dokolamont: any hint on the build failures on ia64 and hppa?01:04
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lamontfor which?01:50
dokolamont: almost any02:14
dokodo you get emails about build failures?02:14
lamontno - I have to go look at the website, unless I was the uploader02:15
lamontI know that the kernel is ftbfs on ia64, which leads to some of them.02:17
lamontand gtk-2.0 hadn't built before several packages tried to build --> ftbfs02:17
dokolamont: see fontconfig for example, I didn't look yet what is missing02:23
lamontfontconfig is successfully built on all 7 architectures...02:24
dokolamont: sorry, see wvstreams, vte, metacity, gtk-sharps202:26
lamontlack of gtk+2.002:27
lamontia64 is all queued to retry, hppa is still building gtk+2.002:27
lamontthen I'll give everything back02:27
dokostrange, but this doesn't explain the build failures on sparc yet02:29
lamontI haven't looked at spark yet.02:31
lamontanyway, afk for a few hours02:31
arthur-doko: if you didn't check gdc patch yet, can I send you a new one with some minor fixes?02:57
dokoarthur-: sure, I'll ping you before upload anyway02:58
arthur-doko: thanks a lot02:58
arthur-doko: and see http://experimental.ftbfs.de/build.php?arch=&pkg=gdc-4.1 :-)02:58
arthur-built with libphobos on arm, good new02:58
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arthur-lamont: if I give you a .dsc for gdc-4.1, could you please try to build it in a hppa/sid chroot?02:28
lamontarthur-: sure04:53
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