that worked11:12
smchanges made, committed and sent.. mission accomplished11:12
fullermdNow, on to world domination.11:12
smthe world should switch to darcs/bazaar/mercurial methinks11:13
fullermdWell, when I'm elected Emperor...11:14
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schierbeckhi y'all03:40
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pbordoes bzr have an online interface?05:56
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Pengpbor: A web interface? There's Loggerhead (which is pretty heavy-weight, based on TurboGears) and there's also bzr-webserve (dunno how maintained it is).06:48
Pengpbor: Loggerhead powers http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr/trunk/files .06:50
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ubotuNew bug: #147266 in bzr "Crash when getting log of remote branch using bzr+ssh" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14726607:02
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schierbeckhi guys09:58
matkorhi !10:00
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schierbeckphanatic: ping10:25
phanaticschierbeck: pong10:26
schierbeckphanatic: any updates on the state of vizchanges?10:27
phanaticschierbeck: i'll merge it tonight into trunk, so it gives green light to further changes :)10:28
schierbeckit'll be much easier to make changes once it's merged10:29
phanaticyep, i hope so :)10:31
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