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Mark7Hey TheSheep!01:13
Mark7Lo Ubotu01:14
Mark7How are you both?01:14
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Mark7I'm trying to figure out how to change my plugins in Epiphany01:18
Mark7There are some things you just don't need mplayer for01:19
Mark7RA and MP3s, for example01:22
Mark7I have audacious installed, I was thinking of using that for streaming audio playback.01:26
Mark7The problem is I have no idea how to edit the plugins configuration file01:28
Mark7Or even if I can do it without breaking something01:28
Mark7You guys don't mind me hogging bandwidth here, right?01:29
Mark7So, hands up who's a bot :-)01:30
Mark7Or, even better, if you're a bot don't say anything01:30
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paulhanHi, I'm installing from an iso image and everything is fine until I get to /bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off. I then get initramfs, but I can't seem to find anything to tell me where to take it from there02:22
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DaBeowulfPlease help I'm trying to get the nvidia-glx-new running again but when X should start it tells me: failed to load module "wfb" and that the kernel is of version 7184 (nvidia-glx which it installed when I tried to activate nvidia-glx-new via the restricted drivers tool) But I deleted that completely and reinstalled glx-new and used dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg to activate it...02:27
moforilla_I recently installed the ntfs-3 package to get access to my windows files, after running some scripts on a link given to mount the drive I was still unable to read or write to it.02:28
moforilla_After coming back to xubuntu I find the drive mounted, with read only permissions02:29
moforilla_How can I got about making ti read and write?02:29
qiuhou@moforilla: is the drive listed in your /etc/fstab file?02:31
moforilla_qiuhou: #Added by diskmounter utility02:33
moforilla_/dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 ntfs ro,user,fmask=0111,dmask=0000 0 002:33
Pumpernickelpaulhan: Feisty livecd?02:33
paulhanSorry, yes, that's the one. Burned it too iso and it seemed alright02:34
qiuhousorry, gotta go for an hour or so02:36
moforilla_qiuhou: Which of these settings refer to read and writing?02:36
PumpernickelTry the alternate cd or a Gutsy cd.  Both should work; the error you're encountering doesn't have a reliable workaround (bug 96084).02:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 96084 in linux-source-2.6.20 "boot - /bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9608402:36
moforilla_qiuhou: Im guessing the ro02:36
ubotuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:38
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paulhanpumpernickel: Thanks so far. I tried a trick I saw of using a floppy disk and it loaded straight through. Am now at a login screen, but it won't let me continue until I type  in a password which I don't have. I've tried root02:45
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moforillaIm using this script to mounta disk03:19
moforillaI was linked to me by someone last time I was in the channel03:19
moforillaFor some reason the script mounts the disk as read only?03:20
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moforillaHas this got anything to do with answering no to the use of the experimental FUSE module?03:20
darrendis there documentation anywhere regarding if-up.d / if-down.d scripts?  Specifically what variables are made available to them?03:21
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DaBeowulfdammit I'm short of reinstalling the OS..03:24
DaBeowulfWhy does it still say the nvidia kernel module is 7184 when I installed nvidia-glx-new?03:24
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darrendDaBeowulf: yeah, bit quieter here03:33
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xjonexmsg Nickserv puppu03:38
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moforillaCan I change my X windows manager?03:45
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WippoZippo hey, it seems that the ubuntu install can't find my harddrivers, I tried pci=conf1 and acpi=off but none of them solved my problem.  I've been told it has something to do with the kernel? anyone has an idea? thanks :)03:55
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Mark7Please, someone, talk to me04:02
Mark7I can't do this on my own :-(04:02
vinzeDo what?04:02
Mark7Change the plug ins in Mozilla04:03
Mark7I don't want Mplayer to handle audio files04:03
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vinzeYou mean when they are open in the browser?04:03
DaBeowulfOkay how come after every reboot I've got to 'sudo modprobe nvidia' to get X starting again?04:04
=== vinze searches about:config
DaBeowulfOtherwise it says nvidia kernel module is 7184 while the module is 9755 and refuses to start X04:04
DaBeowulfAnd why is there no etc/modules which was in the suggestion from #ubuntu to fix this?04:05
Mark7And I especially don't want it to hog the browser04:05
vinzeMark7, can't you just delete the package mozilla-mplayer?04:05
Mark7I did04:05
vinzeThen how can it still be used?04:06
vinzeIs it listed in about:plugins?04:06
Mark7But that just means that I can't view embedded or streaming video content04:06
vinzeMark7, you mean that Firefox *opens* audio files with MPlayer by default, or that it plays them *in the browser window*?04:06
Mark7The mplayre plugin is still in the Mozilla plugins folder, so whenever I click on an audio link it goes off to look for that04:07
Mark7Yes, except replace Firefox with Epiphany04:07
Mark7I want the audio to open in a stand alone app04:07
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neozenhey there all04:08
neozenhave questions regarding drag n drop in xubuntu (xfce) ... where might I start looking for information04:08
vinzeneozen, the Xfce wiki?04:08
Mark7How come you can only get plug ins for mplayer and totem, anyway?04:10
vinzeI guess those are the only ones available04:10
Mark7Well, there's xine as well04:11
vinzeMark7, I think I've found the answer04:11
vinzeIn Edit->Preferences, Content tab04:11
vinzeThere you click on "Manage" under "File Types"04:12
Mark7IS this for Forefox?04:12
vinzeO damn04:12
vinzeI mean not so good04:12
Mark7What's wrong?04:12
vinzeYou use Epiphany of course :s04:12
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Mark7But Epiphany uses the Mozilla plugins04:13
vinzeYeah true04:13
vinzeBut it uses another folder for preferences04:13
vinzePerhaps you could try and see what is changed if you chance it in Firefox, and try changing the same in the ~/.gnome2/epiphany folder04:14
Mark7How do I access that folder?04:14
Mark7Remember, I need to be root04:14
Mark7Because I want to change the behaviour of the plugins04:16
vinzeI though you wanted to change the behaviour of the browser (i.e. what content should be handled by what)04:16
neozenvinze: O.o wasn't exactly in the wiki .... but found this: http://xfc.xfce.org/docs/howto/html/draganddrop.html04:17
Mark7Yeah, that's what I meant04:17
vinzeThen I don't think you need to be root04:17
Mark7But I can't find any other way to do it04:17
=== vinze is still looking
=== Joakim [n=leho@80-235-62-8-dsl.trt.estpak.ee] has joined #xubuntu
Mark7There's no such option under Epiphany's preferences04:17
Mark7Believe me, I've looked04:18
vinzeBut I'm trying to find out where Firefox saves the preferences regarding file handling04:19
vinzeBecause Epiphany might use the same04:19
Mark7~/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox, maybe?04:20
vinzeNo, it's user-specific04:21
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DaBeowulfDoes not work. Maybe I should have said that I modprobe to remove the module all the time?04:22
Mark7Sorry to hear that DaBeowulf04:23
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TheSheep Mark7: about:config04:23
TheSheepMark7: in the address bar04:24
Mark7Done that04:24
Mark7Now what?04:24
TheSheepMark7: there hsould be a number of entries for your formats04:24
Mark7There are LOTS of entries04:25
TheSheepMark7: best do a search for it04:25
vinzeTheSheep, I tried already, couldn't find anything :(04:25
Mark7Search for audio?04:25
=== vinze is looking at ~/.mozilla/pluginreg.dat but can't find a similar file for Epiphany
Mark7Maybe I'd have more joy with iceape04:27
=== vinze gives up :(
Mark7Is someone PMing me?04:29
Mark7The Systray icon just flashed04:30
Mark7Does this look like the right thing? plugin.default_plugin_disabled04:31
vinzeFound that too, but I don't think it'll help04:31
vinzeOr perhaps you'd disable *all* plugins with it04:31
Mark7Yeah :-(04:32
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Mark7I just changed plugin.override_internal_types to true04:34
Mark7Hang on04:35
Mark7I'm testing04:35
Mark7Hmm.  I suspect a site FU may be the reason04:35
Mark7Someone didn't do their html properly04:37
TheSheepMark7: there is a help on mozilla.org04:37
Mark7Let me just PM the site owner04:37
Mark7I'm at the Mozilla site. Where next?04:41
Mark7How do you write a plugin?04:50
maxamillionMark7: using the mozilla API04:54
maxamillioni gotta run04:54
Mark7URL me to the Mizilla API04:54
vinzeMark7, a plugin or extension?04:55
Mark7A plugin04:55
Mark7I want to create a plugin that'll open the media player of MY choice04:56
vinzeI have no idea, but the Mozilla API I googled to be the above URL04:56
Mark7I need to read one of the already installed plugins so I can get some idea of what's involved05:00
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hyper__chhiho folks06:45
=== The-Kernel [n=The-Kern@unaffiliated/the-kernel] has joined #xubuntu
=== hyper__ch needs suggestions for Jabber clients
TheSheephyper__ch: what are yur needs?06:58
hyper__chTheSheep: never tried any... as my ICQ got hijacked yesterday (1128681) I'm saying good-bye to it and lean towards open-protocols now ;)06:59
TheSheephyper__ch: I use gajim, it's written in python and pretty nice and simple06:59
=== maxamillion [n=adam@] has joined #xubuntu
hyper__chTheSheep: what are the servers for in Gaijm?07:13
=== OwdGitRon [n=ron@88-111-187-86.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionhyper__ch: gaijim is just a jabber server ... it will connect to any jabber server you have an account on07:18
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=== hyper__ch needs a primer in Jabber ;)
maxamillionhyper__ch: ah ... hmmm07:18
hyper__chhow does it work then?07:18
hyper__chTheSheep meant gajim is nice and simple07:19
maxamillionhyper__ch: http://trac.gajim.org/wiki/WikiStart#help_quickstart_guides07:19
hyper__chthe creation of an account keeps failing :(07:27
maxamillionhyper__ch: i sorry... i just use google talk because i have gmail :)07:28
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hyper__chhiho Desolato107:43
Desolato1I've got a question about installing, what shoudl I make the swap, primary or logical?07:43
TheSheepdoens't matter07:45
Desolato1I've read that there's a limit of 4 primary partitions, I guess it's not a problem for me07:46
hyper__chDesolato1: that's an ancient limit which you can circumvent with extended partitions07:46
Desolato1oh, ok. btw, is ntfs-3g avaialbe for xubuntu?07:47
zoredache_or lvm, or many other tricks07:47
=== zoredache_ is now known as zoredache
zoredacheDesolato1: yes the package you want to install is 'ntfs-3g'07:48
hyper__chDesolato1: it is, but why do you want that?07:48
Desolato1ok, thanks07:48
Desolato1I'll carry on installing07:48
Desolato1see ya07:49
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jarnosHi. I get some kind of errors during startup. (Some llines are shown in console, but graphical login screen is displayed eventually.) How to get rid of the errors?07:58
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hyper__chjarnos: there's many ways, but first it would be good to actually know what error messages you get08:24
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hyper__chhiya user108:30
user1anyone know hows i get mailto:n=user3@24-107-235-119.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com to just show my ip not my isp?08:30
hyper__chuser1: if you could elaborate a bit more... what you just said does not give much clues of what you want08:33
user1how i gey my host like that?08:34
user1eggdrop does it somehow08:34
user1\/join #bind08:46
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maxamillionuser1: eggdrop is a bot, bots other than ubotu are not allowed in official ubuntu and ubuntu derived channels08:50
user1maxamillion its on a another net08:50
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maxamillionuser1: oh ok :)08:50
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siimohi, 1 question, why is xubuntu live cd so heavyweight and slow to load08:55
maxamillionsiimo: because it runs entirely in your system ram08:56
=== siimo [n=siimo@unaffiliated/siimo] has joined #xubuntu
siimomaybe they should cut down some programmes? ><08:57
hyper__chsiimo: you cuold get more ram ;)08:58
siimohyper__ch: i already have my motherbord maxed out08:58
hyper__chsiimo: why do you run it in ram?08:58
siimoi usually use it when the comp is in trouble and wont boot08:59
jaxI think the idea is that it is non-modifying to the system.08:59
hyper__chyou could load a smaller system than xubuntu09:00
siimoits pretty amazing that i can run slax live cd and it boots 1/3 time as xubuntu and its full KDE system it also runs faster09:00
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siimoi thought xfce should be faster09:01
hyper__chxubuntu is faster than kubuntu ;)09:01
siimo*buntu live cds are very slow09:01
hyper__chsiimo: so?09:02
=== hyper_ch [n=hyper@] has joined #xubuntu
siimohyper__ch: so it shouldn't be so slow09:07
hyper_chthe ubuntu live cds are not made for booting quickly but for showing what it will be like09:09
jaxI recently installed xubuntu on /dev/hdb - which I had added from old box.  I used 40 pin IDE cable instead of 80 pin.  When I get newer cable, are there any settings that I will need to change from what the installer gave.09:12
jarnoshyper__ch, there are some messages about firmware microcodes or something during boot, but those text come and go so quickly I cannot follow.09:12
siimojax: no09:13
hyper_chjarnos: so how do you think we can help?09:14
siimohyper__ch: well it also runs pretty slow... so showing what its like is still not very nice09:15
hyper_chsiimo: it shows what it is like09:16
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jarnoshyper_ch, is there some log file where you can see the messages?09:23
hyper_chjarnos: syslog09:23
TheSheepjarnos: in the /var/log/ directory09:24
TheSheepjarnos: you can also type 'dmesg | less'09:25
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thehollowwithinhow do i burn .daa files it is a iso09:33
jarnosThere are several lines like this at the end of output of dmes:  "bcm43xx: Error: Microcode "bcm43xx_microcode5.fw" not available or load failed." I am not sure if this is why I see console during startup.09:34
hyper_chjarnos: did you replace any hardware? did you install a new kernel?09:38
thehollowwithinhow do i burn .daa files it is a iso09:40
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Soskelhow can I add my own program to the top bar?09:55
hyper_chSoskel: right-clicke, add-new item, launcher09:56
=== Naughtyboy [n=Naughtyb@h115n5c1o968.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chSoskel: or add Quicklauncher where you can add multiple launchers (small icons)09:58
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jarnoshyper_ch, well I have installed all updates. I have also used some third party repositories, and disabled some. Some time ago I started to get message after login from Avahi that complained about my local network domain. I also installed (and later uninstalled) "Spyder2PRO 2.3.5 - Works with Windows Vista" by wine.10:01
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DaveMorrishi guys, I'm working on mythbuntu which has recently switched to using xfce.  I was wondering if anyone could help me with bug 148301 It's seem that a different locale changes the placement of buttons instead of just the names.  Is this corect or have I put the wrong settings in for xfce?10:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 148301 in mythbuntu "Missing shutdown button in xfce" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14830110:06
allenCan I install an epson scanner/printer on xubuntu?10:06
hyper_chbug 14830110:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 148301 in mythbuntu "Missing shutdown button in xfce" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14830110:07
mick_How can I do to have a icon in the bar for check my battery10:09
mick_I have a laptop10:10
DaveMorrisallen: if you can install it on ubuntu then it'll work with xubuntu since it uses the same under the hood programs, it just has a different graphical user interface on it10:10
DaveMorrismick_: I'll have a look for you10:10
mick_DaveMorris, oh thx verry much10:10
hyper_chmick, right-click the bar, add new item, batter monitor10:11
mick_oh ?!10:11
mick_I try10:11
=== DaveMorris waiting for his laptop to boot
mick_hyper_ch, it is ok10:12
mick_hyper_ch, thank you10:13
hyper_chmick_: yw10:13
mick_hyper_ch, why the network icon is not in the same frame10:14
hyper_chmick_: I dunno what you mean10:14
mick_I explain10:14
mick_in the top bar, I have the network ico side by side the time10:15
mick_oh, wait I try a screenshot10:15
mick_lol, How can I take a screenshot10:17
mick_the touchpad dont work at all10:17
hyper_chthere's no screenshot functionality by default in xubuntu10:17
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mick_I try by xterm10:18
allenHow do I get a ppd file for my printer?10:19
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Soskelwere is my fonts folder?10:55
siimoi use ~/.fonts/10:58
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nikolamHow to know what hardware is supported11:28
nikolamE.g. there must be some kind of database for those thing etc.11:29
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Pumpernickelnikolam: There's no single complete db.  If you're concerned about a specific part, though, it's pretty easy to find out how well supported it is.11:44
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hyper_chnikolam: or just try out the desktop/live cd to see what natively works on your computer12:05
nikolamI think that I am fullz supported. Just motherboard temperature measurments are weird.12:06
nikolamBut I think about redirectin someone who is buzing something12:06
nikolamWhere to look at etc.12:06
nikolamI personally can handle it.12:06
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user1anyone know if i can stream tv to others via the site on my pc?12:10
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cjaeanyone here use tsclient12:23
siimohave ppl started doing upgrades to Gutsy via apt12:26
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Merchelouse the update manager12:32
steve___Does anyone know of a way to download the apt-get source lists for both feisty *and* gutsy then have something like apt-show-versions -a PKG_NAME give results from both releases?12:33
MatBoyTheSheep, are you here ?>12:34
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steve___Does anyone know of a way to download the apt-get source lists for both feisty *and* gutsy then have something like apt-show-versions -a PKG_NAME give results from both releases?12:43
steve___sorry if that's a repeat, my client was acting oddly.12:43
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