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troy_swtf are you doing in here luisbg03:07
troy_stwo of you03:07
luisbgtroy_s, shut up03:08
_MMA_troy_s: Yeah. You're late. We've been in here for days now.03:08
troy_sskulking freaks.03:08
luisbgfreaky stalkers03:09
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DanaGHmm, I'm glad I was able to find a way  to get back the old font rendering -- the new lcd filter gives me eyestrain.06:46
DanaGBut somehow, it's still not quite the same as Feisty.06:46
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kwwii_MMA_: played with a wallpaper idea for -studio10:09
kwwiiguess it is 4am for you - be amazed if you are up10:10
nothlit`alpha kwwii: this guy has feisty installed on two machines http://portfolio.cgsociety.org/recent/cgt_button_redirect.php?userid=16513510:29
kwwiicool, he does some neat work on 3d games10:55
nothliti can look up more cgsociety ubuntu-using artists to 'draft'10:57
kwwiibut I bet he does not do any modeling on linux10:57
nothliti've been looking up mostly the 2d artists anyways10:58
nothlitbut things like maya run on linux10:59
=== kwwii is off for family day at my wife's company
nothlit`alphawait, i sent you a pm11:02
nothlit`alphajust want to know whats going on11:02
kwwiiif you do it with a nick that is not registered it won't work11:03
nothlitthanks for the tip11:03
lassegulgood morning11:09
nothlitgood evening lol :D11:09
lassegulwhere are you located?11:10
nothlithong kong11:10
lassegulok. hows it going with the art.ubuntu.com project?11:11
nothlitnothing since i've talked to matthew, mostly taken as far as i can until the meeting11:12
nothlitlassegul: look at the scrollback, been looking for ubuntu users @ cgsociety, will probably do a search through deviantart/gnome-look later11:15
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lassegulnothlit: whats your take on deviantart? Will you just find people who you think makes fitting art, or will you search for ubuntu users or what?01:39
nothlitlassegul: looking for those who already create ubuntu art01:43
lassegulnothlit: ok.01:43
nothlitnot just a lot of artists in the ubuntu community that arne't being tapped01:44
nothlitby those creating ubuntu art01:44
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_MMA_kwwii: Hi. I'm up now. :)02:34
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_MMA_kwwii: You didnt post the wall to the wiki? Or you wanted me to peak at it 1st? :)03:08
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terlmanntoday is Sunday september 30th. It appears to be a Missouri weather day with cool winds blowing steadily with a scent of the far-off hills.05:28
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dmccallHm... the GNOME Desktop Devel mailing list has a discussion about timelapsed backgrounds probably coming in 2.22. Could be worth thinking about for Hardy ;)11:10
dmccallParticularly cool sounding is that backgrounds can be set for times of day, so there could be a morning / day / night version of a wallpaper11:12
dmccallDawn of Ubuntu, Night of Ubuntu and Ubuntu Spring -- search gnome-look -- are three wallpapers that could, for example, be quite effective with that11:12
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Viper550Hey everyone, long time no pay attention11:14
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lassegulhi sketec you got in!12:19
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TiaGo|SouZadoes anybody here know if the final artwork is already in the gutsy beta, or will it be added in the final release?12:28

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