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dokolamont: libgcc2 is built by gcc-4.0, not gcc-3.407:15
lamontdoko: right.  don't be confused by the 'workaround launchpad' uploads (aka 'trigger build for hppa')07:18
=== lamont really gone to lunch now
arthur-doko: is it ok if madcoder upload gdc for unstable too?11:01
dokoarthur-: sure, if it's not rejected again by ftp-master ;p11:02
dokoarthur-: please could you prepare a gdc package for gutsy tomorrow?11:03
arthur-doko: sure11:03
arthur-doko: I fixed the lintian warnings but madcoder did upload before :p11:03
arthur-doko: if I send you a SVN diff tomorrow, could you check it in?11:05
arthur-(for gdc)11:05
arthur-good night ;-)11:06

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