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fabbionelamont: installer is going through installing base now from ports.u.c :)12:33
fabbioneso i guess we just need bind9 for hppa01:45
lamontfabbione: did it install all the way?02:58
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fabbionewell almost03:14
fabbionebind9 is required after base-isntall03:14
fabbioneup to tasksel basically it was perfect03:14
lamontthat build1 upload is looking more tempting03:16
fabbionego ahead and do it :)03:16
lamontI will wait the 5 hours.03:21
lamontI will be patient.03:22
lamontI am a good boy.03:22
fabbionei know you want it :)03:22
lamontman these affirmations are challenging03:22
lamontfabbione: what does this want, I ask the X god: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/9692173/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-hppa.xserver-xorg-input-microtouch_1%3A1.1.0-1ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz04:00
lamontit's a representative instance of a class of failures04:00
fabbionelamont: checking04:04
fabbione../../src/microtouch.c:64:1: warning: "NEED_XF86_TYPES" redefined04:04
fabbionethis can go back to a broken Xserver build04:04
lamontor non-existant Xserver build04:05
fabbionelamont: how old is xorg-server?04:10
fabbionexorg-server-$ grep NEED_XF86_TYPES * -r04:10
fabbioneconfigure:#define NEED_XF86_TYPES 104:10
fabbioneconfigure.ac:   AC_DEFINE(NEED_XF86_TYPES, 1, [Need XFree86 typedefs] )04:10
fabbionehw/xfree86/os-support/shared/libc_wrapper.c:#define NEED_XF86_TYPES 104:10
fabbioneinclude/xorg-server.h:#define NEED_XF86_TYPES 104:10
fabbioneinclude/do-not-use-config.h.in:#undef NEED_XF86_TYPES04:10
fabbioneinclude/xorg-config.h.in:#undef NEED_XF86_TYPES04:10
fabbioneinclude/xorg-server.h.in:#undef NEED_XF86_TYPES04:10
fabbioneinclude/do-not-use-config.h:#define NEED_XF86_TYPES 104:10
fabbioneinclude/xorg-config.h:#define NEED_XF86_TYPES 104:10
fabbionethis is the very latest server04:10
fabbioneand it looks like it's pretty much forced04:11
fabbione gutsy hppa   Successfully built  (DONE)04:11
lamontmost recent xorg built on hppa04:11
fabbioneoh hmm04:14
fabbionethat's broken on i386 too04:16
fabbioneor something underneath broke it after it was built04:17
lamontah - you beat me to checking on i38604:18
fabbionebut i am not going to dig why.. it's universe :)04:18
lamontI just dumped it on -motu. :)04:19
lamonthrm.. is this channel logged along with the rest of #u-*?04:19
fabbionebut the log won't appear for another 10/15 minutes on the web04:20
lamontoh well.04:21
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=== lamont grumbles at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/9710403/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-hppa.libgstreamer-perl_0.09-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz
fabbionego perl!07:03
fabbionelamont: did you sync bind9?07:04
lamontno.  it'll be available for archive types to sync in about 2 hours...07:05

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