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sbalneavEvening all03:54
=== pauljw [n=paul@pool8.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #edubuntu
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nicetryhow do i install the fonts for wine file/?05:22
sbalneavNot sure what you mean.05:26
nicetrywhen i open a program useing wine file the program opens but does not show the font05:36
sbalneavWhich program?  I need a little more information.05:39
sbalneavI'm using wine here, and things work ok for me.05:40
sbalneavIf you run winmine, you you see the fonts?05:44
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sbalneavHey, dude!06:01
sbalneavHow's the system?06:01
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moquistsbalneav: coming right along. 2 of my 3 RAID5 drives died on the same day...the day when I began to rsync my data to my new server.06:07
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vbu-Ingvarwhats the release-date for Gutsy?10:09
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RichEdping ogra10:40
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KubuntuHow do I start Thin Client Manager?01:35
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RichEdhi bddebian04:17
bddebianHello RichEd04:18
RichEdogra: any feedback on the beta yet ?04:35
RichEdany major problems reported ?04:35
ograwell, given that i couldnt get any mails until now i'm not sure04:35
ogranothing in the bugs though beyond the destrous ones we already have04:36
RichEdi haven't seen any heated issues in this channel yet :)04:36
ograwell, the installer needs to work, which it doesnt yet ... and i'm solwly running out of time04:36
RichEddisastrous i think04:37
ograsbalneav_, thanks04:37
sbalneav_We'll get it right eventually :)04:37
ograthe question is *when is eventually*04:37
ograi'm missing time to work on it04:37
sbalneav_So, what's you're rate of "running out of time"?  1s/s?04:37
ograsbalneav_, some business things that have to go first04:37
ograplus my server brakdown that will still cost me the rest of the day so i get to a minimal mail state here again04:38
ograi got the major stuff switched over to gmail ... but not all yet04:38
ograsbalneav_, did you try an ltsp-build-clien with the recent package ?04:43
sbalneav_Did one 2 days ago04:44
sbalneav_worked ok for me.04:44
ograall fine ?04:44
ograat least that works :)04:44
sbalneav_I haven't done any fresh cd installs yet.04:44
sbalneav_Should I hold off for now?04:45
ograyou can try but there were no changes since beta progress gets stuck at 0% for 20min04:45
ograbad thing is that fixing it is *extremely* time consuming04:48
ogra(you need to do a complete install to test every change ... )04:49
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New2thisi have an edubuntu 7.10 problem05:28
New2thisthe dhcp server doesnt seem to be working ( clean install )05:29
New2thisand becasue if that i cant get the LTSP to work either05:29
New2thisi have no idea how to "fix" this broken beta ?05:29
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ograNew2this, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/+bug/145382 ??05:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 145382 in udev "[Gutsy]  broken 70-persistent-net.rules" [High,Confirmed] 05:31
ogracheck /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules05:31
ograif that has anything like ATTRS{address}=="" then its the same bug05:32
New2thisthat bugs page loads up blank for me05:32
New2thischecking 70-persistant now05:32
ograthe bugpage looks fine here05:32
New2thisthis is a vista machine... probbly why it dont work lol05:33
sgonzalezHi.. I have fiesty set up as a terminal server. I occasionally have a user whose desktop comes up with no menus across the top and no items on their desktop. When that happens, I generally back up their files, then run rm -rf <user home directory> and they log in and get a new home. I have a user for whom this desktop issue is persisting, and in fact it remembers her desktop background. Any ideas why I can't seem to get rid of this problem?05:34
New2thisfound tyhe file05:34
New2thisit has 9 entrys05:34
New2thisATTRS{address}=="" some eth0 some eth105:35
ogrado you have 9 network cards ?05:35
ograheh, yes05:35
New2this2 2 cards05:35
ografix that file and you should be fine05:35
New2thisjust delete the ARRT lines ?05:35
ograi.e. remove all entries that have no MAC address in ATTRS{address}==""05:36
ograand then ifx the remaining ones05:36
New2thisthe last 2 entries are correct05:36
ogranext reboot all should be fine05:36
New2thisthat have the addresses eth2 and 305:36
ogramake them eth0 and eth105:37
ograon reboot udev will then do the right thing05:37
New2thisok cool05:38
New2thisjust gotta edit it in nano..05:38
New2thisok rebooting linux box05:40
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=== oshiii-_^ is now known as oshiii^_^
cliebow_anyone care to help with an upgrade prob? associated with hal?05:43
ogranot sure there is a fix yet ...05:43
ograthe upgrade cant restart it, right ?05:43
cliebow_know n issue though?05:44
cliebow_restart dies at kernel log daemon05:44
ograi saw a powermanager bug that was based on this one05:44
ograwell, thats not hal then but syslog05:44
=== oshiii^_^ [n=h1@unaffiliated/oshiii/x-3278] has joined #edubuntu
cliebow_so i stated machine in what i had.... slax..and did a chroot..and dist-upgrade..that dies with hal..05:45
ogramounted roc in the chroot ?05:46
ograhald will likely want to look at /proc/sys stuff05:46
cliebow_where should i go from here...05:46
ograchrooting doesnt mount it :)05:46
ograif you are in the chroot make sure /proc and /sys are mounted05:47
cliebow_seems not to..05:47
ogramake your upgrade ... and dont forget to unmount both before leaving the chroot05:47
cliebow_it is comtinuing on..maybe that satisfied it..05:48
New2thismy dhcp still wont start :(05:52
New2thisi can now stop it successfully05:52
ograthe interface is there now ?05:52
New2thisbut still comes up with a fail when i try to start it05:52
ogracheck with "ifconfig -a"05:52
New2thisboth present and accounted for05:53
New2thisneither have an ip address05:53
New2thisbefore i edited the file, my want card would get an ip address and allow internet access05:54
New2thisin the file i deleted all the spare ATTRS lines05:55
New2thisnow i have #pci device .. blagh blah05:56
New2thistwo times05:56
ograyeah thats fine06:02
ogracheck /etc/network/interfaces06:02
ograit should at least ave an entry for th static ltsp device06:02
ograprobably they are the wrong way around now06:03
ogra(eth0 swapped with eth1)06:03
New2thisok checking06:03
New2thisjust waiting for computer to finish rebooting again06:09
ogragood :)06:11
New2thisThank you!!06:11
New2this12 computers now booting up via PXE06:12
New2thissuch a beautil thnig to see06:12
ograthere might be another bug with the login, but lets see06:12
New2thisyoure right06:13
New2thisi cant login06:13
New2thiswork station isnt authorised06:14
ograrun: sudo ltsp-update-sshkeys06:14
ograand afterwards: sudo ltsp-update-image ....06:14
ograhave a coffee ....06:14
ograreboot the clients if thats finished06:14
New2thislol u wernt joking about the coffee comment06:16
ogranope :) it takes a moment06:16
ograsorry that the keys are not proper is my fault ... will be fixed soon06:17
New2thisthats not a problem06:17
New2thisubuntu is easier to use than suse06:17
New2thisthats y im getting to grips, im migrating over :)06:17
ograwell, for impatient users it can be a prob :)06:17
ograand its actually really a silly oversight ...06:18
New2thiswell you probbably have loooads of code to look at... matrix style lol06:18
New2thisso easy to miss06:18
ograheh, its filed already as bug #145514 :)06:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 145514 in ltsp "interface nonexistent in the installer for ssh key creation" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14551406:19
New2thisdoh lol :)06:19
New2thisthis is fantastic06:22
New2thisi thank you wholeheartedly06:22
New2thisnow ive really got to get to work lol06:22
ograwell, thanks for using it :)06:22
New2thisc you again mate :)06:22
ograi'm here :)06:23
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cliebow_Hmmm.Still dies at :starting kernel log daemon07:15
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lnshas anyone used Mavis Beacon typing tutor under Edubuntu/LTSP?07:27
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LaserJockogra: something I can help with?08:03
ograLaserJock, ?08:03
ograyou mean my mdke ping ?08:03
ograjust wanted to know about the status for the yelp frontpage fix08:03
LaserJockI talked to mdke about it08:04
LaserJockand he didn't even remember us doing it in Feisty08:04
LaserJockhe emailed Don Scrogie the Yelp dev08:04
ograi'm thinking about a fallback with a .desktop file on the system menu ...08:05
LaserJockbecause yelp's had some major changes mdke wasn't certain that we'd be able to do it08:05
ograso the edubuntu handbook has its own entry08:05
LaserJockthe first time around involved adding some logic (if the handbook is available, then display it)08:05
LaserJockand he was uncertain if he could do that with the new yelp08:05
LaserJockwe'd need to patch gnome-panel for that08:06
ograare you sure ?08:06
LaserJockyep, those menu items are hard-coded in08:07
LaserJockto get About Edubuntu I had to do it anyway08:07
LaserJockKDE is much easier when it comes to this kind of stuff08:07
LaserJockGnome hasn't caught on that people might want to change things around easily ;-)08:08
LaserJockogra: either  we patch gnome-panel or gnome-menus08:10
ograhmm, right08:10
ograeven alacarte doesnt work08:10
ograit doesnt even throw an error pfft08:11
LaserJockyeah, the About * and Help items are hard-coded in08:11
LaserJockwe can give it a couple days and see if mdke's old patch will work08:12
LaserJockbut I think you're idea is a good one08:12
ograwell, alacrate could be nice and tell you about it :) instead of just swallowing what i just did08:12
ograit lets me create a laucher ...08:12
ograbut the launcher isnt added but just vanishes08:13
ograAmaranth, if i edit the System menu08:13
ogranothing important... would just be nice o tell the user that he cant create launchers there08:13
LaserJockbtw, edubuntu-menus will cause some issues if people use it in Gutsy08:16
LaserJockI'm not sure what to do with it08:16
LaserJockI want to fix it up in Hardy for sure08:17
LaserJockbut I'm not sure what to do for Gutsy08:17
ograif people have it already installed ...08:18
ogracould get tricky08:18
LaserJockin Gutsy we're starting to use /etc/xdg/ for a lot more things besides menus08:18
LaserJockand I'm effectively diverting /etc/xdg/ to /usr/shar/edubuntu-menus08:19
LaserJockso the biggest thing I've heard of so far is that it takes > 1min for the logout dialog to show up when you go to quit/logout/hibernate08:20
LaserJockso basically I'm not sure what to do that will allow for upgrades and not mess up the work I'd like to do in Hardy08:21
LaserJockI'm pretty sure my whole implementation is this way because Gnome doesn't properly handle XDG08:22
ograwhat happens if you just take out the divert from the postinst08:22
LaserJockit's not an actual divert08:22
LaserJockI set XDG_CONFIG_DIRS to /usr/share/edubuntu-menu/08:23
ograwell, i mean make the package a no-op08:23
LaserJockwhen normally it goes to /etc/xdg/08:23
ograand revert evil behavior for upgraders08:23
LaserJockwell, so I can 1) disable all functionality and make the package useless for Gutsy08:24
ograso just comenting the line that sets XDG_CONFIG_DIRS should work for both, no ?08:24
ograwhats 2 ?08:24
LaserJockdo some symlinking08:24
LaserJockand try to get /usr/share/edubuntu-menus/ to be a copy of /etc/xdg/08:25
LaserJockthe thing is all *I* want to mess around with is /etc/xdg/menus/08:25
=== nicetry [n=mee@cpe-76-81-3-9.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockand that was fine because packages weren't putting anything else in /etc/xdg/08:25
LaserJockbut now there's a lot more08:26
nicetryanyone know about "wine file" ?08:26
LaserJockincluding the autostart stuff08:26
nicetryanyone know about "wine file" ?08:26
ograthe autostart dir was used in feisty as well08:26
ograat least gnome-screensaver and nm used it08:26
LaserJockthen it should've affected Feisty users as well :(08:27
LaserJockif we're lucky nobody actually uses edubuntu-menus ;-)08:27
ograthere would be bugs if it were the case :)08:28
LaserJockI only found out because Ubuntu Studio is using it08:29
ograedubuntu-menus ?08:30
LaserJockno, they created ubuntustudio-menus08:30
LaserJockbut they used edubuntu-menus as a model08:30
ogradid they find a proper way ?08:30
ograwe could probably just steal theirs :)08:31
LaserJockno, they are trying to figure out what to do as well08:31
LaserJockthey've got a few ideas08:31
LaserJockso if we figure it out I guess I'll upload something08:31
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LaserJockogra: the solution that Ubuntu Studio is using is to use a dpkg-divert on the applications.menu file08:37
LaserJockwe would have to dpkg-divert the whole /etc/xdg/menu/ directory08:38
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joebob777as7ogra, any idea why my monitor will adjust fine for my server box and for my client it will not work properly? it's the right resolution but the screen is to the right about 20 pixels and the settings don't allow it to move enough...? does that make sense?08:44
joebob777as7also when i build client it will stop like this indefinately: http://www.filelime.com/upload/files/Screenshot-richardltsp_.png and if i hit enter a couple times it will do this: http://www.filelime.com/upload/files/Screenshot-richardltsp_-etc.png08:46
ograLaserJock, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/handbook.png08:47
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ograjoebob777as7, bug 144296 ... had no time for it yet08:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 144296 in ltsp "ltsp-build-client fails at -- updating inetd.config" [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14429608:47
LaserJockogra: ohh, that's quite nice08:49
ograquickly thrown together :)08:49
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joebob777as7ok cool... any idea on the monitor issue?08:55
joebob777as7also if i want to install nvidia drivers for my clients i just chroot and install nvidia-glx-new?08:56
ograand the restricted modules for i386 ... note that this will break GL on all non nvidia clients, nvidia replaces the GL libraries08:58
ogra(same goes for ati btw)08:58
joebob777as7ogra, this? linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-12-generic - Non-free Linux 2.6.22 modules on x86/x86_6409:00
joebob777as7how do i make it use i386? or will it automatically when i chroot in?09:00
ograjust install the linux package in the chroot09:00
ograthat depends on the linux-restricted-modules package needed for the clients09:01
ograhmm, or better the linux-386 package09:01
joebob777as7well they are all running the i386 image even though they are all 64 bit capable... i do this because i still want to be able for some to bring in their laptops...09:02
joebob777as7and they all have the same nvidia 9300gs card in them09:02
ograthen it should be fine09:02
ograif you have a mixed setup with ati/nvidia/intel 3d cards i'd actually recommend three chroots for each HW ...09:03
ogras/for/one for/09:03
joebob777as7well all the laptops will have intel hardware... is there a way to make them all boot a different image?09:04
ograall the same model ?09:04
joebob777as7or should i run all of my 64 bit capable clients with the 7300gs cards on amd64 and the rest of the laptops on the i386?09:05
joebob777as7no different laptop models but all will have the intel chipset09:05
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ograwell, if you have a fixed set of machines with nvidia and a variable one that might be intel i'd make a chroot for the nvidia clients and set up fixed dhcp rules for them09:06
ograand leave all other (unknown) clients on a different chroot09:07
joebob777as7uhh... lol sorry how do i do that? is there a guide?09:07
ograthere are many dhcp howtos ...09:07
joebob777as7how do i make a certain set of clients boot off of one chroot and the other set boot off of another?09:08
ograyou want to have a fixed entry in your dhcpd.conf for every nvidia based client i guess ... you can assign that by mac address09:08
ograin gutsy you give them a different "filename" directive which then has matching nbdport as boot parameter in the pxe settings ...09:10
joebob777as7so i move the directory and if i want to rebuild the image ever i can specify the directory?09:10
joebob777as7ok and which port to use will be read from the dhcpd.conf file for the mac address?09:11
ograyou just run ltsp-build-client --chroot nvidiaroot (or how ever you want to call that)09:11
ograin the dhcpd.conf you use: filename "/ltsp/nvidiaroot/pxelinux ......09:11
ografind all the mach adresses for the nvidia clients and make a host specific entry with that line for each of them :)09:12
joebob777as7ok i'll give it a go! thanks a ton!09:13
ograbest is to read up about the possibilities dhcpd.conf has09:13
joebob777as7ok i'll do that09:13
joebob777as7thanks again!09:13
joebob777as7keep up the great work!09:13
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sbalneav_ogra: Still awake?10:59
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Blatshi all12:10
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