adz21ctabman: yea just select the ubuntu partitions, but that will affect ur grub install. If all you want is kde then install kubuntu-desktop12:39
stdintabman: it's not an explicit option, you have to choose Manual Partitioning and choose which partitions will be for  /, swap (and any other you have). then choose to format them12:39
=== blubb [n=foo@80-219-209-50.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
tabmanadz21c: kubuntu doesn't uses grub....I still want dual boot after the installation ? no I've slow internet here it'll take very long for the kubuntu-desktop package to download12:40
=== AmyRose [n=djb@unaffiliated/amyrose] has joined #kubuntu
adz21ckubuntu does use grub12:40
Kachnakubuntu uses grub as defalt loader12:40
blubbwhats the name of the app that lets me change the sound levels with special keys on my laptop? How can I configure that?12:40
stdintabman: kubuntu uses grub, just like ubuntu. it will detect your windows install and set grub up to use it12:40
tabmanok cool this should be easy to do then12:40
=== Secutor__ [n=mark@c-67-169-98-84.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisor at least its supposed to detect it. :) and i find it can detect other linux installs as well and set grub up for them.12:41
tabmanok cool12:41
Kachnablubb: i use keytouch for that :-)12:41
=== dad [n=dad@adsl-150-156-194.rmo.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
Kachnawell not on ntb but it should work too12:41
stdinnewone1234: what menu?12:41
newone1234the principal one12:41
=== Jumjoola [n=ubuntu@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== milk_teeth [n=teeth@d66-222-247-198.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== snookum [n=snookum@c-67-165-222-112.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
newone1234I make it disappear and then i could not find any command to make it appear!12:42
blubbKachna: whats the one shipped with kubunte? it has osd btw12:42
SyufsOk, I just installed beryl, but I only see the beryl settings manager option and not the actual beryl launcher. How do I actually launch beryl?12:42
stdinnewone1234: you mean the menu bar, with the file menu etc. ?12:43
Kachnablubb: mm isn't it this one? it is in kubuntu repos,but dunno if it's in install by default12:43
acomacoSyufs: try beryl-manager12:43
stdinnewone1234: try Ctrl-M12:43
=== secleinteer [n=scl@] has joined #kubuntu
acomacoSyufs: if you don't got it sudo apt-get install beryl-manager12:43
newone1234i tried that and nothing happened12:43
=== hassan2a [n=hassan2a@] has joined #kubuntu
blubbKachna: it is another one and already "working"12:43
Kachnawell there are more of them :-)12:44
blubbKachna: which one is installed usually with kubuntu????12:44
=== tabman [n=Tabish@] has left #kubuntu []
Syufsacomaco: I have beryl installed and the beryl settings manager which i can view, but I just dont know how to launch beryl itself to enable the 3D cube and what not12:45
=== julian [n=julian@201-213-230-99.net.prima.net.ar] has joined #kubuntu
Kachnano idea,thought there isn't any O.o I just apt-get installed keytouch and it works like a charm :-)12:45
acomacoSyufs: Install the Beryl-manager and Beryl settings manager..12:45
blubbdamn why does nobody here no anything? Its always the same12:45
adz21cSyufs: from what I remember you launch the beryl-manager then right click on the system tray icon and it has some options for enabling it12:45
acomacoSyufs: Atleast it was the way i got it to work12:46
Syufsacomaco: They are already installed...12:46
stdin!attitude | blubb12:46
ubotublubb: The people in this channel are volunteers. Your attitude will determine how fast you are helped. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines12:46
blubbKachna: at least I need to know how to disable that one!12:46
Syufsacomaco: i just need to actually launch beryl... i can view the beryl settings manager12:46
acomacorun the command beryl?12:46
=== wilson_ [n=wilson@] has joined #kubuntu
=== zerothis [n=zerothis@cdm-75-109-248-53.asbnva.dh.suddenlink.net] has joined #kubuntu
stdinSyufs: beryl-manager should be in the kmenu (either under Settings or System)12:48
Syufsstdin: the beryl manager IS there... but that's not beryl itself... i need to launch beryl so the settings i put in the beryl manager will take effect... they beryl settings manager is meaningless unless i can launch beryl12:49
blubbwhats the name of the app that lets me change the sound levels with special keys on my laptop? It displays an osd too, How can I configure that?12:50
stdinSyufs: you launch it FROM beryl-manager12:50
adz21cSyufs: beryl-manager launches beryl12:50
blubbI'm looking for the app thats already installed with kubuntu on default12:50
stdinSyufs: right click the beryl icon in the system tray to launch it12:50
=== pmk [n=pmk@] has joined #kubuntu
adz21cblubb: lineakd?12:51
bert_oh a beryl problem :)12:51
stdinblubb: should be kmix afaik12:51
bert_i have some problems to :p12:51
bert_i can set up the configuration12:51
bert_but bery litself not12:51
acomacobert_: wut? ^^12:51
bert_well ... i have the red diamond in the corner12:52
bert_but i can't get beryl working12:52
Syufsstdin: There is not beryl icon... i installed beryl and it said it installed successfully, but the only thing that is there now is the beryl settings manager (WHICH I CAN VIEW AND OPEN AND IT WORKS) and the Emerald Beryl Theme Manger (which also works) just not beryl itself12:52
otzkuHow do i make a shortcut for a wine program?12:52
Syufsstdin: All I want to do is launch beryl....12:52
acomacoSyufs: Open a terminal, Write Beryl-manager12:52
SlimeyPeteif you right-click on the red diamond you can launch beryl manually12:52
Syufsacomaco: I don't want to open beryl-manger for the love of god... i want to open beryl12:52
acomacoSyufs: For the love of god just do it12:53
bert_can't do that slimeypete :-)12:53
acomacoSyufs: or atleast open Beryl in terminal12:53
Syufsacomaco: I've had the beryl-settings manager open this whole time...12:53
Syufsacomaco: but that does me no good if beryl isn't launched12:53
acomacoJust try it?12:53
stdinotzku: like you make any other link, but put the command like:  wine "c:\Program Files\Application\App.exe"12:53
zerothiscan I upgrade to feisty from the command-line? <http://pastebin.ca/720061>12:54
acomacoSyufs: Beryl-settings-manager is not the same as beryl-manager12:54
acomacoSyufs: you can try to run beryl or beryl-manager in terminal :)12:55
blubbadz21c: lineakd... hmm seems not to be installed12:55
=== wsjunior [n=wsjunior@201-24-13-18.bsace703.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
adz21cblubb: ok well thats the only one i know of12:55
stdinzerothis: you can, but it's better if you use adept http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading#head-6146e7b1dd7a50f5029fd0704e38cad9420c000a12:55
=== LjL [n=ljl@ubuntu/member/ljl] has joined #kubuntu
Syufsacomaco: When I just run beryl, everything goes blank. The 3D cube works and I can rotate it, but everything else just goes to a blank tan color12:55
blubbstdin: how can kmix do that? i mean with osd?12:55
Dr_willisthats means beryl is running. :)12:56
acomacoWhat happends when you run Beryl-manager?12:56
Dr_willisheh.. i rember why i avoide beryl and stuff..12:56
acomaconot beryl settings manageR?12:56
Syufsyup now that i know to just type beryl which took me asking like 20 times to get answered haha12:56
zerothisadept gave me those error messages <http://pastebin.ca/720061>12:56
blubbstdin: it seems to be kmix, is that patched or what?12:56
blubbstdin: who controls that? Because kmix is started automatically... :(12:57
stdinblubb: don't think so, but I wouldn't know. best place to ask that is #kubuntu-devel or #kde12:57
=== yamal_ [n=yamal@Room641A.no-such-agency.net.ru] has joined #kubuntu
SyufsI figured there would be an actual beryl icon launcher somewhere like in gnome instead of having to actually launch it from terminal...12:57
stdinzerothis: yes, you have to remove or comment those repositories out12:57
=== yamal_ is now known as yamal
acomacobtw do Kubuntu 7.10 include KDE4?12:58
=== Mr_Sonoma [n=chris@] has joined #kubuntu
stdinacomaco: not by default12:58
Syufsacomoaco: Not yet but it will12:58
Dr_willisSyufs,  beryl i though is a window manager thing. like kwin, or metacity - i thought. :)12:58
stdin7.10 will not use KDE4 as it's default desktop at all12:58
zerothisI used a kubuntu CD, do I need to install another desktop to upgrade?12:59
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #kubuntu
stdinzerothis: no, just remove the repositories that are giving errors01:00
wsjuniori've just installed virtualbox ose and loaded my windows xp image, but there is no usb section to enable. do i need to create it somehow01:01
stdinwsjunior: the ose does not have USB support01:01
=== edubijes [n=edubijes@] has joined #kubuntu
wsjuniorstdin: are u sure?01:02
=== elecninja [n=elecninj@cpe-66-68-226-76.rgv.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== wicked [n=ed@d53-64-34-141.nap.wideopenwest.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== elecninja is now known as ElecNinja
stdinwsjunior: yes, only the proprietary version does01:02
=== quixogre [n=james@ip70-177-126-129.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
wsjuniorstdin: is there any ubuntu package for the proprietary version?01:03
stdinwsjunior: no ubuntu packages (because it's proprietary), but you can get it from http://www.virtualbox.org/01:03
quixogrewoot! got kubuntu installed on my desktop now :)01:04
=== Dr_willis gives quixogre +100 Leet Haxor EXP.
wsjuniorstdin: theres only a feisty version there, is it safe to use it on gutsy beta?01:04
=== NightBird [n=ma325@71-221-247-75.cdrr.qwest.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_williswsjunior,  try it and see. :)01:05
Dr_willisit might not want to install.01:05
ElecNinjaOn Kubuntu, Adept Installer seems to take longer when you start amassing a bunch of installs. Is it just me?01:05
Doctor_Nickdoes anyone know how to reinstall packages while specifying a different source01:05
quixogreokay. time to go cook for the wife01:05
Doctor_NickElecNinja: Adept just sucks01:06
=== Gazza [n=gary@host86-128-144-177.range86-128.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== quixogre is now known as quixogre_away
stdinwsjunior: it may work, maybe01:06
=== hassan2a [n=hassan2a@] has joined #kubuntu
stdin!away > quixogre_away01:06
zerothisI also have update-manager 0.45.4 not 0.45.2. Also, should I backup anything specific before updating?01:07
=== Scotty [n=Scotty@unaffiliated/scotty] has joined #kubuntu
stdinDoctor_Nick: maybe with the -t option to apt-get01:07
stdinzerothis: you should always backup anything important before upgrading. you should always backup anything important even when not upgrading01:08
Dr_willisbackup your backups also! :001:08
wsjuniorstdin: up and running. thanks ;)01:09
Dr_willis'reduuant stack of backup machines' :)01:09
Doctor_Nickstdin: what does -t do?01:11
zerothis2 days 22 hours and 35 minutes to update? fun, fun, fun.01:12
stdinDoctor_Nick: "-t, --target-release, --default-release: This option controls the default input to the policy engine, it creates a default pin at priority 990 using the specified release string."01:12
=== Ryiel [n=ryiel@adsl-049-007.vivanet.hu] has joined #kubuntu
stdinDoctor_Nick: see apt-get's man page (I've never used the option)01:13
=== FunnyLookinHat [n=funnyloo@] has joined #kubuntu
=== sabba [n=sabba@host81-171-static.55-88-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== anderson [n=anderson@201-69-195-24.dial-up.telesp.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
=== fr0z3n [n=fr0z3n@dslb-088-076-220-090.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
NightBirdwhere is the info for the sessions section on the login screen stored?01:18
stdinNightBird: in /usr/share/xsessions01:19
=== quixogre_away is now known as quixogre
SyufsOk, I need to install my nvidia drivers without the X server running, how can I get to the command line interface without x server running? Isn't there a alt+ something i can hit at desktop?01:19
quixogreSyufs: CTRL+ALT+F101:20
stdinSyufs: why not use the packages?01:20
stdinwhy, oh why?01:20
=== sabba [n=sabba@host81-171-static.55-88-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Syufsstdin: As in the Adept Manager stuff eh?01:20
=== Kachna [n=kachna@r6az240.net.upc.cz] has joined #kubuntu
Syufsstdin: I've been using linux for 3 days heh01:21
stdinthen you really do not want a manual install01:21
stdin!nvidia | Syufs01:21
ubotuSyufs: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:21
=== anderson [n=anderson@201-69-195-24.dial-up.telesp.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
=== baud [n=baud@ASt-Lambert-153-1-131-150.w90-2.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
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=== milkstyle [i=dieinafi@adsl-150-211-127.flo.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
Syufsstdin: I'm pretty sure I can figure out the manual install heh. It can't be more complex than doing sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-etc.etc....... right?01:23
Syufsor am i getting in over my head?01:23
stdinSyufs: actually, it is more complex. you'll need to compile it01:23
stdinand you'll need to reinstall for every kernel update01:24
stdinwith no GUI01:24
stdin(as that will seamlessly fail)01:24
stdinuse the packages, save yourself several headaches01:25
=== tjanssen [n=tjanssen@CPE001a70d1c72d-CM00159a4026c4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
Syufsbleh, alright well i already manually installed the nvidia-settings menu which i probably shouldn't have done before the driver install but i think it won't matter heh. When i look up nvidia in the package manager a bunch of crap comes up, which stuff do i need to install?01:25
=== gatogrizz [n=gatogriz@176.Red-80-25-105.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
Syufsi appreciate the help btw01:25
=== anderson [n=anderson@201-69-195-24.dial-up.telesp.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
=== _aaa [n=dac@tx-76-6-82-14.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #kubuntu
stdinSyufs: follow this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia#head-7f44311f6f4d40e7f6738d961752ae7c0772bfa801:26
ElecNinjaWhat is the best package manager gui anyways? Adept is pretty slow for me.01:26
Syufsstdin: Alright, looking at it now. Thanks01:26
stdinElecNinja: there is no "best", some like adept, some like synaptic, others like apt01:27
=== alessio [n=alessio@host174-222-dynamic.23-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
ElecNinjaI mean, based on your experiences. I know there isn't a "best" but there is a preferred for people.01:29
=== Scotty [n=Scotty@unaffiliated/scotty] has joined #kubuntu
=== Jonty [n=jadh@82-41-207-227.cable.ubr11.edin.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
stdinElecNinja: what ever you like. I tend to just use aptitude01:30
=== Yut [n=Elf_user@modemcable154.177-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #kubuntu
YutVot Charles-Alexandre Deschamps (Pour qu'il peut aller en tournoi de skate-board) Vote pour Charche-Alexandre : http://islandproductions.org/blog/?page_id=355Q01:31
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chookhow i can find ubuntu italia01:34
=== Netham45 [n=Netham45@unaffiliated/netham45] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!01:34
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=== Kachna [n=kachna@r6az240.net.upc.cz] has joined #kubuntu
=== quixogre [n=james@ip70-177-126-129.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
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quixogreokay i need some video assistance...trying to set up a second monitor, and need help getting both kde and my video card to recognize it.01:43
quixogresecond issue: when i launch beryl, it goes to a white screen. no text, no clicking allowed. any suggestions?01:43
=== Netham45 [n=Netham45@unaffiliated/netham45] has joined #kubuntu
quixogreanyone alive?01:45
aguitel_how i know the transfer rate of my ethernet card ?01:45
=== Netham45 [n=Netham45@unaffiliated/netham45] has joined #kubuntu
=== zerothis [n=zerothis@cdm-75-109-248-53.asbnva.dh.suddenlink.net] has left #kubuntu ["Kopete]
quixogreaguitel_: what kind of card is it?01:46
Syufswhat is the command to stop x server and then start x server?01:46
stdinaguitel_: I use knetload to monitor it01:46
stdinSyufs: sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart01:46
aguitel_stdin ,i am in gnome01:46
=== PuckRM [n=alessio@host174-222-dynamic.23-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
Syufsstdin: What about just stopping x server?01:46
stdinaguitel_: well, you can still use it :)01:46
stdinSyufs: replace restart with stop01:47
Syufsstdin: Thanks01:47
aguitel_stdin ,i necesary to install this aplication?01:47
=== edson [n=edson@unaffiliated/edson] has joined #kubuntu
stdinaguitel_: I'm sure there are gnome applets to do it too, ask in #ubuntu01:48
=== Cyclopes [n=thandar@athedsl-289317.home.otenet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
quixogreokay i need some video assistance...trying to set up a second monitor, and need help getting both kde and my video card to recognize it.01:50
SyufsOk, from desktop i did cntrl+alt+f1 to get to command line... then I stopped x server but for some reason now there is just a flashing cursor and i can type stuff in but nothing works, I can't use dir, or change directories or antying, it's just a flashing cursor ugh01:50
quixogreSyufs: CTRL+C01:50
Syufsquixogre: It doesn't nothing :(01:50
Syufsdoes nothing*01:51
stdinSyufs: why do you need to?01:51
quixogreSyufs: CTRL+ALT+F701:51
=== OOD [n=OOD@dsl-135-220.aei.ca] has joined #kubuntu
=== jem [n=jem@ACD7275B.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
Syufsstdin: Was going to manually install nvidia driver (might as well learn the hard way if i want to learn linux good eh?) and besides none of the packages worked :( Always gave me a commit error :(01:52
=== n0va [n=n0va@cpc1-cani1-0-0-cust12.renf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
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=== digitald is now known as chris|6S
SyufsYea, it's weird. Every time I stop the x server I get a black screen with a blinking cursor and i can type but nothing does anything... absolutely nothing works :(01:56
=== wightstraker [n=johnolms@pool-105-22.res.carleton.edu] has joined #kubuntu
Syufswhoops well actually if i do cntrl+alt+f1 AGAIN im fine haha... sheesh01:57
=== Netham45 [n=Netham45@unaffiliated/netham45] has joined #kubuntu
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ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:02
niyadome gustaria saber como desactivar momentareamente compiz fusion en kubuntu para poder jugar un juego02:02
quixogre!es | niyado02:03
ubotuniyado: Si busca ayuda en Espaol por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendr mas ayuda.02:03
=== pol [n=pol@216.Red-88-24-30.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about chan - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:03
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de02:03
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hassan2awho has konversation ?02:08
=== ralf_ [n=ralf@p508A03C9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
quixogrei do02:10
NickPrestahassan2a, if you need to ask a question about konversation, just ask. People who can help you, will help you02:10
=== Mountainman [i=Mtnman@adsl-64-149-32-172.dsl.tul2ok.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== cris [n=cris@adsl-76-235-204-197.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
hassan2ahow can i add a server on konversation ?02:12
stdinin the server menu02:13
=== yenouandre1956 [n=yenouand@ANancy-256-1-69-160.w90-26.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
stdinConnection > Server List02:13
=== inis [n=inis@LSt-Amand-152-32-42-173.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== ] ramzi[ [n=bb@] has joined #kubuntu
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_2!offtopic > _2    just anticipating.02:14
=== Fradeve87 [n=fradeve@] has joined #kubuntu
=== JohnFlux_ [n=JohnFlux@rove3.resnet.susx.ac.uk] has joined #kubuntu
stdinmaybe I could get Seveas to make ubotu auto "!offtopic > _2" every few mins... :p02:17
_2best use the *!UN-root@*   and not the nick....02:18
=== abominius [n=abominiu@] has joined #kubuntu
SyufsWelp, got the nvidia drivers installed and got beryl fixed and now I just installed flash and video works but not sound haha... I always got a problem hah02:18
Syufsany ideas?02:18
Syufssound works on things besides flash of course02:19
NickPrestaSyufs, which version of Flash and does it depend on the site or browser?02:19
stdinset " FIREFOX_DSP="aoss" " in /etc/firefox/firefoxrc maybe02:19
=== jpg [n=jpg@] has joined #kubuntu
=== niyado [n=niyado@65-23-200-251.prtc.net] has joined #kubuntu
Syufshmm... well i was using firefox ill see if anything is different in Konqueror real quick02:20
_2aoss ??   not alsa ?02:20
=== niyado [n=niyado@65-23-200-251.prtc.net] has joined #kubuntu
stdinaoss makes it use alsa, it can't use it natively it seems02:20
NickPrestastdin, I have it set to "none" and it works fine for me. I don't know if that makes a difference02:20
=== elhodred [n=elhodred@181.pool62-37-211.dynamic.orange.es] has joined #kubuntu
_2hmmm i didn't know.02:21
=== abominius if($lavoro != "") echo "$lavoro";
=== abominius is now known as ABOMINIUS
Syufssame thing in konqueror, trying the firefox_dsp="aoss" now02:21
=== nicole [n=nicole@adsl-68-253-177-223.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
stdinNickPresta: none will use /dev/dsp, which won't work if anything else want to make a noise02:21
NickPrestaABOMINIUS, you appear to message those two lines everytime you go away/come back. It's rather annoying02:21
=== stdin agrees with NickPresta
nicolewhat does it mean to "blacklist" a module ?02:22
=== oshiii-_^ [n=h1@dpc6746223141.direcpc.com] has joined #kubuntu
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stdinSyufs: Case Matters02:22
NickPrestaespecially since you should be using empty() and/or isset() instead of checking for equality with "".02:22
stdinnicole: stops it from auto loading02:22
_2adominius  that looks like a script error.02:22
nicolestdin: how is it done ?02:22
Syufsstdin: It's set to FIREFOX_DSP="none" but i can't change it to aoss becuase of permissions. How do i chmod this dang thing? It's grayed out when i go into properties... terminal stuff eh?02:23
nicolestdin: is a kernel recompile necessary ?02:23
stdinnicole: modprobe reads that list and won't load any modules in there by default02:23
_2nicole in the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist* files/s02:23
nicolestdin: youre awesome thank you very much, i was going crazy02:23
stdinSyufs: kdesu kate /etc/firefox/firefoxrc02:23
Syufskdesu kate in terminal?02:25
=== niyado [n=niyado@65-23-200-251.prtc.net] has joined #kubuntu
NickPrestaSyufs, ues02:25
Syufsk thanks02:25
stdinor from Alt-F202:25
stdinor KMenu > Run Command02:25
_2or alt+space ?02:26
stdinand before you ask...02:26
Syufsstdin: Thanks for all the help dude02:26
=== _matt_ [n=matt@cpe-065-190-021-168.triad.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuIf you are receiving an error similar to "X Error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 168", it can be safely ignored. If you want to get rid of the error messages then please visit this page: http://seerofsouls.com/wiki/How-Tos/BadDeviceErrors02:26
_matt_what package is needed to install rpm's?02:26
ubotuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)02:26
_2_matt a different brand of linux  :)02:26
=== prak [n=prak@S010600179a3b55d6.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
stdinRPM's make babies cry < Fact02:27
hydrogenyou can install rpm's02:27
hydrogenor convert them to deb's02:27
=== Netham45 [n=Netham45@unaffiliated/netham45] has joined #kubuntu
_matt_hummm...i thought i'd installed rpm's before on kubunut02:27
Dr_willisstdin,  ive been known to do that as wel.. :)02:27
ubotuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)02:27
hydrogensame factoid!02:28
ubotualien is <alias> rpm - added by Seveas on 2006-06-19 08:30:5602:28
_2you can install rpm then install .rpm's    :)02:28
Dr_willis2 for 1 special02:28
stdin_2: nope :p the rpm deb doesn't let you :)02:28
_2but why, would be the question.02:28
_matt_well...does someone know where i can get libcss2 in .deb?  :)02:28
stdin_matt_: libdvdcss2 ?02:28
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs02:28
_2stdin i didn't say the rpm deb.  i said you can install rpm    build it.  it will work.02:29
_2but again the question is "why"02:29
stdinbecause you like a broken system?02:29
_2oh yeah.  i for got.02:29
_2fore got02:30
=== claydoh [n=claydoh@66-252-57-132.dyn-adsl.midmaine.net] has joined #kubuntu
stdin"unremembered" :p02:31
_2can't unremember.02:31
stdinor "my brain lost the reference to the identifier that stores that value"02:31
=== D-Flame_ is now known as D-Flame
_2unattached inode.02:32
_2!offtopic > _2    just reminding.02:32
=== sjck [n=sjck@c214103.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== rpedro [n=rpedro@87-196-75-146.net.novis.pt] has joined #kubuntu
acomaconot to sound noob or so..but how do i install from a .deb File? ^^02:34
ubotudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click on them (Ubuntu) or right-click and select Kubuntu Package Menu->install (Kubuntu)02:34
sjckhey, where can i set the volume of my microphone? :)02:34
stdinkmix, the little speaker icon in the system tray02:35
soulriderhello! im gonna reinstall my distro and i wanna move my virtual machines. What files do i have to backuo? I use virtualbox, do i have to backup the entire .virtualbox directory ?02:35
=== nalioth [i=nalioth@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nalioth] has joined #kubuntu
=== _matt_ [n=matt@cpe-065-190-021-168.triad.res.rr.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
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Dr_willisthe system wide virtual machines might not be in .virtualbox02:37
stdinsoulrider: best place to ask is #vbox02:37
Dr_willisi would say check the virtualbox docs reall good.. also02:37
sjckstdin thanks02:37
acomacostdin isnt thhere anyway to instal it with a commamnd from terminal?02:37
=== hoora [i=hoora@gateway/tor/x-62f017abc4b39ce5] has joined #kubuntu
stdinacomaco: sure "sudo dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb"02:37
=== sayers [n=steven@c-76-20-182-119.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyi can't say that i know why.  but it still tic's me off that they use 'dd' as a logging daemon02:42
=== cowek [n=cowek@ALille-256-1-13-207.w86-198.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
cowekhello everybody, i'm trying kubuntu02:43
cowekit's really nice :)02:43
intelikeyguilty   isn't it.02:44
=== Mr_Pan [n=marcopan@host168-228-dynamic.20-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
coweki've just found what I think is a bug02:44
cowekwhat should I do to report it ?02:44
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots02:44
cowekah :D02:44
intelikey!race ?02:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about race ? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:44
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=== joseph is now known as GUMMM
=== mode/#kubuntu [+o stdin] by ChanServ
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cowekok, it has already been reported02:46
cowekreally annoying :)02:46
intelikeyi'm not thinking that lester is even home....  @ stdin02:46
ABOMINIUSNickPresta: sorry 4 annoying u02:46
=== jonny [n=jonny@S0106001a705401e2.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ABOMINIUS [n=abominiu@] has left #kubuntu ["not]
=== jonny is now known as shaft0
stdinintelikey: when someone uses an away nick change a kick is a warning, as you can't warn them if they aren't there ;)02:47
=== stdin notes ABOMINIUS can't spell "official"
hassan2awho is playing at enemy territory ?02:48
intelikeylppked tp me like he spelled it cprectly02:48
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=== DaSkreech [n=skreech@] has joined #kubuntu
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hassan2awho knows enemy territory ?02:55
intelikeyi live there.      oh you mean the  game...  !i02:56
=== Cyclopes [n=thandar@athedsl-289317.home.otenet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
hassan2ayou know ?02:56
=== sea4ever [i=daniel@dialup-66-205-15-175.dialup.sunbeach.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== intelikey doesn't qualify as a "gamer"
nosrednaekimhe plays the occasional game of "war" though...02:58
intelikeywhat must be, must be.02:58
nosrednaekimintelikey: I always win that game..02:59
nosrednaekimI erased it off my HD.02:59
intelikeywhen you don't,  you wont tell about it.02:59
intelikeyoh that game.   heh.   nm.02:59
=== prak [n=prak@S010600179a3b55d6.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== Ahmuck [n=Ahmuck@p226n22.ruraltel.net] has joined #kubuntu
Ahmuckour lug has a user that is unable to view videos from cbs.  cbs.com is using a combination of flash and real video.  downloading RealPlayer-10.x, chmod a+x RealPlayer-10.x, and then attempting to sudo ./RealPlayer-10.x.bin causes this error.  can anyone help me figure it out?03:04
Ahmuck./RealPlayer10GOLD.bin: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory03:04
intelikeyok.  new report.   linux-image-2.6.15-*-k7  has a bug in the "loop" module.   if you loop mount anything, you can not cleanly shut down the system.   i.e. it becomes impossable to remount,ro / and thus you will have an uncleanly dismounted root fs.   i tried every avenue of removing the module,   it's not removable.    this bug affects *buntu dapper drake k7 kernels.03:04
intelikeysorry Ahmuck it was quiet when i typed that.  didn't mean to burry your post.03:06
stdinAhmuck: tell them tp look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RealplayerInstallationMethods03:07
intelikeyrightious vapor !     i'm root.    which box am i on...   ?03:09
nosrednaekimintelikey: it wasn't buried.. not all of us are working on 640x480 terminals ;)03:09
=== stefan [n=stefan@port-212-202-253-170.static.qsc.de] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeynosrednaekim and not all of you have more than one channel scrolling by in that window either.03:10
=== Kevbo [n=kevin@tx-71-51-51-131.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Khabarach [n=Anonymou@86-42-161-115.b-ras1.bbh.dublin.eircom.net] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekimlol... thats why we have TABS...03:10
intelikeytabs make me miss too much.03:11
=== kcg [n=gordon@i-83-67-130-90.freedom2surf.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== knubbe [n=knubbe@h190n5c1o1036.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #kubuntu
Ahmucka nice feature of ubuntu community would be to have a "print" option for a particular web page of instructions03:13
nosrednaekimsay again?03:14
stdinFile > Print ?03:14
nosrednaekimlike pipe a wiki into a PM?03:14
intelikey!print blah > user03:14
Kevbocan anyone tell me how to listen to the BBC world service on firefox ubuntu? I do not have real player or windows? thanks.03:14
intelikeyooops   sorry user03:15
Ahmuckthe page points to a *.deb for RealPlayer, but the site has been down for a while03:15
Ahmuckkevbo, amarok03:15
stdinKevbo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RealplayerInstallationMethods03:15
KevboI have had trouble with that03:15
Kevborealplayer download03:15
Ahmuckstdin: yes, but file print does not do a good job of formating the page03:15
stdinAhmuck: canonical have a repo for real player03:15
Kevbothat is on the synaptic, I will try that03:15
Ahmuckah, Kevbo does bbc use real player as well?03:16
KevboI think so Ahmuck03:16
Ahmuckthat is what is what we are having problems with as well03:16
=== sonoftheclayr [n=luke@C-59-101-192-161.bur.connect.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== duns_s_ [n=duns_s@mnhm-590c34b2.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #kubuntu
Kevbothey do have a choice between real player and windows media03:16
Ahmuckheh, i sent cbs a nice little note03:16
=== nikkiana [n=nikkiana@pool-71-161-154-190.spfdma.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== jcamargo [n=jcamargo@] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekim64 bit?03:17
nosrednaekimwring channel.. sorry03:17
intelikeyoh no.  i'm contagious, nosrednaekim has cought my spelling bug...03:18
drif are any of us safe now?03:18
nosrednaekimnp 1 |-|4vn703:18
Kevboanother question....03:18
DaSkreechAhmuck: Where are you from?03:19
Ahmucki'm currently on gutsy, and there seems to be no RealPlayer in commercial for gutsy, so i'm falling back to fiesty03:19
AhmuckDaSkreech: north central kansas03:19
Kevbohow can I change my settings on evolution email. I cant specify which port for the smtp03:19
stdinAhmuck: you can use the feisty package on gutsy03:19
stdinKevbo: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu support, ask there03:19
nosrednaekimKevbo: here in kubuntu we don't use evolution, go to #ubuntu for that03:19
Ahmuckah, this might do it.  it appears to be fixing dependancies03:20
Kevboactually I thought I was in ubuntu03:20
NightBirdhehehe... we don't use evolution!  we're all creationists here03:20
=== Thug-Life [n=ThugLife@unaffiliated/thug-life] has joined #kubuntu
NightBird(sorry, that was a bad pun, wasn't it?)03:20
DaSkreechAhmuck: ah Ok I think that CBS blocks people from outside the US. You should be ok03:20
KevboTime for me to leave then NightBird03:20
AhmuckDaSkreech: unless your going through a US proxy :-)03:20
DaSkreechrealplayer has a installer on the site I think03:21
intelikeyNightBird i see you are infected also   ;/03:21
DaSkreechplus there is helix03:21
DaSkreechNightBird: I don't code03:21
DaSkreechwell I do but some people might noe03:21
NightBirdDaSkreech: I program video games for a living03:21
AhmuckDaSkreech: yes, but mozilla-helix-player crashed firefox upon startup03:21
stdinhelix is real player that can't play real media :p03:21
DaSkreechNightBird: PC?03:22
DaSkreechAhmuck: >_M03:22
NightBirdDaSkreech: wii03:22
=== joseph [n=joseph@adsl-76-194-218-47.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
AhmuckNightBird: we need good linux games03:22
=== joseph is now known as GUMM
DaSkreechNightBird: Ha ha how is that?03:22
GUMManyone ever use nxmchine (no machine before)03:22
Ahmucklike a good fighter game, would be nice03:22
=== jack_wyt [n=jack@] has joined #kubuntu
drif Ahmuck: and you're asking wii-guy for those ;) soon we have marios and bowsers running about..03:23
NightBirdAhmuck: yeah.... well, if we're given the chance to make games for pc, I'll be trying to get linux support in the plan03:23
NightBirdDaSkreech: it's interesting.... lots of work though03:23
=== bitelchus [n=bitelchu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== savetheWorld_AFK is now known as savetheWorld
DaSkreechNightBird: I don't think they have an indie channel do they?03:23
NightBirdDaSkreech: ?03:24
DaSkreech!offtopic | NightBird, DaSkreech You know better than that03:24
ubotuNightBird, DaSkreech You know better than that: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!03:24
DaSkreechOh right03:24
DaSkreechOfftopic NightBird? :)03:24
=== LogicalDash [n=sanotehu@ip72-211-232-6.oc.oc.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
LogicalDashIs there any way to get KOrganizer's month view to send me to the day view when I click on a particular day?03:25
nosrednaekimLogicalDash: if noone knows here, go to #kde03:25
Ahmuckok, here is my problem.  a couple of days ago i was able to get the real player installed on my machine, and i can hear the audio, but i get no video in real player03:25
DaSkreechreal real player?03:26
Ahmuckoh, btw, the repository for fiesty worked03:26
AhmuckDaSkreech: yes, real realplayer03:26
Ahmucksame with helix, and same with repository for real player03:27
=== usser [n=dcherniv@ool-18b8e9e6.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeywhat's good file transfer speed ofer scp ?03:32
intelikeyover scp03:32
=== kubuntu [n=kubuntu@200-138-87-111.pdtsj200.dial.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekimintelikey: 10000000000Gbits per second?03:33
intelikey 1.2m/s ?03:33
Ahmuckok, so i assume that realplayer is serving up the audio, and for some reason the flash is blank, as when i left click i get "flash" options03:33
=== lucas_ [n=lucas@host189-144-dynamic.11-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
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stdinintelikey: depends on the network speed and the write speed of the remote HD03:34
GUMMManyone know how to run nx client. i have installed but i dont know where it is on my comp..linux03:34
=== tekstacy [n=tekstacy@c-68-82-252-153.hsd1.de.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
tekstacy'lo all03:34
=== ckorkuch [n=chris@pool-72-94-160-207.phlapa.fios.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekimhello tekstacy03:34
tekstacyWhat is the utility to convert rpm to something I can install03:35
stdinGUMMM: checked under System ?03:35
ubotuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)03:35
ckorkuchim trying to get wireless working on kubuntu fiesty - bcm4318...can anyone help?03:35
GUMMMhold on let me do that03:35
tekstacystdin, thanks!03:35
Ahmuckcan anyone else play cbs videos or bbc?03:36
DaSkreech!wifi | ckorkuch03:36
ubotuckorkuch: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:36
DaSkreechI can play bbc03:36
Ahmuckat least that would let me know the problem was with me03:36
ckorkuchbelieve me im on hour 6 of looking through forums03:36
ckorkuchi think im so close but have no idea what could be wrong03:36
Ahmuckhrm, i have flashblock, noscript, and adblock installed.  let me try konq03:36
ckorkuchive tried everything03:36
stdinckorkuch: seen https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty ?03:36
ckorkuchyeah ive been told not to use the default and to blacklist it03:37
ckorkuchwith this broadcom version03:37
ckorkuchim using bcm4218 strait from dell instead03:37
stdinhow about https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Broadcom_BCM4318_%5bAirForce_One_54g%5d03:37
ckorkuchlol yes03:38
tekstacyI had a 4318, it was easier to just ebay an intel card03:38
Ahmuckhrm, now i'll try opera03:38
usseris there any reason why ubuntu reports 3200mb of physical memory instead of 4gb03:38
AhmuckDaSkreech: can you play cbs video - like CSI ?03:38
stdinusser: because you installed a 32bit system?03:39
DaSkreechDunno I'm not in the US03:39
ckorkuchok well im done, going back to windows i give up03:39
=== emiliano [n=emiliano@c-76-111-220-242.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== khouston [n=khouston@ip70-171-168-248.om.om.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
DaSkreechckorkuch: How far do you get in the troubleshooting guide?03:40
usserstdin: bah, really damn im a retard03:40
=== TUXedomember [n=TUXedome@c-67-177-235-169.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
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albert_any1 there?03:42
coreymon77ya hi03:42
albert_does someone use mono (mcs) c# compiler03:43
nosrednaekimalbert_: yup03:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mono - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:43
=== DaSkreech facepalms
=== ForeverZero [i=daniel@dialup-66-205-15-172.dialup.sunbeach.net] has joined #kubuntu
stdinDaSkreech: there won't be a factoid unless someone adds it ;)03:44
intelikey!info mono03:44
ubotumono: Mono CLI (.NET) runtime. In component main, is optional. Version (feisty), package size 1 kB, installed size 24 kB03:44
DaSkreechYou would think that someone would have03:44
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.03:44
DaSkreechSee ^^^03:44
intelikeythat's not a "factoid"  that's a function.  i.e.  apt-cache search %*03:45
stdinbut java is infinitely more asked for03:45
intelikeyi meant the mono one.  ^03:45
DaSkreechYeah but in theory we should like mono more03:45
intelikeyi suspose we should like java in theory.      heh.03:46
stdinso make a factoid up and request it03:46
DaSkreechNaw Java is going GPL I'll just sit that out and promote that instead03:46
DaSkreechapt-get source java!!03:46
DaSkreechthat's going to be strange03:47
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@pool-70-18-207-244.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
Doctor_NickDaSkreech: it's already gpl'd03:48
Doctor_Nick(except for the stuff sun doesn't own)03:48
hassan2abye all good night03:48
=== Aranel [n=Aranel@] has joined #kubuntu
DaSkreechWhat didn't sun own?03:49
hassan2asee you03:49
ubuntu_I would install kubuntu from this live dvd guys but I have alot of partitions and I want to pull out ubuntu and do a clean install as a dualboot next to xp pro03:49
=== peter_ [n=peter@bas6-toronto01-1242317038.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntu_I can do this by botting 2000 pro cd in repair console type:03:49
intelikeyby all means hassan2a03:49
ubuntu_fixboot and fixmbr03:49
nosrednaekimubuntu_: say again?03:50
=== fer [n=fer@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Avt3kk
Avt3kkits me Avt3kk<<<<03:50
DaSkreechwhy don' you just format the partition with ubuntu then?03:50
Avt3kkI was going to install kubuntu remember03:50
DaSkreechwhy don't you just format ubuntu partition ?03:50
Avt3kkdualboot see I made this tut see my partitions lol http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53649103:50
DaSkreechor remove Gnome03:50
Avt3kkI have a special video card see my tut03:51
Ahmuckk, CBS won't play in firefox, konqueror, or opera.  i can hear sound in firefox and konqueror, and opera gives me a grey start screen but hangs03:51
Ahmuckso, CBS is out of my list of things to get working03:51
Ahmuckll just watch NBC instead03:52
DaSkreechmore things that block me03:52
coreymon77im in canada, so i cant even get it anyways03:52
=== jcamargo [n=jcamargo@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
coreymon77i just use torrent03:52
coreymon77better quality anyways03:52
Avt3kkDaskreech I think its a better idea to do a fresh install as a dualboot yes?03:52
intelikeyAhmuck you should email nbc about that, and let them rub cbs's nose in it.03:52
=== fer [n=fer@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Avt3kkjust pull out ubuntu and do it from scratch03:52
DaSkreechAvt3kk: Right so just format the partition that will dump ubuntu03:53
Avt3kkwell I also have xp pro03:53
Avt3kkim not getting rid of that03:53
=== fer [n=fer@] has joined #kubuntu
Avt3kkI want a dualboot03:53
coreymon77Avt3kk: do you want to format both of those?03:53
=== meuhlol [n=ziko@mtg91-1-82-234-103-71.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
coreymon77Avt3kk: xp and ubuntu03:53
Avt3kkno im pulling ubuntu only....03:53
intelikeyAhmuck there is nothing to move a company more than the competition gaining from their ignorance....03:53
Avt3kkkeeping xp03:53
coreymon77Avt3kk: pulling as in fresh install03:53
Avt3kkonly pull ubuntu not touching xp03:54
Avt3kkI know how03:54
Avt3kkfixboot fixmbr03:54
coreymon77Avt3kk: so, whats the matter, just only format the ubuntu partitions03:54
coreymon77Avt3kk: then grub will take care of the rest03:54
=== IanC26 [n=IanC26@2002:908b:a519:4:216:6fff:fe39:ff6e] has joined #kubuntu
Avt3kkI want to delete all the ubuntu partitions03:54
Avt3kkkeep the backup images03:55
Avt3kkand xp03:55
coreymon77okay then03:55
coreymon77so whats the problem then03:55
Avt3kkfixboot and fixmbr need me to boot to 2000 pro cd lol03:55
coreymon77why do you need to do that03:56
=== albert_ [n=albert@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
coreymon77cant reinstalling grub take care of it?03:56
=== Czessi [n=Czessi@dslb-088-073-021-013.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== jessen [n=jonathan@ip24-254-82-51.sb.sd.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ashley_ [n=ashley@AC9FDD82.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== ashley_ is now known as ashley1
=== ashley1 [n=ashley@AC9FDD82.ipt.aol.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
coreymon77Avt3kk: reinstalling ubuntu will take care of any mbr problems you have03:58
coreymon77Avt3kk: because by reinstalling ubuntu, you reinstall grub, which in turn, fixes your mbr. allowing you to dual boot with grub03:59
=== AmyRose [n=djb@unaffiliated/amyrose] has joined #kubuntu
=== AmyRose [n=djb@unaffiliated/amyrose] has joined #kubuntu
coreymon77Avt3kk: using fixboot and fixmbr will only make you not able to boot into linux03:59
Avt3kkcore why cant I use fixboot03:59
coreymon77Avt3kk: cause then you wont be able to boot linux!04:00
Avt3kkuntill I install kubuntu...04:00
coreymon77Avt3kk: how many times have i told you that04:00
coreymon77Avt3kk: install kubuntu in the first place04:00
coreymon77Avt3kk: that will take care of everything04:00
Avt3kkso did you see the video card I have on my tut?04:00
Avt3kkradeon saphire x800 gto04:01
coreymon77Avt3kk: installing kubuntu will install grub, which will fix your mbr and allow you to dual boot04:01
coreymon77Avt3kk: no need for any other tools04:01
Avt3kkI already have a dualboot04:01
Avt3kkwith ubuntu04:01
coreymon77Avt3kk: then whats the matter04:01
Avt3kkmaybe kubuntu does a better job I dont know man lol04:01
meuhlolhi all04:02
Avt3kkI want to pull ubuntu all the way04:02
meuhlolwhat's up?04:02
coreymon77Avt3kk: okay then, do that04:02
Avt3kkthen install kubuntu and let it do everythin04:02
DaSkreechInstalling Kubuntu will overwrite ubuntu04:02
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@] has joined #kubuntu
meuhlolAvt3kk: what's the problem?04:02
Avt3kkso theres no reason to fixboot04:02
DaSkreechmeuhlol: I think he doesn't understand the process of formatting04:02
DaSkreechAvt3kk: Correct04:02
=== purpleposeidon is now known as lufis
meuhlolwho? Avt3kk?04:02
Avt3kkand delete ubuntu all the way; so you dont think that will help04:02
coreymon77Avt3kk: it will04:03
meuhlolor coreymon77?04:03
coreymon77Avt3kk: delete ubuntu04:03
Avt3kkit wont do a better job04:03
coreymon77Avt3kk: that will get rid of grub04:03
coreymon77Avt3kk: then install kubuntu04:03
coreymon77Avt3kk: and that will take care of everything04:03
=== snookum [n=snookum@c-67-165-222-112.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
coreymon77Avt3kk: period, no need for fixboot04:03
=== defyboy [i=defyboy@ip-58-28-216-144.ubs-dsl.xnet.co.nz] has joined #kubuntu
meuhlol[04:01]  <DaSkreech> Installing Kubuntu will overwrite ubuntu --> I CONFIRM :) Kubuntu will rewrite the MBR with his own boot images :)04:04
Avt3kkso now how to I copy my xorg.conf to be installed?04:04
Avt3kkfrom safe mode04:04
meuhlolsave it to an disk or disket :)04:04
Avt3kkI emailed myself one04:04
DaSkreechwell after Kubuntu is installed you can just mount it and copy it on over04:05
Avt3kkthink I have floppy04:05
=== stdin doesn't get why Avt3kk doesn't just install kubuntu-desktop and remove the gnome apps
peter_can anyone help me install vmware on ubuntu?04:05
Avt3kkso just boot the live dvd and copy over from floppy its that easy?04:05
meuhloland in boot just sudo cp :)04:05
stdin!vmware | peter_04:05
ubotupeter_: VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers04:05
meuhlolpeter go to #ubuntu :)04:06
peter_ok i'll try those :)04:06
peter_i've been trying to get it to install for like ....ever :)04:06
coreymon77stdin: he wants to fresh install04:06
meuhlolyo stdin! how da ya? xD04:07
stdinmeuhlol: ok, just watching from the distance ;)04:07
nosrednaekimpeter_: if vmware doesn't work,use virtualbox04:07
meuhlolgniaks :)04:07
DaSkreechmeuhlol: Hey! we try to be helpful here04:07
meuhlolstdin: lol04:08
meuhlolDaSkreech: gniaks? o_O what's wrong i said?04:08
Avt3kkso I should just install kubuntu and come back in the live dvd under safe mode to copy the xorg.conf?04:08
peter_virtual box?  never heard of it :)04:08
Avt3kkI can just copy it from the live dvd yes?04:08
DaSkreechmeuhlol: he's not asking a gnome question. No reason we can't help him here04:08
meuhlolAvt3kk: can you just boot from your live Cd?04:08
Avt3kksince I will be in safe mode04:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emulator - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emulators - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:09
ubotuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenOnEdgy04:09
Avt3kkim in the live dvd04:09
Avt3kkunder safe mode04:09
Avt3kkor it wont boot lol04:09
ubotuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu or !qvm86), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications04:09
DaSkreechThat was it :)04:09
meuhloland you wanna save your xorg.conf from your HDD ?04:09
=== jack_wyt [n=jack@] has joined #kubuntu
meuhlolSo it's easy04:09
nosrednaekimpeter_: virtual box is great... and doesn't seem to have kernel issues like vmware sometimes does.04:09
peter_suh-weeeeet lol04:10
meuhlolmount your partition of your HDD with your xprg.conf into, and just copy it04:10
peter_ok i'll try it out :)04:10
meuhlolnosrednaekim: InnoTek like much memory :p04:10
Avt3kkim asking if I should just install kubuntu to my hd and then since it cant boot then just bootup kubuntu in safe graphics mode and copy the xorg.conf from the live dvd to my hd so it can boot??????04:10
=== usser [n=dcherniv@ool-18b8e9e6.dyn.optonline.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
nosrednaekimmeuhlol: wha?04:10
nosrednaekimAvt3kk: ro reason that shouldn't work.04:11
DaSkreechAvt3kk: install kubuntu and just copy the working xorg conf file to the install04:11
Avt3kknorednaekim my video card is radeon saphire x800 gto do you think it will boot without safe mode??04:11
=== cobello7 [n=cobelloy@CPE-143-238-213-18.wa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekimAvt3kk: no way of telling besides doing it04:12
meuhlolAvt3kk: no from your before config, your latest good config backup to your new. Sorry, I didn't good understanding you04:12
Avt3kkto the install before instyalled or what04:12
cobello7hi could someone help me share my dial up internet connection please?04:12
cobello7i dont know where to start04:12
cobello7I have read some docs and forum entries04:12
cobello7and I just end up messing things up04:12
meuhlolnosrednaekim: InnoTek VirtualMachine is an good soft, but he likes much DDR :D04:13
Avt3kkshould an xorg.conf from ubuntu after being setup to work with my vid card work in kubuntu?04:13
nosrednaekimmeuhlol: didn't notice04:13
nosrednaekimAvt3kk: yeah... should be the same04:14
=== essiy [n=essiy@d205-206-137-28.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
Avt3kkty :D04:14
=== alejandro_ [n=alejandr@] has joined #kubuntu
alejandro_en zaaragoza las pavas tienen el chocho de escayola04:14
alejandro_esta mas que claro04:14
intelikeyAvt3kk yes    *buntu == *buntu == *buntu04:14
meuhlolnosrednaekim: me yes, running on an old PC (x2 512 DDR PC 2700 lol)04:14
ubotuSi busca ayuda en Espaol por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendr mas ayuda.04:14
DaSkreechcobello7: You want a net gateway?04:14
alejandro_i want not stupid guirl04:15
=== hcbox [n=hcbox@ax113-4-82-239-158-139.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Khab [n=Anonymou@86-42-161-115.b-ras1.bbh.dublin.eircom.net] has joined #kubuntu
Avt3kkis gnome just old?04:16
=== andrzej [n=andrzej@host86-133-101-0.range86-133.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
meuhlolAvt3kk: no04:16
nosrednaekimnot really04:16
intelikeyno it's just different04:16
meuhloljust not the same "working system"04:16
Avt3kkI mean theres toolbars on top and bottom04:16
cobello7DaSkreech: i am trying to set up either a gw or an ad-hoc arrangement04:16
cobello7but I cant seem to do it04:16
nosrednaekimcobello7: over wireless?04:16
=== towlieba [n=krustycl@pool-71-104-99-22.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
meuhlolyou can configure that04:16
intelikeymeuhlol   s/"working system"/"desktop environment"/04:17
meuhlolAvt3kk: but IMHO Kde is better :p04:17
Avt3kkconfigure 2 toolbars in kubuntu lol04:17
towliebahas anyone installed kubuntu in a virtual machine ?04:17
cobello7i have a modem that is USB device and I want to share the internet connection over a wireless card04:17
nosrednaekimtowlieba: yeah04:17
nosrednaekimcobello7: lol... thats going to be tricky04:17
Avt3kkwill it install with everything I setup or no04:17
nosrednaekimcobello7: what wireless card do you have?04:17
DaSkreechcobello7: You have two network cards?04:17
Avt3kkin the live dvd04:17
cobello7modem is all good - using it now04:17
meuhlolintelikey: but te manners to configure & Qt is not gtk ;)04:17
cobello7is ppp004:17
=== lufis is now known as neptunepink
towliebanosrednaekim, what software did u use ?04:17
cobello7and wireless card apparently all good also - is eth104:17
nosrednaekimtowlieba: virtualbox04:18
towliebanosrednaekim, im using parallels04:18
cobello7and also 2 standard ethernet, eth0 and eth204:18
nosrednaekimcobello7: but what is its chipset? atheros is only the one that will really work easily04:18
towliebanosrednaekim, it says starting cups then it seems to hang04:18
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: Technically once he has the modem working it should be easy... I think04:18
nosrednaekimcobello7: can you do wired?04:18
=== neptunepink is now known as purpleposeidon
intelikeymeuhlol qt and gtk are only env's that run in the "system"    symantic, so i'll drop it.04:18
meuhlol[04:01]  <DaSkreech> Installing Kubuntu will overwrite ubuntu <-- you can make much more lol04:18
nosrednaekimDaSkreech: not if its wireless04:18
meuhlolintelikey: so that i say :)04:19
coreymon77towlieba: parallels is only for mac, not everyone has a mac, i do, but most people dont04:19
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: Yeah at that point it's easier to buy an appliance?04:19
meuhlolKDE powa :p04:19
nosrednaekimDaSkreech: yeah..a wireless router. unless he has a atheros card.04:19
nosrednaekimand is willing to get VERY techincal04:19
cobello7nosrednaekim: it is zydas chipset, and other laptop has no wired eth port04:20
cobello7only another of the same zydas wireless usb things04:20
towliebacoreymon77, yes but im trying to install kubuntu in parallels04:20
nosrednaekimcobello7: ah. do a "lspci"please and see what the line for the wireless says04:20
=== jeri [n=jeri@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@ADSL-145-201.myt.mu] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekimcobello7: wireless usb? haha... this is getting pretty impossible :)04:20
cobello70ace:1215 ZyDAS it is usb, not pci04:20
coreymon77nosrednaekim: atheros is the easiest thing in the world on linux04:21
nosrednaekimcobello7: is it possible for you to go out an puchase a cheap wireless router?04:21
cobello7the card is recognised automatically04:21
cobello7have router also04:21
nosrednaekimcoreymon77: you're telling me thats why I ONLY buy atheros.04:21
cobello7but also been problematic04:21
cobello7i have an atheros usb wireless that wont work with linux04:21
nosrednaekimcobello7: hmmm it is? try a lspci for me then.04:21
jerihow do i reinstall adept?i cant open cuz theres an error in it04:21
nosrednaekimjeri: whats the error?04:21
jerihere : The APT Database could not be opened! This may be caused by incorrect APT configuration or some similar problem. Try running apt-setup and apt-get update in terminal and see if it helps to resolve the problem.04:22
cobello7what do u want from lspci, cant post entire output04:22
intelikeytowlieba let me say this again for your benifit,   *buntu == *buntu == *buntu    if it's  *buntu it's one os  the added desktop environemnt and default applications is all that changes from  k/x/edu/*  what ever buntu you use.   so, you can install any and add the env of the others at any time.04:22
nosrednaekimcobello7: should be a line somewhere that mentions a network device with possible "ralink" in it.04:23
towliebaintelikey, but that doesnt help me. intelikey i was able to install ubuntu just fine in parallels04:23
cobello7nope, but it is not ralink, it uses the zydas driver04:23
nosrednaekimcobello7: hmm never heard of zydas...04:23
intelikeytowlieba and ?04:24
cobello7is tp-link brand with zydas chipset04:24
towliebaintelikey, its hanging at the part where it says starting cupsd with kubuntu04:24
cobello7is documented here and there04:24
cobello7as working well04:24
intelikeytowlieba more info ?04:24
cobello7what I really need help with tho is sharing the internet connection ppp004:24
towliebaintelikey, dont have any more04:24
=== Nuked [n=Nuked@unaffiliated/Nuked] has joined #kubuntu
NukedI was taking a look at my /usr/local/bin folder... and I find a  number of files named stXXXX0xe3uj and other weird stuff04:25
NukedI was taking a look at my /usr/local/bin folder... and I find a  number of files named stXXXX0xe3uj and other weird stuff04:25
Nukedsorry for the double post04:25
=== andrzej [n=andrzej@host86-133-101-0.range86-133.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeytowlieba sure you do.   tell me how you installed what and where04:25
Avt3kkso I can chat here while it installs?04:25
=== gabriel_ [n=gabriel@bd21ce89.virtua.com.br] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeytowlieba then tell me what the "desired end result" is04:25
towliebaintelikey,  i downloaded an iso of the newest kubuntu and created a new parallels virtual machine and chose the iso as the cd image.04:25
=== Aranel [n=Aranel@] has joined #kubuntu
Nukedany idea why in the world files like that would show up in that directory?04:26
nosrednaekimcobello7: looking :)04:26
Avt3kkI seen some guy watching internet tv while it installs lol04:26
coreymon77Avt3kk: this is a support channel, if you just want to chat go to #kubuntu-offtopic04:26
cobello7nosrednaekim: thank-you04:26
towliebaintelikey, it boots the cd and i chose the first option. i see the progress bar for a while then it goes away and i seewaiting to start cupsd then thats it for the last 15 minutes04:26
cobello7ive read a couple of docs, but they all seem to refer to an eth internet connection04:26
Avt3kkim asking can I chat there and it wont mess up my install?04:27
intelikeytowlieba ok   and the  ubuntu CD didn't give this problem   like the  kubuntu CD is giving ?04:27
=== Khab [n=Anonymou@86-42-161-115.b-ras1.bbh.dublin.eircom.net] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekimcobello7: sorry, I have to go go go!04:27
towliebaintelikey, no04:27
nosrednaekimcobello7: substitute ppp0 for the eth connection.04:27
=== gridl0ck [n=cube@pdpc/supporter/active/radius] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeytowlieba and you installed to the HD from the ubuntu CD  ?    into an hd image?    or are you just running the liveCD in the vertual machine ?04:29
=== Avt3kk [n=ubuntu@pool-70-18-207-244.ny325.east.verizon.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
towliebaintelikey,  to an hd image, same as with kubuntu. and i am using the iso as a virtual cd and booting it as a livecd04:29
=== sea4ever [i=daniel@dialup-66-205-15-55.dialup.sunbeach.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== rance [i=chuck-th@74-38-144-145.dsl1.kea.ne.frontiernet.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== delder [n=delder@] has joined #kubuntu
jerihad anyone tried mandriva metisse?04:31
intelikeyduplicate the ubuntu image,  boot one of them, and in it  sudo apt-get remove --purge --autoclean ubuntu-desktop ;sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop        should give you a working kubuntu image.04:31
towliebaintelikey, i dont have the ubuntu image any more04:32
intelikeywell that makes a differance.04:32
towliebai liked it so much i installed it natively on another computer04:32
towliebaand ditched the virtual machine04:32
intelikeysee, i knew you had more info that i needed....04:32
cobello7i cant substitute ppp0 for eth0 in these instructions04:32
cobello7the two types of connections are different04:33
cobello7i cant set a fixed IP for ppp0 because it is assigned one as it connects to internet04:33
=== SkiffX [n=SkiffX@unaffiliated/skiff] has joined #kubuntu
towliebaintelikey, im trying it again with a completely new VM04:33
intelikeytowlieba you said the "latest kubuntu"  is that a 'gutsy gibbon' ?04:34
towliebayes 7.1004:34
=== rance [i=chuck-th@74-38-144-145.dsl1.kea.ne.frontiernet.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyok i'm going to point you at the gutsy channel on that one.04:34
intelikey/join #ubuntu+104:34
towliebawhen i boot the livecd i choose the first option and the progress bar moves back and forth then hangs for a while04:34
intelikeyor /join #kubuntu+104:34
stdinthere is no #kubuntu+104:35
towliebais gutsy considered beta ?04:35
intelikeyyeah i don't know what state the new live CD is in.04:35
intelikeyyes it is04:35
stdinnot just considered, it _is_ beta04:35
towliebaoh i downloaded it thinking it was the stable version :p04:35
intelikeyrelease is schedualed for next month04:35
stdinonly just out of alpha actually04:36
towliebamaybe i need to get feisty fawn04:36
intelikeyand the live CD usually laggs just behind the snapshot04:36
=== niels__ [n=niels@] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeytowlieba yes. if your network can afford the bandwidth  do try the "current" release04:37
towliebaby the way heres what happens04:38
=== raul [n=raul@] has joined #kubuntu
=== fideas [n=fideas@] has joined #kubuntu
towlieba1. i boot the live cd 2. i choose the first option which is start/install kubuntu 2. i see the blue kubuntu logo with the progress bar moving back and forth 3. the progress bar hangs at the left of the progress bar. 4. i see the gui for a second then the screen refreshes and goes black 5.  i see starting K Display manager then starting cupsds 6. nothing else happens after waiting for 15 minutes04:40
=== SoB [n=dave@c-71-233-167-108.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyok what you are describing, sounds like misconfigured xorg04:41
=== hdevalence [n=harry@bas9-toronto12-1177601629.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeytry it in safe graphics mode.04:41
towliebai did04:42
=== donsdx [n=donsdx@ip68-101-195-153.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeysame results ?04:42
intelikeydifferent ?04:42
hdevalenceI'm having a problem with Kaffeine: it won't load.04:42
intelikeytowlieba sorry, yes to which ?04:42
towliebasafe graphics mode04:43
towliebasame results04:43
towliebawell i am downloading feisty fawn04:44
hdevalenceWhen I try to open a video, it gives me the loading cursor and then dies...04:44
=== sayers [n=steven@c-76-20-182-119.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeywell the fact the you see the "starting k display manager" tells me that the thing should then switch to svga mode and show the 'starting kde' screen   so whether or not cupsys is actually causing a problem, the real problem is that xorg is not loading,   and again i'm not sure what state the live CD is in in gutsy.   so i hesitate to venture any farther on that path.04:46
=== speaker219 [n=speaker2@unaffiliated/speaker219] has joined #kubuntu
=== speaker219 [n=speaker2@unaffiliated/speaker219] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
intelikeyhdevalence call it in a terminal and see what error messages it spits out04:46
hdevalenceintelikey: i.e. kaffeine <name-of-file> ?04:47
intelikeysounds right.   use the tab key04:48
intelikey!tab | use the force luke,04:48
ubotuuse the force luke,: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:48
=== tekstacy [n=tekstacy@c-68-82-252-153.hsd1.de.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
hdevalenceintelikey: I didn't know you could use it for IRC...04:50
tekstacy'lo all04:50
tekstacyHow do I open Kate as root?04:50
intelikeykdesu kate04:50
=== plinio [n=plinio@] has joined #kubuntu
intelikey!kdesu | tekstacy04:50
ubotutekstacy: In KDE, use  kdesu  to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Do *not* use  sudo <GUI application> ; you can muck up your permissions/config files. For what to use in GNOME, see !gksudo04:50
hdevalencetekstacy: Alt+F2 to run command04:50
tekstacycool, thanks!04:51
hdevalenceintelikey: so I did "kaffeine -p --verbose numb3rs.s04e01.hdtv.xvid-xor.\[VTV\] .avi" (the -p tells it to start playing), and it doesn't give me anything...04:51
=== tombar__ [n=tombar@r190-64-139-88.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyno output at all ?   with --verbose ?    that's odd.04:52
hdevalenceintelikey: usually whenever I start a GUI app it gives me 2 X errors at the beginning04:52
intelikeyls -l `which kaffeine`04:52
hdevalencenormally it gives me "X Error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 171"04:53
intelikeyyeah that's wacom device not found.04:53
=== aresban [n=aresban@] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyit's supposed to do that04:53
hdevalenceintelikey: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1366512 2007-07-30 08:19 /usr/bin/kaffeine04:53
=== utnubuk [n=chatzill@74-139-67-12.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== aresban [n=aresban@] has joined #kubuntu
hdevalenceintelikey: the point was that it didn't give me that error when I started kaffeine..04:54
intelikeyhdevalence you did run it in a terminal/konsole  not in alt+f2  or kmenu>runcommand  ???04:54
hdevalenceintelikey: I ran it in an embedded Konsole04:55
intelikeyjust checking.04:55
=== Avt3kk [n=ubuntu@pool-70-18-207-244.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== don_ [n=don@adsl-76-242-40-121.dsl.sbndin.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyhmmm   idk.  without an error message i'm at a loss.04:55
hdevalenceI got a neat program called yakuake that gives me a drop-down terminal.. it's pretty cool.04:55
=== speaker219 [n=speaker2@unaffiliated/speaker219] has joined #kubuntu
hdevalenceAlthough I suppose I should be in #ubuntu+104:56
=== DaSkreech [n=skreech@katapult/ninja/daskreech] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
intelikeyyeah yeah, yakuake; cool cool!   but without an error message   plus one is  that way.---->04:57
=== caotic_ [n=caotic@] has joined #kubuntu
Avt3kkok so im back kubuntu is installed but im sure it wont boot with my radeon saphire x800 gto video card I have so what do I do now maybe copy xorg.conf to somewere?04:57
Avt3kkim now in the kubuntu like dvd04:57
intelikeyAvt3kk can you pastebin the output of a command for me ?04:58
intelikey!paste | Avt3kk04:58
ubotuAvt3kk: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)04:58
Avt3kkpastebin what command output??04:58
intelikeyAvt3kk cat /proc/partitions ;mount04:59
Avt3kkI have a dualboot system with partitions for images ok so dont freak out lol04:59
Avt3kkand xp04:59
=== robert_ [n=robert@] has joined #kubuntu
=== intelikey doesn't freek out.
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyAvt3kk ok do you happen to know the number of the partition you installed ubuntu onto ?05:02
Avt3kkshould I just copy my old ubuntu xorg.conf to my new system so it boots?05:02
=== Scotty [n=Scotty@unaffiliated/scotty] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyyes   can you ?05:02
towliebaintelikey, kubuntu site has info on installed the beta of kde4. do you know if i ican install it if im using feisty or do i have to do it with gutsy ?05:03
Avt3kk   its /dev/sda705:03
intelikeyand that assumes that the driver listed in the "old ubuntu xorg.conf" is installed on the kubuntu system05:03
Avt3kkok so were to I put my old xorg.conf???05:03
=== naught101 [n=naught10@] has joined #kubuntu
Avt3kkshould I just copy it from the live dvd?05:03
intelikeyAvt3kk sudo mount /dev/sda7 /media ;sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /media/etc/X11/05:04
Avt3kkso just type that?05:04
Avt3kkand it will work05:04
Avt3kknothin else05:05
intelikeytowlieba errr ummm i think you can.   but better ask someone that has fiesty05:05
intelikeyAvt3kk just that.05:05
Avt3kkok done05:05
Avt3kkim emailing the code to myself lol05:05
Avt3kkas root or what05:05
intelikeyyou can reboot now.  if you like.05:05
towliebaintelikey, its one of the main reasons why im installing kubuntu instead of ubuntu05:06
=== BlindSide [n=halfdemo@125-238-247-148.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeytowlieba like i said, *buntu is *buntu is *buntu    if it's the same release it's the same system.  you can use anything in one that you can use in the other.05:07
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== holycow [n=start@S01060016b6b53675.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
jbruckmanhow do I set up K3b to make copies of DVD's?05:09
hydrogenanswer:you can change the color of your txt in settings>preferences05:09
=== speaker219 is now known as JackBauer
intelikeyhydrogen @ whom ?05:09
hydrogeni typed to slow05:09
=== SinII [n=Sinistra@d114146.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #kubuntu
jbruckmansorry, not THAT much of a n00b at Konversation, hydrogen. :-p05:10
hydrogenI thought you were.. your text was coming out white on white!05:10
=== Scotty [n=Scotty@unaffiliated/scotty] has joined #kubuntu
nicoleanyone know how to get a wireless card using the ralink rt61/6125 chipset(linksys wmp54g v5.1) ?05:10
jbruckmanwell, since no one is answering, I'm going to go have a google party with k3b search terms.05:11
nicoleerr v4.105:11
hydrogenI've never done it05:11
hydrogenor I'd tell you!05:11
nicolecool, cool05:11
=== Doorer [n=hukuang@] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:13
hydrogenpoke around in there05:13
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:16
=== mecannotread [n=josef@] has joined #kubuntu
coreymon77nicole: no need for ndis05:17
coreymon77nicole: it works native drivers05:17
intelikeyit's also the same factoid05:18
intelikeyas with !wifi05:18
SyufsHi, when I run beryl I get some strange things happening. Everything seems to work fine but the windows become undraggable/unmoveable and the x and - minimize buttons that normally appear in the upper right of windows dissapear. If I want to close or minimize them, I have to use the bottom task bar. Any ideas on what may be causing this? I have to load beryl through terminal and when I launch it it outputs some info and says everything passe05:19
Syufschecks, but then it says reloading options and sticks there05:19
Syufsand if I close the terminal, beryl shuts down05:19
=== AirstrikeIvanov [n=airstrik@unaffiliated/airstrikeivanov] has joined #kubuntu
AirstrikeIvanovHi everyone. Does anyone here happen to use BIND and have a hosts file I could use as an example for a domain I'm trying to set up on my own DNS? #bind is completely unresponsive.05:20
=== hsystem-x [n=hsystem@] has joined #kubuntu
nicolecoreymon77: sorry was afk, not for me i can see networks but cannot connect05:22
=== Scotty [n=Scotty@unaffiliated/scotty] has joined #kubuntu
nicolecoreymon77: googled it and i see its a problem for many others05:23
towliebaintelikey, ive startd installing kubuntu feisty..05:23
intelikeySyufs the things you have described all seem perfectly normal,  you want the window decorations back you need to run something, (not that i know what)  you want it to auto start you need to link it to ~/.kde/autostart/  and the reason it closes is because you closed the controling terminal.  that's normal behaviour05:23
=== Firefishe [n=Firefish@mo-76-0-30-77.dyn.embarqhsd.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeytowlieba good on ya mate.05:23
=== Myrth[home] [n=moshe@] has joined #kubuntu
FirefisheHow do I convert my stock ubuntu installation to a kubuntu install?05:24
towliebaintelikey, it still seems to be stuck at the starting common unix printing system: cupsd05:24
stdin!kde | Firefishe05:24
ubotuFirefishe: KDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu:  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop , or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE) . Latest KDE version is 3.5.7 for Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org) for more information.05:24
Syufsintelikey: Ok, thx05:24
=== xircon [n=xircon@] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeystdin can you tell Syufs how to get his windows decorations in beryl ?05:25
Myrth[home] hi, trying to listen to any radio station on amarok, but it says "There's no available decoder" what do i need to install?05:25
towliebaintelikey, any idea ?05:25
hydrogenMyrth[home] : what kind of stream? mp3? wma?05:25
stdinif beryl fails, to restore the original KDE windows manager run "kwin --replace"05:25
intelikeytowlieba can you access a console in the vertual machine ?     not very familear with vm's05:26
Syufscool, thanks05:26
=== joez [n=joez@ppp-69-148-79-48.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
towliebawhat do u press to get a console ?05:26
Myrth[home] Myrth[home] : http://at.ah.fm:800005:26
Myrth[home] sorry it was for hydrogen05:26
intelikeytowlieba normally alt+ctrl+f105:26
=== DaSkreech [n=skreech@katapult/ninja/daskreech] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeytowlieba but i don't think you can do that in a vm and stay in it can you ?05:27
Myrth[home] hydrogen: any stream in the tree05:27
coreymon77nicole: okay then05:27
towliebai am at another console05:27
hydrogenMyrth[home] : can you play regular mp3 files?05:27
coreymon77nicole: type iwconfig05:27
coreymon77nicole: does ra1/2 appear there?05:27
intelikeytowlieba run  pstree    and see what is running.05:27
AirstrikeIvanovUgh, screw it. I'm going back to Debian.05:28
=== AirstrikeIvanov [n=airstrik@unaffiliated/airstrikeivanov] has left #kubuntu []
=== afo [n=afo@75-40-21-132.lightspeed.plcnca.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
Myrth[home] hydrogen: plays ogg, now need to find on this computer some mp3..05:28
towliebaintelikey,  i am at the console log05:28
hydrogenMyrth[home] : you probably just need to install libxine-extracodecs05:28
intelikeyum ok.   not a login console yet ehh05:28
intelikeythen something has indeed hung.05:28
=== Alp- [n=Alp@dslb-084-058-143-123.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
towliebayes cupsd05:29
hydrogentowlieba: hmm.. I wonder if you boot into signle user... nuke the cups script, then boot into multi user05:29
intelikeytry booting it to single user mode    and run   update-rc.d cupsys off        or it may be cupsd  but i think it cypsys    then init 205:29
towliebahydrogen, im running the live cd05:30
Myrth[home] hydrogen: this package unavailable, but refered by another package: libxine1-ffmpeg - this one?05:30
intelikeyhydrogen did we think alike05:30
hydrogenMyrth[home] : what version are you using?05:30
Myrth[home] gutsy05:30
hydrogenintelikey: no, you waited for me to type then copied it and edited it05:30
hydrogen!info libxine-extracodecs gutsy05:31
intelikeytowlieba     try booting it to single user mode    and run   update-rc.d cupsys off        or it may be cupsd  but i think it cypsys    then init 205:31
ubotuPackage libxine-extracodecs does not exist in gutsy05:31
hydrogenit does here!05:31
towliebahow do i get to single user from the live cd05:31
hydrogen!package libxine-extracodecs05:31
hydrogentry libxine1-ffmpeg Myrth[home] 05:31
intelikeytowlieba just add 1 to the boot line05:31
Myrth[home] ok thanks05:31
SyufsNot sure why this is happening, I just restarted after messing with beryl and noticing my sound stopped working... when it boots back up, i can't get to the graphical login screen, instead I see the command line stuff only. I tried stopping and starting the x server but it still takes me back to the command line and no login screen.05:32
hydrogentowlieba: when it tells you to press esc to get to grub05:32
intelikeytowlieba the fkeys can explain it.05:32
hydrogendo it05:32
Syufsi can login in command line of course though05:32
intelikeyhydrogen eeeek   that's drastic.   he can just add 1 and ont have to drop out of gui mode05:32
hydrogenSyufs: my first guess is that your video drivers are not loading for some reason05:32
Myrth[home] hydrogen: nope, didn't help05:33
hydrogenintelikey: right, but you need to go into grub to do that05:33
Syufshydrogen: Entirely possible, i installed them just earlier. How can I check if they are loading correctly?05:33
intelikeyhydrogen no.05:33
hydrogenwhere else are you going to add 1 to the line?05:33
hydrogenSyufs: check `dmesg`05:33
hydrogensee if it has anything useful05:34
hydrogenMyrth[home] : did you try restarting amarok after installing it?05:34
Myrth[home] yep05:34
hydrogenodd then05:34
hydrogenI'm not sure what type of stream it is05:34
Syufshydrogen: I don't see anything about video drivers :( It seems like there is info above what is printed out that i can't scroll up and see though05:35
Myrth[home] hydrogen: in ps aux there's still kio-file slave socksets05:35
hydrogenSyufs: try dmesg | less05:35
=== DaSkreech [n=skreech@katapult/ninja/daskreech] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
towliebaintelikey, are u sure adding  1 to the boot= line goes to single user. it still seems to load the same way after i added that05:36
=== Agent_bob [n=root@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
Agent_bobthat's how long it takes to reset the modem.05:37
=== sirken [n=chatzill@ppp-70-253-157-115.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
Agent_boband it sure does get anoying.05:37
SyufsSays "Boot video device is 000:06:00.0" I dunno if that has any signifigance05:37
=== CharlieKane [n=unperson@] has joined #kubuntu
hydrogendid you use the nvidia propriatary drivers before?05:38
hydrogenwhat am I thinking.05:38
hydrogencheck /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:38
hydrogenthe end should tell you what the problem is05:38
hydrogentail -n 20 /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:38
Syufsk, sec05:38
Agent_bobtail -50 /var/log/Xorg.0.log | less05:38
hydrogenvery obsolete syntax ^05:39
hydrogenuse -n05:39
hydrogen-number will be removed at some point05:39
Agent_bobyeah they always mess up a good thing.05:39
dasnipatail -f05:40
Agent_boband as long as it works i'll use it.05:40
Myrth[home] hydrogen: libtunepimp5-mp3 and libk3b2-mp3 helped05:40
Myrth[home] thanks05:40
hydrogenbest tail warning ever!05:40
hydrogentail: warning: following standard input indefinitely is ineffective05:40
towliebais there a way to disable cups in the boot prompt05:41
hydrogenthere should be an option at the splash screen05:42
hydrogento see boot params05:42
towliebaive tried cupsd=off05:42
hydrogenit'd probably be somethiong like noprint or nosomething05:42
Agent_bobtowlieba i doubt, without booting to  /bin/bash  and then if it's readonly you can't save and exit05:42
hydrogentry nousb as a drastic approach05:42
towliebai cant boot the livecd05:42
hydrogenit's probably trying to access something that the virtual system will not let it access05:43
=== level1 [n=level1@] has joined #kubuntu
=== hydrogen really beds now
Agent_boblp0 maybe05:43
=== n8k99 [n=nathan@dsl254-078-190.nyc1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #kubuntu
Syufshydrogen: Yea I got something peculiar in that xorg log...05:43
Agent_bobnot wacom i hope.05:44
Syufshydrogen: Says it "Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module05:44
Myrth[home] hydrogen: also deleting .xine helped with other streams05:44
hydrogenSyufs: mm...05:44
hydrogenSyufs: what does `modprobe nvidia` say05:44
Syufshydrogen: I installed the nvidia drivers earlier tonight, and it seemed like they were working ifne because beryl didn't work at all until i did05:44
=== Agent_bob expects breaking glass
Syufshydrogen: I don't see anything about modprobe :(05:45
Agent_bobmodprobe is a command05:45
Syufswhen i do modprobe nvidia, it just goes to the next line without telling me anything :(05:46
Agent_bobno error means no error05:47
Syufsit did say in the xorg log that it did an "UnloadModule: "nvidia"" though05:47
Agent_bobit wont,05:47
Syufsand that "Screens found, but none have a usabl configuartion"05:48
hydrogentry /etc/init.d/kdm restart05:48
towliebadammit i cant boot kubuntu live cd05:48
Syufshydrogen: I did that already :(05:48
hydrogensince modprobing?05:48
Agent_bobxorg will not rmmod nor modprobe -r   unless you really hack something05:48
Syufsill do it again05:48
hydrogenit says UnloadModule nvidia as it cleans up after a crash05:48
hydrogenwell, it unloads modules as it unloads05:49
hydrogenafter an unsuccessful start05:49
towliebaany ideas05:49
Syufsyea restart the x server didn't do anything again :(05:49
Syufsit says the x server is running, just can't get to anything graphical05:49
hydrogenyou need to look further up in the log then05:49
hydrogensudo nvidia-glx-config enable05:49
hydrogenit may or may not help05:49
hydrogenthen restart the X server05:50
Agent_bobtowlieba can you edit the image ?   you can remove the symlink   etc/rc2.d/S??cupsys    and then try to boot it.05:50
towliebaAgent_bob, i have an iso05:50
towliebaso no05:50
Agent_boberr no that's in a casper image on the disk....05:50
towliebawait maybe i can05:50
hydrogenits doable05:50
hydrogenbut its a pain05:50
hydrogenand requires a bunch of tools and stuff05:50
hydrogenas an iso is a readonly filesystem, so you would need to extract it, edit it, then turn it back into an iso05:51
Syufshyrdogen: Says sudo nvidia-glx-config enable is a comand not found05:51
hydrogeni'm not sure05:51
hydrogenbut I really need to sleep05:51
Agent_bobiso not editable ?05:51
Syufshyrdogen: How can I just unistall this bastard driver haha05:51
=== Agent_bob thought it was.
towliebaok i mounted the image where do i find the cups symlink05:52
Syufsalright hyrdrogen, thx for the help :)05:52
=== nicole [n=nicole@adsl-68-253-177-223.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
Agent_bobtowlieba it's in the casper image file which would have to be mounted....  so scratch that idea.05:52
hydrogenAgent_bob: you can't edit an iso directly.05:53
towliebai mounted the iso and did cd casper05:53
towliebathe list of files there05:54
joezhello, are there any good irc channels you guys like to recommend?05:55
Agent_bobjoez for ?05:55
joezfor anything fun05:55
Agent_bob/join #perl05:56
Agent_bobor no wait.    /join ##windows05:56
towliebaso can u help me out05:56
ubotuFor help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents05:56
Agent_bobsee the squashfs05:57
joezwhere am I? perl or Windoze?05:57
=== Authority [n=whardin@chewy2.dalsemi.com] has joined #kubuntu
towliebaAgent_bob, what do i do with it05:57
Agent_bobin it /etc/rc2.d05:57
Agent_bobfilesystem.squashfs  that's the live CD   the rest is "fluff"05:58
towliebahow do i mount it05:58
=== Scotty [n=Scotty@unaffiliated/scotty] has joined #kubuntu
joezhey, guys, (or girls?)  how can I configure fonts? my kubuntu does not look as good as Windoze05:59
joeztwoleiba, type "man mount"05:59
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
towliebai know how to mount05:59
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #kubuntu
Agent_bobmount blah -t squashfs /mount/point   iirc   but it's readonly...  so you are still going to have to extract the content and then either make an image out of the extracted stuff or rebuild the iso afterwards06:00
NickPrestajoez, K Menu > System Settings > Appearance > Fonts. Enable anti-aliasing, and then press Configure and play with sub-pixel hinting.06:00
joeztowlieba - ok, why you ask " how do i mount it" if you already know.06:00
towliebaim an expert at mounting but ive never mounting a squashfs06:00
=== se7en^Of^9 [n=se7enofn@125-24-143-68.adsl.totbb.net] has joined #kubuntu
joezNick- ok. thanks! I'll try that06:00
=== savetheWorld is now known as savetheWorld_AFK
=== rickey [n=rickey@130.245.dialup.mvtel.net] has joined #kubuntu
Agent_bobsquashfs is one of those things that can't be mounted read/write06:01
jbruckmandoes anyone have any experience with k9copy?06:01
jbruckmanI'm getting this error:  libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in ifo_read.c:157106:01
Agent_bobtowlieba that might even require a module  'modprobe squashfs'   idk06:01
jbruckmanthe error spams my terminal, but the number varies06:02
towliebaagent easier said than done06:02
towliebai am not in linux ..06:02
Agent_bobyeah.  figured that06:02
towliebaim on a mac06:02
towliebawith a virtual machine06:03
Agent_bobyes i knew it was all happening within verts06:03
towliebaverts ?06:03
towliebawhat do u mean06:03
Agent_bob<towlieba> with a virtual machine06:03
=== stuq_ [n=stuq@user-160uamh.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
Agent_bobok i'm cleaning out my system now.  to bloated for me.06:04
=== kkathman [n=kkathman@pool-71-170-110-185.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
Agent_bobfor Q in `dpkg -l | cut -d' ' -f3` ;do apt-get -y --purge remove $Q ;done06:04
Agent_bobthat should do it06:04
rickeywhat kinds of program can one run on a virtual machine program?06:05
rickeycan you run windows06:05
rickeyrun a window OS06:06
Syufsyes rickey06:06
Agent_bobrickey yes,  or linux,06:06
SyufsVMWare for example can run any OS pretty much06:06
Syufsregardless of the platform it's installed on06:06
towliebai think im gonna try vmware if parallels doent work out for me06:06
Syufsvmware = best virtualization software available06:07
NickPresta!caps | rickey06:07
uboturickey: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.06:07
rickey so about the cap,s06:07
Syufsrickey: try vmware.com06:07
Syufsrickey: VMWare player is free, u don't have to buy anything to run a virtual machine... their website is slightly misleading06:08
rickeyoooooooooo ok06:08
rickeythere are some programs that run on windows that wont run well on linux06:09
rickeythats why i am asking06:09
NickPrestarickey, http://tinyurl.com/2n8ae806:09
Syufsand on that note it's sleep time... MONKEY CHEESE everybody06:10
=== meuhlol [n=ziko@mtg91-1-82-234-103-71.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
tekstacyis it possible to make a mac .dmg work?06:12
tekstacyrickey, btw, also check out virtualbox, it's sweet06:12
NickPrestatekstacy, I believe you can decompress .dmg images with zlib and then mount the image to extract the data. As for "installing" it like a .deb or something similar, I doubt it. Google should have interesting links06:13
NickPrestatekstacy, check out: http://vu1tur.eu.org/tools/06:14
tekstacyNickPresta, Thanks!06:14
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rickeygot to go ,i am slowing my downloading to much being here06:17
rickeysee youall later06:17
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WillabeeI just got my resolution working for ubuntu, and it's not as clear as it is when I load it on XP for same resolution06:32
NickPrestaWillabee, what do you mean, clear? Like fonts and such?06:33
CharlieKanechange the resolution ?06:33
WillabeeIt's kind of blurred06:34
NickPrestaWillabee, K Menu > System Settings > Appearance > Fonts. Enable anti-aliasing, and then press Configure and play with sub-pixel hinting.06:34
=== eleven_ [n=eleven@pool-71-114-162-197.trrhin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
NickPrestaWillabee, you will need to restart the application in question as the changes will only affect new applications06:34
=== adminn [n=adminn@pool-70-18-207-244.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
adminnhow do I install java in kubuntu06:36
adminnit keeps saying stopping because it might break packages lol06:36
=== adminn is now known as avt3kk
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avt3kkguys help me install java please06:38
=== caravaka [n=bharath@c-24-11-163-248.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
NickPresta!java | avt3kk06:38
ubotuavt3kk: To install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.06:38
NickPrestaavt3kk, in a terminal, `sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jre`06:38
caravakaif kubuntu's runlevel is 2, how come it's loading daemons from level 3?06:40
avt3kkas root?06:40
=== david__ [n=david@c-67-160-20-225.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
caravakafor example, the bluetooth daemon's only marked to run in levels 3, 4 or 5 and NOT in 206:41
avt3kkok now what about firefox plugin06:41
caravakabut when I load up the machine, i check the runleve, it's 2, but the bluetooth daemon's loaded up too!06:41
AmyRoseziko: No DCC chats please06:42
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Willabeeis there a recommended Dots per inch for 1680x1050?06:42
NickPrestaWillabee, it's a personal preference. Some prefer 96, others prefer 12006:43
avt3kkhow do I install the firefox plugin for the java????06:43
NickPrestaI prefer 96 at that resolution06:43
Willabeeand my last question06:43
WillabeeI have Logitech USB speakers06:43
Willabeeand the only sound I can get out of them is GAIM send/receive06:43
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WillabeeAnd that's only if I change all the sound from Autodetect to USB Audio06:44
NickPrestaavt3kk, install the 'j2re1.4-mozilla-plugin' package06:44
avt3kkwhat do I type in the term to install the firefox java plugin06:44
NickPrestaavt3kk, in a terminal, `sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jre`06:44
avt3kkfrom the gui it dont work06:44
avt3kkit doesnt work for firefox06:44
avt3kkI did that06:44
avt3kktheres a firefox plugin06:45
avt3kkits not letting me install it from the gui06:45
Daisuke-Laptopavt3kk: welcome back from UU he**!06:45
avt3kkty lol06:45
caravakaneone got some idea on the runlevel question?06:45
avt3kknow its not letting me install the firefox java plugin06:45
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avt3kkcan I do it in the term?06:46
avt3kkfirefox java plugin06:46
Daisuke-Laptopthat is the preferred way, see NickPresta's first suggestion06:46
Daisuke-Laptopsudo apt-get install j2re1.4-mozilla-plugin06:47
hdevalenceI'm trying to render an image with XaoS, but it keeps segfaulting06:47
Daisuke-Laptophdevalence: that would be more of a question for xaos's mailing list and/or forum, it occupies a pretty small niche most people here are likely not familiar with06:48
avt3kkI need to download it?06:48
Daisuke-Laptopthat will download and install it06:48
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:48
avt3kkunmet dependancys???06:49
avt3kkim gonna pastebin06:49
hdevalenceDaisuke-Laptop: Thanks. Just wondering, could it be because I'm telling it to do obscene amounts of work?06:49
avt3kkheres pastebin06:50
avt3kkwhat should I do?06:50
=== brainwrck [n=lkomotor@cpe-68-174-81-188.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
NickPrestaavt3kk, do what it says: `sudo apt-get -f install`06:51
NickPresta!hi | brainwrck06:51
ubotubrainwrck: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!06:51
brainwrckis there an ATI open source for my latest ATI card?06:51
brainwrckI mean $U$E already has one06:51
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NickPresta!resolution | brainwrck06:52
ubotubrainwrck: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type  sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto06:52
NickPrestabrainwrck, Sorry. not the right factoid. Ignore that06:52
=== level1 [n=level1@] has joined #kubuntu
NickPresta!ati | brainwrck06:53
ubotubrainwrck: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:53
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avt3kkyay it works :D ty ty ty06:53
brainwrckNickPresta: I am talking about the open source06:53
avt3kknow about my video card driver06:53
brainwrckATI has open sourced the code06:53
avt3kkradeon saphire x800 gto06:53
NickPrestabrainwrck, I am aware of that. You didn't ask for ATI's open source driver, you asked for an ATI open source driver. One exists - it wasn't created by AMD/ATI though. As far as I know, there isn't an available package for *ubuntu06:54
=== Mr_Sonoma [n=chris@] has joined #kubuntu
NickPrestabrainwrck, would this be of use to you? http://news.opensuse.org/?p=26506:56
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkI need to install a network printer and a radeon saphire x800 gto video card driver06:58
Daisuke-Laptopavt3kk: if you want 3d, you're probably looking for fglrx, however, i'm not an ati guy, so i don't know if the driver in the repos is what you would need06:58
Daisuke-LaptopNickPresta: care to weigh in on this one?06:58
avt3kkcan I use this tut? http://davidwinter.me.uk/articles/2006/10/25/getting-ubuntu-dapper-to-dance-with-ati-x800-gto/06:58
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WillabeeUmm, when I click enable desktop effects my screen goes all white06:59
avt3kkyes or no06:59
Daisuke-Laptopi wouldn't recommend it06:59
Daisuke-Laptopthat's three releases old, things have gotten a lot more streamlined06:59
Daisuke-Laptopbut since now at least i know the card is at least a year old, i would say...06:59
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:59
Daisuke-Laptopthat would probably be your best shot07:00
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NickPrestabrainwrck, http://bgoglin.livejournal.com/13122.html It has been put into Debian Experimental. Perhaps it will be available sooner, rather than later07:03
=== wolferine [n=profx@unaffiliated/wolferine] has joined #kubuntu
brainwrckNickPresta: w00t!!!07:06
brainwrckfreaking awsome07:06
adminnso I cant setup the driver for my radeon saphire x800 video card?????????07:07
NickPrestaadminn, did you follow the directions on !ati?07:07
NickPresta!ati | adminn07:07
ubotuadminn: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:07
=== adminn is now known as avt3kk
NickPrestaavt3kk, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI07:09
NickPrestathat is for feisty07:10
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avt3kkim in kubuntu07:10
=== voidmage [n=voidmage@r45h90.res.gatech.edu] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkits feisty ya?07:10
avt3kkim guesing07:10
avt3kksudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-generic restricted-manager07:10
avt3kkits downloading lol07:10
avt3kkseems big07:10
avt3kkmain restricted manager07:11
NickPrestaavt3kk, yes. Then open up "restricted-manager" and install the graphics driver07:11
avt3kkwill it auto open up?07:11
=== aineis [n=aineis@adsl-70-232-160-240.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== peda [n=pullrich@p4FD4933F.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkhow I open it up?07:13
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
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NickPrestatype it in a terminal07:13
intelikeywhat all dirs would one need to backup to "save apt" ?   /etc/apt /var/cache/apt   anything else ?07:15
towliebaive got a problem in kubuntu feisty i cant load any sites in konqueror but i can ping that site in a terminal07:15
avt3kkthats what happened???07:15
NickPrestaintelikey, /var/lib/dpkg/apt* and /var/lib/apt perhaps?07:16
towliebahey intelikey07:16
avt3kkNick what happened?07:17
avt3kkto my install07:17
intelikeyNickPresta you mean   /var/lib/dpkg/available  ?  there is no  /var/lib/dpkg/apt*07:17
=== sonoftheclayr [n=luke@C-59-101-192-161.bur.connect.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
towliebacan i pm you07:18
avt3kkNickPresta what happened to my install07:18
towliebaintelikey, i managed to install kubuntu07:18
intelikeytowlieba ah that should be documented on the forums   it's been in here many times.07:18
=== coreymon77 [n=coreymon@ubuntu/member/coreymon77] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkthink hes reading my pastebin07:18
intelikeytowlieba glad to hear it.07:18
NickPrestaintelikey, strange. `locate apt` returned /var/lib/dpkg/apt. Forget it then :P07:18
=== RurouniJones [n=jeff@gk-073.leo-net.jp] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyavt3kk i can't read it right now.  no browser installed.07:18
intelikeyi'm flushing my system.07:19
NickPrestaintelikey, oh, I'm just blind. Check /var/lib/dpkg/info/apt*07:19
intelikeyNickPresta oh.  heh that's just the .deb information.  :)07:19
avt3kkwarnings.warn(str(e), _gtk.Warning)07:19
avt3kk/usr/bin/restricted-manager:243: Warning: invalid (NULL) pointer instance07:19
avt3kkthats a small portion07:19
NickPrestaavt3kk, did your installation of restricted-manager succeed?07:20
avt3kkI try to run and it crashes07:20
intelikeyavt3kk ok.  but warnings are not errors.  any errors ?07:20
avt3kkseems like it finished though07:20
NickPrestaavt3kk, your installation. When you did `sudo apt-get install restricted-manager` did that work?07:20
avt3kk: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)' failed07:20
avt3kkyes it did07:21
avt3kkbut when I try to run it crashes dont even open up07:21
=== feffer [n=feffer@adsl-76-202-192-123.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkthis is getting complicated07:22
NickPrestaavt3kk, just try doing `kdesu restricted-manager`07:22
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
NickPrestainstead of doing sudo su07:22
avt3kkyes :D07:22
NickPrestaI assume it worked?07:23
=== rgiglio [n=rgiglio@] has joined #kubuntu
coreymon77okay, bed time, goodnight everyone07:26
=== falk [n=falk@d83-189-115-91.cust.tele2.de] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkok I enabled it so ctrl alt backspace??07:27
=== sarin [n=sarin@ctrant1-1.lsu.edu] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkI dont see lattic screensaver why07:27
avt3kkI love that07:27
NickPrestayou need to start X07:27
=== towlieba is now known as towlieban
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NickPrestasorry, restart X07:28
NickPrestacontrol + alt + backspace should work07:28
=== Lega [n=amadeus@71-33-61-151.albq.qwest.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== adminn [n=adminn@pool-70-18-207-244.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
adminnhow do I install lattic screensaver????07:30
adminnthe new ati driver worked ty I emailed to myself :) ahahhaha07:31
Lynourewhat's lattic screensaver?07:31
adminnI want to do lattic screensaver then printer tomarrow if I have time07:31
adminnsee lattice http://www.reallyslick.com/07:32
Lynoureoh, lattice07:32
Lynourelol, yes, you mistyped it many times07:32
=== adminn is now known as avt3kk
LynoureIt's ok, just made it a bit hard to understand (I'm not a native speaker)07:33
avt3kkso whats the easiest way to install it07:33
LynoureI though the lattice was one of the standard ubuntu screensavers...07:34
avt3kkI found it in pachages07:34
LynoureI'm on kubuntu, though, so I'm not sure.07:35
towliebani need help i cant open any sites in konqueror but i can ping any site in terminal07:35
towliebanc an anyone help me out07:35
Lynouretowlieban: with name or with ip?07:35
towliebani can ping yahoo,google or any site in terminal07:36
towliebanits not a dns issue07:36
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
Lynouretowlieban: You have installed some firewall that blocks port 80?07:36
avt3kkman its installed but its black see nothin07:36
towliebanthis is after a fresh install of kubuntu07:36
=== leprechaun [n=leprecha@24-117-135-219.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkso what should I do guys?07:37
Lynouretowlieban: the firewall can be outside your device, too...  What happens if you    telnet google.com 80  ?07:37
avt3kkI installed lattice but its black I cant see it07:37
=== leprechaun is now known as Leprechaun
towliebanLynoure, its hanging07:38
=== Leprechaun is now known as Leprechaun-bmt
Lynouretowlieban: then sounds like a firewall, still, if it does not get connected07:38
avt3kkthe preview is black and it cant even preview when I click the preview button<<<<07:38
towliebani dont have any firewall07:38
avt3kkwhat should I do??07:38
Lynouretowlieban: right now (before breakfast) I cannot think of any other likely explanations, if pings (and traceroutes) go through fine07:39
Lynoureand the ping also gives a proper ip?07:40
=== jbruckman__ [n=jbruckma@st074039212101.monm.edu] has joined #kubuntu
towliebanyep seems so07:40
towliebani just did an  install of kubuntu an hour ago and havent installed anything07:40
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:40
=== blackbare [n=douglas@bas14-toronto12-1167997802.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkmr_sonoma is that for me? I just instaled somethin07:40
Lynouretowlieban: most people have a firewall, despite what they think as most adsl devices have one...07:40
towliebani dont07:41
avt3kkI did this:07:41
towliebani know for sure i dont07:41
avt3kksudo apt-get update07:41
avt3kksudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-generic restricted-manager07:41
Mr_Sonomano sorry was formyself07:41
Mr_Sonomaavt3kk, no sorry was for myself07:41
Lynouretowlieban: can you access web from any other computer in the lan?07:41
avt3kknot me? :O07:41
avt3kkwasnt what I tryed the right one or no07:41
towliebanLynoure, i installed kubuntu in a vm by the way07:41
towliebanLynoure, yes i can07:42
Lynouretowlieban: and what os in the vm in?07:42
towliebanthe host ?07:42
avt3kkmr_sonoma what I did wasnt right?07:42
=== ninboy [n=ninboy@] has joined #kubuntu
=== blackbare [n=douglas@bas14-toronto12-1167997802.dsl.bell.ca] has left #kubuntu []
Lynouretowlieban: yes.07:42
towliebanLynoure, mac os x07:42
Mr_Sonomaavt3kk, hold on let me read back cause i was working on one of my systems and not looking at the channel, i needed that link formyself07:43
avt3kkook ty07:43
avt3kkshould I force a kernal rebuid07:44
=== Karajan [n=Sea@] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkubuntu was never this hard lol07:45
towliebanLynoure, any ideas?07:45
Lynouretowlieban: probably something in the installation wonky, but I don't really do os x.07:45
towliebanit has nothing to do with osx07:45
Lynouretowlieban: how did you verify that?07:46
towliebani am using vmware with osx as the host. in the host everythin g works perfectly07:46
Mr_Sonomauh those are 3d screen savers???? if so your going to need someone with a little more experiance setting up the 3d effects in xorg than i have07:46
Lynouretowlieban: and everything in guests also have, every time before?07:46
avt3kkI cant get lattice to work or even install my printer thats messed up07:46
towliebanyes i used to run ubuntu in vmware and it worked07:46
avt3kkI have ubuntu as a dualboot next to xp pro both have backup images :P07:47
avt3kkI can bring it back if I get frustrated like now lol07:47
avt3kkbut then you guys helped me alot so07:47
avt3kkim not doing that to you guys07:47
avt3kkI emailed myself all the stuff I did07:48
Lynouretowlieban: ok, then try tcpdump on the host side, just for fun07:48
avt3kkso I can do it on my own07:48
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubunturos [n=ubunturo@] has joined #kubuntu
Lynouretowlieban: and on the guest side, maybe too07:48
=== Tomi-idle [n=tomi@dsl-olubrasgw1-fe57fb00-67.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeytty24 [root@computer.~]  dpkg -P --force-all linux-image-2.6.15-29-38607:48
intelikeydpkg - warning: ignoring request to remove linux-image-2.6.15-29-386 which isn't installed.07:48
towliebanLynoure, it says no suitable device found on the host07:48
intelikeyhow to "un-break" that package ?07:48
avt3kkshould I do the kernal rebuild force?07:48
avt3kkintel is that for java07:49
=== IT-partisan_ [n=user@enderbabal.dialup.corbina.ru] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkI have the term code07:49
avt3kkin my email lol07:49
jimmacdonaldso when is the dist upgrade due to drop?07:49
jimmacdonald!dist upgrade07:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dist upgrade - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:50
avt3kksudo apt-get install j2re1.4-mozilla-plugin07:50
avt3kksudo apt-get -f install07:50
avt3kkthats how I installed java07:51
ubunturos !dist-upgrade07:51
ubotuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for upgrading from Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) to Kubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)07:51
avt3kkso why isnt my lattice working????07:51
towliebanLynoure, i am booting the livecd to see if it works in the livecd07:52
Lynouretowlieban: sounds like a good thing to do.07:53
towliebani have the iso for feisty and gutsy07:53
towliebangonna try both.07:53
towliebanultimately i want to install the beta of kde407:53
jimmacdonaldOk another question... how stable is the Beta?07:54
towliebanLynoure, same problem with live cd07:55
avt3kkhelp me install the network printer in ubuntu ultimate itauto found it but not kubuntu07:56
=== elbing [n=elbing@] has joined #kubuntu
=== prak [n=prak@S010600179a3b55d6.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== pillowpants [n=pillowpa@cpe-70-115-218-69.satx.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
Ash-Foxavt3kk, K -> System settings -> printers - you should be able to set it up there.07:57
Lynouretowlieban: interesting, but really hard to troubleshoot. I got to web with gutsy livecd just fine...07:57
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
=== _2 [n=root@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
pillowpantscan pidgin be compiled on dapper drake?07:57
Ash-Foxpillowpants, no.07:57
towliebanLynoure, yes but you arent running it in a vm07:57
pillowpantsAsh-Fox : why not?07:58
=== Aranel [n=Aranel@] has joined #kubuntu
Ash-Foxpillowpants, because dapper lacks the necessary upto date libraries07:58
pillowpantsAsh-Fox : couldnt one download them?07:58
Lynouretowlieban: yes, that's why I was suspecting your vmware configuration... but you said it was not that, so.07:58
towliebani dunno07:59
Ash-Foxpillowpants, yes, but it requires upgrading a lot of things on the system in the process.07:59
pillowpantsAsh-Fox : such as what?07:59
pillowpantsim willing to do it07:59
Ash-Foxpillowpants, as the libraries also require newer versions of other things.. it's rather bad dependency cycle, you'll be wasting a lot of time.07:59
ubotuInstant Messenger Clients: Gaim (GNOME, http://help.ubuntu.com/community/GaimHowto), Kopete (KDE), both supporting MSN, Jabber, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and IRC.07:59
towliebanLynoure, i have it set in vmware to use NAT07:59
pillowpants_2: pidgin is the newest ver of gaim, i just want pidgin08:00
Ash-Foxpillowpants, honestly, I don't remember off the top of my head. Just run configure on pidgin and see what it complains about, install those libraries, configure them, see what they want etc.08:00
avt3kkI cant set up my printer dmt08:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Kr4t05 [i=andrew@dsl-206-251-11-102.dsl0.crls.pa.net] has joined #kubuntu
towliebanthat is share the hosts internet connection08:00
pillowpantsAsh-Fox : heh, yeah thats what ive been doing and wondering why it was taking so long to get it to work08:00
=== andreas_ [n=andreas@p508C5912.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
_2pillowpants then use the newest version of ubuntu08:00
Ash-Foxpillowpants, if you were using edgy or feisty I'd give you my repository which has the latest pidgin built for them.08:00
pillowpantsAsh-Fox : thats for the heads up though08:00
pillowpants_2: dapper is the only one that everything worked out of box for me, with the least headache08:01
IT-partisan_hi, guys, looking for a tool to centralize configuration of many Kubuntu boxes, am i at right place?)08:01
pillowpantsim going to upgrade to the next lts when it comes out08:01
_2pillowpants then use gaim08:01
Ash-Foxpillowpants, that's not very good :/08:01
pillowpants_2: yeah, probably will08:01
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
AhmuckIT-partisan_:  yes, it can be done08:02
Ash-Foxgaim no longer works properly with yahoo and msn.08:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about common-sense - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about common-sence - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:02
IT-partisan_Ahmuck, what would you recommend&08:02
avt3kkI setup to our hp combo printer hahaha08:02
=== Roy_M [n=david@it2054-03.murdoch.edu.au] has joined #kubuntu
jimmacdonaldnow that's funny..08:02
avt3kkits different from the regular printer08:03
jimmacdonaldhow do I enable the beta dist-upgrade?08:03
Ash-Foxjimmacdonald, enable backports repository in adept.08:04
AhmuckIT-partisan_: there is a tool that will do it08:04
pillowpantsspeaking of which, does anyone know when gutsy will be out?08:04
pillowpantsin stable edition08:04
prakquick questions on Makefiles: does "missing operator" in an error message of a make command usually mean operators like "-c", "-o" are missing?08:05
Ash-Foxpillowpants, it is already out, as is feisty in stable..08:05
Ahmuckpillowpants: there is an ubuntu release schedule, and they are following it08:05
=== Kr4t05 [i=andrew@dsl-206-251-11-102.dsl0.crls.pa.net] has joined #kubuntu
_2major malfunction.   this: apt-get remove ttf-bitstream-vera ttf-dejavu ttf-freefont sgml-base08:05
Ash-Foxoops poo, sorry got muddled up in codenames08:05
pillowpantsAsh-Fox, Ahmuck: Yeah, i just checked wiki08:05
_2trys to reinstall 1.4g of packages08:05
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
pillowpantsit hadnt occured to me i could upgrade already08:05
Ahmuckpillowpants: i am using the beta now08:06
_2it shouldn't do that.08:06
avt3kkso now about my lattice not working what should I do???08:06
pillowpantsAhmuck : how is it?08:06
=== joe_ [n=joe@75-162-45-2.desm.qwest.net] has joined #kubuntu
Ahmucki was using tribe5 ok, beta just has some nice bug fixes.  bugs i can tolerate anyhow08:06
jimmacdonaldAsh-Fox: I don't have a backports repository in Adept... I have a preleased updates.08:06
IT-partisan_Ahmuk, ok, i'll look it08:06
=== theory_ [n=theory@] has joined #kubuntu
Ash-Foxjimmacdonald, that's backports :)08:06
jimmacdonaldOK thought so.08:07
=== kory [n=kory@c-71-201-232-209.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== theory_ is now known as ybotk
IT-partisan_Ahmuck, I've found puppet, what do you think about it?08:07
AhmuckIT-partisan_: have not looked at that yet, you have a link?08:07
pillowpantsAhmuck : neat08:07
pillowpantsi read its possible to upgrade from dapper directly to gutsy08:08
pillowpantsthat is true, correct?08:08
pillowpantsfrom one lts to another08:08
Ahmucksome new artwork, dolphin and strigi is about all the real changes i could tell.08:08
IT-partisan_Ahmuck, http://puppet.reductivelabs.com/ - but it is more common, it helps to manage host configuration08:09
avt3kkso how should I get lattice screensaver working?08:09
praksorry; asked my questions in the wrong channel08:09
gustavocan anybody help? [Sun Sep 30 02:24:34 2007]  [notice]  Apache/2.2.6 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.6 d\xd4U PHP/5.2.4   configured -- resuming normal operations ... but i cant load php pages :/08:09
jimmacdonaldAsh-Fox: It didn't give me any updates.08:09
avt3kkI want to get lattice screensaver working in my kubuntu08:10
=== kory [n=kory@c-71-201-232-209.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkplease guys what should I do? dad will make me sleep not sure when08:12
towliebancan anyone help me out i ibooted kubuntu livecd and i cant connect to any sites in konqueror but i can ping those same sites in terminal08:12
=== kory is now known as kory_
=== kory_ is now known as kory__
avt3kkTowl static ip?08:12
towliebanno dhcp08:12
=== XsteelWolf [n=XsteelWo@cm97.epsilon105.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkI dunno man I got static08:13
=== XsteelWolf is now known as SQLx
IT-partisan_towl, do you have proxy?08:13
=== kory__ is now known as kory_
avt3kktry checking start on boot08:13
Ahmuckavt3kk: comming back another day won't hurt.  but getting your dad upset cause your using kubuntu hurts the distro08:13
towliebani am booting kubuntu in a vm08:13
avt3kkthe check box mine didnt work untill I did08:13
IT-partisan_try wget google.com, does it work?08:13
avt3kkAhmuck of course I wil lsleep08:14
avt3kkim hoping to do something before I got to go lololol08:14
avt3kkno big deal08:14
avt3kkAhmuck I love kubuntu08:15
avt3kkjust a bit hard to setup08:15
towliebanno kidding08:15
jimmacdonaldAsh-Fox: ?08:16
Ash-Foxjimmacdonald, if it was already checked, there likely isn't any updates. If you're using the terminal, did you do a sudo apt-get update first?08:17
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
towliebancan anyone help me out i i booted kubuntu livecd and i cant connect to any sites in konqueror but i can ping those same sites in terminal08:18
Ahmucksudo aptitude ... it's resolve dependacies08:19
=== kory_ [n=kory@c-71-201-232-209.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
towliebanfigured it out08:21
jimmacdonaldnot using the terminal and it wasn't already checked.08:22
=== _arafat [n=arafat@pD9E1D3BC.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== RTD [n=Dtr@dyn143-6.adsl2.mpynet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkso how do I get the lattice screensaver working guys???08:26
=== longman_ [n=longman@inet20909na-0.eranet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
=== manish [n=manish@] has joined #kubuntu
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=== longman_ [n=longman@inet20909na-0.eranet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
jimmacdonaldAsh-Fox: I repointed adept to the UK servers, and reloaded.. that didn't work either. Is it possible that the beta's havein08:31
jimmacdonaldAsh-Fox: haven't been released yet?08:31
=== mecannotread [n=josef@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@Xd027.x.pppool.de] has joined #kubuntu
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=== tehk [n=tehk@c-69-249-157-157.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Ahmuckjimmacdonald: kubuntu gutsy beta?08:34
Ahmucki'm using the beta08:34
=== jack_wyt_ [n=jack@] has joined #kubuntu
jimmacdonaldtrying to use Adept to dist-upgrade to it but can't?08:34
jimmacdonaldhow stable is it?08:35
=== Iceworm [n=matthew@w161188.wireless.fsr.net] has joined #kubuntu
Ahmuckit's stable for me08:35
Ahmuckwhat do you plan to do with it?08:35
jimmacdonaldinternet, email that's about it.08:35
Ahmucki went with fresh install, so my situation is different08:35
jimmacdonaldwireless ...08:36
=== kory_ [n=kory@c-71-201-232-209.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Ash-Foxjimmacdonald, you likely have all the updates for the installed applications you have... if you want kde4, you will need to install the kde4 package etc.08:40
Ahmucki wouldn't.  i hear kde4 is really unstable, hardly usable at the moment, unless i'm wrong08:41
Ahmuckdoes kubuntu have hardware recomendations for LTSP?  5 users need this much server hardware, 10 need this much etc.08:44
Daisuke_Idoasmuch as i hate to admit it, i think deluge has ktorrent beat for "linux torrent client that isn't azureus"08:44
=== manish is now known as monzie
AhmuckDaisuke_Ido: i moved to ktorrent because i was having troubles with azureus crashing.  guess i'll look at deluge08:45
Daisuke_Idodeluge is the closest thing to utorrent i've seen08:45
Daisuke_Idobut it is gtk+ rather than qt08:46
pillowpantswhats the command for create dir08:48
pillowpantssuch as creat dir /etc/blah blah08:48
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Daisuke_Idopillowpants: mkdir08:51
=== ebbu [n=ebbu@a91-153-58-194.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
=== kory_ [n=kory@c-71-201-232-209.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkso I will never get the lattice screensaver working......08:56
Lynoureavt3kk: you already have the ati driver installed and stuffL08:57
=== Access [n=shane@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Daisuke_Ido just looked at the lattice screensaver
=== Daisuke_Ido sets as default :D
LynoureI don't get any screensavers... I want my screen to go black instead :)08:58
avt3kkLynoure I try it and it isnt working man'08:58
avt3kkblack screen08:58
avt3kkand no preview in that stupid little window08:58
Lynoureavt3kk: and the driver?08:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 3d - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:59
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=== Linux_Galore [n=richard@60-242-20-212.static.tpgi.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
Lynoureavt3kk: if there is something awry with your display card configuration, none of the fancy 3d screensavers will work...09:03
=== rpedro [n=rpedro@87-196-42-202.net.novis.pt] has joined #kubuntu
=== ratsel [n=ratsel@host83-159-dynamic.1-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!09:06
=== one [n=one@ppp-82-135-78-37.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkLyoure my ubuntu has it working perfectly09:06
Lynoureavt3kk: How did you check that?09:07
avt3kkhow to check09:07
oneplz help: is there a way to make 2 xorg.confs and on kubuntu start i could choose which one ill use ?09:07
Lynoureavt3kk: yes, how did you check your 3d rendering works perfectly?09:07
avt3kkI found a tutorial on getting dapper to dance with ati09:07
pillowpantsi have a good sized ntfs partition that i jsut formatted, and i can seem to add anything to it because its read-only09:09
pillowpantshow do i take it off read-only09:09
Daisuke_Idoit's ntfs09:10
ubotuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions09:10
pillowpantsi should also mention im in dapper09:10
=== pepa [n=pepa@217-115-242-6.cust.avonet.cz] has joined #kubuntu
=== tim_ [n=tim@72-35-205-18.eoni.com] has joined #kubuntu
Ahmuckhi tim09:14
=== one__ [n=one@ppp-82-135-70-133.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
tim_I thought sabayon was great until i finally broke down and installed kubuntu09:15
=== roconnor [n=roconnor@vhe-540354.sshn.net] has joined #kubuntu
tim_Now im downloading the dvd. what all is on it09:15
=== esteve [n=esteve@68.Red-80-36-218.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
tim_i mean what is different from the cd that i downloaded09:17
one__lz help: is there a way to make 2 xorg.confs and on kubuntu start i could choose which one ill use ?09:17
=== Jucato [n=jucato@] has joined #kubuntu
gustavoone__: start as "single-user mode" ;P09:18
=== diego [n=diego@host234.190-30-161.telecom.net.ar] has joined #kubuntu
gustavostupid way, but thats the only way i know hehe09:18
towliebanhow do i verify what version of kde i am using after logging in09:20
=== smokylover [n=eli@] has joined #kubuntu
one__gustavo: hmm ? explain plz ;-P09:21
Jucatotowlieban: in any KDE app, Help -> About KDE or right-click on the panel -> Help -> About KDE09:21
=== smokylover is now known as elitrou
=== lydia [n=lydia@124-254-80-71-static-dsl.ispone.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
towliebanhow can i restart X without rebooting ?09:22
one__gustavo: i need one xorg.conf with twinview option and one without and i wanna select with one to load on systemstart09:22
avt3kkgoodnight :(09:22
=== pavel [n=pavel@79.49.broadband4.iol.cz] has joined #kubuntu
avt3kkim going to dream of answer lol09:22
Jucatotowlieban: logout, then press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace09:23
elitroui have some problem with JRE, it is unrecognized, although i have installed it and reinstalled it already. Any ideas?09:23
=== logixoul [n=logixoul@] has joined #kubuntu
=== mikedomo [n=mikedomo@] has joined #kubuntu
logixoulany nice app for creating music?09:24
=== mikedomo [n=mikedomo@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
lydiaim trying to share a printer from a kubuntu machine to windows09:25
lydiai select export windows driver.. but it says some driver files are missing09:26
lydiaand to go to the adobe website09:26
=== behdha [n=behdha@s559024e7.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #kubuntu
lydiaim not really sure what im looking for?09:26
=== behdha is now known as deffcon
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garyhey i have a question... is there a way for windows users from (another) pc, to access an ntfs-3g mounted partition from my dual-booted box runnin feisty?09:39
garyreally? so rather than //computername/share , the win user would fill in smb://myshare to access the ntfs-3g mounted drive?09:44
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garywell thx for your help, i'll keep looking into it09:51
=== fraco [n=fraco@] has joined #kubuntu
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gary_heh, i take it i should've used a different name that isn't as prevalent10:02
=== Eyeless [n=hjalle@d83-183-204-137.cust.tele2.se] has joined #kubuntu
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Garysorry gary_ :p10:05
Jucatogary_: just your luck that someone beat you to registering that nick :D10:06
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theory_Any Konversation chat client users in here?10:11
=== Jucato raises hand
theory_ah question.10:13
theory_I have a problem with using /onotice10:13
theory_It doesn't display what I type on the screen.10:13
theory_are you famaliar with this?10:13
Jucatohm.. nope sorry10:13
theory_I type it and its as if nothing happens.10:13
Jucatoyou can probably ask in #konversation10:13
theory_geez, there is a channel for everything ;P10:14
=== dave [n=dave@host86-143-29-60.range86-143.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
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Jucatoalmost :)10:15
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gary_i'm lookin at my /etc/fstab ... is it normal to have ntfs-config automount (all) my ntfs partitions in my dual-boot rig?10:25
=== hassan2a [n=hassan2a@] has joined #kubuntu
gary_i didn't even get a chance or option to check which ones to mount really.10:26
=== kaminix|away is now known as kaminix
gary_on the bright side, i've experienced no problems reading/writing in those partitions.   From other people's screenshots though, using ntfs-config, i should've been able to check off which ones get mounted10:28
hassan2awho played enemy territory ?10:29
=== parth [n=parth@] has joined #kubuntu
gary_that a game?10:31
=== n0va [n=n0va@cpc1-cani1-0-0-cust12.renf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
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RivaeAeryaDoes anybody know a good notetaking program for KDE? (Basket has aborted development)10:36
=== andres [n=andres@] has joined #kubuntu
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Jucatobasket hasn't aborted development just yet. they got some new volunteers to work on it. the mailing list is quite active: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=basket-devel10:40
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=== abominius good moaning
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kaminixIs it possible to do a riskfree install of KDE 4? Having it run side-by-side with KDE 3, making me choose at login session?10:52
=== deviance is now known as deviance|away
=== Fradeve87 [n=fradeve@] has joined #kubuntu
pagkaminix, yup - instructions are in the topic ;)10:53
=== fulat2k [n=fulat2k@] has joined #kubuntu
=== pasnox [n=pasnox@amm80-1-82-246-74-143.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
kaminixIt won't kill my install then?10:54
kaminixWill it automatically update with Beta 3, RC 1, RC 2 and final?10:54
Jucatowon't kill: yes. will it automatically update: no10:54
kaminixsudo aptitude upgrade won't update it? Why not?10:55
pasnoxhi there since i'm on gusty ( it does some sometimes with feisty ) when i let my computer on in night, in the morning all usb device are unusable, and internet connectino is broke ( using usb wifi key ) and computer become very irresponsive10:55
pasnoxi need reboot to let it work fine10:55
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pag!gutsy | pasnox10:56
ubotupasnox: Gutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due October 2007) | It is development software, as such unstable, support _only_ in #ubuntu+110:56
pasnoxand when rebooting because if this probleme many time it freeze10:56
pasnoxubotu: yes, sorry, but as i say, it was doing same with feisty10:56
pasnoxpag: last phrase for u10:56
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots10:57
Jucatokaminix: because the packages for KDE 4 are made only when there are new releases (beta 3, 4, rc, stable, etc) and they are usually placed in kubuntu.org repositories. the location and name of the packages may or may not be the same. there is no assurance that you can simply upgrade from one to the other10:58
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=== abominius if($lavoro != "") echo "$lavoro";
=== abominius is now known as ABOMINIUS
kaminixThanks Jucato. :) Also, will these commands be enough to enable me to start a session in KDE 4? cp /usr/lib/kde4/share/apps/kdm/sessions/kde.desktop /usr/share/xsessions/kde4.desktop && vim /usr/lib/kde4/bin/startkde (add the four exportlines on top, but isn't this a binary?)11:01
Jucatojust follow the directions in the web page pointed to in the topic and they will be enough11:01
Jucatoit's not binary. it's an executable script11:02
=== Artmoonik [n=artmooni@mar92-3-82-66-233-126.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
kaminixJucato: I was following the instructions when writing those commands. ^^11:03
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yeois there a command option for ktorrent and konversation to start minimized to the tray?11:16
=== arkygeek [n=arkygeek@77-97-80-243.cable.ubr02.live.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
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markus__how can i reconfigure the driver of my graphic card?11:18
=== Bauldrick [n=matt@host86-144-205-134.range86-144.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== Smooph [n=Smooph@p54A75674.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
markus__Wie kann ich den Treiber meiner GraKa neu konfigurieren?11:20
=== xeniter [n=xeniter@] has joined #kubuntu
Jucato!de | markus__11:20
ubotumarkus__: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de11:20
Jucatoyeo: afaik if you leave KTorrent running in the system tray when you logout, it will restart minimized11:20
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markus__ubotu: wie kann ich zu diesen Kanaelen wechseln?11:22
dorje    * /msg dorje register  dorjecito@hotmail.com11:22
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de11:22
Jucato!register | dorje11:22
ubotudorje: Information about registering your Freenode nick is at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#contents-userregistration11:22
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jussi01hmmm, could someone help me backup my theme?11:31
=== yeo_ [n=yeo@cpc1-cdif3-0-0-cust924.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
jussi01Jucato: I created a theme (colours), how do I back it up as I need to reinstall....11:32
kaminixHmm... when running plasma I see two big black blobs saying "This object could not be created" in the menubar.11:32
Jucatojussi01: Export Color Scheme11:32
=== ninHer [n=ninHer@unaffiliated/ninher] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatokaminix: that's normal in the beta2 kubuntu packages11:32
jussi01Jucato: ahh.. (duh) :)11:32
=== yeo_ [n=yeo@cpc1-cdif3-0-0-cust924.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatothose are placeholders for plasmoids that aren't packaged with beta211:32
kaminixHow do I get my Kmenu?11:33
Jucatothere isn't one11:33
=== anthronaut [n=anthrona@217-173-228-67.cmts.powersurf.li] has joined #kubuntu
kaminixWell that's useful.11:33
emilsedghkaminix: no kmenu for kde4 :), in Beta3 (which will be tagged tomorrow and will be release in 8 days) there's a Kicker Port for Plasma11:33
kaminixThen what exactly can I do in Beta 2? :p11:34
Jucatoif you're not a developer, nothing really11:34
Jucatoyou can start apps (Alt+F2)11:34
=== rapha [n=rapha@] has joined #kubuntu
kaminixAww, boring. I'm so dissappointed. :( I thought I'd see an almost fully functional KDE4, except packed with bugs. :p11:35
emilsedghkaminix: thats beta, dont be dissapointed, this is why its named Beta...11:36
=== okanochiwa [n=okanochi@4.9.103-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
kaminixemilsedgh: Isn't beta when it's just bugfixing left?11:36
emilsedghkaminix: hmmm11:36
Jucatoyou could have also tried reading some reviews or release notes on what works and what doesn't (try Google?)11:36
Jucatokaminix: it's beta **2**... there are stages11:37
kaminixJucato: Nope, just seen pictures. ^^11:37
Jucatoso it's not one big beta only. and it's not set in stone11:37
emilsedghkaminix: look, you cannot see the plasma, which isnt in Beta mode yet11:37
kaminixIt's not? :o11:37
=== emil_ [n=emil@90-227-208-59-no92.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
kaminixThought all except Koffice was.11:37
emilsedghkaminix: Plasma is the only part of the KDE which is not yet in beta mode and features are allowed for it11:38
=== ReMiiRuru [n=l@host-87-99-12-170.lanet.net.pl] has joined #kubuntu
=== papa_ [n=papa@p5B1165FD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghkaminix: also, what you see in those packages is not the real plasma...11:38
kaminixOhhhh.... I see.... :)11:38
=== exitus [n=exitus@M182P021.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatothey may be real plasma. but they were not packaged for Kubuntu11:38
Jucatobecause they are not part of the beta release11:39
emilsedghJucato: but they will for Beta3 :)11:39
kaminixIt's quite speedy. But that might be because it's practically not running anything atm. :p11:39
Jucatonot all though11:39
=== knubbe [n=knubbe@h190n5c1o1036.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #kubuntu
Jucato<Jucato> you can start apps (Alt+F2)11:39
kaminixI know. I did start Konversation? ^^11:39
Jucatobase apps are available: dolphin, konsole, kwrite, konqueror, ksysguard11:39
Jucatooh yes, that's definitely a KDE 4 app.... not11:40
=== jarkko [n=jarkko@cs181004151.pp.htv.fi] has joined #kubuntu
kaminixI know it's not...11:40
emilsedghkaminix: try applications, look how wonderfull is dolphin + nepomuk (run nemomukdaemon, nepomukcoreservices and then dolphin), look at okular, games, kget...11:40
=== blubb [n=foo@80-219-209-50.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatoemilsedgh: beta2.. no nepomuk11:40
kaminixHow do I know which packages are available?11:40
emilsedghJucato: it has11:41
Jucatoemilsedgh: the broken one afaik11:41
emilsedghJucato: Beta had it too11:41
Jucatoor did you compile from SVN?11:41
emilsedghJucato: no it works on dolphin11:41
emilsedghJucato: no, i did have Beta2 packages11:41
emilsedghJucato: just you have to run services11:41
kaminixbtw, isn't RC 1 due to today? But they still haven't released Beta 3?11:41
Jucatokaminix: what are you talking about?11:42
=== andrew_ [n=andrew@scio-fe2-67-43-74-125.smt-net.com] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghkaminix: RC? no, release chedule is being changed :)11:42
kaminixBut hasn't been changed yet?11:42
kaminixSo no KDE4 for christmas? :(11:42
emilsedghkaminix: will be come in december :)11:42
Jucato1) RC isn't due today. 2) Beta 3 is to be *tagged* next week11:43
Jucato(tag and release don't happen on the same day)11:43
=== zemo [n=zemo@kolej-mk-60.zcu.cz] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghJucato: will be tagged tomorrow?11:43
Jucatohm. let me recheck11:43
emilsedghme too :D11:43
kaminixWhen is RC 1 due for? The RC will be quite useable, right?11:43
JucatoWednesday next week is Beta 3 tag11:43
Jucatokaminix: yes. because it's the "Release Candidate"11:44
=== skal [n=skal@ADijon-258-1-83-158.w90-13.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
jussi01Jucato: where exactly is this Export Colour Scheme?11:44
kaminixHrm. Konqueror crashed on startup. :(11:44
=== adi [n=adi@bby10.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatojussi01: sorry wrong term. Save Scheme..11:44
emilsedghkaminix: 4.0 Beta 2?11:44
JucatoSystem Settings -> Appearance -> Colours11:44
kaminixemilsedgh: Yeah...11:45
=== mauro_ [n=mauro@ip-4.net-89-2-30.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghkaminix: did you really except that konqueror works without crashing?11:45
=== chn [n=chn@] has joined #kubuntu
=== chn is now known as cihan253
jussi01Jucato: yeah, im there, its saved - but where in the file system is it?11:45
cihan253trke bilen varm ?11:45
=== mushroom_ [n=mushroom@] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatojussi01: ~/.kde/share/apps/kdisplay I think11:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tk - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:46
ubotuTurk ubuntu kullanicilari, turkce yardim yada geyik icin #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.11:46
Jucato!tr | cihan25311:46
ubotucihan253: please see above11:46
cihan253so sorry11:46
emilsedghwow, how smarty is this bot!11:46
kaminixemilsedgh: I expected to see the window before crash anyway :p11:46
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghkaminix: well, here i even browsed the web with konqueror, but yeah, thats very unstable atm11:47
kaminixOkay. :)11:47
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Rudd-O
kaminixI don't have okular. :o11:47
Rudd-Ohelp guys!11:48
=== BudgetDedicated [n=BudgetDe@s5593c2e9.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #kubuntu
Rudd-Oplese help!11:48
emilsedghkaminix: should be in kde4graphics package11:48
Rudd-OI am having SERIOUS trouble booting ths system11:48
emilsedghRudd-O: ask!11:48
jussi01!ask | Rudd-O11:48
ubotuRudd-O: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)11:48
=== eleven_ [n=eleven@pool-71-114-162-197.trrhin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
Rudd-Omy root FS is on an LVM volume /dev/vg0/root, backed by two MD RAID 1 arrays11:48
Rudd-OI have rebuilt the initramfs and the initramfs succeeds at starting the MD arrays11:49
=== andreas25 [n=andreas@noname-] has joined #kubuntu
Rudd-Obut it never starts the LVM volumes!11:49
andreas25hello from greece11:49
cihan253I have a logitech G15 keyboard. it has buttons that makes volume + or - but I need to configure it what should I do ? I think I have to change a .conf file but dont know which file11:49
Rudd-Ohence, the root file system never appears, and its stuck there waiting for the root fs to appear11:49
Rudd-Ocihan253: look for the key shortcuts module in the kcontrol control center11:49
Rudd-Oso, what do I do_11:49
Rudd-OI should mention11:49
Rudd-OI am using gutsy beta11:49
=== markus__ [n=markus@217-162-226-15.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
Rudd-Ojust ugpraded11:49
andreas25im new in linux and i have install kubuntu 7.04  i have download mozilla firefox last version but i cant install it! how can install it???11:50
Rudd-Othe setup worked fine in feisty11:50
=== markus__ is now known as remotechief_311
kaminixWhat's nepomuk anyway?11:50
=== alejandro [n=alejandr@] has joined #kubuntu
Rudd-Oandreas25: use the firefox latest version from the Adept package manager instead11:50
emilsedghkaminix: a new technology for KDE4: Semantic Desktop11:50
Rudd-Oanyone with a little bit of experience in initramfs _11:50
jussi01!gutsy | Rudd-O11:50
ubotuRudd-O: Gutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due October 2007) | It is development software, as such unstable, support _only_ in #ubuntu+111:50
andreas25only from adept? if i want to install a software who adept dont have it?11:50
=== remotechief_311 [n=markus@217-162-226-15.dclient.hispeed.ch] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
kaminixemilsedgh: What's a Semantic Desktop?11:51
alejandrowhat is the problem in this line in the rc.local ifconfig eth0:1 it doesnt works11:51
emilsedghkaminix: at the current state, you could rate and comment and tag your files, AmaroK's Metainformation are not saved just-for-AmaroK, more will come...11:51
kaminixWell that sounds cool. :)11:52
=== merina [n=merina@host-212-146-55-45.kpylaajakaista.net] has joined #kubuntu
kaminixMaybe Microsoft will steal it for Vista+1 (A)11:52
emilsedghkaminix: the Idea is: you recieve an email, you save the attachment somewhere, after a while you could see that 'This file is sent by an attachment from Your_Friends_Name at DATE'11:52
emilsedghkaminix: i think everyone in this community should learn to do not care about microsoft :)11:53
=== jarkko [n=jarkko@cs181004151.pp.htv.fi] has joined #kubuntu
kaminixAnd where will this metainfo be saved? Will it still be there if I re-install?11:53
Rudd-O#ubuntu+1 is MUTE11:53
Rudd-Ocan someone help me here instead_11:54
=== grul [n=grul@c83-254-54-48.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
Rudd-OI know this is not a newb question, but I have run out of options11:54
andreas25can i run squid on kubuntu?11:54
emilsedghkaminix: dunno exaclty, but yeah there were some discussions about these things11:54
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude may determine how fast you are helped.  Not everyone is available all the time, likewise not every answer is available instantly. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines11:54
kaminixemilsedgh: Yeah. :p Just thought of how much MS stole from Linux when making Vista. :p Not that we're not doing the same, a lot of the KDE4 appearance is very Vista-like. :)11:54
Rudd-Ook, the web has given me an option11:54
emilsedghandreas25: youre free, you can do everything :P11:55
emilsedghkaminix: look, good ideas are good...i dont think its a bad thing to use others 'Good' ideas, or they use our good ideas11:55
andreas25its not very easy but i believe in a few days i dont want to go back in ms os11:55
=== cihan253 [n=chn@] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghandreas25: i think you should install squid easily from adept manager11:56
kaminixemilsedgh: Agreed. :) The prestige is in comming up with it first or not taking to long to put the good ideas to use. :)11:56
andreas25and i ask u : only from adept i can install progz? if i want to install a program who adept dont have it?11:57
alejandrowhat is the problem in this line in the rc.local11:57
alejandroifconfig eth0:1 it doesnt works11:57
emilsedghandreas25: you could 1)download .deb packages from outside repositories (if someone did) 2)add a new repository that includes that software 3)compile that from the source11:58
alejandroall oter commands11:58
=== duns_s_ [n=duns_s@mnhm-590c214a.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== automatic [n=automati@p54BD16D9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
andreas25ok thanks u emilsedgh :)11:59
kaminixHow do I log out from KDE4?12:00
=== misha [n=misha@] has joined #kubuntu
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #kubuntu
andreas25another one quenstion: i have english and greek languange on keyb layout how can i switch netween languanges ?12:01
=== kaminix starts kicker to log out
exitushmm kann hier auch wer deutsch :) ? mein english is nicht so gut12:01
pag!de | exitus12:02
ubotuexitus: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de12:02
emilsedgh!de | exitus12:02
emilsedghandreas25: click on the flag12:02
emilsedghandreas25: or define a shortcut key12:02
andreas25only with this one! i find this one  can i switch betw lang with a keyb shortcut shcu as alt+shift?12:03
=== kaminix [n=alex@90-227-187-59-no129.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghandreas25: you can12:03
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@] has joined #kubuntu
andreas25from where i can configure it?12:03
andreas25or what is the default keyb shortcut?12:04
emilsedghsystemSettings->Keyboard and Mouse->Keyboard Shortcuts12:04
emilsedghthe last item :)12:04
emilsedghandreas25: oh 1 thing12:05
emilsedghandreas25: KDE shortcuts cannot be alt+shift12:05
=== nicola [n=nicola@host-84-221-175-117.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghandreas25: but there is an special way for this one12:05
=== [nrx_] [n=martin@] has joined #kubuntu
andreas25i dont care if is this one i want only change lang from keyb12:06
=== [nrx_] is now known as [nrx]
emilsedghandreas25: go to systemSettings->Regiona and Language->Keyboard Layout->Xkb options, enable it and check ;Alt+shift' changes group12:06
=== nicolas_ [n=novice@nsg93-7-88-164-175-70.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
cihan253I am trying to add a script on amarok. I am using this way : tools + add script but it shows me a problem : libvisual is not installed . I got it and installed but the same problem again.12:08
=== kuil [n=roy@hengelo.factotum.nl] has left #kubuntu []
=== novice [n=novice@nsg93-7-88-164-175-70.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== vistakiller [n=spiros@ppp266-46.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
=== level1 [n=level1@] has joined #kubuntu
=== vinay__ [n=vinay@62-31-241-238.cable.ubr07.enfi.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
yeo_cihan253, i get that error when trying to look at more visualisations in the menu12:09
cihan253yeo_:  so ? do you know how to fix it?12:09
=== mike1o [n=silvio@host242-206-dynamic.2-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatoyeo_: you tried installing libvisual-0.4-plugins?12:11
mike1ohow do I use the mplayer engine for kaffeine?12:11
mike1oinstead of xine?12:11
=== blubb [n=foo@80-219-209-50.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatomike1o: Settings menu. you need to have mplayer installed of course... but if you do, you might want to just use kmplayer directly12:12
=== jurica_ [n=jurica@21-229.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatothe "funny" thing about kaffeine using the mplayer engine is that it really doesn't use it directly. it uses the embedded kmplayer that uses mplayer... so you have: Kaffeine -> Embedded KMPlayer -> MPlayer12:13
ardchoilleSounds like the long way around to me12:14
Jucatoit is :)12:14
=== novice [n=novice@nsg93-7-88-164-175-70.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
yeo_Jucato, ill check now12:14
=== novice [n=novice@nsg93-7-88-164-175-70.fbx.proxad.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
yeo_nope didnt have that installed12:15
Jucatotry instaling it (as the popup said when trying to run visualizations)12:15
=== triex [n=triex@host158-208-dynamic.0-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
yeo_ahh it worked :)12:16
mike1oJucato, actually I need to use kaffeine 'cause im watching dvb12:16
=== naught101 [n=naught10@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Jucato doesn't know what dvb is.. but thinks it *might* work on kmplayer if mplayer is needed anyway
yeo_Jucato, DVB is digital video broadcasting (digital tv)12:17
Jucatohm.. weird.. I can no longer see mplayers as a choice..12:18
=== claydoh_ [n=claydoh@66-252-51-3.dyn-adsl.midmaine.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== vistakille1 [n=spiros@ppp266-46.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
=== digitald [n=digitald@xdsl-81-173-190-128.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== matteo [n=matteo@host126-228-dynamic.5-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatoeither they removed (k)mplayer support from kaffeine.. or I'm missing something12:20
=== unit-84 [n=unit-84@pD9522357.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== naught102 [n=naught10@] has joined #kubuntu
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yeo_ive mounted my fat32 partitions but i can only access them as root. does anyone know what i put into the fstab to make them readable by me12:22
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions . For write access see !ntfs-3g or !fuse12:23
=== Mez_ [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #kubuntu
ardchoilleJucato: I see "Embedded MPlayer for KDE (kmplayer_part)" in the video section of the file associations.12:24
Jucatoardchoille: I meant in kaffeine...12:24
ardchoilleFor several of the file types in Feisty12:24
ardchoilleOh, ok12:24
Jucatobefore, (pre-gutsy?), you can select at least 2 player engines in Kaffeine -> Settings -> Player Engine12:25
JucatoXine and Embedded MPlayer for KDE (kmplayer). now it only shows Kaffeine-Xine12:25
ardchoilleJucato: I see both xine and mplayer in mine12:25
Jucatohence, "pre-gutsy"...12:26
ardchoilleGutsy only has xine?12:26
Jucatoover here, it does12:26
=== cmoman [n=cmoman@124-197-57-25.callplus.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
ardchoilleJucato: Do you happen to know if kaffeine can do closed captions? Or does it only support subtitles? Xine and mplayer support both subs and cc's.12:27
=== emonkey [n=emonkey@static-pro-212-101-27-121.adsl.solnet.ch] has joined #kubuntu
JucatoI don't know.. haven't had the need to watch a video with separate subs :)12:28
=== emilsedgh prefers kmplayer, Kaffeine Part is unstable, also kaffeine's usability sucks
=== Jucato likes kmplayer too.. except for the player buttons at the bottom...
Jucatobut they're ok12:29
=== VSpieky [n=johncc@carlyleclarke.plus.com] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghJucato: ah!12:29
Jucatodefinitely better than kplayer's12:29
emilsedghJucato: I asked about removing them in kde-apps, but didnt get any reply12:29
=== VSpieky is now known as VSpike
Jucatothey're actually very useful when viewing embedded videos12:30
JucatoI think that's where the rationale of having those kinds of buttons come from12:30
emilsedghJucato: they should be normal kde widgets12:30
=== server-minor [n=server-m@] has joined #kubuntu
yeo_Jucato, do y ou know how i would make the system read fstab without restarting?12:30
Jucatobut they would be too big for embedded viewing.12:30
Jucatoyeo_: just unmount and remount the specific drive12:31
Jucatospecific entry in fstab12:31
=== uga|away is now known as uga
=== Jucato kicks the gibbon in the groin
yeo_it only lets me mount as root tho12:31
emilsedghJucato: kaffeine has such toolbar, thats nice :) (in fullscreen mode)12:32
=== digitald is now known as chris|6S
=== jp_ [n=moi@AToulouse-257-1-198-64.w90-38.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatoemilsedgh: yeah but notice how much space it takes up?  imagine that in a small embedded video rectangle12:33
=== mateusz_ [n=mateusz@aces123.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatoso while I understand the reason for that ugly bar in kmplayer... it's still ugly :P12:34
=== mateusz_ [n=mateusz@aces123.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Jucatobut I use it nonetheless :D12:34
=== tue [n=tue@port351.ds1-ly.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghJucato: i think thats better than kmplayers, dont insist! :D12:35
=== eMaX [n=emax@] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatodifferent use cases :)12:36
tueHello all. I have a very basic question. I have a video file stored in MJPG (played by ffmpeg video decoder using mplayer), and i want to store it in plain please-fill-my-harddrive avi format. What program can i use for that?12:36
emilsedghtue: ffmpeg :)12:36
emilsedghtue: ffmpeg -i input.mpeg output.avi :)12:37
emilsedghi think this should work12:37
tueemilsedgh: cool. only its allready called input.mpeg :-)12:37
Jucato(why does gutsy have non-working vmware & vbox, just when I need them!)12:37
tueemilsedgh: its because i need to use the video file in matlab under linux, and it only supports plain avi.12:37
=== emilsedgh did know!
=== Bauldrick [n=matt@host86-144-205-134.range86-144.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
ugaJucato: I installed the binary virtual box, and worked like charm12:38
emilsedghJucato: because YOU need them ;)12:38
=== arvin2212 [n=arvin221@] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatouga: I know. but I'd prefer an official FOSS solution... but if I lose my mind later, I'll install the binary anyway..12:39
arvin2212hello guys12:39
=== jp_ [n=moi@AToulouse-257-1-198-64.w90-38.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212new kubuntu user here12:39
arvin2212transfered from ubuntu12:39
Jucato!hi | arvin221212:39
ubotuarvin2212: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!12:39
=== jp_ [n=moi@AToulouse-257-1-198-64.w90-38.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
arvin2212guys just wanted to ask12:40
arvin2212i;ve set up my connection12:40
arvin2212using an usb adsl modem12:40
arvin2212all seems good12:40
ugaJucato: there's only two reasons to run vbox/vmware mostly. 64 bit or USB access, since neither are done by wine. And vbox foss won't do USB afaik?12:40
Jucatouga: and I hope the feisty binary works on gutsy...12:40
arvin2212but only prob......i cant browse any websites? it says page not found12:40
arvin2212but  i can run and download updates wit adept wit no prob12:40
=== NetersLandreau_ [n=niles@166.sub-75-203-185.myvzw.com] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatouga: I have other reasons to use vbox right now. and from the configuration box earlier (virtualbox-ose) I saw some USB options.12:41
emilsedgharvin2212: hm, youre using konqueror?12:41
=== n0va [n=n0va@cpc1-cani1-0-0-cust12.renf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212yes emilsedgh*12:41
Jucatouga: ok my bad, no USB12:41
ugaheh, I knew ;)12:41
=== Jucato installs the binary...
Jucatoer.. download first  of course12:41
=== Jucato was about to try qemu already
arvin2212An error occurred while loading http://www,yahoo.com:12:42
arvin2212Could not connect to host http://www,yahoo.com/.12:42
arvin2212i get that error on knoqueror12:42
ugaJucato: I only used vmware/vbox so far because wine didn't support devices other than usbfs mount12:42
emilsedgharvin2212: i think i did have this problem once, i dunno how thats fixed, maybe i quit the konqueror or restarted X, did you try them?12:42
ugawell, and now trying to setup a proper wine to run on this new 64bit box12:42
Jucatouga: I need it to run other distros/os for testing/playing/writing12:42
arvin2212i'll try to restart it as soon as i finish downloading the updates12:42
=== Jucato islucky not to have 64bit yet
arvin2212anyways emilsedgh thanks for giving me a possible solution12:43
ugaJucato: 64bit works fine. All proprietary apps I used work just fine out of the box12:43
=== duns_s_ is now known as duns_s
ugaJucato: all, except wine =)12:43
emilsedgharvin2212: please tell me if that works, may happend to others ;)12:43
arvin2212ok i will12:43
arvin2212gonna have my bath now so i'll post any updates later12:44
=== Jucato now thinks of qemu+kqemu
emilsedghJucato: did you try gnash on gutsy? it really sucks on feisty...and i dont like to have nonfree :(12:45
emilsedgharvin2212: thanks :)12:45
Jucatoemilsedgh: nope. I have flash. one of the few non-free stuff I'm willing to have :)12:45
=== Jucato goes for dinner first...
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tarekwanted to know how to install my nvidia graphic card01:06
=== easytiger [n=gerry@host81-152-63-80.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== rstanca [n=radu@unaffiliated/rstanca] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212wants to know how to install my ATi x550 saphire graphic card01:07
SlimeyPetetarek: install nvidia-glx or nvidia-glx-legacy01:07
=== inter is now known as interfere
SlimeyPetetarek: or else install he restricted manager and use that01:07
tarekwith apt-get install?01:07
arvin2212wants to know how to install my ATi x550 saphire graphic card01:07
SlimeyPeteyeah. You'll need to add the universe/multiverse repos first though.01:08
=== _kamy_ [n=elena@155.Red-83-53-243.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
SlimeyPetetarek: restricted manager is the easiest way,btw, if you can currently get into X01:08
rstancahey guys, what's the sip client for kde, the equivalent for ekiga?01:08
=== blakey [n=blakey@87-194-8-153.bethere.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== ABOMINIUS return = $back
=== ABOMINIUS is now known as abominius
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blakeyHey, is anyone around?01:10
=== fff [n=fff@pool-72-78-28-79.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedgh!hi | blakey01:10
ubotublakey: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!01:10
=== lupin_ [n=lupin@host253-66-dynamic.9-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== arvin2212 is now known as arvin2212_
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:10
arvin2212_emilsedgh, u have any idea for me to install my ati driver?01:11
arvin2212_planning to run compiz or beryl01:11
emilsedgharvin2212_: feisty?01:11
arvin2212_im not sure if my kubuntu is feisty..01:11
arvin2212_cause i downloaded it using wubi01:12
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tarekwhere do i get to change the multiverse stuff i only use apt-get install01:12
blakeyrighto, im after some help, i've just reinstalled kubuntu (due to me breaking X), and all the things in add remove programs are greyed out, and, apt-get no worky, tried looking around google, but couldnt find anything...01:12
=== jakub__ [n=jakub@ravys2.infos.cz] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedgharvin2212_: i suggest you to run Gutsy, its Beta, but stable, you could do that easily in gutsy01:12
=== soon [n=soon@0x503eae25.odnxx2.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #kubuntu
=== Arsenio__Lupin [n=lupin@host253-66-dynamic.9-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212_hmm...allriight .. will try that once my updates are done installing..01:12
emilsedghblakey: whats the problem with apt-get?01:12
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@adsl-84-227-158-39.adslplus.ch] has joined #kubuntu
=== exitus [n=exitus@] has joined #kubuntu
pagblakey, does " sudo apt-get update " give any errors?01:13
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ingeling [n=ingeling@dslc-082-082-128-098.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== abominius away
=== abominius is now known as Abominius
blakeypag, nope, just says 0 updated etc01:13
=== denis__ [n=denis@cable-195-14-196-190.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
blakeyemilsedgh: it just says that whatever package is obsolete or non existant01:14
emilsedghblakey: could you please copy the output?01:14
=== DevideZero [i=DivideZe@] has joined #kubuntu
denis__i have installed kubuntu first yesterday01:15
denis__now my monitorresolusion is 800* 60001:15
denis__how can i change it to 1024*765 ?01:15
blakeyemilsedgh: want a pm of the output? or should i just paste here?01:15
pag!fixres | denis__01:16
ubotudenis__: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type  sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:16
pag!pastebin | blakey01:16
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)01:16
emilsedgh!paste | blakey01:16
ubotublakey: please see above01:16
=== DevideZero [i=DivideZe@] has joined #kubuntu
tarekhow can i add multiverse?01:16
blakeyahh yes, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/39133/01:16
pag!multiverse | tarek01:17
ubotutarek: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu01:17
=== luk_ [n=luk@] has joined #kubuntu
ardchoilleFirefox is in main isn't it?01:18
pagblakey, could you try: " sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox "01:18
pagardchoille, iirc yes01:18
denis__bash: sudo/etc/init.d/?dmrestart: No such file or directory01:18
blakeytried apt-get update, it doesnt update anything01:18
pagblakey, update isn't the same as upgrade..01:18
blakeyoops, sorry, misread it01:18
ardchoilledenis__: you have to restart the specific dm you have. Are you using kde or gdm?01:18
=== mindspin [n=mindspin@unaffiliated/mindspin] has joined #kubuntu
blakeylooks like update is doing lots of stuff01:19
ardchoilledenis__: sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart01:19
ardchoilleMind the spaces01:19
denis__it's the first time i have installed a linux distribution01:19
blakeyworks now :)01:19
blakeyty pag, emilsedgh01:19
pagblakey, np :)01:20
emilsedghblakey: np, too01:20
=== edulix_ [n=edulix@210.Red-83-32-175.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== [IT] 4ngelus [n=4ngelus@85-18-14-47.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
blakeyrighto, im off out, ttyl01:21
=== denis__ [n=denis@cable-81-173-135-208.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== Denis89 [n=denis@dial-194-8-205-128.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
Denis89i copied it to the terminal01:29
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@r6az240.net.upc.cz] has joined #kubuntu
Denis89and than i had a black screen with a white line on top01:29
Denis89and now i can't change the resolution :(01:29
=== CarlosOSL [n=carlos@200.Red-83-44-55.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
CarlosOSLHi :)01:31
=== emilsedgh [n=emilsedg@] has joined #kubuntu
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Denis89could anyone help me??01:32
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:32
waylandbillDenis89: the resolution is set in /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:32
=== harmental [n=ricardo@AGrenoble-152-1-58-147.w82-122.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Kachna
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type  sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:32
Denis89Permission denied01:33
=== holycow [n=start@S01060016b6b53675.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.01:33
arvin2212_anyone have any idea for me to install compiz or beryl for kubuntu?01:33
=== Raumkraut [n=Raumkrau@cust227-dsl44.idnet.net] has joined #kubuntu
pag!beryl | arvin2212_01:34
ubotuarvin2212_: beryl is a window manager that takes advantage of an OpenGL accelerated X environment. Help in #ubuntu-effects01:34
=== luk_ [n=luk@] has joined #kubuntu
=== luk_ [n=luk@] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212_thanks pag and ubotu01:35
=== JohnFlux [n=JohnFlux@konversation/developer/JohnFlux] has joined #kubuntu
=== deviance [n=tim@cpc3-sout6-0-0-cust551.sotn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #Kubuntu
=== Authority [n=whardin@chewy2.dalsemi.com] has joined #kubuntu
ardchoille!thanks | arvin2212_01:36
ubotuarvin2212_: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)01:36
arvin2212_does an ati X550 saphire graphic card support accelerated openGL?01:36
=== Indice [n=indice@spynet.sm.chereda.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== deviance is now known as deviance|away
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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about resolutions - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:37
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type  sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:37
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Denis89how can i join irc servers which are not signed as secured01:40
Denis89i can't join a server which i could join @ windows01:40
deviance|awayMy speakers were working fine untill i tried to play some video at the same time as amarok was playing, now the sound has gone really weak01:40
deviance|awayany odeas01:41
pagdeviance|away, check in kmix, that all the mixers are at maximum01:41
=== charlie [n=charlie@c80-216-142-69.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
pagdeviance|away, well, maybe not all, but at least Master and PCM01:42
deviance|awayAha, that seemed to work01:42
Denis89how can i install programms?01:42
deviance|awaySo playing the video must have turned it down01:42
deviance|awayDenis89: Adpet?01:42
deviance|awayThanks pag01:42
Denis89when i search firefox with adept01:42
pagDenis89, np :)01:43
Denis89it shows me firefox01:43
Denis89but i can't choose it and install it01:43
deviance|awayCLick the down arrow01:43
deviance|awayor right click01:43
deviance|awayand there should be an install optiomn01:43
pagDenis89, open konsole, and type " sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox "01:43
=== dennis__ [n=dennis@e176084181.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== Kachna [n=kachna@r6az240.net.upc.cz] has joined #kubuntu
Denis89but i won't type it everytime when i want to install a program^01:44
=== jurica__ [n=jurica@5-106.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #kubuntu
Denis89when i try it whith adept01:45
pagDenis89, installations usually work through Adept too, but personally I dislike that prog.01:45
Denis89it's gray01:45
Denis89and i can't rightclick it01:45
=== NastX [n=ubuntu@p57BC6531.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
deviance|awayIt could be a locked database01:45
pagDenis89, probably because your sources aren't updatet yet - that command should fix it01:45
=== bobesponja [n=pat@bas75-1-82-235-231-205.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Hobbestigrou [n=charlie@c80-216-142-69.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
Denis89how can i update it?01:45
deviance|awayFirst button on the tool bar01:45
Denis89i have downloaded the system yesterday01:46
deviance|awayFetch update01:46
Denis89so i thought it's the latest version^01:46
pagdeviance|away, " sudo apt-get update " or the one deviance|away tells yo :)01:46
=== Flegma [n=Michalek@devil.spacecom.cz] has joined #kubuntu
=== Fl3gma [n=Michalek@devil.spacecom.cz] has joined #kubuntu
deviance|awaypags way is easier unless you hate non-gui01:46
Denis89tool bar?01:46
Denis89which tool bar?01:47
=== Pensacola [n=Pensacol@] has joined #kubuntu
Denis89i have kde01:47
=== exitus_ [n=exitus@] has joined #kubuntu
pagDenis89, you're running Adept Manager, right?01:47
Denis89Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?01:48
deviance|awayYou cant run command line while adept is running01:48
Denis89oh xD01:48
deviance|awayWow, amarok just quit, no warning, no error dialogue, nothing.01:48
deviance|awayIs amarok 2 beta/alpha avalible?01:49
=== ardchoille [n=ardchoil@unaffiliated/ardchoille] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillDenis89: the release CD isn't made everyday, so it can be out of date.01:49
triexonly for kde 4, i think01:49
=== darlok [n=elyon@c-71-205-67-153.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== toast_ [n=toast@e176162253.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== toast_ is now known as Smittie
deviance|awayAh okay01:50
=== rstanca [n=radu@unaffiliated/rstanca] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== Pupeno [n=Pupeno@cl-241.dub-01.ie.sixxs.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== HanzZ [n=HanzZ@] has joined #kubuntu
Denis89how can i join an unsecured irc server?01:53
HanzZhi... how can i get current position in stream?01:53
HanzZcurrent time01:53
HanzZoh :) maybe xine_get_pos_length is what i need :)01:54
deviance|awaygxine is a good media player for web steams01:54
waylandbillDenis89: with an irc client?01:55
=== jbruckman__ [n=jbruckma@st074039212101.monm.edu] has joined #kubuntu
HanzZsorry :D omg :) it's bad channel :)01:55
=== HanzZ is going to kill himself
=== MrBean [n=MrBeano@77-98-203-155.cable.ubr05.jarr.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
Denis89whith the first installed irc client on kubuntu^^01:56
Denis89when i try to join an irc server01:56
Denis89there comes a message01:56
Denis89unable to join because server isn't secured01:56
Denis89or something like  that in german01:56
=== Pupeno- [n=Pupeno@cl-241.dub-01.ie.sixxs.net] has joined #kubuntu
ugaDenis89: that's possibly client dependant. And... do you know "." and "," exist to join sentences?01:57
=== feierfox [n=feierfox@dslb-088-073-153-034.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
feierfoxwhich CD-Ripper do you recomment in kubuntu?01:57
waylandbillDenis89: did you maybe try to give a password when one wasn't required? Is the client you are using Konqueror?01:57
Denis89yes i use konqueror.01:58
ugawaylandbill: konqueror for irc???01:58
Denis89no not konqueror for irc01:58
Denis89for internet.01:58
Denis89to click the link of the irc channel.01:58
feierfoxKAudiocreator? K3b?01:58
ugafeierfox: what do you want to do. rip music?01:59
waylandbillI meant Konversation.01:59
ugawaylandbill: good morning ;))01:59
feierfoxin the best way01:59
=== grul [n=grul@c83-254-54-48.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillDenis89: Konversation, sorry.01:59
feierfoxusing LAME command line01:59
waylandbilluga: morning.01:59
=== chn [n=chn@] has joined #kubuntu
feierfoxand it should be safe01:59
Denis89yes i use konversation.01:59
=== chn is now known as cihan253
feierfoxEAC doenst work in my wine :(02:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #kubuntu
ugafeierfox: heh, want one nice trick? just go to media:/ in konqueror, and enter into the audio CD02:00
waylandbillDenis89: what server are you trying to connect to?02:00
ugafeierfox: you'll see some virtual folders showing oggs, mp3...02:00
ugajust copy and paste to the folder you want them02:00
feierfoxi don't want it easy, i'm looking for the best way02:01
feierfoxneed quality02:01
=== oslo [n=oslo@alf94-5-82-225-102-119.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
cihan253hello I cant use my tv card with kubuntu can u help me?02:01
ugafeierfox: kaudiocreator is the name, iirc02:01
waylandbillassuming the backend programs are available to do the ripping.02:01
ugait's a lame frontend02:01
ugaand oggenc and... you know02:01
=== plukin [n=plukin@dslb-084-057-004-129.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
ugafeierfox: yes, that's the one. Kaudiocreator02:02
ugayou have soundKonverter too, but I don't know how well it performs for ripping02:02
uganever used it02:02
=== ps [n=ps@d220-236-52-80.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillDenis89: I just did Quick Connect and entered 'flp-irc.bit-torrent.to' as the server and got right in.02:03
=== JimmyDee [n=jmdwyer@97-86-161-253.static.stls.mo.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
ugaI don't see quality configuration options in soundkonverter... not good02:03
Denis89i can't . :(02:03
waylandbillDenis89: File, Quick Connect.02:03
=== otzku [n=otzku@cs181089053.pp.htv.fi] has joined #kubuntu
Denis89aah thx. xD02:04
Denis89now it works02:04
waylandbillDenis89: and I didn't select to use ssl.02:04
JimmyDeeguten abend mein herrs02:04
RivaeAeryaGuys, i'm looking for a colorscheme that is easier on the eyes than black, but still compatible with white.02:04
Denis89it works thx waylandbill02:04
ugafeierfox: soundkonverter allows for quality selection, but I can't see customiseable options for lame especifically... etc.02:04
JimmyDeewhite looks nice on fuchia02:04
JimmyDeeor tope02:05
waylandbillRivaeAerya: high contrast white. white is pretty compatible with white. ;-)02:05
feierfoxkaudiocreator contains wrong lame settings02:05
JimmyDeeunless its white on white, then its bad woogies02:05
waylandbillfeierfox: why not use lame directly in a terminal?02:05
RivaeAeryawaylandbill: well.. no, it burns my eyes02:05
feierfoxbecause, first i have to rip the CD02:06
JimmyDeetry white on cyan rivae02:06
RivaeAeryaJimmyDee: how to set that?02:06
=== jurica_ [n=jurica@18-53.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #kubuntu
=== achilles [n=achilles@] has joined #Kubuntu
waylandbilllower the contrast on the monitor then :)   I agree though... white is too bright.02:06
achilleshey there guys02:06
=== emilsedgh [n=emilsedg@] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeeok lets get back where I came in, what app are we messin with colours in?02:06
achillesI need a little help, can anyone tell me where to get a MAC style application launcher panel for Kubuntu02:06
RivaeAeryaJimmyDee: KDE in general02:07
RivaeAeryaJimmyDee: so, the whole desktop. All the apps02:07
=== ps [n=ps@d220-236-52-80.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
achilleswhihc animate as well, lik bounce and bloat when moved over by mouse02:07
JimmyDeethemes then02:07
=== r83 [n=r83@d80-170-65-68.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #kubuntu
RivaeAeryaJimmyDee: The "color schemes" part02:07
JimmyDeeok uno momento02:08
achillesanybody which knows about the application02:08
JimmyDeeon a gnome box, go figure...gimme a min02:08
RivaeAeryaJimmyDee: ok02:08
=== triplex [n=triplex@kons-590e64ee.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeebooting my kubuntu box02:09
RivaeAeryaJimmyDee: k :)02:09
=== kalle [n=kalle@0x5552e14f.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu
achillesRivaeAerya: you have any idea baout02:10
achillesmac style application launcher for Kubuntu02:10
RivaeAeryaachilles: baghira launcher02:10
JimmyDeelike a whats up dock?02:10
RivaeAeryaachilles: oh, ksmoothdock02:10
=== alphaville [n=andrew@host72-103-dynamic.116-80-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== friedchips [n=KVIrc@31-102-148-91.adsl.beotel.net] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghachilles: katapult02:10
emilsedghachilles: oh, you want Dock!02:11
=== mealstromus [n=mealstro@] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghachilles: install kooldock or ksmoothdock02:11
achillesi mean it will sit like a panel and animates when you move your mouse and its not the dock bar it should be application lancher02:11
=== bentob0x [n=laurent@ip-213-49-73-152.dsl.scarlet.be] has joined #kubuntu
achillesno not dock launcher02:11
=== NovaAesa [n=ps@d220-236-52-80.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== triplex [n=triplex@kons-590e64ee.pool.einsundeins.de] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== mich [n=michael@wrzb-590ce6f4.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeekooldock is nice02:12
kalleSoes Suspend or Hibernate equal the -h (halt) when you shutdown02:12
waylandbillachilles: like kicker you mean?02:12
JimmyDeemy kubuntu box refuses to boot02:12
achillescheck this its for karamba02:12
=== mich [n=michael@wrzb-590ce6f4.pool.einsundeins.de] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
achillesoops sorry02:13
achilleswrong link02:13
waylandbillkalle: no. halt doesn't power the system down IIRC.02:13
JimmyDeeaye karamba02:13
ardchoilleachilles: You might like kxdocker. But don't use the one in the repos, it's broken.02:13
=== emilsedgh [n=emilsedg@] has joined #kubuntu
achillesyeah i want achive something like this, instead of having a quick launch, you'll have this panel and whihc animates when you move you mouse over it and launches the application02:14
ardchoilleachilles:  http://baghira.sourceforge.net/OS_Clone-en.php#step802:14
kalleBecause when i use shutdown -h now I can use Wake On Lan.. But do i use the Power Off in kubuntu i can't02:14
kallewaylandbill: ^02:14
=== alexlinux [n=alexlinu@213-140-16-184.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
achilleslemme see ardchoille , guys i gues you people got my point what i want02:15
achillesi dont wnat a dock whihc shows my current open windows and applications, rather a launcher02:15
=== tobias [n=tobias@p54A1D504.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== fraco [n=fraco@] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillkalle: that's controlled by the bios, not the operating system.02:16
=== Cugel [n=casper@113-175.surfsnel.dsl.internl.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== uga [n=uga@58.Red-81-36-53.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== kuyky [n=kuyky@] has joined #kubuntu
=== NovaAesa [n=ps@d220-236-52-80.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
kallewaylandbill: I know.. but if i open my console now and type shutdown -h i will be able to use WOL... But if i click the Logout > Power Off I can't... So theres a difference between those too :)02:17
otzkuI installed the windows version of firefox with wine so i could watch flash on my 64bit box but how do i run firefox now?02:18
feierfoxKAudioCreator works fine02:18
=== uga [n=uga@unaffiliated/uga] has joined #kubuntu
=== fideas [n=fideas@] has joined #kubuntu
=== lmponte [n=lmponte@] has joined #kubuntu
achillesthanx ardchoille thats what i wanted02:19
waylandbillkalle: I don't know. Don't use WOL. I just leave the system on all the time.02:20
=== secleinteer [n=scl@] has joined #kubuntu
ardchoilleachilles: I'd post a screenshot but imageshack.us isn't working atm.02:20
=== arvin2212 [n=arvin221@] has joined #kubuntu
ugaardchoille: the site is up, at least here02:21
arvin2212what is the room or channel for installing effects to kubuntu02:21
ardchoilleuga: Yeah, it's up, but it gives errors when you try to post a pic02:21
=== redo86 [n=redo86@host160-64-dynamic.51-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== jorge__ [n=jorge@] has joined #kubuntu
ugaardchoille: heh, I tried uploading an icon. Now it says unknown host. Dns issues, it seems02:24
ardchoilleuga: Ah, yeah02:24
=== jurica__ [n=jurica@21-223.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #kubuntu
=== hansen [n=hansen@hrhansen.dk] has joined #kubuntu
=== tekstacy [n=tekstacy@c-68-82-252-153.hsd1.de.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== slim [n=slim@ANice-251-1-27-124.w86-202.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== Fradeve87 [n=fradeve@host194-77-dynamic.182-80-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== fulat2k [n=fulat2k@] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212any1 here haveany experience installing compiz?02:29
=== emilsedgh [n=emilsedg@] has joined #kubuntu
ardchoillearvin2212: If you're just wanting drop shadows, fade ins/outs, and translucency, you can get those without compiz/beryl.02:29
arvin2212i want those cubelike effects02:30
arvin2212i've installed compiz02:30
arvin2212and have the manager at my system02:30
arvin2212but nothing is working02:30
arvin2212it worked before when i was in ubuntu02:30
ugaarvin2212: are you running ccsm?02:31
=== hsystem-x [n=hsystem-@] has joined #kubuntu
ugaor something else02:31
=== ubuntu__ [n=ubuntu@229.Red-88-27-162.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
ugaarvin2212: "desktop cube" and "rotate cube" enabled?02:31
arvin2212but no effects yet02:32
=== alphaville [n=andrew@] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeedid you do compiz -- replace?02:32
=== gerry_ [n=gerry@host86-150-251-179.range86-150.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212yes sir02:33
=== Pupeno- [n=Pupeno@dsl-37-170.dsl.netsource.ie] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212only thing is i've not enable the desktop effects02:34
arvin2212then again, i dont know where to find it02:34
JimmyDeecompiz -- replace should enable the effects02:34
JimmyDeeunless theres an error, have you tried compiz --replace in console and see what it says?02:34
arvin2212Checking for Xgl: not present.02:35
arvin2212Detected PCI ID for VGA: 01:00.0 0300: 1002:5b63 (prog-if 00 [VGA] )02:36
arvin2212Checking for texture_from_pixmap: not present.02:36
arvin2212Trying again with indirect rendering:02:36
arvin2212Checking for texture_from_pixmap: not present.02:36
arvin2212aborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity02:36
arvin2212no /usr/bin/metacity found, exiting02:36
=== andre_ [n=andre@] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212this is what it says02:36
=== stuq [n=stuq@user-160uamh.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)02:36
JimmyDeeah, are you using an ATI card?02:36
=== patrizio [n=patrizio@] has joined #kubuntu
andre_Anyone speak Spanish??????????????????02:36
=== Iradigalesc [n=Iradigal@wikipedia/Iradigalesc] has joined #kubuntu
ugaandre_: en #kubuntu-es02:36
andre_thanks uga02:37
andre_thanks jimmy02:37
JimmyDeearvin are you on an ati card?02:37
arvin2212im using ati jimmy02:37
JimmyDeehave you installed xserver-xgl?02:37
arvin2212actually i've downloaded some driver from the adept manager02:38
JimmyDeeand created a new session?02:38
=== Arsenio__Lupin [n=lupin@host253-66-dynamic.9-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212but i dont think i've intalled xserver-xgl02:38
=== Neutrinux [n=Neutrinu@228.229.102-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212do u think i should restart my computer?02:38
JimmyDeetry in console sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl02:38
arvin2212its installing02:39
arvin2212Setting up xserver-xgl (7.2.0.git.20070224-0ubuntu3) ...02:40
arvin2212it says that02:40
arvin2212i think its done?02:40
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)02:40
JimmyDeedo this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51116602:40
arvin2212Setting up xserver-xgl (7.2.0.git.20070224-0ubuntu3) ...02:40
=== carlos [n=carlos@eu85-85-102-48.clientes.euskaltel.es] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeethat made my windows wobbly, it too shall yours02:41
arvin2212i hope02:41
=== carlos is now known as carlos_
arvin2212thanks jimmydee02:41
JimmyDeequite welcome02:41
arvin2212will post some feedbacks02:41
=== carlos_ is now known as carlos__
=== slim is now known as sakura
=== anthronaut_ [n=anthrona@217-173-228-67.cmts.powersurf.li] has joined #kubuntu
=== OnofrioDelGrillo [n=Marchese@host70-58-dynamic.10-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212First step is getting Ati-fglrx drivers set up. To do this use the Restricted Driver Manager.02:42
arvin2212System >> Administration >> Restricted Drivers Manager02:42
arvin2212hmm how do i do that in kubuntu?02:42
andre_Anyone know how do use ndiswrapper... sorry my english is bad02:42
JimmyDeesee theres the rub, I used gnome02:43
arvin2212i see02:43
andre_gnome what is that02:43
JimmyDeethe other white meat andre02:43
cihan253hello can anyone help me about my tv card?02:44
JimmyDeewhat problem with the tv card?"02:44
=== llp78 [n=don@cpc2-char2-0-0-cust11.sotn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeemultitasking, still with you arvin, working on a fix02:44
cihan253I cant use it on kubuntu02:44
llp78is there any way to hide your taskbar icons as youcan in xp?02:44
waylandbillandre_: install it and use it to install a windows driver. The community docs on help.ubuntu.com in the networking section tells how to use it.02:45
cihan253JimmyDee: I installed kdetv but cant see anything02:45
JimmyDeeand you have good signal to the card?02:45
ugaandre_: hace mucho que no lo he utilizado, pero los tutoriales suelen ser muy buenos para estas cosas. Solamente ignora las partes referentes al kernel, e instalar paquetes: http://gentoo-wiki.com/HARDWARE_wmp54gs02:45
=== alphaville [n=andrew@host72-103-dynamic.116-80-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212alright jimmydee02:46
=== anthronaut_ [n=anthrona@217-173-228-67.cmts.powersurf.li] has joined #kubuntu
cihan253I can use it on windows JimmyDee but I dont want to use windows anymore02:46
ugawaylandbill: heh, I love gentoo tuts for this sort of stuff ;)02:46
JimmyDeejoin the club cihan02:46
andre_gracias UGA02:46
=== visik7 [n=dksakd@unaffiliated/visik7] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeeI use my hauppage bt870 with mythtv, but kdetv was always hinky02:47
cihan253JimmyDee:  in kde info I can find : Multimedia controller : Philips semiconductors SAA7134/SAA7135HL video broadcast decoder ( rev 01 )02:47
=== anthronaut_ is now known as anthronaut
ugaandre_: segn waylandbill existen tutoriales especficos para ubuntu. Un segundo...02:47
=== brewmaster [n=jamaur@dsl-134-162.aei.ca] has joined #kubuntu
ugaandre_: there https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper02:48
=== d0zer [n=d0zer@ip3-246.vejen-net.dk] has joined #kubuntu
cihan253JimmyDee:  you mean install MythTV Frontend ?02:49
brewmasteranybody know what to do if you get a "could not verify the integrity of the upgrader application" error when trying to upgrade to gutsy gibbon?02:49
JimmyDeeand the backend02:49
=== hsystem-x [n=hsystem-@] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeeits kinda cool, lets you record etc, like a giant tivo02:50
=== emonkey [n=emonkey@static-pro-212-101-27-121.adsl.solnet.ch] has joined #kubuntu
d0zerhave anyone had trouble installing nvidia drivers? i can compile the driverpackage and it seems to install.. but when i restart kdm it's like it wont accept the new compiled kernel module.. am i doing something wrong ??02:50
=== _Oz__ [n=Gonkster@] has joined #kubuntu
=== _Oz__ [n=Gonkster@] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
JimmyDeearvin I'm not finding any help without using the restricted driver manager, which is not in the repos for kde till 7.1002:50
brewmasterI just tried again and now it's working :P02:50
=== _Oz__ [n=Gonkster@] has joined #kubuntu
=== _Oz__ [n=Gonkster@] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== DjDarkman [n=djdarkma@cl-86-125-151-152.cablelink.mures.rdsnet.ro] has joined #kubuntu
=== King_anarky [n=anarky@123-2-109-184.static.dsl.dodo.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
cihan253JimmyDee:  do you know any .deb pocket to use ?02:51
arvin2212so what u mean jimmy is kubuntu doesnt have the restricted driver manager?02:52
arvin2212.deb pocket? no idea.. :D02:52
andre_Gracias Uga voy a revisar esta documentacion...muchas gracias02:52
JimmyDeetype jim02:52
arvin2212nope jimmy02:52
andre_Uga : si llego a solucionar mi problema te lo agradecere mucho :)02:52
ubotuqemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo02:52
JimmyDeeyou go Uga!02:52
arvin2212type jim package?02:52
waylandbillarvin2212: restricted-manager is available.02:52
=== tsdgeos [n=tsdgeos@162.Red-88-5-210.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
cihan253grr ok packet :p02:52
=== luk_ [n=luk@] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeeno no arvin, that was me telling me to type02:52
waylandbill!info restricted-manager02:52
arvin2212waylandbill where do i get it02:52
arvin2212ahh..haha..i see02:52
uboturestricted-manager: manage non-free hardware drivers. In component main, is optional. Version 0.20 (feisty), package size 32 kB, installed size 300 kB02:52
=== bobesponja [n=bobespon@bas75-1-82-235-231-205.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeeits early here and its been a long night02:53
arvin2212ahh i see02:53
King_anarkyevening peeps02:53
JimmyDeerestricted-manager is gnome stuff02:53
waylandbillarvin2212: it will probably require some gnome libs to be installed.02:53
arvin2212im pretty new to kubuntu02:53
JimmyDeeit doesnt even show up waylandbill02:53
Jucato!info restricted-manager-kde gutsy02:53
uboturestricted-manager-kde: manage non-free hardware drivers - KDE frontend. In component restricted, is optional. Version 0.31 (gutsy), package size 63 kB, installed size 288 kB02:54
King_anarkyess soundchip not found in feisty?02:54
=== Jucato hugs gutsy
waylandbillJucato: I'm preparing to jump to gusty today.02:54
=== longman_ [n=longman@apn-100-132.gprsbal.plusgsm.pl] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212i tried searching for restricted driver manager in adept02:54
Jucatowaylandbill: [caps]  good luck [caps] 02:54
arvin2212and there is one02:54
arvin2212should i install it?02:54
JimmyDeegutsy doesnt play well with my webcam02:54
JimmyDeesure arvin, give er a whirl02:55
JimmyDeecant hurt anything02:55
arvin2212i hope02:55
=== eleven_ [n=eleven@pool-71-114-162-197.trrhin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillJucato: thanks. lol02:55
King_anarkyQU: ess soundchip not found in feisty?02:55
=== longman_ [n=longman@apn-100-132.gprsbal.plusgsm.pl] has joined #kubuntu
King_anarkysorry ess68802:56
arvin2212be right back guys02:56
JimmyDeethe 18xx series had an issue a while back02:56
King_anarkyforgive me im a switcher from xp :D02:57
JimmyDeewe're all switchers of a sort king02:57
King_anarkyeverything else works neato but the soundcard/chip hasnt been found02:57
JimmyDeeonboard or card?02:57
=== PolitikerNEU [n=robert@] has joined #kubuntu
King_anarkyISA card, in only ISA slot :|02:58
JimmyDeeummm....may I suggest a creative labs soundcard?02:58
JimmyDeethats it02:58
King_anarkyold i know but all ive got02:58
waylandbillKing_anarky: the only thing we need to forgive is that you didn't switch sooner. ;-)02:58
JimmyDeenever made anything isa work with ubuntu myself02:58
King_anarkyive been trying but every other install botched up02:58
King_anarkyso far this has been a success02:58
King_anarkyit worked on dapper drake :D02:59
King_anarkyjust not here now02:59
andre_Uga : yo tengo un usb Tew-424usb no lo puedo confugurar02:59
waylandbillisa. ick. I don't think you can go into the store and buy anything older than pci these days.02:59
ugaandre_: ni idea, ya lo siento02:59
JimmyDeespend 30 bux buy audigy pci03:00
King_anarkyonly 2nd hand stuff from the junk box03:00
andre_ok gracias de todos modos03:00
=== arvin2212 [n=arvin221@] has joined #kubuntu
King_anarkyfind 30 bucks :D03:00
=== emilsedgh_ [n=emilsedg@] has joined #kubuntu
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #kubuntu
ugaandre_: you could try #ndiswrapper03:00
arvin2212hey guys03:00
=== cntb [n=user@89-139-55-118.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeework good, last long time03:00
King_anarkyim trying to get by on what i have this is only a server but sounds would be nice03:00
andre_eso estyo haciendo03:00
=== anthronaut_ [n=anthrona@217-173-228-67.cmts.powersurf.li] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212i've followed the compiz tutorial in this page http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51116603:00
arvin2212when i try to run the compi03:00
arvin2212in terminal i get this error03:00
arvin2212arvin2212@ubuntu:~$ compiz --replace03:00
arvin2212Fatal: Failed test: texture_from_pixmap support03:00
arvin2212Checks indicate that it's impossible to start compiz on your system.03:00
waylandbillKing_anarky: would you need sound on a server? I'd imagine you could get by without it just fine as well.03:01
JimmyDeethat would indicate that the fglrx driver is not running03:01
King_anarkytrue, but its handy03:01
waylandbillarvin2212: old video card?03:01
arvin2212dont think so03:01
arvin2212it was working in ubuntu03:01
JimmyDeeam I correct here guys its sudo apt-get install xserver-driver-fglrx03:01
arvin2212btw im using ATI X550 saphire..03:02
=== andy_ [n=andy@host217-43-193-130.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
tobiasJimmyDee: yes03:02
waylandbillarvin2212: glxinfo | grep direct03:02
King_anarkyyes jimmy03:02
waylandbillarvin2212: what does that output03:02
arvin2212direct rendering: No03:02
JimmyDeeno fglrx yet03:02
arvin2212aww..in ubuntu it said yes03:02
King_anarkyinstallation text03:02
=== Lunar_Lamp [n=Lunar_La@78-86-133-192.zone2.bethere.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212so what do  i have to do?03:03
JimmyDeewait, x550?03:03
waylandbillarvin2212: did you run aticonfig yet?03:03
arvin2212X550 saphire03:03
arvin2212erm not yet waylandbill03:03
JimmyDeedoes that do aiglx guys?03:03
=== runlevelten [n=ten@88-96-94-193.dsl.zen.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== naelp [n=naelp@n219079091205.netvigator.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== furix [n=furix@ABayonne-152-1-101-232.w90-5.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
tobiasif it was running with ubuntu- I guess yes03:03
tobiasor he installed xgl at ubuntu as well and just doesnt remember :)03:03
=== hsystem-x [n=hx@] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeesudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:04
JimmyDeethen select ati, and your proper resolution settings03:04
JimmyDeeand all the other happy junk it asks03:04
arvin2212ok ill try03:05
waylandbillJimmyDee: ati driver won't direct render. You need the fglrx.03:05
=== Webbmaster [n=bjwebb@ACBD00FD.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212arvin2212@ubuntu:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:05
arvin2212debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable03:05
King_anarkyi just read kubuntu dropped ISA support03:05
JimmyDeestop stop03:05
arvin2212i get that error03:05
naelphow can you get rid of the fade in tooltip when you put your cursor over the taskbar list? :/03:06
naelpso it just appears instead of fading03:06
waylandbillKing_anarky: I figured that.03:06
tobiasarvin2212: strg + Alt + F1 - log in as super user and do it again03:06
=== chook_ [n=chook@AStrasbourg-254-1-50-62.w90-33.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatonaelp: you can't it's either on or off only03:06
JimmyDeesudo apt-get install xserver-driver-fglrx arvin03:06
=== jonathan_ [n=jonathan@AAubervilliers-155-1-32-99.w83-199.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212what is strg tobias03:06
=== arash [n=chatzill@c-3e1672d5.08-80-73746f22.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
tobiasoh sorry - ctrl03:07
arvin2212E: Couldn't find package xserver-driver-fglrx03:07
=== [nrx_] [n=martin@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Khabarach [n=Anonymou@] has joined #kubuntu
=== DjDarkman [n=djdarkma@cl-86-125-151-152.cablelink.mures.rdsnet.ro] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillKing_anarky: as newer versions are released, the system requirements would make an isa based motherboard so slow that it wouldn't be worth the time or effort.03:08
King_anarkynot everyone has money man, thats why i never bought a new xp copy03:08
JimmyDeemy bad sudo apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx03:08
waylandbillJimmyDee: it's xorg-server-fglrx btw.03:08
JucatoJimmyDee: probably xorg-driver-fglrx?03:09
King_anarkyum h/o03:09
Jucatoit is? oh they've changed names in gutsy?03:09
JimmyDeeaaack driver03:09
JimmyDeenot server03:09
=== Jucato hates name changes
=== hanzz_ [n=HanzZ@] has joined #kubuntu
King_anarkyno im right03:09
JimmyDeemy fingers arent up to snuff today03:09
waylandbillKing_anarky: I feel for ya. new hardware isn't in everyone's budget, but that doesn't mean developers have to support the old hardware forever.03:10
=== thierry_ [n=thierry@p5484DE63.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDee8 dolla joe, used computer store03:10
King_anarkyi know03:10
=== IanC26 [n=IanC26@2002:cb36:1ce9:4:216:6fff:fe39:ff6e] has joined #kubuntu
King_anarkyis there any legacy stuff?03:10
=== tomek_ [n=t0m3k__@abpl136.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillJucato: woops. it is xorg-driver-fglrx. What was I typing. LOL!03:11
Jucato <waylandbill> JimmyDee: it's xorg-server-fglrx btw. <--- that's what :P03:11
JimmyDeeI know I'm not on crack03:11
=== |Osiris [n=Bas@82-170-230-148.dsl.ip.tiscali.nl] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatoyou were close though :P03:11
JimmyDeeI thought I typed that03:11
waylandbillKing_anarky: I'd imagine you'd have to use an older release that may not be supported.03:12
waylandbillJucato: not enough coffee I guess. hehe03:12
=== ace_suares [n=ace@fupi.suares.an] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillJimmyDee: not enough coffee either? :)03:13
=== tomek_ is now known as t0m3k__
=== chn [n=chn@] has joined #kubuntu
=== kcg [n=gordon@i-83-67-130-90.freedom2surf.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== papa__ [n=papa@p5B117329.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== arvin2212 [n=arvin221@] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212guys im back03:15
=== furix [n=furix@ABayonne-152-1-101-232.w90-5.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212what is the command once again?03:15
waylandbillw/b arvin221203:15
JimmyDeesudo apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx03:15
arvin2212my computer crashed when i pressed ctrl+alt+f103:16
arvin2212thanks waylandbill and jimmy03:16
JimmyDeedont press ctrl+alt+f1 then03:16
=== bjwebb_ [n=bjwebb@ACBD00FD.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillarvin2212: you can do that in a konsole. You don't need to use vt103:16
arvin2212xorg-driver-fglrx is already the newest version.03:16
arvin2212i get thta03:17
=== furix [n=furix@ABayonne-152-1-101-232.w90-5.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
JimmyDeeaticonfig --initial03:17
Jucatoanyone w/ experience using qemu+kqemu, vmware, and/or virtualbox?  wondering if qemu+kqemu runs just as fast as the other two (to run other Linuxes, not Windows)03:17
=== llutz [n=lutz@p5480294F.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-185-110.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212aticonfig: Writing to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' failed. Bad file descriptor.03:17
JimmyDeecrap, sudo aticonfig --initial03:17
waylandbillJucato: with the kernel module qemu runs rather fast.03:17
=== luk_ [n=luk@] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillJucato: without it, it runs pretty slow.03:18
JimmyDeesudo aticonfig --overlay-type=Xv03:18
Jucatowaylandbill: kernel module? you mean the one from kqemu?03:18
waylandbillJucato: yes.03:18
t0m3k__hi, I try to compile lastest version of GimpShop end first error: Test for GLIB failed. See the file 'INSTALL' for help; I compile GLib-2.14.1 from net end now I have this error: pkg-config --modversion glib-2.0' returned 2.14.1, but GLIB (2.12.11) was found! If pkg-config was correct, then it is best to remove the old version of GLib.03:18
arvin2212Warning: Option 'VideoOverlay' doesn't affect running session.03:18
arvin2212Warning: Option 'OpenGLOverlay' doesn't affect running session.03:18
arvin2212Using /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:18
arvin2212Saved back-up to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.fglrx-003:18
=== Pupeno- is now known as Pupeno
t0m3k__whi i must do now? End sorry for my English, im from poland03:19
JimmyDeeok then, restart the xserver using your preferred method, then log back into the kde-xgl session03:19
=== hsystem-x [n=hx@] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212erm using ctrl+alt+backspace?03:19
JimmyDeethatll work03:19
=== dyscalcolon [n=dyscalco@gssn-590d7e48.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== arvin2212 [n=arvin221@] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212there is just kde03:21
arvin2212and another is xsomething wit xfirexgl (something like that)03:21
JimmyDeethen you dint finish the tutorial03:21
arvin2212bt when i try to login using that xgl thingy03:21
arvin2212it just goes back to the login screen03:21
waylandbillt0m3k__: isn't there a binary of gimpshop?03:21
JimmyDeeare you using kdm as your login screen?03:21
arvin2212what is kdm?03:22
=== savetheWorld_AFK is now known as savetheWorld
JimmyDeeI'll take that as a yes03:22
tobiasyou can03:22
JimmyDeesudo apt-get install gdm03:22
JimmyDeekdm is too slow for xgl03:22
arvin2212i see03:22
=== ghozala [n=ghozala@] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeeits caca you see03:22
=== King_anarky [n=anarky@123-2-109-184.static.dsl.dodo.com.au] has left #kubuntu ["I]
JimmyDeearvin in a konsole type fglrxinfo and please tell me it says ATI something and not mesa03:23
ghozalaanybody help i was installing skype and it  needs this packges but i didnt find them03:23
t0m3k__waylandbill, yes, ther is but i wont lastest version :)03:23
arvin2212arvin2212@ubuntu:~$ fglrxinfo03:24
arvin2212Xlib:  extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0".03:24
arvin2212display: :0.0  screen: 003:24
arvin2212OpenGL vendor string: Mesa project: www.mesa3d.org03:24
arvin2212OpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect03:24
arvin2212OpenGL version string: 1.4 (1.5 Mesa 6.5.2)03:24
waylandbillyou probably need to compile the version of glib it is asking for.03:24
=== mommsi [n=mommsi@p548D5EA1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212do u think i should go back to ubuntu?03:24
arvin2212or xubuntu03:24
JimmyDeewhich kernel are you using arvin?03:24
Jucato!paste | arvin221203:24
ubotuarvin2212: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)03:24
waylandbillarvin2212: you need to look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log for the error that caused the driver not to load.03:24
JimmyDeeok, that should work03:25
ghozalahow can i get this packages qt 4.2.1+ and D-Bus 1.0.0 and libsigic++2.02 and libasound2 1.0.1203:25
JimmyDeesudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and make sure fglrx is selected03:25
t0m3k__I think, I must remove  GLIB v.2.12.11 but i don't know how :( I have Linux from 3 days03:25
mommsiEinfache Frage fr die Profis. Wenn ich mit apt-get -f install Abhngigkeiten korrigiert habe, bekomme ich die (Ergebnis) Fehlermeldung das 100 Pakete nicht aktualisiert worden sind. Wer mag mir weiterhelfen ?03:26
Jucato!de | mommsi03:26
ubotumommsi: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de03:26
=== dannioni [n=dannioni@81-235-188-29-no48.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212Package configuration03:26
arvin2212when i get to that window03:26
arvin2212i cant press ok03:26
arvin2212  For users of multi-head setups, this option will configure only one of    03:26
arvin2212  the heads.  Further configuration will have to be done manually in the X  03:26
arvin2212  server configuration file, /etc/X11/xorg.conf.03:26
waylandbillt0m3k__: if you're new to linux, you may not want to use the latest version. You may want to stick with the stable version.03:26
arvin2212got it03:27
waylandbillt0m3k__: latest versions could have bugs and other strange things that you may not know how to deal with yet.03:27
JimmyDeestrange being the key word in that phrase03:28
arashwaylandbill , isn't it more like the newer (K)Ubuntu has more GUI and automatics (less terminal)?03:28
JimmyDeethe terminal is your freyund03:28
=== LjL-Temp [n=ljl@ubuntu/member/ljl] has joined #kubuntu
arvin2212i think im done03:28
JimmyDeeok restart xserver03:28
JimmyDeecome back and pastebin your fglrxinfo and glxinfo03:29
JimmyDeethen give us the link03:29
waylandbillarash: newer version of a single application is a little different than the whole os.03:29
arashwaylandbill: ah, I assumed you talked about the os, I didn't read the previous messages.03:30
t0m3k__waylandbill: ok, so thx for help :) I'll install binary v. God bye or do usyszenia!! (Polish version ;p )03:30
waylandbillt0m3k__: don't let my advice stop you from attempting to build head versions when you're more experienced of course.03:31
=== Alp` [n=Alp@dslb-084-058-143-123.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
=== mauri [n=mauri@host212-29-dynamic.182-80-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== coolmckess [n=coolmcke@xdsl-87-78-77-39.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== bjwebb_ [n=bjwebb@ACC8331E.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== Fradeve11 [n=fradeve@] has joined #kubuntu
maurii'm not able to read what a cd audio contains03:34
=== ksivaji [n=sivaji@] has joined #kubuntu
arashAny good DC++ clients any1 can recommend, and don't end up in me getting to compile it myself?03:34
=== Czessi-m [n=Czessi-m@dslb-088-073-021-013.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
maurii'm not able to read what a cd audio content03:35
=== lozzy [n=lozzy@host81-159-60-194.range81-159.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
arash!patience |mauri03:35
ubotumauri: The people here are volunteers, your attitude may determine how fast you are helped.  Not everyone is available all the time, likewise not every answer is available instantly. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:35
=== jeanno [n=jeanno@ARennes-256-1-27-94.w90-32.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== sjck [n=sjck@d098243.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #kubuntu
mauriarash: no, i wote worng contains03:36
arashanyway, do you mean nothing happens when you put a disk in the tray?03:36
mauriarash: what it happen is that with dolphin all it' fine but with a terminal or xterm the cdrom0 directory is empty03:37
waylandbillmauri: in a terminal, you'll only see data CD contents, not an audio cd.03:38
mauriwaylandbill: ok but i think that with a cat command i'm able to copy entire disk03:39
=== markus__ [n=markus@p549C7BEB.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
ugamauri: dd, rather03:39
ugadd if =/dev/cdrom of=image.iso03:39
waylandbillmauri: I'm sure you can use dd or some other program that looks at the cd in a low level.. sure..03:39
waylandbillmauri: but that doesn't mean that you can use ls to view the contents or anything like that.03:40
ugamauri: an audio CD doesn't contain directories and files, so you cannot see them from terminal mode03:41
=== NetersLandreau_ is now known as NetersLandreau
=== edulix_ [n=edulix@39.Red-83-54-6.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
ugamauri: in the gui, under dolphin, dolphin creates a "virtual" filesystem, that does not exist in the CD, to make the user easier read it03:42
ugabut what you see in dolphin isn't the real contents of the CD03:42
yeo_can someone reccomend an ftp client for kde plz?>03:42
ugayeo_: konqueror03:42
ugajust type ftp://... and you're done03:43
waylandbillkget isn't bad either.03:43
ugawaylandbill: ?03:43
ugakget doesn't allow browsing or uploading, just downloading03:43
=== tsdgeos [n=tsdgeos@kde/aacid] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== uga gives coffee to waylandbill =)
ugawakeup! ;P03:43
waylandbillwhen used in conjunction with konqueror, kget is a nice tool though. :)03:44
=== enakiejlo [i=0@] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillit wasn't specified that the client needed to upload. :-P03:44
waylandbillotherwise I'd just use ftp in a terminal. hehe03:45
=== ckorkuch [n=chris@pool-72-94-160-207.phlapa.fios.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== twosouls82 [n=twosouls@cc100614-b.assen1.dr.home.nl] has joined #kubuntu
yeo_ahh cool konq seems to be doing the trick03:45
=== savetheWorld is now known as savetheWorld_AFK
ckorkuchanyone got anylinks for an Broadcom BCM4318 AirForce One 54g?  Ive tried several howtos with no luck03:46
=== sayers [n=steven@c-76-20-182-119.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== aguitel [n=aguitel@] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillckorkuch: I have that card. Using ndiswrapper with a windows driver yielded excellent results03:48
ghozalahay any body help i ve downloaded skype and i didnt know how to install it03:48
ugayeo_: http://liquidweather.net/howto/index.php?id=7603:48
ugahave a look at that03:48
ugakonqueror kioslaves can do much more than you think03:48
=== twosouls82 [n=twosouls@cc100614-b.assen1.dr.home.nl] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillghozala: where did you download it from?03:49
ghozalafrom skype.com03:49
=== emilsedgh [n=emilsedg@] has joined #kubuntu
ghozalawaylandbill: i dont how to install it03:50
ugaghozala: what format is the file03:50
ugatar.gz, tar.bz2, .deb, .rpm...?03:50
waylandbillghozala: dpkg -i03:50
ugathen dpkg -i filename.deb03:51
=== allexander [n=allexand@34.gprs-nat.mtsnet.ru] has joined #kubuntu
ugaghozala: I believe konqueror allows right-click install too03:51
ghozalainn konsole03:51
ugamaybe I'm wrong but I think it does03:51
waylandbilluga, it does. right-click, actions, install.03:51
emilsedghuga: no, not in feisty03:51
uga!ru | allexander03:51
ubotuallexander:    #ubuntu-ru       /  Pozhalujsta vojdite v #ubuntu-ru dlq pomoshchi na russkom qzyke03:51
ghozalahow ???03:52
ugaemilsedgh: ah03:52
emilsedghuga: there was a servicemenu for pre-feisty things03:52
ugawhy was it removed03:52
ugaI find it useful for end-users03:52
=== HymnToLife` [n=fkraiem@unaffiliated/hymntolife] has joined #kubuntu
ghozalathere is emial file and send with bluetoth only there is no install03:52
=== Juki [n=juki@dsl-hmlbrasgw1-ff04c100-178.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
ugawhat on earth... there's no official skype linux version anymore?03:53
ugathose guys dropped it?03:53
=== caglar [n=caglar@] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillnow I'm confused. I have fiesty and when I right-click in konqueror or from the desktop on a deb file, I have Kubuntu Package Menu, Install Package.03:53
ugaa second. I'm in gutsy. Will test too03:54
ghozalauga: what is that mean  dpkg: requested operation requires superuser privilege03:54
emilsedghwaylandbill: you upgraded to feisty ?03:54
=== RivaeAerya [n=robin@h8441230009.dsl.speedlinq.nl] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillemilsedgh: no. clean install of feisty03:55
emilsedghghozala: means you should run it as root03:55
ugawaylandbill: it got removed, right03:55
tobiasghozala: do sudo and then the command03:55
uganot here in gutsy03:55
waylandbilluga: darn. That was a nice feature actually.03:55
yeo_and is there a good wysiwyg html editor for kde?03:55
ugawaylandbill: it shouldn't be hard to add your own actions there. A .desktop file I believe03:55
ugawaylandbill: maybe report a bug? =)03:56
emilsedghyeo_: no03:56
emilsedghuga: how's gutsy's new package installed?03:56
ugayeo_: quanta works for you?03:56
emilsedghuga: quanta+ is not WYSIWYG03:56
=== Jucato was about to say that
ugaemilsedgh: it's got a wysiwyg part03:57
uganot sure how good or bad it works, but it does have one03:57
=== relpub [n=relpub@201-40-6-1.cbace700.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
=== ripdajacker [n=ripdajac@] has joined #kubuntu
=== jacek [n=jacek@dkv62.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatoit doesn't03:57
JucatoI've asked the devs03:57
waylandbillyeo_: there are wysiwyg editors, but coding yields a far better output.03:57
mauriuga: i'm not able to creates virtual03:57
yeo_coding html?03:57
=== desti [n=desti@p5B01B9ED.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatokompozer, successor to Nvu, is available in Gutsy03:57
emilsedghuga: thats VPL, i dunno whats that, but thats crap, the only try to bring that into kde was kafka which is a dead project for yearts03:58
ugaemilsedgh: uhm, that's the one I was referring to03:58
=== galathalion [n=galathal@90-224-168-212-no128.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedghkafka is dead from 2002 without any output03:59
ugaemilsedgh: nono, not kafka, I meant vpl03:59
waylandbillyeo_: yes. code. HTML is a markup language.03:59
=== savetheWorld_AFK is now known as savetheWorld
=== deviance [n=tim@cpc3-sout6-0-0-cust551.sotn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #Kubuntu
yeo_hm k04:00
emilsedghuga: it does something like this: remove all the tags and show the text :D (this is what i see from it)04:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #kubuntu
ksivajii am trying to install samba using apt-get from rep but its trying to  remove autoconf automake1.9 linux-headers-2.6.20-16 linux-headers-2.6.20-16-generic04:00
emilsedghyes, nvu should be nice for WYSIWYG04:00
emilsedghksivaji: complete output please :)04:01
ugaemilsedgh: rather limited though04:01
=== user_ [n=user@c222162.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #kubuntu
ksivajiemilsedgh one sec04:01
waylandbilldoing wysiwyg, you could even use oowriter to produce html output.04:01
emilsedghksivaji: in pastebin service04:01
=== Czessi-m [n=Czessi-m@dslb-088-073-021-013.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
emilsedgh!pastebin | ksivaji04:01
ubotuksivaji: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)04:01
=== jesus [n=jesus@] has joined #kubuntu
ksivajiemilsedgh http://pastebin.com/m1ff5aea904:03
=== jager [n=jag@12-207-11-224.client.mchsi.com] has joined #kubuntu
ksivajisivaji@sivaji-desktop:~$ uname -r04:04
emilsedghksivaji: have you any on-offucual repository?04:04
=== jager [n=jag@12-207-11-224.client.mchsi.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== plukin [n=plukin@dslb-084-057-004-129.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Heis [n=kristian@42.80-202-208.nextgentel.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== SphiniX [n=IceChat7@d54C526D6.access.telenet.be] has joined #Kubuntu
emilsedghksivaji: looks like they are all ubuntu repo's, try sudo apt-get update04:06
ksivajiemilsedgh ya i tried just before04:06
emilsedghksivaji: so this should be a problem from ubuntu side (as i can see), try to report MOTU's about this and try again in a few hours04:07
emilsedgham i right Jucato?04:07
SphiniXHi all, real n00b here. Just installed Kubuntu on an old laptop and its running fine. I was wondering if you guys and galls could help me out. How do I perform offline installations of programs (like Xine etc)? The laptop doesnt have internet access, so I want to use my external harddrive...04:08
ubotumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU04:08
LjL!info apt-zip | SphiniX04:08
ubotusphinix: apt-zip: Update a non-networked computer using apt and removable media. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.15 (feisty), package size 17 kB, installed size 116 kB04:08
LjL!offline | SphiniX04:08
=== Carnage` [n=carnage@Ze148.z.pppool.de] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuSphiniX: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, http://apt.byethost14.com/ may help you with determining which dependencies to fetch and calculating download sizes04:08
waylandbillWhat's up with ksivaji getting that the kernel package wants to be removed?04:09
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
SphiniXthats great, thanks all04:09
waylandbillaptCD is another alternative as well.04:09
ksivaji   waylandbill   no i dont want to remove that kernel04:09
=== eduard [n=eduard@i59F636FB.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu
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ksivajiwaylandbill it tried to remove my kernel04:10
=== SphiniX [n=IceChat7@d54C526D6.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillksivaji: I'm not saying you do and you shouldn't, but apt is saying it wants to.04:10
ksivajiwaylandbill it tries* to remove my kernel04:10
=== jesus_ [n=jesus@] has joined #kubuntu
ksivajiwaylandbill is there any solution for this04:10
=== notlabled [n=stian@253.62-97-228.bkkb.no] has joined #kubuntu
SphiniXHow do I find out which distro I have?? I thought it was KDE, but I feel n00bie just asking this :)04:10
llutzSphiniX: lsb_release -a04:11
waylandbillI'm wondering why it was flagged as an unneeded dependency. Sounds like an important metapackage was removed or something04:11
=== florian [n=florian@p5088DD58.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== fr0z3n [n=fr0z3n@dslb-088-076-207-212.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
ksivajiwaylandbill ya i removed some package long back04:12
=== neW1-- [n=martin@] has joined #kubuntu
ksivajibut i am not sure whether it is meta or something04:12
=== anthronaut [n=anthrona@217-173-228-67.cmts.powersurf.li] has joined #kubuntu
=== poopotootti [n=poopotoo@a84-231-17-138.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillksivaji: all that you install or remove is logged in /var/log/dpkg.log04:13
=== jajamana [n=chrisb@cm-] has joined #kubuntu
=== BluesKaj [n=kaj@unaffiliated/blueskaj] has joined #kubuntu
=== giacomino [n=giacomin@host122-181-dynamic.7-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajHowdy All :)04:15
waylandbillhi BluesKaj04:16
BluesKajhi waylandbill, busy this morning ?04:16
waylandbillnot really. just trying to dist upgrade to gusty using adept.04:17
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-185-110.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== hsystem-x [n=hx@] has joined #kubuntu
devianceHow can I find my graphics card out?04:19
waylandbillyipes. 1 gig to download. will do that later.04:19
devianceJucato: How do I enable the nvidia-glx drivers and find out my grapics card?04:19
emilsedghhi BluesKaj04:19
Jucatodeviance: to find out: lspci | grep -i vga04:20
BluesKajyeah waylandbill , i did that relatively successfully yesterday, but I'made the mistake of trying to install the new development kernel  2.6.22 and my pc wouldn't boot into it , but it boots fine into the 2.6.20 kernel.04:20
BluesKajhi emilsedgh04:20
deviancenVidia Corporation GeForce 7300 GS (rev a1) thats gonna be nvidia-glx then isnt it04:20
=== jajamana [n=chrisb@cm-] has joined #kubuntu
devianceOr could be legacy04:21
=== lorenzo_ [n=lorenzo@host-144-172.consiagnet.it] has joined #kubuntu
llutzdeviance: 7300gs = glx-new here04:21
waylandbilldeviance: lspci will tell the video card.04:21
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:21
=== eduard [n=eduard@i59F636FB.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatodeviance: follow that link to the nvidia page04:21
=== rodolfo [n=rodolfo@] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillfor a pci video card anyway.04:21
Jucatothere's a link to a list of cards04:22
=== fideas is now known as siren
devianceYou want one or more of the following: hardware-accelerated 3D, TV-Out support, dual head support04:22
devianceI dont have any of thoes I dont think04:22
=== emilsedgh [n=emilsedg@] has joined #kubuntu
Jucatoemilsedgh: sorry I was out of the room and out of it.. couldn't reply to your request for confirmation/support04:23
llutzdeviance: at least hardware-accelerated 3D, otherwise you can still use "nv"-driver04:23
devianceHow can I tell if I have hardware-accelerated 3D?04:23
=== dannioni_ [n=dannioni@81-235-188-29-no48.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== siren is now known as fideas
emilsedghJucato: np04:24
llutzdeviance: if you don't miss anything (playing video, playing games...) you won't need the nvidia-driver04:24
devianceI miss playing games :P04:25
devianceHow can I tell if I have hardware-accelerated 3D?04:25
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-185-110.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #kubuntu
llutzdeviance: the 7300 has it, but you'll need the nvidia-driver to use it04:26
devianceIs the nvidia-driver the nvidia-glx?04:26
llutzdeviance: as i said: i use glx-new fot 7300gs04:26
=== Smooph [n=Smooph@p54A75B0E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
devianceOkay :D04:27
=== blackflag [n=stefan@] has joined #kubuntu
devianceIm installing it now04:28
=== desti [n=desti@p5B01B9ED.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
devianceNow to run sudo nvidia-glx-config enable04:28
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul] has joined #kubuntu
=== dave [n=dave@host86-143-29-60.range86-143.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
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=== alejandro_ [n=alejandr@] has joined #kubuntu
devianceError: your X configuration has been altered.04:30
deviancellutz: Could I change it in the control center then?04:30
=== antony [n=antony@lec67-4-82-230-53-131.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
llutzdeviance: controlcenter? xorg.conf is the place for changes04:31
deviancekcontrol would let me select nv or propietory drivers though04:31
CugelI finally caved and installed Compiz. Impressive (except for all the error messages and crashes). Anyway.04:31
devianceOkay, how do I change xorg? Is that dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg04:32
=== jordo23__ [n=jordo23@CPE-65-31-131-130.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== Eyeless [n=hjalle@d83-183-204-137.cust.tele2.se] has joined #kubuntu
=== milian [n=milian@p57BB3736.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
llutzdeviance: just make sure that the line "Driver "nvidia"  exists (not "nv") in that file04:34
=== OOD [n=OOD@dsl-135-229.aei.ca] has joined #kubuntu
=== plukin [n=plukin@dslb-084-057-004-129.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== deviance [n=tim@cpc3-sout6-0-0-cust551.sotn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #Kubuntu
devianceHAHA It worked!04:36
=== Rumpsteak [n=kai@p54AB53CA.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
devianceThanks soo much llutz :D04:36
devianceI restarted and got a huge NVIDIA screen :D04:36
devianceI love you04:37
llutzdeviance: type "glxinfo |grep render"04:37
deviancedirect rendering: Yes04:37
devianceOpenGL renderer string: GeForce 7300 GS/PCI/SSE204:37
deviance    GL_NVX_conditional_render, GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap, GL_SGIS_texture_lod,04:37
llutzfine, all done it works04:37
devianceThat means my screensaver works if nothing else :D04:37
=== ubunturos [n=ubunturo@] has joined #kubuntu
devianceBest day of my life :D04:39
devianceNow for compiz-fusion04:39
waylandbilldeviance: certainly you've had better days than seeing an nvidia screen. :)04:40
devianceIs 46C degrees hot for a graphics card?04:41
=== bomber_ [n=bomber@c-71-233-8-127.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== fulat2k_ [n=fulat2k@] has joined #kubuntu
llutzdeviance: not really04:43
devianceOkay then04:43
=== emilsedgh_ [n=emilsedg@] has joined #kubuntu
=== wangweilin [n=Smooph@p54A772EF.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== mauri [n=mauri@host122-155-dynamic.50-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
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devianceOkay, compiz fusion works, but ive lost all windo decoration04:47
=== philippe_ is now known as attulima
ckorkuchanyone help me with some minor wireless troubles?04:48
=== palbarra [n=palbarra@249.Red-81-44-143.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== cloakable [n=cloakabl@host217-44-243-121.range217-44.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
ckorkuchdo i need to put in the default gateway IP of my router to get wireless working in Knetworkmanager?04:50
runleveltenIf you've lost all window decoration, that means it doesn't work.04:52
=== tombar_ [n=tombar@r190-64-153-77.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy] has joined #kubuntu
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maurii'm not able to view a cd audio content04:53
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.nixternal] has joined #kubuntu
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mauri i'm not able to view a cd audio content04:56
=== sbucat [n=sbucat@host102-15-static.25-87-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== feimao [n=Administ@] has joined #kubuntu
sbucathi...i am in gutsy and it works fine but....i have no boost for microfone i have alc861-vd intel04:59
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devianceJucato: I ran compiz --replace to start CF, how do I switch back?05:06
Jucatoback to what? kwin? "kwin --replace"05:06
=== toni_ [n=toni@adsl-ull-199-201.42-151.net24.it] has joined #kubuntu
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devianceThat worked05:08
devianceNow how can I prevent compiz from failing to open?05:09
=== Silsa [i=Meh@VDSL-151-118-0-101.DNVR.QWEST.NET] has joined #kubuntu
=== jamison_ [n=jamison@] has joined #kubuntu
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=== jacek_ [n=andy_123@p5087845D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
SilsaBeryl was not working correctly because my nvidia drivers were not installed. I manually installed them and everything seemed to be working correctly as beryl started working and I could do various things you'd expect to only be able to do once the drivers were installed. So I also installed flash player and after that my sound stopped working so I restarted my computer. At this point I can't get into a graphical interface of any sort. I can05:13
mauri i'm not able to view a cd audio content05:13
=== |Osiris [n=Bas@82-170-230-148.dsl.ip.tiscali.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== jacek_ [n=andy_123@p5087845D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
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=== andy_111 [n=andy_123@p5087845D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
JucatoSilsa: try asking in #ubuntu-effects05:14
Silsaok thx05:14
=== Lurkan [n=agsm@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Spencer-- [n=weiss@cpe-76-190-149-233.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
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emilsedgh_mauri: try audiocd:/ in konqueror05:16
mauriemilsedgh_: using dolphin i'm able to see the content but i'm not able using xterm or a terminal05:17
emilsedgh_mauri: sure, thats a KIO Slave, if you want to rip an audiocd from terminal you should use programs like acidrip i think05:18
mauriemilsedgh_: samone told me that should be possibile to copy entire cd using cat command05:19
Tm_Tah yes05:20
emilsedgh_mauri: dunno, dont think so...05:20
Tm_Tit is05:20
=== deviance [n=tim@cpc3-sout6-0-0-cust551.sotn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #Kubuntu
Tm_Tcat /dev/hdX > foofoo.iso05:20
mauriTm_T: yes i try05:21
=== jimmacdonald [n=jim@138-212-223-66.gci.net] has joined #kubuntu
gustavodoes anyone knows a app like 'getright' that uses proxy?05:22
=== zu [n=pistorio@ppp-111-53.33-151.iol.it] has joined #kubuntu
ubunturosgustavo: kget, may be05:22
emilsedgh_gustavo: kget does...05:22
=== surion [n=surion@chello087206133198.chello.pl] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tgustavo: how about telling us what this getright is?05:22
=== Zeelot [n=zeelot@becks2.fiu.edu] has joined #kubuntu
ubunturosTm_T: getright is a download manager for windows (DAP etc. like stuff)05:23
andy_111hi all05:23
Tm_TI see, then Kget, yes05:23
andy_111have a question about kernel modules05:23
Tm_Tor, why not, wget05:23
=== ghozala [n=ghozala@] has joined #kubuntu
mauriTm_T: cat: /dev/scd0: Input/output error05:23
gustavoTm_T: download manager05:23
Tm_Tgustavo: got it05:23
gustavowget for a several files? not so practical05:23
Tm_Tmauri: scd0 ?05:23
=== ghozala [n=ghozala@] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tgustavo: true, but then again, I rarely download stuff that way so I don't mind05:24
andy_111can anyone help with kernel modules?05:24
oreomastajoin #ubuntu-documentation05:24
Tm_Tandy_111: not if you dont tell what is your problem05:24
mauriTm_T: yes...this is what Disk & fileSitems shown05:24
=== kalle [n=kalle@0x5552e14f.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu
=== relic [n=relic@adsl-76-230-150-80.dsl.milwwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tmauri: then dont know05:24
=== Neab [n=benjamin@n219077177196.netvigator.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== rempresent [n=remprese@pell-02-0243.dsl.iowatelecom.net] has joined #kubuntu
andy_111Tm_T: thanx, well i have a dvb-c card from twinhan05:25
andy_111and i have to compile the kernel modules for it05:25
rempresentdudes, gnome is so bloated in ubuntu it makes me sick, i can't get anything to work properly05:25
rempresentso i am switching to kubuntu05:25
rempresenti have one question though05:25
=== deviance [n=tim@cpc3-sout6-0-0-cust551.sotn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #Kubuntu
andy_111it looks like the compilations does not work05:25
rempresentcan you use the AWN window manager/dock to work in KDE?05:26
=== bmk789 [n=bmk789@74-132-81-162.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #kubuntu
andy_111but it did work with another kernel version and another distribution...so is there any general way to get a module compiled with any kernel?05:26
devianceIn compiz-fusion I have to set a command to keep my window decoration from dissapearing whats this command for KDE?05:27
Silsahow do i uninstall nvidia drivers and everything that goes with it? I can't get to a graphical mode of any sort although it says X Server is running05:27
Tm_Trempresent: well sure you can change WM in KDE05:27
relicAre the Pinnacle tv/vid editing devices workable with kubuntu?05:27
Tm_Tandy_111: you havent told what is your compilation problem05:27
rempresentkk, this should be a good thing05:28
rempresentdoes amarok run faster in KDE since it has been developed for that environment first05:28
rempresentseems really slow on my system, like itunes slow05:28
andy_111Tm_T: i'm getting an error when trying to compile the driver05:29
oreomastarempresent: amarok runs fast for me in Kubuntu... much faster than my iTunes at work05:29
andy_111i have another drvier version whoch does not work properly, anyway this one at least comiles with kernel 2.6.20 but does not with 2.6.2205:29
=== Schutzengelbert [n=chef@p5091C724.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
rempresentneat, i know that they are developing that for Mac OS X and I can't wait, because itunes is such a kick in the mouth05:30
andy_111hen the driver which compilse ok with another distribution and works will fail with kubuntu and I would like to make it work with kubuntu05:30
rempresentcan't change my OS at work though, I have sold my soul to Adobe a long time ago05:30
=== mohamed_ [n=mohamed@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Neab [n=benjamin@n219077177196.netvigator.com] has left #kubuntu []
=== manish [n=manish@] has joined #kubuntu
oreomastarempresent: http://ubuntustudio.org/ Although it no Adobe suite... it's still pretty slick :)05:31
Tm_Tandy_111: yes, but _what_ error05:31
rempresenti kinda like the gimp, but it still seems very rough05:31
=== SyTeX [n=user@p5B2A7DEF.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== sea4ever [i=daniel@dialup-66-205-15-76.dialup.sunbeach.net] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tandy_111: and, is that driver meant to go that kernel version?05:31
rempresentinkscape is nice, and I haven't tried the inDesign equivalent yet05:32
=== blizzzek [n=blizzz@p5B16BF25.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
rempresenti hope that works well05:32
=== alexweb [n=alex@] has joined #kubuntu
=== SyTeX [n=user@p5B2A7DEF.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
rempresenti hate adobe, but i am a designer so I really have no choice, i do at home however05:32
=== Knightlust [n=dax@ubuntu/member/knightlust] has joined #kubuntu
=== Lurkan [n=agsm@] has joined #kubuntu
andy_111Tm_T: well, I do not know, how could I find this out?05:32
alexwebHow can I know which process is accessing a folder inside my /tmp dir05:33
andy_111the docs don't say anything about limitations05:33
escis there a way to check if my GIOChannel  is still open?05:33
=== dhq_ [n=dhq@unaffiliated/dhq] has joined #kubuntu
=== pelikanj [n=pelikanj@net-80-253-189-213.beltav.hu] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Tm_Tandy_111: hard to say05:34
alexwebI have some weird folders inside /tmp and wanna to know wich process is responsible for creation of them05:34
Tm_Tandy_111: but error is more important05:34
=== deviance [n=tim@cpc3-sout6-0-0-cust551.sotn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #Kubuntu
Tm_Tandy_111: so, I05:34
=== emilsedgh [n=emilsedg@] has joined #kubuntu
andy_111Tm_T: could I somehow donwgrade the kernel to 2.6.18 with kubuntu in order to test it?05:34
alexwebor at least wich process is accessing them05:34
Tm_Tandy_111: I'd say find a way to fix the issue that causes the error and you should be fine05:34
=== d0zer [n=d0zer@ip1-71.vejen-net.dk] has joined #kubuntu
andy_111Tm_T: unfortunatly I'm not a coder05:35
Tm_Tandy_111: hmm, I wouldnt recommend it05:35
Tm_Tandy_111: well it doesnt need to be "coding" issue05:35
Tm_Tandy_111: depends what is your error05:35
andy_111is there any way to get these drivers to be included into the kubuntu distro?05:35
d0zeranyone know if there are any further configuration needed when installing nvidia-glx ? i aptget it but it doesnt seem to install any drivers05:36
Tm_T!wish | andy_11105:36
Tm_Tbot is gone05:36
Tm_Tandy_111: bugs.ubuntu.com ?05:36
Tm_Tandy_111: or, launchpad anyway05:36
andy_111oki, will check this out then05:36
=== Kachna [n=kachna@r6az240.net.upc.cz] has joined #kubuntu
andy_111I see that at least the driver which fails to comile need kernel 2.6.1805:37
Tm_Tandy_111: make a wish, but its possible that driver is not suitable and anyway you have to wait all the way to next spring to get it05:37
=== maria [n=maria@] has joined #kubuntu
andy_111Tm_T: is there any documantation how to adapt a driver to make it run with different kernel versions?05:37
Tm_Tandy_111: no idea, I am not kernel specialist05:38
andy_111do you know any?05:38
SilsaHow do I uninstall/reinstall the NVIDIA kernel module? I can't get to graphical mode becaues it's not functioning.05:38
bmk789Silsa: have you tried envy?05:39
Tm_Tandy_111: sorry, nope, perhaps #ubuntu-kernel can help, perhaps not05:39
d0zerSame problem here Silsa05:39
d0zerbmk789: envy ?05:39
Silsabmk789: What is envy?05:39
=== mohamed_ [n=mohamed@] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
KachnaSilsa: shouldn't it be like modprobe -r nvidia ?05:39
bmk789nvidia driver installer05:39
bmk789it almost always gets your driver working05:39
mauri i'm not able to view a cd audio content05:39
Tm_Tbmk789: sorry but envy is not "officially supported" as its known to break systems05:40
=== donsdx [n=donsdx@ip68-101-195-153.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
Silsakachna: Perhaps... still in my first week on linux here. Im trying now05:40
Tm_TSilsa: same to you05:40
Kachnai'm not sure if it'S called nvidia,for ATi it's fglrx :-) but in X it should say smth like it's in use05:40
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
SilsaKachna: THANK YOU05:41
Silsacaps sry05:41
=== MetaMorfoziS [n=khmhm@3e70c934.adsl.enternet.hu] has joined #kubuntu
Kachna:-) U'r welcome, I'm new to it all too,but it's easy learning :P05:41
Silsakachna: That uninstalled it, i can get back to graphical mode now... i knew it was something simple haha. Now to retry intalling these dang nvidia drivers05:41
=== alim [n=alim@ip85.87.1311C-CUD12K-04.ish.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== _m11_ [n=m11@ppp85-141-119-159.pppoe.mtu-net.ru] has joined #kubuntu
Kachnait doesn't uninstall,just unload05:41
Tm_TSilsa: you can just reconfigure X to use another driver05:42
=== spencer-- [n=weiss@cpe-76-190-149-233.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
Kachnato load again just use modprobe nvidia05:42
Kachnadid u install it grom apt?05:42
=== pxn7_ [n=pxn7@125-238-158-151.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
=== usser [n=dcherniv@ool-18b8e9e6.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
Silsanah, i downloaded the driver and installed in manually05:43
=== Pitabred [n=pita@c-67-190-48-101.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Hub441 [n=Hub441@dialin-212-144-150-117.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
Kachnamm...thinking what could be the way to uninstall then, maybe run that file with --help? :P (U'r trying to uninstall it,am i right? :-))05:43
Hub441does anybody know how to get the shutdown-menue from kubuntu on debian?05:43
=== ForeverZero [i=daniel@dialup-66-205-15-176.dialup.sunbeach.net] has joined #kubuntu
Silsakachna: Yea, either that or make it work correctly heh05:44
Tm_TSilsa: anyway, I recommend to install nvidia driver from package manager like it should be done05:45
Kachnawell would try it with --help or just googling it,I use ATi so can't say much :/05:45
SilsaTm_T: I tried that but it alwasys gave me an error :( Said something along the lines of it couldn't commit changes :( I tried installing most of the different driver packages after the one i was supposed to use didn't work and got same message every time05:46
=== merina [n=merina@host-212-146-55-45.kpylaajakaista.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@74-140-6-108.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #kubuntu
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=== dannioni__ [n=dannioni@81-235-188-29-no48.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
SilsaBut screw this nvidia problem for now... my sound isn't working. I think it stopped working after I installed flash player. Any ideas?05:47
=== teq [n=teq@] has joined #kubuntu
=== neon__ [n=neon@c-67-171-62-118.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== abominius [n=abominiu@] has joined #kubuntu
bmk789Silsa: run "alsamixer" in a terminal and check all the volume levels05:50
=== jessen [n=jonathan@ip24-254-82-51.sb.sd.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== duns_s [n=duns_s@mnhm-590c214a.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #kubuntu
Silsabnk789: They are where they should be :( Sound was working im really not sure what could've happend to it05:52
=== kuldip [n=kuldip@] has joined #kubuntu
=== cosentino [n=cosentin@201-213-226-4.net.prima.net.ar] has joined #kubuntu
=== abominius [n=abominiu@] has joined #kubuntu
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=== usser [n=dcherniv@ool-18b8e9e6.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
SilsaI noticed the sound wasn't working after I installed flash player and tried palying a video in my web browser... i noticed it didn't have sound so i thought it was just a problem with flash, but no sound works on anything :(05:53
=== alejandro__ [n=alejandr@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Sonat [n=ivan@22.Red-81-38-107.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Jucato [n=jucato@] has joined #kubuntu
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=== Czessi [n=Czessi@dslb-088-073-021-013.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
Silsawelp, /etc/init.d/alsa-utils reset fixed the sound05:58
=== Juki_ [n=juki@dsl-hmlbrasgw1-ff04c100-178.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
=== Cyclopes [n=thandar@athedsl-273434.home.otenet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
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=== inter [n=inter@] has joined #kubuntu
=== inter is now known as interfere
jimmacdonaldwell I am up and running on the new beta06:01
=== d00dMan [n=man@] has joined #kubuntu
=== merina [n=merina@host-212-146-55-45.kpylaajakaista.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== emilsedgh [n=emilsedg@] has joined #kubuntu
d00dManwould a net install of kubuntu detect hardware with kernel 2.6.17+ on initial install?06:03
=== matthew [n=matthew@adsl-68-253-203-134.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== _eMaX_ [n=emax@] has joined #kubuntu
=== denis__ [n=denis@cable-81-173-135-109.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-185-110.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #kubuntu
SilsaWhen I run beryl, it makes it so that all my windows become undrggable/unmoveable and the x and - close and minimize buttons dissappear. What could the problem be?06:05
devianceI want to take an AVI file and burn it straght to a DVD, is there an easy way to do this, or do i have to go through a quite length procedure?06:06
ugadeviance: the process is easy even on the command line, but recoding into mpeg2 can take ages06:07
BluesKajthe question is deviance , where is it going to be viewed?06:08
devianceDVD player06:08
=== tabby_ [n=tabby@softbank219198179051.bbtec.net] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajstand alone dvdplayer?06:08
ugaand the dvd player doesn't support divx I understand?06:09
=== sakura-Chan [n=slim@ANice-251-1-27-124.w86-202.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@ADijon-259-1-39-157.w90-33.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
ugaffmpeg =)06:09
ugaor frontends06:09
devianceAs far as I can tell its quite old, and just plays normal dvds06:09
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Tibo
BluesKajyou prolly have to transcode to mpeg which can take 2hrs for a full dvd.06:10
Tibohi all !06:10
=== gerrit_ [n=gerrit@h172135.upc-h.chello.nl] has joined #kubuntu
Tibothere are french here ??06:10
=== speaker219 [n=speaker2@unaffiliated/speaker219] has joined #kubuntu
Jucato!fr | Tibo06:10
ubunturos!fr | Tibo06:10
Jucatooops bot is down06:10
BluesKajdeviance , try tovid06:10
JucatoTibo: #ubuntu-fr and #kubuntu-fr06:10
=== thomas_ [n=thomas@175.29-245-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #kubuntu
Tibook thanks you very much !06:11
Jucatothe bot is down06:11
ugadeviance: there's tons of tools to create dvds http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/kavi2dvd?content=36351  could do maybe, but I can't tell what guis to suggest06:11
ugadeviance: do you mind doing so on the commmand line?06:11
deviance] Hmm06:11
thomas_so where do I find info to get 3D hardware acc working?06:11
devianceI would prefer GUI06:12
MetaMorfoziShow can i install my /home to an other folder?06:12
thomas_got an intel GMA chipset06:12
MetaMorfoziSno an other artition?06:12
devianceuga: That looks good to me :D06:12
MetaMorfoziSi want a /data partition, and a /data/home folder, for home ... how can i do that? so /data/home is not a partition, it's a folder.06:13
ugadeviance: yes, but I don't see deb packs06:13
devianceBut uga, I cannot compile it myself, my machine wont do compiling, so I need a deb :(06:13
ugaand it dates back to 2k6, not too maintained06:13
ugadeviance: are you on gutsy by any chance?06:13
gustavoubunturos: hey06:14
devianceNo, feisty06:14
ugaarf. Else  I could have built one06:14
ubunturosgustavo: hi!06:14
NickPrestaMetaMorfoziS, http://www.us.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch-tips.en.html#s-archiving  Check out: `find . -depth -print0 | cpio --null --sparse -pvd new-dir`06:14
gustavoubunturos: does kget supports proxy? i cant find it06:14
ubunturosgustavo: I'm not sure. May be it does06:14
gustavoget it doesnt :(06:15
ubunturosgustavo: ah06:15
ugadeviance: atp-get install devede06:16
ugathat tool should do06:16
devianceuga, just found that on softpedia :P06:16
MetaMorfoziSNickPresta > i think it's not what i want06:16
=== thomas_ [n=thomas@175.29-245-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #kubuntu
MetaMorfoziSso how can i say to the system, that the home is in /data/home instead of /home06:17
NickPrestasymlink /home to /data/home?06:17
MetaMorfoziSis that can work?06:17
=== Flegma [n=Michalek@c02-318a.kn.vutbr.cz] has joined #kubuntu
NickPrestaI don't know. I've never had the need to try06:17
MetaMorfoziSnot slower?06:17
MetaMorfoziSwhere is the ~ and HOME gets it's values?06:18
ugaNickPresta: not the right way06:18
=== merina_ [n=merina@host-212-146-55-45.kpylaajakaista.net] has joined #kubuntu
ugathere's a place to specify homes for each user... a sec06:19
NickPrestaI don't really know how you would do it, MetaMorfoziS, I would wait for someone, like uga, who knows how to help you06:19
hydrogenits the -d paramater06:19
hydrogenusermod -d HOME DIRECTORY user06:20
=== MijoJak [n=mijo@p54A09D16.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu_ [n=ubuntu@121.Red-81-44-89.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
hydrogenpass -m to have anything in current home be moved to new home06:20
hydrogenso usermod -m -d /data/home login06:20
=== zu [n=pistorio@ppp-111-53.33-151.iol.it] has joined #kubuntu
hydrogenor you may be better off just symlinking /home to /data/home06:20
MetaMorfoziSusermod -dm /data/home ?06:20
ugahydrogen: oh well, I was looking for the gui way ;)06:20
MetaMorfoziSsymlinking is not slower?06:20
=== brownas98 [n=brownas9@79-66-66-59.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
hydrogenthe smartest option06:21
matthewwheres ubotu ?06:21
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-76-204-9-149.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
MetaMorfoziSi'm before isntalling06:21
hydrogenis /data/home a separate partition?06:21
MetaMorfoziScan i do that during the install?06:21
hydrogenor is /data a separate partiton06:21
=== krustyclo [n=krustycl@pool-71-104-99-22.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
MetaMorfoziShydrogen > NO!06:21
MetaMorfoziStahts my problem06:21
ugaMetaMorfoziS: easier... system settings->user management->admin mode->select user->right click modify->write new home06:21
MetaMorfoziS/data is a diff. partition06:21
SilsaWhen I run beryl, it makes it so that all my windows become undrggable/unmoveable and the x and - close and minimize buttons dissappear. What could the problem be?06:21
MetaMorfoziSbut /data/home is not.06:21
hydrogenthen just symlink06:21
hydrogenwill be just as fast06:21
MetaMorfoziSuga > i'm actually @ the partitioning (alternate install)06:22
=== thomas_ [n=thomas@175.29-245-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #kubuntu
MetaMorfoziSln -s /home /data/home ?06:22
NickPrestaSilsa, do you have Emerald running? Perhaps you need to add: Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "true" to your xorg.conf06:22
ugaMetaMorfoziS: then you can use usermod -d06:22
ugato have it use a different home06:23
SilsaNickPresta: Ok, i'll try it. And I don't think i have emerald running but im not really sure06:23
NickPrestaSilsa, in a terminal: ps aux | grep emerald06:23
MetaMorfoziSthx all06:23
ugaMetaMorfoziS: the problem I find with symlinks is that some apps are designed not to follow symlinks by default06:24
SilsaNickPresta: What should I see what I type that in terminal? I see " 7834   0.0   0.0    2880   760 pts/1    S+    12:23    0:00 grep emerald"06:24
=== krustyclo [n=krustycl@pool-71-104-99-22.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
ugaMetaMorfoziS: and there's no real need to specify yet another jump step when you can define the real one straight06:25
NickPrestaSilsa, in the same terminal, run: emerald --replace06:25
hydrogenMetaMorfoziS: yes06:25
=== uzlytyyt [i=tIRC@ip503c9419.speed.planet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== Majin [n=majin@p54BD5D70.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
uzlytyythi there06:25
NickPresta!hi | uzlytyyt06:25
=== quixogre [n=james@ip70-177-126-129.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
uzlytyytuhm i have a problem with first time setting up adsl in kubuntu06:26
=== Majin [n=majin@p54BD5D70.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
SilsaNickPresta: Says "X error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 169:06:26
NickPresta!baddevice | Silsa06:26
quixogreuzlytyyt: what kind of problem?06:26
Silsaalso, where is the xorg.conf again? 4th day of linux for me heh06:26
NickPrestaSilsa, it's okay. you can ignore it06:26
Jucatothere is no bot06:26
ugaSilsa: /etc/X1106:26
hydrogenits fairly easy to fix the problem, but don't worry about it06:27
quixogreJucato: whered bot go?06:27
=== grul [n=grul@c83-254-54-48.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
uga /data/home =)06:27
quixogrepoor bot...prolly being outsourced to india06:27
JimmyDeebot off on weekends and holidays, damn union bots06:27
matthewhow can i find out whatwireless cards work in kubuntu?06:27
=== ubotwo [n=ubotwo@ubuntu/bot/ubotwo] has joined #kubuntu
=== hydrogen waits for ubotwo to catch up
=== ruslan [n=Optimist@b-internet.] has joined #kubuntu
ubotwoWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:28
SilsaSo where am I supposed to add "AddARGBGLXVisuals" in xorg.conf?06:28
NickPrestaSilsa, in the Device section06:29
=== thomas_ [n=thomas@175.29-245-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #kubuntu
=== [IT] 4ngelus [n=4ngelus@85-18-14-47.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
quixogrematthew: tbh, wireless support in ubuntu is sketchy, at best06:29
NickPrestaquixogre, I would hardly call it sketchy06:30
=== jimmacdonald [n=jim@unaffiliated/jimmacdonald] has joined #kubuntu
=== zep [n=zep@dsl-aur-fe9add00-209.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
JimmyDeenowhere near that good06:30
quixogrenick, i've yet to find a wireless card that is fully supported.06:30
=== matthew_ [n=matthew@adsl-68-253-198-241.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== desti [n=desti@p5B01B9ED.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== thomas_ [n=thomas@175.29-245-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #kubuntu
uzlytyytfirst of all, according to kppp, im missing a resolv.conf.06:30
tekstacy'lo all06:30
SilsaSays I can't save it because i don't have the permissions... How do i access xorg.conf as root or sudo or whatever? Kdese kate or some crap?06:31
NickPrestaWell, the fact that I can plug in my PCMCIA card into my laptop and have it fully recognized without any installation of drivers, speaks loads, especially when I can't do that in Windows :)06:31
tekstacyWhat is a good voip?06:31
NickPrestaSilsa, kdesu kate FILE06:31
JimmyDeewhat kind of card you got nick, I'm buyin one06:31
=== Juki_ is now known as Juki
=== gabriel_ [n=gabriel@] has joined #kubuntu
NickPrestaIt's an SMC EZ Connection card but there are better supported cards out there. Ralink, I believe, it well supported06:31
=== [IT] 4ngelus [n=4ngelus@85-18-14-47.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== thomas_ [n=thomas@175.29-245-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #kubuntu
quixogreNickPresta: you're the first person i've met able to do so...are you using wep or wpa?06:32
NickPrestaquixogre, WEP at home.06:32
uzlytyytso how do i create resolv.conf the right way? Should i be root to do that? I've tried sudo command06:32
quixogreuzlytyyt: hehe i'd use vi personally...but im a unix geek like that06:33
=== thomas_ [n=thomas@175.29-245-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #kubuntu
=== gabriel_ [n=gabriel@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
denis__hello guys06:34
=== bmk789 [n=bmk789@74-132-81-162.dhcp.insightbb.com] has left #kubuntu []
denis__i wanted to start displayconfig-gtk06:34
uzlytyytso whats the commandline...06:34
denis__so i wrote kdesu displayconfig-gtk06:34
denis__kubuntu asked me about the passwort.06:34
SilsaNickPresta: adding "AddARGBGLXVisuals" to xorg.cong in the device section did nothing... i still can't drag/move windows after beryl starts and the x and - close/minimize buttons dissappear06:34
denis__so i tipped it.06:35
Silsait's like the upper most bar on windows just go away06:35
quixogredenis__: try ALT+f2, then just enter the command you want to run06:35
denis__than displayconfig-gtk started. and gone off06:35
NickPrestaSilsa, right click on the Beryl tray icon. Click on Reload Window Manager06:35
Silsaalso, shouldn't i be able to run beryl without launching it from terminal? Becuase i don't seem to be able to find a way to do so06:35
denis__i did so.06:35
NickPrestaSilsa, sorry, Window Decorator **06:35
ugaSilsa: alt+f2, and just enter the command06:35
ugano need to run from terminal06:35
ugaSilsa: just enter "beryl --replace" there06:36
SilsaNickPresta: After I run beryl i don't see a beryl tray icon anywhere :(06:36
Silsait is running though since the 3D Cube starts working06:37
d00dManso how's this Kubuntu?06:37
quixogreuga, maybe you can help me...when i run beryl from ALT+F2 it brings up a blank window, and i have to resrt X to fix it06:37
denis__why does it go offline all the time?06:37
ugaSilsa: the tray icon isn't beryl. It's "beryl_manager"06:37
ugaSilsa: if you have it installed06:37
ugait's a separate package06:37
uzlytyytuhm which command should i use in terminal to create "resolv.conf"  ?06:37
ugaquixogre: nothing like that here. The original versions did that for me iirc, but not for ages06:37
Silsayea i have beryl manager installed although when i launch it by clicking on it in the system menu bar place it loads and nothing happens06:37
ugaSilsa: try running it for 2 or 3 times06:38
ugaiirc I had that happen before...06:38
Silsauga: k06:38
ugayou should see an icon on the system tray06:38
ugait may be hidden. Press the arrow to open the system tray if so06:38
=== mhma [n=mhma@] has joined #kubuntu
SilsaUga: Ok, after the 3rd time of running it I see it in the system tray but now the 3D Cube stopped working heh06:39
uzlytyytuhm can anyone help me out with the  resolv.conf issue in kubuntu?06:39
ugaSilsa: right click on the emerald icon and select your options06:40
ugaSilsa: "select window manager"06:40
ugaand set beryl06:40
=== developer [n=develope@95.pool85-58-176.dynamic.orange.es] has joined #kubuntu
SilsaUga: Ok, the window manager changed to KWin by default, I set it to Beryl again and now everything is good. Thanks much for the help06:40
denis__hm is there a german irc channel for kubuntu?06:40
=== Lurkan [n=Lurkan@] has joined #kubuntu
=== uzlytyyt [i=tIRC@ip503c9419.speed.planet.nl] has left #kubuntu []
Silsadang, kde is so much cooler than gnome wtf06:41
NickPrestadenis__, try #kubuntu-de06:41
=== oshiii-_^ [n=h1@dpc6746223141.direcpc.com] has joined #kubuntu
devianceHow can I find out if im on 32 or 64 bit06:42
=== Heis [n=kristian@42.80-202-208.nextgentel.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== sophy [n=sophy@bdv75-8-82-247-14-3.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Bleep [i=tIRC@ip503c9419.speed.planet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== Kachna is now known as Fritol
=== galathal1on [n=galathal@90-224-168-212-no128.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
ugadeviance: "uname -a"06:46
=== Fritol is now known as Kachna
Bleepwhen  i try to start kppp in Kubuntu it says im missing the "resolv.conf" file... so what should i do06:46
ugaif you are on 64 bit, it'd show "x86_64 GNU/Linux"06:46
=== bobesponja [n=bobespon@bas75-1-82-235-231-205.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
devianceLinux tim-desktop 2.6.20-16-generic #2 SMP Sun Sep 23 19:50:39 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux06:46
ugaBleep: that's strange. You should definetely have one. Check /etc/resolv.conf   Is it not there?06:47
=== ubotwo [n=ubotwo@ubuntu/bot/ubotwo] has left #kubuntu ["LjL"]
ugadeviance: you're on 32 bit version then06:47
Bleepno its not there06:47
=== quixogre [n=james@ip70-177-126-129.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
ugaBleep: maybe just create one. It's meant to contain a nameserver list. But being it empty won't harm either06:48
ugaBleep: create it with permissions: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root06:48
Silsanickpresta: Thx for ur help btw06:48
ugaie, only writeable for root06:48
=== speaker219 [n=speaker2@unaffiliated/speaker219] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== merina__ [n=merina@host-212-146-55-45.kpylaajakaista.net] has joined #kubuntu
quixogregah. tried starting beryl, ended up with plain white screen again...could it have something to do with my video card?06:48
Bleepuh... chmod ?06:48
quixogreit works fine on my laptop, just not on my PC06:48
devianceMine just contains06:49
deviancesearch Belkin06:49
JimmyDeebleep sudo nano /etc/resolve.conf06:49
Bleepah ty06:49
ugaBleep: yes. If you, like me, don't like "calculating numbers", remember this. It's easy.  u=user, g=group, o=others.   chmod u+rw foo. chmod g+r foo. chmod g-w foo...06:49
=== chook [n=chook@AStrasbourg-254-1-11-109.w90-13.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
ugaBleep: +r gives read permissions, +w, write permissions, +x execute permissions. -r, removes read permissions... etc06:50
devianceBot is down everyone06:50
=== bomber [n=bomber@c-71-233-8-127.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
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Bleeplol ty06:51
=== uga is now known as ugabot
Tm_Tbot is up06:51
ugabotBluesKaj: gutsy is unstable. Don't use it! =)06:51
=== ugabot is now known as kuga
JimmyDeenow you tell us uga06:51
=== psygrass [n=Miranda@bb-87-80-113-51.ukonline.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
kugaarf. doesn't change my nick again06:51
=== kuga is now known as uga
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ugaphew =)06:51
quixogreim gonna pretend im bot today...someone ask a stupid question06:52
=== mode/#kubuntu [+o Tm_T] by ChanServ
=== fr0z3n [n=fr0z3n@dslb-088-076-207-212.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tquixogre: should I help you out?06:52
Silsaquixogre: What is a computer?06:52
devianceGuys, offtopic?06:52
uga!where to find best single geek gals06:52
=== usser [n=dcherniv@ool-18b8e9e6.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
quixogreARGHHH! cant..compute...going offline06:53
ugaSilsa: he said stupid questions06:53
Tm_Tlisten everybody, if you like to fool around, #kubuntu-offtopic is free for that06:53
ugaSilsa: =)06:53
=== ftz_ [n=ftz@12-216-182-63.client.mchsi.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== plukin [n=plukin@dslb-084-057-004-129.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
quixogresorry Tm_T...attention deficit here. hard to stay on-topic all the time06:53
Tm_TI know06:54
Tm_Tand slight offtopicness in time to time isnt bad06:54
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tbut, too much is too much06:54
=== ftz [n=ftz@12-216-182-63.client.mchsi.com] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tubotu: welcome06:54
quixogre!hi |ubotu06:54
Bleepive configured adsl through wizard... but why is the "connect" button  grayed out?06:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about welcome - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:54
=== Beyer [n=essentia@dsl-aur-fe94dd00-217.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
NickPrestaBleep, which wizard?06:55
ubotuubotu: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!06:55
quixogrehehe i think i just put ubotu into an infinite loop....06:55
Tm_TBeyer: adsl and kppp doesnt match in my brains06:55
ftzHey are there any theme's available for Evolution?06:55
=== mode/#kubuntu [-o Tm_T] by Tm_T
Tm_Tftz: gtk that is06:56
=== stuq [n=stuq@user-160uamh.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
ftzwhat about icons?06:56
BeyerTm_T: I think you ment Bleep06:56
=== TheGateKeeper [n=m@82-36-118-96.cable.ubr03.king.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
Bleepuh... should i configure adsl only in Knetworkmagager?06:56
BluesKajhmm , wonder if there 's an editable startup file in gutsy , like the one in feisty ?06:57
Tm_TBeyer: yes, sorry ;)06:57
Tm_TBleep: yes06:57
Bleepah ty06:57
=== amerson [n=amerson@] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_TBleep: kppp is for dialup06:57
=== Kr4t05 [i=andrew@dsl-206-251-11-102.dsl0.crls.pa.net] has joined #kubuntu
BeyerI have a question, how can I run steam, when it's meant to be used with windows.06:57
Bleepdoh :P06:57
=== yeo_ [n=yeo@cpc1-cdif3-0-0-cust924.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== deb [n=deb@] has joined #kubuntu
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Tm_T!wine | Beyer06:57
=== deb is now known as knub
ubotuBeyer: wine is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information.06:57
=== plukin87 [n=plukin@dslb-084-057-004-129.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
knubTm_T: :P hi!06:58
BeyerLets see06:58
NickPrestaBleep, Steam runs fairly well through Wine but I find that it will sometimes crash randomly when you get messages from your friends or you try to send messages to friends06:58
quixogrebeyer, wines styill not quite strong enough to run heavy directX programs...better off using something like !virtualbox06:58
NickPrestaoh sorry, Beyer06:58
NickPrestaI used to play CS through Wine quite frequently. My frame rate was similar to that in Windows06:59
BeyerO__o my god..06:59
=== maks [n=maks@] has joined #kubuntu
Bleepuhm where should i fill in the IP of my ADSLmodem? under Knetworkmanager?06:59
Tm_TBleep: you should fill it because...07:00
Beyer!virtualbox | Beyer07:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #kubuntu
Beyer: (07:00
Tm_TBeyer: you can also use ubotu in pm07:00
Tm_TBeyer: as in /msg ubotu foofoo07:00
ugaBleep: usually the adsl configuration must be done in the adsl modem, not in the OS07:00
quixogreubotu is misbehaving today. someone reboot it, and clear the logfiles07:01
BeyerTm_T: Yeah, got it now :)07:01
ugaBleep: ie, the username, password, ip address, dns server list that your ISP might have provided goes into the modem07:01
ugaBleep: then the modem is usually set up to work as a dhcp server, so that the linux machine gets autoconfigured07:01
BeyerI've got wine installed already, thx to my friend :)07:02
quixogreBleep: the ADSL modem should assign an ip address to your machine automatically07:02
BluesKajstdin, ? bot needs attn07:02
BeyerMaybe I'll try with it first07:02
=== cox377 [n=cox@host-84-9-73-53.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_TBluesKaj: what?07:02
Bleepuhm ok so i should leave tcp/ip adress to automatic dhcp07:03
quixogrei need a breyl guru. any available?07:03
=== kajtek [n=kajtek@apn-99-36.gprspla.plusgsm.pl] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajubotu needs to be fixed07:03
=== lance_ [n=lance@] has joined #kubuntu
ugaBleep: that's the usual way, yes07:03
Tm_TBluesKaj: fixed?07:03
Tm_Tquixogre: in #ubuntu-effects07:03
quixogreTm_T: thanks07:03
ubotuberyl is a window manager that takes advantage of an OpenGL accelerated X environment. Help in #ubuntu-effects07:03
BluesKajok, good07:03
BluesKajsorry Tm_T, I thought the bot was on strike again :)07:04
maks   07:04
=== hellhound_ [n=hellhoun@] has joined #kubuntu
pag!ru | maks07:04
ubotumaks:    #ubuntu-ru       /  Pozhalujsta vojdite v #ubuntu-ru dlq pomoshchi na russkom qzyke07:04
uga!wb. where have you been07:04
Tm_Tuga: dont abuse07:04
=== savetheWorld is now known as savetheWorld_AFK
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due October 2007) | It is development software, as such unstable, support _only_ in #ubuntu+107:05
=== yeo_ [n=yeo@cpc1-cdif3-0-0-cust924.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
ugaTm_T: ok, ok. It was a welcoming to whoever started it up again07:05
ugaas I didn't know the owner07:05
Tm_T!away > savetheWorld_AFK07:05
BeyerSo should I open the steam.exe with the wine? Because it gives me error07:05
=== v0taguz [n=votaguz@] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuwine is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information.07:06
NickPrestaBeyer, which error?07:06
=== misu [n=misu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== kuyky [n=kuyky@] has joined #kubuntu
Beyer"Steam.exe (main exception): Cannot open blob archive file: CMultiField..." and so on07:07
v0taguzAnybody use Baghira, I have a problem with gTK aplications this don't work good exist any solution for this ?07:07
NickPrestaBeyer, if you download Steam from steampowered.com, it should give you an MSI file to install07:07
ugav0taguz: baghira is a kde style, not a gtk one07:08
ugaso there's no much you can do07:08
ubotuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php07:08
NickPrestaBeyer, actually, forget it. The MSI file doesn't work :)07:08
v0taguzBut Firefox it's Works07:09
v0taguzand Pidgin Don't work .. :S07:09
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@] has joined #kubuntu
BeyerOkey, thx again07:09
=== [IT] 4ngelus [n=4ngelus@85-18-14-47.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== bleep1 [i=tIRC@ip503c9419.speed.planet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== gutts [n=gutts@ALyon-252-1-39-112.w82-122.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
bleep1well im  back07:10
quixogre!hi |bleep107:10
ubotubleep1: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!07:10
bleep1so far ive managed to astablish a connection thru my eth0... so whats next?07:10
ugableep1: what are you trying to do?07:11
quixogrebleep1:  try pinging an external Ip. i.e. ping www.google.com07:11
=== [IT] 4ngelus [n=4ngelus@85-18-14-47.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
NickPrestaBeyer, check this out: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=1554   Go down to the "Installing and Running Steam". Just download SteamInstall.msi from steampowered.com and then use `wine start SteamInstall.msi` and it should work fine. You don't need the browser part if you aren't going to use the built-in browser...07:11
=== kajtek is now known as kajtek_
bleep1how do i communicate with my modem to login07:11
ugalogin where. You mean remotely to your kubuntu machine?07:12
bleep1via eth0 connected to adslmodem07:12
hellhound_I am using kubuntu 7.04...how do I enable a module in the kernel... i am trying to enable cdcether07:12
quixogrebleep1: can you ping any external addresses?07:12
ugableep1: yes, but you want to login... to where07:12
=== knub [n=deb@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
ugato google mail?07:12
ugato irc?07:12
bleep1my isp is pc107:13
quixogrehellhound_: apt-get install cdcether07:13
ugasorry, I picked up the conversation when you were setting up your connection07:13
quixogrehellhound_: sudo apt-get install cdcether07:13
quixogresorry, forgot sudo the first time07:13
hellhound_quixogre: so if i need to enable "CONFIG_USB_NET_CDCETHER" that command will work?07:13
quixogrehellhound, that will install the cdcether package on ubuntu...if its already installed, itwill say so07:14
bleep1well.. i dont know how to get the screen where you were asked to fill in username nad password for  internet connection07:14
ugableep1: ah, you mean in the adsl modem?07:14
bleep1uhm yes07:15
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-185-110.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== merina_ [n=merina@host-212-146-55-45.kpylaajakaista.net] has joined #kubuntu
quixogrebleep1: try using firefox, and go to the default gateway IP address. see if it allows a web interface07:15
=== denis__ is now known as Denis|weg
ugableep1: generally all of them have a default IP address and a web server. Open konqueror and
ugapossibly that's the one07:15
ugatry also,, possibly07:16
=== knub [n=deb@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Jahman [n=ooups@] has joined #kubuntu
bleep1ill try ty07:16
bleep1lol i have to disconnect to try07:16
quixogrebleep1: ifconfig find the default gateway address for eth0. thats normally the adsl router07:16
ugaah, true07:16
ugableep1: do what quixogre said07:16
=== JimmyDee [n=jmdwyer@97-86-161-253.static.stls.mo.charter.com] has left #kubuntu []
=== abominius [n=abominiu@] has joined #kubuntu
hellhound_quixogre: i get "E: Couldn't find package cdcther"  also tryied to find a cdcether in adept manager and it was not there either07:17
ugaelse now that I notice, if you run dhclient, it should respond from the modem, too07:17
quixogrehellhound_: what exactly is cdcether anyhow?07:17
=== beatmad [n=beatmad@dsl5402518F.pool.t-online.hu] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_T!find ether07:17
ubotuFound: etherape, etherboot, etherboot-doc, ethereal, ethereal-common (and 3 others)07:17
Tm_Toh well07:17
=== Ibkanat [n=Ibkanat@] has joined #kubuntu
=== abominius greetings
hellhound_quixogre: it is required to allow sychronization.  I know where it is located in the kernel.  "Device Drivers->USB Support->USB Gadget Support->Ethernet Gadget" but I do not know how to get to the kernel config07:19
=== thomas_ [n=thomas@217-148-245-65.happymany.net] has joined #kubuntu
Ibkanatany have a hp dv600007:19
=== brownas98_ [n=brownas9@79-66-66-59.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
quixogreany suggestions for a good legitimate app that does everything SATAN does? im looking for a tool to crack my password file, make sure my users arent using anything stupid07:20
=== MidMark [n=marco@host-84-220-175-92.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
quixogrehellhound_: gimme a sec, will check right quick07:20
=== fulat2k_ [n=fulat2k@] has joined #kubuntu
Ibkanatand is there a way to recreate the grub boot loader without reinstalling kubuntu07:21
thomas_hi, anyone any idea on where I can find a decent howto on getting beryl working on an integrated intel graphics card07:21
emilsedghIbkanat: yes07:21
=== x_link [n=sedde@unaffiliated/xlink] has joined #Kubuntu
emilsedghthomas_: on intel should work like a charm :)07:21
x_linkHi all Kubuntu-users =)07:21
x_linkdeb http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-357 feisty main Do I need any key for that repo?07:22
emilsedghIbkanat: search about manuals on grub-install07:22
x_linkJust re-installed it.07:22
quixogre!beryl | thomas_07:22
ubotuthomas_: beryl is a window manager that takes advantage of an OpenGL accelerated X environment. Help in #ubuntu-effects07:22
x_linkJust re-installed Kubuntu Feisty.07:22
=== DudeMan [n=man@] has joined #kubuntu
thomas_emilsedgh: but I think my 3D hardware acceleration isn't working fine07:22
quixogreIbkanat: try grub-install hd007:22
thomas_thomas@linuxbook:~$ glxinfo07:22
thomas_name of display: :0.007:22
thomas_X Error of failed request:  BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)07:23
thomas_  Major opcode of failed request:  142 (GLX)07:23
thomas_  Minor opcode of failed request:  3 (X_GLXCreateContext)07:23
thomas_  Serial number of failed request:  1607:23
thomas_  Current serial number in output stream:  1707:23
emilsedgh!pastebin | thomas_07:23
ubotuthomas_: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)07:23
=== czer323 [n=czer323@cpe-24-26-158-208.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== Indice [n=indice@spynet.sm.chereda.net] has joined #kubuntu
quixogrehellhound_: sorry mate. no luck finding the kernel package monitor...07:23
=== joseph [n=joseph@adsl-76-194-218-47.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
thomas_emilsedgh: ok, but any idea?07:23
=== joseph is now known as GUMMM
Ibkanatanyone get kubuntu stable hp dv6000? and if so what flags. I am using noapic irqpoll nodebug07:23
hellhound_quixogre: what does that mean?  I just need to know how to configure the kernel07:24
emilsedghthomas_: give me the output of beryl itself :)07:24
=== NDPMacBook [n=ndpmacbo@209-6-143-136.c3-0.wrx-ubr2.sbo-wrx.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== DudeMan is now known as d00dMan
quixogrehell. hehe means "i dont know" ask again, see if any of the really smart people know. sorry07:24
thomas_yeah, I would love to but it crashes before I can get anything07:24
=== Bleep [i=tIRC@ip503c9419.speed.planet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
thomas_have to do ctrl + alt+backspace to get out07:25
Bleepim backagain07:25
hellhound_quixogre: no problem.  thank you07:25
BleepIf i type " pc1" in konqueror it says its connected and found no files.07:25
=== [IT] 4ngelus [n=4ngelus@85-18-14-47.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
hellhound_does anyone know how to edit/configure the kernel in kubuntu 7.04?07:25
quixogreBleep: thats YOUR IP address. go to a terminal window, and type "ifconfig"07:26
=== BluesKaj [n=kaj@unaffiliated/blueskaj] has joined #kubuntu
quixogreBleep: look for "default gateway"07:27
=== d00dMan is now known as sublime
quixogrebleep: on eth007:27
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Nightwalker- [n=omena@a88-114-34-80.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
x_linkCould somebody please help me?07:27
=== ghozala [n=ghozala@] has joined #kubuntu
Bleepuhm ok im disconnected now but i can follow... so if i can find that info what should i do with it?07:28
x_linkdeb http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-357 feisty main I had this repo before to get KDE 3.5.7. I just re-installed my computer. So I don't have the key for it.07:28
quixogrebleep. type the default gateway IP adress into firefox/konqueror07:28
x_linkDoes anybody have it?07:28
Bleepok and what should i see  after that?07:28
=== lance_ [n=lance@] has joined #kubuntu
x_linkquixogre: Hi, can you help me a bit?07:29
quixogrebleep. if things go well. will bring up your ADSL configuration07:29
x_linkquixogre: If you have time over.07:29
quixogrex_link: sorry man. dont have the key for that07:29
Bleepok ty ill try it now07:29
quixogrebleep shouldnt have to disconnect.07:29
=== ouf [n=net@ppp101-101.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
=== mehdi_ [n=mehdi@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ouf [n=net@ppp101-101.adsl.forthnet.gr] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
pagx_link, http://people.ubuntu.com/~jriddell/kubuntu-packages-jriddell-key.gpg  <- that one?07:30
x_linkquixogre: Okej.07:30
=== wolfgang [n=wolfgang@p57A6755A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
x_linkpag: Okej, should I write that in my konsole?07:30
=== cynic_202 [n=cynic_20@] has joined #kubuntu
quixogrex_link: is there a reason you arent using the default kde package?07:31
=== joseph [n=joseph@adsl-76-194-218-47.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== joseph is now known as GUMMM
Dr_willisWifes trying to edit some wavs into ring tones under windows. Shes using AUdicty right now. anyone reccomend a more 'idiot friendly' tool? :) (yes i am NOT letting her read this message)07:32
pagx_link, that's just a key, not a command - you can add keys somewhere in adept I guess..07:32
=== brownas98__ [n=brownas9@79-66-66-59.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
GUMMManyone know how to install a package through the terminal....the package is not in repositories, its on my ~/Desktop07:32
=== maecker [n=maecker@static-87-245-44-44.teleos-web.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== krustyclo [n=krustycl@pool-71-104-99-22.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
quixogregumm is it a deb package?07:32
=== secleinteer [n=scl@] has joined #kubuntu
quixogregumm whats full name of the file?07:32
SilsaHow do I change what the deafault media players are for audio and video? I want VLC to be default for everything07:32
x_linkpag: Humm okej.07:33
Dr_willisthat means its not a package then. :)07:33
=== Khabarach [n=Anonymou@] has joined #kubuntu
=== tgroeber [n=tgroeber@Yc911.y.pppool.de] has joined #kubuntu
x_linkquixogre: Is there KDE 3.5.7 in the repo?07:33
=== kajtek [n=kajtek@apn-99-36.gprspla.plusgsm.pl] has joined #kubuntu
=== lance_ [n=lance@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubunturos_ [n=ubunturo@] has joined #kubuntu
x_linkpag: I saved the file.07:33
x_linkGUMMM: ?07:34
GUMMM^^^ how do i install the package boomerang-linux-alpha-0.3.tar.gz   using the terminal. the package is on my ~/Desktop07:34
=== ubunturos_ is now known as ubunturos
pagx_link, http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-357.php here are the instructions07:34
=== ubunturos [n=ubunturo@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== ubuntu_ is now known as elbuscador
quixogrex_link: not sure. think the repos uses kde3. but unsure of exact build07:35
=== ismael_ [n=ismael@r190-64-4-146.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy] has joined #kubuntu
=== Denis|weg is now known as Denis__
GUMMMwat do i do with this boomerang-linux-alpha-0.3.tar.gz07:35
=== OOD [n=OOD@dsl-135-229.aei.ca] has joined #kubuntu
pag!patience | GUMMM07:35
ubotuGUMMM: The people here are volunteers, your attitude may determine how fast you are helped.  Not everyone is available all the time, likewise not every answer is available instantly. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:35
quixogreGUMMM: gunzip boomerang-linux-alpha-0.3.tar.gz07:36
quixogreGUMMM: then tar -xvf boomerang-linux-alpha-0.3.tar07:36
=== ismael_ [n=ismael@r190-64-4-146.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== bleep1 [i=tIRC@ip503c9419.speed.planet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
quixogreGUMMM: that will unzip it. then just cd into the directory, and vi README07:37
Dr_willisThen ya get to have fun compiling it. :)07:37
GUMMMwat does tar do?07:37
=== bulletxt [n=bulletxt@85-18-14-30.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
bleep1im back again07:37
GUMMMok thanx07:37
quixogregummm what you currently have is a "tarball" file...tar -xvf will untar it07:38
=== ismael_ [n=ismael@r190-64-4-146.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy] has joined #kubuntu
x_linkquixogre: Okej, thanks anyway.07:38
bleep1i cant see "default gateway" after ifconfig07:38
=== x_link [n=sedde@unaffiliated/xlink] has left #Kubuntu []
=== bulletxt [n=bulletxt@85-18-14-30.fastres.net] has left #kubuntu ["Time]
quixogrebleep1: are you running kubuntu right now?07:38
=== speaker219 [n=speaker2@unaffiliated/speaker219] has joined #kubuntu
=== antonio__ [n=antonio@161.Red-88-3-255.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== leileilol [n=Hsi@c-75-68-126-191.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
ismael_I recovered a file from a damaged cd, but only got parts of it. I know I can find the exact file on amule. How do I tell amule to use the parts of the file that I already got?07:39
bleep1what i can see> inet addr: etc07:39
bleep1yes on my laptop07:39
quixogrebleep1: after inet line, what else does it show?07:40
=== silvia [n=silvia@77-85-66-196.btc-net.bg] has joined #kubuntu
=== merina__ [n=merina@host-212-146-55-45.kpylaajakaista.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== guerrab [n=guerrab@mar92-12-88-162-230-91.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== stovo [n=stovo@] has joined #kubuntu
bleep1bcast: mask:
bleep1link encap: local loopback07:41
bleep1inet addr: mask:
quixogrebleep1: okay. just a sec....07:41
=== boris [n=boris@sdgate2.sava.sczg.hr] has joined #kubuntu
quixogrebleep1. ping
=== kozz_ [i=kozz@81-232-134-52-no22.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
quixogrebleep1: do you get a response?07:42
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=== NotSure [n=ubuntu@cpe-74-73-3-236.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
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bleep1network is  unreachable (im disconnected and chatting in XP)07:43
quixogrebleep1: can you use IRC from the laptop?07:44
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Ultran00bHey folks07:47
bleep2back again07:48
tarball-zwb bleep207:48
=== mooper [n=andrew@88-97-31-55.dsl.zen.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
tarball-zbleep2. can you connect to the internet through the ubuntu laptop?07:48
=== dthacker wonders if netstat -rn would show something
mooperhow do I change my screen resolution?07:48
bleep2PING ( 56(84) bytes of data07:48
tekstacyis there a way to speed up boot or return from hibernate?07:48
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type  sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto07:49
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Dr_willisreturn from hibernate should be very fast. if it works. :)07:49
bleep2From icmp_seq=2  Destination Host Unreachable     ......repeating07:49
=== TheGateKeeper [n=m@82-36-118-96.cable.ubr03.king.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
tarball-zbleep2: press CTRL+C07:49
Dr_willisas for boot speeds.. - well disable unneeded services is about all you can do.07:49
kajtek__has anybody connect to internet with Pentagram Hornrt (rt8185)?07:49
Ultran00bI was wondering where I can download and how I can install offline packages, without using adapt07:49
tekstacyit's a little faster then booting, but still slow.07:49
bleep2ok i stopped07:50
tarball-zUltran00b: what packages are you trying to install?07:50
Ultran00bI want to play mp3 files, but dont have an internet connection on the laptop yet07:50
Ultran00bWas looking to install extracodeclib from xine07:50
SilsaIm having some probelms with my wireless connections. When I enable WEP encryption on my router, I simply can not conect (or any router with wep enabled). I know for sure the authentication key im using is entered in correctly but everytime it fails to connnect. If I disable security (turn wep off) I can connect to my router just fine. Any ideas?07:50
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tarball-zbleep2: so thats not your gateway... just a sec07:51
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tarball-z!wifi | silsa07:52
ubotusilsa: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:52
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dthackerbleep2: type sudo netstat -rn and tell us what the line says that starts with
=== Lurkan [n=Lurkan@] has joined #kubuntu
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tarball-zdthacker, stop07:53
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tarball-zbleep2 ignore that07:53
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uga|awayuhm... stupid gutsy updates...07:53
=== anthony [n=anthony@] has joined #kubuntu
uga|awayanyone also sees that now after loading the kde desktop, the arrow becomes a cross, first?07:54
=== uga|away is now known as uga
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peter_can anyone help me out with sharing files between host and guest on virtual box07:54
dthackertarball-z: could you explain why, please?07:54
ugaonly clicking somewhere the arrow becomes normal again07:54
ismael_I recovered a file from a damaged cd, but only got parts of it. I know I can find the exact file on amule. How do I tell amule to use the parts of the file that I already got?07:54
=== jp_ [n=moi@AToulouse-257-1-110-109.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Dr_willischeck the amule settings? amule isent torrent is it? So i dont think it can.07:54
Dr_willis!info amule07:55
ubotuamule: client for the eD2k and Kad networks, like eMule. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.3-1ubuntu2 (feisty), package size 1266 kB, installed size 3452 kB07:55
=== easytiger [n=gerry@host86-150-251-179.range86-150.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisunless theres a verify data option.07:55
ugapeter_: didnt' work for me. It's meant to work by going into searching whole network, and selecting the machine, as if it wre a a smb share, but didn't quite manage, here07:55
peter_can anyone help me out with sharing files between host and guest on virtual box?:)07:55
ugapeter_: a trick is to upload to a web and download from there, if it's not importating ;)07:55
Dr_willispeter_,  i always set up samba for my vmware machines to transfer stuff around07:55
Dr_willisor ssh :)07:55
ugaDr_willis: worked like charm for me in vmware07:55
uganot in vbox07:56
tarball-zdthacker, sorry, thought you were playing tricks...-rn option actually would work07:56
peter_yea i thought of that trick ...but it bothers me that i can't share it otherwise ..07:56
=== nosrednaekim [n=michael@04-159.200.popsite.net] has joined #kubuntu
NotSurefolks, i have installed kubuntu, but when i go back to gnome the desks titlebars are screwed up07:56
tarball-zbleep2: do what dthacker said. netstat -rn07:56
=== david___ [n=david@218.pool85-50-87.dynamic.orange.es] has joined #kubuntu
dthackertarball-z: np.  :)07:57
[IT] 4ngelushello07:57
nosrednaekimNotSure: how so?07:57
=== kuyky [n=kuyky@] has joined #kubuntu
NotSurei don't know07:57
NotSurebut if i open a program on desk 107:57
nosrednaekimwhat do you mean screwed up then?07:57
tarball-znotsure: "screwed up" in what way?07:57
Dr_willisuga,  now ya know why i use vmware and not virtualbox. :)07:57
NotSurethen goto desk207:57
[IT] 4ngelusis there any GUI to use loks encrypted disk?07:57
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estovesHow do i get pidgin to show buddy-icons in an chat window next to the typing box and not above the text window?07:57
[IT] 4ngelusluks*07:57
NotSurethe titlebar for that program will show up on desk207:57
bleep3back again07:57
ugaDr_willis: I've only used vbox a couple times yet07:58
SilsaI want to set up a fire wall that lets me know initially about all new connections and lets me choose whether or not to allow the connection. Can guarddog or whatever it is do this? If so, how do I get guarddog?07:58
NotSureif I open program P on desk1 and goto desk2, program P's titlebard shows up on desk207:58
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nonewmsgs! mp307:58
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:58
nosrednaekimNotSure: thats odd, are you running compiz?07:58
ugaDr_willis: and vmware is more troublesome generally. Especially when it comes to restarting the services, killing them, or building new modules07:58
bleep3it says:
Dr_willisuga,  i normally test out live cd/isos - and vbox has given me huge issues with them. So its vmware for me for a while still.07:58
NotSurewhat is compiz?07:58
nosrednaekimNotSure: fancy effects07:58
gustavocould anyone give me a invitation to demonoid? XD07:58
NotSureno fancies07:58
Dr_willisuga,  i find vmware less trouble. :) but it deends on what you are doing i guess.07:58
ugaubotu: hello?07:58
=== plukin [n=plukin@dslb-084-057-004-129.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
NotSureregular stuff07:58
ugaubotu went dead?07:59
NotSureno beryl07:59
[IT] 4ngelusSilsa: guardog is protocol/port based07:59
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - Help in #ubuntu-effects07:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hello? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about went dead? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:59
bleep3in the gatway column its all
ugaheh, he's having jetlag ;)07:59
nosrednaekimNotSure: ah.. k. I really think this is a question for #ubuntu then as it seems to be a gnome problem.07:59
NotSureno no07:59
NotSurenot just gnome07:59
=== joseph [n=joseph@adsl-76-194-218-47.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
Silsa4ngelus: How exactly do I go about installing guarddog?07:59
NotSurecause it is after kde07:59
=== joseph is now known as GUMMM
nosrednaekimNotSure: does it happen in KDE?07:59
GUMMMdoes linux come with a java compiler?07:59
nosrednaekimNotSure: oh :)07:59
NotSuregot it?08:00
NotSurethe desks  are messed up08:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekimNotSure: does it happen to EVERY app you start, or only a select few08:00
=== Ultran00b isnt called ultran00b for nothing...
hvontres|zzZZzzwindow close08:00
NotSureevery one!08:00
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Ultran00bCan anyone tell me how to install a .deb file using terminal??08:00
tarball-zbleep okay. yer getting the default IP address that the system creates if it cant find a dhcp server...08:00
NotSureevery application will have titlebar showing up on the desk it does not belong to08:00
=== Kachna [n=kachna@r6az240.net.upc.cz] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekimNotSure: wow... let me google that.08:00
[IT] 4ngelusSilsa: what distro are you using?08:00
NotSureyou will find it nosrednaekim08:00
NotSurebecause it is there08:01
[IT] 4ngelusSilsa: kubuntu of course :D08:01
NotSurei already googled08:01
NotSureand i thought there would be hot fix for it08:01
nosrednaekimNotSure: what do you mean "title bar" does the whole window appear there?08:01
NotSureno nosrednaekim08:01
=== Scotty [n=Scotty@unaffiliated/scotty] has joined #kubuntu
Silsa4ngelus: Yea im using Kubuntu... kde and the like :)08:01
NotSurenot the whole window08:01
denis__need a program08:01
bleep3normaly in XP i have to punch in  my tcp/ip settings > and subnetmask
NotSurejust titlebar08:01
[IT] 4ngelusSilsa: open Konsole and type     sudo apt-get install guarddog08:01
denis__to burn secured dvd's08:01
NotSureit is on google08:01
nosrednaekimNotSure: how do just title bars appear...can you make them into a window?08:01
Silsa4ngelus: Ah k, cool. Thanks08:02
denis__is there any solution ?08:02
nosrednaekimlike, are they "shaded"?08:02
[IT] 4ngeluscan anyone help?08:02
tarball-zbleep3..WHERE do you enter that iunformation at in XP?08:02
=== demon_spork [n=msuiter@72-161-25-69.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekimNotSure: can you right click on the title bar and unshade it?08:02
=== plukin [n=plukin@dslb-084-057-004-129.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== hero [n=scarlet@unaffiliated/hero] has joined #kubuntu
tarball-zbleep3. so you have to manually configure your Ip address in XP every time?08:03
=== bast_ [n=bast@] has joined #kubuntu
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@] has joined #kubuntu
bleep3one time only08:03
[IT] 4ngelusI have an encrypted disk (crypted with cryptsetup), do you know any gui in kubuntu wich asks for passphrase and mount the volume?08:03
tarball-zokay. in that case, enter that same info in the knetworkmanager08:03
bleep3host name or ip adress = pc108:04
tarball-zbast_: hi08:04
=== plukin [n=plukin@dslb-084-057-004-129.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
Dr_willisTwiddling with some wav files - trying to make them small for ring tones. Converting to mono. but they are all 44100Hz - If i try to reduce the rate. They 'slow down' - any other way to make them smaller? quality dosent have to be that great.08:05
ismael_Dr_willis: what are you using to manipulate them?08:05
=== Czessi-m [n=Czessi-m@dslb-088-073-021-013.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
NotSurenosrednaekim, if i click on window titlebar on taskbar, i will get transferred to the desk which the window actually belongs to08:06
=== merina_ [n=merina@host-212-146-55-45.kpylaajakaista.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu__ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== angasule [n=angasule@] has joined #kubuntu
tarball-zNotSure: are the title bars appearing at the bottom of the screen, on the taskbar?08:06
angasuledoes kubuntu have a volatile repo?08:06
nosrednaekimNotSure: i'll look into it08:06
NotSuretarball-z, yes08:06
nosrednaekimangasule: lol... read that article?08:06
nosrednaekimangasule: no, its doesn't afaik08:07
NotSurenosrednaekim, it is on google but i just don't have the URL right now08:07
tarball-zNotSure: think thats normal...so you can quickly switch apps, without firsty switching desktops08:07
=== Alp` [n=Alp@dslb-084-058-143-123.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
angasulenosrednaekim: yeah, but I've liked volatile for a time, I use both kubuntu (desktop) and debian (craptop and server)08:07
NotSuretarball-z, it is not normal, window's titlebar is supposed to show up only on the desk to which it belongs, otherwise it creates mess08:07
=== plukin [n=plukin@dslb-084-057-004-129.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
NotSurethe 'wrong' titlebars that belong to other desks appear to be flashing08:08
tarball-zNotSure: lol then mines hosed too....thought it was a feature, not a bug08:08
=== ugo [n=ugo@d83-181-229-201.cust.tele2.it] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajDr_willis, mp3 them08:08
NotSuretarball-z, it is a bug08:08
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NotSuretarball-z,  i repeat, it is a bug, it is a result of messing up x08:08
NotSurethere are google reports on it08:09
tarball-zblah. stupid Xwindows...i miss the days of straight terminal..08:09
=== bast__ [n=bast@89-178-217-8.broadband.corbina.ru] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekimNotSure: could you get me one of these reports?08:09
=== sad [n=sad@klient-75-239-63.petrus.com.pl] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekimI might be able to find a fix08:09
=== silvia [n=silvia@77-85-68-180.btc-net.bg] has joined #kubuntu
NotSurenosrednaekim, i am looking for one right now08:09
=== brownas98__ [n=brownas9@79-66-66-59.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== bleep1 [i=tIRC@ip503c9419.speed.planet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
bleep1back again08:10
=== freelock [n=john@foraker.freelock.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== Zeelot [n=zeelot@becks2.fiu.edu] has joined #kubuntu
bleep1when i try to setup tcp/ip manually and click ok it says:  default gateway adress invalid08:11
dthackerbleep1: what address are you using?08:11
=== martinus [n=martinus@static216-75.adsl.no] has joined #kubuntu
tarball-zbleep1, what default gateway address do you put in?08:11
=== uga [n=uga@unaffiliated/uga] has joined #kubuntu
bleep110.0.0.150  subnetmask
bleep1its empty08:12
=== mindspin [n=mindspin@unaffiliated/mindspin] has joined #kubuntu
nonewmsgswtf will vlc media player play my mp3s but not amorak? i am using the nonfree codecs08:12
tarball-zbleep1. you HAVE to enter a default gateway...thats the IP address of your ADSL card08:12
tarball-z!mp3 | nonewmsgs08:13
ubotunonewmsgs: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:13
=== usser [n=dcherniv@ool-18b8e9e6.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
nonewmsgstarball i have alraedy done that08:13
ugaokay, new bug in gutsy kde. so annoying08:13
nonewmsgsand some programs act like they need their own codec anyway but i dont see anything in synaptic08:13
tarball-znonewmsgs: not all players play mp3 formats08:14
=== bast__ [n=bast@89-178-217-8.broadband.corbina.ru] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajnonewmsgs, for amarok mp3 capability sudo aptitude install libxine-extracodecs08:14
tarball-z!ru | bast08:14
ubotubast:    #ubuntu-ru       /  Pozhalujsta vojdite v #ubuntu-ru dlq pomoshchi na russkom qzyke08:14
RivaeAeryaHi all. I used the script to mount my windows partition into Linux, but now i can't mount other stuff anymore, and the reason is "Line 9 in /etc/fstab is bad". Anyone?08:14
tarball-zrivae, paste line 9 in /etc/fstab into chat08:15
=== gustavo is now known as GuHHH
bast__tarball-z hi08:16
=== dominicl [n=dominicl@mail2.pgri.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== arash [n=chatzill@c-3e1672d5.08-80-73746f22.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
tarball-zbast__: priviet08:16
=== dominicl is now known as dom
=== nonewmsgs [n=william@pool-72-95-209-74.pitbpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajnonewmsgs, did you install libxine-extracodecs08:17
=== ashley_ [n=ashley@AC9FDD82.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
tarball-zRivaeAerya: what does line 9 in /etc/fstab say?08:17
martinushi, I've encountered an issue with my sound-card, which again seems to affect kiba-dock. Have searched a bit, but ant find anything. The output from starting kiba in terminal is:08:17
RivaeAeryatarball-z: nevermind, solved it08:17
=== ashley_ is now known as ashley1
=== xenol [n=xenol@adsl-dyn35.91-127-75.t-com.sk] has joined #kubuntu
domhi guys, I was wondering if anyone here has worked much with bugzilla?  i'm moving my installation from one server to another so I want to turn off bugzilla on the old server.  i vaguely remember some sort of config paramter you can set so when someone goes to the bugzilla site, it just says "this website is off" or something like that...08:18
xenolplz where can i change themes?08:18
martinus ALSA lib control.c:909:(snd_ctl_open_noupdate) Invalid CTL08:18
=== tjanssen [n=tjanssen@CPE001a70d1c72d-CM00159a4026c4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
martinuskiba-volume amixer: Control info  error: No such file or directory08:18
martinusSegmentation fault (core dumped)08:18
=== usser [n=dcherniv@ool-18b8e9e6.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
martinusxenol: which window manager are you using?08:19
=== amerson__ [n=amerson@] has joined #kubuntu
xenolmartinus: kdm themes08:19
=== ashley1 [n=ashley@AC9FDD82.ipt.aol.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kdm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:19
=== hellhound_ [n=hellhoun@] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kdmthemes - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:19
ubotuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu:  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop , or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE) . Latest KDE version is 3.5.7 for Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org) for more information.08:20
=== bleep [i=tIRC@ip503c9419.speed.planet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
hellhound_how do you upgrade the kernel in kubuntu... i want to install
bleepback again08:20
bleepim giving up... its too blurry for me.  thnx for the help anyway tarbal08:21
ubotuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE08:21
martinusxenol: have you visited www.kde-look.org ? A lot of good tips & tricks08:21
tarball-zbleep, sorry we couldnt get it running....08:21
nonewmsgsso you mean to tell me xine and amorak dont support mp3s08:21
=== salvador [n=salvador@host8-127-dynamic.2-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
xenolmartinus: yes only want to install simple theme08:21
bast__tarball-z tnx08:21
SilsaHow do I install Wine?08:21
xenolwait i post screen hope u will be able to tell me how can i get there08:21
bleepit could be specific because of my type of adsl08:21
xenolSilsa: sudo apt-get install wine08:22
=== bia [n=bia@p54BE6843.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
Silsaxenol: Thx08:22
biagood evening, i need german help please08:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about germany - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:23
ubotu#ubuntu-gr  #kubuntu-gr     /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes08:23
=== belen [n=belen@81.Red-83-50-245.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
tarball-zbleep sounds like ubuntu doesnt resolve your gateway. call your ISP and find out what the default gateway is, and that should fix the problem08:23
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de08:23
=== oslo [n=oslo@alf94-5-82-225-102-119.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
bast__I have come to Ru08:23
ubotu   #ubuntu-ru       /  Pozhalujsta vojdite v #ubuntu-ru dlq pomoshchi na russkom qzyke08:23
bleepk thnx08:23
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ugaanyone running gutsy here? can you confirm if the process "import" starts up once you login into the kde session?08:25
ugawith an up-to-date kde08:25
ugasomething got broken, an dI don't think it's my configs08:25
bast_Hi, I have a problem08:25
tarball-zbast_: whats the problem?08:26
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bast_Minutes ...08:26
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hellhound_i am trying to update my kernel following this site "http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-upgrade-kernel2622-9-generic-in-feisty-fawn.html"   but I get an error when I run "sudo apt-get update"  the error is "E:  Type ''deb' is not known on line 48 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list"08:28
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nosrednaekimhellhound_: what does line 48 of that file say?08:29
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bast_Today I have established to myself initng - all works...08:31
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hellhound_nosrednaekim: 'deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ gutsy main restricted'08:32
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bast_But the computer does not see network connection (i use ubuntu.help)08:32
nosrednaekimhellhound_: is it in quotes?08:32
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hellhound_nosrednaekim: it is in single quotes08:33
nosrednaekimremove them.08:33
devianceAnyone here managed to get Compiz-fusion working on kubuntu? Mind telling me how not to loose the window decorations?08:33
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nosrednaekiminstall emerald08:34
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devianceI have08:34
devianceBut emerald doesnt work08:34
martinusdeviance: yep, remember to install emerald in addition to compiz08:34
TheGateKeeperwould it be possible for me to use the dapper version of k3b in a more recent version of kubuntu ?08:35
devianceI have08:35
bast_... Perhaps, such questions cannot be set?08:35
martinusdeviance: Then press alt + f2 and type: compiz --replace & emerald --replace08:35
martinusdeviance: default bit depth in xorg.conf also has to be set to 2408:36
devianceNope, no window decoration08:36
deviancemartinus: How can I check what its set to?08:36
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martinusdeviance: open a terminal and type: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:37
xenolplease is there any way i can restore the original kubuntu theme?08:37
martinusdeviance: be very carefyl as doing the wrong things in there can mess up your display08:37
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martinusdeviance: be very carefyl as doing the wrong things in there can mess up your display08:38
deviance  SubSection "Display"08:39
deviance    depth 2408:39
martinusdeviance: there should be a line called DefaultDepth under Section "Screen"08:39
nonewmsgsdo the repositories seem slow lately?08:40
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deviancemartinus: http://pastebin.ca/72080908:41
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