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mdzMithrandir: do you have a working build you could provide to davidm to install his Q1 Ultra?01:13
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Mithrandirmdz: not offhand, but I could whip up one01:14
mdzMithrandir: are any of the ones published on cdimage usable?01:15
MithrandirI don't think so, no.01:16
mdzagoliveira: how about you?  do you have a known good image on hand?01:40
agoliveiramdz: Sorry, no. I don't keep old images here and the last one wasn't booting right on the Q1.01:41
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amitkmdz: with the changes to image creator, everybody was required to delete old projects. So, no images.01:56
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Mithrandiramitk: that change has not hit gutsy, fwif01:57
amitkMithrandir: the projects didn't become unusable due to change in platform-name?02:01
Mithrandirthe platform name hasn't changed in gutsy; I haven't uploaded the new mic from moblin.org02:02
Mithrandir(last time I checked, it didn't have any functionality we wanted)02:02
amitkMithrandir: aah, I use mic from git.02:05
Mithrandirthat'd explain it.02:05
amitkMithrandir: do you have a working kernel config for mccaslin (samsung)? I want to be sure I don't miss out any DRI or other options02:06
Mithrandiramitk: not a working lpia one, no.  It's traditionally used the -generic kernel, iirc.02:07
amitkMithrandir: i386-ume actually which was stripped down version of i386-generic. Handcrafting .config files into the build system is not fun....02:09
Mithrandiramitk: ugh.02:10
mjg59mccaslin needs lum and lrm as well02:20
mjg59I think they're missing at the moment?02:20
amitkmjg59: have a working kernel config handy?02:20
mjg59amitk: Nope02:21
mjg59But the machine's capable enough that the -generic from i386 is fine02:21
mjg59Overkill, but fine :)02:21
amitkmjg59: those are missing... I have added lum, not done lrm yet02:21
mjg59Is the application menu actually working for anyone at the moment?02:23
mjg59Mine just lists "Extras" and then has 5 entries02:23
Mithrandirso does mine02:24
agoliveiraDitto (last working image)02:33
agoliveiraMithrandir: Is Loic going to work on UME as well?02:33
Mithrandiryes, part-time.02:33
Mithrandir(part-time on desktop tasks)02:34
agoliveiraMithrandir: Hmmm... have to ask Matt to update me on that. Suddenly lot's of people showing up :)02:35
Mithrandiragoliveira: it's been on the calendar for a while, but yeah, I'm sure you'll get an update on it later today.02:37
agoliveiraMithrandir: I was aware of the changes, of course, I meant about who's going to do exactly what now nad, of course, a bit of awe with all the people showing up at once :)02:39
Mithrandiragoliveira: oh, the who's going-to-do-what is still slightly up in the air, but we're trying to work it out as people come in.02:43
Mithrandiragoliveira: how's the tools for the theme handling going?  AIUI, the new theme is blocked on that?02:45
=== agoliveira hopes to get a bit of rest from the packaging/hildonnization endless loop :)
agoliveiraMithrandir: Yes, I sent a test for Ken but didn't work well. I'm fixing it and will send another test later today.02:46
Mithrandirsounds good.02:46
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agoliveiraMithrandir: Is anyone currently working on cleaninng openoffice's interface for UME?03:25
Mithrandiragoliveira: not that I know of, no.03:25
mjg59Doing so would be... interesting03:32
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agoliveiramjg59: You do have som quite weird concept for "interesting". I was thinking more in the lines of a 7th circle of hell :)03:35
=== agoliveira browsed openoffice's source some time ago and the question mark face remained for weeks...
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amitkMithrandir: what is the quickest way to replace the kernel in the .img file from mic?04:28
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agoliveiraMithrandir, amitk: Have any of you tried to run openoffice on crownbeach? I would like to know how long it takes to start.04:38
StevenKagoliveira: Do you want the answer in minutes, or hours? :-P04:39
agoliveiraStevenK: eons is fine :)04:39
amitkagoliveira: I am not that crazy yet....04:42
amitkMithrandir, mjg59, agoliveira: care to test the lpiacompat .debs on your samsungs?  Find them at http://people.ubuntu.com/~amitk/04:43
agoliveiraamitk: The boss asked for a test and as you and Tollef are the ones with crownbeaches, thew honors are all yours :)04:43
amitkagoliveira: can't do it today, got a new flavour to get working... tomorrow perhaps.04:44
agoliveiraamitk: Sure.04:44
mjg59amitk: Seems ok05:02
mjg59Except my /bin has vanished for some reason05:02
mjg59But I can't see how that could be the kernel's fault, so...05:02
StevenKagoliveira: For future reference, I'll be connected all of the time, just /away'd when I'm sleeping, drunk, dead, etc ...05:03
amitkmjg59: thanks.05:03
mjg59I'll reinstall properly when there's an image with that in05:04
agoliveiraStevenK: Cool. Just remind to use /ressurect when you return... from dead :)05:04
StevenKNo, that's what Soulstones are for. :-P05:04
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mdzdoes anyone have a kernel .deb with the fixes from ubuntu git? amitk?05:08
amitkmdz: ^^^^05:08
agoliveiraamitk: The kernel seems to be fine here.05:12
=== agoliveira is going lunch
amitkagoliveira: thanks05:12
amitkMithrandir, mjg59: do we care about apparmour security on lpia? Or can it disable the module?05:30
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amitkMithrandir: mjg59, agoliveira_lunch: mdz: LUM also available there now.. give it a spin05:36
mdzamitk: oh, thanks05:36
mdzamitk: do you have an LRM as well?05:37
amitkmdz: working on it05:38
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mdzamitk: the console problem is still there; does this kernel have the vm86 fix?05:42
mjg59mdz: Hm. Worked for me.05:42
mdzoh, I've still booted the old kernel05:42
mdzwhat's the trick?05:43
mjg59mdz: Are you sure you booted into the new kernel? Unless you mount /dev/sda1 as /boot, it won't go anywhere grub looks at05:43
mdz(is there a bug filed about that?)05:43
mjg59And then you need to hack menu.lst by hand and replace root=whatever with boot=disk05:43
=== StevenK runs off to sleep
mdzmjg59: works, thanks05:47
mdzagoliveira_lunch: midbrowser in the current build still has drop-down menus05:52
mdzoh, they vanish after a few seconsd05:52
mdzxterm doesn't launch for some reason05:52
Mithrandiramitk: apparmor> not important at this point at least.05:54
amitkMithrandir: removed :)05:54
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agoliveiramdz: You had menus on MID that vanished? Weird...06:12
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amitkmjg59: you only need madwifi in LRM, right? no ipw3945?09:14
mjg59amitk: Suspect it depends whether we're just targetting the Q1, or whether there's any desire to potentially support other UMPCs at some stage09:15
mjg59I only need madwifi, though09:15
amitkI haven't heard of anything containing ipw yet. I'll disable it for now.09:16
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amitkmjg59, agoliveira, mdz, Mithrandir: Please help yourselves to lpiacompat and lpia kernel, LUM and LRM packages from people.ubuntu.com/~amitk09:45
mjg59amitk: Thanks!09:45
mjg59That'll be in the next upload?09:45
=== agoliveira hugs amitk!
amitkmjg59: yes. Let me know how it works for you.09:46
mjg59Excellent. Thanks very much!09:46
agoliveiraamitk: Maybe you should post on the UME ML so the Intel people can test as well.09:47
amitkagoliveira: hmm... good idea09:47
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HappyCamp_ubuntuamitk: ?11:52
amitkHappyCamp_ubuntu: hi11:53
HappyCamp_ubuntuWhat did your email mean for LPIA?  lpiacompat?11:53
HappyCamp_ubuntuIs that just the kernel?11:53
HappyCamp_ubuntuI'm confused.11:53
amitkyes... didn't i say the keyword "kernel" there?11:53
HappyCamp_ubuntuamitk: Not that I noticed.11:54
HappyCamp_ubuntuSo do  I need to change the FSET in Moblin Image Creator?11:54
HappyCamp_ubuntuShould I install this special kernel for a McCaslin system?11:55
amitkFor mccaslin yes... you should be using the lpiacompat kernels for samsungs now. But you can wait until tomorrow11:55
amitkIt will fix the blinking screen, inability to get to console, etc.11:56
HappyCamp_ubuntuSweet :)  ToddBrandt read what has been said here.  11:56
HappyCamp_ubuntuamitk: we have been seeing that funkyness.  It was strange.  If I booted my LiveUSB image from the USB hub then it worked. amitk 11:57
robramitk: so what's causing the issue with the blinking screen any ways?11:57
HappyCamp_ubuntuBut plugged directly into the system it failed amitk 11:57
ToddBrandtamitk: ahhh, so my samsung isn't crazy11:57
robrrustyl: see what amitk has to say about the lpiacompat kernel ;-)11:58
HappyCamp_ubuntuamitk: So question.  What will be the name of the package that I need to install?  kernel-lpiacompat ?11:58
rustylwhat do i install?11:59
amitkooooh... lots of intel people ganging up :-p11:59
amitkhold on11:59
amitkFrom http://people.ubuntu.com/~amitk/  : linux-image-2.6.22-13-lpiacompat_2.6.22-13.40_lpia.deb, linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-13-lpiacompat_2.6.22.4-13.5_lpia.deb, linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22-13-lpiacompat_2.6.22-13.33_lpia.deb  12:00
amitkthat should even get wireless on the samsungs working12:00
HappyCamp_ubuntuamitk: how long until that hits ports.ubuntu.com ?12:00
amitkThe kernel upload is being worked on today (US time). So I guess it will hit ports tomorrow. I will keep you posted.12:01
HappyCamp_ubuntuThanks!  I appreciate it.12:01
rustylok, downloading12:04
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rustylamitk, i just tried the lpiacompat deps12:31
rustylamitk, but the boot fails to mount the squashfs image12:31
mjg59rustyl: Make sure it's passing boot=disk rather than root=foo12:33
rustyllet me see what's happening12:33
rustyllooks like the squashfs module is not loaded12:34
mjg59Hm. They work fine for me.12:35
mjg59Oh - did you install linux-ubuntu-modules as well?12:35
mjg59Otherwise you won't get squashfs12:35
rustylmjg59, yes12:35
rustylthe module is in the resulting filesystem12:35
rustylbut it's not being added to the initial ram disk12:36
rustyllet me see if somebody did something evil to the image creation step12:36
rustylFYI for anyone that cares... we don't seem to pick up any of the modules in /lib/modules/*/ubuntu (where by 'pickup' i mean the initramfs tools are not copying the files into the initial ramdisk)12:51
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