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ubotuNew bug: #150071 in launchpad "Invalid .dsc file generated" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15007107:10
=== Hobbsee looks at that
Hobbseeah yes07:14
=== Hobbsee marks as a dupe
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acusterHey all, who are: "The vcs-imports operator"s?10:53
Fujitsuacuster: Members of ~vcs-imports10:54
thumperacuster: why do you ask?10:58
acusterI was loosely wondering how many there were to guess at how long it would take for a test import10:59
acusterbzrsvn seems to choke on the import and I'm wondering if cvcs (?) does better11:00
thumperacuster: there are several, although most of the work is done by just two people11:00
acusterah, so it may take a while. hmmm.11:00
thumperacuster: once the import values have been checked, such as making sure it points to trunk11:00
thumperacuster: and isn't already done, it gets marked to test11:01
thumperacuster: then some machines go and process it for a while11:01
thumpersome of the bigger repositories take days to import, but smaller projects are much quicker11:01
acusterit took 8 hours using bzrsvn11:01
thumperacuster: one of the best ways to get things rolling is to ask a question on the launchpad-bazaar project11:01
acusterbut that resulted in a broken branch11:02
thumperit is doing a lot of stuff11:02
thumperbroken in what way?11:02
acusterit has a "removed:" section right away11:02
acusterand revert doesn't work, nor does add/commit or anything else11:02
=== thumper is not familiar with bzrsvn
lifelessacuster: do you mean bzr2svn ?11:03
acusterits only in the two most recent modules which seems strange11:03
thumperacuster: what version of bzr?11:03
acusternot sure, whatever ubuntu ships with feisty11:03
lifelessI mean do you mean bzr-svn ?11:03
lifelessbzr-svn 0.4.x is *much* better11:03
acuster0.15.0 bzr11:04
thumperacuster: are you able to upgrade?11:04
acustersure, to what?11:04
thumperthe latest? 0.9111:04
acuster0.3.2 on bzr-svn11:05
thumperacuster: which OS?11:05
acusterubuntu, what else?11:05
thumperuse the debs from bazaar-vcs.org11:05
lifelessbzr-svn 0.4 isn't packaged there yet11:06
thumperlifeless: is it packaged somewhere?11:07
lifelessbut you can just download the plugin to ~/.bazaar/plugins/svn and it will override the package11:07
lifelessthumper: gutsy11:07
=== thumper forgets people are still on feisty
lifelessfisted fawn11:07
acusterlifeless, which plugin?11:07
lifelessacuster: the bzr-svn plugin11:08
acusterwhich lives where?11:08
lifelessbazaar-vcs.org/svn IIRC11:08
lifelessback later11:08
lifelessyou may get more detailed answers on #bzr btw11:08
acuster bzr-svn depends on bzr (<< 0.91~); however:11:11
acuster  Version of bzr on system is 0.91-2.11:11
acusteryeah, thanks11:11
acusterso I need to downgrade to 0.90?11:11
Fujitsuacuster: Uninstall the packaged bzr-svn.11:18
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acusterokay, circuitous but I have bzr 0.91.2 and bzr-svn 0.4.2-1 11:21
acusternice it seems much, much faster11:31
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mhbhello Launchpad masters, is it possible to set an email autoreply whenever a LP user tries to join a moderated team?11:32
Fujitsumhb: No.11:34
Fujitsu(I'm not a Launchpad master, but at least there's no UI for it)11:34
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Nysanderif i translate some terms in lauchpad for ubuntu project are those changes uploaded upstream so other distros also have them and i improve translations for whole the community or are they held only for ubuntu series purpose?12:00
ubotuNew bug: #150121 in soyuz "changelog-closes-bugs confuses people" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15012112:01
FujitsuNysander: At this point they're generally not forwarded upstream, AFAIK.12:01
mdkeNysander: you have to pass translations manually to the relevant upstream project, unless that project itself uses Launchpad, in which case they get them automatically as suggestions12:09
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Nysanderthanks for answers, are there any chances that in near feature they will be forwarded upstream or that is canonical ltd rule to leave changes only for ubuntu?12:35
Nysanderwith the translations for ubuntu projects on launchpad12:36
FujitsuNysander: I believe it to be a technical limitation at this time, rather than one of policy.12:38
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KmosPPA i386 is not building since yesterday..01:04
FujitsuKmos: The language packs are building.01:05
FujitsuThey're normally a fairly good DoS.01:06
Kmosah, so it's that01:06
Kmosbut there isn't more than one i386 server?01:06
Kmosi only see samarium with language packs01:07
FujitsuKmos: Not at this time.01:07
FujitsuOnly samarium and promethium build PPAs.01:07
Kmosfor RC release :)01:07
FujitsuKmos: No, they're for Feisty.01:07
KmosFujitsu: ah ok01:08
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ubotuNew bug: #150201 in soyuz "ppa archive not correctly cleaned when changing section" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15020103:50
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KaedennGreetin's. I don't know if it's me or if launchpad.net hates me, but I've tried four times to register, and each of the four times I've never received an email.04:03
KaedennTwo of those times I've tried to request a password reset, and it just says my information was not found in the database.04:03
KaedennMaybe it's because there's someone in the server with my exact name that I'm trying to register with?04:05
KaedennThe problem is simple; the email isn't being sent.04:05
KaedennAnd I've not a single clue as to why that is.04:06
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KaedennSo far, I'm entirely unable to register for launchpad. :[04:22
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sourcercitohi there, which is the ubuntu/canonical position about including copyrighted material as attachment in bug reports?04:24
sourcercitois something to worry about?04:25
sourcercitodon't know if it's the right channel, but don't know what would be04:25
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mwhudsonsourcercito: it's probably the wrong day to ask :)04:26
sourcercitoyou're right mwhudson, but just found one and don't want to wait till tomorrow :P04:28
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mwhudsonsourcercito: https://help.launchpad.net/TermsofUse04:29
sourcercitomwhudson, thanks, i'll read that :D04:30
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KaedennAny advice as to what I should do?04:35
ubotuNew bug: #150216 in malone "buttons and icons in window bar forced to center" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15021604:40
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KaedennUgh. I've tried four times to register with launchpad, and each of the four times I've never received an email. Two of those times I've tried to request a password reset, and it just says my information was not found in the database.06:08
KaedennSimply put, an email isn't being sent.06:08
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ffmCan someone delete the qemu project from lauhcpad? I made it by mistake a while ago, and while there is a qemu project, I am not associated with it.08:44
ffmAt least, can someone change me from the owner of it. 08:44
mwhudsonffm: you can do that much08:50
ffmWho should I change the channel over to?08:51
mwhudson"registry" i think08:52
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ffmthey seem to be inactive08:55
ffm            Subteam of                                    Registry Administrators           is a member of these teams:                                          Deactived Team                                   Fink Members                                   Gentoo Members                                   obsolete                                   Red Flag MID                                   SuSE Members                                   Unus08:55
mwhudsonif you're not sure what to do, ask a Question in the launchpad project08:56
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mptGoooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!09:30
pochuhello mpt 09:31
ubotuNew bug: #150314 in launchpad-answers "Subscribers heading is too long on question page" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15031409:50
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MFenis there a way to save searches?09:59
MFenthere seems to be a very basic bug search missing: all open bugs :)09:59
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MFeni guess a "filter" is what i want to save10:00
MFenmy definition of "open" is slightly different from launchpad's10:00
ubotuNew bug: #150320 in launchpad "Launchpad activity relevant to me isn't listed on the Web site" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15032010:00
beernarrdhi all10:00
mwhudsonMFen: a bookmark?10:00
MFenmwhudson: leaves something to be desired (starting with i can't share my bookmarks)10:01
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beernarrdI have a problem: is there a way to delete a release?10:03
=== _thumper_ [n=tim@canonical/launchpad/thumper] has joined #launchpad
beernarrdI mean, a release one has created by himself10:09
mwhudsonMFen: file a bug, perhaps?10:16
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mptMFen, how does your definition of "open" differ?10:36
mptMFen, apparently <http://del.icio.us/> lets you share your bookmarks10:37
radixMFen: if you just click the "Search" button without actually typing anything in, you'll get all open bugs, afaik10:37
MFenmpt: i don't want to include 'fix committed'10:37
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MFenradix: true, but it's the same list as Filters>Open10:37
mptMFen, interesting. Which project is this?10:38
MFeni didn't realize that when i thought open was "missing", but it's still a different "open" than i want10:38
MFenmpt: playtools10:38
mptbeernarrd, unfortunately not, that's bug 13899710:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 138997 in launchpad "Please allow editing of releases" [Medium,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13899710:38
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=== mpt wonders if any project other than Launchpad itself makes a useful distinction between Fix Committed and Fix Released
MFenmpt: bugzilla has resolved and closed10:41
MFenmpt: which mean basically the same things10:42
radixmpt: I think we might get some benefit from it in Landscape, but I'd have to think about it to describe how :-)10:42
radixwe do *use* it10:42
radixFix Committed means "in trunk", Fix Released means "deployed" or "packaged"10:42
pochumpt: please fix bug 66529 and I will not use Fix Committed in a bad manner ;)10:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 66529 in malone "Sync the status of SourceForge bugs" [Medium,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/66529 - Assigned to Graham Binns (gmb)10:43
beernarrdmpt: thanks for the reply10:45
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mptMFen, bugzilla.mozilla.org has an open bug report proposing that CLOSED should be abolished :-)11:23
MFenwhat's the rationale?11:24
mptradix, right, that's how we use it in Launchpad, but that doesn't scale to a project the size of Ubuntu11:24
mptMFen, that it's not used (actually I think it was used in the Netscape Bugsplat bug tracker, so it got cargo-culted into Bugzilla without people saying "hang on, do we actually need this?")11:25
MFeni used to use bugzilla on a project at my old job11:27
MFenwe used closed11:27
MFenit meant "passed manual testing" essentially11:28
mptbugzilla.mozilla.org uses VERIFIED for that11:31
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radixmpt: well, not with the existing UI, anyway12:23
radixmpt: it barely scales to Landscape's needs12:23
radix(but I'm only talking about the transaction from Committed to Released12:23
radixerr, s/transaction/transition/12:23
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MFenmpt: we were using an older version, now that i think about it. verified didn't exist 12:35
MFenwhat's Landscape?12:35
MFennm, google ftw12:35

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