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bluekujaheya asac12:13
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Mark7Talk to me03:33
Mark7I need help :(03:38
Mark7Just tell me how to edit the Mozilla plug ins file03:43
Mark7That's all I want03:43
Mark7That's all you have to do03:43
Mark7Is this stupid thing even working?03:45
Mark7Fine, I'll fuck up my system on my own then03:46
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bluekujaasac: you there?04:09
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cwong1asac: hi there06:37
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gnomefreakhe seemed happy :)08:03
Ubulettegnomefreak, ?08:03
gnomefreak09:45 <           Mark7 > TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME08:04
gnomefreak09:45 <           Mark7 > Fine, I'll fuck up my system on my own then08:04
Ubuletteyep, read that.08:04
gnomefreaki did08:05
UbuletteI meant, I've read that08:05
gnomefreakjust shy of banning him but he seems like he was putting too much thought into what the bot does08:05
gnomefreakoh ok08:05
Ubuletteediting plugin file is a crazy idea for sure08:06
=== gnomefreak hates engliish for that reaason but i havetn spoken italian since i was like 5-6
gnomefreakUbulette: its not a smart one at all08:06
Ubulettegnomefreak, you're italian ?08:06
gnomefreakwhat would you need to edit? its the conf files that needs to be edited for the plugin08:07
gnomefreakUbulette: i was born in US but my mother and father are italian08:07
asaccwong1: i will bake  release tomorrow08:08
asaccwong1: today is holiday here08:08
gnomefreakme and sister grew up speaking italian once my mother left it was english08:08
Ubuletteinteresting. I like that: http://blogs.gnome.org/jamesh/2007/10/04/signed-revisions-with-bazaar/08:08
cwong1asac: sounds good... tx08:09
Ubulettegnomefreak, so you're a us citizen, right ? no need for green card08:09
Ubuletteasac, will you bake a8 too ? ;)08:32
asacUbulette: i committed to do that in my weekly report ;)08:38
Ubulettegood to know08:39
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bluekujaheya asac09:29
asacbluekuja: 15 minutes :)09:37
asacthen i will be with you09:37
bluekuja^^ oki :)09:37
bluekujaasac: ok cool, I'm leaving in around 30 min09:37
bluekujaI'm a bit tired today09:37
bluekujaping me when ready09:37
Ubuletteasac, I'll push ff3 mt3 to ppa before I fork the branch (non dev for you) and go on with .dev09:43
asacUbulette: ok thanks09:50
asacbluekuja: is the diff of Makefile.am intended?09:54
asace.g. from .debian to .upstream09:54
bluekujaasac: mmmm...nope09:54
bluekujaasac: wait09:55
bluekujaasac: yes, I had to re-run automake09:55
bluekujafor a change09:55
bluekujaon makefile.in09:55
bluekujaso it's different between .debian and .upstream09:55
asacbluekuja: how did you do09:56
asacrevno: 1009:56
asaccommitter: Andrea Veri <andrea@nightsong>09:56
asacbranch nick: debian.source09:56
asactimestamp: Thu 2007-09-27 20:41:33 +020009:56
asacmessage: New upstream release --> 0.2.309:56
asacdid you use bzr merge ?09:56
bluekujaasac: no, I took the same files and pushed to both branches09:57
asacbluekuja: thats not the idea09:57
asacthe idea is you apply it to upstream ... then merge that to debian09:57
asacwhy does upstream branch need: "resyincing files with debian.source branch for the new upstream release" ?09:57
asacbluekuja: if you use merge you won't need "revno: 11"09:58
asac deleted diff_extdoc_DATA = \ from Makefile.am to prevent incorrect doc files to be installed without adding them into debian/docs -->09:58
asacalready done in revision n.3 but needed for the new upstream release files09:58
asacthe whole idea of having upstream/debian branch is to not having to redo every change on every new release, but using bzr merge .. resolving conflicts and going on then09:59
bluekujaasac: yeah, you're right. I was following a strange concept of merging09:59
bluekujaI guess09:59
bluekujaso I had to re-do that change10:00
bluekujaafter the new upstream release10:00
asacok what i did now is uncommit all (top is revno 9)10:00
asacthen run aclocal10:00
gnomefreak@schedule new_york10:00
ubotuSchedule for America/New_York: 05 Oct 16:00: MOTU | 06 Oct 13:00: Xubuntu Developers | 10 Oct 08:00: Forum Council | 10 Oct 12:00: QA Team | 11 Oct 11:00: Community Development Team | 16 Oct 12:00: Kernel Team10:00
asacthen bzr resolved10:01
gnomefreakhmmmmm qa team meeting?10:01
asacn$ bzr resolved10:01
asacWARNING: the 'deb822' top-level module is *DEPRECATED*, please use 'debian_bundle.deb822'10:01
asacUnable to load plugin 'bzr-svn' from '/home/asac/.bazaar/plugins': It is not a valid python module name.10:01
asacAll conflicts resolved.10:01
asacthen commit bzr commit -m "merge new upstream release 0.2.3"10:02
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bluekujaasac: great, I'll have to clean everything up10:02
panosruhi, i have downloaded firefox 32 and install but mplayer does not work please can someone help me with this issue?10:02
bluekujaasac: I guess running bzr bd --merge will fix that too10:03
asacbluekuja: he?10:03
bluekujaso the package actually dont have any problem10:03
asacelll .. the branches should be right imo10:03
bluekujaI was just wondering if the branches got corrupted for that10:04
bluekujabut I ended up everything is ok atm10:04
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asacbluekuja: ok ... at least clean up the uptream branch then10:09
bluekujaI will10:09
asacif you want to merge it on debian is your choice ... i would do it, just to prevent pain in future ... using bzr merge is safe and you hardly forget any diff you previously applied10:10
bluekujayeah, thanks for the hint, gonna follow your istructions next time to prevent any confusion10:10
Ubuletteasac, do you plan to keep all ppa stuff in changelog or just collapse ?10:12
asaci plan to keep10:12
asacjust include the changelog entries in upload changes10:13
Ubulettethat's what i call collapse10:13
bluekujaasac: if the package is ok, I leave and I move to my bed10:14
gnomefreakPreconfiguring packages ...10:15
gnomefreakdpkg: syntax error: unknown group `Debian-exim' in statoverride file10:15
gnomefreakE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)10:15
gnomefreakanyone have a clue where to look for that10:15
Ubulette /var/lib/dpkg/statoverride ?10:17
Ubulettethat's an ugly debian stuff10:17
UbuletteI still have that on some servers10:17
Ubulette$ grep exim /var/lib/dpkg/statoverride10:18
Ubuletteroot Debian-exim 0640 /etc/exim4/passwd.client10:18
gnomefreakroot Debian-exim 0640 /etc/exim4/passwd.client10:18
gnomefreakthats all thats in it10:18
Ubulette$ grep Debian-exim /etc/group10:18
gnomefreaki get nothing on grep10:19
gnomefreakthis is in a chroot10:19
Ubuletteso that's the reason10:19
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Ubulettemaybe ubuntu changed the group but forgot to update /var/lib/dpkg/statoverride10:19
gnomefreakwtf would dpkg need -exim for?10:19
Ubuletteno, it's an exim stuff10:19
gnomefreak-exim is mail10:19
gnomefreakatleast im fairly sure it is10:20
Ubuletteexim is the default mta on debian10:20
Ubulette(smtp server)10:20
gnomefreakso adding that group might help or should i ping mvo on it10:21
gnomefreakoh wait10:22
gnomefreaktheres upgrades i missed for dpkg10:22
asacbluekuja: i pushed branches to http://code.launchpad.net/diff-ext10:22
asacbluekuja: please test them and let me know if should use them10:22
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ubotuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates for main and restricted, while https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/SRU is for universe and multiverse.10:23
bluekujaasac: yeah, we can use the one you created too10:24
asacbluekuja: pleast test and if they look good overwrite yours ... i will upload then10:25
bluekujaasac: I branch them out10:25
bluekujaand I check them10:25
bluekujajust a mom10:25
Ubulette_strange, my ppa has been rejected10:26
Ubulette_MD5 sum of uploaded file does not match existing file in archive10:26
Ubulette_Files specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack10:26
Ubulette_I did /w -S -si as it's mt310:27
bluekujaBEGIN not safe after errors--compilation aborted at ../intltool-merge line 252.10:28
bluekujaasac: it FTBFS10:28
gnomefreak!info flashplugin-nonfree feisty10:28
ubotuflashplugin-nonfree: Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (feisty), package size 15 kB, installed size 108 kB (Only available for i386)10:28
bluekujaasac: some changes I made on the source are now on upstream too, that's why I deleted the whole source10:30
bluekujaand replaced with fresh new files10:30
asacbluekuja: why did you modify upstream source?10:30
bluekujaasac: did not modify it, just removed DOC stuff10:30
bluekujato prevent docs installation outside debian/docs10:31
asacthats still in now10:31
bluekujait's not in the makefile10:31
bluekujarev.11 fixed that10:32
asacwhich revision fixed it before10:32
asacthat change should still be there10:32
asacbluekuja: i just diffed my .debian with my .upstream10:33
asacand it still contain the "deleted docs" diff10:33
bluekujaasac: does it FTBFS there too?10:33
asacyes, because of ukm.po missing10:34
bluekujashould be uk.po10:34
bluekujaasac: new upstream release introduced it too10:35
gnomefreakdoes anyone have a working dapper install?10:35
asacwell uk.po doesn't exist ... as well as ukm.po10:35
gnomefreakor a broken one10:35
asacbluekuja: yes, but you failed to add it to upstream tree then10:35
asacupgrading upstream tree is always the same:10:35
Ubulette_gnomefreak, not me. I was still a happy debian user back then10:35
asacrm -rf *10:35
bluekujaasac: why my branch works fine?10:36
gnomefreakUbulette_: this error doesnt seem fixable at all10:36
bluekujaI'm trying to understand what's happening there10:36
gnomefreakand its starting to piss me off10:36
asacbluekuja: look in your branch ... is there a uk.po ... and if so, why isn't it in revno 210:36
Ubulette_gnomefreak, exim ?10:36
asac(upstream branch)10:36
bluekujaasac: is not there, maybe is generated during build?10:37
asacbluekuja: no10:37
Ubulette_gnomefreak, just remove that line from statoverride10:37
gnomefreakUbulette_: thats it?10:37
asacbluekuja: its not even in your .debian branch10:37
bluekujaasac: I dont understand why the build went fine here then10:37
asacbluekuja: because you probably fiddled with it until it worked :)10:38
asaci suspect that you did something wierd in upstream branch revno 310:38
asachmm you drop ua.po?10:39
bluekujaasac: yea10:39
bluekujawas dropped on .debian10:39
bluekujadropped by upstream10:39
bluekujaor well10:39
bluekujato uk10:39
asacbluekuja: then it should alreyd be gone in rev 210:40
bluekujauk was ua10:40
bluekuja*ua was ok10:40
asaclet me get the upstream tarball ... looks too suspicious ;)10:40
asac0.2.4 is out10:40
gnomefreakfucking dapkg10:40
bluekujaa new release is out10:41
asacbluekuja: i can't find diff-ext 0.2.x at all ... only gdiff-ext10:41
bluekujaasac: that's it10:41
asaci have 0.2.3 downloaded10:41
bluekujathey call it gdiff10:41
bluekujabut it's diff-ext in fact10:41
gnomefreakUbulette: removing it gives a differnet error just stating its empty and still fails10:41
gnomefreaki cant image all dapper users have this issue10:41
asacbluekuja: i redo your upstream branch now ... starting from revision 110:41
asac$ rm -r *10:42
asac$ cp -r /tmp/diff-ext-0.2.3/* .10:42
asacbzr add10:42
asacadded po/uk.po10:42
asacnow starting at debian branch revision 910:43
asac$ bzr merge ../diff-ext.upstream10:43
asac$ aclocal; automake; autoconf10:44
asac$ bzr resolved10:44
asacAll conflicts resolved.10:44
asac$ bzr commit -m "merge upstream 0.2.3 release"10:44
asac$ cp ../diff-ext.debian.blue/debian/changelog debian/10:44
asacasac@hector:~/ubuntu_motu/bluekuja/diff-ext.debian$ bzr commit -m "documenting 0.2.3-1 unstable upload in debian/changelog" debian/changelog10:45
bluekujaasac: ^^10:49
asacnope it has some other issue with merging intldocs now10:50
asacLC_ALL=C ../intltool-merge -d -u -c ../po/.intltool-merge-cache ../po diff-ext.desktop.in diff-ext.desktop10:50
asacPossible unintended interpolation of @INTLTOOL_ICONV in string at ../intltool-merge line 94.10:50
asacGlobal symbol "@INTLTOOL_ICONV" requires explicit package name at ../intltool-merge line 94.10:51
bluekujaasac: yeah10:51
asacBEGIN not safe after errors--compilation aborted at ../intltool-merge line 252.10:51
bluekujathe FTBFS i get here10:51
asacwhen do you get that?10:51
bluekujawith building current branches (the one you created)10:51
bluekujathe one I was working on, builds fine10:51
bluekujaand are correct10:51
bluekujaasac: did you test-build them too?10:52
asacstrange stuff10:52
bluekujamaybe ghosts -.-10:53
asacno, because they are definitly wrong :) ... you don't have uk.po for instance10:53
asacclean upstream tarball builds10:53
asacso its in the diff ... or maybe i used wrong automake version to recreate et al10:53
bluekujaI'm building them again10:54
bluekujaand see what happens to uk.po10:54
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bluekujaasac: it builds fine without uk.po too10:56
bluekujaasac: can you add it manually from my branches10:57
bluekujaand everything should be ok10:57
bluekujaasac: or grab debian dir only10:58
bluekujaand push it inside upstream source10:58
bluekujaand that's all10:58
bluekujaI'll clean up branches soon10:58
bluekujamaybe I'll overwrite everything10:58
bluekujaand start again10:59
bluekujato prevent any error for the future releases et all10:59
asacit was just one run of intltoolize --force that was missing11:00
asacpushing good branches now11:00
asaclook at bzr log to see what to run after bzr merge11:00
asacok both are updated11:01
asacplease test if they are good11:01
bluekujabzr: ERROR: [Errno 2]  No such file or directory: '../build-area/builddeb-IpXt6b/export/intltool-extract.in'11:03
bluekujaasac: that's what I get11:04
asacyou need upstream and debian11:04
asacat least right clicking on files doesn't crash nautilus anymore :)11:04
asacyou need to re-branch ... i did overwrite11:05
bluekujamaybe was not yet updated11:05
bluekujaasac: as tarball?11:06
asaclog at revision 10 ... comment in new pushed branch is11:07
asac  merge 0.2.3 upstream release and update auto files by:11:07
asac    # aclocal; automake; autconf; intltoolize --force11:07
asacif you have that ... it should be right11:07
asaci build like:11:07
asacbzr bd --merge  --export-upstream=../diff-ext.upstream/ .11:07
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bluekujaasac: still getting11:09
bluekujabzr: ERROR: [Errno 2]  No such file or directory: '../build-area/builddeb-pBqNev/export/intltool-extract.in'11:09
asacbluekuja: did you pull my upstream branch as well?11:09
bluekujarevno: 211:09
bluekujacommitter: Alexander Sack <asac@jwsdot.com>11:09
bluekujabranch nick: diff-ext.upstream11:09
bluekujatimestamp: Wed 2007-10-03 22:43:14 +020011:09
bluekuja  upstream release 0.2.311:09
bluekujathat's my upstream branch11:10
asacthats apparently not during build11:11
asacbut during builddeb prepareation11:11
asacits definitly a problem on your side then :)11:11
asactry to clean up11:11
asacremove the stuff in build-area11:11
Ubuletteasac, gnomefreak : i've got md5 issues with ppa caused by mozclient. we fetched sources independently but even if the files are the same, the tarball is not, and could not be, user/group/timestamp etc. so I just re-dled orig from ppa, redid -S -si and dput. fixed.11:11
bluekujaasac: I build it without bzr bd11:11
asacremove existing tarballs11:11
asacbluekuja: well how do you do it then?11:12
asacbluekuja: you don't have a good tarball then11:12
asacor something11:12
bluekujaasac: mmm...I have no tarballs atm11:12
gnomefreakUbulette: there shouldnt be any md5sum errors in mt PPA last i knew11:12
bluekujaas far as I use export-upstream11:12
asactry the command above11:12
asacin my debian branch11:12
Ubulettegnomefreak, there are11:12
UbuletteMD5 sum of uploaded file does not match existing file in archive11:12
UbuletteFiles specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack11:12
asac bzr bd --merge  --export-upstream=../diff-ext.upstream/ .11:13
bluekujaasac: that's what I used11:13
asacbluekuja: why do you say 2 minutes ago:11:13
asac23:11 < bluekuja> asac: I build it without bzr bd11:13
gnomefreakUbulette: whos upload, the md5sum error should be prompted at time of upload11:13
gnomefreakif not than i would look to bug in PPA11:13
bluekujaasac: I mean, now I will do it11:13
asacbluekuja: just dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b  works as well directly in debian branch for me11:14
gnomefreakdput will give you the error if it passes than when you go to download it and gives you md5 something was wrong somewhere11:14
gnomefreakmost likely during buildd process if i had to take wild guess11:15
Ubuletteno, it was not md5 error during upload but during check with the content of the ppa. as it was mt3, orig was already in. -sa or -si doesn't matter here as it's not .changes that is faulty but .dsc11:15
asacUbulette: you have to bump upstream version if you change tarball11:15
bluekujaasac: built11:15
bluekujaasac: built fine, now watching file destinations11:16
Ubuletteasac, fortunately no.11:16
gnomefreakUbulette: but when you dput -f ppa-mt file*_source.changes it will give you md5sum error if the .dsc doesnt match the orig.11:16
gnomefreakif the dsc and orig differ11:16
Ubulettegnomefreak, everything was clean on my side11:16
Ubuletteno error at all11:17
gnomefreakUbulette: what package is this11:17
bluekujaasac: problem is we have docs installed in a wrong dir, also they are zero-byte files11:17
Ubulettegnomefreak, it's just that ppa had a different tarball, the behavior looks sane to me11:17
gnomefreakUbulette: remember when i got it (it was during dput) and i fixed that that night11:17
Ubulettedput was fine here11:17
bluekujaasac: I'm leaving now, the only thing that needs to be done is deleting doc stuff in the makefile as I did11:18
bluekujaasac: and that's ready for upload11:18
gnomefreakUbulette: were you trying to upload after building with -S -sa or -si11:18
gnomefreakhint -si doesnt work11:18
asacbluekuja: which file?11:18
asacbluekuja: the doc stuff is deleted11:18
asactake a look11:18
gnomefreakfor some strange fucking reason you havet o replace the orig every upload11:18
bluekujaasac: the final .deb there doesnt have docs installed in a wrong position?11:19
asacbluekuja: give me an example11:19
asacbluekuja: i don't see any bad docs ... but maybe i am just too blind11:19
Ubulettegnomefreak, tried both. 1st with -S -si => rejected, then -S -sa => rejected same reason, then with orig from ppa and  -S -si => accepted11:19
bluekujaW: diff-ext: extra-license-file usr/share/doc/diff-ext/COPYING11:20
bluekujaW: diff-ext: package-contains-upstream-install-documentation usr/share/doc/diff-ext/INSTALL.gz11:20
bluekujaW: diff-ext: zero-byte-file-in-doc-directory usr/share/doc/diff-ext/README11:20
bluekujaW: diff-ext: zero-byte-file-in-doc-directory usr/share/doc/diff-ext/TODO11:20
gnomefreakUbulette: -sa should work if you used right orig. or unless something else happeened11:20
asacbluekuja: thats what is in the package my branch produced11:20
asacbluekuja: i think its fine then11:21
bluekujaasac: that's a perfect layout11:21
bluekujathat's what I wanted to see here locally11:21
asacbluekuja: ok then you looked at the wrong package :)11:21
asacmaybe try a gain tomorrow11:21
gnomefreak-S -si doesnt work remember i tried that the night i worked late to get xul and freinds upoaded to PPA, rebuilding after grabbing same tarball it worked fine. not sure why i had to regrab tarball but i did11:21
asacwill upload that way now11:21
bluekujaasac: great! having a critical bug fixed is alwais nice to hear11:22
gnomefreakgonna have to assume its PPA issue TBH11:22
bluekujaasac: anyway I guess something is going bad on my local branches11:22
bluekujaasac: maybe I took the wrong package11:22
Ubulettegnomefreak, according to the email i've got, the check is against already existing ppa files so I don't get why you think it's bad. I think it was the correct behavior; i'm glad it rejected me twice11:22
bluekujaasac: maybe I keep doing a small error, who knows, I'm just tired atm ehhe11:22
asacbluekuja: yeah right11:22
bluekujaasac: :)11:23
bluekujaasac: going to sleep now11:23
bluekujacu tomorrow and thanks!11:23
bluekujacya all11:23
gnomefreakUbulette: you were able to upload mismatched md5sums?11:23
gnomefreakthat is bad11:23
asacbluekuja: nicht11:23
Ubuletteno. I've checked my md5, they were correct11:23
asacUbulette: the archive will complain ... not dput11:24
Ubuletteasac, correct11:24
gnomefreakUbulette: you checked them they were correct but you uploaded than they were no longer correct11:24
Ubulette******** different tarball *********11:24
gnomefreakasac: dput will as it did for me see logs of the night i was here working with it11:24
Ubulettesame name + different content => different md5 => reject11:24
gnomefreakok so dsc had nothing to do with it11:25
Ubulettethat's it11:25
gnomefreakthe tarballs were differnet11:25
gnomefreakif the dsc doesnt match tarball dput will fail11:25
gnomefreakbut since the 2 tars were differnet archive complained11:25
Ubuletteorig md5 is in dsc, not in .changes11:25
asacgnomefreak: it will fail if files don't match .changes md5sums11:26
gnomefreakUbulette: you build package your dsc and your orig are differnet dput will fail11:26
gnomefreakUbulette: everything that you are explaining is on server side11:26
gnomefreaknot localy11:26
Ubulettelocally, I was all fine11:26
Ubulettejust working with a different tarball11:26
gnomefreakright hence the reason the upload went11:26
gnomefreakbut server side it was mismatched to what was there im assuming so dput wouldnt know about it but server would11:27
Ubuletteyou're back to my 1st line :)11:27
gnomefreaki thought you meant your local dsc was diffent that your local tarball11:28
=== gnomefreak wondered why dput let you upload
Ubuletteso next time we dput a mt > 1, let's remember that :)11:29
Ubuletteno problem for me, upload is fast is fast and retry is harmless11:30
gnomefreakUbulette: why didnt you use the tarball on ppa to begin with? if its a version change tarball than you wouldnt but normally best idea if only mt* change to use same tar11:30
UbuletteI have the same tarball since the beginning of a8. you pushed 1st with your own11:31
Ubuletteremember ?11:31
gnomefreakbut even than you have to use -sa or md5sum will fail11:31
gnomefreakUbulette: yes and you are just now getting the error?11:31
asacso ppa orig is now messed up?11:31
asacfo a8?11:31
gnomefreakasac: dont know11:31
Ubuletteit's fine11:31
gnomefreaki didnt touch ff11:31
asacok :)11:31
asacso what is this discussion about?11:32
gnomefreakUbulette: if my upload failed i would have gotten a email within a day11:32
gnomefreakand i havent recieved one11:32
Ubulettebasically, just one of us should run mozclient, then share the tarball11:32
gnomefreakUbulette: thats what was done11:33
gnomefreaki have been using tarball on PPA except in some cases like webrunner and kaze11:33
Ubuletteor we could do separately until the 1st push to ppa, then dl tarball from ppa and work from it11:33
gnomefreakand remember thats all i worked on last11:33
Ubulettebuild started 5 min ago for my arches11:34
asacUbulette: we could also push full sources to branches ;)11:34
gnomefreakso im failing to see how mine caused an issue11:34
asacbut in the end we need to share tarballs ... i agree11:34
Ubuletteasac, gasp, too big.11:35
Ubulette(in bzr)11:35
asaci always thought that first upload of upstream version to ppa would dictate the orig for any debian revision build ontop of that11:35
Ubuletteasac, it does11:36
gnomefreakwhy would you change tarballs since its nothing in source that changed? (instead of using same tarball)11:36
asacUbulette: yes technically it does ... question is if we need a procedural change11:36
asacor maybe extend mozclient to download a tarball from ppa if there is already one11:36
Ubulettehmm, good idea11:36
Ubulettei like that11:37
gnomefreakcan it be done without conflicting with say another version?11:37
asacright ... we could even extend the clean rule to update an orig in case there is a difference11:37
Ubuletteproblem remains that until the 1st push, there's nothing in ppa to dl11:37
gnomefreaklike firefox-orig will it check PPA than if not there make one?11:37
asacwe would need to check the md5sum of the tarball on local disc and download Packages from ppa i guess11:37
asacUbulette: right ... but we can expect people to just use mozclient to create tarball imo11:38
asacgnomefreak: yes11:39
asacUbulette: in the long run i would like to rename mozclient and make a mozillateam-dev-tools out of it11:42
asacand upload that to hardy11:42
gnomefreakUbulette: what package is this anyway?11:42
gnomefreakwell you couldnt use same tarball for that since renae11:42
gnomefreakso even using mozclient to do that you would still need to make tarball instead of grab it off PPA11:43
asacgnomefreak: until first upload11:43
gnomefreakassuming noone uploaded one since name change11:43
Ubuletteasac, I was thinking of something like that too. but atm, i'm not happy with tags11:44
gnomefreakasac: right but i mean for the issue about md5sums11:44
Ubuletterename ? ff3 hasn't been renamed between mt2 and mt311:44
gnomefreakhow will they match if they were differnt named tarballs11:44
Ubuletteno, same name11:45
gnomefreakUbulette: what is ffox 3 called now (the tarball)11:45
gnomefreakthat wasnt uploaded to PPA until you did it or did asac also upload that name to PPA11:45
gnomefreakas it was firefox-dev iirc11:46
UbuletteI just did mt3, not 1-211:46
gnomefreakor just cvs date11:46
Ubulettethe branch is called firefox-3.0.dev11:46
gnomefreakfirefox-3.0_3.0 wasnt uploaded ever to PPA afaik11:46
asacUbulette: yes, still time to sort htings out11:46
Ubuletteasac, we have 6 months to figure out ;)11:46
gnomefreakah asac did upload firefox-3.0 - 3.0~alpha8-0ubuntu1~mt1 and mt211:47
gnomefreakUbulette: last i knew they werent uploaded11:47
gnomefreakfirefox-trunk is what i was thinking of11:47
Ubulettegnomefreak, read changelog or bzr log :) even if asac always complains about me, I try my best to keep it in shape and complete11:48
gnomefreakso what i was referring to firefox-trunk is on PPA you upload fireox-3.0-3.0 you would have to start with clean tarball (i didnt know asac had uploaded)11:48
Ubulettegnomefreak, we did that11:49
gnomefreakUbulette: i dont have ff3 bzr branch as i havent needed it since reinstall11:49
gnomefreaki dont get emails from PPA unless my name is used on changelog (as with everyone)11:49
Ubulettemails emails from ppa should go to ppa owner, not package maintainer11:50
Ubulette(god, I'm tired)11:50
gnomefreakUbulette: they go to uplaoder and changelog entry11:50
gnomefreakthats why i got yelled at for building e1711:51
Ubulettei remember a bug against ppa for that11:51
gnomefreaklol there are a bunch of them :)11:51
Ubulettebtw, ff3 is now a9+cvs so minefield is back :)12:02
Ubuletteasac, please check the gp branding, i haven't spent time on that since i'm running mostly daily minefield12:03
Ubuletteby gp, I mean plain a812:04
Ubulettegnomefreak, why ?12:04
gnomefreakUbulette: no nothing i was testing something and i thught it passed but rereading it it failed12:04
Ubuletteasac, did you read my comment about google-gears this morning ?12:22
gnomefreakasac: if package as ~dapper1 what would the next version be if going for ~proposed but they say not to use ~proposed1 would i use ~dapper212:27
asacUbulette: unfortunately all my logs are gone12:27
asachad an issue with my irc system12:27
Ubulette<Ubulette> I wanted to package google gears so that both ff2/ff3 and webrunner could run some site offline (would be great for laptops)12:27
Ubulette<Ubulette> it's an extension but it contains a binary (a .so lib)12:27
Ubulette<Ubulette> so I guess it's no way. maybe through an installer like google-earth12:27
Ubulette<Ubulette> as for my question about "-" in upstream versions, i was about to package loggerhead-1.1.1+0.13~bzr20070905r16212:27
Ubulette<Ubulette> initially, it was 1.1.1-0.1312:27
Ubulette<Ubulette> well, 1.1.1-0.13 is already out so it should even be 1.1.1+0.13+bzr20070905r16212:27
Ubulette<Ubulette> but I need to updated turbogears first. ubuntu is far behind. don't know if debian is better.12:27
asacthe s/-/+/ is good12:28
asacUbulette: is google gears free software?12:29
asacthen we can package it12:29
asacso the so is build12:29
Ubulettehmm, I don't think so,12:29
Ubulettethere's no source for sure12:29
asacthen there is no chance other than looking if we can do something on ffox side to support it12:30
gnomefreak!info flashplugin-nonfree12:34
ubotuflashplugin-nonfree: Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (feisty), package size 15 kB, installed size 108 kB (Only available for i386)12:34
gnomefreak!info flashplugin-nonfree dapper12:35
ubotuflashplugin-nonfree: Macromedia Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (dapper), package size 16 kB, installed size 136 kB (Only available for i386)12:35
Ubuletteasac, thinking about mozclient, the current design is wrong. I mean, I have my onw patches, yet each time you run client.mk, 1st action is to co client.mk from upstream with the proper date or tag, so my patches could (too) easily fail.12:37
Ubuletteruntime changes like that are not good. I'd rather do my own mk file, co client.mk and parse modules and tags from it12:47
asacUbulette: yes ... i think its the right direction01:11
asacpredefine application-sets that declare a list of modules, which then get checked out :)01:12

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