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mdkemorning all09:42
CIA-18Ubuntu Documentation: mdke gutsy * r4403 / (3 files in 3 dirs): server material needs an omf file (LP: 144788)09:46
mdkegeez we havea lot of bugs10:11
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mdkehi dsas11:43
dsashi mdke11:43
mdkedsas: saw your email asking for svn access; I'm perfectly happy with arranging that, your patches are always good. Do you think you will be contributing regularly in the future11:45
dsasmdke: I hope so, I was meaning to do more this cycle but never quite found the time to do *anything* Ubuntu related up until just recently. Honestly I don't plan to write huge swathes of documentation, but I'm quite happy being a janitor.11:48
dsasmdke: If there's a plan to move to bzr I'm quite happy to wait until that happens.11:48
mdkedsas: ok, well since we're in string freeze now it's likely that we will address the bzr issue before any serious work begins on material for the next release, I guess11:49
dsasok cool :), is there anything needed to be done on the "moving to bzr" front?11:49
mdkenot for the moment, I suspect11:50
mdkeI'm not going to think about it until I've been able to catch up on bugs and sort translations out for gutsy11:51
dsasok, I suspected as much. Do the translations still take lots of work?11:54
mdkeI haven't tried yet, but I bet they will, yeah11:55
mdkethere is no real way around it, tbh11:56
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LaserJockmdke: is the Edubuntu Handbook in the yelp frontpage like in Feisty? and if not (I don't see it) could you update the yelp layout?05:54
LaserJockanybody notice that the yelp search gives a lot of false results?05:55
nixternalwell hello there mr. jordan!06:08
LaserJockhi nixternal06:09
LaserJockI did a search for Edubuntu and got hits on Gnumeric and User Switcher Applet06:10
oreomastaEclipseIDE (http://tinyurl.com/2szdpk) was listed in CategoryCleanup and I've been working on some organization edits after reading through the WikiGuide standards of documentaion. I'm wondering if the more experienced wiki editors in here see any glaring problems that I could work on to get it out of Category Cleanup.06:40
oreomastaHere's the diff of when it was tagged with category cleanup and now: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EclipseIDE?action=diff&rev2=31&rev1=2506:41
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mdkeLaserJock: did we do that in feisty? wow. I can't remember how...08:22
mdkeLaserJock: as for search, I've seen plenty of bugs about search, no idea what is wrong with it08:23
LaserJockit's kinda odd08:23
LaserJockit seems to take text from the Edubuntu docs and associate it with other docs08:23
LaserJockmdke: you added the Edubuntu Handbook in the sidebar08:24
mdkehmm. you're sure? lemme try and find out how.08:25
mdkeah, yeah08:25
mdkeyeah, ok08:27
mdkeLaserJock: I need to check with Don about whether it will still work the same way, and I'll sort it when he replies08:28
LaserJockif you can maybe CC me on that I'd appreciate it08:28
mdkeLaserJock: too late, sorry08:33
mdkeI'll forward it, if that helps08:33
LaserJockjust need something to remind me ;-)08:33
mdkei see not everyone is convinced about the packaging guide moving to the wiki08:35
LaserJockyeah :/08:35
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