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brownie17jrib, i'm here02:07
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brownie17sorry for making you wait. needed bathroom02:07
jribok, first thing to understand is the basic syntax of convert02:07
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darkchr0n0swhat are we learning today ?02:07
brownie17darkchr0n0s, batch image conversion with imagemagick02:08
jribso, according to http://www.imagemagick.org/script/convert.php, it's  convert IN_FILE OUT_FILE02:08
jribconvert doesn't change the image you give it, it saves the change as OUT_FILE and leaves IN_FILE alone02:08
brownie17jrib, yes. i aslo tried the 'mogrify' option instead of convert, which i think just modifies the original files02:08
jribwhich one do you want to use?02:08
jribmogrify will leave you with no backups02:08
brownie17jrib, i'd prefer mogrify02:08
brownie17jrib, i already made backups02:09
jribso my command should work if you change "convert" to "mogrify"02:09
jribfind /some/directory -iname '*.jpg' -exec convert -interlace none '{}' \;02:09
jribfind /some/directory -iname '*.jpg' -exec mogrify -interlace none '{}' \;02:09
brownie17okay ahh, i leave the  '{}' \;    exactly as it is?02:10
jribyou can omit "/some/directory" if you are in the directory already that you want to start it02:10
jribbrownie17: yes, '{}' gets changed to the filename that find finds, and "\;" is just an escaped ";" to specify the end of the command that you want find to execute02:10
brownie17jrib, k it's working02:11
brownie17sorry i mean02:12
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brownie17it is currently doing the task, i don't know if it's functioning correctly02:12
brownie17jrib, there's around 80 meg of 50-100 kb images each. so i expect it to take a considerable amount of time02:13
darkchr0n0sbrownie17 :  try on single image first?02:13
brownie17darkchr0n0s, i made backups, so that's no worry. but i'd rather not CTRL+C out of this in case it ruins some of the images.02:14
brownie17darkchr0n0s, in other words, too late! ;D02:14
brownie17one or two of the jpgs have been reported as corrupt, but that's to be expected i think. i haven't verified all of these are already working fine02:15
brownie17jrib, okay it's finished the process now, checking the files they all appear intact, how can i quickly check a single file to see if it is baseline or progressive?02:17
jribno idea02:17
brownie17jrib, k thanks so much for your help02:17
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