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j1mchi all... who all is here?06:10
j1mchi d1n006:12
j1mcnot much... just going to ask where to file a bug.  a panel icon for 'help' in the new release points to the old 'xubuntu desktop guide,' which no longer exists.06:15
j1mci don't think the bug belongs to 'xubuntu-docs'...06:15
d1n0ok dont know06:15
j1mcnot sure where to file it06:15
j1mci'll ask in ubuntu-bugs06:15
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d1n0anyone know how i can get extended desktop with ati on a tv?06:49
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Chriswaterguyhi - is there a way of moving windows without the mouse? Or a way of forcing the title bar to display? I have had trouble trying to change the size of windows, and ended up losing the title bar (the very top part of the window). Now I can "unmaximize" but this is useless as it's still taking up the whole screen and for some reason the mouse won't grab the edges of the window.07:00
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mikehow do enable opengl screen savers in 7.0407:07
mikewhat is the apt-get install command or are they installed in fiesty by default07:10
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allenI lost my top and bottom tool bars.  How can I get them back?07:50
The-Kernelallen alt + F207:51
The-Kerneltype in xfce4-panel07:51
The-Kernelhit enter07:51
allenThanks alot!07:52
The-Kernelallen did it work?07:52
allenyes, thank you.07:52
The-Kernelallen is it a new install?07:52
allenI installed it a couple of weeks ago.07:53
The-Kerneland this is the first time it happened? What release do you have?07:55
allenyea, it just happened yesterday for the first time.  I think I have feisty, but not sure how to checkk.07:56
The-Kernelallen "cat /proc/version"07:58
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graelbHi there09:25
graelbAnyone alive tonight?09:25
=== zeroflag dies
zeroflagjust finished breakfast. :P09:26
graelbI'm having issues with vnc-ing to a windows computer09:26
zeroflagand I probably won't be able to help you, because my first xu installation died of a grub screwup and my second xu died somewhere between aptitude and starting xfce...09:27
graelbi keep getting a ReadFromRFBServer: rdr::EndOfStream09:27
zeroflagwhat client do you use?09:27
graelbvncviewer atm09:27
graelbrealvnc is the server09:28
zeroflaghmm, did you try connecting from another PC?09:28
zeroflagmaybe local loopback on the windows machine?09:28
graelbmaybe! i didn't try that09:29
graelbi don't have the client installed on that machine, i was just using it to be lazy from my bed09:29
zeroflagjoin the club...09:29
zeroflagworked nicely until I activated aero on the target...09:29
=== graelb wonders if it is something to do with the windows machine or xubuntu
graelbyeah... it turns aero off by default09:30
zeroflagwhich rendered tightvnc unable to filter out media applications, which caused vnc to go haywire, which caused my (rather powerful) machine to act like a 486 on half clock speed...09:30
graelbgood stuff there.09:30
graelbno, not really09:31
graelb /sarcasm09:31
zeroflagbtw, I prefer tightvnc on windows. you might wanna check on it if realvnc doesn't work.09:31
graelbrdp works correctly to the windows machine, but that's not quite remote control the way i want it09:31
graelbtightvnc eh?09:31
=== zeroflag shrugs
graelbhey, by the way, what's all involved with creating a .deb file once you've compiled from source?09:33
graelbdo you know by any chance?09:34
zeroflagI only use windows->ubuntu (couldn't get xu to work yet) and windows->windows...09:34
zeroflagI have no idea but I guess you could ask on #ubuntu09:34
zeroflagthe people there are quite a bit more (hyper)active than around here...09:34
graelbyeah, point made09:34
graelbSo, you jsut had breakfast... which puts you somewhere in europe or australia?09:35
zeroflageurope, yeah.09:35
=== graelb nods
zeroflagI'm still sipping on my coffee although I should be out getting my car fixed...09:35
zeroflaggot a 8mm screw stuck in my tire...09:36
graelbew... yeah, i'm trying to put a new top on my jeep, and i can't get a damn torx bolt loose09:36
graelbfour actually09:36
graelbnone of them come out09:36
zeroflagwish I had your problems.09:36
zeroflagall issues in my car are either software related or broken... :P09:36
zeroflagand since ford won't give me an adapter cable, I can't rewrite the firmware. ;)09:37
graelbOh c'mon, sure you could! hehe09:37
graelbSoftware related?09:37
zeroflagyeah, bit by bit.09:37
zeroflagliterarely. ;)09:37
zeroflagwell, stuff like the nav/mp3 system being unable to read ogg or wma, incapable of understanding multisession cds, etc...09:38
zeroflagthe ASR being a royal pain in the ass, the lack of control over my boardcomputer, etc...09:39
graelbsuck dude09:39
graelbwish i could give you some bit of advice but... yeah09:40
zeroflagwell, I have a nice car, even though I have to turn off ASR to have fun.09:40
zeroflagbut with electronical guidance deactivated, you learn how to handle a car properly.09:41
zeroflag...or you don't and end up on some tree...09:41
graelbyeah, that would be a bad thing09:42
zeroflagyou're american, right?09:43
zeroflagon european roads, we have these things called "corners" and "curves".09:44
zeroflagthey're tricky. ;)09:44
graelbHey man, i'm from oregon. We've got plenty of corners and curves09:44
graelbIt's those damn californians that don't know how to take corners09:45
graelbchya really09:45
zeroflagthen that's the only part of US I'd not refuse to move to...09:45
=== zeroflag loves corners
zeroflagand curves.09:45
graelbGranted, we don't have everything packed into like.... ten square feet, but still09:45
zeroflagoutside the context of roads as well...09:45
=== graelb snickers
zeroflagok, I still refuse to move there!09:45
zeroflaguntil you americans learn a proper measuring system. :P09:46
graelbWhat!? it's called Imperial for a reason09:46
graelbit's just so much better09:46
graelb once again </sarcasm>09:46
zeroflagevery fibre in my body just refuses to work when I hear "feet".09:47
zeroflagit's just that no-go condition for my brain...09:47
graelbdon't you guys spell color as colour too?09:48
graelband favorite as favourite?09:48
zeroflagmmmh, nope.09:48
zeroflagat least I don't.09:48
graelbwell... some of you do09:48
graelbwhere are you in europe?09:48
zeroflagI prefer AE in most cases because I'm a lazy bastard.09:48
zeroflagand I prefer z over s...09:48
=== graelb blinks at the z
graelbAre you from germany?09:49
graelbYour english is ridiculously good for not being a first language09:49
zeroflagthank you. :)09:49
graelbMein deutsch schlecht, aber ich habe <never> sprechen09:50
zeroflagI often get the "better than the average american" comment, but I think that could be considered an insult. ;)09:50
zeroflagnun, mein deutsch ist auch nicht besonders gut. ;)09:50
graelbWas beduetet "besonders" im Englisch?09:50
zeroflag"especially" or "very"09:51
zeroflagvarries on the context.09:51
zeroflagin this case it's "very".09:51
graelbI had three years of german, and my vocab blows09:51
graelbmy german isn't very good.... right?09:51
zeroflagwell, I had 6 years of (school) english and I couldn't form a damn sentence...09:51
graelbis it that hard to learn as a second?09:52
zeroflagI only started getting better after being tossed into the world of IRC and internet. ;)09:52
zeroflagit's not hard to learn a language...09:52
zeroflagit's just hard to learn a language in school...09:52
graelboh. ok, i see where you're going with that09:52
zeroflagI had to start over again after the first 2 years because I changed schools, and I had to always wait for the slower guys in the classes... so...09:53
graelbYeah, that sucks. i remember those guys09:53
zeroflagyep. :>09:53
zeroflagwell, I gotta go fix my car.09:54
zeroflagsee you around. ;)09:54
graelbcan i get your aim or msn contact?09:54
zeroflagI got ICQ...09:54
zeroflagwhich should be the same as AIM...09:54
graelbhehe i haven't used icq in years, but my account is still up09:54
graelbwhat's your number?09:54
zeroflagdid you get that?09:55
graelbhuh h09:55
graelbgot it09:55
zeroflagI don't want my ICQ number to be public domain. ;)09:55
zeroflagwell, gotta go. bye.09:56
graelbI can't say i blame you for that one09:56
graelbhave a good time, good luck09:56
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nikolamI am just sick and tired of killing gam_server and Thunar that uses all CPU. and when mouse start moving badly because of big cpu usage.. I thought I left those problems on Win XP..10:34
nikolamHere si content of my /etc/gamin/gaminrc  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/39747/10:38
nikolamMaybe settig poll value to 3 bilions would stop it?..10:38
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=== Joakim [n=leho@213-35-168-82-dsl.trt.estpak.ee] has joined #xubuntu
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DaBeowulfHey, does choosing VESA and 24 bit result in my monitor getting no signal, or how do I properly choose VESA to actually work for Xorg?11:41
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ubotuenvy is a script that may leave you envious of those who have not used it, use the resticted manager to install binary drivers or use the instructions on the wiki, this script may break your machine very badly!12:05
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto12:10
hyper_chbug 112:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/112:12
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TheSheep!ask | justinhuang01:03
ubotujustinhuang: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)01:03
justinhuangno question01:03
hyper_chhiho TheSheep01:03
TheSheepgreetings earthling hyper_ch01:04
=== hyper_ch hands over some chocolate bars to TheSheep
=== TheSheep gets a sugar rush
hyper_chSwiss Chocolate ;)01:04
TheSheephyper_ch: from violet cows?01:04
hyper_chno, that's German (Milka)01:04
hyper_chour cows are black and whit and brown01:05
TheSheepand red01:05
TheSheepespecially inside01:05
=== hyper_ch makes now some food - food is good
TheSheepnah, food is obsolete01:06
PumpernickelBacon does not become obsolete.01:06
TheSheepmake love not food!01:08
hyper_chfood= love01:10
justinhuanggood answer01:11
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LM1anyone here familiar with the shred command??03:16
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:18
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LM1k well I am trying to get shred to shred files inside folders and subfolders using nautilus actions but %M doesn't seem to do jack03:24
PumpernickelYou should ask in #ubuntu, nautilus being a Gnome component not shipped with Xubuntu.03:26
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saloxfor an Duron 900 Mhz wich is the right kernel i686 or k7 ?03:46
LM1Pumpernickel, yeah I know but usually I only get help here because everyone in #ubuntu is too busy to answer any questions03:47
TheSheepsalox: both will work03:47
TheSheepsalox: I think that both are aliases to -generic anyways03:47
TheSheepsalox: most of the advanced functions are detected on startup nowadays03:48
saloxi installed i686 typing this "sudo apt-get install linux-686"03:48
saloxseems to work03:48
saloxi try now for k703:49
saloxxubuntu moves faster with i686 kernel om my machine03:52
saloxsudo apt-get install linux-k703:52
saloxi restart now03:53
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Clericcan someone help me burn an iso using xfburn? when i try to use the 'burn CD image' function it doesnt work?04:07
TheSheepCleric: try using graveman instead, or burn from the commandline with wodim04:08
TheSheepCleric: xfburn had a lot of issues, it's dropped in gutsy04:09
ClericTheSheep: ah ok............but very new to linux at all so i need you to guide me throught it please?04:09
TheSheepCleric: sure, open the directory where you have the iso file04:09
TheSheepCleric: right-click on empty space in that window and select 'open terminal here'04:09
TheSheepCleric: now type wodim, the firs few letters of the iso file you want to burn, and hit tabulator key04:10
Clericok just 1 moment04:19
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MatBoyIs there a way to solve the memory card disconnect problem ? I see bugs in the buglists, but no fix for now05:43
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user1how do i make taskbars autohide on only one workspace?06:22
TheSheepuser1: you don't06:31
user1xubuntu fails me then06:32
TheSheepuser1: that's horrible06:33
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PlayMeNowcan anyone help me with keyboard related stuff?07:26
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)07:26
PlayMeNowI was hoping for the that bot :)07:26
PlayMeNowanyway, on ubuntu, I can use the volume keys on my keyboard to change the master volume07:27
PlayMeNowbut on xubuntu it doesn't work out of the box, what should I do?07:27
TheSheepPlayMeNow: can you bind commands to them in settings->keyboard settings?07:28
PlayMeNowlet's try07:28
PlayMeNowwhat are the commands for vol-up and vol-down?07:30
TheSheepPlayMeNow: lets see07:30
TheSheepPlayMeNow: amixer with various options07:31
=== PlayMeNow is now known as ActySofts
ActySoftsfound it on the forums07:32
ActySoftsoops wrong window07:36
ActySoftsThanks for the help07:36
TheSheepamixer -- sset Master playback -10dB07:36
TheSheepsomething like this works for me07:37
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MatBoyI need a fix form my unexpected stroage disconnect using sdcards :(08:19
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nikolamDoes anyone use UDF file system08:33
nikolamOn CD-RW, DVD+-RW and DVD-RAM?08:34
nikolamI am trying to make udf disks in Xubuntu 7.04 64 bit and use them on other systems and and also to use udf`s from other systems.08:34
nikolami tryed to use only 2.0x version of UDF but with no luck with use of Linux formated UDFs, even on the same Linux installarion as normal read-write file systems08:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about udf - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:35
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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hal - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:47
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Rampi^^i got kernel probs when i press start och install with cd can someone help08:52
Rampi^^first time i use xubuntu08:53
Rampi^^someone that can help08:53
nikolamRampi^^: What start?08:54
nikolamYou are installing after boot of Xubuntu CD?08:55
Rampi^^start with cd08:55
Rampi^^i cant even boot08:55
nikolamAhh, you need to make shure you set it up in BIOS settings that machine can boot from CD drive08:55
Rampi^^it boots08:55
Rampi^^i cant08:56
nikolamIt is the same like installing any other OS08:56
Rampi^^start with cd08:56
vinzeTry typing your whole sentence on one line ;-)08:56
nikolamDid you download Alternate CD to install system on HD or Live CD of Xubuntu?08:56
Rampi^^it comes a text den i must reboot the computer08:57
nikolamYou should partition your drive space and make some room for xubuntu to be able to install08:57
vinzeRampi^^, do you mean you can't boot from CD?08:57
nikolamLinux needs separate partition(s) on your HDD to be able to install08:57
vinzeRampi^^, and have you set it in the BIOS or something?08:58
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nikolamRampi: Look at your motherboard manual how to enter and set BIOS settings and then watch if ti ask you something during boot, to press to boot from CD. Also check CD for defects.08:58
Rampi^^you now when you put the cd then it comes some option... i pres start or install with cd .. for me when i press that i get a long long text08:59
Rampi^^it is not the cd08:59
vinzeOK, so you do get the menu of the CD...08:59
vinzeAnd have you waited for that text to disappear and the LiveCD environment to appear?08:59
nikolamWell, select installation in menu and go to the next step08:59
vinzenikolam, he hasn't even seen his desktop09:00
nikolamI dont see desktop eather, I use alternate CD :)09:00
Rampi^^vinze has it09:00
Rampi^^http://www.fuskbugg.se/pub/misc/Ubuntu.JPG look09:01
Rampi^^you see09:01
nikolamRampi^^: what hardware do you use?09:02
Rampi^^how do i know09:02
vinzeRampi^^, hmm... Yeah, that doesn't look perfectly well (but what would you expect if the splash screen doesn't appear :/) but perhaps it was still booting.09:02
nikolamRampi^^: How you dont know what type of machine you use?09:03
nikolamRampi^^: What model/name processor, chipset graphics ETC09:03
Rampi^^(CPU) 1-Intel Celeron M processor 1500MHz, 1496MHz, 0KB (0% Load) .:. (RAM) usage: 166/191MB (86.91%) .:. (GFX) VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP, (Display) 1024x768/32bit/60Hz09:04
Rampi^^(OS) Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 (5.1 - 2600), (installed for) 31w 4d 21h 17m, (uptime) 9h 46m 5s .:. (HDDs) 11.8GB/37.2GB(31.8%) free09:04
nikolamIf it is from 2007 and it is Santa Rosa laptop, there could be some problems with default Ubuntu kernel i 7.0409:04
nikolamhowever, 7.10 that will be released in about 10 days from now will boot OK.09:04
nikolamBut that is for Intel chipsets09:05
nikolami see you have Via09:05
nikolamSo thats not the case..09:05
Rampi^^so is it a beta version out?09:06
nikolamAre you shure you downloaded right .iso? Beacouse there are i386, amd64 and ppc images..09:06
Rampi^^i downloaded the right09:06
nikolambeta is out but it is still testing version09:06
nikolamBut you can try it.09:07
Rampi^^yes :P09:07
Rampi^^i have cd-rw so it is not a prob09:07
nikolamyou can try using Alternete CD download.09:07
nikolamOf 7.04 Xubuntu09:07
vinze*Of* or *or*?09:08
Rampi^^do i install from det destop09:08
nikolamAlternate does not have GUI but only text installer and inknown to install much more often with no problems09:08
nikolamI always use alternate CD for install. And I recommend it for install on HD09:08
Rampi^^but maybe i install then get the kerne prob xD becaus i cant see the desktop now09:09
vinzenikolam, but a LiveCD is useful for testing whether all your hardware is recognised09:09
Rampi^^can i have the beta version link09:09
nikolamvinze: OK, if you got bandwith to spare for both alternate and live cd09:10
vinzeRampi^^, looking it up now ;-)09:10
Rampi^^ok ty09:10
nikolamRampi^^: it is not listed as beta on xubuntu.org09:10
vinzeRampi^^, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/7.10/beta/09:10
nikolamYou can look at it on one of the mirrors09:10
Rampi^^ok ty cya i will test09:12
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user2how do i record what my sound card is playing to file?09:27
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minisrule192Two users walked into a bar, /quit and /exit... /exit got bored and walked out, who was left?09:39
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cisteinhow much space a fresh install takes?10:15
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cistein> cistein>how much space a fresh install takes?10:26
wbadgersorry I don't know10:26
cisteinno problem :)10:27
TheSheepwbadger: I think about 2GB10:31
wbadgeryou mean cistein10:31
TheSheepwbadger: ah, yes, sorry10:31
cisteinTheSheep: thanks ..10:32
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ubotusuperkaramba is an application that gives you interactive eye-candy on your desktop. To get themes for it, head over to http://kde-look.org11:20
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brohanHey, I've got a slight issue talking to my print server11:45
brohanThat is, its configured with a default gateway other than mine; I'm not a networking guru so it's hard11:46
brohanSo, talking to it is difficult11:46
brohanI have a feeling the route command might open up the communication, though I'm not sure how11:47
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