cjwatsonmebrown: no, only in bzr12:13
cjwatsonthey'll be in 1.6.112:13
mebrownwhich day can I expect them to be in daily gutsy? (I'm working on other details right now and have hacked in all the patches from evan and everthing is working fine)12:14
mebrownSo it is not a huge rush to get them in.12:15
cjwatsonby Thursday12:15
mebrownok. Thanks. All my stuff is working great with the latest patch set.12:15
cjwatsongood to know12:15
cjwatsonEvan and I were talking about splitting up the "automation failed" and "installation failed" cases12:16
cjwatsonsince they're logically distinct12:16
mebrownI'll mark fix confirmed as soon as I see them in a daily build.12:16
cjwatsonso you might need to adjust your preseeding a little if that happens; Evan can let you know at any rate12:16
mebrownfor my case, I dont think it really matters. Just let me know.12:16
cjwatsonright, it doesn't matter in your case (the two hooks would want to be the same)12:16
cjwatsonbut we need to think generally too :-)12:16
mebrowncompletely understand and can deal with any changes given a warning.12:17
mebrownSo, just keep me in mind and let me know if it changes.12:17
mebrownPersonally, I would probably separate them.12:17
superm1evand, have you tested your code from evand@ubuntu.com-20070928190548-mdrjta41znoro86g and evand@ubuntu.com-20070928192642-q1l4bx157irqvvzt ?12:28
superm1i just encountered an error with GrubInstaller failing with code 1 with a locally built package doing a normal install12:29
superm1where it was trying to issue the command 'grub-install false'12:29
cjwatson+                self.preseed('grub-installer/bootdev', 'false')12:30
cjwatsonhmm, quite, that's wrong, that's not a boolean12:30
cjwatsonevand: (all yours though, I'm going to bed ...)12:31
superm1night cjwatson12:31
superm1i'm imagining that should just be self.preseed('grub-installer/bootdev', bootdev) at that point12:32
CIA-18ubiquity: superm1 * r2300 ubiquity/ubiquity/components/install.py: when not in automatic, preseed the bootdev obtained from debconf, not 'false'12:52
superm1(i just verified that worked correctly in my vm)12:53
evandoh wow, whoops01:01
evandthanks for noticing that and the subsequent fix, superm101:01
superm1no prob01:01
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CIA-18ubiquity: cjwatson * r2301 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog gui/glade/ubiquity.glade):11:32
CIA-18ubiquity: * Make the OK button the default widget in the create and edit partition11:32
CIA-18ubiquity:  dialogs.11:32
CIA-18ubiquity: cjwatson * r2302 ubiquity/debian/changelog: reorg11:33
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CIA-18ubiquity: superm1 * r2166 mythbuntu-ubiquity/ (192 files in 19 dirs): merge with trunk03:42
CIA-18ubiquity: superm1 * r2167 mythbuntu-ubiquity/scripts/install.py:03:43
CIA-18ubiquity: locally disable (unnecessary) calls to cache.open(None) after discussion03:43
CIA-18ubiquity: in #ubuntu-devel with mvo03:43
cjwatsonsuperm1: could you please test that by deliberately breaking a package or something?03:44
superm1cjwatson, i was just going to see if i could.03:44
superm1(that's not on trunk if you didn't realize)03:44
superm1any recommendations on how to deliberately break something?03:44
cjwatsonmight be easier to do on removal03:47
cjwatsonstick 'exit 1' near the top of /var/lib/dpkg/info/ubiquity.prerm?03:47
cjwatsonI forget how I did it last time03:47
cjwatsonbut if you get it right you should get a dialog box with the names of broken packages03:47
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superm1cjwatson, yeah it does work correctly http://imagebin.org/1079703:59
superm1the installer throws that and then continues on03:59
cjwatsonsuperm1: no, it's not ...03:59
cjwatsonsuperm1: it's not listing the broken packages04:00
cjwatsonit should say:04:00
superm1there is a second dialog04:00
superm1let me imagebin it04:00
cjwatsonThe following packages are in a broken state:04:00
cjwatsoninstead, it has a blank line04:00
cjwatsonsure, but the first dialog is bust04:01
cjwatsonand that dialog is generated directly after the code you removed ...04:02
superm1so with this way of doing it, would just modifying that other dialog make sense?04:02
cjwatsonthe change you made is demonstrably incorrect04:02
cjwatsonbecause self.broken_packages(cache) isn't working04:02
cjwatsonmight be worth taking that to mvo04:03
cjwatsonbroken_packages iterates over the cache and does cache._depcache.IsInstBroken() on each04:03
cjwatsonthe second dialog is a lot less neat if multiple packages break; I'd rather have the summary04:05
superm1well the order of those two are reversed, i uploaded them backwards04:06
superm1and i thought that first one was generated because an InstallError would have been thrown04:06
cjwatsonno, look at the code right after the line you removed04:07
cjwatsonthe bit that asks the broken_install or broken_remove debconf question04:07
superm1oh  i see04:08
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jimcooncatI'm setting up an automated netboot install server, and I'd like to run badblocks before partitioning. Looks like this is only on the wishlist for d-i.10:24
jimcooncatPerhaps I could netboot a livecd to run badblocks?10:24
jimcooncatHow do you netboot a live cd?10:24
jimcooncatsorry, gotta go10:30
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evandisn't that what SMART is for?11:17
cr3anyone happen to know if there's python code to to parse those dpkg .templates files?11:51
cjwatsoncr3: they're not dpkg, they're debconf12:06
cjwatsonplease don't invent code outside debconf to parse them12:06
cjwatsonyou can use debconf-copydb to extract them in a form you can parse12:07
cjwatsonubiquity/i18n.py in ubiquity does this12:07
cjwatson(and is better than parsing *.templates or even /var/cache/debconf/templates.dat directly because we might quite reasonably switch to a new database format - using debconf-copydb insulates you from that)12:08

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