LjLwatch drakejustice_01:34
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tonyyarussoLjL: did you just remove mc44 when he wasn't even around?02:09
LjLtonyyarusso: as far as the rest of this IRC network knows, yeah, i guess he wasn't even around.02:10
tonyyarussoLjL: erm, okay...02:10
=== tonyyarusso ponders the mysteriousness of that statement
Picitonyyarusso: LjL and mc44 have that kind of relationship02:11
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=== Pici was kicked off #ubuntu-ops by LjL (You know why!)
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tonyyarussoPici: yeah, I figured02:11
=== tonyyarusso goes back to wishing he understood PHP
tonyyarussoPotentially powerful systems are really inefficient when doing very simple tasks.02:12
LjLtonyyarusso: like?=02:13
tonyyarussoLjL: I'm trying to implement a Facebook version of the Ubuntu 7.10 Countdown thingy.02:14
LjLtonyyarusso: ok, i have no idea what facebook even is, so forget i even asked.02:14
tonyyarussoLjL: wow, you live in a cave, don't you?02:14
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jdongtonyyarusso: I side with LjL on this one02:15
LjLtonyyarusso: no, i'd love to though02:15
tonyyarussohttp://www.facebook.com/, only the most-talked-about web site in the US vicinity over the last year or two.02:15
LjLa cave with fiber optics connections if possible02:15
tonyyarussohehe, that would be nice02:15
LjLUbuntuRules: hi, what can we do to you?02:15
UbuntuRulesSome ljl op is infringing on my first amendment freedom of speech rights in #ubuntu02:15
UbuntuRulesOh, hi LjL.02:15
LjLi haven't been in #ubuntu for like 3 hours02:16
LjLwell, not speaking at least.02:16
=== tonyyarusso has the answer to that one.
tonyyarussoa sec02:16
UbuntuRulesI got banned when I gave link http://pastebin.ca/727389 (don't click)02:16
LjLaaaaaaah, you're that one.02:16
tonyyarussoUbuntuRules: http://blog.tonyyarusso.com/politics/what-free-speech-isnt/02:16
tonyyarussoUbuntuRules: You don't have first amendment rights in #ubuntu.02:16
jdongUbuntuRules: why shouldn't you get banned for that?02:16
LjLUbuntuRules: how come *now* you're saying "don't click"?02:17
LjLand you didn't in #ubuntu?02:17
jdongUbuntuRules: and who gave you first ammendment rights on someone else's network?02:17
UbuntuRulesBecause it was humor.02:17
LjLyeah, well, you know, humor depends on the beholder02:17
UbuntuRulesLjL: Because it got me banned before.02:17
LjLi find certain things humor that you most likely don't find humor02:17
LjLfor instance02:17
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UbuntuRulesCome on. :02:17
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LjLi find this humor02:18
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jdongthat is pretty funny :)02:18
LjLyeah. now though, i think he should have his first what-it's-called rights back02:18
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=== tonyyarusso thinks his blog post should be required reading for anyone who uses the phrase "free speech" in this channel.
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jdongthat was probably the most amusing one I've seen in a while :)02:20
jdongwalks in..... waah ljl's being a bastard..... oh oops hi ljl!02:20
LjLthe fact that i'm kinda drunk probably helps02:20
LjLotherwise, i'm sure i'd have made a boring review of his ban02:20
tonyyarusso"don't drink and kickban"?02:20
LjLtonyyarusso: i'm against such prohibitionism.02:21
=== tonyyarusso guesses you're not alone
LjLi hope he doesn't rejoin, i could say things i'd regret later02:26
LjLwell, i'm lying, i hope he rejoins02:26
JucatoTm_T, stdin: ping? I thought wii/xp_killer/Mii was banned in #kubuntu?02:28
Tm_The is02:29
Jucatohe's there02:29
=== wii [n=wii@AMarigot-102-1-8-155.w81-248.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-ops
LjLTm_T: lousy hostmask you chose02:30
Tm_TLjL: I did chose nothing02:30
wiiwait someone helping me to install drivers for my nvidia02:30
LjLTm_T: then your client is lousy02:30
Tm_Twii: no we dont wait02:31
LjLwii, there's a nice tutorial at !nvidia02:31
wiiwhen he finish helping me then u can banned me02:31
LjLright - *banned* you, in the past tense.02:31
LjLit's already happened.02:31
wiiTm_T: the tuto maid me had to reinstall my linux02:31
wiiTm_T: stdin that show me the tuto02:32
LjLyeah, that's a nice solution for everything, reinstalling02:32
Tm_TJucato: thanks02:32
JucatoTm_T: sure. kinda disturbing being literally the first thing you see in the morning on logging in :)02:32
Tm_TJucato: exactly )(02:33
=== Tm_T is still waking up
wiiLjL: then when i reinstall they say i does evade the banned 02:33
LjLeither you have worse sleeping patterns than i have, or you are *far* away.02:33
LjLwii: yeah, you were banned, you were supposed to stay banned02:34
LjLyou know, a ban is a ban02:34
wiiah ok02:34
wiifor how long?02:34
LjLuntil such time we decide to review (if ever)02:34
LjLif i'm not too much mistaken02:35
wiii'm in the midle of this xorg thig witch i dont understand is something goes wrong i'll have to reinstall linux again02:35
LjLyou don't *have* to reinstall linux. you have a backup copy of xorg.conf, at least i hope you do. you can restore that.02:35
LjLVESA mode is fun to work with.02:35
LjLyou know, actually seeing the windows redrawing... it's interesting.02:36
wiiTm_T: give me time to finish configuring this thing to restart the x server then u can banned me02:36
Tm_TLjL: I woke up 025002:36
LjLban, wii, the verb is ban. banned is the paste tense.02:36
Tm_Twii: you should have thought that before gaining any bans02:37
wiiLjL: the last time i try to restor the xorg it wasnt working stdin was telling me how to do it02:37
LjLTm_T: i still cannot see how it can be morning *now*02:37
Tm_TLjL: well it is not morning :(02:37
LjLTm_T: yeah, you're one fuse ahead.02:37
LjLwii, it's a cp. cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf-backup /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:38
LjLor whatever the backup it's called.02:38
LjLoh, and don't forget sudo.02:38
Tm_TLjL: hmm, youre going to support here?02:38
LjLTm_T: i can't help, it's automatix.02:38
wiii'm a noob how i'm i sopose to understand what u telling me?explain ass u will to a child02:38
LjLjust like typing automatix is automatix when i try to type automatix02:39
LjLwii: i'd tell a child to leave computers alone02:39
wiiit's best when we lurn from young02:39
LjLthat's true, but it's best when you learn by yourself02:40
LjLdo you think i had the interwebs on my C64? no, i didn't. i didn't know what a modem was.02:40
LjLso, go disconnect your funky ethernet card and write some BASIC.02:40
wiiTm_T: i forgot to save my conversation whit the person who was explaning how to install the right driver for my nv 6200.can u past my conv from when i started talking to him?02:41
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/irclogs - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/02:41
tonyyarussoLjL: I had a C64 :)02:41
=== LjL sys'es 64738 tonyyarusso
tonyyarussoLjL: the "executive portable" version02:41
LjLsorry, that was excessive, i should have merely poked your 5328102:41
LjLi had the version that couldn't read cassettes properly.02:42
tonyyarussoMine had cartridges and floppies.02:42
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LjLtonyyarusso, go away, i'm not speaking with you.02:43
Tm_TLjL: IIRC you have the power =)02:43
LjLor at least, come back after saving the same program to the same tape 10 times without realizing the tape will eventually wear out.02:43
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wiiLjL: i dont see my conv in the log02:44
LjLwii: wait a little, they're not real time.02:44
LjLTm_T: are you muting me or what?02:44
wiihow long do i have to wait?02:44
LjLdo a favor to humanity and mute me.02:44
LjLwii: an hour or so i guess02:45
wiiok i'm going to watch some cartoons02:45
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LjLwii: if you're to be treated like a child, besides, specifically a french child, i think you should be in bed.02:45
LjLfor that matter.02:45
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wiithat was not funny02:46
=== wii [n=wii@AMarigot-102-1-8-155.w81-248.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Konversation]
LjLneither was that02:46
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+b *!*n=wii@*.abo.wanadoo.fr] by Tm_T
LjLhm, well, i was having fun, but if you insist02:47
Tm_TI do02:47
Tm_Tafter his k-line02:47
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [-o Tm_T] by Tm_T
LjLwhat did he do to get klined?02:47
JucatoTm_T: you are also banning him by his ident. he can just change his iden't and he'll still come in (afaik)02:48
Tm_TLjL: after collecting enough bans he started to search channels he wasnt banned yet to his troll02:48
Tm_TJucato: I know02:48
LjLJucato: hello mr obvious!02:49
LjLwhat do you propose banning? :P02:49
=== Jucato will just shut up
=== LjL should do the same
LjLbut tm_t refuse to force him02:49
=== Tm_T hugs LjL
LjLi put 'sed' in a sed command, yay02:50
jdongLjL: using sed to correct sed02:50
jdonghow masturbatory.02:50
Tm_Tjdong: well its LjL 02:50
jdongTm_T: pfft he has fiber, he doesn't need to even do that.02:50
jdongI'd trade up those rights to get fiber :)02:51
LjLjdong: you'd trade a public IP address?02:51
LjLi can't even receive a stupid DCC transfer.02:51
jdongLjL: on second thought, nah, I'm keeping my class A block :D02:51
LjLand my fiber is slower than people's dsls. they say they do 20mbits.02:51
LjLmy fiber does 10, half duplex02:52
jdongLjL: oh, I assumed it's some magical gigabit thing02:52
jdongguess I'm better off maxing out my 100mbit then :)02:52
LjLyeah sure. well, at least it stays online02:52
AmaranthLjL: wow my cable is faster than that02:52
Amaranthdoesn't stay online though, my router is broken and i'm cheap02:52
LjLnow don't make my feel depressed.02:52
LjLyeah well for that matter, while the net is reliable, the phone is crap, and so is the iptv02:53
LjLwhich, incidentally, takes away half of the bandwidth - and i don't even watch it02:53
LjLi do somehow feel some sort of revengeful happiness when i start downloading at 800k/s while somebody is watching tv02:54
LjLAmaranth, i'm in italy, there is no verizon.02:54
Amaranthwell you just described verizon's setup so i was confused02:54
LjLit's fastweb, the only fiber provider there is here. all the others are DSL - we never had any cable02:54
LjLi mean, we never had any cable for TV either02:55
=== Tm_T is happy with gprs at times
LjLin my block, apparently, we don't even have an antenna, given that we can watch tv better with an indoor one, than by connecting to the so called "antenna" socket.02:55
LjLproblem is, whenever someone opens the fridge / goes to the kitchen / a train passes, there goes tv.02:56
LjLactually, i suspect birds on the balcony also break the signal.02:56
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jdongwii in #-desktop03:03
jdong21:04 < wii> everything is a little to big03:04
jdongthat's... what... she... said.....03:04
LjLi didn't even know there was a channel like that03:04
jdongforgive me the new season of the office just started :)03:04
robthat's technically evading a kline, he probably just has a dynamic ip03:05
LjLyeah that he does03:05
LjLi've possibly evaded a kline too once, although perhaps it was just removed03:05
jdongyou know, if he was willing to follow instructions and put half a braincell into it, I would actually help him at this point...03:09
jdongbut I get the feeling I'd just be totally wasting my time03:09
LjLi'm not in the state of mind to help him really03:09
LjLbut i probably would03:09
LjLwouldn't be the first time i help somebody even *i* had just banned03:09
LjLany rate, i don't believe the folks in #ubuntu-desktop appreciate the nuisance03:10
LjLhe certainly does know how to find IRC channels03:11
robshould I just boot him out again?03:11
LjLeven though he doesn't have a clue how to edit a text file03:11
robtell him to go to #ubuntu03:11
LjLrob, that's your take, we only ban people from *ubuntu* channels.03:12
rob-desktop is a ubuntu channel03:12
rob#ubuntu* are ubuntu channels03:12
LjLyeah, but i don't have access in there... but as long as he stops talking, that's not even the point03:13
robhe is much more likely to get help in #ubuntu, but I'm off03:13
LjL*you* should decide whether he's being a troll on the network-wide side of things03:13
LjLi'm not sure he isn't banned in #ubuntu03:13
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LjLactually, i think he isn't, i was the last one who banned him but i unbanned him later.03:15
LjLthing is really, one part of me still thinks he (as many others) is just a clueless user who can't really relation with people on irc03:17
jdongLjL: yeah, I think.03:17
LjLanother part, the rational one, thinks he's a troll just like many others who sit in a channel of their own laughing about us03:18
=== jdong wonders if I should tell him to try the forums.... or if he'll just be a nuisance there.... :(
LjLtell him to ask in #ubuntu if you like. i'm not even gonna ban him right now if he doesn't go too far.03:19
jdongLjL: I'd be interested in seeing how he takes a second life.03:20
LjLhe's already had at least two, one as xp_killer and one as wii, but well :)03:20
jdongwell... third life then :D03:21
jdonggive him the whole "now promise to be a good little french twit and we'll let you in again"03:21
=== jdong will be in there and attempting to help
LjLjdong: i'm not sure tm_t concurs, but as long as he isn't looking.03:24
LjLoh wait, i just pinged him.03:24
jdong21:26 [msg(wii)]  please hold on a second...03:27
jdong21:26 [msg(wii)]  we (the ops ) are talking about letting you back into #ubuntu  to receive help....03:27
jdong21:26 [msg(wii)]  this topic is off channel iun the -desktop channel and will  not help your cause...03:27
jdong21:27 [msg(wii)]  I ask for a moment of your patience, please.03:27
jdong^^ so are we gonna let him?03:27
jdong"this topic is off channel"03:27
jdongwow I need sleep too...03:27
LjLjdong: are you sure he *is* banned from #ubuntu?03:28
=== jdong shrugs?
LjLjdong: he's banned from #kubuntu, but unless he changed more IPs than i can find on the tracker, he's free to join #ubuntu03:29
jdonglemme ask him if he's able to join03:29
jdongI'm not looking through a list of 400+ bans :D03:29
LjLneither am i... i have a search function, but that doesn't seem to find him.03:29
LjLwait, he's probably banned.03:30
PiciI think his ident used to be garfield03:30
LjLhmm well but then again, no he isn't03:30
LjLhe'd be technically ban evading03:30
jdongwell I don't want my irrational niceness to piss off any staffers... I can just handle him over in #ubuntuforums if that's easier?03:31
LjLbut his current ip isn't banned as far as my drunk brain can see03:31
LjLjdong, if he can join, he can join period, nobody will be pissed off03:31
LjLif he *can't* join, then that's another matter, as i'm not sure i'd remove a ban set by someone else on someone like him03:32
jdongwell I've been unable to get a response from him in /query....03:33
LjLi've just registered #kubuntu-ops, after being highlighted in #kubuntu. forwards to here.03:34
LjLjdong: he joined though03:34
jdongLjL: see it, I'm on it03:34
jdonghere it goes, wish me luck :)03:35
jdongoh CRAP it's not a trivial problem either :)03:39
=== jdong continues digging his grave
LjLi'd say "i told you so", but then again i never told you so03:40
ubotuvocx called the ops in #ubuntu03:41
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jdong21:54  * wii if i i had a million dallars will will be glad to give it all away to jdong :)03:55
jdongah, and I feel redeemed :)03:55
Tm_Tjdong: LjL: IIRC wii is currently "ban on sight" person04:33
Tm_Ttonyyarusso: hey you05:02
jdongTm_T: I have my nice helpful moods though ;-)05:17
ubotudystopianray called the ops in #ubuntu05:32
ubotuPelo called the ops in #ubuntu05:32
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ubotudystopianray called the ops in #ubuntu05:34
jdongyeah.... should get rid of marin....05:34
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Hobbseehiya jdong!05:47
=== Hobbsee notse that the guy got hammered before the thread got locked.
jdongI hope that makes you feel better :D05:47
=== RoC_MasterMind [n=Free@c-66-177-39-225.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
RoC_MasterMindOK this "your router has a bug is annoying"06:02
RoC_MasterMindHow do I get it to join #ubuntu?06:02
thoreauputicRoC_MasterMind: go to #ubuntu-ops and ask to be tested06:03
RoC_MasterMindthis *is* ubuntu ops06:03
thoreauputicRoC_MasterMind: it's a security issue - you need to use a different port06:03
RoC_MasterMindI did what it said06:04
RoC_MasterMindIt's not a security issue, it's an annoyance issue.06:04
thoreauputicRoC_MasterMind: sorry, lost track of which chan I was looking at06:04
RoC_MasterMindanyway, I have irc.freenode.net/8001 listed...but obviously that's not working06:04
RoC_MasterMindshouldn't it be :8001?06:04
nalioththoreauputic: have you tested RoC_MasterMind ?06:04
RoC_MasterMindoh please do06:05
thoreauputicnalioth: no, I don't know the method06:05
RoC_MasterMindyeah I'm still here06:05
thoreauputicnalioth: never had to do it...06:05
RoC_MasterMind Received a malformed DCC request from nalioth.06:05
RoC_MasterMind* Contents of packet: DCC SEND WAAA....../06:05
RoC_MasterMindI can't get on #ubuntu still though06:06
naliothRoC_MasterMind: patience  :)06:06
naliothyou can join #ubuntu now and thanks for your patience  :)06:06
RoC_MasterMindIs there some kind of mask your adding?06:06
jdongany faster, and nalioth would need a script to automatically test and unban :D06:07
jdongwhich would be an interesting perl endeavor06:07
RoC_MasterMindalright, let me close out and come back...see if I get locked out agaijn06:07
=== RoC_MasterMind [n=Free@c-66-177-39-225.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
RoC_MasterMindoh noes!06:08
RoC_MasterMindI'm still an Ubuntu Outsider.06:08
RoC_MasterMindpoor me.06:08
nalioththoreauputic: can you see where RoC_MasterMind is banned?06:10
thoreauputicRoC_MasterMind: you still can't join ?06:14
RoC_MasterMind* #ubuntu #ubuntu-read-topic :Forwarding to another channel06:14
RoC_MasterMindno sir06:15
ubotuIn #ubuntuforums, dasnipa said: ubotu: kevinf311 is liking boy bottoms06:16
thoreauputicRoC_MasterMind: try now06:18
RoC_MasterMindwhat was that?06:19
thoreauputicremoved your ban06:19
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tonyyarussoTm_T: yeees?06:28
Tm_Ttonyyarusso: just wanted to tell you that I really liked your blog post about freedom of speech06:47
tonyyarussoTm_T: oh, thanks :)06:47
tonyyarussonow if only I had as much grasp on PHP as constitutional law...06:48
jdonggrr, if I want an imap server to serve mail to myself via IMAP (possibly with SSL support), what IMAP server do I want?07:04
jdongI'm guessing dovecot?07:05
ubotuAutomatix2 is a block of code which attempts to install some software.  When it fails and breaks systems, we don't provide support for it.  A creditable analysis from a debian/ubuntu developer is here - http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html (Additional information: /msg ubotu worksforme)08:02
naliothhi Hobbsee 08:03
=== rob [i=rob@freenode/staff/rob] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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Hobbseehi nalioth 08:03
naliothwhat brought that on, Hobbsee?08:03
Hobbseenalioth: just needed the URL for a forums thread08:04
Hobbseehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3470669&postcount=1 etc08:04
naliothubuntuforums sends my blood pressure up the wall08:05
naliothautomatix does the same08:05
naliothnot sure i can handle an UF post re automatix08:06
jdongurgh, ANOTHER automatix thread?08:06
nalioththat makes absolutely no sense, Hobbsee 08:07
naliothbut then again, logic has never stopped the crap-o-matix team before08:07
Hobbseenalioth: oh, i thought i'd just comment on the fact that it wasnt in a developer-related place.08:07
Hobbseenalioth: they probably are hearing about the fact that they cant reprot bugs if automatix is installed08:07
Hobbseeunsure if they can upgrade, either08:07
naliothcrapomatix is a pretty neat 'tool to dead-end your Ubuntu'08:08
robthere is this microsoft shill magazine here that keeps recommending automatix despite my constant emails to the editor advising not to do so, we had a running dialog for a bit and he acknowledged how bad automatix is, but yet the very next issue they are still recommending it..08:08
robthey said they were going to print the letter I sent in, didn't happen.08:08
Hobbseehm, it doesnt mention by name that they cant upgrade08:09
naliothdid you tell him that as of Feisty, the functionality is built into Ubuntu, rob?08:09
jdongHobbsee: to be fair from what the guy has said so far, it sounds like good intentions.... curious how far it'll be taken.08:09
robnalioth, yes, several times.08:09
Hobbseejdong: good intentions, sure, but he's still no where near the right place :P08:09
naliothif arnieboy has any say, it'll be taken in a whole different direction08:09
jdongHobbsee: agreed, but the new *attitude* alone is worth a second look :)08:09
robnalioth, they even wrote an article on how to get codecs and things without automatix, but the issue after that they were back to recommending automatix again08:09
Hobbseeso i figured i'd hit them with that report on it08:10
jdongHobbsee: IMO Automatix's main problem is their head developer's communication/relationship skills....08:10
jdongHobbsee: I have no idea whether or not they are "under new management" but that'd be a great step forward08:10
jdongHobbsee: until we get things like libdvdcss and w32codecs and medibuntu-unlocked ffmpeg as a part of our standard repos and have ubuntu-restricted-extras install them, there will remain the need for 3rd party repos to provide that stuff08:11
robif you are wondering who wrote the uncyclopedia article about Ubuntu, especially all the stuff bagging out automatix, that was me (not the original article, but I contributed most of the good stuff), I really dislike automatix.08:12
naliothaaahhh, i shouldn't have clicked "see full thread"08:12
jdongHobbsee: interestingly, Opensuse 10.3 provides ALL the above things 2 clicks away... Maybe we can try to do that some day08:12
Hobbseejdong: oh i know08:12
robeven if automatix didn't exist, medibuntu does a much better job anyway.08:12
Hobbseejdong: they dont care what's legal and what isnt, though.08:12
jdongrob: agreed, we just need a "medibuntu metapackage" sort of thing08:12
Hobbseeremember, they have the MS deal and such08:12
jdongHobbsee: opensuse? I disagree.... their lawyers are QUITE anal about North American law...08:13
Hobbseejdong: then i dont know how some of their codec stuff got in08:13
jdongHobbsee: this used to be the distribution that shipped only PCM headerless WAV and OGG by default :)08:13
robjdong, yep, that would be very nice indeed08:13
Hobbseeunless it's a wrapper or something08:13
nalioththere are only two things i had to install on i386 gutsy that were not in the repos08:13
jdongHobbsee: it's from their "website" via a ".zyp" script08:13
naliothlibdvdcss2 and w32codecs08:13
jdongHobbsee: which is similar to apt-url08:13
naliothi got them both via googling and use the fancy 'click-on-the-deb' thingy to install them08:13
jdongHobbsee: but their codec buddy thing (almost functionally identical to ours) searches in the opensuse wiki for codecs, and then you click the right codec and it links the package manager to a new repo URL08:14
tonyyarussogdebi was a huge step forward, that's for sure08:14
jdongHobbsee: we can easily/legally do a very similar thing :)08:14
jdongAFAIK shipping in our codec installer a script that enables Medibuntu doesn't put Ubuntu in any legal problems08:15
Hobbseejdong: ah right, yeah.08:15
tonyyarusso(PHP anyone?)08:16
jdong(after all, we already ship a libdvdcss2 installer script tucked away in /usr/doc!)08:16
Hobbseeindeed.  adn debian *still* didnt fix tehir package, when i sent my fixing changes back.08:16
jdongI'll file a wishlist bug on Medibuntu for them to override ubuntu-restricted-extras with a slightly newer version, that installs w32codecs/libdvdcss08:18
jdongIMO that's a sane solution for a workaround while we get built-in codec fetchers worked out :D08:18
Hobbseejdong: eww.08:20
HobbseeOTOH, u-r-e could just enable the medibuntu repos for that, and grab the codecs there too08:21
jdongHobbsee: that works too08:21
jdongHobbsee: though we are past the stage with Gutsy where we can actually do that....08:21
jdongHobbsee: but Medibuntu doesn't have such restrictions08:21
Tm_Tthrow file to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ or whatever it was08:21
jdongHobbsee: I don't see any technical harm in in slightly incrementing ure's version number as not to break upgrades08:21
Hobbseejdong: except for the fact that i plan tomake another uplaod of it08:22
Hobbseeand epoch's are evil.08:22
jdongHobbsee: that just means they'll have to increment again.... and we'll ALL be happy when Gutsy finally freezes up :)08:22
jdongHobbsee: I mean, they do the same thing with ffmpeg already08:22
jdongevery time Ubuntu uploads, they have to bump and rebuild08:23
Hobbseemight make sense to epoch, then.08:23
Hobbseein some cases08:23
jdongHobbsee: well the case of ffmpeg is worse in my mind than ure.... if Medibuntu URE gets upgraded to Gutsy URE, it'll simply cause the extra codecs to show up in the autoremove list....08:25
jdongHobbsee: while if medibuntu ffmpeg goes to official ffmpeg, the ffmpeg command will lose several encoders08:25
Hobbseeyeah, well.08:25
=== nalioth compiles his own mplayer
jdongHobbsee: bottom line, when Gutsy releases all of this should be a nonissue, barring security updates08:25
=== jdong files evil bug 149721 and waits for the fireworks
ubotuLaunchpad bug 149721 in medibuntu "Override ubuntu-restricted-extras with a newer version, installing more codecs" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/14972108:26
Tm_Tnalioth: I compile my own xinelibs =)08:26
jdongTm_T: well... I try to apparmor anything that moves or breathes.08:26
jdongrofl :)08:26
=== nalioth doesn't use xine
Tm_Tnalioth: I do, for Amarok and Kaffeine (dvb)08:27
=== jdong watches his system cry syncing 20,000 e-mails from gmail
jdongwow... these old e-mails are quite nostalgia-inducing....08:32
=== jdong looks away
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stdinwow, I didn't expect to still be +o in #ubuntu  11:21
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nickrenunban me12:11
stdinwhy were you banned?12:12
nickrenapperently the general ubuntu support is limited to some topic that i can't understand12:12
nickrensome gnomefreak did it12:12
nickrenalthough that kinda defuncts the word general12:13
nickrenI mean i can just release my ip from my router and then reconnect as a new IP but it seems stupid i should have to do that12:14
nickrenso can you unban me12:15
nickrenfrom two channels12:15
stdinyou were offtopic and abusing the operators. did you not expect a ban?12:15
nickrenthe channel is #ubuntu , how am i offtopic, anything relating to ubuntu should be acceptable, damn man we work on computer but we are not computers ourselves.12:17
nickrenwhy does a few lines in an irc at 4:30 am thats offtopic mean a ban anyway12:17
stdinit may have been 4:30am for you, but others are in different timezones12:18
nickrenso no, I do not expect to get banned, i guess i go to channels with a little less iron fist on the chat.12:19
stdinin any case, you'll have to wait until gnomefreak is around 12:19
nickrentrue it they are but that chat was dead anyway12:19
nickrenwhat did a few questions about XGL in the official ubuntu chat warrant a part from the channel and then a ban12:20
nickrenwhy is that12:20
nickrenyour an op12:21
stdinbecause the ban wasn't set by me12:21
ikonianickren: just hang around gor gnomefreek, you where banned yesterday where you not12:22
ikoniayour called people offensive names12:22
ikoniait wasn't off-topic it was because you where rude and offensive12:22
nickreni called him a...................what was it, it  was fitting12:22
ikoniait wasn't fitting, it was rude, offesnive and bad language and uncalled for12:22
nickrennow i wasn't rude until he parted me from the channel12:23
ikoniahe spoke to you politly 12:23
ikoniayou abused him12:23
nickreni abused him, if words throw stones then humanity is truly lost12:25
ikoniayes, offesnive language is abuse12:25
stdinthere are rules and guidelines in all ubuntu channels, you should review them12:26
ubotuThe people in this channel are volunteers. Your attitude will determine how fast you are helped. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines12:26
ubotuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/12:26
ikoniaif you can't speak to someone without using offensive language and name calling - then you are truly lost, not humanity.12:26
nickreni can as long as they have little respect12:29
ikoniahe spoke to you politly and you kept going on off topic so he kicked you 12:29
ikoniathen you came back abusive12:29
nickrenwhatever, forget it, i'l  grab a new ip later and until then i will use da wiki's 12:30
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stdin+1 ops should watch ChildX in there, he's just got banned from #ubuntu01:07
stdinnvm, he left01:08
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stdinwoot, 24 hours of oppage :)01:40
stdinin #ubuntu 01:43
jpatrickaren't you suppose to deop after a period of time?01:44
stdinsee, if I deop, I can't re-op01:44
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AndrewBstdin: why not?01:58
stdinAndrewB: not on the access list01:59
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Hobbseeheads up on dsl244-251.lj1.volja.net02:44
joejaxxis there anyway to stop certain people from spamming my pm with ubotu pms?02:50
joejaxxactually i guess i could just ignore ubotu all together02:50
Hobbseejoejaxx: bot admisn can force ubotu to ignore certain people02:50
ubotuIn ubotu, jokoon said: what is gksudo03:23
jpatrickcommon quesiton for newbies..03:28
ubotuIn ubotu, jdong said: jdong is 1n ur ub0tu sp@mming ur fact0ids03:43
joejaxxlol jdong 03:43
Hobbsee!jdong | jdong 03:44
ubotujdong: jdong is Hobbsee: jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!03:44
joejaxxLol @ that03:44
joejaxxoh right speaking of which time for the daily Uploader update03:45
Hobbseeeven mid-kernel update?03:45
Hobbseewould have been nice for slangasek to get it all out earlier, but i shoved him when i saw him03:46
joejaxxoh ok03:46
joejaxxwell i will keep running this until the indefinite freeze03:46
jdonghmm, evolution doesnt' seem to scale up to 35,000 e-mails all that happily.03:46
joejaxxthen i will create one for hardy03:46
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joejaxxall updated04:01
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Hobbseewe should make a factoid about the kernel updates04:40
Hobbseeseeing as apparently, no one's heard of them before04:40
jribkernel?  like popcorn?04:41
Hobbseejrib: find me some words please04:43
ubotukernel is the core of the Ubuntu Operating System (named 'Linux') - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel.  You shouldn't have to compile one, but if you're convinced you do, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild04:44
Hobbsee!kernel is the core of the Ubuntu Operating System (named 'Linux') - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel.  You shouldn't have to compile one, but if you're convinced you do, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild.  The kernel gets updated in stages.  If you have the updated kernel, but do not have the corresponding restricted modules, you may be leaving yourself with no X when you reboot.  This is normal04:45
ubotuBut kernel already means something else!04:45
Hobbsee!no kernel is the core of the Ubuntu Operating System (named 'Linux') - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel.  You shouldn't have to compile one, but if you're convinced you do, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild.  The kernel gets updated in stages.  If you have the updated kernel, but do not have the corresponding restricted modules, you may be leaving yourself with no X when you reboot.  If you have compiled binary 04:46
Hobbseeversions of your video driver, eg from the nVidia site, you will need to recompile them for the new kernel.  This is normal, and not a bug.04:46
ubotuI'll remember that Hobbsee04:46
Hobbseeoh dear.04:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about stages - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:46
Hobbsee!stages is <reply> The Ubuntu Kernel  gets updated in stages.  If you have the updated kernel, but do not have the corresponding restricted modules, you may be leaving yourself with no X when you reboot.  If you have compiled binary versions of your video driver, eg from the nVidia site, you will need to recompile them for the new kernel.  This is normal, and not a bug.04:47
ubotuI'll remember that, Hobbsee04:47
Hobbsee!no kernel is  the core of the Ubuntu Operating System (named 'Linux') - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel.  You shouldn't have to compile one, but if you're convinced you do, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild04:47
ubotuI'll remember that Hobbsee04:47
Hobbsee!no kernel is the core of the Ubuntu Operating System (named 'Linux') - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel.  You shouldn't have to compile one, but if you're convinced you do, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild04:47
Hobbsee!no stages is <reply> The Ubuntu Kernel gets updated in stages.  If you have the updated kernel, but do not have the corresponding restricted modules, you may be leaving yourself with no X when you reboot.  If you have compiled binary versions of your video driver, eg from the nVidia site, you will need to recompile them for the new kernel.  This is normal, and not a bug.04:48
ubotuI'll remember that Hobbsee04:48
jrib"Also see !stages" in !kernel?04:52
Hobbseethat's a good idea04:53
Hobbseeis kevlarsoul on the banlist?  nick looks familiar04:53
Hobbsee!no kernel is  the core of the Ubuntu Operating System (named 'Linux') - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel.  You shouldn't have to compile one, but if you're convinced you do, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild.  Also, see !stags04:54
ubotuI'll remember that Hobbsee04:54
Hobbsee!no kernel is  the core of the Ubuntu Operating System (named 'Linux') - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel.  You shouldn't have to compile one, but if you're convinced you do, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild.  Also, see !stages04:54
Hobbseewould help if i could spell.04:54
Hobbsee!no kernel is the core of the Ubuntu Operating System (named 'Linux') - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel.  You shouldn't have to compile one, but if you're convinced you do, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild.  Also, see !stages04:54
stdinChildX was banned in #ubuntu earlier today, now he's back with a different IP06:10
stdinhe'll probably start swearing to get attention again soon06:13
LjLif only i could access the tracker06:15
stdinyou can't ?06:16
LjLdone it now06:17
LjLit always takes a *few* attempts06:17
LjLstdin: i see he's already been banned *twice*, once by you and once by hobbsee06:17
LjLand once in #ubuntu+106:17
LjLi'd say he can just be banned again without waiting06:18
stdinban on '*!n=ChildX@dsl*251.lj1.volja.net' do you think?06:18
LjLi think "childx" alone is an uncommon enough ident.06:19
stdinwell, that should work too :)06:19
=== stdin always overcomplicates things
LjLstdin, with three-letters idents and such things, you'd be right. it already happened that the wrong people got banned by that.06:24
LjLbut childx... i believe it should be fine.06:24
stdinyeah, I get it now :)06:24
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ubotusoundray called the ops in #ubuntu08:30
naliothstdin: are we repelling boarders?08:31
naliothyou are opped in #ubuntu 08:32
stdinhmm, still08:33
Seeker`stdin: how long now?08:33
stdinI just haven't deoped 08:33
stdinSeeker`: verry08:33
stdin~30 hours now08:34
ubot3Factoid 30 hours now not found08:34
naliothis there something here i'm not aware of?08:35
stdinif the #u ops want me to deop let me know (or you can deop me too)08:35
stdinnalioth: was oped a while ago (long while) by hobbsee because she needed help08:35
naliothwhen not using the P0wah, please deop08:36
stdinnalioth: I would, but not on the access list, but if you all are about I will08:36
Seeker`nalioth: I think the point is that he isn't on the Access list so can't reop himself08:36
naliothstdin: /deop stdin works great08:37
naliothSeeker`: if we need extra hands, we can op anyone we like, at need08:37
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ubotuButtonLover called the ops in #ubuntu09:32
jdonghah, appropriate nick.09:33
Seeker`hmm, i doubt !proxy will change if he keeps on doing it09:33
stdinkeep a lookout for minisrule192 in other channels too, just did that "joke" in #ubuntu and #kubuntu09:38
ubotuIn #ubuntu, pietro10 said: ubotu is a bot, don't think he is real09:46
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