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bspenceranyone know why mplayer wouldn't be installable in target image?01:31
bspencerI get:01:31
bspencerPackage mplayer is not available, but is referred to by another package.01:31
bspencerThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or01:31
bspenceris only available from another source01:31
bspencerE: Package mplayer has no installation candidate01:31
rustyldoesn't look like there is a package called 'mplayer'01:37
bspencerhm, curious.01:38
rustylat least on the in lpia repository01:38
bspencerapt-get install gnome-mplayer01:38
bspencerThe following packages have unmet dependencies:01:38
bspencer  gnome-mplayer: Depends: mplayer (>= 1.0) but it is not installable01:38
bspencerE: Broken packages01:38
rustyli am guessing that the mplayer package broke for the lpia build, but that would be a guess01:38
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bspencerHappyCamp, you still here?02:03
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bspenceron the current images with broken sudoers and messed up root pswd, is there a way to get root priveleges?04:27
bspencerIt logs in as ume and I'm stuck.  04:27
bspencerthis endless bug is sucking my will to live04:28
bspencerwhen booting can I do something to get into single user mode?04:29
mjg59bspencer: Hit escape at grub, hit e, press down arrow, press e, type " init=/bin/bash"04:30
mjg59Press b04:30
bspenceron the kernel line04:31
bspencers/on/end of 04:31
mjg59Oh, delete the splash argument04:32
bspencertoo late :)04:32
mjg59Remember to sync after editing files04:33
mjg59reboot doesn't shut down cleanly in that mode04:33
bspencergood tip04:33
bspencerwhen I run "pswd" it only lets me enter 1 char for the pswd before prompting for "repeat pswd"04:34
bspencerno big deal, just curious04:34
mjg59You mean passwd?04:34
bspencerand characters aren't echoed to the screen04:36
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DaftDustsome one here and have time for questions?02:40
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xyzzy_billHey, guys.  Apple just borked my iPhone on purpose, which to me was like a kick in the head... I just totally realized the value of Ubuntu Mobile.04:08
xyzzy_billSo, I'm a skilled and prolific C programmer.  Any significant projects that need C programmers right away?  I've got a few hours/week I can donate.04:11
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xyzzy_billBTW, the 4.8" minimum screen size spec-ed in the UIStyleGuide is waay too big.  iPhone is 3.5", and quite usable, even as an e-book.04:42
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xyzzy_billAnd geeze... the Blueprint doesn't even have a SIP client at any priority?04:44
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Mithrandirxyzzy_bill: we're not trying to build a mobile phone.  If you want to help out by getting support for SIP into moblin-chat; help would be appreciated.  Note that upstream empathy (which moblin-chat is based on) doesn't yet have stable SIP support, AIUI.07:08
wasabiThere's no doubt that what is built gets you part of the way to a mobil phone distro though. Somebody just needs to package openmoko. :)07:19
Mithrandiropenmoko aren't using hildon, so they won't look very good together07:21
wasabiSure, I mostly speak about the core system stuff. Good power management, quick boot, etc.07:25
wasabiBoth hildon and openmoko can then be layed on top of that.07:25
mjg59wasabi: We have that. It's called Ubuntu.07:26
xyzzy_billBut hildon looks very much like a smart phone window manager, doesn't it?  I'd hate to get locked out of most mobile devices, simply because the early specs said to target 4.8" screens instead of 3.5"07:41
xyzzy_billI personally think the iPhone shows that the mobile computing devices and mobile phones will mostly merge in the future.  I think it's worth planning for.  Also, just add a SIP client, and you're half-way to a mobile phone.07:43
mjg59Hildon is currently not really practical on portrait displays07:44
mjg59It's not designed to work at < 800x48007:44
tkoxyzzy_bill: hildon doesn't have clearly defined range of form factors at the moment. there is a limit somewhere but it needs someone to go poking around to find it07:44
suihkulokkiand now for something completely different07:45
xyzzy_billAs computing devices continue to shrink, the only reason to keep mobile computing devices large is for the screen.  I think 3.5" is on the small side for practical computing, but on the large side for my pocket...07:45
suihkulokkihow do I make bzr not conflict on debian/changelog everytime I merge07:46
tkodon't commit debian/changelog :)07:46
tkojust like ChangeLog guarantees merge conflicts07:46
suihkulokkitko: well both hildon upstream and ume commit changelogs..07:47
suihkulokki..and since bzr is mostly used exactly for maintaining debian/ubuntu packages, I kinda expect somekind of best practice/solution to exist07:48
mjg59Merge the changelog by hand?07:48
tkoresolving changelog conflicts is close to trivial anyway07:48
tkojust annoying07:48
mjg59I don't think there's a trivial way to do it automatically07:49
tkoif you didn't do line based merge but taught bzr to handle changelog entries as a whole, you could easily make it automatic07:50
suihkulokkifor arbitary changelogish files yes, but debian/changelog is formatted enough somekind of automatic solution should be easy07:50
tkoyou could also do similar thing for GNU-ish ChangeLogs, just assume ^[a-ZA-Z0-9] begins a new group that should be handled atomically07:52
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corevetteare there any screens of UME yet?08:28
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