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dannyboy79_anyone help with cached support with 2 sources with lineup01:21
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foxbuntusuperm1, you around?02:05
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foxbuntutgm4883_laptop_, want to know something sad?02:27
foxbuntutonight is the first time I have used MythDVD for the first time since I built this machine02:28
pdragon|gamesanyone have the URL of that article directhex wrote?02:29
tgm4883_laptop_pdragon|games, google mythbuntu beta02:33
tgm4883_laptop_it's on there somewhere02:33
tgm4883_laptop_foxbuntu, does it work?02:34
therethinker2wow, timestamps were way off, nevermind02:37
pdragon|gamesyeah, i can't find it. happen to even remember which website the article was written for?02:42
tgm4883_laptop_i'm that good02:45
tgm4883_laptop_I searched for02:45
tgm4883_laptop_mythbuntu chimney02:45
pdragon|gamesbah... i knew it had hex in it02:45
pdragon|gameshah... i would've never thought of that02:45
tgm4883_laptop_i remembered the word chimney from the article02:45
pdragon|gamesback to WoW02:47
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Wy|laptopStupid simple question, but I'm unable to view videos on myth (using mplayer) that I can view using totem (from gnome)03:12
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foxbuntutroy_s,  any luck with that04:51
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DiggThisHi superm105:02
DiggThis can anyone tell me after installing mythbuntu i get a zen command line then ata 7 saying irq_stat, connection status changed. What does this mean?05:03
troy_sfoxbuntu: Not yet... I would need to compile in the binary blob drivers...05:14
troy_sfoxbuntu: I probably should do that so that we can start the rather massive theming.05:14
foxbuntutroy_s, indeed05:14
troy_sfoxbuntu: In your eyes, what would the priority be -- theme the MythTV interface probably seems logical (and a monumental task really) then provide a desktop wallpaper and minimalist xfce theme05:14
foxbuntuI am working on like 3 things now too05:14
troy_sfoxbuntu: Does that make sense to you?05:14
foxbuntunever ending cycle05:14
troy_sfoxbuntu: yeah but it is all for the better... the better people can make things for others, the more our community grows.05:15
foxbuntutroy_s, I think if we can spit out a desktop wall paper and get in contact to get the USplash done while we work on the MythTV theme05:16
MitoTraninhave either of you tried to install Mythbuntu on a system with 256mb ram?05:16
foxbuntuMitoTranin, no, but it should work (slow)05:17
MitoTraninI'm having problems with it locking up at the 94% mark, (where it says "checking for packages to remove") and I was wondering if it had to do with that05:17
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: what was that cd repo bug you were talking about before?05:17
troy_sfoxbuntu: Yes... the usplash will require some animation and such.05:18
troy_sfoxbuntu: Which will take a little time then code.  Not a huge deal.05:18
foxbuntutroy_s, those two items are a pending nasty on my list, the MythTV Theme can get pushed back a little more to complete them05:20
troy_sfoxbuntu: well yeah... the whole thing won't come together until we are further along.  Probably better to just use placeholder bits that are acceptable until then.05:23
troy_sfoxbuntu: In plain language -- a crappy Ubuntu progress bar etc.05:23
troy_sfoxbuntu: The animation and such will take some thinking and design.  I have a pretty good idea where i would like to take it but it will still take time to animate.05:23
troy_sfoxbuntu: The default wallpaper is probably going to be very 1950 -- as in a repeated television motif and the 1950 atomic era small rubber bandy loops repeated.05:24
troy_sfoxbuntu: In my eyes, the most important part of the presentation is the actual MythTV theme... I want that to be as top shelf as possible and as embroiled in the design theme as it can get.  I don't expect that to be easy as we will be wrestling with the button look versus font rendering on the fly etc.05:25
foxbuntutroy_s, exactly. You are dead on as usual.05:26
troy_sfoxbuntu: You can code correct?05:27
foxbuntuthe USplash animation I have no idea05:27
foxbuntuyou said you have someone for that however right?05:28
troy_sfoxbuntu: that might be useful in terms of fixing usplash.  Apparently the code (as per seveas) is in place for the autodetection of widescreens.  My gut tells me that the ratio (16x10 over 16x9) is too low and therefore is selecting the 4x5 ratio usplash.05:28
troy_sfoxbuntu: if we can look into that, it might be a quick fix and something that aesthetically would benefit much of the Ubuntu platform.05:29
troy_sfoxbuntu: and yes, tonic-pushcart is a usplash wizard as well as a top shelf guy.  He might be able to help out this project, and if he is too busy, he can probably get you up to speed very quickly.  His code is clean and well commented too.05:29
foxbuntutroy_s, the issue with that is the data provided to the video card about TV's via their connection type. There is no industry standard for it05:30
troy_sfoxbuntu: I think it might be possible to fix it... seveas seems to think it is probably because 16x10 is the reported res and 16x9 is closer to the 4x3 ratio.05:32
=== superm1 walks in the roome unannounced
superm1foxbuntu, what'd you need?05:32
troy_s(all of this aspect ratio stuff really needs to be resolved in a graceful way from a higher level really -- along with a standard 'orgin' point that doesn't move so that people can design for both ratios using a center anchor or something)05:33
foxbuntutroy_s, agreed. I will look at it as we get closer to that05:34
DiggThissuperm1: installing prop vid drivers on mythbuntu causes so much havoc that reinstall has to be done!!05:37
superm1DiggThis, huh?05:37
superm1it should work as of beta05:37
DiggThisive now tried it in installation mode and in desktop mode and both times the system becomes unusable by dropping to command line and spitting out irq_stat connection status changed errors. it really sux05:39
superm1DiggThis, that doesn't sound like a misinstallation05:39
superm1DiggThis, did you check out the logs?05:39
DiggThiscant actually get into the syste,05:40
superm1single user mode even?05:40
DiggThisill try recovery give me a sec05:40
DiggThisno recovery spits out that garbage as well...05:42
DiggThisunusable system!!05:43
superm1something really messed up must be going on with your system05:43
superm1if that's happening05:43
superm1because the proprietary drivers dont get loaded in single user mode05:43
DiggThisthats what i figured but vesa works fine which is weird but prop no05:44
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superm1but i mean in single user mode it doesnt even load vesa05:44
superm1so something else must have occurred here05:44
superm1for things to break05:44
DiggThisam i doomed to never have prop drivers?05:44
DiggThisall i get is some line saying zen then a randon number then irq_05:45
DiggThisstat then connection changed05:45
superm1are you sure that is the *only* thing you changed05:46
superm1when you rebooted?05:46
DiggThispositive did it on purpose05:46
superm1any odd hardware in the machine?05:46
superm1is this amd64?05:46
DiggThisopened fine in vesa then when i went to install prop driver and reboot - nothing.05:47
superm1well single user mode brings you right to a console though05:47
DiggThison it it a core 2 duo05:47
superm1so i dont know how this can be possible05:47
DiggThiscould it be ahci but i dont think so though05:47
superm1you can mess with io apic and acpi options05:47
superm1for boot parameters05:47
superm1but they shouldn't have changed o05:48
superm1you sure that you're not at a console in single user mode?05:48
superm1that it just hangs?05:48
superm1eg hit enter and see if you really do have a prompt05:48
DiggThisi mean it is a dual boot and vista works great but mythbuntu no after prop driver install05:48
DiggThisa prompt comes up when i press enter but it does not stop and starts spitting again05:49
superm1okay can you ssh in?05:49
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superm1and did you install the 64 bit version or 32 bit version on your c2d05:49
DiggThishave not tried05:49
superm1well the only way your going to get at the logs it sounds like is via ssh05:50
superm1to find out what is really happening here05:50
DiggThiswouldnt even know where to start with ssh05:50
superm1ssh user@machine05:50
superm1and then those exact places i said05:50
DiggThisfrom network or same computer?05:50
DiggThisa linux network or can it be windows as well?05:51
superm1you can do it from windows if you use putty05:51
superm1or cygwin05:51
DiggThiswhich is better?05:51
superm1putty is easier05:53
DiggThisill download now and get back in 5 mins05:53
DiggThissuperm1: update - impossible to do cause network card not activated in 'spit out' modes06:00
DiggThisany other suggestions?06:00
superm1DiggThis, boot into normal mode06:00
superm1and the network will activate in the background06:00
DiggThisill try it06:01
dwf_starbandWith MythTV, if the capture card has an encoder can a p3 665mhz with 384mb of ram capture and view live tv?06:01
superm1probably stuggle playing it back06:02
superm1you'll have to try though06:02
dwf_starbandok thanks, im still playing with it on my main computer, just wondering about my options06:02
superm1dwf_starband, not even necessarily live struggle06:03
superm1just in general06:03
dwf_starbandmight struggle showing any video?06:04
superm1unless you have hardware decoding06:04
superm1via like an nvidia card06:04
dwf_starbandok, thanks, i have an nvidia card, does it have hardware decoding?06:04
Coded1is there a way to connect the vga port on a laptop to component on my hd-tv?06:04
Tarinot easily, I don't think06:05
superm1yeah there are ways06:05
superm1but like Tari said06:05
superm1there are standalone converters you can buy06:06
foxbuntusuperm1, I had no idea glade3 exsited06:07
superm1foxbuntu, what you mean?06:07
foxbuntufor building those glade tads06:07
superm1how do you think it was done06:07
Coded1cool, I have a p4 laptop with an ati card, right now i have it connected to my 360 as a media server running xp/tversity, i wanna change to linux since ive been getting kinda used to it06:07
foxbuntuI was doing it by hand06:07
foxbuntuseriously....that blew goats06:08
superm1haha funny foxbuntu06:08
Coded1is there a way to set up a media streaming server to an xbox?06:08
Coded1using myth?06:09
superm1Coded1, myth supports some upnp stuff06:09
superm1but i've never worked with it06:09
superm1you can check on the upstream mythtv wiki, mythtv-users mailing list and irc channel #mythtv-users for more info about it06:09
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Coded1you think a p4 could upscale SD/DIVX well to 1080p?06:10
superm1well it could, but an easy method to do that is going to be more of your trouble06:10
Coded1it would be a dedicated server06:10
foxbuntusuperm1, I can't get the code to run my subtab06:10
foxbuntuand I built it with glade06:10
superm1foxbuntu, you have to attach a signal06:10
foxbuntuto the main button?06:11
superm1look at the signals done by the other tabs06:11
superm1on the main glade file06:11
foxbuntuthe mcc glade?06:11
superm1you can click each tab button and figure out what signals it emits06:11
troy_sCoded1: realtime?06:11
troy_sCoded1: I would think if it were on card, possibly... off card seems unlikely.06:12
foxbuntusuperm1, I already have the button set to tab_change06:12
foxbuntuhowever not clear06:12
Coded1troy_s: not necessarily maybe off by a couple of seconds or so06:12
foxbuntuafter the debuild and install...it just crashes06:12
superm1well it sounds like you broke something then :)06:13
foxbuntuthanks for the help06:13
superm1well publish your branch to your launchpad user06:13
foxbuntuas usual...smart remarks instead of smart answers06:13
superm1i'll look at it06:13
superm1this is why i told you to do it in a sep branch, i had a feeling things would break :)06:14
foxbuntusince I did bzr branch when i bzr commit does it stick it in mine only then?06:14
Coded1as far as i can tell the main parts will be a function to connect the pc/360 and another to transcode the files, i dont mind using the 360 interface06:14
superm1foxbuntu, ^06:14
superm1Coded1, i'm really not sure about how the streaming to a 360 works06:15
foxbuntuuh... superm1 it said it went to the master06:17
DiggThissuperm1: finally an update for you...EH complete and soft resetting port and sata link down in syslog and messages and in dmesg also in xorg fatal error no screens found error06:17
superm1foxbuntu, if you bzr branch'ed master is local06:17
superm1when you bzr commit06:17
superm1if you bzr bind though, then it binds to master06:17
foxbuntubut it showed up in launchpad now too06:18
superm1then you must have branched wrong06:18
foxbuntuI did bzr branch to the master06:18
superm1you did bzr branch http://blah here06:18
superm1branch to master???06:18
superm1then bzr commit doesn't push06:18
superm1bzr bind causes it to push06:18
superm1or bzr co does06:18
foxbuntuuh oh crap06:19
foxbuntuthats what i did wrong06:19
DiggThiswhat does this all mean superm1?06:19
superm1what did you do?06:19
foxbuntui did a bind earlier06:19
foxbuntuwack that rev then06:19
foxbuntucan I break the bind06:19
superm1bzr unbind i think06:19
superm1binding to a branch controls where it pushes06:20
superm1so don't do that06:20
superm1the commit should be  very very fast when your not bound anywhere06:21
DiggThissuperm1: any idea what is going on?06:22
superm1DiggThis, the sata link being down, you sure your hardware is good?06:22
superm1and the error in xorg, can you paste bin xorg06:22
foxbuntusuperm1, ok that time it just coomited and didnt push06:23
foxbuntunow what do I do with it?06:23
DiggThissuperm1: k ill pastebin xorg. sata is fine in vista why does it play up in mythbuntu?06:23
superm1push it to a local branch at bzr+ssh://user@bazaar.launchpad.net/~user/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-control-centre06:23
superm1DiggThis, just asking if you know the hardware is fine06:24
DiggThisAs far as i know all works good. all is new hardware and works fine in vista. How do i double-check hardware?06:25
superm1DiggThis, run hardware tests on it all06:26
superm1i suspect you had these hardware errors before the proprietary drivers were installed though06:26
superm1just you are seeing them when something goes wrong with the proprietary drivers because your looking at logs06:26
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DiggThishow do i run hardware test?06:28
superm1DiggThis, that is more than i'm going to go into in this channel06:28
superm1pastebin the xorg log06:29
DiggThisfair enough06:29
superm1and we'll go from ther06:29
foxbuntusuperm1, ok its up06:32
superm1foxbuntu, i'm still trying to uncommit your old revision06:32
superm1doesnt want  to do so06:32
dwf_starbandi found my answer,06:33
dwf_starbandA Pentium Celeron 600 MHz with a PVR-150 can record and playback MPEG-2 material simultaneously.06:33
dwf_starbanddoes this sound right?06:33
foxbuntusorry... foxbuntu + beer != good results in code06:33
dwf_starbandoff of the mythtv wiki06:33
superm1dwf_starband, you won't know for sure until you try06:34
superm1um foxbuntu its not listed here https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~nickj-fox/06:34
dwf_starbandif it works as a frontend viewing, then it shouldnt have trouble should it?06:34
foxbuntuwell I did exactly as you said that time06:34
foxbuntuwth tho..its on the main trunk again06:34
superm1foxbuntu, you didn't put the ~user did you06:35
superm1when you did bzr push06:35
superm1as in bzr push bzr+ssh://user@bazaar.launchpad.net/~user/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-control-centre06:36
superm1that would have registered your branch and gotten it put in the right place06:36
foxbuntuoh man...I am retarded tonight06:36
superm1omg this branch has gotten way out of control06:36
foxbuntuI didn't put user in06:36
superm1you've got a ton of crap in it now06:36
foxbuntuwhat do you mean?06:37
foxbuntui sh**& the debuild garbage is in there06:37
superm1all of these binary files are added, all the properteis changed again06:37
superm1there isn't supposed to be a debian/files06:37
superm1EVERY single file changed properties06:37
superm1wtf did you do?06:37
foxbuntui didnt do anything to perms06:38
foxbuntuI did everything as non-root06:38
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superm1well in your bzr commit did you not see all these files marked different06:38
superm1and all these added files?06:38
foxbuntuI was not looking closly..06:38
foxbuntujust delete it all06:38
foxbuntuand I will do the same06:38
superm1well i'm having a hard time uncommiting the branch06:39
superm1stop pushing to it okay?06:39
foxbuntuuntil a day where I am less retarded06:39
foxbuntuI am not pushing06:39
superm1well you can push to your own LP id okay?06:43
superm1so i can look *there*06:43
foxbuntusuperm1, I will clean it up and get that up06:43
superm1foxbuntu, i've uncommited your last two changes locally, i'm just trying to push them06:43
=== foxbuntu slaps himself so superm1 doesn't have to
superm1(and failing with that)06:43
foxbuntusuperm1, it tells me my user location is not a branch06:45
superm1paste the exact command you were doing06:46
foxbuntubzr bind bzr+ssh://nickj-fox@bazaar.launchpad.net/~nickj-fox/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-control-centre06:46
superm1no bind06:46
superm1dont bind06:46
superm1that's *it*06:47
superm1you can bind to your own branch later if you want, but to initialize a branch you need to bzr push06:47
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foxbuntusuperm1, can't I just do a clean with debuild?06:49
superm1yeah you can06:49
superm1the important part is that no files are added to the commit06:49
foxbuntuwell I need to clean it first06:50
foxbuntuI want to kill all the debuild junk in here b4 I push and be retarded some more06:51
superm1well debuild clean will do that06:51
superm1have you been typing debuild as root?06:51
superm1or something like that06:51
foxbuntuI did the bzr branch and everything as non-root06:52
superm1okay the main branch has been reverted06:54
superm1that was way more trouble than it should have been06:54
foxbuntusuperm1, I cant see the screen anymore...time to stop working on thsi for now...I will catch you later so I don't hose anything else up06:57
foxbuntuI seriously cant read the irc window right now06:57
superm1foxbuntu, if you can at least push things somewhere in your local branch06:57
superm1i can look at that though06:57
superm1can you get that far or not?06:57
foxbuntuI can't read the irc and my term is smaller06:57
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foxbuntuI will push it and come back to it tomorrow06:58
ubotuNew bug: #149702 in mythbuntu "no menu text with low resolution" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14970207:05
DiggThissuperm1: sorry for taking so long pastebin url is http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/39736/07:10
DiggThisplease help me!!07:10
superm1DiggThis, can you pastebin your xorg.conf too?07:12
superm1lets see one thing in there07:12
DiggThisok one min07:12
DiggThiswhere is that file located>07:13
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superm1that Xorg.0.log is telling me that you found a different bug though, that BulletProofX isn't working07:13
DiggThisdone url is http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/39737/07:16
DiggThisplease help07:16
superm1okay so you're actually using an ati card then07:17
superm1try commenting out line 6607:17
superm1and restarting07:17
superm1DiggThis, are you sure that your card is even supported by fglrx?07:20
DiggThisdont know its a brand new card07:21
superm1brand new card...07:22
superm1okay well you might have your problem laid out right there07:22
MitoTraninsuperm1: you got a sec?07:23
DiggThisline 66 comment out not working07:23
superm1DiggThis, checkout if you have a /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old then07:24
superm1MitoTranin, sure07:24
DiggThisso my card is too new then?07:24
DiggThisill check07:24
MitoTraninsuperm1: remember my lockup at 94% bug that you said was why the release is the 10/02 release instead of the 10/01 release?07:24
MitoTraninhow do I get around it?  I still can't get an install to finish07:24
superm1DiggThis, that's what i suspect, hopefully that log will prove that07:24
MitoTraninand if I start ssh or terminal or something before my install starts, I can't even get the installer to respond07:25
superm1MitoTranin, you did eventually grab the 10/01 release right?07:25
superm1MitoTranin, you did eventually grab the 10/02 release right?07:25
DiggThissuperm1: i have it07:25
superm1that is07:25
superm1DiggThis, post that07:25
superm1let me take a look at it07:25
MitoTraninI've never had anything but the 10/02 release07:25
MitoTranin(I didn't know about Mythbuntu until the 1st, so I just waited...)07:25
superm1well the thing is the workaround is mastered into the disk07:26
superm1so there are no "other" workarounds to try really07:26
MitoTranindon't get me wrong... I like what I see.... (otherwise you guys wouldn't be using my hosting as a mirror :) )07:26
superm1you can attempt to not make any packaging changes07:27
MitoTraninbut I just can't get it installed!07:27
superm1so dont choose proprietary drivers07:27
superm1or change anythign but remote07:27
superm1during install07:27
superm1and see how that works through07:27
MitoTraninI can try that07:27
MitoTraninI always do set it to the proprietary drivers, so I can have tv-out07:27
superm1yeah.  you can do that post install if it comes to it07:28
MitoTraninis there a way to install them after the install?07:28
MitoTranincool, that's what I thought07:28
DiggThissuperm1: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/39739/ hopefully you can get to the source of the prob07:29
superm1DiggThis, you have a HD 2600XT don't you.07:30
superm1i figured as much07:30
superm1okay so the problem is this07:30
superm1the 8.41.6 driver came out officially a few weeks ago07:31
superm1it is the minimum driver you need for that card07:31
superm1but the problem is07:31
superm1it cant be included by default in ubuntu07:31
superm1because it breaks functionality of a few other cards07:31
superm1you can install it locally if you'd like07:31
DiggThisjust my luck07:31
DiggThishow do i do it?07:31
superm1DiggThis, more or less its a matter of following this: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide07:33
superm1in "method 2"07:33
superm1but you need to download the newer driver07:33
superm1the 8.41.6 or 8.41.707:33
superm1from the amd website07:33
DiggThisfrom where though?07:33
DiggThisdo they have linux driver?07:34
DiggThisthx i just saw it07:35
DiggThisgreat ill devote 2moro to this and get back to you about progress. will the wiki walk me though it enough ya think?07:36
superm1it does07:36
DiggThisawesome thx once again superm1 you are a legend!!07:36
superm1no prob DiggThis, hopefully this all works out well for you in the end :)07:36
superm1laga, fyi: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3483843#post348384308:59
superm1eh this isn't good.  there are locks on universe now.  laga get the mythbuntu-control-centre stuff done asap.  it needs to pass against archive admins for exceptions and stuff, so this can turn into major trouble09:07
superm1i just got a 'waiting for distro maintainer to ack' thing on my mythtv upload09:07
superm1laga, also merging all that logging support for ubuntu-mythtv-frontend might end up being more troublesome than expected09:09
superm1we'll see09:09
=== Wy|laptop [n=wy@c-24-21-162-35.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MitoTraninsuperm1: I just checked on the install, and it still got stuck at 94%09:33
=== thoroth [n=rol@chello062178111049.10.12.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MitoTraninI'm thinking my next try will be to do a custom install instead of standard09:33
MitoTraninand choose some different options in there09:33
MitoTraninany other suggestions since you know more about what is getting stuck than I do?09:34
Wy|laptopDid the last edgy update break restricted drivers for anyone else?09:36
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=== behdha [n=behdha@s559024e7.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
deffconhe guys, can someone tell me why i don't have stereo tv sound or music anymore, but d.d .5.1 i still have when watching dvd, this has happen't after a few updates on alpha409:59
Wy|laptopalsa problems?10:00
Wy|laptopsounds like your passthrough is working, but not your regular playback10:00
deffconyes but what can i check to make it work again10:01
Wy|laptopcheck in your mythfrontend settings10:01
=== Aval0n [i=aval0n@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
deffconi did but no result10:01
Wy|laptopHrm. open a term window and try using aplay on a sound file10:03
deffconok i will try10:03
deffconnope no sound10:07
Wy|laptopWhat sort of sound card and outputs are you using?10:08
deffconcreative audigy and all via spdif to my receiver and for a couple of days ago it worked like a charm, something has broken some config10:10
Wy|laptopcheck your outputs in the gui sound config in gnome10:11
Wy|laptopand run a 'test sound' there. Also, see if sound is working playing back files in totem10:11
deffconok i will try10:12
deffconbtw never mind this isseu i will go and give the beta i real good try10:15
deffconbut thnx anyway\\10:15
Wy|laptopnp. ALSA sucks :P10:16
deffconare you running the beta 110:16
Wy|laptopwell, I'm running the up to date one10:16
deffconup to date one ?10:17
Wy|laptopWell, latest verion in the repository10:17
deffconsvn or weekly builds10:17
=== davro [n=davro@cpc3-ches2-0-0-cust844.lutn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Wy|laptopsvn .. shouldn't make a difference, though10:19
Wy|laptopit's all the same packages10:19
deffconyes but no mythstream in svn10:19
Wy|laptopright now I'm just a bit peeved that the last update broke restricted-drivers10:21
deffconoops really10:24
deffconand what steps do you do to resolf this problem?10:31
Wy|laptoprevert a bunch of stuff, OR wait until the next update10:32
=== beavis [n=beavis@drms-590d55c8.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
deffconare there some repo's broken right now?11:24
Wy|laptopsome were. updated my repos and they seem good now, though11:38
davroI have installed mythbuntu with a hauppauge PVR500 but i have not got a network card that works have ordered one , is it possible to run mythbuntu without a network card just use the tv side ?.11:42
Wy|laptopum, sure, but you won't get any schedule updates11:43
Wy|laptopor hell, any ubuntu updates11:43
davroyup, just thought i might be able to check the PVR card is working, while the network card arrives.11:44
Wy|laptopyou should have a /dev/video0 and /dev/video1 devices, just mplayer them11:50
deffconWyllaptop take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/39749/11:53
=== sebrock [n=sebrock@h-91-126-96-52.wholesale.rp80.se] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagasuperm1: crap. ok.12:26
davrorunning mplayer /dev/video0 and /dev/video1 shows no output ?12:26
=== thoroth [n=rol@chello062178111049.10.12.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagasuperm1: i'll try to have mcc mostly ready by 8pm my time (UTC+2)01:42
lagaWy|laptop: are you using the trunk packages?01:42
=== Binary_Crap50 [i=1010101a@gateway/tor/x-ba5b4d9d012e2987] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1laga, so another 7 hours or so?01:42
laga6.5h, yes01:43
superm1okay cool01:43
lagasuperm1: how much time is left?01:43
lagai'll go outside soon but return later and then get hacking01:43
superm1laga, well the freeze went sometime yesterday or today01:43
superm1so at this point the sooner the better01:43
superm1because its going to be in a queue until an archive admin is buggered enough01:44
superm1and main is under a hard freeze, so i think that means the end of lirc01:44
lagateh suck01:44
lagaoops, forgot about lirc01:44
lagaoh well01:44
lagawe can't fix everything.01:44
superm1well mythbuntu-lirc-generator does need to be sorted out still01:44
superm1and that's universe01:44
lagawhats wrong with it01:45
superm1i'm hoping foxbuntu will be able to do that01:45
superm1it spits out bad configs for hauppauge remotes01:45
lagatoo bad01:45
superm1which i think is bad01:45
lagait doesnt work well for VLC for me.01:45
superm1because the two biggest remotes01:45
superm1are hauppauge and mceusb*01:45
lagasome stuff works but some stuff doesn't.01:45
superm1but if foxbuntu can't get to it, then i say forget it01:45
lagasuperm1: good to know - i was gonna give the GF my hauppauge remote and install mythbuntu beta01:45
superm1yeah indeed01:46
lagalooks like the ps2 is not good anymore for the GF01:46
superm1i'm a bit pissed this morning too.  i've got recordings from ~2 years ago that i haven't been able to burn because they were > 4.37 gb after taking out commercials01:46
lagashe wants to know what you look like01:46
superm1so i set them to not autoexpire01:46
superm1well in doing so, i've got recordings from 2 weeks ago01:46
superm1that i didnt get to watch01:46
lagaand they autorexpired? :/01:46
lagayou need more diskspace01:47
superm1so i bought a copy of nero linux01:47
superm1and some dual layer disks01:47
superm1and i'm burning off the 2 year old recordings in UDF01:47
superm1i couldn't find any other way to do it01:47
lagapoor mario01:47
superm1this is what i get for working on myth stuff more than using it! :)01:47
lagawhas needed for RC?01:47
lagai almost enver use my mythtv01:48
lagai got a reply from gigabyte. i can't set the primary VGA card in my BIOS. they just told me "that's not possible, sorry"01:48
superm1well m-l-g, m-c-c are the main things that i'd like to see happen.  i need to sort out with installer stuff still01:48
lagaso i can almost forget about my multiseat idea.01:48
=== tuxmaster [n=IceChat7@c-67-172-250-185.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1that's a shame01:48
lagai#m gonna write a very angry email back.01:49
lagaor probably buy a new mother board, but that costs money. and never change a running system :/01:49
laga.oO(.. fsck gigabyte...)01:50
lagai wish stuff was just working01:50
superm1haha stuff working01:51
superm1that's funny01:51
lagai'm gonna kick some major ass if the feisty kernel is not fixed soon. c'mon, why the hell do you have to break existing hardware support01:51
laga(GF keeps requesting pictures of you, i think i have to go)01:52
superm1okay i'll cu in a few hours, i've gotta run to work anyhow01:52
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=== sebrock [n=sebrock@h-91-126-96-52.wholesale.rp80.se] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
sebrockneed help setting up a cron job with mythfilldatabase02:58
lagai really dont mean to be an asshole, but you need to ask a question as well. even better yet, you need to seach the web and read the manual of cron before asking.03:00
sebrockI'm searching right now03:01
sebrockanyway, I guess this is not a big issue, how would I go about to do this, say doing a mythfilldatabase once ever day03:02
lagaenable it in mythfrontend, mythbackend will do it for you then03:02
sebrockwell, I need to specify 14 days03:03
sebrockdo you know where this settings is stored?03:03
lagasee mythfilldatabase --help03:04
sebrockas of now its set to 15 days (cant remember where I set it) and that gives an error with my grabber03:04
=== thoroth [n=rol@chello062178111049.10.12.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
sebrockhow can I set that permanently?03:05
sebrockI know --max-days flag03:05
sebrockbut I'm pretty sure I have set it to 15 days somewhere03:05
lagamaybe in your grabber's config.03:06
lagai dont know your grabber.03:06
sebrockdammit cant find it :D03:06
lagaoh, you#re using XMLTV! no shit! :>03:07
lagacheck ~/.mythtv/*xmltv03:07
lagaor ~/.xmltv/03:07
lagait's possible there's no such setting.03:07
sebrockalready checked them files03:07
sebrockso it's stored withing myth settings somewhere03:08
sebrockit's swedish xmltv  :P03:08
lagai have never seen such a setting03:09
lagatherethinker2: you still haven't committed your recent changes to mcc (where you added that button). please do so or it won't get it.03:11
lagatherethinker2: i will not pull out your changes out of the tarball you sent to me.03:11
=== davro [n=davro@cpc3-ches2-0-0-cust844.lutn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinkerlaga: I will, don't worry. I was just going to wait until I fixed this Medibuntu thing04:21
lagamind you, we need to get this done ASAP because the archives are closed04:22
therethinkerOh, yep04:22
superm1therethinker, did you get that thing for adding repos in or no?04:25
therethinker2I'm working on it04:25
therethinker2I was confused, the way it sounded, that theyre was already something in glade (a button)04:25
therethinker2but I couldn't find it04:25
therethinker2so I've been working on doing that04:25
therethinker2the pythons all set04:25
=== thoroth [n=rol@chello062178111049.10.12.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1therethinker2, there is stuff in glade04:27
superm1its just marked as not visible04:27
superm1on the main glade file04:27
superm1you mark it visible and then the tab suddenly becomes accessible04:28
therethinker2Yes, I got that04:28
therethinker2But then in the tab, its just the warning04:28
lagamorning superm104:28
superm1mornin (again)04:28
therethinker2morning all04:28
superm1therethinker2, there might be a button too04:28
superm1its been some time04:28
therethinker2Yeah, there isn't. I added a check box04:28
superm1since i touched that when i realized it was more trouble then i was prepared for04:28
therethinker2and I'm working on the python stuff04:28
therethinker2Oh, and you have a function checking for the repo... but it checks for deb http://medibuntu.sos-sts.com/repo/, thats wrong, right?04:29
superm1oh its changed :)04:29
superm1forgot about that04:29
superm1you are correct, it needs to be updated04:30
lagasuperm1:  i need to run now. i've added tooltips to the experimental options (please proofread and modify them to your taste so we can upload new translation templates). the whole experimental options vbox is greyed out now if there's no backend installed. however, the options are not unselected, eg those tweaks will stay installed.04:31
lagaif you remove the backend04:31
superm1sounds great04:31
lagai couldn't find a sane way to do that right now. with every option added, the code gets increasingly complicated as there are various dependencies on each other04:32
superm1you pushed them to bzr?04:32
lagawhich is 'teh suck'04:32
superm12$ bzr pull04:32
superm1Using saved location: bzr+ssh://superm1@bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-control-centre/04:32
lagayes, forgot to enter my pass04:32
superm1yeah i ran into similar issues with the plugins and such04:32
lagawait a sec04:32
superm1so i hear ya04:32
therethinker2Oh, can glade read the self.config vars? It seems to be that way...04:32
superm1therethinker, well not directly04:33
superm1you have to set and get them04:33
superm1look at either how the plugins do it04:33
superm1or vnc04:33
lagai did handle it for the "enable experimental options" checkbox, so i tried to couple it with that, but no dice. i've gotta run right now, so i'll finish the commit message and be gone04:33
superm1okay laga04:34
superm1if there's any troubles i'll leave you a message or fix it myself if i can04:34
=== claydoh [n=claydoh@66-252-52-203.dyn-adsl.midmaine.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2so it is, you just loop through them, thanks :-)04:35
lagasuperm1: great.04:35
lagasuperm1: ya think the tweaks need to be removed from the system if there#s no backend? might make a lot of sense04:36
superm1makes sense to me04:36
lagawill try to get that added04:36
lagait's simple, but i need to find out where to add it04:36
superm1okay i'll wait to push until later when you do that04:36
lagaso, dont push it to the archives today04:36
lagaoh, there's still some more polishing04:36
superm1go have fun with your lady04:37
laganeed to run now, GF is about to kill me04:37
lagaunless she gets a picture04:37
superm1get on the facebook04:37
superm1i'm on there04:37
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therethinker2I almost got it05:01
superm1cool good :)05:01
therethinker2Superm1, can you teach me how to upload/merge?05:01
superm1therethinker2, okay so here is how it goes05:02
therethinker2Do I need an SSH key?05:02
superm1you've got your separate branch05:02
superm1yes you will05:02
superm1what you will do is keep this branch around as a "development" branch05:02
superm1and then in another directory your going to do a "bzr co bzr+ssh://user@bazaar.launchpad.net/~user/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-control-centre"05:02
superm1and that checks out directly from the branch on launchpad05:03
superm1and is bound to that branch05:03
superm1so when your ready to merge, you go to that other directory05:03
superm1and type bzr merge OTHERPLACE05:03
superm1where OTHERPLACE is where you were doing development05:03
superm1and then when that merge is done, it will tell you if there were conflicts (which hopefully there weren't)05:04
superm1if there weren't, then you type bzr commit from the bound branch05:04
superm1and it pushes it up to launchpad automatically05:04
superm1in your development branch then, you can either bzr pull or bzr merge from launchpad if you want to keep it in sync05:05
superm1but it knows exactly what revision it came from, so that's not for sure necessary05:05
superm1it just makes for cleaner easier merges05:05
=== troy_s [n=troy_s@d206-116-6-170.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883Either I don't pay attention very much or my University just decided to go back to high school05:12
tgm4883Have there always been homecoming kings and queens in college?05:12
superm1yeah there have05:12
superm1its ridiculous05:12
tgm4883chalk me up as surprised05:12
tgm4883I just got an email about it05:13
tgm4883i was like wtf05:13
tgm4883I'm supposed to vote for some people that I have never even seen or heard of05:13
therethinker2wait, shouldn't the functions like toggle_vnc/vnc_password/role be in changer.py?05:13
tgm4883at least in high school i had seen the people05:13
therethinker2I'm getting confused. I don't know how I can enable the repo05:16
therethinker2since I'd have to do it in changer.py05:16
therethinker2it seems05:16
superm1yeah you do05:16
superm1have to do it in changer.py05:17
superm1the toggle stuff is just glade callback functions05:17
superm1to update gui05:17
superm1and the data objects behind the gui05:17
therethinker2yeah, I just realized that ;P05:17
therethinker2But I'm trying to figure out where and how I do this05:17
superm1all changes happen in the 'class for making change' :)05:17
=== benlake [n=benlake@cpe-76-187-73-152.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2Wait, it  shouldn't take long to do, so it probably don't have to run it at the exact moment...05:19
superm1look at the way that things are done in there05:19
superm1its a fake progress dialog05:19
superm1that just increases percent as things are to be worked on05:19
therethinker2Yeah... it seems that its all for just installing05:19
superm1well you have to look a little further05:20
superm1that is some more complicated stuff05:20
tgm4883is there a frontend log now?05:20
superm1for installing and removing packages05:20
superm1tgm4883, there was05:20
superm1but its gone05:20
tgm4883I like to crash my frontend05:20
superm1tgm4883, how to put it back is a bit complicated too05:20
therethinker2found it... I think :P05:20
tgm4883eh not important05:20
tgm4883I use to think i was crashing the who DE05:20
superm1laga, okay i cleaned up your stuff a little bit.  i'm happy with it now.05:21
tgm4883but since we switched to xfce, I can just crash the frontend05:21
tgm4883which kinda sucks05:21
tgm4883but not really05:21
tgm4883also, can we add a third option for frontends MCC05:22
benlakeanyone have issues after using the nice restricted drivers popup to install nvidia drivers on a fresh install?05:22
tgm4883benlake, what kind of issues05:22
superm1tgm4883, what third option?05:22
benlakeafter doing this, X doesn't start05:22
superm1benlake, check out /var/log/Xorg.0.log and /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old05:22
superm1see what's up05:23
tgm4883doing just frontend also loads mythbuntu settings, which enables xfce.05:23
tgm4883so on my laptop it set me up to use xfce05:23
superm1tgm4883, but it doesnt setup auto login05:23
benlakethe machine just gave me a prompt, somestimes it does and sometimes not05:23
superm1when you just install does it?05:23
superm1so isn't that by default a frontend/desktop05:23
superm1tgm4883, add names to the front of your comments, you got me confused now :)05:24
benlakehmm, it says "Fatal server error: no screens found", well that'll do it05:24
superm1benlake, look earlier in the file and see what caused it05:24
benlakeI was hoping I wouldn't have to touch the x config for mythbuntu05:24
tgm4883superm1, when you just install frontend, it sets you env to xfce (it did on my laptop) so the next time you login you are in xfce05:24
benlakeI'm coming from a gentoo machine, those are so temperamental05:25
tgm4883so i was in xfce instead of gnome05:25
tgm4883superm1, because I want to use the frontend on my laptop from applications, not any auto login or such05:25
benlake(II) Primary Device is: PCI 02:02:0 (WW) VESA: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:2:2:0) found (EE) No devices detected.05:26
benlakethat's weird.05:26
benlakesuperm1: do I need to specify that glx and dri should be loaded?05:30
superm1tgm4883, it shouldn't set the env to xfce05:31
superm1tgm4883, was this with the latest m-c-c05:31
superm1and m-d-s?05:31
superm1benlake, wrong log, that is from the failed failsafe05:32
tgm4883cause installing frontend activates mds doesn't it05:32
superm1can you see if you have /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old?05:32
benlakesuperm1: its using the nvidia driver is it not?05:32
superm1tgm4883, well it install m-d-s05:32
superm1but autologin isn't setup unless you turn it on with the other tab05:32
tgm4883right, auto login isn't the issue05:32
superm1i'm pretty sure that is how the behavior should be on a fresh install05:33
superm1tgm4883, was this a new user account?05:33
superm1or was it the user u ran m-c-c with?05:33
superm1can you check your ~/.dmrc?05:33
superm1see if you have one05:33
tgm4883i only have one user on my laptop05:33
benlakesuperm1: http://pastebin.org/425205:33
superm1benlake, can you edit your xorg.conf and comment out the line with that pci id05:34
superm1its usually around like 66 or so05:34
benlakebut didn't it detect the video card at that ID?05:35
tgm4883i have .dmrc05:35
superm1just comment it out05:35
superm1it can auto detect05:35
superm1x can05:35
superm1tgm4883, can you check the date that was made?05:35
superm1i suspect it was there from an old m-d-s05:36
superm1or m-c-c05:36
=== davro [n=davro@cpc3-ches2-0-0-cust844.lutn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883it only has modified and accessed05:36
tgm4883no created05:36
superm1well what modified date then05:36
=== troy_s [n=troy_s@d206-116-6-170.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
benlakesuperm1: there is no device in the conf with that ID05:37
tgm4883Oct 505:37
tgm4883it could be from an old mds i suppose, this wasn't a fresh install of the mcc or frontend, it happened after an update05:37
superm1tgm4883, can you double check it in say a fresh vm?05:37
tgm4883yea, give me a little bit05:38
superm1i'm almost (92.4%) positive that it shouldn't do that05:38
benlakesuperm1: http://pastebin.org/425305:38
superm1benlake, so what happened when you commented out line 66?05:38
superm1and restarted X?05:38
benlakesuperm1: I guess I didn't read you right, doing that now05:39
tgm4883arg, how do i not have a gutsy iso?05:40
tgm4883superm1, quick question, are universe and multiverse default on pre release software and they will be disabled for release?05:43
superm1i'm not sure.05:43
superm1check in #ubuntu+1 i think05:43
tgm4883they have been on for all my installs05:44
tgm4883i'll do that05:44
superm1universe turns on when you install m-c-c from the website05:44
superm1but multiverse doesn't05:44
superm1and if therethinker2's changes work well, we can probably enable multiverse from m-c-c05:44
benlakesuperm1: it started!05:45
benlakesuperm1: Now where do I tell it what monitor I have?05:45
tgm4883superm1, I think your suppose to move posts like that05:51
superm1benlake, its supposed to detect most of that automatically05:52
superm1you might consider commenting out that hsync and vrefresh lines too05:52
superm1those are fairly automatic05:52
superm1you can also open up nvidia-settings from m-c-c05:52
superm1to do a lot05:52
benlakemyth control center?05:54
superm1its in Applications->System05:55
benlakehmm, well it knows what monitor I have, but it doesn't give me its res05:56
superm1like i said comment out those lines05:56
benlakehonestly I think I was forcing a res it doesn't officially support05:56
superm1it will detect the monitor more on its own05:56
benlakecomment out the display all together?05:57
superm1the hsync05:57
superm1they restrict the resolutions it can do05:57
superm1gotta run myself though05:57
superm1back in a few hours again05:58
therethinker2this is annoying. it runs fine in the python console, but locks up when mcc runs it05:58
=== thoroth [n=rol@chello062178111049.10.12.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2any devs here from mcc?06:11
therethinker2besides me :P06:11
therethinker2In changer.py06:18
therethinker2it hangs whenever it gets to my lines06:18
therethinker2its very  wierd06:19
therethinker2even if it doesn't execute my function06:19
lagacan you commit so i can take a look?06:20
lagasuperm1: ohy. why did you remove the checkbox?06:22
=== thoroth [n=rol@chello062178111049.10.12.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagatherethinker2: commited?06:23
therethinker2Can I just do bzr commit, or will I screw soemthign up?06:24
lagajust bzr commit06:24
lagai'm not entirely happy with superm1's last commit anyways.06:24
therethinker2its 7906:25
therethinker2i'm having trouble with changer.py06:25
lagano, the main branch is at rev 83 or something06:25
lagamaybe you need to merge beforehands and push afterwards06:25
therethinker2it said "committed revision 79"06:25
lagabecause you're not working with the main branch06:25
lagatry bzr merge06:25
therethinker2damn, conflics06:26
lagaignore conflicts in po/06:27
therethinker2theres still 2 others06:27
lagaor just bzr resolve them without actually resolving them (and dont commit those then ;))06:27
lagai need to fand a way to handle po/ sanely06:27
lagayeah, resolve them ;)06:27
therethinker2bzr resolve didn't fix any06:27
lagayou're supposed to resolve them man ually, bzr resolve is just to let bzr know it's all good now.06:28
=== Coded1 [n=user@CPE000c41762708-CM001225009578.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2how do I resolve them though? Remove what I've done?06:29
lagayou look at the new code and your code and make it work together. or maybe you just need to move yours down etc06:30
lagasuperm1: as much as i hate to admit it, removal of the experimental checkbox almost didn't hurt.06:30
=== Tari [n=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagaif your google-fu doesnt help, i can take a look in a few minutes06:34
therethinker2Yeah, its not06:34
benlakehda_intel has been properly detected for my sound card, I've selected it in the Mixer, but I get no sound.... where might I start looking?06:35
lagabenlake: do you get sound on mp3 playback?06:35
benlakelaga: nay06:35
benlakegetting hda_intel on gentoo was a chore, but it worked :P06:35
benlakeI'm curious where else to go for sound configs and such, this setup is new to me06:36
lagabenlake: try #ubuntu+106:38
lagaalso, state what hardware you're using06:38
benlakethis is a myth setup :P06:38
benlakebut fair enough06:38
lagabenlake: so what. it's based on ubuntu.06:39
lagabenlake: sorry, don't mean to come across as the grumpy guy i am, but we can't be held responsible for other people's broken packages ;)06:40
benlakeno worries06:40
therethinker2okay, I commited06:40
lagabenlake: i hear there#s trouble withj snd-hda-intel; it requires a newer version for some people06:41
lagatherethinker2: will take a look in a few minutes..06:42
therethinker2its k06:42
therethinker2just wanted to let you know06:42
therethinker2Wait, I need to upload it, right? Should I do that in a 2nd directory or something?06:47
=== bliffle [n=john@64-142-27-84.dsl.dynamic.sonic.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
benlakelaga: how do I attempt this newer version? latest source type new?06:50
=== troy_s [n=troy_s@d206-116-6-170.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== Tari_ [n=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
benlakethey said "go to system > preferences > sound and test your cards there", but we no have :/06:55
therethinker2laga, should I push this broken branch?06:57
therethinker2that just seems bad ;P06:58
Coded1im thinking of getting a dvb s2 card for sattelite hd, i havent made a real decision on what hardware manufacturer to go with, can anyone here share their hd-sat experiences?06:58
Coded1i checked www.linuxcompatible.org for dvb and only 2 cards came up, neither were supported07:00
Coded1i have a 2.53ghz /512mb pc1066 base machine07:01
lagabenlake: i dont think there's a module available.07:08
therethinker2laga: I just commented it out07:08
lagaCoded1: www.linuxtv.org07:08
therethinker2its on like 40407:08
therethinker2on changer.py07:08
therethinker2just pushed it right now07:08
lagabenlake: check the bug tracker at launchpad.net07:09
therethinker2Oh crap, Sorry, I had no clue I was uploading each time :P07:09
therethinker2I messed that up :P07:09
lagawell, without comitting it's no fun.07:10
therethinker2Well, I thought you had to push it07:10
laganeed to finish my changes here first before i upgrade07:10
lagayeah, but if your branch is bound to branch upstream you dont07:10
lagaor so07:10
=== troy_s [n=troy_s@d206-116-6-170.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== troy_s [n=troy_s@d206-116-6-170.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2I got it working :-)07:34
lagai think mine is about to start working, too.07:36
therethinker2okay, and I pushed it07:37
therethinker2(correctly, this time :P)07:37
therethinker2Should I add the multiverse?07:37
lagayes. mythtv is in multiverse07:38
therethinker2No, I mean superm1 wanted the same thing done to multiverse as the medibuntu repo07:38
lagayou need to talk to him then07:38
lagamcc should be in multiverse, too, but it's in universe o_O07:39
=== Nixus_Maximus [n=simon@i577B6FBC.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagai cant find a way to remove the optimiztation stuff and the backend role simultaenously while retaining my sanitey07:50
therethinker2thats what pills are for07:50
=== troy_s [n=troy_s@d206-116-6-170.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2I should probably put the multiverse thing in the Advanced tab,07:51
=== MitoTranin [n=mito@24-177-155-206.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
lagaand pop some pills? :)07:52
lagathere's no more room in the advanced tab IMHO07:52
lagamaybe you can make the medibuntu tab more generic07:53
therethinker2Well, since we removed the last box...07:55
therethinker2Well, the medibuntu tab, at least it seems, will eventually become a codec tab. (Thats the name of it... but so far its just the repo)07:56
lagasuperm1: ping07:56
therethinker2what does that look like? Hmm07:58
therethinker2therethinker: ping07:58
laganothing special here07:58
=== cooper76 [n=ep@siouxfallsDHCP-62.216-254-234.iw.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2I thought it was similar to /msg or something07:58
=== thoroth [n=rol@chello062178111049.10.12.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2Okay. multiverse works08:05
=== morphinex [n=morphine@c-68-35-241-254.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagabah, conflict08:14
=== directhex [n=directhe@bb-87-82-17-102.ukonline.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2wow,libdvdcss2 takes forever to install08:15
=== kabtoffe [n=kbergstr@hoas-fe2add00-192.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== claydoh [n=claydoh@66-252-50-51.dyn-adsl.midmaine.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2I merged my updates  with your branch08:26
lagayou probably renamed a vbox in glade which broke my code :)08:27
lagai'll fix it08:27
therethinker2I pushed, but you can fix it08:28
therethinker2And yeah, I probably did. sorry :P08:28
therethinker2Also, the reason  I did it a bit different for the codecs, was that if you already had something installed, you'd want to be able to uninstall it after you removed the repo08:28
lagai'll try yours now08:30
lagaah, so i can't select individual codecs after enabling medibuntu?08:30
therethinkerYOu should be able to...08:30
therethinkerYou can install them separately after enabling08:31
therethinkerThe codec tab08:31
therethinkerThere's only 2...08:31
lagatherethinker2: http://laga.ath.cx/medibuntu-odd.png08:32
therethinkerthat's very odd08:32
lagash: /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/optimize_mythdb.pl: Permission denied08:32
lagai'll fix that08:33
lagathe permission denied problem08:33
therethinker2I assume that the former is a merge problem08:33
lagai'll commit my local stuff ASAP08:33
lagaso we can check the diff.08:33
therethinker2lets see...wow... mcc won't even start on mine08:34
therethinker2yeah, the vbox thing08:34
lagayou're missing some fixes probably08:35
therethinker2Was there any besides that?08:35
therethinker2Wait, you commit your thing08:35
therethinker2and I'll just fix the medibuntu problem from there08:35
lagaContents conflict in po/mythbuntu-control-centre.pot.OTHER.OTHER.OTHER08:36
lagai swear, if i can't get this fixed i'll kill someone.08:36
therethinkerAgain, pills08:36
therethinkerAnd I think tgm4883 lives closer to you than I do...08:36
therethinkerWhat text editor do you use? is that kate?08:37
lagayes, kate08:37
lagaoh, looks like i was missing some changes to the advanced tab08:37
lagaok, that#s a bitch to merge. i'll just redo my changes.08:38
therethinker2Yeah, I just compiled from the last commit, and its fine for me08:40
=== superm1 returns
therethinker2if you open it up, and theres a "checkbox1" and "checkbox2", then you have an old branck08:41
therethinker2I got the mediabuntu, multiverse, and 2 codecs working :-D08:41
=== thoroth [n=rol@chello062178111049.10.12.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
benlakelaga: I ran alsamixer and my direct channels were muted, all is well08:42
lagabenlake: ouch08:42
benlakemythbuntu might want to inherit the sound settings app in ubunut08:43
lagabenlake: send a patch or file a bug?08:43
benlakenot a bug08:43
benlakejust not obvious08:43
lagathe sound settings app should just set them system-wide.08:43
benlakethat's what I did08:43
lagaalsactl save, alsactl restore08:43
=== laga tries to stay away from gnome as much as possible, tbh
=== therethinker shows laga a travelocity commercial
superm1nice therethinker2 :)08:46
lagathere is a problem08:46
lagatherethinker2: if i disable medibuntu support and hit apply, i can still toggle the libdvdcss2 switch08:46
therethinkerYeah, I figured it out08:47
therethinkerbut I'll stick it in after you commit08:47
lagai have my stuff committed now.08:47
therethinker2oh, great08:47
therethinker2if you want to change it - line 746, should be False08:48
therethinker2sorry, 74708:49
lagano i'll just pull your commit08:49
therethinker2I'm compiling right now... was there another problem to fix?08:49
superm1laga, you no like my change08:50
superm1getting away the experimental settings?08:50
lagasuperm1: i do like it now08:50
superm1okay good08:50
superm1did you resolve your conflict?08:50
superm1meld is really good for that08:50
superm1meld FILE1 FILE2 FILE308:51
lagasuperm1: i was just gonna use that function for someone else, too, but it's all good now.08:51
superm1it does a 3 way merge08:51
lagano, it was just a minor conflict.08:51
lagasuperm1: problem is now, however, that after removing the backend, the tweaks are still on the system. they#ll be removed after hitting apply a second time.08:51
therethinker2I'm just testing, then i'll commit08:52
lagaif the old function was still in place, i could have just toggled that button but oh well08:52
=== morphine [n=morphine@c-68-35-241-254.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1laga, well you can put the old function back08:52
superm1sorry for wiping it :)08:52
laganow i got the other solution into place already :)08:53
lagai can indeed put that function back, there's no need for a b utton.08:54
therethinker2wait, did you push that small fix?08:54
therethinker2Or was that a different typo?08:54
lagawhat small fix08:54
lagano, different typo08:54
lagatwo items left for me:08:58
lagaerr, three.08:58
laga* get a sane mysqld config08:58
laga* merge translations08:58
superm1sane in what sense?08:58
therethinkerLet see, what else is there for mcc?08:58
laga* dont overwrite custom mysqld config, bu make a copy first08:59
lagasuperm1: meaning performs better than default, but doesnt cause other harm08:59
superm1i thought you were putting a /etc/mysql/conf.d/blah.conf08:59
superm1that overrides my.cnf08:59
lagai've been running with a tweaked msqld for a few months, i'll probably take those values08:59
lagasuperm1: yes.08:59
superm1so how would that overwrite anything possibly?08:59
lagabut maybe the user makes custom changes so i'll make a copy just in case08:59
therethinker2are there any other important  codecs in that repo?09:01
therethinker2Hmm.. should I work on the multi-desktop-enviorment thing?09:02
superm1therethinker2, i'm not sure what else is there that is useful for a mythbuntu box09:03
therethinker2Mult-desktop-env thing?09:03
superm1what mult desktop env thign?09:03
lagathe bug i filed?09:04
therethinker2Like, someone said they wanted to be able to have Kubuntu AND xubuntu09:04
superm1oh yeah therethinker2 if yo ucan do that09:04
superm1that'd rock09:04
superm1therethinker2, is the repo stuff all done then?09:04
superm1awesome let me pull and see09:04
therethinker2I added 2 codecs that were already halfway into it09:04
therethinker2I'll add more if theres any other packages09:04
superm1therethinker2, do you mind if i tweak that gui a little bit?09:07
lagadon't say yes, he'll randomly delete buttons.09:07
superm1no i just want to add some alignment boxes09:07
superm1and change spacing09:07
therethinker2Yes, do that09:07
therethinker2Just no button carousing :P09:07
superm1there is a mutliverse button on advanced management09:08
superm1that can't be touched09:08
therethinker2What do you mean09:08
therethinker2can't be touched?09:08
superm1well if you dont have mythtv-backend installed09:08
superm1its greyed out09:08
therethinker2Ohhh :P09:08
therethinker2Maybe I should have moved that somewhere else :P09:08
therethinker2do you want to place it?09:09
superm1yeah put that somewhere else09:09
superm1well actually09:09
superm1perhaps system roles09:09
superm1and then grey out backend role and frontend role's boxes09:09
superm1if its not enabled09:09
therethinker2If I install xubuntu-desktop, the package09:09
therethinker2and I have ubuntu-desktop installed09:09
therethinker2then I remove xubuntu-desktop09:10
therethinker2Could that break ubuntu-desktop09:10
superm1No it wouldn't09:10
superm1because you'd still have ubuntu-desktop installed09:10
therethinker2I think I remember messing up like that before...09:10
superm1well it *shouldn't* at least ;)09:10
therethinker2So, basically, I could just have 3 checkboxes acting like the plugin boxes, right?09:10
morphinextherethinker2: when I did something like that it didn't break anything, but now apt-get remport all this crap it wants to autoremove09:11
superm1yeah that sounds good09:11
therethinker2morphinex: hmmm09:11
morphinexAnd I have to live with the big autoremove list forever09:11
morphinexMaybe they've fixed it though09:11
lagahttps://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/14317 <- check out that the simon jenkison guy said09:11
=== guddl [n=guddl@pD95F95BF.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagai almost answered "put down that crack pipe."09:12
lagasuperm1: well, looks like these settings worked for that guy: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/90942#9094209:14
superm1yeah those look good09:14
lagasuperm1: just use them? :)09:15
superm1laga, well this is an *experimental* button isn't it :)09:15
superm1if it doesnt work we're not responsible09:15
therethinker2Yay keyboard banging :D09:17
=== Nixus_Maximus [n=simon@i577B6FBC.versanet.de] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
superm1okay gui is a little more tweaked in revno 90.  hopefully no complaints09:19
therethinker2did you touch the roles tab?09:19
superm1only touched the proprietary codecs tab09:19
lagasuperm1: wow. some default settings in my.cnf are even 'better' than the tuned ones09:21
superm1therethinker2, something i think is wrong in the detection of whether to enable sensitivity on w32codecs / libdvdcss209:21
lagaunless different config files are installed for different machines (RAM size?)09:21
superm1i just tried turning on and off a few options09:21
superm1and there is some erratic behavior09:21
therethinker2Hm... I agree. I fix it after I get this working09:21
superm1not afaik09:21
therethinker2Which *should* work right now...09:22
superm1wow this control centre is really becoming feature filled09:22
therethinker2But it always helps hitting "save" before compiling, doesn't it?09:22
superm1i think for hardy we're going to have to discuss what needs to be moved where09:22
superm1of course :)09:22
therethinker2Yeah, this is amazing09:22
superm1i think its a bit more than originally planned, that's for sure09:23
therethinker2Its great though09:23
therethinker2it installs everything you need09:23
superm1do you issue a refresh of package lists when you enable medibuntu?09:24
superm1or multiverse for that matter?09:24
therethinker2Thats what takes so long09:24
superm1ah so that is probably the delay encountered09:24
superm1is there any way status can be shown for that?09:24
superm1and what happens if internet is down at that time?09:24
lagamaybe you can say that in the progress thingamjic?09:24
therethinker2I was thinking about putting it at a later step09:24
superm1yeah that's feasible09:24
therethinker2and if the internet is down, it will just fail silently, I guess09:25
therethinker2Not sure though09:25
lagayou should refresh when applying the settings and ungrey the w32codecs/libdvdcss stuff afterwards.09:25
therethinker2Yeah, I'll do that09:25
=== superm1 agrees
superm1same thing with when multiverse is off09:25
therethinker2What do you mean?09:25
superm1don't have backend/frontend viewable until apply is hit09:25
superm1have it greyed out09:25
lagasuperm1: btw, why is mcc in universe when it depends on multiverse?09:26
lagaeg mythtv-common09:26
superm1oh that's interesting09:26
superm1didn't make that connection09:26
superm1therethinker2, forget all the multiverse stuff then i think09:26
superm1because there is no way to install it unless multiverse is on09:26
therethinker2So just remove it09:26
therethinker2Not a big deal09:26
therethinker2Hellava lot easier to remove than to add09:28
lagashoulda brought it up earlier, sorry.09:30
therethinker2Don't mind09:30
therethinker2it wasn't hard to add either09:30
therethinker2it was just renaming medibuntu stuff09:30
lagatakes me ages to add anything :P09:30
therethinker2In a merge, is there a way to say "just go with the other file"09:31
lagamysql config ought to be done. hope it's sane09:31
lagasuperm1: should i ignore mythconverg for binary logs?09:32
therethinker2did someone just push?09:32
superm1laga, in the tweaked version09:32
lagasuperm1: yes.09:32
superm1therethinker2, did you pull my changes?09:32
superm1yeah that's probably a good idea09:32
therethinker2I did like 10 minutes ago09:32
superm1omg vnc_pass creation was broke09:34
superm1most stupid thing09:34
superm1configure_vnc( blah, "vnc_password") rather than configure_vnc( blah, vnc_password )09:34
lagai think we're getting there..09:37
lagatoo bad that we wont be able to do an additional upload with more translations.09:37
=== Fudgie [n=erlends@c85-196-112-106.static.sdsl.no] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagai'll update the translations in a minute09:43
lagaor rather as soon as i get them from rosetta.09:45
lagabye for now.09:45
superm1well slight issue?09:46
superm1haven't a ton of things changed/09:46
superm1or will that matter09:46
superm1since the po hasn't been uploaded there for a while09:46
therethinker2superm1 -- are you still working on soemthing?09:46
superm1therethinker2, i'm done09:46
therethinker2I keep merging, and you come out with something else :P09:46
superm1uploaded revno 9109:46
therethinker2No more traces of multiverse09:55
therethinker2Wait, on the CD09:55
=== beavis [n=beavis@drms-590d55c8.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2is multiverse enabled?09:55
superm1on mythbuntu disk?09:55
superm1it has to be09:55
therethinker2Okay, I committed that change...09:55
therethinker2Now for the desktop stuff09:55
therethinker2Wow... this is incredibly laggy on my VM09:57
therethinker2up, there it goes09:57
therethinker2(IRC was laggy)09:57
=== bliffle [n=john@64-142-27-84.dsl.dynamic.sonic.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
morphinexhey guys, I'm getting hash sum mismatches on myth packages when doing apt-get upgrade10:03
morphinexFailed to fetch http://mirror.cs.umn.edu/ubuntu/pool/multiverse/m/mythtv/mythtv-backend-master_0.20.2-0ubuntu8_all.deb  Hash Sum mismatch10:03
morphinexfor example10:03
superm1morphinex, try another mirror10:03
superm1mirror.cs.umn.edu is having troubles10:04
superm1the last few days10:04
superm1Applications->System->Software Sources10:04
superm1you can choose one there10:04
morphinexheh, I could do that if X wasn't also broken10:04
superm1how'd X break?10:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 149707 in ubuntu "gutsy, 2.6.22-13-generic, X won't start, nvidia" [Undecided,Fix released] 10:04
superm1morphinex, those should be available as of today10:05
superm1i just got a new linux-restricted-modules myself10:05
morphinexyeah, but if umn is broken...10:05
=== thoroth [n=rol@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1then do this10:06
superm1sudo sed -i s/mirror.cs.umn.edu/us.archive.ubuntu.com/ /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo apt-get update10:06
lagaoh my god10:06
therethinker2for checkboxes, what's the signal for changed? I'm thinking button_release_event, but I'm not so sure10:06
superm1laga, what?10:06
lagaguys, if you can't handle apt-get, don't use beta software.10:06
superm1therethinker2, i use the toggled signal10:07
therethinker2I thoguht that was just for radio buttons...10:07
superm1all checkboxes inherit GtkToggleButton10:07
superm1well yeah they do too10:08
morphinexhey laga, every single time I come in here you talk shit10:09
morphinexIf you don't want people coming in here for help, why advertise this channel on your webpage?10:09
morphinexWhy not make the topic indicate that you give no help?10:09
superm1hey kids lets be nice.  laga we'll get you your dev channel soon okay?10:09
superm1morphinex, he gets ornery sometimes :)10:10
lagamorphinex: i won't give you the pleasure of answering to that :)10:10
morphinexthanks superm, that worked, and maybe I can get X working now too10:13
superm1good luck morphinex :)10:13
superm1don't break stuff in the future.10:13
morphinexheh, yeah, I'll work on not breaking the university of minnesota's mirror in the future ;)10:14
therethinker2Wow... I'm surprised you didn't do this first10:17
superm1therethinker2, which?10:18
therethinker2the desktop enviorments10:18
superm1therethinker2, if you get that one fixed quick and want another to tackle, you can have at that this one too :) bug 14831810:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 148318 in mythbuntu-control-centre "m-c-c opens terminal as root" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14831810:22
therethinker2Yep, I'll get on it once I commit this...10:25
therethinker2After I do bzr merge, do I need to do bzr commit again?10:26
superm1yeah you do10:28
therethinker2I have like a GB left on this VM :P10:29
superm1that filled up quick?10:29
therethinker2I have 16 different branches of MCC10:29
therethinker2wait, 1810:29
therethinker2I haven't deleted the ones that I first used10:30
therethinker2And its not actually that much, its a 3.7GB VM anyway... so :P10:30
superm1oh you can keep working in the same ones after you merge them back to the main one you know right?10:30
therethinker2Yeah, I know10:30
superm1you dont have  to start a new one10:30
therethinker2Each ones like 2.3 MB, so its not a big deal :P10:31
benlakeshould I make direct modifications to the xorg.conf or have a .local file?10:31
lagamorphinex: sorry if i came across as unfriendly earlier. your issue was a legit one and we do provide support for mythbuntu in here. however, i believe that one shouldn't use a pre-release linux distribution if they don't even know the basics. guess our expectations clashed here a bit - and i'd probably actually feel bad if you didn't accuse me of "talking shit" :P10:32
therethinker2Wait, superm1, I think you went over my revision10:32
lagasuperm1: i updated the changelog10:32
therethinker2Wait, that was laga10:32
superm1therethinker2, went over it?10:32
superm1someone isn't bound in the branch they push?10:32
superm1that's not good10:32
therethinker2What I mean is10:32
superm1oh just bzr update again10:33
therethinker2I pulled a branch, and it didnt have my things10:33
superm1and then you can push therethinker210:33
lagasuperm1: ok, the remote control issue should indeed be fixed10:33
lagadid i do something wrong?10:33
lagai commit directly into the branch at launchpad10:33
therethinker2I just branched, and my revisions weren't there...10:34
lagaok, i'll be gone now.10:34
=== Tari [n=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2in bash, is there a way to take the output of one command, and use it in another?10:49
therethinkerOh yes10:49
therethinker2Thanks :P Brain fart10:50
=== Tari [n=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2any other MCC problems?11:03
=== claydoh [n=claydoh@66-252-50-51.dyn-adsl.midmaine.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinkerOh, right the repos/codecs11:11
=== DaveMorris [n=dave@host-212-158-244-26.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
DaveMorrislaga: whats eating you up now re your mailing list mail11:23
superm1therethinker, just the repos/codecs, desktops, and root terminal item11:32
superm1and that's it11:32
therethinker2I'm working on fixing the codecs thing11:32
superm1k cool11:32
superm1innovative solution to the root terminal issue, but it doesn't appear to work?11:35
therethinker2It did for me11:35
therethinker2Thats the bug-fixer's mantra :P11:36
superm1well if you have more than one user logged into the box11:36
superm1that breaks11:36
superm1eg: $ users11:37
superm1supermario supermario supermario supermario11:37
superm1i think what you need to do, is determine the SUDO_UID11:38
superm1and then from that calculate the username as listed in /etc/passwd11:39
superm1something very similar needs to be done in changer.py11:39
superm1a few times11:39
therethinker2Can you help me out?11:40
therethinker2type sudo su11:40
therethinker2echo $SUDO_UID11:40
therethinker2then does it match the first, or second number in /etc/password11:41
therethinker2for your entry11:41
therethinker2wait, its a range, right?11:41
superm1well so11:41
superm1# echo $SUDO_UID11:41
superm1is what i get when i try it11:41
therethinker2I think in /etc/password, it lists a range11:41
superm1it lists the uid11:41
superm1and then gid11:41
superm1so its the third field in /etc/password11:42
therethinker2wow, thanks11:42
superm1the code to find the entry for that should already do that exact thing in changer.py11:42
superm1break it into fields and all11:42
therethinker2oh, okay11:42
superm1so a literal copy and paste should probably suffice11:42
superm1now the important thing you need to do though, if SUDO_UID isn't a number11:43
superm1eg its launched as root11:43
superm1not from su/sudo11:43
superm1then make sure to skip the section11:43
therethinker2to skip what?11:43
superm1skip finding the uid11:43
superm1it will be crashing otherwise11:43
=== foxbuntu [n=nick@12-216-16-102.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2Hello fox11:45
foxbuntuafternoon therethinker11:45
therethinker2How can I get the output of an os.system command, though?11:45
therethinker2just doing an = doesn't work11:46
therethinker2Also, if I could...11:46
therethinker2I could always do up to the first space of the output of users11:46
superm1therethinker2, don't use output of os. commands11:49
superm1you can do it all from the environment11:49
superm1SUDO_UID can be obtained11:49
therethinker2Well, getuid() doesnt' work11:49
superm1and you can read /etc/apsswd11:49
superm1well dont do it via getuid11:49
superm1again look at changer.py :)11:50
superm1        uid = int(os.getenv('SUDO_GID'))11:50
therethinker2I thought you were saying it NEEDED to be done in there :P11:50
therethinker2Wow, thanks :P11:50
therethinker2*smacks self*11:50
superm1oh god11:50
superm1that would be messy11:50
superm1not to say this app isn't already messy11:50
superm1but then so you just do a check11:50
superm1if uid != None11:51
superm1then continue to find the username11:51
superm1otherwise launch terminal11:51
therethinker2and if int(uid) not equal uid11:51
superm1well i dont think you even need to do int(uid)11:51
superm1python types inherently know that kind of stuff11:51
therethinker2still... can't hurt :P11:51
superm1well i dont know that python knows how to typecast actually11:52
superm1it may or may not11:52
=== tazgodx [n=tazgodx@adsl-70-232-171-248.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1foxbuntu, i dont think you need your own tab for your stuff, there is plenty of room on the advanced management tab left over11:53
superm1especially if you make two columns11:53
superm1merge the main branch back on top of your local branch and take a look11:53
therethinker2what happened11:53
superm1with what?11:54
therethinker2Was he privately messaging you or something? :P11:54
tazgodxso, is there a way to get LVM set up with mythbuntu? i know its not supported on the disk, but i have a few smaller drives, and i need LVM mainly11:54
therethinker2Or was it from yesterday?11:54
superm1he was working on something else he wanted to add11:54
superm1tazgodx, just dont format the partition that you want to  use for lvm11:54
superm1during install11:54
therethinker2All of the sudden, it was like *wow* :P11:54
superm1after install you can activate it11:54
tazgodxcan i still mount it to /var/lib11:55
tazgodxdo you have any guides on how to activate and mount to /var/lib after install like that?11:58
superm1i've always just googled "lvm howto"11:59
superm1its a standard procedure, setting up an lvm11:59
therethinker2got it12:04
foxbuntusuperm1, really?12:05
foxbuntutab space^^12:05
superm1merge the latest changes, we are pretty much out of room for additional tabs12:06
superm1especially if the network shares tab gets activated12:06
foxbuntusuperm1, alright...I will try to fit it in on Adv12:06
foxbuntuis Adv where you want to stick this?12:07
foxbuntu18 revs since last night?!?12:08
therethinker2I messed up, and did like 4 at once12:09
therethinker2but other than that... we were busy :P12:09
superm1yeah a lot of stuff changed today12:09
superm1therethinker2, has gotten a few bugs fixed, so has laga.  i fixed one and then reorganized a few things :)12:10
foxbuntusuperm1, ok now should I move the buttons on Adv all up to the top and put my stuff below, or try to split the tab in half and put my stuff to the right?12:12
therethinker2And I just fixed another :p12:12
superm1foxbuntu, i personally think that all 3 current buttons for launching apps can be grouped along the top12:12
therethinker2Well... I would have... if it worked12:12
therethinker2I agree12:12
superm1and then laga's mysql section12:12
superm1and then your section12:12
therethinker2Why don't you make a MySQL tab?12:12
superm1we're running out of space for tabs!12:12
therethinker2Or move the optimize stuff into the DB Connect tab?12:12
foxbuntumy stuff will fit with MySQL here12:13
foxbuntuI will move some stuff around12:13
DaveMorrisbtw what does the mcc look like in sd tv resoultion?12:13
superm1as of right now it takes up 800x55012:14
superm1so what resolution do you drive your tv at?12:14
DaveMorris Modes           "800x600" "640x480"12:15
therethinker2we could maybe squeeze an extra 50 px > way. But thats it12:15
superm1yeah the whole app is very very tight right now12:15
DaveMorriscan you put scroll bars in so that if it's too big we can scroll around it12:15
therethinker2I can once I fix this terminal thing12:16
superm1how about instead we just make it act like a full screen app in 800x600?12:16
DaveMorrishttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAL look at the bottom of that12:16
DaveMorrisNTSC is only 48012:17
therethinker2why don't we just resize it12:17
therethinker2The longest tab was the roles12:17
superm1resize the app?12:17
therethinker2which I made shorter with only 1 row of DE's12:17
superm1your asking for trouble there...12:17
superm1because a lot of children have set desired widths12:17
superm1that need to be adjusted then12:17
DaveMorrisscroll bars will make it useable for lower res users12:17
superm1screw low res users i say.12:18
tazgodxdoes the new beta rls of mythbuntu set up serial IR Blasters?12:27
superm1unfortunately not automatically12:28
superm1it should be easier than on feisty, but its still a time consuming setup12:28
foxbuntusuperm1, how can I get the tables to resize in glade?12:29
foxbuntuthey dont drag12:29
superm1you have to change their expand and fill properties12:29
superm1to control what space they cover12:29
superm1and you can set requested with and height, but genrally stay away from over use of those12:29
superm1and that's for the entire table12:29
superm1not individual cells12:29
superm1still something = no work?12:40
therethinker2When I run the program in the console it works...12:40
therethinker2well, the function12:40
therethinker2but it wont work in MCC12:40
superm1how are you testing in mcc?12:40
superm1i mean are you running debuild?12:40
superm1and installing the deb to test?12:41
superm1or how12:41
superm1well you can debug better like this after installing12:42
superm1sudo /usr/share/mythbuntu-control-centre/bin/mythbuntu-control-centre12:42
superm1you'll get traceback spit to the terminal when things cras12:42
superm1crash even12:42
therethinker2I do that12:42
therethinker2Its not that it crashes12:42
therethinker2it just doesn't work :P12:42
tazgodxis the PVR-500 the best dual tuner for mythtv?12:43
therethinker2Its always root12:45
therethinker2Oh wait12:45
therethinker2I think I'm stupid...12:45
superm1tazgodx, matter of opinion12:47
tazgodxare there any other dual tuners that are good? i don't have HDTV yet, but i do plan on getting one soon also, so can i use HD tuners for regular analog for a few months?12:48
=== MegaQuark_ [n=gary@pool-71-117-201-251.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1well the 500 is probably the best way to go for now12:48
Wy|laptopI think the HDHomeRun is the best myth tuner at this point12:48
superm1when you get hd12:48
superm1add a hdhomerun12:49
tazgodxyeah, i was thinking of the HDHomeRun. does that have a built in HD antena? or will i need an antenna to get the OVA HD channels?12:49
superm1you'd need an antenna12:50
tazgodxor OTA12:50
tazgodxty, i guess ill get the PVR-500 for now12:50
superm1or you'd need cable supplied QAM channels12:50
superm1have fun with it :)12:50
tazgodx:) im sure i will, the one tuner i have now just sucks when i want to record somthign and watch another12:51
Wy|laptopWell, an antenna is like 30 bucks for some nice amplified rabbit ears12:51
=== Wy|laptop is just mad at his pchdtv5500 right now
tazgodxhaha, i was thinking of getting that pchd5500 also for after i got my HDTV12:51
tazgodxguess that would be a bad move...12:52
superm1i'm quite happy with my hdhomerun12:52
superm1come monday nights, i drive 3 hd tuners and an sd tuner all at once12:52
superm1hd home run is 2 of those12:52
Wy|laptopyeah, the card detects fine but no signal detected12:52
tazgodxcan you get 2 different HD channels at once with one antenna plugged into that with a splitter?12:52
Wy|laptopand no response to my email to support12:52
superm1tazgodx, yeah12:53
Wy|laptoptaz: yeah12:53
Wy|laptopsuperm1: I just bought one as well, should arrive in a few days12:53
tazgodxi can't wait till i get my HDTV, i want hi def programming12:54
=== Wy|laptop grins. I need a new projector
tazgodxso, in 2 years when the US goes to all HD programming, will these sd tuners be unusable?12:55
Wy|laptopCATV will be SD analog until 201112:56
Wy|laptopat least12:56
tazgodxi thought they set a deadline for 200912:56
Wy|laptopthat's OTA12:57
=== Tari_ [i=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tazgodxin any case, will my SD tuners be garbage in a few years?12:57
superm1who knows12:58
Wy|laptopaoops, 2012 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analog_television#Digital_switchover12:58
superm1its not that everything is going to all HD, its just all digital broadcasts12:58
Wy|laptopAnd often, if you have a cable modem, you'll pick up analog cable for .. ahem.. :P free.12:58
superm1which i wonder how the cable infrastructure is going to fare with that12:58
superm1given the already limited bandwidth12:58
foxbuntusuperm1, do you want me to upload my update to the main branch?12:59
Wy|laptopWell, a digital signal uses less bandwidth than an analog signal12:59
superm1foxbuntu, does it break things?12:59
superm1or does it work?12:59
foxbuntulet me build it quick12:59
tazgodxis the PVR-500 MCE the normal 500? will it work i guess is my question01:00
foxbuntuso far all I have done id update the advanced tab01:01
foxbuntuno code for the scripts or anything yet01:01
tazgodxguess ill buy that now while i set up my myth box01:01
superm1foxbuntu, i thought you had a big patch01:02
superm1from yesterday that you were testing?01:02
foxbuntusuperm1, that was before I merged it all into the Adv tab01:02
superm1shouldn't have changed too much though?01:03
superm1okay whatever01:03
superm1if that's all you changed, as long as everything works01:03
superm1push it01:03
foxbuntuI will build it quick however01:03
foxbuntuits broken01:06
foxbuntuI started over with rev 9801:06
foxbuntuand just modified tab_advanced01:07
Wy|laptopgetting everything to output to alsa is such a pain in the wazoo01:08
Wy|laptoper, -alsa, + toslink01:08
Wy|laptopof course, now that I have that running fine, video playback for recordings results in screen barf01:10
therethinker2Can someone help out with my code01:13
superm1therethinker2, yeah sure01:13
therethinker2I'm completely stumped01:13
superm1what you got?01:13
therethinker2Should I pastebin or commit?01:13
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:13
superm1yeah pastebin will be fine01:14
foxbuntusuperm1, I am pushing up to my launchpad branch for this one...its broke again and I dont know why01:14
superm1foxbuntu, you pushing broken stuff again?01:15
therethinker2It gets into  the else:01:15
therethinker2thats all I know01:15
superm1um, well for starters01:16
superm1you want to get SUDO_UID01:16
superm1not SUDO_GID01:16
therethinker2I can't believe I missed that01:17
foxbuntusuperm1, yes, but only to my personal branch01:17
superm1therethinker2, otherwise it works01:17
therethinker2Nope. still doesn't01:18

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