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jussi01lol SeveasWhat is the feature intended for?10:59
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Mez_!staff | #python is under attack11:10
ubotu#python is under attack: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, BearPerson or ompaul! I could use a bit of your time :)11:10
Mez_(and #debian and ##windows)11:10
Hobbsee##windows.  bah humbug.11:15
stdinhmm, why is #ubuntu so quiet...11:17
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jussi01How do I allow someone into an invite only channel?01:55
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Picijussi01: invite them02:03
jussi01Pici: hehe, how?02:03
Picijussi01: your client probably has an /invite command02:03
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LjLthis is not good02:21
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jribubotwo: kick him back!02:22
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=== LjL was kicked off #ubuntu-ops by ubotwo (Yeah. The bastard.)
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LjLwha?! this bot is...02:23
LjL[14:23:21]  <LjL> deop #ubuntu-ops ubotwo02:23
LjL[14:23:22]  <ubotwo> Error: I cowardly refuse to deop myself.  If you really want me deopped, tell me to op you and then deop me yourself.02:23
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jribmy kind of bot02:23
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=== ubotwo was kicked off #ubuntu-ops by LjL (You know why!)
LjLok, that's fixed02:24
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LjLthat's weird though... i'm sure it didn't autorejoin originally02:24
ubotuIn #ubuntu, Poundo said: ubotu: here it is http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/39441/02:39
jdongubotu: ok, now be nice, say thank you to the nice guy who gave you a paste....02:41
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!02:42
Pici... That person is still talking to ubotu.02:43
LjLjdong? yeah, he's a bit insane02:44
=== jdong gets that a lot :)
jdonglike I just accidently read "Approve" as "Decline" to this guy with 2 LP karma points requesting to join backporters.02:44
jdonghope I didn't emotionally roller-coaster him too much02:45
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LjLif i became a member, i'm sure he can become a backporter02:45
jdongLjL: at this point my only criterion is what the TB has forced upon me -- must be MOTU02:45
LjLmakes sense02:46
jdongright -- basic understanding of packaging and compatibility/testing concepts02:46
jdongand of course it shows a good dedication to Ubuntu.02:46
LjLi suppose one can send a backported package for review by a packporter anyway, no?02:46
jdongbackporters have the extra power of being able to approve a package02:47
jdonganything testing/contribution related, anyone who can talk on a LP bug report can help.02:47
LjLso it makes a lot of sense for them to be motus02:47
jdongit indeed does02:47
jdongI guess I'm the hypocritical exception :)02:48
jdongI should really find some time to devote to my MOTU-ship soon02:48
LjLas long as exceptions are made with sense :P02:48
jdongaye :) The exception process would be a shiny tech board meeting :)02:49
=== jdong contemplates switching out syslog for syslog-ng
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jdongooh opensuse 10.3 is on all the pirate trackers.02:58
jdongthey've apparently got out-of-the-box codec installers for even w32codecs and libdvdcss02:58
jdongby opening up some "Opensuse Community Packages" site wink wink nod nod.02:59
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PiciHow would I go about getting access to the bantracker now? Ping the S man?04:04
stdindo @btlogin or /msg ubotu btlogin  he'll give you a link04:05
jussi01lol.. "The S Man" is that a new tv series?04:05
LjLyes, it's about candle makers04:07
PiciSeveas: ping. @register is locked down.04:07
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=== genii hands out some coffees
geniiI was referred to this channel for an ubotu idea/recommendation so 06:00
geniiHmm.I'm thinking when ubotu responds to !info <packagename> perhaps appended to it would be nice: to install this package with apt-get, use: sudo apt-get install <packagename>     or channel-specific gnome/kde appropriate instructions on install process. at least maybe in the situation where it is piped to the user or pm'd06:00
geniiPerhaps not possible to implement, I don't know. But I suggest since usually the first question after this command is used is for the user to ask about how to install it06:02
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SeveasPici, indeed07:03
PiciYes. The bantracker is locked down as well now.  07:04
PiciAs you well know.07:04
PiciYes.  Would it be possible to get myself registered?07:05
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Seveaswhere are you op?07:07
PiciOnly -offtopic right now.07:08
Seveaswhat's your LP id?07:08
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=== Seveas hits zylche
=== zylche hits Seveas
geniiGeez, he just got here07:30
=== Seveas hits genii instead
Seveaszylche, join me :)07:30
=== zylche hits genii as well
geniiSeveas: OK, go back to hitting someone else then ;)07:30
zylcheI like this game.07:30
=== mc44 hits genii with zylche
geniiI feel like a pinyata now07:31
mc44a pinyata with a delicious coffee treat inside07:32
SeveasPici, try @login -- should work now07:32
Seveasand then @btlogin to get a login url for the bantracker07:32
=== genii puts some bandaids on the wounds
=== zylche fires mc44 out of a cannon at genii
=== jussi01 recruits ubotu and takes over the world...
geniizylche: And to think i felt sorry for Seveas hitting you!07:35
Seveasgenii, bad move :)07:36
=== mc44 mutters about not being able to see his high score on the bantracker any more :P
Picimc44: Here, have this screenshot instead: http://nullcortex.com/upload/desktop/bantracker-dark.png07:40
PiciSeveas: Thanks, looks like its working. 07:40
mc44Pici: yeah, not quite the same without the ten pages of scrolling :)07:40
SeveasPici, greasemonkey?07:41
Seveasor simply user css?07:41
PiciSeveas: userstyles, essentially the same thing.07:41
Seveasits proper colors are now blue and white07:42
PiciI saw :)07:42
Seveasgot tired of red and yellow07:42
PiciRed/Yellow were really hard against a dark gnome theme.07:42
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SeveasPici, btw is that windows I'm seeing....?07:42
PiciSeveas: Yes... thats from work :(07:43
mc44Pici has themed his entire intewebs emo07:43
SeveasEmobuntu -- all black, all day07:43
Picimc44: So? http://nullcortex.com/upload/desktop/091807.png07:43
mc44Seveas: not quite *all* black, http://nsfw-comix.com/comix/nsfw-crayemo.jpg07:44
PriceChildThis dialup is like broadband compared to my phone....07:44
PiciDialup? Why?07:44
PriceChildMoved into uni house, phoneline was only activated a day or so ago.07:45
mc44PriceChild: my phone is like broadband compared to dialup :)07:45
PriceChildBT still haven't got their act together and "updated their records" so that broadband providers can see how good the line is, and make a promise on what speeds they could deliver until they start a contract.07:45
PriceChildHmm gonna see if this modem works in Ubuntu :)07:46
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ubotuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu07:55
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PriceChildmaybe not08:00
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slackd00dhow can o join #ubuntu agian after fixing the "dccexploit"08:22
=== jussi01 wakes up PriceChild
PriceChildHeya :)08:22
PriceChildslackd00d, if you read the topic int he channel you were sent to, it tells you to come here, then *ask for a test*08:23
slackd00dsorry, i didnt see that08:23
PriceChildslackd00d, did you read the rest of it...?08:23
PriceChildslackd00d, including how to fix your problem?08:23
slackd00dim on 8001 and updated firmware08:24
PriceChildcongrats, you pass :)08:26
slackd00dthank ya08:26
slackd00d= )08:26
=== jdong wonders what would happen if we forwarded all of the vulnerable to #ubuntu-dcc......
Picijdong: how would we do that?08:26
jdongPici: kickforward instead of banning? :)08:26
jdongcome on, that would be at least lightly amusing08:27
Picijdong: we do banforward.08:27
PriceChildPici, are you on xchat?08:27
jdongPici: it'd be better if we stuck them all in one channel, where everyone is vulnerable :)08:27
slackd00dya to #ubuntu-read-topic08:27
PriceChildjdong, that's what we do..08:27
=== jdong starts up tor....
jdongPriceChild: that sounds only slightly amusing.08:28
PriceChildslackd00d, i'll get you back in #ubuntu in a min, please bear with me :)08:28
jdongPriceChild: so do people in there randomly DCC each other?08:28
slackd00dprince: no problem, thank you08:28
PriceChildjdong, its +m08:28
jdongPriceChild: pfft that's no fun!08:28
PriceChildyou could do it to people, but not the channel08:28
PriceChildand they don't know how to do it anyway ;)08:28
jdongPriceChild: are other people allowed to join the channel though?08:29
Picijdong: sure, I was just there.08:29
PriceChildjdong, erm.... no you can't.08:29
PiciNot like I could do anything though.08:29
jdongdoes +m prevent one from noticing the whole channel?08:29
PiciI believe so.08:29
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PriceChildaha.. found the ban finally :)08:30
slackd00dmust have a long list08:31
PriceChildpainful without chanserv.py :)08:31
PriceChildslackd00d, done, you should be able to rejoin #ubuntu :)08:32
slackd00dPrinceChild: thank you08:33
PriceChild!tab | slackd00d 08:33
ubotuslackd00d: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.08:33
PriceChildslackd00d, there's no "n"08:33
slackd00d = X   tab didnt work08:33
PriceChildhow rude of it08:34
slackd00di need to change irssi.config08:34
=== Mez yawns and thinks
slackd00di just setup this box so my config's are not up to par08:35
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seisenhow do I go about getting a cloak for since I am a Ubuntu Member now08:51
PriceChildHow long did he wait? :O08:56
Pici5 minutes.08:57
=== seisen [n=seisen@cpe-65-189-220-158.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceChildHey seisen, want an ubuntu member cloak then? :)09:02
seisenI was just going ask you09:02
Tm_Tseisen: well you did ask already09:03
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bernierHi, a few weeks ago, i've been banned from #ubuntu because I acted stupid (tried !nigga | bernier), I'd like to know when or how I could get this ban removed.11:18
LjLbernier, it wasn't "a few weeks ago", it was 4 days ago...11:20
bernieroh maybe.11:21
bernierso this means it hasn't been long enough?11:21
LjLbernier, mostly it means that i get suspicious if someone says he's been banned for weeks when it's just a couple of days11:22
bernierI knew it was about a week or so, but really thought it's been more than 4 days11:23
bernierbut anyway I just wanted to apologize for my foolishness, and i'm usually not that type of guy11:24
LjL!etiquette > bernier    (bernier, see the private message from Ubotu)11:25
LjL!guidelines > bernier    (bernier, see the private message from Ubotu)11:25
LjL!coc > bernier    (bernier, see the private message from Ubotu)11:25
LjLbernier: please make sure you read all that and respect it in the future. the next "foolishness" is very unlikely to be tolerated11:26
bernierLjL: no problem, but there won't be anymore "foolishness" :) this channel helps me so much11:27
bernierThank you and have a good day11:27
LjLbernier: have a good day too11:27
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jussi01thanks LjL :)11:37
LjLof what?11:38
jussi01LjL: that guy who pinged everyone... :)11:39
LjLit's usually an automatic ban even :)11:39
LjLmneptok: retreating on the guadalinex thing. i've (painstakingly, as none of vmware, vbox and qemu work) run it, and its Gaim does *not* connect to #ubuntu by default12:22
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mneptokLjL: hmmm ... wonder how they find us, then.12:48
mneptokLjL: what's Firefox's default home page, and does it have irc:// links?12:48
LjLmneptok: perhaps they're really just using Ubuntu... although the girl we've talked to confirmed she was in Andalucia from a public internet center, and Guadalinex is made just for that12:49
LjLmneptok: ouch, i haven't tried that12:49
PiciThats what I've thought.12:49
tonyyarussomneptok: file:///usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html12:49
mc44LjL: she didn't actually say she was using guadalinux?12:49
tonyyarussomneptok: No link, text - "or chat with the community on Freenode IRC Channel: #ubuntu."12:49
LjLmc44: she did, but only after we kind of hinted.12:49
mc44LjL: not that I don't trust your Spanish :P12:50
LjLmc44, erUSUL spoke to her12:50
LjLi did, too, but i think he'd know.12:50
mneptoktonyyarusso: is this from a default Guadalinex installation?12:51
PiciPerhaps we should contact them... or something.12:52
tonyyarussomneptok: no, Ubuntu sorry12:53
mneptoktonyyarusso: heh. you have a pretty low opinion of my skills. ;)12:56
LjLPici, i intended to, but if they *don't* connect to #ubuntu by default, then there's no purpose01:01
PiciLjL: Of course.01:01
gnomefreakjdong: you around atm?01:09

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