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lifelesskeir: well, I'm heading to lunch02:05
lifelesskeir: have fun!02:05
keirlifeless, i have to switch back to RL stuff for now02:17
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schierbeckjelmer: ping03:43
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lifelesshi i386, missed you at yum cha today10:22
i386lifeless: yeah I wasnt there!10:23
i386how are you?10:23
i386just hacking on my project at the moment10:25
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acusterHey all,11:16
acusterin http://bazaar-vcs.org/releases/debs/feisty/11:16
acusterwhat's the difference between bzr*bazaar and the bzr without?11:16
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welterdewhat does "EOF during negotiation" mean?(while doing bzr push)11:31
james_wacuster: that is just the version number.11:31
james_wwelterde: there was some sort of error. The messages need to be improved, is there more to the message?11:32
james_wwelterde: and are you using sftp:// or bzr+ssh://?11:33
welterdejames_w: sftp://11:33
james_wwelterde: ok, I assume that you can ssh to the server.11:33
james_wwelterde: are you using a non-standard port?11:34
welterdeit happens right after it requests the sftp subsystem11:34
welterdeif that helps^^11:35
james_wacuster: the bazaar ones are a higher version.11:36
james_wwelterde: is there any more error message?11:37
welterdejames_w: just that "bzr: ERROR: Unable to connect to SSH host"11:38
welterdebut thats not quite true^^11:39
james_wwelterde: what is the command line you are using?11:41
acuster /build/buildd/subversion-1.4.3dfsg1/subversion/libsvn_subr/path.c:377: svn_path_basename: Assertion `is_canonical(path, len)' failed.11:42
welterdejames_w: bzr push11:42
james_wwelterde: and in 'bzr info' what is the parent branch?11:42
james_wacuster: what version of bzr-svn are you using?11:43
welterdeit has no parent branch^^11:43
acuster0.4.2 and 0.4.111:43
james_wwelterde: does it have a push branch?11:44
james_wacuster: I would suggest filing a bug then.11:44
welterdejames_w: yes... sftp://bteam@gandalf.srv.welterde.de/~/projects/web/vg/main/11:44
james_wwelterde: and 'ssh bteam@gandalf.srv.welterde.de'11:45
james_wI believe you already said it does.11:45
james_wwelterde: is there anything in ~/.ssh/config about this host?11:45
welterdei think it might fail, because i set the login-shell to /bin/false^^11:46
welterdesilly me^^ now it works11:46
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lifelessI hate python bugs11:59
lifeless'foo'.rfind('\n', None, None)11:59
lifelesstry that11:59
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glogiotatidishello everyone, can anybody help me install a plugin?01:03
=== AnMaster [n=AnMaster@unaffiliated/anmaster] has joined #bzr
lifelessglogiotatidis: sure01:19
lifelessgnight all01:31
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jelmerwelterde: please try 0.4.303:34
jelmerwelterde: there have been changes in that part of the code, so chance is it's been fixed03:34
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welterdejelmer: changing login-shell to /bin/zsh helped^^04:03
welterde[15:34:30]        jelmer | welterde: please try 0.4.304:04
james_wjelmer: it was acuster that had the bzr-svn issue.04:04
jelmerah, sorry!04:04
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orion_is it possible to use bzr as a GIT frontend, not using it for anything else05:19
=== luks [n=lukas@unaffiliated/luks] has joined #bzr
james_worion_: bzr-git will allow you to do that, but it is not ready for use yet.05:23
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hsn_can we see results of survey?06:06
=== phanatic [n=phanatic@53d82a1a.adsl.enternet.hu] has joined #bzr
hsn_i need better win install guide (click-by-click based) for my team, should i create it on wiki as AlternativeWindowsInstallGuide ?06:19
hsn_nowdays users needs to read more pages for hunting all bazaar depends06:20
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james_whsn_: please do.06:23
james_whsn_: why not just improve the windows install guide though?06:23
hsn_beause its faster for me to start with empty page instead of merging and editing 3-4 pages06:24
hsn_currently ppl needs to hunt depend libraries from at least these pages: http://bazaar-vcs.org/WindowsDownloads http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrWin32Installer http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrOnPureWindows06:30
hsn_and ppl on my team are complaining about this a lot06:30
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adedovhi! Please explain howto merge with bundle file'06:43
luksbzr merge path/to/bundle.patch06:44
luksor do you mean something different?06:44
adedovluks: it says me following "bzr: ERROR: Revision {...} not present in "inventory"."06:44
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luksadedov, no idea, sorry06:48
adedovI made sample repository with two revisions and then created a branch of it. After that I added one revision to a branch and created a bundle with command "bzr bundle-revisions -r2..3". The resulting bundle is not applied to an original branch.06:48
lukswhy the -r2..3?06:50
adedovwhat I need instead?06:50
luksanyway, if you have a recent version of bzr, use 'bzr send' instead of 'bzr bundle'06:50
lukswell, nothing :)06:50
luksit will figure out the missing revisions06:51
adedovI want to try out if I can create bundles without having remote respository.06:51
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adedovActually, I want invent a process to review code of students projects. I.e. I want make them send me a bundles without having access to a mine local branch.06:53
lukshow do they get the code then?06:53
adedovThey do it them-selves. I want to review. Comfortably, though.06:54
luksso you want them to send you the whole branch by mail?06:54
lukswhat is 'your local branch' then?06:55
adedovno, just a bundle of changes since the last review.06:55
adedovor it looks as broken idea at it root?06:55
luksnot sure06:56
luksso each student has an independant project? or are they based on your code?06:56
adedoveach has it own one06:56
adedovmy task is code review. actually it is programming language course. I must peek language/design mistakes.06:58
adedovI had experienced some PITA with mailing tgz files. Now I think about reviewing bundles.06:59
adedovbtw, "bundle" and "bundle-revisions" deprecated?06:59
luksdunno, if it's just for reviews, I'd use plain diffs07:00
adedovyou may be right, but I also need build a project and look for its functionality. so the plain diffs won't work (e.g. because of added/removed files).07:01
luksI think something like "bzr send -rtag:review-X.. -o for-review.patch" should work07:02
luksand they would add a review-X tag after each review07:03
adedovok, I shall check.07:03
luksI'm not sure about the "Revision not present in inventory" problem, though07:04
luksbut it's very likely that 'bzr send' will work better07:04
adedovhow to make "bzr send" not send any mail?07:05
luksbzr send -o filename07:05
luksthat will generate a file07:05
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adedovthe same error07:10
adedovwell, it seems I will need create a personal read-only branches available via internet for them.07:11
luksyou could send a mail to the mailing list, there is usually not many people here over weekends07:12
adedovluks: ok, thank you very much07:13
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the_angry_angelHi guys, just wondering if someone can help shed some light on a problem. I'm using bzr on Windows (0.91) and when I try to push a repository to a linux server, over sftp only the .bzr directory appears to get copied. I've hunted through the docs and unless I'm being a huge dick, I believe it should also be copying the rest of the files in the directory? That's what it does when I try to push via a file:// path on the same machine at least.07:15
datothe_angry_angel: pushing over sftp:// and file:// is different07:16
mwhudsonpush only updates the branch , not the working tree07:16
mwhudsonthere's a push-and-update plugin somewhere07:16
datoit is expected (or, it is the current behavior) that pushing over sftp:// only pushes the .bzr directory07:16
the_angry_angelok, excuse my ignorance as I'm starting out with bzr, but does that include the actual revisions of the files? or should I be rsync / scp'ing the working data also to my publishing server?07:17
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datothe_angry_angel: the .bzr directory contains everything needed for people to be able to branch off from your server07:19
the_angry_angelSo the actual working data is irrelevant :)07:20
the_angry_angelOk, that makes sense :) thank you dato07:20
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s|kwhy am I getting a bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "/.bzr": [Errno 13]  Permission denied?09:36
s|kI'm trying to set up a shared repository on a remote system09:36
mwhudsonwell, you probably don't have write access to / do you?09:36
datoyou are probably trying to push to /?09:36
datos|k: you have probably forgotten a /~/ part in your path09:37
mwhudsonwhat url are you passing to init-repo ?09:37
s|kmy command is bzr init-repo --no-trees sftp://user@domain.com09:37
mwhudsonright, you need to specify the location on the server09:37
s|ksftp goes into the home directory for user doesn't it?09:37
s|khrm so if I make it sftp://user@domain.com/dir/09:38
s|kthen dir is a directory in /home/user ?09:38
datoyou want sftp://user@domain.com/~/dir/09:38
s|kI think that worked09:41
s|kI have another question09:41
s|kI set up a special user on my remote server for bzr09:41
s|kit seems to me though that I'll have to give that user login info to everyone that I want to give 'commit access' too09:41
s|kI'm new to bzr if you haven't noticed :P09:42
s|kmy question is, is there a better way?09:43
bialixluks: ping09:46
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hsn_need english speaker forr fixing my manual at http://bazaar-vcs.org/WindowsInstall10:45
hsn_manual tested on live BFU :)10:45
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bialixhsn_: hi10:57
bialixI'm not english speaker, but windows maintainer of bzr10:57
bialixdo you read this page? http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrWin32Installer10:58
hsn_I am person blamed by my team for BZR too hard to install thing10:58
bialixone note: Python language - python-2.4.4.msi | Homepage10:59
hsn_and they are right, i used lot of time for geting bzr work on windows too10:59
bialixit's not exactly "Python language" -- it's Python interpreter11:00
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bialixhsn_: it's shame for me to hear this11:00
=== jml [n=jml@222-153-97-181.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #bzr
bialixI use standalone bzr.exe11:00
bialixand install process for me: download installer, then run it11:00
bialixI want note that QBzr GUI is works well with bzr.exe, while bzr-gtk is not11:01
bialixQBzr is also has installer for Windows11:02
bialixhsn_: you wrote: We will use Python 2.4 branch instead of newer Python 2.5 because binaries of some additional packages are not yet available for Python 2.5.11:04
bialixprobably "we are using Python 2.4..."11:04
=== thumper [n=tim@222-153-97-181.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #bzr
bialixwhat's libraries is unavailable?11:05
hsn_i think celementtree11:05
=== bialix_ [i=chatzill@] has joined #bzr
bialix_hsn_: celementtree as well as elementtree is the part of standard python library since python 2.511:06
bialix_you don't need to install it yourself11:06
bialix_I'm not PyGTK expert, so I can't say is all needed PyGTK libraries available for python 2.511:08
bialix_and if you read my instructions from http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrWin32Installer you could see that I built python-based windows installer and for paramiko too11:09
hsn_where is .exe based installer for paramiko? i see just .zip linked from that page11:11
bialix_and my version of paramiko does not require mfc71.dll ;-)11:11
bialix_from that page: "NOTE: I strongly recommend to use my version paramiko.ctypes, that use ctypes instead of pywin32. This version avoids dependency on MFC71.dll. (Binary package)"11:12
hsn_this is paramiko sftp/ssh library + ctypes?11:13
luksbialix, pong11:13
bialix_this is paramiko library that use ctypes library instead of pywin3211:14
bialix_to use my version you need install ctypes on python 2.4 as well11:14
bialix_luks: hi11:14
bialix_luks: have a question about QtAssistant11:15
bialix_it wants dcf files, but I don;t know where to find it11:15
luksum, I'm actually not sure what dcf files are11:16
bialix_I installed PyQt from complete installer, as you suggested11:16
bialix_when I try to run assistant at first I have many error messages about missing html files11:16
bialix_these files for some reason was installed to C:\Program Files\PyQt4\doc, but assistant looks for them in C:\Python25\PyQt4\doc11:17
bialix_I copy these html files, but now it want dcf files11:18
lukshmm, and it didn11:18
bialix_IIUC, these dcf files used for search11:18
luksok, one more try11:18
luksand it didn't install and dcf files?11:18
=== luks sighs
bialix_no dcf files here11:19
bialix_I look into tar.gz and zip archives and found nothing inside11:19
bialix_I mean from page http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk/pyqt/download.php11:20
luksI don't know, I have a full Qt here, but I expected that the installed will be fully working11:20
luksone moment, I'll try to find the dcf files I have here11:20
bialix_luks: I did refactoring for timestamp formatting as string11:23
bialix_is there better way to convert QtString to python string without this: ''.join(_date.toString(QtCore.Qt.LocalDate).toUtf8()11:23
luksI think str() around the .toUtf8() object should work, too11:25
luksdepends where it's needed11:25
=== AfC [n=andrew@] has joined #bzr
bialix_unicode is OK11:25
=== bialix_ is now known as bialix
luksbialix, http://users.musicbrainz.org/~luks/tmp/qt.dcf (sorry it took so long, I'm on a slow gprs connection right now)11:29
=== asak [n=alexis@201-26-116-218.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #bzr
luksI think putting this file to the "html" directory should make it work11:29
bialixactually assistant want several dcf, but thankyou anyway11:31
bialixassistant.dcf, designer.dcf, linguist.dcf, qmake.dcf11:32
bialixbut I saw in documentation topic about add/remove those dcf, so may be I remove them for now11:32
luksyep, you can remove those11:34
luksI have also bzrlib API docs in the assistant :)11:34
hsn_ctypes are part of py2.5?11:39
bialixluks: just sent you new patch11:41
luksbialix, umm, is ignoring _lib a good idea? there are some versioned files under it11:43
bialixluks: what's about standard Qt buttons like Close/Cancel? May be I replace them with user buttons, to have ability translate label?11:43
bialixluks, I ignore ./_lib, it's not your installer/_lib11:44
bialixI checked this11:44
bialixI hacking qbzr directly in directory where it's installed11:44
bialixso I'm able to run and test it after every change I did11:45
luksregarding the buttons11:48
luksI use something like http://rafb.net/p/WyoJzE88.html elsewhere, maybe it could be used also in qbzr11:48
luksit emulates the standard QDialogButtonBox buttons, but with gettext translations11:48
bialixplace this class to util.py?11:51
luksyes. it will need some tweaks, but I think it should be usable11:51
bialixyou're explicitly skip some code on win32. it's win32-uncompatible?11:52
luksno, windows and mac don't have icons on pushbuttons11:52
bialixah, OK11:52
luksbut on linux/gnome people will get the standard "close" icon, for example11:53
bialixumm, I'm still lamer in Qt. what tweaking you have in mind?11:54
luksself.tagger.style() -> QtGui.QApplication.style()11:54
luksactually, that's probably it. I don't see anything else11:55
luksmaybe self.style() would work, too11:55
luksbialix, +_date = QtCore.QDateTime() -- I don't think it's a good idea to use a global instance, here11:57
luksit would break threaded code11:57
bialixformat_timestamp often called from loop11:58
lukscurrently there isn't any, but there used to be and probably will be again11:58
bialixI did it for performance optimization, but it's possible to change for local variable11:59
bialixso, I rework it back?12:01
luksyes, I'd feel safer to have it as a local variable12:01

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