mdkenewz2000: not that I'm a conosewer of js, but I just like the thing12:18
newz2000it was originally in flash and some people had a fit... the excuse was that we're starting to ship gnash, but then we realized the flash didn't work in gnash12:19
newz2000so the agency exported it to png12:19
popeyyou had the whole "flash is evil" brigade eh?12:19
=== popey is a fully paid up member
popeynewz2000: found someone with a mac12:20
newz2000well, I see the web stats, and 98+% of the people who come to the ubuntu websites have an up-to-date flash player. But I'm a pragmatist to.12:20
=== newz2000 crosses fingers and hopes it works
popey23:20:32 <+tom> fine12:21
popeysorry, that's as much detail as I got :S12:21
newz2000that's enough for me. :-)12:21
mdkethe story is live12:22
newz2000if it was broke, we'd have gotten more detail I suspect12:22
popey23:22:02 <+tom> popey: looks absolutely fine, Safari 99% of the time renders like Gecko anyway :)12:22
mdkeor "frudge"12:22
popeyooo.. stunning detail12:22
popeythanks mdke12:22
mdkeI think we should use the word frudge as the past tense for the verb to fridge12:22
newz2000gracias matt!12:22
newz2000it was frudged!12:22
newz2000we could have some buttons people could put on their website... frudge it!12:23
=== mdke frudged it
popeyyou've been drinking haven't you mdke ?12:23
mdkedamn, that frudge thing was the result of several weeks thinking, now I have to pass it off as drunken inspiration12:25
=== mdke frudges off to bed
newz2000ok, well, tomorrow its my goal to fix IE and to add the new fridge features, but for now I'm calling it a day12:33
newz2000er, no way on earth I can fix IE, I mean make the site look right in IE12:34
popeythere is something screwy with the code12:38
popeyI have copy/pasted it but the text underneath doesn't link correctly12:38
popeynewz2000: check fridge.ubuntu.com and hover over the add link12:39
popeyi can fudge it12:39
newz2000no, I need to fix it elsewhere12:39
popeywith an <a href=http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/countdown around the whole thing?12:39
newz2000that's a biggy12:39
newz2000good catch, and worth delaying supper.12:40
newz2000fixed, but will take 30m to clear the cache unfortunately. :-(12:42
popey<a href="" style= hehehehe12:43
=== popey waits for 30 mins
popeylooks fixed, thanks newz200001:08
Rinchenthanks newz2000 for working on the fridge. been absolutely buried these last few days01:25
popeynewz2000: an ubuntu-uk person made an improvement to the code...01:42
popeyso that in the event that js isn't available (for example when syndicated on planet ubuntu) rather than getting a static image you get the same image the js people get01:43
popeyshould work in news feed readers too01:43
popeyand so to bed01:44
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bluekujaheya all12:12
bluekujahi nixternal :)12:12
bluekujanewz2000: countdown looks pretty nice12:12
=== Rinchen [n=joey@canonical/launchpad/pdpc.supporter.professional.rinchen] has joined #ubuntu-fridge
newz2000So the fridge looks good in all our supported browsers except IE6, where the page is just plain blank below the picture of the fridge. :-(08:15
newz2000"a little broken" is ok, but blank isn't.08:17
=== beuno curses ie
Rinchennewz2000, funny08:43
Rinchennewz2000, we just fixed the same issue on LP08:43
newz2000oh, how? Tell me please08:43
Rinchennewz2000, it was a css margin content statement that was busted on ie708:43
newz2000Hm. Fridge works in IE7, not ie6. And I think I still validated, but will confirm.08:44
bluekujanewz2000: what do you think about http://www.ubuntu-it.org/08:45
bluekujanewz2000: we made a really nice countdown there08:45
bluekujahi Rinchen :)08:45
Rinchennewz2000, does it look like the screenshot in this bug?  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/14161408:46
newz2000bluekuja: slick!08:46
bluekujanewz2000: :)08:46
newz2000Rinchen: yes, pretty much08:46
newz2000bluekuja: the original concept the artists proposed for the countdown was in Flash and each small circle of the logo was a timer counting down. It was catchy, but if you looked at it at the wrong time of day the circles were just tiny slivers.08:47
Rinchenk, I can't find the fix...let me check my logs08:48
bluekujanewz2000: oh :D08:48
newz2000my Win2k vm decided it *needed* to do a windows update, so my computer is crawling at the moment08:48
bluekujanewz2000: do you have any screenshoot of it?08:48
newz2000sorry, I don't08:49
bluekujaok then08:49
bluekujanewz2000: anyway Ubuntu's homepage one is cool too, it's simple and looks pretty nice08:50
newz2000yeah, internally we were very divided about using Flash and there were some strong emotions. If it had worked with the Gnash plugin, we'd probably have used it.08:50
Rinchen> The fix is in main-template.pt, changing "#container {margin-top:08:51
Rinchen> 48px;}" to "#container {margin-top: 30px; position: static;}".08:51
Rinchenthat's what we applied08:52
bluekujagoing for a shower08:52
newz2000position: static? I'll have to investigate08:52
newz2000I've never used it before08:52
newz2000thanks for the tip, that would rock if this fixed it08:52
=== popey tests fridge under ie6
popeyup, lots of blank :S09:00
popeyyeah, looks good in ie709:01
newz2000popey: how do you test with both?09:02
popeyi have two vms09:18
popeyif you need any help/assistance with it, just shout09:19
popey(I cant code but I can test)09:19
newz2000:-) I've got two vms too. I wish there was a way to get two IE's working in the same one09:20
newz2000and for some reason, IE6 in wine doesn't seem to render exactly the same as IE6 in windows09:21
bluekujaRinchen: any news regarding Support/Products/Community broken links?09:28
Rinchenum, not sure I knew that it was broken.  newz2000 ^^09:30
newz2000what's this?09:30
bluekujacheck every link on the top09:30
bluekujalike http://fridge.ubuntu.com/support09:30
bluekujaand so on09:31
newz2000ugh, good catch09:31
Rinchennewz2000, come to think of it, you might want to check the fridge bug list.  That might be on there. They are all assigned to you anyway :-)09:33
newz2000will do09:34

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