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mdkewhere is the blasted queue?09:23
mdkeI can't find corey's magazine story09:24
mdkeah, found it in the logs09:24
popeymdke: FYI: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/admin/content/node then choose "not published" and press filter, it will show all unpublished articles09:30
mdkeah, that's helpful, thanks09:31
popeyAdminister --> Content management --> Content   to get to there09:31
mdkewell done with that thread on -uk by the way09:32
popeycould have gone either way tbh09:32
mdkeyou handled it perfectly09:33
popeythat original subject line may well have been somewhat contentious in retrospect09:33
popeyI'll keep my humour locked up next time09:33
mdkestill, reasonable to assume that british geeks will be doctor who fans09:34
mdkethe two go hand in hand09:34
mdkealright, spose I ought to go to work09:34
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bluekujahi all :)07:18
Rinchenhowdy :-)07:18
bluekujaRinchen: thanks for inviting me in07:18
RinchenYou're always welcome07:19
bluekuja:) , leaving for a while, then back for the mail07:19
bluekujaRinchen: is the ML open to members only right?08:09
Rinchenit should be open to everyone08:10
bluekujaRinchen: seems that archives are closed to non-members08:10
bluekujathat's why I asked08:10
bluekujausually closed-archive means members-only ML08:11
bluekujabut I might be wrong08:11
bluekujaRinchen: I'm register on the ML08:13
Rinchengreat thanks08:13
bluekujaRinchen: done, should receive a mail soon for moderator approval08:15
RinchenI'll look for it now08:16
bluekujaRinchen: received anything?08:24
Rinchennot yet08:26
bluekujaRinchen: strange, it was quite fast here08:27
Rinchengah sorry08:28
RinchenI auto file those08:28
bluekujaah ok! thats why :)08:29
bluekujaRinchen: thanks! writing the mail atm08:30
bluekujaRinchen: mail sent, thanks again for your hints08:53
Rinchenbluekuja, glad to help08:54
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newz2000wow, quick acting on that countdown banner...12:15
popeycan someone approve that story please12:15
newz2000I just uploaded some CSS to fix konq/opera and hit refresh and about had a panic attack12:15
=== popey pokes mdke
newz2000speaking of which, anyone here have safari at hand and willing to do a site check on the fridge?12:16
mdkevery nice that countdown, good work newz200012:17
newz2000thanks. Graphics were done by an agency, I just did the javascript12:17
newz2000So I'll assume you were complementing me on the js12:17
popeyhey matthew, _great_ job on the js there..12:18

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