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Hobbseewhere do i see what the email for a team is now, if i'm not an admin?  08:21
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Hobbseemorning carlos 08:40
mptHobbsee, there's no "E-mail addresses" box in the left column?08:41
Hobbseempt: no - but i'm suspecting that's correct if they have no valid team email.08:41
Hobbseeit's either that, or LP has removed it as a feature, like the packaging info :)08:42
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mptI don't know of any changes in that area08:59
mptok, that part of the person/team template hasn't been touched recently09:01
mptNeither has the box that contains the addresses itself09:02
=== Hobbsee --> work
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egx0rWhenever I try to "Browse code" I get a 404 not found complaining about the '/files' path was not found. This is only when I push my branch to a team project, not when it's my personal branch. 12:47
egx0rI pushed the branch yesterday, so maybe this is some kind of lag? 12:49
ddaaInteresting: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/~workhorsy12:51
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ddaathis user asked for his account to be deleted12:51
ddaaand apparently turned it back on later to use code hosting12:52
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Hobbseehow do i set a status of Fix Released, via the email interface?01:54
FujitsuHobbsee: status fixreleased01:55
HobbseeFujitsu: ahh.  no space.01:55
Fujitsuie. `  status fixreleased' is the whole line.01:56
=== gnomefreak used space nad got it returned
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variantHi, does anyone know how to report abuse/spammer/idiot using answers.launchpad.net ?02:07
variantgnomefreak: had a feeling this was just a developer channel..02:07
gnomefreakvariant: it is but the people that can help would be here if they can do anything at all02:08
gnomefreakvariant: what one is the bad one?02:09
gnomefreaki see 3 threads02:09
variantyeah, all junk02:09
variantit's hte user02:10
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variantnothing too serious.. but it makes me wonder how to report that sort of thing in the future.. i imagine that abusive postings can be a lot worse than that and not being able to report them is not good02:11
gnomefreak14321 doesnt look like anything but him asking for help02:11
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varianttrue.. 02:13
gnomefreakFujitsu: cprov what are the steps to get threads removed from answers?02:14
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variantanswers is a great service so it's annoying to see crap in there02:15
=== gnomefreak off to meeting before people start noticing im not there yet
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Hobbseegnomefreak: waiting on a LP admin, i think.  i wonder if matsubara can do it02:17
cprovgnomefreak: or kiko 02:18
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variant"alan pope" just set the status to "rejected"02:20
varianton one of them02:21
matsubaraheya Hobbsee, how can I help?02:22
Hobbseematsubara: abusive user on launchpad, needs the account removed :)02:22
matsubaraHobbsee: sorry, I don't have such permission.02:23
Hobbseematsubara: that's kiko or SteveA, presumably?02:23
Hobbseematsubara: i didnt think you did - i wasnt sure though :)02:23
matsubaraHobbsee: yes or mthaddon02:24
Hobbseeahhh.  the other one that starts with m, and has a's and t's in it.02:24
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pochuHello everybody. Does anybody know whether the PPA i386 builder is down, and if so, whether the builds will be automatically queued when it's back?04:17
kikopochu, cprov has been looking into it, but I'm not sure what the status on that is.04:18
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cprovpochu: samarium was fixed one hour ago04:20
stdinjust noticed that, it's building one of my packages now04:21
cprovpochu:  and it should have processed all the pending builds automatically.04:21
pochucprov: great, thanks a lot.04:21
Hobbseecprov: are there any plans to actually be able to fix things that break between the non-european/brazillian workday?04:22
cprovpochu: np04:22
Hobbseeon weekends, in particular?04:22
cprovHobbsee: not yet, this particular issue depended on a infrastructure team action, not only me.04:24
superm1cprov, can you explain how the build score works? is it a sort of queue?04:24
Hobbseecprov: true, i was mroe asking in relation to making the infrastructure fixing work better.04:27
cprovsuperm1: yes, it considers the source attributes, like  'how long it has been waiting in queue' (older job gets higher scores), target component (main gets higher score than multiverse) and missing build-deps (missing build-deps reduces the score).04:27
cprovsuperm1: obviously, highest score per architecture gets dispatched to the first idle builder. Does it make more sense now ?04:28
superm1yeah much more04:28
superm1that begs the question though, could one adjust how quickly they will be built by using an override and putting it in main (assuming it doesnt build depend on anything in universe/multiverse)04:30
cprovsuperm1: a better description should go to PPAQuickStart at some point (requested on the last PPA101 meeting).04:30
cprovsuperm1: yes, sources target to main will be built first and yes it can be considered a bug right now, because we don't have any strategy score against PPAs, for instance, give higher priority to more active PPAs or PPAs owned by people with more karma.04:33
superm1a step ahead of my recommendations :)04:34
kikoHobbsee, what is the process when something, say, in loco team hosting breaks?04:34
Hobbseekiko: i'm aware that it's more of a general question.  if it's during hte week, someone in #canonical-sysadmin can probably fix it, if it's on a weekend, tough luck.04:35
Hobbseekiko: btw, i think you can deal with this?  https://answers.launchpad.net/~elliony is an abusive account04:35
kikoHobbsee, right. 04:35
Hobbseekiko: i guess i'm wondering if there's a more effective way of handling weekend breakage04:36
Hobbsee(although i know it's not specific to LP, per se, and that the answer may well be 'no')04:36
kikoHobbsee, I thought we had weekend IS coverage04:36
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kikofor Launchpad we don't have weekend coverage over what IS gives us04:36
Hobbseekiko: well, they didnt fix the buildds04:36
Hobbsee(unsure whether they knew or not, though)04:36
kikoHobbsee, was it brought to their attention? and is this clear?04:37
Hobbseekiko: unsure, tbh04:37
kikocprov, is it documented somewhere that IS should be notified if something goes wrong with a buildd?04:37
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cprovkiko: not formally.04:38
kikomrevell, where could we document this, given our existing PPA docs?04:38
=== mrevell reads up
mrevellkiko: I'd say in the PPA FAQ, along with a note in the step by step guide.04:39
Hobbseemrevell: that'll probably make IS start getting support requests because people dont konw how to use PPA's properly04:41
Hobbseemrevell: $averageuser probably doesnt know the difference between "help, the buildd is broken, so my package wont build" vs "my package has an error, and wont build"04:42
Hobbseemrevell: and somehow i doubt they'd appreciate hearing that04:42
mrevellHobbsee: Hmm, okay. Then we need to find a way to help people distinguish the difference. Would you say that's achievable?04:43
=== lakin [n=lakin@S01060013101832ce.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #launchpad
Hobbseemrevell: if they're still having trouble with version numbers, and components in particular, i'd suspect "not at this point"04:45
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mrevellHobbsee: Okay. So, how would you explain to me how to tell the difference? Or is it just not that simple?04:46
stdincould it be possible that if a certain number of builds fail with a "CHROOTWAIT" in a certain amount of time, someone get notified?04:47
Kopfgeldjaegermrevell: hi! could you check my team participation @ launchpad-beta-testers? of you have got time atm... my name is nicolai spohrer! :)04:47
Hobbseemrevell: like stdin says, i would have thought there'd be a way to monitor anything that says CHROOT PROBLEM or whatever.04:47
mrevellKopfgeldjaeger: I'll take a look now04:48
mrevellcprov: Does that sound possible?04:48
Hobbseemrevell: i'd be very surprised if htey're not monitoring the buildds currently.04:50
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cprovmrevell: yes, but usually major problem result in builder deactivation, this event could generate the notification.04:50
Hobbseecprov: presumably deactivation, ie, going to the NOT OK status?04:52
cprovHobbsee: we do monitor the master side (slave-scanner & queue-builder)04:52
cprovHobbsee: exactly04:52
Hobbseecprov: master side of?04:52
=== Hobbsee doesnt know what slave-scanner is.
cprovthe buildfarm04:53
Hobbseeoh right, yes.04:53
cprovanyway, there are clearly two actions to be taking, better instrumenting & monitoring buildfarm components and establishing a reliable communication path with IS for failure/disaster coverage.04:56
elmocprov: my mobile is in the wiki ...04:57
mrevellKopfgeldjaeger: Done!04:57
cprovwhat happened during the weekend was:  notifications warns were there, but nobody (including myself) felt responsible for fixing. 04:57
Hobbseeelmo: which works, for canonical related people, i expect.04:57
Kopfgeldjaegermrevell: thanks a bunch!04:58
mrevellKopfgeldjaeger: np :)04:58
Hobbseeelmo: i'm assuming w.c.c, not w.u.c?04:58
elmoHobbsee: well, AFAICS, from back scroll, Canonical people were aware of this over the weekend04:58
Hobbseeelmo: hm, true.04:58
cprovelmo: yes, i should have called, my fault04:58
elmoHobbsee: (yes)04:59
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Hobbseeelmo: i'm thinking that this is wider than ppa - it's also the ubuntu archives, too.  but i dont know of the solution05:01
elmoHobbsee: the ubuntu archives are covered by nagios, at least in terms of machine outages etc.05:02
Hobbseeelmo: right05:02
=== Hobbsee is vaguely thinking of archive admin stuff, in regards to kernel uploads and also givebacks and such
elmosomething more subtle like corruption or porn in the archives or something is harder.  the escalation process atm for , isn't great, and it will be addressed at some stage05:03
elmoah, well, that's less my area05:03
Hobbseewasnt thinking of that, particularly.05:03
DavieyAre we not allowed pron in our ppa's?!05:03
Hobbseeelmo: yeah, i suspected so.  i was more thinking of the general issues.  although ti would be ncie if we could do givebacks on the ubuntu archives05:04
Hobbseewhich can fix things quicker :)05:04
=== elmo thwaps daviey
elmothe second p is for package05:04
Hobbseeoh damn.  i want a link here, but i'd have to google to find it - and i sure as hell dont want to do that, based on the search content :P05:05
Hobbseeelmo: ah yes, but package of what?  you didnt say it couldnt be a package of porn.05:05
DavieyHobbsee: ssh -X firefox  :)05:05
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Davieylaga: I believe you are unwelcome here05:05
lagai just created a personal bzr branch in launchpad. the URL it's given me is: bzr+ssh://laga@bazaar.launchpad.net/~laga/+junk/epgdata-grabber - so, what's that "+junk" doing in there?05:06
lagaDaviey: get lost :)05:06
gnomefreakjamesh__: you made it why did you name the branch +junk (normally that is a way to abandon branches)05:07
jamesh__laga: because you didn't associate the branch with any project05:08
jameshgnomefreak: given the question, I'd assume he created the branch through the web UI05:09
lagayes, i registered it in the web ui. 05:09
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Kopfgeldjaegeri get a mail with "rejected, Could not find person '', signer has no upload rights to this ppa" after uploading a package to PPA. does it take time for the ppa manager to include my key?05:18
lagaKopfgeldjaeger: are you sure you upload to your PPA and not to the main archive?05:19
Kopfgeldjaegerdput myppa *.changes05:19
Kopfgeldjaegerand this is ftp on ppa.launchpad.net05:19
lagahum, should be correct - if the myppa entry points to your ppa in dput.cf ;)05:20
Kopfgeldjaegerfqdn  = ppa.launchpad.net; method = ftp; incoming = ~/ppa/ubuntu; login = anonymous05:20
Kopfgeldjaegerand i see dput uploading to ppa05:20
gnomefreakKopfgeldjaeger: make sure it was source.changes not binary changes05:20
Kopfgeldjaegerits source.changes05:20
Hobbseegnomefreak: different error message05:21
lagaincoming = ~laga/ubuntu/05:21
gnomefreakHobbsee: i thought it was the one i got05:21
laga^ you need to specify your username AFAIK05:21
Hobbseeusername is needed, i think, yeah05:21
Kopfgeldjaegeroh, ok. ill try it later, i must go... bye!05:21
gnomefreaklaga: no his dput.cf is right05:21
gnomefreakmines not unless its personal05:21
gnomefreakthan his Lp name would need to be in ~/ppa/userid05:22
gnomefreaknot right either05:22
gnomefreakKopfgeldjaeger: incoming = ~gnomefreak/ubuntu/05:22
gnomefreaksomething like that05:22
gnomefreakfor personal change user name for team name if for a team05:23
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cr3is there a way to rename a project, not the display name but the actual project?06:14
salgadocr3, apparently only launchpad admins can do that. (hint: mthaddon is one of them ;)06:16
cr3salgado: cheers, I need to talk to him for something else at the same time06:17
mthaddoncr3, just let me know what you need renamed06:17
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Kmoskiko: bug 10971607:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 109716 in launchpad "Cannot join open team if there's an existing membership pending approval" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10971607:50
Kmoskiko: how about to set an milstone for it?07:50
Kmoserr.. milestone07:50
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lamontcprov: any word?08:02
=== Kopfgeldjaeger [n=nicolai@p54AD7EB1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #launchpad
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cprovlamont: it is still in `pending-review` :(08:07
lamontcprov: does that mean there's someone else I should poke to get it past that point?08:08
cprovlamont: no, it's more like 'I have to poke someone'.08:09
lamontcprov: I'm happy to help expedite... :-)08:09
cprovlamont: well, you can talk to kiko anytime and enforce the *urgent* flag08:10
Kopfgeldjaegerby the way, my dput.cf was weong. i had to specify my name in "incoming"08:11
lamontkiko: do I need to get a stick? :-)08:12
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Kopfgeldjaegerh andrea-bs 08:58
andrea-bshi Kopfgeldjaeger 08:58
lamontcprov: any chance of getting 146384 some activity?08:59
lamontor any other soyuz hacker...08:59
cprovbug 14638408:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 146384 in soyuz "germinate for hppa" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14638408:59
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andrea-bsbye all09:17
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mdkehow often are updates pushed to edge? for example, if I see "fixed in rf 4945" does that mean I can count on seeing it in edge soon?09:30
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matsubaramdke: yes, usually edge updates once a day. when someone comments "fixed in rf XXX", the next day the fix should be available09:34
mdkematsubara: great news, thanks09:34
matsubaramdke: yw09:38
mdkematsubara: I don't suppose you happen to know what time of day, do you?09:38
matsubaramdke: around 500UTC09:39
mdkethanks again09:39
kikolamont, cprov: what are we talking about?09:39
lamontkiko: the fix for the bug where lp doesn't populate build records for stuff sometimes09:40
cprovkiko: bug 6571209:40
ubotuBug 65712 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/65712 is private09:40
lamontwithout that fix, I get to either talk the release managers into letting me upload about 200 packages in main to work around the bug, or forget hppa/gutsy09:40
lamontif we include universe, the total passes 5000ish09:41
cprovkiko: eer, SPR.getBuildByArch() problem.09:41
cprovkiko: I've produced a slightly less complicated fix for it in https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/pending-reviews/cprov/launchpad/bug-65712-revenge/full-diff09:41
kikocprov, lamont: AFAICT that's in queue for flacoste to review. has cprov spoken with him?09:41
Kopfgeldjaegeri guess it takes some time to build packages in ppa, right?09:41
cprovkiko: it doesn't require changing the entire sampledata.09:42
lamontkiko: I just poke sticks... :-)  dunno if cprov and flacoste have talked...09:42
lamontOTOH, if I'm going to make gutsy release, I need the fix in real soon now09:42
kikocprov, huh?!09:43
flacostekiko, lamont, cprov: i will review bug-65712-revenge today09:43
lamontflacoste: thank you09:43
cprovflacoste: great, thanks.09:43
cprovkiko: what part is 'huh ?09:43
kikocprov, your comment makes absolutely no sense in the conversation we were happening.09:44
kikowe were having.09:44
cprovkiko: maybe you are remembering exactly what was the problem with SPR.getBuildsByArch() ?09:45
cprovkiko: where the code fix was trivial , just dealing with distroseries inheritance instead of guessing the target location based on the architecture-dependency flag, but it would require stripping out half of our broken Build sampledata.09:47
kikocprov, ah, I think we're getting somewhere now.09:48
kikocprov, okay so far. 09:49
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cprovkiko: right, the current branch allow us to have the code fix working in both, production and our sampledata (relying on the right ordering)09:50
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ubotuNew bug: #147828 in soyuz "Sends accepted mail for feisty-backports but package is in unapproved queue" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14782810:50
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mptGooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!11:01
alleecprov: hi, siretart asked me to ask you ;)  Any chance to confirm/reject the launchpad-beta team users?  I've applied last week and need/would like to upload fixed fai pkgs to the fai team ppa11:01
allees/user/pending joins/11:02
cprovallee:  mrevell or SteveA are driving lp-beta-testers.11:03
alleecprov: k, thx11:04
alleeSteveA: ^^^ any chance you have a look at the 'recently applied' queue in the near future?11:07
kikoallee, mrevell processes that queue daily.11:08
kikoallee, how long has it been that you have asked?11:08
alleekiko: mhmm,  last Saturday11:09
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kikoallee, that's odd11:20
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alleekiko: looks like there's no way to see the complete 'pending' queue.  But when I try to join (again) I see: Your membership is awaiting approval from one of this team's administrators.11:28
alleekiko: not really critical.  In this case others have to build upload bzr out of the bzr repo11:29
kikoallee, it's odd that he hasn't processed it yet. let me just get off the phone and I'll sort you out.11:30
lamontcprov: once the fix is deployed, will the build records just show up, or will you need to kick it?11:31
cprovlamont: they will magically 'show up'.11:37
ubotuNew bug: #147857 in soyuz "Add link to source page for each release on the new +source page" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14785711:40
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