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gerr1don't know if you have seen this yet12:44
juliuxgood morning gerr1 12:45
juliuxgerr1, i called mr schneider yesterday but he didn t know anything about ubuntu or canonical or ubucon. but he will check what he can d12:45
gerr1juliux: how useful12:46
gerr1juliux: he is apparently the guy who said no 12:46
juliuxgerr1, ok12:47
juliuxbut he will check again;912:47
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tristanbobsuper easy to add to blog04:42
johnc4510tristanbob: nice04:47
tristanboblooks good johnc4510 04:50
johnc4510hee hee04:50
popeywe have a slightly modified version of the countdown clock which works for non-javascript too04:50
popeyDaviey made it :)04:50
popeywhich is why my post syndicated on planet ubuntu still works04:51
popeyDaviey: can we make the code available?04:51
tristanbobjohnc4510: the only problem is that you don't have a link to ubuntu04:51
johnc4510tristanbob: look further down the column04:52
johnc4510several links to ubuntu04:52
tristanbobjohnc4510: I see - that is good - I was just wondering about the pretty ubuntu 7.10 button04:53
johnc4510an idea04:53
johnc4510hee hee04:53
Davieypopey: sure.. it's pretty simple04:53
popeyyou wanna blog it?04:53
DavieyWho is interested?04:53
popeythat way people will pick it up off the planet04:53
Davieywell i was going to, but i figured that there was already 3 mentions of it on the ubuntu planet04:54
Daviey"it" = the offical one - but thought the boat had passed04:54
Davieyif there is interest i can add it04:54
=== popey shrugs
johnc4510tristanbob: you got a link to that pretty ubuntu 7.10 button?04:56
tristanboblet me check...04:56
tristanbobjohnc4510: I don't know where you got it, but I still don't get a link to ubuntu on your blog04:57
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tonyyarussoIf anyone wants to download all of the countdown images for modification, you can use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/39474/10:06

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