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ArtimusIs there anything that GNOME specifically offers Edubuntu?  I'm working on a project for school, the target computers are 400mhz with 128mb of ram.  I tried GNOME and KDE, both are obviously too slow to use on these computers.  I'm wondering what (if anything) I can expect to miss from GNOME.  This is specific to Edubuntu, not a general desktop.01:59
ace_suareslns: huh ? gell for what ?02:11
lnsArtimus, are you using the 400mhz systems as thin-clients or full-blown edubuntu installs?02:12
ArtimusFull Blown02:12
ArtimusThey work fine with XFCE.02:12
lnsi personally wouldn't recommend it02:12
lnsi'd def. use xfce in place of gnome02:13
lnsfor that low a power02:13
ArtimusYeah, XFCE runs fine.02:13
lnsbut they'd work perfectly as thin clients02:13
ace_suares!seen ogra02:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen ogra - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:13
lnsArtimus, how many 'target' computers are there?02:14
ArtimusRight now, one.  This is a demo.02:14
lnsif the demo goes well, how many target computers?02:14
ArtimusTwo or three labs of 20 boxes each02:14
ArtimusStill, I doubt that'd happen.02:15
lnswhy's that?02:15
ArtimusThe Computer Tech is incompetent.02:15
ArtimusA seven year old virus crippled our entire network for two weeks.02:15
lnsso what's your role there?02:16
ArtimusI'm a student.  I'm part of a new project-based class.  Basically "Find something amusing to do", "Do it".  This is a scaled down case study.  I've got one box, I want to install Linux on it and demonstrate it's potential use.02:16
ArtimusOne teacher expressed quite a bit more interest than I expected...02:16
lnsyeah, a lot of teachers/educational system types are liking what linux has to offer02:17
lnsi'm currently migrating 6 labs of ~35 computers each to Ubuntu/LTSP02:17
ArtimusThis is more of as a desktop.  It'd be a nightmare to integrate...  I hate Novell.02:17
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ArtimusI give good odds that I'm going to have to get it on the network.  One day it's "You can't plug it into the network".  The next it's "How are you going to make it work with Netware?"02:19
lnswow...people still use netware? ;)02:19
lnsi guess just schools02:19
lnslinux is totally compatible w/nw though02:19
ArtimusYeah, but I don't want to be the one to do it.02:20
ArtimusJust a simple logon drive that I'd map to home for each student.  There's some printers, not sure how those are shared.02:21
ArtimusOther than that, all there is is to configure the systems to use the webfilter proxy02:21
lnsproxies are easy02:21
lnsit's not a xparent proxy?02:22
ArtimusMandatory proxy
ArtimusAll non-proxied traffic is dropped.02:22
lnsdo you have to auth against it?02:22
ArtimusJust some environment variables to set02:22
lnsgnome has proxy setup integrated02:23
lnsbut i'm sure you can do it at a lower level02:23
lnsany decent browser you use will have a setting02:23
Artimusyeah, I'd probably set environment variables so all applications pick them up02:23
ArtimusNot that it matters, Firefox is the only thing that needs access to the outside world.02:24
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sbalneavEvening all04:01
LaserJockhi sbalneav04:11
sbalneavEvening LaserJock04:11
LaserJockI finally figured out how to recreate the translated docs04:14
LaserJockI had to rename the .po files first04:15
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=== LaserJock makes biggest doc team commit ever ;-)
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LaserJockman I wish everybody just spoke English06:04
nixternalme too06:08
nixternalactually, I wish I spoke English06:08
LaserJockthis is like packaging from hell trying to get these translations in06:14
LaserJocksbalneav: alrighty, edubuntu-docs uploaded07:19
LaserJockI'm hoping that's it07:19
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hand_uahi everyone!02:28
hand_uai installed ltsp server/machines boot via network normally-starts ldm/02:29
hand_uabut i cannot select desktop managers such as icewm fluxbox02:30
=== Kamping_Kaiser dunno
Kamping_Kaiserhang around, someone else might02:30
hand_uayou mean that i need try with smth else?02:31
hand_ua/kdesession conflicts whith dcopserver02:31
Kamping_Kaiserwait in the channel, hopefully someone who can answer your question will see it02:32
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hand_uai think so,02:33
hand_uais there anybody who has installed/working vertion?02:42
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hand_uaminisrule192, what i need to add for exemple fluxbox starting after login in ldm?03:01
hand_uain ldm  i cannot select type ofsession/only default03:03
hand_uabut now i think problem is in other/i tried to enter any user/any password - after this ldm restarts,againg & again03:07
hand_uain /etc/X11/default-display-manager i set icewm(fluxbox,kde) even dont start xinit03:09
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hand_uaeverything works fine except system logins throught ldm04:52
hand_uaproblem with "ldm" still actual for me04:52
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blkdghi, i asked in this # many months ago about the error when i launch GCompris from Edbuntu LIVE 6.10.  I was given a fix (something to type into the term) anyhow, I have passed that CD along with the sticky note to someone else.  does asny one know what the fix is?  I have googled this to no end.08:27
blkdgthanks in advance08:27
blkdgthanks anyhow08:43
effie_jayxogra, ping08:51
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effie_jayxogra, just to let you know... INTEL contacted the LoCo team contact and they are considering Edubuntu :D. thanks for the heads up10:50
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