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ivoksumm... daily gutsy alternate is 717MB01:11
sorenivoks: Yup.01:55
sorenivoks: It's been oversized for a while :(01:55
sorenivoks: Openoffice exploded.01:55
sorenor something.01:55
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ivoksand... we have serious bug with udev and network cards on fresh install02:30
ivoksi just did an install on a computer with two network cards and i got eth2 and eth3, with lots of bad lines in 70-persistent-net.rules02:30
ivoksi'll do more testing this night...02:31
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nijabaivoks, looks like its a busybox bug, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/+bug/14538202:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 145382 in busybox "[Gutsy]  broken 70-persistent-net.rules" [Undecided,Fix released] 02:32
ivoksright, that's the one02:33
nijabaSays the fix is released...02:33
ivoks17 hours ago, yes02:34
ivoksthen i'll test it tomorrow :D02:34
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nijabaI'll do it too, I had the same problem02:34
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sorenivoks: Yes, that was. fixe... Oh, he buggered off.02:59
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pike__anyone here use aix much?10:42
pike__offtopic ^10:42
jdstrandmathiaz: what do you think the chances of getting the debdiff for bug #135624 uploaded for gutsy?10:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 135624 in php5 "libapache2-mod-php5 should provide LAMP test page" [Low,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13562410:49
jdstrands/gutsy/gutsy are/10:50
mathiazjdstrand: hum... low I think.11:01
mathiazjdstrand: you may ask soren about this also.11:01
jdstrandmathiaz: yes, but you were here ;)11:02
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sorenjdstrand: Well, it might be ok to get it in. There's a few issues with it, though.11:45
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sorenjdstrand: You say "if see this page in a browser, then PHP must be working " which is not true.11:45
wolfeI'm running postfix on a server, and am having some issues11:45
sorenjdstrand: the register_shutdown_function trickery kills kittens.11:46
sorenjdstrand: There's extension_loaded to do that sort of thing more cleanly.11:46
wolfeI'm trying to use this line which has a dbm filewith a list, and ubuntu is complaining about not having the postfix-dbm package. I tried to find the package but one doesn't exist, is 7.04 borken for postfix packages?11:46
lamontwolfe: that's because dbm is broken.  don't use dbm maps, since they're not supported any more11:47
sorenjdstrand: I also don't particularly like the mysql_connect call. You shouldn't hardcode the path to the unix socket.11:47
lamontuse hash instead11:47
lamontthe error message from postfix is "try the postfix-$maptype package"11:48
wolfelamont: hmm11:48
ScottKThere was actually just a recent thread on postfix-users about how broken it is.11:48
lamontthe part it doesn't say is "if that exists"11:48
wolfelamont: do I need to perform anything differently?11:48
jdstrandsoren: the PHP 'if see this page in a browser' part could be reworded.  But the basic idea is that if php is not installed/registered, the file with just be downloaded.  I was trying to say that if the file wasn't downloaded, then its working.  Am I missing something?11:48
wolfeI still need to run postmap on the file, right?11:48
sorenjdstrand: If you accept whatever's built into libmysqlclient (by just setting it to "localhost"), we'll be able to catch it easily if they should get out of sync (which somehow has happened before).11:48
lamontwolfe: only if you're using something other than postmap or newaliases to build the file11:48
lamontstill postmap11:48
sorenjdstrand: Even though the package is installed, doesn't mean it's managed to enable the php interpreter.11:49
lamontor postalias/newaliases, depending11:49
wolfek, thanks11:49
jdstrandsoren: agreed.  but if the interpreter is not enabled, that file will be downloaded as a txt file, and not shown as html11:49
sorenjdstrand: Likely, yes.11:49
jdstrandsoren: the 'spirit' of the comment was to describe that difference.  But obviously, I was not clear.11:50
sorenjdstrand: I'd just like it to actually do test something.11:50
jdstrandsoren: what can it test if php not enabled?11:50
sorenjdstrand: Perhaps something like: "<td>php</td><td><!--- <? print(" -->Works<!--"); => --></td>"11:51
jdstrandsoren: ah.  well that's easy enough11:51
sorenjdstrand: If php is not enabled, the print call will be commented out in html. If php is enabled, it will end the comment, write "Works", start a new comment...11:51
sorenjdstrand: right.11:52
sorenjdstrand: I actually thing the mysql_connect call shouldn't get any arguments.11:52
sorenjdstrand: These are all details, though. In general, it's a good starting point.11:52
sorenjdstrand: I'm too tired to do much about it right now, though.11:52
jdstrandsoren: it will take only a few minutes to change11:53
jdstrandsoren: I'll do it11:53
sorenjdstrand: Cool. i've got another php bug I want to fix tomorrow to. If you attach the new page to the bug, I'll take care of it tomorrow.11:54
soren"...fix tomorrow, too".11:54
jdstrandsoren: thanks-- you get to flex your core-dev muscles then!  :)11:54
sorenjdstrand: Exactly :)11:57
sorenGoodnight, guys.12:05
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servervmI just loaded up Dapper 6.06 LTS server LAMP and I'm going through php.ini to set it up for vTiger. It mentions 4 extensions to php... all listed as .dll's .. are these windows extensions already loaded in the linux version via a different method?12:09
servervmor different file name?12:10

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