mebrowncjwatson, evand, ping.12:22
mebrownmarked as 'invalid', but I see this bug in today's daily.12:22
mebrownhmm... Ok, I see that it is closed as a dup of: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/oem-config/+bug/2353712:24
mebrownwhich is 'fix released'12:24
mebrownbut question remains: when will this hit the daily builds?12:25
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mebrowncjwatson, --^12:25
mebrowncjwatson_,, did you see my last couple sentences?12:26
mebrown https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/oem-config/+bug/2353712:27
mebrownwhich is 'fix released'12:27
mebrownI dont see it fixed in today's daily12:27
mebrownand I tried your wget manifest| grep trick12:28
mebrownand dont see oem-config listed... :(12:28
cjwatsonI'll have to try it out12:28
cjwatsonit's not in the live image, grep for it in .list12:28
mebrownwhich looks to me like it should be fixed...12:29
cjwatsonshould be12:29
mebrownas lp# shows closed in 1.2012:29
mebrownwhen I tried it out. I installed all language packs on my list and chose 'spanish' as the language12:29
mebrownand the rest of the screens were still in english12:29
mebrown(I speak spanish pretty well, so it is easy for me to test...)12:30
mebrownshould I re-open the lp#?12:32
cjwatsonlet me try it12:32
mebrownI have to go for tonight in a min12:32
cjwatsonit's 23:30 here, if I don't respond or fix it or something, sure, reopen it12:32
mebrownbritish time?12:33
mebrownok. Well, have a great weekend.12:34
mebrownsend me an email if you need anything.12:35
mebrownI have this issue and iirc one other one that are important to me to get the Dell install going12:35
mebrownis the other critical one.12:35
mebrownfor the installer12:35
cjwatsonyeah, you mentioned that, I'll look at the same time12:36
mebrownIf you need anything from me, I'll be checking email this weekend. I know you are in the last few days worth of changes before the release.12:36
cjwatsonI have a lingering suspicion it's because you're preseeding the username and full name when that's not necessary12:36
cjwatson(or shouldn't be anyway)12:36
cjwatsonbut I can't think of a reason why that would actually break this12:36
mebrownok. If it isnt needed, I can just as easily take it out.12:36
mebrownjust remove the value, or the entire line?12:36
cjwatsonleave it there for now12:37
cjwatsonmaybe it's a generic bug, in which case I can squash it12:37
cjwatsonSpanish is a good test case BTW, because its oem-config translation is complete12:38
cjwatsonthe translation team was nice and speedy12:38
mebrownWell, I'm going now. Let me know if you need anything from my side. You have my preseed.12:38
mebrownI'm considering changing my desktop to spanish by default12:38
mebrownto get more practise12:38
mebrownjust noticed testing today that there werent very many untranslated strings around the desktop at all12:39
mebrown(as compared to, say, chinese)12:39
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xivuloncjwatson,evand I am out of ideas with the mkfs bug01:17
xivulonto make a long story short, if I pause at the end of autopartition-loop and run strace mkfs.ext3 /dev/loop2 it works01:18
xivulonif run mkfs without strace it doesn't01:18
xivulonany hint of what I may try?01:18
cjwatsonxivulon: sorry, I have no bright ideas, sounds like a race but who knows02:12
CIA-18ubiquity: cjwatson * r2324 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog scripts/install.py):02:13
CIA-18ubiquity: * Remove excessive blank lines in GDM and KDM configuration files in OEM02:13
CIA-18ubiquity:  mode.02:13
xivuloncjwatson is the update of ntfs-3g going to happen? maybe that can address it (hmm might test that)02:29
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=== xivulon testing ntfs-3g 1.1913
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J-Georg_I have a grub-related problem installing Ubuntu, could anyone help me a little?01:38
CIA-18oem-config: cjwatson * r365 oem-config/ (debian/changelog lib/frontend/gtk_ui.py):01:38
CIA-18oem-config: * GTK frontend:01:38
CIA-18oem-config:  - Make sure the next button remains the default widget despite being01:38
CIA-18oem-config:  hidden and re-shown.01:38
cjwatsonJ-Georg_: it's a weekend and I was mostly planning to do other things; if you explain your problem and hang around for a bit, I or somebody may be able to01:39
J-Georg_Ok, the installation just fails to grub-install (hd0). The root partition is an ext3 at /dev/sda5 and if I chroot to /target and try to do it by hand it fails with "/boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly."01:40
J-Georg_I had to create menu.lst by myself as it didn't exist.01:41
J-Georg_I was browsing the forums and checked fstab and mtab as suggested but they look fine to me.01:41
cjwatsonjust one disk?01:41
J-Georg_device.map looks ok as well...01:42
cjwatsonnormally that error is because fstab and menu.lst are out of sync (and beware that grub counts partition numbers from zero not from one)01:44
cjwatsonbut it's possible that it could also be because grub's internal low-level read-stuff-from-the-disk code is breaking01:45
cjwatsonwhich is liable to be beyond me :-/01:45
J-Georg_I'll take another look at fstab and menu.lst01:45
cjwatsonI'm sorry that may not be a very satisfying answer01:46
cjwatsonin extremis, you could try installing lilo01:46
CIA-18ubiquity: cjwatson * r2325 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/gtk_ui.py):01:46
CIA-18ubiquity: * GTK frontend:01:46
CIA-18ubiquity:  - Make sure the next button remains the default widget despite being01:46
CIA-18ubiquity:  hidden and re-shown.01:46
J-Georg_In fstab /dev/sda5 was identified by UUID. Changed it to /dev/sda5, it didn't help.01:47
J-Georg_In menu.lst root is set to (hd0,4)01:47
cjwatsonif you want to try to dig into exactly what's failing, there should be log and image files left over from grub-install's attempts to read back stage1 lying around in /tmp01:48
cjwatsonit copies the files to /boot/grub/ and then tries to read them back using the 'dump' command in the grub shell, then does a binary compare to ensure they're the same01:49
cjwatsonI trust you don't have a separate /boot?01:49
J-Georg_No, it's on the same sda501:49
cjwatsonthe other problem you *could* be having is that maybe you have a sufficiently wacky BIOS that grub is having trouble reading from the logical partition01:49
cjwatsonmight be worth trying to put a small /boot on a primary partition if possible01:50
cjwatsonalso, put /boot near the start of the disk01:50
cjwatsondepending on the vintage and bugginess of the BIOS, it may have trouble reading from later in the disk01:50
J-Georg_Ok. Now I can see in the tmp file that:01:51
J-Georg_Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition01:51
J-Georg_As a result to dump command.01:51
cjwatson17 : Cannot mount selected partition01:52
cjwatson     This error is returned if the partition requested exists, but the01:52
cjwatson     filesystem type cannot be recognized by GRUB.01:52
J-Georg_Wait a little...01:52
J-Georg_let me check fdisk output01:52
J-Georg_/dev/sda5 xxxx xxxxx   xxxxxxxx 7 HPFS/NTFS01:53
J-Georg_Shouldn't it be Linux?01:53
J-Georg_Or doesn't it matter if fstab says it's ext3?01:54
cjwatsonthat does matter01:55
J-Georg_Well, changing id01:56
cjwatsonor at least it certainly could matter, ext2fs_mount does check that01:56
cjwatsoninteresting how it got that way - I'd like to see your installation logs01:56
cjwatson(/var/log/syslog and /var/log/partman if you're still in the installer)01:57
cjwatsonif you could try to copy those out before you finish the installation and reboot, I'd appreciate it01:57
J-Georg_Already rebooted...01:57
cjwatsonare they in /var/log/installer/ ?01:57
cjwatsonI guess you've probably trashed them now so I won't be able to figure out why this happened :-/01:58
cjwatsonif you were using the alternate installer, there's a chance they might still be there01:58
J-Georg_Well, the partitioning was done in Windows.01:58
J-Georg_Hence the NTFS setting.01:58
J-Georg_Ubuntu installer didn't complain about it and created ext3 happily on it.01:59
cjwatsoncould you file a bug on partman-base? (that may not be the right package but it's a start)01:59
J-Georg_But failed at the grub stage.01:59
cjwatsonand explain the situation01:59
cjwatsonwere you using the alternate install CD or the desktop CD?01:59
cjwatsonfeel free to just paste this whole IRC log into the bug01:59
J-Georg_Desktop CD.01:59
J-Georg_Ok, trying to install again now with right ID.02:00
J-Georg_It's AMD 64 install cd.02:00
cjwatsonthat shouldn't matter02:00
J-Georg_Thanks for guidance, anyway :)02:01
J-Georg_The hint about tmp files was very helpful :)02:02
cjwatsonshould probably copy the grub log output to the syslog02:06
cjwatsonthis is weird, it definitely tries to set the partition id02:06
cjwatsonJ-Georg_: did you use automatic partitioning?02:08
cjwatsonI guess not if you did the partitioning in Windows02:08
cjwatsonJ-Georg_: perhaps you could describe to the best of your memory exactly what you did in the partitioner02:08
J-Georg_Used manual partitioning.02:09
cjwatsonJ-Georg_: any more detail?02:16
CIA-18oem-config: cjwatson * r366 oem-config/debian/ (59 files in 2 dirs): * Update translations from Rosetta.02:16
CIA-18oem-config: cjwatson * r367 oem-config/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog):02:17
CIA-18oem-config: * Automatic update of included source packages: user-setup 1.14ubuntu402:17
CIA-18oem-config:  (LP: #149582).02:17
CIA-18oem-config: cjwatson * r368 oem-config/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.2202:20
J-Georg_It still doesn't work...02:27
J-Georg_Wait a little...02:27
J-Georg_I changed the partition Id but it's again HPFS/NTFS...02:27
cjwatsonremember to save the logs this time, please02:28
cjwatsonI'm off to do other things for a while (comment about weekend above :-))02:28
J-Georg_Ok, thanks anyway.02:28
J-Georg_There's only version file in /var/log/installer02:29
cjwatson/var/log/syslog and /var/log/partman are the ones you want before reboot02:35
cjwatsonthey're only copied into /var/log/installer/ right at the end02:35
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xivuloncjwatson, the only way to go around the mkfs issue is to run mkfs on the file and not on the loopdevice (no need to detach the loopdevice)09:33
xivulonhow difficult would that be to override the current partman behaviour?09:33
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