VousDeuxAssid, okay, maybe it's one of those situations where some update has broken something that will be fixed next update01:21
filthpigAssid, sounds weird, ipw2200 has been supported for ages01:21
filthpigAssid, it's a very common card, have you checked the launchpad for bug reports?01:22
VousDeuxAssid, I wish I could be more helpful, but I'm not an expert...what you were describing just sounded familiar, so I thought maybe I could just toss out a couple of ideas and maybe something would ring a bell01:22
Assidokay wait.. apparently it catches it..01:23
=== sinX_ [n=jarrett@c-67-187-232-149.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
AssidBUT.. it doesnt let me get onto the network01:23
Assidfilthpig: 210001:24
=== savvas [n=forger@pdpc/supporter/base/savvas] has joined #ubuntu+1
filthpigAssid, what does sudo iwconfig show you?01:24
savvasIt shows me I need a wireless router :)01:24
ugabascule: not sure what you mean... you want to set the top level directory? it's in the settings?01:24
ugabascule: not sure if it does recursing though01:25
sinX_where's the default html home page file for firefox located?01:25
savvasum do you know any wireless routers with open source drivers? I'm interested in netgear01:25
basculeuga: it doesn't seem to, I have all my stuff in artist/album folders, set the top level it shows nothing, realy don't want to add ~900 2 deep folders to that gui :)01:26
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:26
ugabascule: all mldonkey settings are in settings->configure mldonkey (not kmldonkey)01:26
=== Metasploit [n=roswell@bal-bb-cable-4-356.dsl.airstreamcomm.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
ugaI don't see any setting for that though01:27
=== shadylookin [n=shadyloo@74-140-98-184.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
sinX_the Ubuntu page that is set as deafult in firefox, anyone know what directory it's in?01:27
filthpigsavvas, Linksys have a few Linux-based routers01:28
Assidfilthpig: okay i got it working01:29
Assidi have no idea what01:29
Assidit just started01:29
=== jayHat [n=jay@static-64-246-144-38.albyny.csvoip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
shadylookinhas anyone else had problems with the partitioner not working and keeping them from installing the beta?01:29
filthpigwell ubuntu is supposed to "just work", so be happy!01:29
basculeuga: doesn't allow it, guess I'll just do some rarities01:29
filthpigI guess it just started working for you, then :p01:30
ugavmlinuz`: weird. I was completely sure that konsole had a way to restore a screen session, but... I can't find the way, heh01:30
VousDeuxI sure would like to know what makes the Power Manager start freaking out all of a sudden...it doesn't matter if I'm plugged or unplugged, it just doesn't seem to be reliable01:30
sinX_ the Ubuntu page that is set as deafult in firefox, anyone know what directory it's in?01:30
filthpigGutsy is the first release that got me wified out-of-the-box01:30
=== gerome_ [n=gerome@p5B055CE6.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Metasploitbroadcom huh?01:30
ugabascule: heh01:31
filthpigMetasploit, talking to me?01:31
Assidadept package manager wont start01:31
Assidfreaking odd01:31
VousDeuxI'll be sitting here plugged in, when all of a sudden Power Manager will decide that my power has been unplugged, then it will start flopping between plugged and unplugged mode01:31
Metasploityea.  just a guessing though01:31
=== pwnguin [n=jld5445@camaro.cis.ksu.edu] has left #ubuntu+1 []
filthpigMetasploit, I have a linksys, actually. WUSB54GC01:32
jayHatWill Gobuntu be released the same day as Gusty?01:32
VousDeuxwhen that happens, all I can do is close the Power Manager, then I cannot adjust the brightness until I reboot and launch Power Manager again01:32
=== fluffman [n=fluffman@] has joined #ubuntu+1
ugaAssid: does it say any error when running adept_manager on a terminal?01:33
VousDeuxwhen I am unplugged, sometimes will decide my battery is dead when in reality I still have another hour01:33
Metasploiti mean the card on your computer.  everyone at work has been waiting for gutsy for the broadcom support.01:33
=== bur[n] er [n=burner@c-67-172-157-202.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Assiddunno didnt try that01:33
VousDeuxand even when I'm unplugged it can't seem to reliably determine if I'm plugged or not01:33
Assidbut if i run adept updater01:33
Assidit does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING01:33
Assidit shows the laoding.. the icon bouncing up and down01:34
Assidand then nothing shows up01:34
fluffmanso until I upgraded to Xubuntu Gutsy, anyone on this computer was able to login by clicking their name/face, like in XP.  I know I had to edit something in /etc/pam.d, but I can't find the website from before.01:34
filthpigAssid, http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Satellite?c=L_Product_C2&childpagename=US%2FLayout&cid=1133202177241&pagename=Linksys%2FCommon%2FVisitorWrapper&lid=7724139789B1001:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about power - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:34
filthpigfriggin long url, but that's a good open sourced router from Linksys01:34
=== beerfa1 [n=beerfan@76-10-131-173.dsl.teksavvy.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
fluffmananyone know how to get password-less logins?01:35
Assiduga: kdesu adept_updater   -- sudo timestamp too much in future01:35
Assidwtf ?01:35
Assidfilthpig:  aint changing my router01:35
VousDeuxwith each daily update, I keep hoping the Power Manager will be fixed01:36
=== mrcheeks [n=mrcheeks@modemcable046.44-80-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu+1
philiphow often to we sync with debian unstable?01:36
mrcheeksHi everybody I have issues with ubuntu gutsy. It's the only distro with debian that dare install on my asus quad core. Everytime I start gnome I need to run metacity --replace& for metacity to run. My driver "intel" still doesn't work with xorg after a recent upgrade. Any ideas?01:37
beerfa1fluffman: system > admin > login window prefs (security tab)01:37
ugaAssid: ouch!01:37
=== lastlemming [n=user@men13-2-82-224-174-159.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
ugaAssid: you have recently readjusted the time on your system?01:37
Assidjust installed the system01:38
ugaAssid: try sudo -K01:39
ugait looks like some file was created with a date/time in the future with respect to the date time you have right now01:39
=== wood1 [n=woody@] has joined #ubuntu+1
Assidstupid thing01:41
Assidit was just online01:41
fluffmanbeerfa1: that will enable auto login01:41
Assidi rebooted.. and now it wotn go back online01:41
fluffmanbut not passwordless for multiple users01:41
mrcheeksany opinions or place I could look for my metacity/xorg issues?01:42
fluffmanwell let me try something, brb01:42
=== tekhawk [n=caleb@c-67-182-161-179.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== fluffman [n=fluffman@] has left #ubuntu+1 []
wood1hello guys, when i get compiz to work on gutsy, every 10 to 20 seconds the screen blinks... can someone help me fix this?01:42
=== patty [n=patrick@dyn-htl-157-236.dyn.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Kyoku-2 [n=oo@bas4-kitchener06-1096617057.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxAssid, my wifi is flaky too...that's one of the things on my list I have not been able to find help with...mine will be working just fine when suddenly it will drop the connection and I cannot reconnect again until I reboot01:43
pattywell, have you tried modprobing the module?01:44
pattyunloading and then reloading it?01:44
=== beerfa1 [n=beerfan@76-10-131-173.dsl.teksavvy.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
VousDeuxAssid, sometimes I am able to disable/enable the wlan0 interface and it will start working again, but usually I cannot get it to enable after I disable it01:44
savvasmrcheeks: maybe you could report a bug for the drivers: http://bugs.ubuntu.com - for the metacity thing, try disable compiz: system > preferences > appearance > visual effects01:44
=== fluffman [n=fluffman@] has joined #ubuntu+1
Assidhow do i make it a system connection01:45
Assidso i dont have to login from network manager?01:45
fluffmanbeerfa1: no dice01:45
pattyhey, i've got an emerald question.  is there any way to make the automatic fetching of themes work?  i can't get emerald to load any of the themes i do download, or do pretty much anything else for that matter.  it's pretty good at ignoring everything i tell it01:46
wood1where can i change the servers i use to download applications?01:48
=== h1st0 [n=kimmy@unaffiliated/h1st0] has joined #ubuntu+1
pattyfor example - my text is determined to be white.  i can change it to black, but it does nothing.  other things in the same interfact create noticeable reatcions01:49
VousDeuxwood1, adept or synaptic?01:49
=== tretle [n=tretle@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== james_xxx [n=james@74-129-249-199.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #Ubuntu+1
=== wood1 [n=woody@] has left #ubuntu+1 []
tretleanyone lse here using gutsy 64bit version01:50
=== Konam [n=Konam@86stb68.codetel.net.do] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxtretle, I am01:50
tretlein the places menu is desktop duplicated?01:50
VousDeuxtretle, oh, I'm using Kubuntu01:50
tekhawkso is it safe for nvidia users on amd64 before i start downloading updates for today lol01:51
james_xxxi am running into some problems upgrading to gutsy.... things seem right now to be hanging up while trying to install'guidance-backends'... saying that it has a problem with a 'broken pipe'... any suggestions?01:51
ussertekhawk: yep01:51
ussertekhawk: it works now01:51
tekhawkusser: thank you01:51
VousDeuxI have a 32-bit version of Ubuntu in VMware, but I still need to recompile VMware since the recent kernel update01:52
VousDeuxtekhawk, as far as I know, all of the issues were resolved this morning01:52
tretlecan anyone clarify this bug?01:52
Konamthe gnome splash isn't working here, is only me?01:52
tekhawkVousDeux: thank you01:53
VousDeuxdoes anyone have any ideas where I could look for help with the Power Manager?01:54
=== shadylookin [n=shadyloo@74-140-98-184.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Martinp23 [n=martinp2@wikimedia/Martinp23] has joined #ubuntu+1
james_xxxif anyone read my post, here is some of what i am running into: http://pastebin.com/d21e4cd001:54
=== slackern [n=slackern@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== d4rkmonkey [n=Jared@CPE000bcd15b4ae-CM00195efba7ac.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxI love the wheel on this mouse, it turns free so I can give it a good flick and it will keep turning for a little while01:56
savvasjames_xxx: looks like file conflict or something01:58
savvas trying to overwrite `/usr/share/apps/guidance/vesamodes', which is also in package kde-guidance01:59
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:59
=== fluffman [n=fluffman@] has left #ubuntu+1 []
VousDeuxis there a site more directly associated with Gutsy than help.ubuntu.com?01:59
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvaslaunchpad.net ;)02:00
james_xxxsavvas: would you have a suggestion what i coud do?02:01
savvasjames_xxx: doesn't kde-guidance help you with that?02:02
james_xxxsawas: what do you mean? installing kde-guidance?02:03
savvasI'd say you already have it :)02:03
savvastry it02:03
james_xxxi know..... how does it help?02:03
savvassudo apt-get install kde-guidance02:03
savvasno idea02:03
savvaswhat are you trying to do?02:03
=== strangelv [n=strangel@pool-71-96-218-8.dfw.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
james_xxxwell, i think kde-guidance depends on guidance-backends which will not install02:04
savvasyou have KDE right?02:04
james_xxxi am trying to upgrade to gutsy beta02:04
savvasConflicts: python2.4-iconvcodec, guidance-backends (<< 0.8.0svn20070727-0ubuntu4), kde-guidance-powermanager (<< 0.8.0-1ubuntu6)02:05
=== Ximal [n=paducahg@c-68-63-251-132.hsd1.ky.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvas  Installed: 0.8.0svn20070928-0ubuntu402:05
=== h1st0 [n=kimmy@unaffiliated/h1st0] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvasjames_xxx: I'd suggest that you file a bug at http://bugs.ubuntu.com02:06
XimalHelp Please , I need to get the system to redetect my nvidia card. It suggested which driver to use upon boot after installation but I hadn't run the initial patch phase of the system that you normally get after installing gutsy02:06
savvasthere is a temporary way to go through, but it's risky, it could break a lot of stuff02:06
james_xxxi can do that, but it probably means that this install is now trashed02:06
Ximalwould anyone mind telling me how ? I found the nvidia install packages using add/remove but I don't want to install the wrong one.. last time my vid card burned out on me02:06
savvasjames_xxx: try: sudo apt-get remove kde-guidance02:07
savvasit could do the trick02:07
Ximalanyone please ?02:07
james_xxxsawas: will do, brb02:07
savvasXimal: system > admin > restricted drivers manager02:08
james_xxxsawas: http://pastebin.com/d7c5cdc7e02:09
=== Aondo [i=stian@] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ximalsavvas : kindly enough put . thank you . I just have a problem navigating what you just told me.. I'm used to windows after not using linux since redhat 6.202:09
=== clusty [n=clusty@modemcable121.201-83-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ximalit's been over 8 years.. so I'm haven't trouble remembering everything... so maybe you might not mind guiding me to what you just said..02:10
h1st0Ximal: what kind of video card do you have?02:10
=== ratpoison [n=ratpoiso@ppp248-225.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvasXimal: do you have ubuntu or kubuntu installed?02:10
h1st0Ximal: He was saying to click on System then Administration then Restricted Drivers manager02:10
Ximalbut it did a pop up.. ubuntu when i did initial boot..02:10
Ximalshowing me WHICH driver to use rather than making me guess... meaning they've added support for my 3d part02:10
Ximali think i got it using savvas' advice02:11
Ximal1 moment please guys..02:11
squidyhello.. does anyone here use Kubuntu gutsy and compiz-fusion successfully?02:11
Ximalit says it's downloading the package files now02:11
savvastake ur time :)02:11
h1st0Ximal: you should be good to go after restarting gui02:11
squidyi'm having an error message when i try to run compiz --replace.. :(02:12
Ximali owe you guys.. which means once i become more versed.. i'll help too ;)02:12
Ximalgoing to reboot02:12
Ximalmay be back afterwords..02:12
Ximalthanks guys02:12
squidyhowever when i was using feisty it was working02:12
savvasjames_xxx: want to try the risky way?02:13
=== Inox [n=vnavas@] has left #ubuntu+1 []
clustyany advice on how to start diagnosing whats wrong with my suspend?02:13
=== TheRepacker [n=rick@d226-43-244.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Vorian [n=Steve@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.Vorian] has joined #ubuntu+1
james_xxxsawas: what does it matter. right now this system is trsh02:14
=== FossZombie [n=GPLGeek@pdpc/supporter/student/GPLGeek] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvasjames_xxx: it'd be better if you report the bug and wait to be more sure if you ask me, but anyway02:14
savvasjames_xxx: sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/guidance-backends_0.8.0svn20070928-0ubuntu4_i386.deb02:14
h1st0clusty: is it a laptop?02:16
=== DanaG [n=dana@71-9-52-25.static.snlo.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
h1st0clusty: typically you would start looking in /var/log/syslog etc...02:16
james_xxxsawas: i am backing up my home dir, then i will give it a shot02:16
DanaGbug 12183302:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux-source-2.6.22 "LCD backlight turns off between brightness levels during fades, and when on battery or at idle" [Low,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12183302:16
clustyh1st0, yeap. laptop02:17
savvasjames_xxx: go ahead, smart move :)02:17
h1st0clusty: you may want to check the bugs on launchpad I saw someone in the forums complaining about suspend02:17
=== eMaX [n=emax@211-50.76-83.cust.bluewin.ch] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== DanaG had to edit /etc/default/acpi-support to get suspend.
clustyh1st0, its a one year old laptop or so02:18
DanaGI have nvidia; I had to disable POST and enable SAVE_VIDEO_PCI_STATE02:18
clustyh1st0, it does not even fall alseep02:18
clustyusing gutsy though :(02:18
savvasclusty: did it work in feisty?02:19
DanaGOddly enough, suspend now works better in Linux than in Windows.02:19
clustysavvas, never had feisty with this laptop02:19
clustysavvas, works for a buddy that is on feisty02:20
=== compwiz18 [n=adam18@] has joined #ubuntu+1
clustysavvas, almost same hardware02:20
=== Ximal [n=paducahg@c-68-63-251-132.hsd1.ky.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ximalhi guys02:20
savvasthat some hardware might cause the problem clusty02:20
clustysavvas, laptop has intel 950 and nvidia card. tried both02:21
clustysavvas, in the past cards were causing trouble02:21
Ximalno big errors yet... is there anyway to install a vob reader ? I use my windows to decrypt vob files off of my movies but i can't get them to play in buntu ? any idea(s) ?02:21
XimalI was also curious how to install a flash player for firefox in ubtunu ?02:21
clustyXimal, mplayer not working with vobs?02:21
Ximalnarh... not yet m8..02:21
=== usser [n=dcherniv@ool-18b8e9e6.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
XimalBut it's a decrypted file from the Condemned movie..02:22
clustyXimal, try vlc then02:22
Ximalvlc ?02:22
clustyvideo lan codec02:22
usser!vlc > Ximal02:22
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs02:22
clustyor some stuff like that02:22
Ximalok but i don't know how to get the VLC player.. i can't find it in ADD/Remove ?02:22
usserXimal: yes02:23
ratpoisonximal, you can!02:23
Ximalwhat division of things would it be under in add remove ?02:23
usseryes u can02:23
savvasXimal: about the flash player, did you install the desktop using i386 or amd64 iso ?02:23
DanaGWait, a laptop that has both Intel and NVIDIA? Where do you find such a thing?02:23
Ximalsavvas : just pentium generics  .. It's a dell pc with a pentium capable of multithreading02:23
ratpoisonXimal: just type vlc on the search bar02:23
savvasratpoison: did you fix that graphics problem? :)02:24
=== mirak [n=mirak@m207.net81-66-74.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu+1
clustyDanaG, sony makes em02:24
XimalThere is no matching application available.02:24
XimalTo broaden your search, choose "All available applications" or "All Open Source applications".02:24
Ximalthat's what i got02:24
=== Vorian [n=Steve@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.Vorian] has joined #ubuntu+1
clustyDanaG, you can flip a switch and at boottime you can choose what you want02:24
ratpoisonsavvas: well I did :) it was just as the ubotu said: if you update your kernel you have to tell the new kernel that you have restricted drivers02:24
Ximalnm... found it i think02:25
clustyis this some elite chanell btw? :D02:25
ratpoisonso I unchecked / checked the box on restricted drivers manager and then everything was working ok02:25
clustycause its way less traffic02:25
clustyand ppl are more helpfull02:25
Ximalcurious guys... Does Dvd95 actually convert files from a video_ts folder into a iso file to burn as a dvd ? just a quick curiousity02:25
vmlinuz`anybody here uses Banshee?02:25
mirakwhy sudo doens't have a vista style acces grant ?02:26
mirakas a possibility02:26
clustyvmlinuz`, i am trying to bear with banshee02:26
savvasXimal: go to the menu: system > admininistration > software sources and there check these: (main) (universe) (multiverse) (restricted) and press "close"02:26
ratpoisonmirak: what do you mean? I've never used vista02:26
=== m1ke [n=mike@c-67-186-85-180.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
vmlinuz`clusty: when its in system tray, and i put my mousehover on it and use scroll.. it switches songs.. i want scroll to change volume.. searched everywhere and didnt find how to modify that. do u know?02:26
savvasXimal: this is to get more applications available, somehow the main repository doesn't have all of them :)02:27
mirakratpoison: instead of having to enter your password a popup comes and just ask you if you want to execute the command as root02:27
mirakI am fed up entering my password02:27
clustyvmlinuz`, no idea :D/ so far i am fighting with it to play all my mp3's02:27
clustyvmlinuz`, from time to time it just hangs on certain mp3's02:27
mirakand I don't want to put my sudo always passwordless02:27
Ximalahh .. and savvas those options were generically selected02:27
savvasratpoison: sometimes the obvious solutions work better :P02:27
=== Thirsteh [n=thirsteh@linuxfordummies/Thirsteh] has joined #Ubuntu+1
savvasgreat Ximal, didn't know :)02:28
Ximalit seems the nvidia is working because... the screen is working faster.. I'll know just how good the driver is momentarily ;) whenever i play the video file using the ntfs partition from windows.. ( chose dual boot install and converted extra space left from the hd to install buntu () :)02:28
savvasclusty: what player?02:28
clustysavvas, banshee02:28
mirakwhy there is not a version of nautilus with tracker integrated as search engine ?02:29
vmlinuz`clusty: hangs? Thats weird. never happened to me02:29
Ximalsavvas : curious .. How did you say I could install a flash player such as adobe ?02:29
ratpoisonmirak: sudo saves your password for like a quarter of an hour. also you can also type in the terminal sudo su BUT if you have to ask why you have to give your password everytime you are doing admin tasks, you probably should02:29
james_xxxsawas: ok it looks like this installation is trashed..... i wonder if i should re-install feisty, or go for a gutsy-beta install02:30
=== mon^rch [n=anonymou@S0106000fea33f1bb.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvasXimal: easy, go here: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/ - ubuntu gutsy gibbon should pop up and ask you to install a missing plugin, or something like that02:30
contrast83personally, i think entering the password every time is a good thing - it gives you a second to *think* and realize you could bork your system, whereas just clicking "OK" doesn't.02:30
Ximaljust so you know.. savvas ... the video player is working.. u guys helped alot..t hanks so much ;)02:31
clustycontrast83, i am soo with you on this one...02:31
clustyXimal, vlc?02:31
=== elkbuntu [n=melissa@ubuntu/member/elkbuntu] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvasjames_xxx: did you do that command?02:31
Ximalyeah vlc is a godsend02:31
Ximalno distortion from the vob files ;)02:31
james_xxxsavvas:  i did, no luck02:31
ratpoisoncontrast83: my point exactly sometimes it might be very tedious to prepend sudo every single time, but you should be really really really careful when you use sudo su02:32
mirakratpoison: what's the problem ? I want to have to enter my password for exemple the first time I use sudo today, and for lets say 6 hours, I will not have to enter it again. I will just have to click on yes/cancel to have the admin rights and the 15 minutes without beeing prompted yes/no or a password02:32
Ximalthe website isn't installing the adobe plugin02:32
savvasjames_xxx: after that do this: sudo apt-get -f install && sudo apt-get upgrade02:32
Ximali can download the actual tar file but not the other ones02:32
Ximalanyone mind showing me how to run through the installation via tar ?02:32
james_xxxsavvas: still no go02:33
clustyXimal, do aptitude update && sudo aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree02:33
clustyXimal, google is your friend D:02:33
m1keDoes anyone know how to get a 360 wireless controller to work in Gusty?02:33
Dr_willisXimal,  insdtalling what? flash? thats a simple apt-get02:33
contrast83mirak: There are other distros that let you log into X as root (which is very dangerous). I *think* you can enable this on *Ubuntu, someone correct me if I'm wrong here.02:33
savvasi thought ubuntu handled that with a dialog02:33
james_xxxi do wonder if ralink wireless is working in gutsy...02:33
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savvasjames_xxx: then no idea man, if that didn't work, well.. :\02:34
Dr_willisubuntu-restricted-extras - Commonly used restricted package   will install a lot of that stuff. :) java, flash, some others...02:34
mirakcontrast83: I don't want to log in X as root. don't say what I didn't asked02:34
Ximali'm saying guys .. I'm completely out of my element... what you tell me to do takes me a while to compute..02:34
ratpoisonmirak: well consider this: if you use sudo once and not required to do so for 6 hours, then anyone who can login to your system in that period has admin priviledges02:34
ratpoisonthat IS a bad idea02:34
contrast83mirak: I'm not. Just saying that's the closest thing available to what you're asking for, AFAIK.02:34
Ximali don't know what aptitude update means for example/../02:34
james_xxxsavvas: yeah, i have already given up on saving this install. i have not done a fresh installation on this lappy in a long time, so it look like no is the time02:35
DanaGWait, did somebody say my name?02:35
mirakratpoison: yes, but I don't care for my home computer. I don't ask that it's the default. It's just there is not this possibility at all.02:35
james_xxxsavvas: would you say that installing gutsy beta fresh would be  alright?02:35
savvasXimal: give me a sec02:36
squidyAre there any compiz-fusion repositories except the official from canonical?02:36
squidyfor gutsy...02:36
Ximali'm searching flash in add remove02:36
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Ximalfound gnash02:37
contrast83squidy: Nope. There are about a million GIT scripts out there that make compiling it a breeze though. :-)02:37
Ximalcan we use add/remove to open files we downloaded to assist in package installs ?02:37
Ximali just thought of that ?02:37
mirakcontrast83: not really, the closest thing is an intermediate between entering the password each time, and having sudo passwordless all the time. the problem with passwordless even actually in ubuntu during 15 minutes, is that any application that you run during this time could trash your computer, since it can acces anything as root. At least a popup that ask yes/cancel is safer than this because it needs a human intervention.02:37
savvasXimal: macromedia flash plugin should be there02:37
Ximalyou know.. kindof like when mandrake instituted automated rpm install program s?02:38
savvasXimal: don't tinker with gnash, it's not done yet :)02:38
squidycontrast83, ok.. the compiz from conanical isn't working here (kubuntu) :(02:38
ratpoisonprepending sudo IS human intervention02:38
Ximalsavvas : found it.. installing02:38
Ximali did install gnash but didn't alter it ..02:38
contrast83squidy: Not sure. I compile, no problems here.02:38
ratpoisonyou could just change how long your system remembers your password02:38
Ximalis that ok ? the thing i did with gnash ?02:38
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squidycontrast83, are you using kubuntu gutsy with compiz working successfully?02:39
contrast83squidy: Want a good how-to for doing that?02:39
Ximaluh oh02:39
savvasXimal: I'd suggest that you uncheck and remove it for now, until you get used to playing around with packages02:39
mirakratpoison: no it's not. I can do a script with sudo rm -fr / in it and if I run it without knowing it, it's over.02:39
XimalI"M all happy now.. I got it working ;)02:39
contrast83squidy: Yep02:39
savvasXimal: I mean the gnash02:39
DanaGI'll gnash you!  (joke.)02:40
Ximalthanks savvy02:40
Ximalheh... i made a funny02:40
squidycontrast83, have you got a good howto for that?02:40
DanaGIt's a generic "I'll <blank> you!"02:40
ratpoisonwell if you run it withouth knowing that and that alone excludes the human intervention02:40
contrast83squidy: one sec...02:40
mirakratpoison: what ?02:40
savvasXimal: go to page http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/ again, the flash part (not the shockwave part) should be working02:41
ratpoisonhuman intervention I think would be "to do an actions willingly, being aware of the concequences"02:41
contrast83squidy: Before you go through the trouble of compiling, what's the exact problem with C-F?02:41
mirakratpoison: what I mean is that actually I could run whatever script that come from anywhere and put all the system at stake without even giving this programm root acces intentionnaly.02:41
savvasXimal: you have to restart the browser (mozilla firefox) to take effect by the way02:41
ratpoisonwell running a script withouth knowing what it does is a bad idea02:42
Ximaljust curious... and yeah i know the restart effects and play thing02:42
DanaGFunny thing in console:02:42
mirakratpoison: so you can't use that as an argument to say that a popup asking yes/cancel would be less safer02:42
DanaGsudo something.  Close gnome-terminal.  Open gnome-terminal.  Sudo something.02:42
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DanaGThe second one doesn't prompt for password.02:42
ratpoisonactually it is: how many vista users do you know that are aware of the risks of running things as admin02:43
DanaGI actually like it if it's within, say, 2.5 seconds -- then it's like an "oops, I didn't mean to close that!" solution.02:43
DanaGHowever, any longer than that, and it becomes a vulnerability.02:43
savvasDanaG: try it again with a latent period of 10 minutes between the closing/opening02:43
mirakDanaG: you can set that behavior02:43
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Ximalwell savvas .. it's all working just about perfect..02:43
Ximalsound .. video ... etc02:43
Ximalnow.. if my laptop would work... i'd be in heaven .. you know... the wireless internet card issue02:44
cdm10I'm having a problem with Miro. I can't play h.264 with it. I seem to have the h.264 codec installed for Totem, but I'm not sure what I need to do to get it to work with Miro.02:44
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savvasXimal: if you want more restricted "toys" you can try installing ubuntu extras (search in add/remove)02:44
mirakDanaG: that's why I don't understand why sudo doensn't have the option to be able to say yes/cancel before doing a sudo operation. THat's an intermediate between having no password for sudo, and having it all the time.02:45
Ximalhaha .. your going to tempt me till i crash the pc m8..02:45
Ximali know you are.. haha02:45
savvasXimal: I'm just showing you the real thing, step by step :)02:45
Ximalnow .. if i could get guildwars to run in buntu .. i'd be in heaven m8..02:45
savvasmmm sorry, not a gaming/wine expert :)02:46
DanaGBut here's confirmation in Vista, for deleting something from All Users desktop.02:46
squidycontrast83, take a look: http://www.pastebin.ca/72812302:46
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DanaGYou must give permission to delete this.  <press OK.>    Do you give permission?   <yes.>   Are you sure you want to delete this?  <Yes.>02:47
DanaGAnd then if you're unlucky, such as in system folders, you then get "Access Denied!"02:47
Ximaloh yeah... firewall and security ...02:47
Ximalhow do i protect my o/s from incoming attempts ?02:47
Ximaland an anti-virus thing too..02:48
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pqnetplease can someone help with my problem? All gnome menu entries are gone, so I cannot start any application anymore02:48
pqnetwhen I click on "Applications" it shows an empty menu!!!02:49
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squidycontrast83, weird, isn't it?02:49
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james_xxxsavvas: would you guess that a fresh gutsy beta install would work fairly well?02:49
ratpoisonXimal: about guild wars http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=753002:49
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Ximalthanks rat02:49
contrast83squidy: Could you paste your xorg.conf?02:50
ratpoisonjames_xxx: no one can guarantee you that beta will work.... but if you want my personal experience, I have had minimal problems.02:50
squidycontrast83, sure.. however, i was using feisty with the same xorg.conf and it was working...02:50
ratpoisonand I've been using it since alpha 502:50
contrast83squidy: BTW, here's that guide - http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=198502:50
Ximalif i can play guildwars and use linux.. i'm never leaving the community again.. haha02:50
james_xxxratpoison: ty, i am going for it... i found a super fast mirror and am about finished downloading it02:51
Ximalratpoison : do you need to install the actual guild wars cd ? or can you feed off of a windows partition ?02:51
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savvasXimal: welcome to communist technology :P (just joking)02:51
ratpoisonXimal: no idea, I just pointed you to a site that has info02:52
ratpoisonjames_xxx: could luck man02:52
contrast83squidy: I can't guarantee that's gonna solve your problem though02:52
Ximalaye ... i just need to find the install file... reading now... this will be my last task before i go to sleep ... i got work in about 10 hours02:52
pqnetplease there isn't noone who knows how gnome configuration works02:52
ratpoisonpqnet: what do you mean?02:52
squidycontrast83, if you would want to see.. my xorg: http://www.pastebin.ca/72846602:52
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pqnetI cannot see any menu entry in gnome02:53
pqnetbut there are .desktop files in /usr/share/applications02:53
contrast83GNOME menu entries are stored in .config/menus, right?02:53
=== n0cturnal|gutsy [n=jose@wbs-41-208-218-119.wbs.co.za] has joined #ubuntu+1
contrast83err, ~/.config/menus02:53
ratpoisontry alt+f3 main menu and click "run main menu"02:53
ratpoisonlaunch, sorry02:54
savvaspqnet: it drops down when you click "applications" and appears completely blank?02:54
pqnetit drops02:54
pqnetand blank02:54
squidycontrast83, that howto is for feisty.. but will it work on gutsy ?02:54
pqnetthe same problem results in a new-created user account, so I think it's a problem i02:54
pqnetwith default settings02:55
savvaspqnet: hit alt-F2 and try this: killall gnome-panel02:55
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Ximalsavvas : ratpoison : How do i download that wine ? i can't figure it out ..02:55
savvasXimal: add/remove :)02:56
contrast83squidy: After looking at your xorg.conf, I'm not really sure tbh. I don't see anything that stands out as a showstopper, but I'm no expert. Sorry. :-\02:56
mirakDanaG: so ?02:56
squidycontrast83, ok... thank you.. :)02:57
contrast83squidy: Yeah, it works on Gutsy. It's what I've used on several Gutsy systems w/o issue.02:57
pqnetsavvas it kills then the manager restart it automatically02:57
Ximaladd remove isn't let me search02:58
Ximaldo i search for the game or the app name ?02:58
savvaspqnet: did it fix it?02:58
contrast83well, i'm out. peace, y'all.02:58
savvasXimal: you search for: wine02:58
savvasXimal: it should show wine windows emulator02:58
pqnetcontrast83 the problem doesn't manifest if I start the panel without a gnome session, for example stopping gdm and starting X on its own02:58
Ximalerr eww02:58
ratpoisonwell, to get you some info: every application has it's own site, that has the most recent version of the programme, which fits for all linux distribution . BUT in most distros there is the add/remove tool or an equivalent that has a collection of easy-to-install programmes, specifically for your distribution, (you are using ubuntu, if you're here). so, if you want to install anything you first take a look at your add/remove tool02:58
pqnetsavvas no, sorry, however I've tried restarting the computer many times02:58
Ximali know what a windows emulator is.. bad experience trying to code one for quake back in 9802:59
pqnetsavvas i don't think it would be much gain restarting gnome-panel02:59
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savvaspqnet: a user had the same problem before, someone recommended to remove the .config/ directory from home03:00
ratpoisonXimal: wine is a "windows emulator" it tries to fake the windows OS. As for how it works I have no idea03:00
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savvaspqnet: better do a backup03:00
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ratpoisonXimal: check out this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=283122&highlight=gutsy+guild+wars03:01
Ximalahh now to figure out how to change stuff like screensaver things03:01
pqnetsavvas as I said the same problem reportes with a brand new account03:02
savvasXimal: everything is in menus: system  > preferences, checkout screensaver there03:02
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pqnetvousdeux how's your problem with touchpad doing?03:04
Ximalai.. thanks m8's03:04
savvaspqnet: as I said, another user had the same situation, I can find and post the logs if you want03:04
savvasah wait03:05
savvas18:02:15< ReL1K> spr0k3t/savvas, if i create a new user, start menu loads fine, must be my user account that is hosed03:05
pqnetsavvas as i said removing the whole home won't fix it, I have the same problem with a new user account, with blank home directory03:06
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pqnetsavvas it's a system-wide configuration problem03:07
rico_hi guys. I have no VT. I do ctrl+alt+f1 and I get a blinking cursor. I have /dev/tty1. any clue to why this happens?03:07
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savvaspqnet: I got it the first time, ok03:07
pqnetsavvas i think it's related to gnome setting daemon telling the wrong directory to gnome-panel03:07
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savvaspqnet: try right-click to it03:10
savvaspqnet: can you add a new panel?03:11
pqnetyes I can03:11
savvasand you can fill it up again?03:11
savvastry adding a new "menu bar"03:12
clustydamn banshee03:12
DanaGmy bug: 12183303:13
VousDeuxwell, I was hoping that if I rebooted I could let the Power Manager run its course again and I might find something useful in /var/log/, but the only files that were modified near the time it started messing up only have unknown keypress details in them about when I hit 'fn + f3' to disable the touch pad...I'm sure it's unrelated03:13
DanaGbug 12183303:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux-source-2.6.22 "LCD backlight turns off between brightness levels during fades, and when on battery or at idle" [Low,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12183303:13
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clustyany1 using banshee here?03:14
pqnetsavvas I can add a new menu bar, new menu bar old issues: no menu' item03:14
savvasDanaG: try disabling the screensaver, it's said to have some bugs03:14
VousDeuxis there somewhere else I should be looking for Power Manager related logs?03:14
clustyhow can i cleanup the library of non existing files03:14
savvasVousDeux: if it's a crash, it should be in /var/crash/ and if it's a log it should be in /var/log/03:16
VousDeuxhmmm....nothing in /var/crash/ either, but I didn't know that, so thanks anyway :)03:17
savvaspqnet: right click on menu bar and try the "edit menus" option03:18
VousDeuxis it possible to somehow run the power manager in verbose logging mode?03:18
savvaspqnet: the menu items should be checked under "Show", do you see any of them checked?03:19
savvasVousDeux: through terminal as far as I know03:19
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savvasVousDeux: you mean this? gnome-power-preferences03:20
VousDeuxI'm using KDE03:20
VousDeuxI'm not sure what program it is...I just know it runs in the tray when I boot and then starts messing up and I have to close it03:21
Ximalhey guys03:21
Ximali can't get wine to open the installer exe file for guild wars...03:22
pqnetsavvas it doesn't fix my problem. Please stop hinting the same thing. I have a different problem.03:22
savvasVousDeux: ah, sorry, never tried kde03:22
Ximalis there a reason it's only showing file folders ?03:22
DanaGIt's not the screensaver doing it.  It's definitely a HAL and kernel thing.03:22
pqnetsavvas sorry i read the old message about the old user with the same problem and I thought you were insisting on that idea.. damn scroll bar ;P03:23
=== gorii [n=Administ@adsl-067-035-126-044.sip.bct.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
goriihey guys03:23
goriiduring the install process, gparted or whatever the partition program is locks up at 53%03:23
goriiany clues to what the problem may be?03:23
Ximalanyone ?03:24
pqnetsavvas back to us: "alacarte" menu editor doesn't start. Python error. I think it's because it cannot find any menu, so it crashes03:24
savvasXimal: after install wine, go to the terminal and type: winecfg03:24
=== n0cturnal|gutsy [n=jose@wbs-41-208-218-119.wbs.co.za] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxI found a powernowd, I wonder if that's in03:24
savvaspqnet: I think it's time for a bug report :) head to http://bugs.ubuntu.com03:25
Ximalcfg'in now03:25
savvasXimal: after it opens a new window, close that new window (ok or apply, can't remember)03:26
Ximali switched it windows xp03:26
Ximalbut then what ? just hit ok ?03:26
savvasthat created the /home/yourusername/.wine directory :)03:27
pqnetsavvas i know something doesn't work, I think it's about "ubuntustudio-*" packages I installed, I was trying to manually fix these03:27
Ximalnow what do I do to have it run the stupid install file ? heh.. i can't get it to notice files.. just directories03:27
VousDeuxhow do tray applets usually get loaded at startup in kde?03:27
pqnetI'm still asking the same question: does someone here know how to debug gnome-session to discover why my menu has disappeared?03:27
savvaspqnet: yeah, foreign packages tend to break stuff :p03:27
XimalWOAH ... i got it working.. wtf... woah03:28
Ximalim gonna cry.. this is sooo beautiful03:28
Ximalanyone have a tissue ?03:29
savvaspqnet: did you check on /var/log ?03:29
pqnetsavvas which log could be useful?03:29
Ximalsavvas ,,, thanks03:30
pqnetsavvas ubuntustudio is in "universe", I don't think it's so "foreign" to ubuntu03:30
savvasI'm thinking something like... X org ?03:30
VousDeuxI guess I'll just have to reboot again and look at the ps -aux list and see if I can figure out what program it is03:30
savvaspqnet: try /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:30
pqnetsavvas x server has clearly nothing to do with this... Xorg.0.log doesn't say a word about gnome configuration03:31
savvaspqnet: well, that's about it from me, cheers03:32
pqnetsavvas thank you allthesame03:33
Ximalsavvas : check pm03:33
pqnetsavvas do you know someone who can help me with this?03:33
=== VousDeux [n=CroiX@24-236-210-3.dhcp.cdwr.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvaspqnet: the ubuntustudio package manager? :p no clue, I honestly don't know :)03:34
pqnetsavvas no, someone who can tweak with gnome-session-manager, gnome-config and similar03:36
vmlinuz`is gutsy a bit slow in changing windows with alt(tab) or even changing tabs in firefox? whenever i attend to jump to another window or tab in an application say firefox or terminal. It hangs for a little second or two. then go to that window.03:36
vmlinuz`is it gutsy or gnome? my pc wasn't like that back in feitsy.03:36
vmlinuz`i have brand new hardwares etc. it shouldnt act like that at all03:36
erichjvmlinuz`, beta version03:36
savvaspqnet: dunno, I'm a simple end user :)03:36
vmlinuz`erichj: okay and. does that happen to you too?03:36
pqnetvmlinuz` maybe it's compiz and xgl03:36
=== DarkX [n=DarkX@ip70-181-154-127.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
vmlinuz`no my compiz is not enabled. not even any 3d effect.03:37
pqnetvmlinuz` however by default in gutsy xgl is enabled, you have to add a file in your home to disable it03:37
pqnetvmlinuz` .config/xserver-xgl/disable03:38
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=== Vorian_ [n=Steve@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.Vorian] has joined #ubuntu+1
Amaranthpqnet: No.03:49
Amaranthpqnet: We do not install Xgl by default03:49
Amaranthpqnet: If you had it installed then upgraded to feisty will be on03:49
AmaranthJust uninstall it03:49
Amarantherr, upgraded from feisty03:50
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Jordan_UAnybody up for a major dpkg breakage challenge ? :)03:55
=== Jordan_U was a total idiot :)
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Dr_willisYou Got married?03:56
=== Dr_willis clears the screen....
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Vorian_MCP51 > suddenly no sound > ideas?03:57
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Jordan_UDr_willis, No, I ran dpkg --clear-selections then sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade, then realized that I had removed ifup and couldn't connect to the internet to install the packages again, then I tried to dpkg -i every .deb in the archive, not realizing the the .deb for ifup ( and a lot of other important things ) wasn't even there, now I have the worst dpkg breakage I have ever seen and no clue how to fix it04:00
Jordan_UDr_willis, I am now chrooted in from a LiveCD04:00
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VousDeuxwell, I finally figured out what program the power manager is...it's python guidance-power-manager.py04:06
AmaranthVousDeux: KDE?04:06
pqnetAmaranth from www.ubuntu.com/testing/gutsybeta page:04:07
AmaranthVousDeux: See, that's the problem, no one here uses KDE :)04:07
pqnetAmaranth: Compiz Fusion is enabled by default and will bring 3D desktop visual effects that improve the usability and visual appeal of the system. Ubuntu 7.10 automatically detects whether the hardware is capable of running compiz; if not, it falls back to normal desktop. Additional effects can be enabled in "System/Preferences/Appearance" under the "Visual Effects" tab. There you can also disable the effects entirely.04:07
Amaranthpqnet: Yes, compiz is installed and enabled by default04:07
Amaranthpqnet: Xgl is not04:07
AmaranthBut if you install it it enables itself automatically04:08
AmaranthSo if you had it installed in feisty then upgraded to gutsy it'll start working automatically04:08
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pqnetAmaranth: ah ok, so if hardware doesn't support indirect rendering via aiglx/nvidia, and xgl isn't installed it revert automatically to no visual effects?04:11
Ximalone other question guys..04:12
naliothanybodys gutsy keep powering off due to temperature issues?04:12
Ximalwhat is a good limewire pro like edition of music/file sharing i can use in linux ?04:12
naliothXimal: limewire is java.  it runs anywhere.04:13
tokoronaMinor issue with KDMTHememanager for Gutsy04:13
naliothXimal: you can also use frostwire04:13
tokoronaIt (once installed) appears to crash the KDM Control Shell04:13
tokoronaAnd..d oesn't appear to work correclty, unless the .kth files aren't.. kde themes04:14
Ximalfrostwire ?04:14
Ximalwithout any dang adds ?04:14
Ximalfreeware edition .. opensource like ?04:14
Amaranthnalioth: only when i abuse my laptop heavily04:14
Ximalthought about using my limewire pro through wine04:14
AmaranthXimal: It's java, it runs anywhere.04:15
AmaranthBeing java also means it's slow, memory heavy, and has tremendous feature bloat. :P04:16
=== clusty [n=clusty@modemcable121.201-83-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu+1
clustywith the risk of sounding like a looser: how can I tell xchat to send my password whenever i connect to freenode?04:17
crimsunclusty: configure it in the preferences.04:18
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #ubuntu+1
clustycrimsun: can't find04:19
=== LiberCogito [n=deliberc@cpe-72-184-123-163.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== rico [n=rico@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Kyuko [n=oo@bas4-kitchener06-1167935595.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu+1
ricohey.. anyone experience Emerald stop working after the new update?04:20
=== newsense07 [n=newsense@unaffiliated/newsense07] has joined #ubuntu+1
nosrednaekimcrimsun: hey.... alsa dude ;) my sound card isn't allowing multiple programs to access it for playback... worked in fiesty04:20
Dr_willisclusty,  right there in the server settings tabs/dialogs theres a password area04:20
Dr_willisclusty,  or make an alias that does it so ya just can type /id (or similer)04:20
riconosrednaekim, my sound also stopped working after the new gutsy updates.. *sigh*04:20
newsense07there any good way to make sure my gutsy upgrade went smoothly ?04:21
crimsunnosrednaekim: err, um, more details, please?  What modifications (audio-config-wise) have you made since 7.04?04:21
nosrednaekimcrimsun: nothing, but sound was not working at all without a modprobe patch in fiesty04:21
=== Stormx2_ [n=Stormx2@5ac82404.bb.sky.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== clusty [n=clusty@modemcable121.201-83-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu+1
clustytoo easy :D04:22
nosrednaekimcrimsun: its a ATI HDA chip (realtek 883)04:22
crimsunnosrednaekim: well, is audio audible at all?  (e.g., does `aplay /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav` work?)04:22
usserwhats wrong with linux version of limewire?04:23
nosrednaekimcrimsun: oh yeah, it works great, but only one program can access it at a time.04:23
naliothAmaranth: i was just wonderin, as it's never happend on feisty or prior04:23
crimsunnosrednaekim: so now, pastebin your ~/.asoundrc* and/or /etc/asound.conf04:24
=== newsense07 [n=newsense@unaffiliated/newsense07] has joined #ubuntu+1
nosrednaekimcrimsun: actually, come to think of it, only amarok works...04:24
nosrednaekimcrimsun: ok04:24
Dr_willisusser,  care to  give some details..04:24
Dr_willisusser,  at one time their shell scripts had issues. and they require the official SUN java..04:24
ricocrimsun, hey, I have ALSA and I don't seem to have /etc/asound.conf. is this normal?04:25
Dr_willisI tend to use frostfire,  instead of limewire.04:25
=== Nephyrin [n=neph@74-134-234-175.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
crimsunrico: yes.04:25
=== setuid [n=desrod@] has joined #ubuntu+1
setuidCan someone tell me what happened to /etc/inittab in Gutsy?04:26
nosrednaekimcrimsun: http://pastebin.ca/72853404:26
setuidThis afternoon's updates completely hard-lock my Thinkpad when it tries to get into X.04:26
pqnetAmaranth you seem to be understanding something about this all: can you help me with my problem, e.g. menu entries on gnome are gone?04:27
ricobtw, is ntfs-3g read/write siginificantly slower than ext3?04:27
setuidI tried to recover, by setting the runlevel, but there is no more inittab.04:27
usserDr_willis: hm, oh ok.04:27
Dr_willisubuntu has been changing how it does the init system.04:27
Amaranthpqnet: you mean your applications menu?04:27
crimsunrico: significantly?  No.04:27
setuidAnd whether I use fglrx, ati or radeon... startx, gdm, or otherwise... it hard-locks the machine.04:27
Dr_willisthe runlevels are not even used any more i thought other then to start/shutdown.04:27
ubotuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/04:27
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #ubuntu+1
setuidBut it was fine until I pulled this afternoon's updates04:27
=== Nephyrin [n=neph@74-134-234-175.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
setuidI'm pulling whatever updates happened in the last few hours, to see if the problem was found and fixed.04:28
crimsunnosrednaekim: and what does `asoundconf list` give you?04:28
setuidI'd definitely call that grave. The screen goes black, backlight goes out, and it no longer responds to any input (i.e. the CapsLock light doesn't even light up when I press it)04:28
nosrednaekimcrimsun: "SB"04:28
pqnetamaranth yes, it has disappeared. I've run many tests to understand why this works like that04:29
Ximali can't get frostwire to run04:29
Ximali downloaded it but it's not working04:29
crimsunnosrednaekim: make sure amarok is configured to use the "default" device, not "hw:0,0" or anything like the latter04:29
crimsunnosrednaekim: (same goes for arts)04:29
Amaranthpqnet: rm -rf ~/.config/menus04:29
pqnetamaranth i tried with a new user, with blank home, and the same problem remains04:29
nosrednaekimcrimsun: where do I set it for arts?04:29
crimsunnosrednaekim: you can also attempt to remove ~/.asoundrc*04:29
Amaranthpqnet: oh04:29
nosrednaekimcrimsun: hmm ok04:29
=== CodeImp [n=dont@s55910c2b.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
Amaranthpqnet: sudo apt-get --reinstall install gnome-menus04:29
crimsunnosrednaekim: in KDE System Settings04:29
=== XsteelWolf [n=XsteelWo@cm33.epsilon107.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ximalis there a config i need to run before it will work ?04:29
setuidWhile I'm stuck in text-mode, and on the topic... anyone know a text-only browser that supports Javascript?04:30
pqnetamaranth i tried that too, with --purge04:30
Amaranthpqnet: does alacarte show anything?04:30
=== AlinuxOS [n=vsichi@host72-133-dynamic.16-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ximalgot it04:31
pqnetamarant alacarte crashes on start, a runtime python error in module /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Alacarte/util.py04:31
Amaranthpqnet: run it from a terminal and pastebin the output04:32
nosrednaekimcrimsun: setting the sound driver to alsa in amarok just crashed it..04:33
setuidDr_willis, Any ideas on why the machine hard-locks when it tries to get into X with any X driver?04:33
crimsunnosrednaekim: to "alsa"?04:34
nosrednaekimI removed those files though, do I have to re-login?04:34
nosrednaekimcrimsun: yeah04:34
crimsunnosrednaekim: you shouldn't need to relogin, but try it.04:34
ricohey.. anyone experience Emerald stop working after the new update?04:34
Amaranthpqnet: ?04:34
ricoemerald --replace yields no output.04:34
pqnetamaranth http://nopaste.com/p/aLAELZIIrb04:34
nosrednaekimcrimsun: ok04:34
Amaranthpqnet: ok, something is really wrong04:35
Amaranthpqnet: join #alacarte04:35
pqnetamaranth here it is, I think the XML parser didn't  return a valid object because it didn't find the file to parse04:36
Amaranthpqnet: yes04:36
=== nosrednaekim [n=michael@03-118.200.popsite.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== kevinO [n=kevin@66-227-221-83.dhcp.klmz.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
usserDr_willis: how gtk_gnutella? have u tried it?04:37
nosrednaekimcrimsun: deleting that file worked! thanks!04:37
nosrednaekimnow I can play drums in hydrogen while listening to music in amarok ;)04:38
nosrednaekimcrimsun: the things you work for ;)04:38
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu+1
Dr_willisusser,  not tried it in ages..04:43
=== DM| [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Ahadiel [n=michael@S010600131042857c.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
DM|oh my frakking god.. I just had resolution workinga gain and now its reverting to 640xXXX whenever i restart X.... *sigh*04:45
DM|anyone know the nvidia-settings command i can run in terminal to change resolution?04:45
VousDeuxoh cool...I can put my cursor on the title bar, spin my wheel and it will roll-up the window04:46
ricohey guys how can I downgrade Emerald?04:46
ricothe Gutsy repository only hosts one version04:46
=== mzuverink [n=mzuverin@adsl-75-41-24-160.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
mzuverinkare there medibuntu repos yet?04:46
=== shachaf_ is now known as shachaf
Hobbseemzuverink: you'd really have to ask that somewhere where medibuntu does support....04:47
VousDeuxmzuverink, I haven't looked today, but there weren't any yesterday04:47
Dr_willisis emerald even needed?04:47
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:47
ricowell I want emerald04:47
Dr_willisit dosent do anything last i looked...04:48
Dr_willisit had no themes I recall :)04:48
Dr_willisthen again - i just installed it  because it was there...04:48
ricowell you can install the emerald-themes package04:48
Dr_willisand then what.. :)04:48
ricoor download more themes off the internet04:48
rico...then you'll have themes in your emerald-theme-manager to use I guess.04:48
Dr_willisand what exactly do they change?04:49
ricowindow borders.04:49
VousDeuxmzuverink, nope...40404:49
mzuverinkVousDeux, yeah the page says that, but was wondering about maybe some kind of secret squirrel testing repo, Im looking to install libdvdcss on gusty04:50
ricoand hey i have another quick problem. ctrl+alt+f1 shows me a blinking cursor (no login prompt).04:51
VousDeuxI tried using the instructions provided but replacing feisty.list with gutsy.list...I got a 40404:51
=== compwiz18 [n=adam18@] has joined #ubuntu+1
ricoalthough, I can type there.. login with my username/password, execute commands... just that they don't show up04:51
rico(e.g., if i login and type "sudo shutdown -h now" it will actually shutdown, but I don't see my commands or shutdown's output)04:51
VousDeuxmzuverink, you don't need a secret squirrel for that04:52
Amaranthrico: what driver?04:52
VousDeuxmzuverink, it has a 3 on the end of it though04:52
Amaranthrico: fglrx?04:52
ricoAmaranth, xserver-xorg-video-intel, latest from Gutsy's repository.04:52
Amaranthoh, weird04:52
ricomm how can I check?04:52
Amaranthrico: what video card do you have?04:52
mzuverinkVousDeux, I have no other knowledge of how to install it, got any tips?04:52
ricointel X3100 (aka, GMA 965 I think)04:52
Amaranthoh, uh04:53
Amaranthno clue04:53
Amaranthi know you can't use compiz with that one though04:53
newsense07do you know how to change the look of windows while minimizing ?04:53
ricotrue. I specifically disabled the check for it.04:54
Amaranthnewsense07: install compizconfig-settings-manager and play with the options for the animation plugin04:54
Amaranthrico: You get to keep both pieces04:54
ricothe only problem there is that I can't play video through XV... something I don't mind04:54
VousDeuxmzuverink, it has a 2, not a 3..sorry...you should be able to just apt-get install libdvdcss204:54
=== Lilacor [n=paul@ip70-187-155-101.oc.oc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
newsense07Amaranth: thanks !04:54
mzuverinkok, thanks04:55
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs04:55
VousDeuxmzuverink, ahhh...there was one with a 3 on it...libdvdread304:56
mzuverinkVousDeux, there's not one on the repos04:57
VousDeuxmzuverink, then you have to sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/install-css.sh04:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kiba-dock - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:57
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@S010600902754713b.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxmzuverink, I think that last one decrypts commercial dvd's04:58
=== Konam [n=Konam@70stb68.codetel.net.do] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxmzuverink, you may also want to have a look at ubuntu-restricted-extras or kubuntu-restricted-extras05:00
mzuverinkVousDeux, I installed the RE for Ubuntu05:01
Hobbseeu-r-e doesnt decrypt dvds05:02
Hobbseethat script (install-css.sh does)05:02
VousDeuxyeah, you still need libdvdread3 for that05:02
Hobbseealthough, i'm thinking of adding bits to u-r-e and such for hardy, to go and grab the evil extra codecs from medibuntu05:02
=== DM| [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Hobbsee will have to speak to them first, though.
=== bazhang [n=bazhang@61-230-100-116.dynamic.hinet.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Konami'm noticing that my internet connection dies from time to time......05:04
VousDeuxwb Konam05:04
=== d4rkmonkey [n=Jared@CPE000bcd15b4ae-CM00195efba7ac.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxKonam, wifi?05:04
=== DM| [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
mzuverinkVousDeux, thanks for the tip, got it taken care of, now for those darn win32 codecs05:06
ricohey, what does anyone need win32 codecs for?05:06
Amaranthw32codecs is only useful for realmedia05:07
ricoew, real.05:07
Amaranthand we have realplayer for that :P05:07
HobbseeAmaranth: ahhh, i sthat what it's for05:07
KonamVousDeux for example, i'm connected right now, but it dies for a moment and then it comes back it is more dead than it is alive, is annoying....05:07
AmaranthHobbsee: It used to be useful for a lot more things but we've gotten codecs for wmv3 and such05:07
=== DM| [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
mzuverinkdoesnt win32codecs also allow you to listen to wma in like xmms too?05:08
ricohmm, i dont have /dev/dsp.05:08
ricois this normal?05:08
ricoi used to.05:08
Amaranthmzuverink: no05:08
ricoi tried to reinstall alsa-base btw05:08
Amaranthmzuverink: w32codecs only works in mplayer and xine05:08
=== DM| [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== effie_jayx [n=valles@ubuntu/member/effie-jayx] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== DM| [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
mzuverinkAmaranth, true05:08
=== DM| [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
mzuverinkso I take it the commercial canonical repos wont be up till official release?05:09
mzuverinksource o matic does not list them05:09
=== DM| [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== LiberCogito [n=deliberc@cpe-72-184-123-163.tampabay.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Amaranthmzuverink: Have to get permission to put stuff in there05:10
HobbseeDM|: you still lose05:10
mzuverinkAmaranth, so like Acro Reader best to install now from official site?05:10
DM|Hobbsee dont be so helpful, you might hurt yourself05:10
ricoalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device05:11
ricoanyone familiar with that?05:11
HobbseeDM|: indeed.  i might just kickban you, for wasting our time.05:11
DM|Hobbsee abuse of power, think i wasnt doing anything? most of those disconnects were me changing the server tabs05:12
HobbseeDM|: uh, no they werent.  most of them were me throwing you off the network.  it has a different quit message.05:12
Hobbseebah.  twit.05:12
=== DM| [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
HobbseeDM|: uh, no they werent.  most of them were me throwing you off the network.  it has a different quit message.05:12
DM|Hobbsee w/e05:12
mzuverinkHobbsee, are you the same Hobbsee of Mandrake heritage?05:12
Hobbseemzuverink: um, nope?05:13
Hobbseemzuverink: i've never used mandrake05:13
mzuverinkHobbsee, there was a Hobbssee who used to moderate mandrakes irc channel often, just wondering05:13
=== tehk [n=tehk@c-69-249-157-157.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Hobbseemzuverink: ahhh.  nope :)05:14
Hobbseehiya bazhang~05:14
AmaranthHobbsee isn't from Mandriva and I didn't make that theme :P05:14
bazhangI've taken your words to heart and stopped advising people to get Gutsy...mostly..haha05:15
Hobbseebazhang: :D05:15
Hobbseebazhang: well, it's fine if they know what they're doing05:15
mzuverinkHobbsee, so what are you saying?;)05:16
Hobbseemzuverink: in regards to?05:16
Hobbseemzuverink: oh, that a lot of this channel has no idea what they're doing, and shouldnt really be running gutsy?05:16
mzuverinkHobbsee, yeah05:16
Hobbseemzuverink: i am, yes.05:16
mzuverinkHobbsee, am maybe i wear my heart on my sleeve and too offense, not really05:17
Hobbseemzuverink: (because they're not filing useful bugs, etc)05:17
=== Amaranth doesn't file bugs :P
mzuverinkHobbsee, bugs, what bugs?  My sys is running like a champ05:17
HobbseeAmaranth: yes, but you fix them.05:17
Hobbseemzuverink: yay!05:18
AmaranthHobbsee: But not the same set as the ones I find05:18
HobbseeAmaranth: when will you fix kwindeco-compiz stuff?05:18
AmaranthHobbsee: never05:18
mzuverinkHobbsee, just a pain having no medibuntu to do the dirty work easy, yet, Im learning and thats a good thing, next...linux from scratch05:18
HobbseeAmaranth: awww....05:18
Hobbseemzuverink: have you asked the medibuntu guys why they dont have their repos up?05:19
AmaranthHobbsee: I have no interest in KDE, KDE has no interest in Compiz05:19
AmaranthHobbsee: And most of the bugs left are frigging weird05:19
Hobbseeyeah, well.  compiz == crack :)05:19
AmaranthLike a crash on ~QObject05:19
=== dug_ [n=ubuntu-@c-98-202-28-57.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
mzuverinkHobbsee, they do not answer, just ignore the questions05:20
AmaranthHobbsee: My thoughts exactly :005:20
Hobbseemzuverink: where are you asking?05:20
AmaranthHobbsee: And there is a bug with the domino theme that kde-window-decorator exposes, not our bug :)05:20
AmaranthHobbsee: I can't think of any other important bugs for kwd05:20
mzuverink#medibuntu and #ubuntu05:20
Hobbseemy concern is how it crashes so much, and doesnt play nice with the pager05:20
Amaranththe pager doesn't follow the standards05:21
Hobbseemzuverink: #ubuntu is not the place - medibuntu is a derivative05:21
HobbseeAmaranth: then fix the pager?  :)05:21
Amaranthand the crashes are the ~QObject thing05:21
Hobbseewhich is a qt-ism.05:21
AmaranthHobbsee: would such a patch be accepted at this point?05:21
mzuverinkHobbsee, right, but usually they are there05:21
AmaranthHobbsee: SuSE already has a patch for it05:21
HobbseeAmaranth: depends how big it is, etc.05:21
bazhanghi Amaranth05:21
HobbseeAmaranth: if you have a patch, eyeballing it would be good.05:22
HobbseeAmaranth: making sure it doesnt effect standard kde05:22
mzuverinkHobbsee, one bug though, if compiz is enabled, my bottom bar does not appear until I click on the desktop05:22
Hobbseemzuverink: Amaranth is the compiz guy :)05:22
HobbseeAmaranth: OOPS, YOU BROKE IT.  FIX IT NOW!  :p05:22
mzuverinkAmaranth, catch that bug?05:22
Amaranthmzuverink: already fixed (in the next upload)05:23
DanaGmy bug: bug 12183305:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux-source-2.6.22 "LCD backlight turns off between brightness levels during fades, and when on battery or at idle" [Low,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12183305:23
mzuverinkAmaranth, or you want me to be a good doobie and report it officially?05:23
HobbseeDanaG: we're still not kernel/acpi devs, btw05:23
Amaranthmzuverink: already fixed (in the next upload)05:23
mzuverinkAmaranth, awesome05:24
tokoronahmm.. wonder why kde-themeinstall isn't working correcrtly.05:24
Amaranthick trevinho doesn't have source for his patched kicker package05:24
HobbseeDanaG: if you've provided the info required, set it to confirmed, seeing as it looks like others are seeing it05:24
Amaranththat's probably not even legal :P05:24
HobbseeAmaranth: ew, trevhino05:24
AmaranthHobbsee: well he snagged the patch from suse05:25
Amaranthfigured i'd snag his since it at least applied to our feisty package05:25
DanaGCan you see if everything needed is there?05:25
Hobbseedoesnt mean i trust him, and doesnt mean that he's not FULL OF CRACK.05:25
Amaranththen again he probably didn't base his package on our feisty package05:25
HobbseeDanaG: no idea.  see the part about me not being a kernel dev05:25
DanaGOh yeah, and I tried KDE the other day, and noticed the lack of a volume OSD.05:25
HobbseeDanaG: it has one.05:25
Amaranthwtf opensuse's source packages don't include KDE stuff05:27
Amaranthi hate their repo layout05:28
=== BHSPitLappy [n=steve-o@unaffiliated/bhspitmonkey] has joined #ubuntu+1
AmaranthHobbsee: I can't find their package so... :P05:28
=== Amaranth adds KDE users to the blacklist
tokoronaKDE isn't .. that bad.05:29
mzuverinkSpeaking of KDE, is there a way to keep kde stuff to only show up if in kde and vice verse w/ gnome?  Stupid q I know, But my Youngest likes kde and I like gnome, and if I edit the emues it screws everything up, stuff disappears on both05:30
mzuverinkcant get her to use gnome, they use kde at school05:31
=== DM| [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
tokoronaalthough, I should probably go back to figuring out why kdethememanager is misbehaving.05:33
tonyyarussomzuverink: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25065&highlight=hide+kde+gnome05:33
tonyyarussojocko cd /usr/share/applications/kde05:33
tonyyarussojocko sudo for i in *; do echo "OnlyShowIn=KDE;" >> $i; done05:33
tonyyarussois what I had written down for that - never tried it05:33
=== superbenny [n=superben@ip68-9-142-127.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
mzuverinktonyyarusso, thanks05:35
ppjany updates to nvidia drivers?05:36
=== JabberWokky [n=evan@] has joined #ubuntu+1
mzuverinkWhats the deal with all the pre-created folders now in Gusty?05:37
JabberWokkyThanks for a good topic line.  Got my answers.05:37
=== JabberWokky [n=evan@] has left #ubuntu+1 ["A]
mzuverinkNot that its a bad thing...05:38
superbennyhey just upgraded from 7.07...my Intel wireless card (in my IBM ThinkPad) isnt working. comes up as a restricted driver, which i made sure is enabled05:38
ussermzuverink: what pre-created folders?05:38
superbennybut nothing it seing it05:38
mzuverinkSuper, video pictures....05:38
superbennycomes up in lshw05:38
mzuverinksuperbenny, like video and pictures, templates....05:39
newsense07yall like dolphin ?05:39
=== usser spits
=== usser yuck
mzuverinkits good mixed in a can of tuna05:40
=== usser dolphin is ugly
usserwhy did they have to change file manager05:40
usserkonq was just fine05:40
=== Traveler0 [n=traveler@66-188-130-15.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== dchosenb [n=dchosenb@c-69-248-73-61.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
tokoronaDolphin is OK.05:41
tokoronaI sorta don't see the point in using it over konqurer, no05:41
=== newsense_07 [n=newsense@adsl-68-253-181-7.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
ussertokorona: the best is the enemy of the good05:41
bazhangthe perfect...05:41
ussertokorona: exactly05:41
usserthe perfect, i didnt know the english version, sorta just translated05:42
superbennyhey, my wi card stopped working when i upgraded from 7.0405:42
superbennyany thoughts?05:42
tokoronaI use ndiswrapper, so i've never.. really had to mess with restricted drivers.05:43
superbennyit just worked without any config when i installed 7.0405:44
superbennyso i didnt even have to mess with wrapper05:44
Traveler0My wireless card just went kaput, too.05:44
Jordan_USuper, What chipset?05:44
tokorona(which, incidently, required a reinstall... have to say that 7.10 doesnt' require that blasted configuration workaround, so I'm happy)05:44
Jordan_Usuperbenny, Is it set to roaming mode?05:44
Traveler0It worked until recently.05:45
Traveler0It's that blasted new Intel card.05:45
=== kevinO [n=kevin@66-227-221-83.dhcp.klmz.mi.charter.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Jordan_Usuperbenny, System -> Administration -> Networking05:45
superbennyim using kde05:46
DanaGYay, one more reason to love Amarok: MusicBrainz.05:46
Jordan_Usuperbenny, Make sure that it's set to roaming mode their ( which just means that it should be controlled by network-manager05:46
superbennyyea networkmanager isnt seeing it05:46
superbennyat all05:46
superbennybut lshw sees it, and iwconfig sees my wireless network05:46
Jordan_Usuperbenny, Don't know how to do it in the GUI in KDE but you want to remove any references to the card from /etc/network/interfaces05:47
Traveler0Anyone else having problems with their wireless cards after the latest updates?05:47
Traveler0Iwconfig says it's not there. Ifconfig says it's not there. LSPCI says it IS there.05:48
superbennyi dont need gui05:48
superbennycommands are fine05:48
=== bullgard4 [n=detlef@p54BF2D5B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
Jordan_UAnybody up for a major dpkg breakage challenge ? :)05:52
savvasyou have virtual machines for that :p05:53
=== riotkittie [n=tracy@cpe-72-228-37-187.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
ubotuThe Ubuntu Kernel gets updated in stages.  If you have the updated kernel, but do not have the corresponding restricted modules, you may be leaving yourself with no X when you reboot.  If you have compiled binary versions of your video driver, eg from the nVidia site, you will need to recompile them for the new kernel.  This is normal, and not a bug.05:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about brokenvidia - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:56
Traveler0Am I the only one who has'nt got wireless internet?05:57
ppji have 3 laptops and 2 desktops, i use both05:57
ReL1Ksavvas: saw you said something before about the issue i was having, are others experiencing it too?05:57
savvasReL1K: neah, wrong alarm05:57
superbennytraveler:no me too05:58
Traveler0Also, why the zark is my battery life so awful? The X61 should get 3+ hours with the screen brightness cranked down.05:58
newsense_07i was using ndiswrapper until latest updates now i got a module that works with my card and i get an extra bar !05:58
savvasbut another user had a problem system-wide05:58
savvasthe menus appeared empty05:58
riotkittieoh i am so jealous. <bites newsense_07's functioning wireless>05:58
savvasbut in a newly added user the effect was the same :\05:58
=== cellofellow [n=josh@209-193-110-110.mammothnetworks.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
newsense_07arrr gar gar05:59
savvasso it wasn't any .config/ for that matter05:59
riotkittiei wish i could ditch ndiswrapper under gutsy05:59
cellofellowmy apt authentications are all messed up. How can I fix it?05:59
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tokoronafor some reason, prism54 doesn't work with my chipset.06:00
=== dchosenb [n=dchosenb@c-69-248-73-61.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
savvascellofellow: system > admin > soft sources > authentication and restore defaults06:01
savvas(thank god they have that)06:02
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@74-140-6-108.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== mrj_ [n=mrj@c-71-228-69-135.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== mrj_ is now known as ppj
riotkittieoh yay. more updates.06:04
=== Tomcat_` [n=Tomcat@p54A1C922.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Dr_willisby the time ya get the updates installed.. thers more updates!06:05
=== ppj [n=mrj@c-71-228-69-135.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvashm.. I ought to make a blueprint to allow only twice per day to update :P06:06
riotkittiethat was odd. i dont have updates. save for ekiga, which never wants to install.06:06
riotkittiei'm so sad. the prospect of another 170 updates had filled my heart with such gleeee. :'(06:07
savvas(yay!) :p06:07
superbennydo i detect a hint of sarcasm?06:07
riotkittieno. <3 updates <306:08
=== ppj [n=mrj@c-71-228-69-135.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvaswell people like you make the security.ubuntu.com hurl06:08
savvasbut no offense taken i suppose06:09
=== miki [n=miljenko@dh111-183.xnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu+1
riotkittieand why do i do that  :|06:09
VousDeuxI'm trying install something that says it can't find X libraries...what should I do to fix it?06:10
VousDeuxwhere are X libraries located?06:15
=== mzuverink [n=mzuverin@adsl-75-41-24-160.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
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mzuverinkwhen you chose a background color for gdm, no matter your choice it is always brown06:17
bazhangahaha really?06:17
bazhangwow--glad I'm on KDE.06:18
bazhangfeature or bug?06:18
mzuverinkgood question06:18
ubotuFor help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents06:18
ussermzuverink: i think its a bug06:18
mzuverinkIf I could change just one thing about ubuntu, it would be that darn brown06:18
ussermzuverink: i had the same problem with kdm they fixed it recently06:19
ussermzuverink: yea i think its a poor theme choice06:19
mzuverinkusser, me too, atleast it make noise whenits ready to have you login now06:19
mzuverinkthats new06:19
mzuverinkI just cant stand brown06:20
ussermzuverink: well kubuntu's choice is even worse i its reddish purple06:20
=== wsjunior [n=wsjunior@unaffiliated/wsjunior] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== sinX_ [n=jarrett@c-67-187-232-149.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
riotkittiewhat would you change the brown to?06:21
riotkittieew. reddish puple? ><06:21
riotkittiei thought that it was blue06:22
wsjuniorusing fglrx driver im unable to access any tty, how do i fix it without removing fglrx driver?06:22
wsjunioris it possible?06:22
=== robotgeek [n=robotgee@ubuntu/member/robotgeek] has left #ubuntu+1 []
riotkittiewhy/how is the driver stopping you from accessing a tty?06:22
wsjuniori mean, im able to switch to any tty, but they are unusable.. i cant see anything but a black screen06:23
ppjno prompt?06:23
riotkittieis getty runnig?06:23
wsjuniorjust a black screen06:23
savvasmzuverink: right click on the desktop and change the background color06:23
wsjuniorya, if i use ati driver instead of fglrx it works06:23
wsjuniorbut i need to use fglrx06:23
riotkittiehow bizarre.06:24
VousDeuxwhat would be the path for x libraries?06:24
riotkittiei dont see why people throw such fits about the brown. to the extent theyre circulating partitions.06:24
=== colinh [n=colin@bas2-toronto01-1178021111.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu+1
riotkittieerrr. p.. petitions.06:25
riotkittiecirculating partitions. heeee. <has been taking painkillers>06:25
riotkittiebut wait. that was the wallpaper they were doing it over.06:25
riotkittieotoh, it is an incredibly ugly wall paper.06:26
=== mzuverink [n=mzuverin@adsl-75-41-24-160.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== cellofellow [n=josh@209-193-110-110.mammothnetworks.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
wsjuniori used to chane vga to 791 to fix this problem but it doesnt work anymore06:26
=== WGGMk [n=wggmk@] has joined #ubuntu+1
WGGMkok, i need some assistance06:29
WGGMkI have an Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon 2.6.22-13 laptop.. running fine.. w/ Broadcom wlan.. I just bought a linksys wireless adaptor for my "Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon 2.6.22-12 server" and i need to install the firmware for the broadcom chipset06:30
wsjuniorso what?06:30
WGGMkI have the files and all dependancies needed on a USB disk with the lable /disk.. the mount point was /media/disk on my laptop.. im having trouble looking at it on my server.. its not mounted or mounted somewhere else06:31
HobbseeAmaranth: just blame opensuse.06:32
HobbseeJordan_U: major dpkg breakage?06:33
WGGMkcan anyone help me with mounting a USB drive (thumb drive) on Gusty Gibbon Server (no X)06:35
Dr_willisplug it in. use 'sudo fdisk -l' to see where its at (or dmesg output)06:35
Dr_willismkdir /media/thang06:35
Dr_willis(with a sudo)06:35
Dr_willissudo mount /dev/whateveritscalled /media/thang  -t whateverthsfsis.06:36
Dr_willisOr is there something more specific ya have issues with?06:36
Jordan_UHobbsee, I ran dpkg --clear-selections then sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade, then realized that I had removed ifup and couldn't connect to the internet to install the packages again, then I tried to dpkg -i every .deb in the archive, not realizing the the .deb for ifup ( and a lot of other important things ) wasn't even there, now I have the worst dpkg breakage I have ever seen and no clue how to fix it06:36
Jordan_UHobbsee, I'm currently chrooted in with a LiveCD :)06:37
HobbseeJordan_U: you idiot :)06:37
Jordan_UHobbsee, In my defense this is a scratch machine06:37
Jordan_UHobbsee, But yea :)06:37
Traveler0Anyone else had wireless problems?06:37
HobbseeJordan_U: either reinstall, or install ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-standard, then try installing ubuntu-desktop06:37
HobbseeJordan_U: and work your way through your mess06:37
WGGMkDr_willis: would it detect it as System: linux raid autodetect?06:37
Hobbseebut it may be quicker to backup and reinstall06:37
Jordan_UHobbsee, I can't install ubuntu-minimal ;)06:37
HobbseeJordan_U: because?06:38
HobbseeJordan_U: install the stuff that it depends on, etc.06:38
WGGMkim having trouble determining the drives.. i forget how i partition'ed this server..06:38
Jordan_UHobbsee, I can't use dpkg at all06:38
HobbseeJordan_U: oh, because ifup is so far stuffed that dpkg wont work.06:38
HobbseeJordan_U: ok, then reinstall.06:38
Jordan_UHobbsee, That would be giving up, and isn't as fun ;)06:38
Hobbseedidnt relaised your dpkg was broken too06:38
=== pqnet [n=pq@utente6Carducci.sns.it] has left #ubuntu+1 []
WGGMkDr_willis: thanks.. i got it mounted.. sorry.. having a brain fart today06:39
HobbseeJordan_U: you may get away with manually doing the wrok that dpkg does - but dude...you may as well install and configure LFS, then gentoo, and *still* be ahead.06:39
Jordan_UHobbsee, dpkg is broken because for some reason many of the things that ubuntu-minimal depends on were not in /var/cache/apt/06:39
Dr_willisWGGMk,  sticking beans up your nose will do that. :)06:39
Traveler0Well...I can't update my laptop for the time being.06:40
Traveler0It still works. (The wireless does not.)06:40
Traveler0Should I try downloading the latest updates (via Ethernet,) or wait until things are fixed?06:40
WGGMkDr_willlis: lol.. i forgot server didnt have a GUI by default.. and i just installed it like a week ago..06:40
HobbseeJordan_U: right, so that's depenedancy hell, not dpkg being broken.06:41
Traveler0Is my connection not working properly?06:41
=== pqnet [n=pq@utente6Carducci.sns.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
Jordan_UHobbsee, Yes06:42
=== Traveler0 is now known as spasticteapot
=== pqnet [n=pq@utente6Carducci.sns.it] has left #ubuntu+1 []
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spasticteapotStupid java applett....06:42
Jordan_UHobbsee, But I actually have all of the dependencies at least, so once it's worked out ( if it ever is ) it will be able to magically pop back in place06:42
WGGMkhow do i tell linux-restricted-drivers-manager to use a specific file for the firmware with no GUI lol.. for broadcom cards.. using bcm43xx-fwcutter06:43
=== theCore [n=alex@ubuntu/member/theCore] has joined #ubuntu+1
Jordan_UHobbsee, I saved a backup dpkg --get-selections06:43
HobbseeJordan_U: wget the debs in, perhpas06:43
Hobbseethen go from there06:43
Jordan_UHobbsee, But I can't use dpkg -i until I run dpkg --configure -a , and that won't work until I have all of the .debs :) It's a catch 2206:44
HobbseeJordan_U: it's called karma for messing up your system.06:44
HobbseeJordan_U: wget the deps then dpkg --configure -a would be my guess06:44
Hobbseeor just cut your losses, reinstall, then go fixing parts of gutsy06:45
=== SmrtJustin [n=SmrtJust@cblmdm72-241-92-132.buckeyecom.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
WGGMkwhats the command to connect to a specific network?06:47
Dr_willisWGGMk,  you mean IRC network?06:47
WGGMkDr_willis: no.. like 'eth2' is my wlan card.. i need to manually connect to my router on my server06:48
Dr_willishmmm...  you mean 'connect to the wireless network' :)06:48
VousDeuxI see why people are always asking compiz questions in here...nobody is ever alive in that channel06:48
Dr_willisi dont touch wirless.. :)  sorry06:49
WGGMki havent the faintest of how to do it06:49
WGGMktis ok06:49
Dr_willisproberly 12+ ways to do it.. each depends on the versionof the card...06:49
WGGMkDr_willis: thnx for the mounting help06:49
Dr_williswireless has been such a... disaster. :)06:49
Dr_willisWGGMk,  yep. mounting i can do..06:49
WGGMkyes it sure hans06:49
WGGMkerr has06:49
VousDeuxdoes anyone know how I can turn off the shade feature in compiz?06:49
Dr_willisHopefully with the new kernel/wireless stuff and the wireless N things comming out06:49
Dr_willisVousDeux,  in the advanced compiz control panel thing.06:50
Dr_williswhich is not installed by default..06:50
Dr_willisand i forget its package name. :)06:50
Dr_willis!find compiz06:50
ubotuFound: compiz, compiz-bcop, compiz-core, compiz-dev, compiz-fusion-plugins-extra (and 15 others)06:50
Dr_williscompizconfig-settings-manager - Compiz configuration settings manager06:50
Dr_willisthats it. :)06:51
VousDeuxI have that installed, but I think I clicked every option in there and did not find the ones I was looking for06:51
Dr_willisyep.. its a little complex for a settings program.06:51
Dr_williswhich 'shade' feature do ya mean?06:51
Dr_willisi spent a few hrs explorign the thign last week.06:52
VousDeuxwhen I click the minimize button, it rolls up instead of minimize06:52
Dr_willisahh.. thats.. different.06:52
Dr_willisthat might bein the first/top settings.  whatever that area is called on the list06:52
=== miki [n=miljenko@dh108-147.xnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu+1
Dr_willisthats where you can set the title bar double click to 'winshade' or other things..06:52
=== miki [n=miljenko@dh108-147.xnet.hr] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Dr_willisi cant recall ever seeing that specific effect however. but i do recall seeing other  button settings.06:53
=== macogw [n=maco@unaffiliated/macogw] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== arpu [n=arpu@p54BFF058.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== drekko [n=drekko@c-9109e555.03-24-73746f11.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxI'm also not fond of having to click specifically on a title bar to activate a window...I prefer to be able to click anywhere on the window to activate it06:55
riotkittiemy wireless worked out of the box on gutsy. it also pushed me back to windows because it was so ... awful :P06:55
Dr_willisVousDeux,  ive not seen that effect either.06:55
Dr_willisVousDeux,  try making a new user with default settings and see if that applys to them also.06:55
Dr_willisthat almost sounds like a bug06:55
riotkittiewell, "pushed me back" isnt fair because its not like i was wandering far from it at that point06:55
VousDeuxhmmm...maybe it is a bug...it's like I have a window  behind another, I have to click directly on the title bar to bring it up top06:56
Dr_willissounds like a bug to me.06:56
WGGMkGusty works fine for me.. i havent had a problem06:57
Dr_williswell i now have gutsy on 3 of my machines.06:58
riotkittiegutsy works so well i almost hate it.06:58
WGGMkim just having problems getting my server connected cause im not too good without a GUI06:58
Dr_willis cheatign on this one.. it has feisty and gutsy both. :) i got gutsy updated/going on it now.06:58
=== rico [n=rico@] has joined #ubuntu+1
ricohey, is there something wrong with gutsy's repositories?06:59
ricoim getting 0 bytes from the repository URLs when I do 'check' on update-manager06:59
WGGMki get this weird message after GRUB06:59
ricoWGGMk, what is it?07:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
WGGMk[numbers]  PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 0 on device 0000:00:00.007:00
WGGMk[numbers]  changes on every restart07:00
WGGMkany thoughts?07:02
ricohmm, ive no clue.07:04
=== snadge [n=snadge@starbug.ugh.net.au] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== cellofellow [n=josh@209-193-110-110.mammothnetworks.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== snadge is dist-upgrading to gutsy because he is impatient ;)
=== Jordan_U hopes snadge won't be impatient when he doesn't get support if something breaks :)
snadgeits okay.. my desktop is also a heart and vital signs monitor for thousands of sick patients ;)07:08
Dr_willisand it runs the ISS  for the soviets.. they oursourced it.07:09
Dr_willisoutsourced it..07:09
cellofellowI have a deadly sound hardware combination it seems: nVidia HDA and SigmaTel STAC9200. I've found some vague references to fixes, but nothing I can figure out. Apparently this is true for most of Linux, and Feisty. (Maybe I should ask in #ubuntu then. :-) )07:09
cellofellowBut, anybody know how to fix it?07:09
snadgewhats wrong.. just no sound?07:10
=== FossZombie [i=svencoop@pdpc/supporter/student/GPLGeek] has joined #ubuntu+1
cellofellowjust silence07:11
Dr_willisThe sound of silence.07:11
snadgehave you tried running alsamixer from commandline?07:11
cellofelloweverybody points to this, http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?p=868053, but it's for Fedora and I can't seem to translate to debian/ubuntu.07:11
=== Jordan_U looks for his simon and garfunkle CD ;)
cellofellowsnadge: oh, yes07:11
snadgeand checking /proc/asound/cards to see how many devices are detected and which is primary07:11
=== cellofellow wishes he could listen to his S&G Oggs.
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@74-140-6-108.dhcp.insightbb.com] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Leaving"]
cellofellowonly the nvidia HDA device shows in there.07:12
snadgecellofellow: you could test gutsy from its livecd to see if it detects sound07:12
cellofellowthe SigmaTel looks like an OSS device though. Stillno sound.07:12
=== XsteelWolf [n=XsteelWo@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== DanaG has Sigmatel STAC9250.
cellofellowsnadge: this doesn't work on any system I've come across. The only place on the Internet that says anything on how to fix it I linked to, but it's for Fedora. How do I translate?07:13
DanaGMy playback works, but capture doesn't.07:13
=== squidy [n=squidy@unaffiliated/squidy] has joined #ubuntu+1
DanaGI've even updated to the HG alsa, but it's no better there.07:14
Jordan_Ucellofellow, Nothing there looks too Fedora specific, just remove all alsa packages with apt07:14
cellofellowthat removes like half of my system though, due to metapackages and stuff.07:14
=== MuNzE [n=miki@] has joined #ubuntu+1
cellofellowbug #13435107:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 134351 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Sigmatel STAC9200 No Sound/Audio Ubuntu (Gateway MT3423)" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13435107:15
DanaGIt's fine to leave ALSA packages there while still compiling new versions manually.07:15
snadgeor you could possibly follow the ubuntu wiki for recompiling alsa, and use the fedora instructions to customise that process somehow ;)07:15
DanaGYou just have to watch for kernel updates.07:15
=== hydrogen [n=hydrogen@ignorance.campus.alfred.edu] has joined #ubuntu+1
cellofellowSomeone in the bug report stuff fixed it, but I don't know how.07:15
Jordan_Ucellofellow, You can ignore deps, but I'd listen to DanaG instead :)07:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 134351 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Sigmatel STAC9200 No Sound/Audio Ubuntu (Gateway MT3423)" [Medium,Confirmed] 07:16
cellofellowthat's what I want to do, but how?07:16
cellofellowI'm not great shakes at this low-level stuff. (yet.)07:16
DanaGOh, and after compiling new versions remove the following file and sudo depmod -a, or you'll get mysterious "unknown symbol" errors:07:17
DanaGwhere .22-12 is whatever you're currently on.07:17
=== arpu [n=arpu@p54BFC62A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
snadgehmm.. gutsy seems to use the same kernel version as feisty07:17
cellofellownot sure of that.07:17
cellofellowI think Feisty is 2007:18
DanaGYup, it is.07:19
snadgeahh it is too07:19
cellofellowis this something I need to use apt-src for?07:19
Jordan_Ucellofellow, No, but you may want to use apt-get build-deb07:19
cellofellowstill over my head. :-)07:19
Jordan_Ucellofellow, Ignore that, I'm tired :)07:19
tokoronaGutsy uses .12 or .13 I think07:20
mzuverinkVousDeux, actually all the medibuntu debs are on their site, just go to http://packages.medibuntu.org/pool/07:20
cellofellowI'm using Gutsy and currently running .1207:20
VousDeuxmzuverink, cool...thanks07:20
WGGMkim running 2.6.22-13 and its sweet07:21
mzuverinkVousDeux, you have to go through and pick them manually, by alphabetical order, both for free and non free, but they work, beats installing acroread by had07:21
snadgeis it true that wine is actually starting to get better than cedega because cedega uses an older pre-forked copy of wine?07:22
cellofellowok, the guy in here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/134351/comments/23 links to here http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?p=868053 but doesn't say exactly what he did besides that he only removed alsa-lib and alsa-utils07:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 134351 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Sigmatel STAC9200 No Sound/Audio Ubuntu (Gateway MT3423)" [Medium,Confirmed] 07:22
cellofellowI'm lost.07:22
cellofellowis HdaIntel and nVidia HDA compatible?07:24
DanaGYup, the standard is "Intel HD Audio" because Intel defined the standard.07:24
cellofellowgotcha, like AMD6407:24
DanaGIt's the successor to AC97, which was another standard audio device bus.07:24
DanaGYou can use the HG version of ALSA by using sources from here: http://alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Download#ALSA_HG_.28Mercurial.29_SCM_repositories07:25
cellofellowalsa-lib doesn't even exist. is this normal?07:28
=== DShepherd [n=dwight@] has joined #ubuntu+1
squidydoes anyone here use compiz-fusion with KDE?07:29
DanaGFedora's packages are named differently.07:31
ussersquidy: i do07:32
=== MuNzE [n=miki@] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Leaving"]
=== torpedo|dog [n=thetorpe@] has joined #ubuntu+1
cellofellowhow do I manage to install those programs that depend on alsa-suchandsuch?07:33
cellofellowwhen I've manually installed patched versions.07:33
squidyusser, how do you get to start c-f with kde startup?07:34
ussersquidy: alt+f2 compiz --replace07:35
ussersquidy: and then it just kind starts on every boot by itself07:35
ussersquidy: just make sure in kcontrol session manager u check on login restore previous session07:36
squidyusser, but at the starts the adept_notify stay out of systray.. and the pager show only 1 desktop...07:36
=== DigitalNinja [n=dhull@134-7-178-69.static.gci.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
ussersquidy: hm it doesnt do that for me07:37
squidyusser, are you using kubuntu gutsy too?07:37
DigitalNinjaI just did an update. Now my video doesn't work right07:37
ussersquidy: yep07:37
DigitalNinjaI have an nvidia 760007:37
DigitalNinja3D and compiz were working before the update07:37
DigitalNinjanow they don't work07:37
ussersquidy: i use kde-window-decorator though07:37
squidyme too07:38
ussersquidy: no emerald07:38
DigitalNinjaMaybe I should restart with a different kernel07:38
squidyi haven't got emerald installed07:38
squidyusser, what's your gpu?07:38
ussersquidy: weird did u do any setuo in ccsm07:38
ussersquidy: nvidia 860007:39
DigitalNinjasquidy: Nice!07:39
squidyusser, yes i did07:39
squidyi've got a nvidia 7300gt..07:39
cellofellowhumble nvidia 610007:40
cellofellowWAY better than the RIVA TNT2 I had b4.07:40
ussercellofellow: omg07:40
squidyDigitalNinja, did you upgrade from feisty to gutsy?07:40
ussersquidy: i dunno07:40
DigitalNinjaI installed Tribe 5 about 3 or 4 weeks ago07:40
squidyusser, ok dude.. thanks07:40
DigitalNinjaThinks have been okay07:40
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@74-140-6-108.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
WGGMkOk, fresh install of Gusty Server amd64. I have a direct connection to the router. sudo apt-get update fails. "Temporary failure resolving..." then source sites, etc.07:40
DigitalNinjalost a few things along the way but the developers have fixed them07:41
DigitalNinjaThis problem looks bad07:41
cellofellowWGGMk: you got DNS issues. Add your ISPs DNS servers to /etc/resolv.conf07:41
DigitalNinjaI'll be back07:41
WGGMkbut im connected wireless on the same router right now.. in Gusty desktop07:41
Dr_willis wee.. woobly windows under Kubuntu Gutsy..07:41
DigitalNinjaswitching to a different kernel07:41
Dr_willisand lots of little issues.. Like having to click on a titlebar to activate a window.07:42
riotkittiei like clicking to activate :P07:42
WGGMkcellowfellow: i checked in /etc/resolve.conf it just has my ISP and nameserver IP's listed07:43
WGGMkcellowfellow: I tried to ping the nameserver's and they are unreacheable.. how do you manually start a network interface07:45
cellofellowDr_willis: all fixable :-) I got sloppy focus the way I like it07:45
WGGMkisnt it like wake or something07:45
cellofellowWGGMk: sudo ifup interface07:45
Dr_williscellofellow,  heh. Im suprised that MythTV frontend is working.. :)07:45
=== DigitalNinja [n=dhull@134-7-178-69.static.gci.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
DigitalNinjaIt works!07:46
Dr_willisi can do the fancy app-switching and the tv show  is in a fancy window07:46
DigitalNinjaLooks like something kernel related broke in the update07:46
Dr_williswell night all.07:46
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@74-140-6-108.dhcp.insightbb.com] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Leaving"]
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=== buttercups [n=me@adsl-70-224-59-73.dsl.sbndin.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
WGGMkcellowfellow: "ignoring unknown interface eth2=eth2" when running that07:52
=== cdm10 [n=caleb@unaffiliated/cdm10] has joined #ubuntu+1
cdm10displayconfig-gtk broke my system today.07:56
Tomcat_!stages > Tomcat_07:59
=== macd [n=d@cl-151.ewr-01.us.sixxs.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
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cdm10So, does this !stages thing go on in released versions of Ubuntu, or are stable version users prone to having their X broken?08:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
cdm10Tomcat_: You can /msg ubotu factoid if you want, instead of using a channel.08:00
Tomcat_Oh. Right. Sorry. ;)08:00
cdm10That's ok, it's not like the channel is very busy :)08:01
Tomcat_Yeah, I just should have remembered. I was specifically using the > operator... ;>08:03
cdm10Tomcat_: Well, that did half the job08:03
snadgesweet.. gutsy upgrade worked fine.. compiz works heaps better08:05
cdm10snadge: Which upgrade? What version of Compiz do you have?08:06
snadgei dont care if i dont get support its still better than windows :P08:06
ppjsnadge, don't upgrade too much08:06
ppjyou'll break it08:06
newsense_07anyone know of a gutsy package that includes the 3d windows plugin for compiz-=fusion ?08:06
snadgei went from feisty with amaranth's repo.. to current gutsy beta08:06
cdm10snadge: Ah, ok.08:06
snadgeits LOADS better08:06
cdm10newsense_07: 3d windows?08:06
cdm10snadge: yup :)08:07
newsense_07windows stick out from cube08:07
ppjsnadge, well theres an issue with nvidia right now so don't update too much08:07
cdm10newsense_07: I remember that being in Beryl, but I don't see it in my Compiz config thingy.08:07
ppjassuming youre using one08:07
Amaranthsnadge: compiz isn't better the infrastructure is :)08:07
cdm10ppj: It's in the topic08:07
Amaranthppj: no problem with nvidia08:07
Tomcat_newsense_07: I read that plugin was experimental and needs to be compiled from CVS/SVN.08:07
newsense_07cdm10: i think its in unsupported plugins08:07
cdm10Amaranth: Well, read the topic08:07
snadgei dist-upgraded to gutsy, so everything has updated and im using an nvidia 520008:08
snadgewhats the current nvidia issue?08:08
Amaranthcdm10: I'll just have to change the topic :P08:08
cdm10newsense_07: Ah, I don't think I have that installed. I'm curious what's in that...08:08
cdm10Amaranth: the stages are complete?08:08
Amaranthabout 24 hours ago08:08
newsense_07cdm10: no package for it in gutsy i had a 3rd party repo in feisty but it never worked for me08:08
Amaranthreally, the old kernel and l-r-m have even been removed from the archive already08:09
snadgeis there a guide to performance tweaking compiz, specific to nvidia/ati chipset etc?08:09
Amaranthsnadge: we've already tweaked it08:09
Amaranthexcept for one little part08:09
snadgegood.. thats probably why it just runs quicker now08:09
ppjwhich part of the topic was about nvidia?08:09
cdm10newsense_07: That's weird, Feisty had a beryl-plugins-unsupported thingy.08:09
cdm10ppj: the !stages part.08:09
Amaranthsnadge: install compizconfig-settings-manager and set your refresh rate to whatever your real refresh rate is, disable autodetection08:09
ubotuThe Ubuntu Kernel gets updated in stages.  If you have the updated kernel, but do not have the corresponding restricted modules, you may be leaving yourself with no X when you reboot.  If you have compiled binary versions of your video driver, eg from the nVidia site, you will need to recompile them for the new kernel.  This is normal, and not a bug.08:09
cdm10If you read !stages, it mentions binary drivers.08:09
ppjoh god08:10
newsense_07Amaranth: dont you host a 3rd party repo for feisty that includes compiz-fusion packages ?08:10
cdm10Question: Do these stages occur on Feisty as well?08:10
Amaranthcdm10: yes08:10
cdm10Or whatever the current stable version is?08:10
=== mode/#ubuntu+1 [+o Amaranth] by ChanServ
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu+1:Amaranth] : If you regularly update ("dist-upgrade" or otherwise), you already have the beta | Don't run gutsy if you don't know what you're doing | Don't use development version of Ubuntu on production systems | Ubuntu 7.10 - the "Gutsy Gibbon" | Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule | For support for Dapper, Edgy, Feisty please join #ubuntu | See releases.ubuntu.com for the beta cds
=== mode/#ubuntu+1 [-o Amaranth] by ChanServ
cdm10Amaranth: so a stable user could accidentally upgrade their kernel before their restricted-modules?08:10
snadgeyeah except i suspect feisty is going to be dumped in droves once gutsy is released ;)08:10
cdm10That seems quite dangerous.08:10
Amaranthcdm10: Yes but only if the kernel ABI changes08:10
Amaranthwhich basically never happens after release08:10
AmaranthI think it's happened twice since 200408:11
snadgei dist upgraded with nvidia binary module.. rebooted, everything works better than expected08:11
AmaranthMaybe only once08:11
cdm10Amaranth: ABI?08:11
cdm10Amaranth: I'm not familiar with that :)08:11
Amaranthcdm10: binary interface08:11
=== tehk [n=tehk@c-69-249-157-157.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
cdm10I definitely have had several kernel upgrades in Feisty.08:11
Amaranthcdm10: if it changes the nvidia driver has to be recompiled08:11
DanaGI'm using nvidia 100.14.19, and I fixed my dual-core freezing by installing irqbalance.08:11
cdm10Some of them changed my drive letters!08:11
snadgeAmaranth: whats this one tweak that you didnt mention? :P08:11
Amaranthcdm10: but no ABI changes08:11
Amaranthcdm10: after feisty release?08:12
Amaranthsnadge: I did mention08:12
Amaranthsnadge: install compizconfig-settings-manager and set your refresh rate to whatever your real refresh rate is, disable autodetection08:12
=== Poul^Laptop [n=raider@] has joined #ubuntu+1
snadgescrolls back.. ahh yes you did08:12
cdm10Amaranth: yup, it started out /dev/sda, and with my HD making a weird clicking noise on every shutdown. Then, a month later, there was an upgrade, and it switched to /dev/hda and no weird clicky noise. Then, another month later or so, it went back.08:12
cdm10Now, in Gutsy, it's /dev/sda but no clicky noise.08:13
snadgeAmaranth: already did that in feisty, it has remembered too08:13
Amaranthcdm10: A change like that would not happen after release08:13
Amaranthsnadge: ok then, it's pretty much as tuned as it gets08:13
cdm10Amaranth: Well, it did, and many people complained about their letters changing in #ubuntu.08:13
Amaranthcdm10: On upgrade, sure08:13
=== BentJ [n=BentJ@port46.ds1-esp.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu+1
cdm10Amaranth: Nope, this was probably a few weeks after release.08:14
cdm10I helped quite a few people set back up their ntfs-3g drives that had changed.08:14
snadgevery smooth, just used nvclock to tweak up my ram and gpu speeds a bit.. and now its gold ;)08:14
ppjdoes anyone know of a gui program to control fanspeeds?08:15
cdm10I'm STILL getting the black window bug, despite the fact that the nvidia-glx-new driver is supposed to fix that.08:15
ppji'd like something i can quickly change08:15
cdm10So, what's the difference between compiz-compcomm-plugins-main and compiz-fusion-plugins-main?08:16
newsense_07ppj: i dont even know of a non gui app to do that, sorry08:17
ussercdm10: compcomm is the old name so theres probably older plugins there08:18
cdm10usser: Yeah, that would be my guess, but still... why is it in the repos?08:18
ppjnewsense_07, theres a few that use config files08:18
=== dfgas [n=dfgas@68-112-183-217.dhcp.fdul.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
newsense_07i need a repo for unsupported-plugins08:18
snadgeactually.. im amazed at the difference gutsy has made to compiz, its heaps smoother.. i can rotate cube, use expo etc with streaming mp3 playing with visualisations, and it doesnt skip at all08:19
ussercdm10: dunno makes no sense maybe they forgot to delete after all gutsy still beta08:19
DanaGMy system still seems to get bogged down when under heavy I/O.08:19
newsense_07ppJ:nothing included in ubuntu tha i know of personally08:19
ppjsnadge, if you open a terminal and maximize it by double clicking the menu bar does it keep shaking?08:19
cdm10DanaG: Yeah, mine too, I think it's just an inherent weirdness of Linux.08:19
cdm10Flaw, if you will.08:19
DanaGI think it may partly be NVIDIA, too.08:20
snadgeppj: no.. it seems to work as intended08:20
DanaGOh, and my hard drive is 5400rpm.  :(08:20
ppjmine keeps shaking like its convulsing08:20
snadgeemerald has crashed twice now actually.. thats kind of disturbing08:20
snadgeand now metacity has autoreloaded08:20
usserppj: yea does it here too08:21
=== magnetron [n=magnetro@unaffiliated/magnetron] has joined #ubuntu+1
newsense_07anyone know of a gutsy package that includes the 3d windows plugin for compiz-=fusion ?08:22
ussernewsense_07: what does that plugin do?08:22
DanaGI just use gtk-window-decorator.08:22
newsense_07windows stick out from the cube08:22
DanaGI disabled emerald by chmodding it -x.08:22
ussernewsense_07: its there08:23
newsense_07usser: whats the package name the plugin is in ?08:23
DanaGAack, when I type italic letters, they turn into boxes!08:24
ussernewsense_07: im trying to find it08:24
DanaGoops, that's an "!ohmy", almost.08:24
macogwnewsense_07: i noticed i couldnt find it08:25
=== karmue [n=karli@e178183115.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
magnetron!lol | cdm1008:25
ubotucdm10: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.08:25
newsense_07usser: i had it when i was running feisty using a 3rd party repo and it was in compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported i believe08:25
ussernewsense_07: i could have sworn i seen it in gutsy's compiz08:25
ussernewsense_07: cant find it now08:26
cdm10magnetron: Fair enough...08:26
cdm10Wow, compizconfig-settings-manager has some BIG issues.08:27
cdm10Or maybe I do.08:27
cdm10I can't figure out how to disable a key shortcut.08:27
=== heartsblood [n=heartsbl@pool-71-163-112-67.washdc.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
heartsbloodhow do I get the error reports to stop?08:31
newsense_07power button08:32
=== nandemonai [n=nandemon@ppp121-45-11-208.lns10.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
cdm10Has anyone noticed randomly disappearing mouse pointers?08:36
cdm10Like, sometimes, whenever I'm over a text field it disappears.08:36
=== wedderburn [n=andrew@ppp194-10.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
cdm10Other times it disappears when it switches to the busy pointer.08:36
=== defcon [n=ion@70-58-245-194.phnx.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
wedderburnhello all, recently i upgraded to the new kernel+ resticted modules now when ever i start gutsy i get a xorg error because the nvidia kernel module can't be loaded, also when i go to the restricted driver app its not loaded i click on it and it says to restart on restart its still unloaded08:39
ubotuThe Ubuntu Kernel gets updated in stages.  If you have the updated kernel, but do not have the corresponding restricted modules, you may be leaving yourself with no X when you reboot.  If you have compiled binary versions of your video driver, eg from the nVidia site, you will need to recompile them for the new kernel.  This is normal, and not a bug.08:39
wedderburnbut i have the corresponding restricted modules08:40
=== wedderburn [n=andrew@ppp194-10.static.internode.on.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
level1hi, were the package issues from a couple of days ago fixed?08:42
usserlevel1: yes08:43
level1usser: is the RC out yet?08:45
usserlevel1: there will be no rc. i think its the last release till the actual release08:46
level1the beta you mean?08:47
usserlevel1: yea08:47
cdm10I certainly hope not, the beta is BUGGY!08:47
ussercdm10: the updates are coming in every day08:47
=== wedderburn [n=andrew@ppp194-10.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
cdm10usser: The schedule says nothing about it being canceled.08:47
=== heartsblood [n=heartsbl@pool-71-163-112-67.washdc.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
level1the only real bug I have left is a little problem with vesa and my screen resolution... otherwise its as close to a perfect release as I've ever had08:48
cdm10Well, my mouse cursors keep disappearing :(08:49
heartsbloodwhy would mozilla crash if I type 'crash report detected' in the search box?08:49
cdm10heartsblood: That's WEIRD!08:49
ussercdm10: oh theres a rc hm somehow i was under the impression that ubuntu doesnt do rcs08:49
cdm10usser: Ah, ok. I thought you were saying it was canceled :)08:49
heartsbloodcdm10: being funny, or serious?08:49
cdm10heartsblood: serious. It's really weird, if that's what it did.08:50
level1vesa is giving me 1600x1200 when I have a native resolution of 1920x120008:50
heartsbloodthat's not all08:50
heartsbloodI keep getting spammed with a program crashing that isn't installed, and about every 3 seconds a window pops up saying movie player has crashed08:50
cdm10I wish they would change the default background. I mean, not only is it pretty ugly, but it's really bad quality! There are artifacts everywhere.08:50
cdm10heartsblood: ouch.08:50
heartsbloodI dont even have totem installed atm I dont know wtf is going on :/08:51
heartsbloodWHAT movie player?08:51
heartsbloodis there anyway to increase the verbose lvl in the crash report thing?08:51
defconanyone notice that gutsy loads gnome very slowly on boot08:51
defconwhat is a good way to optimize boot/loading apps, feisty was much faster08:52
defcondunno why, every special effect=disabled08:52
=== merhojt [i=Jimmy@81-233-54-65-no58.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
heartsbloodis it possible to disable the crash report thing?08:53
cdm10Probably, but I don't know how.08:53
=== cdm10 [n=caleb@unaffiliated/cdm10] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Leaving."]
heartsbloodhow do I change my tty fonts?  they changed when I upgraded to gutsy.08:56
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@] has joined #ubuntu+1
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=== alecwh [n=alecwh@71-213-24-236.slkc.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
alecwhLoving Gusty so far, but one small problem. The "window list" panel preferences dialog doesn't have a size option (where you can set minwidth and maxwidth) Screenshot: http://img527.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotwindowlistprept1.png Can someone help?09:15
=== riotkittie [n=tracy@cpe-72-228-37-187.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== riotkittie [n=tracy@cpe-72-228-37-187.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== cyphase [n=cyphase@c-71-198-55-219.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== darkchr0n0s [n=darkchr0@] has joined #ubuntu+1
darkchr0n0sany idea if gutsy will work out of the box for ATi cards (mobility radeon x2300) and compiz-fusion also ?09:26
=== FunnyLookinHat [n=funnyloo@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Ahadiel [n=michael@S010600131042857c.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxI finally trapped an error with the guidance-power-manager: Warning: While setting SystemPowerManagement to  True :  org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.SystemPowerManagement.NotSupported: No powersave method found09:28
VousDeuxheh...google found nothing about it in english09:30
alecwh Loving Gusty so far, but one small problem. The "window list" panel preferences dialog doesn't have a size option (where you can set minwidth and maxwidth) Screenshot: http://img527.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotwindowlistprept1.png Can someone help?09:33
=== avis [n=avis@pdpc/supporter/student/avis] has joined #ubuntu+1
ubotuIt is spelt !guTSy :)09:38
=== heartsblood [n=heartsbl@pool-71-163-112-67.washdc.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
heartsbloodhow do I change the font size on a tty screan and what is the program called that gnome is using to report program crashses?09:41
=== scipio [n=c@cpe-75-85-206-61.dc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
Lynoureheartsblood: these might work in ubuntu too:  consolechars -f /usr/share/consolefonts/font-file-name09:47
Lynoureheartsblood: and to change permanently, edit SCREEN_FONT in /etc/console-tools/config09:47
=== theo_ [i=theo@host90-32-dynamic.6-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
DanaGsudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup09:50
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level1how can I use konqueror instead of dolphin as the default file manager?10:14
Evanlecu using kubuntu?10:15
level1Evanlec: yeah10:16
level1Evanlec: if there was a #kubuntu+1 I'd ask there :)10:17
bicycledaav1hi all, after upgraded to gusty, cupsys doesn't work well: /usr/lib/cups/backend/socket failed10:17
pvandewyngaerdelevel,      rigt click a folder , properties,   type folder >  click icon on the right >  set to open with konqueror10:19
pvandewyngaerdelevel1:  that should do the trick10:20
level1pvandewyngaerde: I left windows a year ago, and as it happens, windows had a really annoying bug related to this10:20
level1pvandewyngaerde: it kept opening the search utility when I clicked on a folder with no way to fix it10:21
pvandewyngaerderelated ?? how can this ?10:21
pvandewyngaerdelevel1:    did it work ?10:22
level1pvandewyngaerde: I could still "use" the computer, but it was really annoying... I considering moving to linux anyway10:23
pvandewyngaerdei meant did it work to change  to konqueror with my instructions ?10:24
level1pvandewyngaerde: yes, thanks10:24
=== pavi [n=Ravneet@dialpool-210-214-84-89.maa.sify.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== pavi [n=Ravneet@dialpool-210-214-84-89.maa.sify.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
pavihello , i have openssl installed and up to date , but when installing a particular software , i get error " cant open libssl.so.4 : no such file or directory " , is there any way to solve the problem ???? thanks10:27
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=== dissecti1n [i=death@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Boing [n=huff@host81-153-182-78.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
dissectionAnyone know if Gutsy will have a Blu-Ray movie player when its officially released?10:31
=== thedonvaughn [n=jayson@unaffiliated/printk] has joined #ubuntu+1
pvandewyngaerdedissection:   personnaly i dont think so10:34
pvandewyngaerdeit has to do with the  decryption10:35
dissectionCan't it play the same way as it plays in Windows, right from the Disc?10:36
mmkassemdissection: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD10:37
dissectionYeah, I've seen that. But that talks about ripping the movie to the hard drive.10:37
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Tomcat_dissection: There's no legal Blu-ray player for Linux, so you'll have to do it that way. :I10:50
=== dissection hopes someone comes up with an illegal one, then :D
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DraconPernpersistence broken in beta/10:53
=== _Jaak_ [n=ernst@elanser.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
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_Jaak_displayconfig-gtk the one currently in the repo's is it kindoff the final version being released 18 oct?10:54
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_Jaak_Is there anyone else that has no bottom gnome panel on startup (auto login)?10:57
Tomcat__Jaak_: I've had that once... clicking & dragging where the bottom panel should have been fixed it.10:57
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DraconPernis launchpad having problems?10:58
WGGMkwhats the command to list available usb drives?10:58
Tomcat_WGGMk: lsusb10:58
WGGMkTomcat_: thanks10:58
WGGMkTomcat_: how bout there mount points10:59
=== defcon [n=ion@71-35-71-34.phnx.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
_Jaak_displayconfig-gtk isn't really working fine for me, not on a nvidia nor an a ati10:59
Tomcat_WGGMk: For USB drives, they are usually generated automatically, and lie in /media/<name>10:59
WGGMkTomcat_: well this is really a cellphone connected via usb11:00
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Tomcat_WGGMk: Check syslog for items when you plugged it in. It might say something.11:00
_Jaak_Tomcat_, thanks it's fixed11:00
Tomcat__Jaak_: Seems to be some compiz bug... hope it won't occur too often.11:01
WGGMkTomcat_: sorry, where is the syslog located?11:01
Tomcat_WGGMk: /var/log/syslog11:01
=== assasukasse [n=assasuka@host-84-220-157-133.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
Tomcat__Jaak_: What graphics card btw?11:02
WGGMkTomcat_: thanks11:02
Tomcat__Jaak_: Might be interesting if it happens more often.11:02
_Jaak_eeuhm nv7600gs atix60011:02
Tomcat_Mh. Okay, no match. :)11:02
_Jaak_displayconfig-gtk, kinda messes up my xorg.conf everytime i try it out11:03
Tomcat__Jaak_: File a bug then... :o11:03
_Jaak_yes i was but i don't know how to write it down11:03
Tomcat__Jaak_: Write down what you did in displayconfig. Attach your old xorg.conf and your new one... describe how it's messed up for you.11:04
Tomcat__Jaak_: Don't forget version numbers of your Ubuntu installation + displayconfig, and your graphics card/display info.11:05
Tomcat__Jaak_: When you're finished I can have a look at it to check what else might be neede.11:06
WGGMkTomcat_: im not to sure on what i should be looking for.. it show's when its removed and added.. but i think it cant identify it properly11:06
Tomcat_WGGMk: Plug in the cell phone and check syslog... the last couple of lines should tell you something about the new USB device.11:06
Tomcat_WGGMk: Something like this: Oct  7 08:26:44 Hal9000 kernel: [ 4894.248799]  usb 1-9: new high speed USB devic11:07
Tomcat_e using ehci_hcd and address 411:07
WGGMkTomcat_: yea, but Im too dumb to go from there (http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/39829/)11:07
=== ke- [n=kenneth@port272.ds1-aboes.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu+1
Tomcat_WGGMk: Well, where do you want to go?11:08
Tomcat_The cell is attached and loaded as usb device... good so far.11:09
WGGMkTomcat_: being able to mount the phone with read/write ability11:09
=== oshiii-_^ [n=h1@unaffiliated/oshiii/x-3278] has joined #ubuntu+1
Tomcat_Mh... okay. Somebody needs to take over. No idea. ;)11:09
WGGMkTomcat_: where though.. i can sudo mount /dev/cellphone location /media/cell if i know where its attached11:10
Tomcat_Yes, that's the question.11:10
WGGMk*sigh* thanks for the help so far.. anyone have any thoughts11:10
Tomcat_WGGMk: Do you see anything unusual in Places => Computer?11:10
Tomcat_WGGMk: Sometimes devices are in there and need to be mounted manually (double click)11:11
WGGMkTomcat_: same old stuff11:11
Tomcat_WGGMk: If the cell has some USB options on the device, check if they are "correct"... like, attach as mass storage device, etc.11:11
WGGMkTomcat_: they dont have those options11:12
Tomcat_WGGMk: Mh. :\11:12
WGGMkTomcat_: ?11:12
Tomcat_WGGMk: Was my last try. I don't know... maybe the cell phone needs special software. :o11:13
=== WGGMk [n=wggmk@] has joined #ubuntu+1
WGGMkTomcat_: yea i thought that, but BitPim says most linux kernel's support USB phones11:15
Tomcat_WGGMk: Really depends on the phone though. If the phone doesn't announce a USB mass storage device, I doubt it's supported...11:16
WGGMkTomcat_: =(11:17
WGGMkwelp thanks for the help.. enough headaches for tonight.. gnite all11:17
=== WGGMk [n=wggmk@] has left #ubuntu+1 []
ugaheh, mots usb phones I saw so far are no much more than a simple usb sound card11:19
uga(in phone shape)11:19
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tokoronaStrigi is apparently notsuch a great idea.11:28
=== tokorona thinks it may be my system, but..
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phyrewallgee this channel is active...11:35
phyrewallanyone able to get Envy to work under Gutsy?11:36
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gogetabeta forgot to add xp to grub11:42
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freezerburnI couldn't do a clean install of gutsy because somewhere in the install things get jumbled so I installed feisty first and now it seems I fumbled the gutsy upgrade.  I've got the alternate cd but it keeps wanting to do a partial upgrade, will that work or should I do something else?12:01
=== gogeta [n=goku@user-12-191-209-134.irvineonline.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
phyrewallfor the most part, yes12:02
gogetamost part beta is doing ok12:02
gogetabut grub does not list xp12:02
phyrewallI upgraded my feisty using update-manager -d12:02
=== AnRkey [n=AnRkey@87-194-62-131.bethere.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
phyrewallonly a few major quirks... but easily solved12:02
=== schreder [n=pixl@c-9f92e255.175-1-64736c14.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu+1
Amaranthgogeta: Clean install?12:02
=== Bosambo [n=tes@cpc3-lewi1-0-0-cust118.bmly.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
phyrewalleither way, it's still a beta...12:03
Amaranthphyrewall: beta means almost done :12:03
phyrewallthe only real benifit is the newer kernel images, and I think you can manually upgrade those anyway12:03
=== sinX_ [n=jarrett@c-67-187-232-149.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
freezerburnI'm just trying to do a clean ugrade again without the partial upgrade option can someone help me with that?12:04
=== hansi_p [n=hans@M2447P009.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu+1
Amaranthphyrewall: We are 11 days from release, if something doesn't work right now it's probably not going to be fixed.12:04
Amaranthgogeta: Ok then, known issue12:04
AmaranthIf it was an upgrade from feisty something would be really wrong because update-grub isn't supposed to change that part of the file12:04
gogetai tryed edting it manuly12:04
schrederwhere can I get xvid codec for totem?12:04
Amaranthgogeta: Oh, you don't know how to add it manualy12:05
=== Amaranth tries to remember
Amaranthschreder: Try to play an xvid file, it'll do all the work12:05
gogetafaile at it12:05
schrederyeah i know it shoult ask me if I want to search for a codec, but it just refuses to play the file12:05
gogetatitle Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition12:06
gogetaroot (hd0,1)12:06
gogetachainloader +112:06
Amaranthgogeta: That's what I was going to tell you to do...12:07
Amaranthhow does it fail?12:07
gogetasays its not volid12:07
ubotuFor help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents12:07
Amaranthgogeta: try rootnoverify12:07
phyrewallAmaranth: yeah. I know.. I'm not complaining. I just wish there was... more to see upgraded, ya know?12:08
=== gogeta [n=goku@user-12-191-209-134.irvineonline.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
schrederVideo codec 'XviD' is not handled. You might need to install additional plugins to be able to play some types of movies12:08
Amaranthphyrewall: Compiz is a big one12:08
phyrewallI mean, I've always run Compiz-Fusion, so that's not "new" to me...12:08
Amaranthphyrewall: heh12:08
Amaranthphyrewall: Trust me, it works much better in gutsy12:09
Brucevdkschreder: libxvidcore4 perhaps?12:09
phyrewallAmaranth: true, it being integrated maybe means more support for it.12:09
schredertried it, didn't help12:09
Amaranthphyrewall: We've made changes to other apps to make it all fit in12:09
phyrewallAmaranth: are you running Gutsy?12:09
Amaranthschreder: You're using totem, right?12:09
Amaranthschreder: and gutsy?12:09
Amaranthphyrewall: Since day 112:09
schrederwell it broke after I upgraded12:09
Amaranthschreder: That dialog should have a button that will install the codec for you12:09
phyrewalldon't suppose you'd whisper me your sources.list ?? :)12:09
Amaranthphyrewall: It's stock12:10
phyrewallboring! :P12:10
AmaranthWhy would I have anything else?12:10
=== gogeta [n=goku@user-12-191-209-134.irvineonline.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
schrederamaranth it only has an OK button :P it the button was there I would have clicked it, im not stupid :P12:10
gogetastillsays not valed12:10
freezerburnAfter I click on the Upgrade button the download tool is downloaded then the window goes away and nothing happens.  Anyone know what's up?12:10
Amaranthgogeta: Then your windows partition is dead12:10
Amaranthschreder: Ok then, install gstreamer0.10-*12:11
gogetai mounted it in linux12:11
gogetaits alive12:11
Amaranthgogeta: Dunno what to tell you, I don't use Windows12:11
Amaranthgogeta: And the setup you have _should_ work12:11
=== mosiac [n=mosiac@softbank221060205039.bbtec.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
phyrewallglad to see the esd error was fixed today12:11
Amaranthgogeta: if you could give a more accurate error message...12:11
Amaranthphyrewall: Because seeing a message about esd missing once (and only on a terminal) is so painful, eh? :P12:12
gogetanot valed or expection then goes back to grub12:12
phyrewallagain, not complaing, just happy. I'm a sysadmin by trade, error msgs annoy me. I want my engine to purr, ya know?12:12
gogetathrs my config12:12
schrederamaranth, that didn't help either. Maybe I should remove some old configs? I tried reinstalling totem, but with no luck..12:12
Amaranthgogeta: Ok, first of all, don't put it inside the AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST section12:13
=== mosiac [n=mosiac@softbank221060205039.bbtec.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Amaranthgogeta: it'll get wiped out on the next kernel update12:13
Amaranthschreder: Weird, if you installed all those packages you definitely have xvid support12:13
gogetaits the menulist12:13
Amaranthschreder: Unless you're using totem-xine12:13
phyrewallAmaranth: Are the Commercial repos for Gutsy going active in 11 days as well?12:14
Amaranthphyrewall: Probably not12:14
Amaranthphyrewall: Only thing in there is realplayer and opera anyway12:14
gogetabut k12:14
phyrewalltrue. so, are Trevinos repos pointless now that compiz is integrated?12:15
gogetano problem moving it12:15
gogetaanything else12:15
bazhangphyrewall: yes12:15
Amaranthphyrewall: They were always worthless12:15
AmaranthOh, you said pointless :P12:16
phyrewallso, on my beloved Dell XPS M170 laptop, running Gutsy, the only repos I should ever want are the stock? Is that what you're selling? :)12:16
schrederamaranth, ah thanks for that one.. totem-xine package was the problem, removed it, installed totem again and everything works now :)12:16
Amaranthgogeta: dunno what to tell you, see if you can find something on google12:16
Amaranthphyrewall: Yes :)12:17
Amaranthphyrewall: The only thing you'll probably want to add is libdvdcss12:17
freezerburnthere we go, downloading the alternate cd for an upgrade is so much faster than downloading each part12:17
phyrewallallrighty, commenting out every non-stock repo... :)12:17
Amaranthphyrewall: We even have the improved font rendering stuff in gutsy now :)12:17
phyrewalllast repo question... lol... what about medibuntu?12:18
=== Bosambo [n=tes@cpc3-lewi1-0-0-cust118.bmly.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
phyrewallGod, maybe I should clean install then... dammit.12:18
Amaranthwell w32codecs is only useful for realmedia but you might want to snag libdvdcss2 from it12:18
=== rhalff [n=rhalff@g177011.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
phyrewallI probably have tons of trash on my system now that everything's builtin.12:18
apecathmm, what should i do, i have a freshly installed gutsy system on a machine that needs the following compiled to get a functioning network interface (and it's a goddamn minipci motherboard i bought from a friend, no free pci slots for any of the random old 3com nics i have around) http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=5&PFid=5&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false12:19
phyrewallwoah... apecat... use tinyurl pls12:19
apecatthe problem is that i obviously don't have any compilers and kernel-headers/sources12:19
freezerburnI had a problem with graphics drivers and old compiz and I had upgraded the past 5 or 6 releases guess it was time to do the clean install12:19
=== gogeta [n=goku@user-12-191-209-134.irvineonline.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
rhalffHi I'm at the console of the beta installer cd, X just failed and I changed the driver to nvidia instead of nv, any clue on how I can continue the installation process ?12:19
apecatphyrewall: hehmm, sry, i have a wide irssi window, didn't realize the lenght of it12:20
Amaranthapecat: Actually a clean install includes everything you need to compile a kernel module12:20
AmaranthSince, oh, dapper or edgy12:20
apecatwoot.. nobody told me x)12:20
=== CodeImp [n=dont@s55910c2b.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
rhalffhow to restart the setup process at the console of the install cd ?12:21
=== Bosambo [n=tes@cpc3-lewi1-0-0-cust118.bmly.cable.ntl.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
=== gogeta [n=goku@user-12-191-209-134.irvineonline.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
gogetamaybe it did eat windows12:22
gogetagrub error1312:22
phyrewallok, my sources.list is nasty.. I can't remember what's supposed to be there and what's not... can someone send me a link to the stock Gutsy one?12:23
phyrewallwait.. I'm being dumb...12:24
phyrewallsigh.. I can't believe I forgot the "Software Sources" app.12:24
bazhangphyrewall: you did a fresh install or through terminal?12:24
ubotusource-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic12:25
phyrewallterminal... well actually through update-manager -d12:25
bazhangshould be -c -d right?12:25
phyrewallummm. I just put -d. maybe I assed that up.12:26
AnRkeyI cant change my window borders in gutsy. No matter what I choose it stays the same (compiz on)12:26
AnRkeycompiz off and I can change the borders12:26
=== gogeta [n=goku@user-12-191-209-134.irvineonline.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
gogetait was my formation12:27
gogetawasent 0,1 was 0,112:28
phyrewallrunning "Software Sources" and removing all the 3rd party sources should get me back to stock I assume.12:28
gogetai mean 0,012:28
bazhangphyrewall: yup.12:29
Tomcat_phyrewall: Installed 3rd party software won't be removed though.12:29
phyrewallwell, yeah. but it'll keep 3rd party updates from installing.12:30
=== tekhawk [n=caleb@c-67-182-161-179.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Tomcat_phyrewall: Yes. :)12:30
=== motin_0 [n=motin@] has joined #ubuntu+1
phyrewallI'm getting the "clean install itch" now...12:30
phyrewallI left windows cause I got the clean install itch at least monthly....12:31
=== jsomers [n=jsomers@d51A50113.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== phyrewall lives with OCD.
=== phyrewall searches his hdd for the gutsy cd image...
gogetato make windows boot by defult i change it to boot entry 3 correct12:33
gogetabeen a wile hear12:33
=== miki [n=miljenko@dh108-147.xnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu+1
gogetasence it direct boots now rather have to start windows unles esc is pressed12:33
=== bigon [n=bigon@ubuntu/member/bigon] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== rexy_ [n=rexy@s5591754c.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
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=== njende [n=njende@p5B0FCEF0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
njendeHi folks!12:37
=== phyrewall welcomes njende.
njendewill anyone tell me, with which kernel gutsy comes along?12:38
phyrewallatm, 2.6.22-13-generic12:38
njendecool...that should do...thx12:39
phyrewallactually, that's from the latest update. I think the CD is 22-12?12:39
=== Frankie_ [n=ubuntu@user248.85-195-57.netatonce.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
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njendephyrewall: I hope than thats the one I'm actually the one I'm doenloading12:40
savvasI think 2.6.22-10-generic12:40
phyrewallah. either way, 2.6.22 instead of 2012:40
savvasor maybe that's from the tribe 5, can't remember12:40
=== Franken [n=ubuntu@user248.85-195-57.netatonce.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== phyrewall has way too updates to remember.
FrankenHey! Do you guys know if the 3d support is back for NV+Compiz Fusion yet? I know the last packages were broken and that reinstalling GG wouldn't help.12:41
savvasFranken: nvidia & compiz work here12:42
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #ubuntu+1
Frankensavvas, they do? And you're using Gutsy and the latest updates?12:42
=== PakYaw1 [n=weechat@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== elate [n=Elate@85-211-246-178.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvasall the new toys!12:42
njendephyrewall: *g* I'm pretty much in some kinda trouble, as two new machines wont boot with the latest debian testing cd. One has major probs with the onboad SATA [ATI]  controller, the other one - its a Notebook - has got probs with SiS chipsets [hdd/nic] 12:42
njendethe client had on my mind to get a debian, but he'll be happy with whatever distro as long as its debian-based12:43
njendeso I thought gutsy might be a goer12:43
=== mikl [n=mikl@pdpc/supporter/active/mikl] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Franken will be right back
=== Franken is back
=== Jaymac [n=Jaymac@82-46-66-41.cable.ubr11.azte.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
njendeFranken: wow...that's been long12:45
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== _Argasm [n=john@77-97-23-241.cable.ubr03.uddi.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
_Argasmin Services, what is "User Folders Update" and "Visual" ??? and do I need them enabled ???12:48
_Argasmanyone talking ???12:50
=== PakYaw2 [n=weechat@] has joined #ubuntu+1
_Argasmin Services, what is "User Folders Update" and "Visual" ??? and do I need them enabled ???12:51
Frankensavvas, you there m8?12:52
=== Evanlec [n=evan@c-75-67-237-157.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
FrankenI have a question for ya =)12:52
=== arpu [n=arpu@p54BFCADF.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
_ArgasmI think everyone is sleeping :P12:53
FrankenAye, seems to be the case here :P12:53
=== Bosambo [n=tes@cpc3-lewi1-0-0-cust118.bmly.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
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FrankenThing is that I can't get Gutsy+latest updates+NV7950GT+Compiz to work.12:54
FrankenIt did work swell untill a few days ago when some updates came down with an attitude12:54
Evanlecis there a command to put my monitor in power-save mode (aka off)12:54
=== level1 [n=level1@] has joined #ubuntu+1
_Argasmthat's way over my head I'm afraid...  dont even use compiz12:54
=== slackern [n=slackern@] has joined #ubuntu+1
Franken_Argasm, cheers anyways m8. I think it's over my head too =)12:55
=== guardian_ is now known as guardian
_Argasmlol...  still figuring out the new services in 7.10... got things I need disabled12:55
FrankenHehe, if I were you I'd just let them be. Atleast untill Gutsy is released in sharp-mode.12:56
_Argasmgood point... am always tweaking my file systems for speed and low-memory footprints... ;) had XP down to 40mb mem at one point and booting in 10 secs... but Ubuntu kicks it's ass12:57
=== bandit1200uk [n=gavin@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Bosambo [n=tes@cpc3-lewi1-0-0-cust118.bmly.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
FrankenYeah! I started out with Ubuntu 2 months ago and threw out every MS-OS I had on all my comps. I'll never go back there again.12:57
=== finalbeta [n=viper@ip-83-134-149-100.dsl.scarlet.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Franken kisses Genuine-advantage-crack goodbye
hylje_Argasm: i think getting a featured distro and stripping down is pointless, 'cause one can have a stripped-down distro to begin with12:58
FrankenDsl! = Damn small linux :P12:58
FrankenDSL is so small I think you can run it on a pack of Ciggarettes12:58
FrankenBrb. Have to reboot =)12:59
BosamboHi all12:59
_Argasmhylje: DLS is pretty good, but I like all the features of Ubuntu & Gnome... I just like turning OFF things I dont need or use like the file Indexing and srevices12:59
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bsmHi, ideas anyone where ipw3945d-`uname -r went after the latest update?01:06
bsmor at least in which package it should be?01:06
_Argasmhas anyone had any trouble setting up their wireless card when they switched to 7.10 ???01:06
bazhangbsm: you could search packages.ubuntu.com01:07
bazhangor !pin01:07
ubotupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto01:07
bazhangoops, wrong command sorry ubotu01:07
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bsmah, he forgot to upgrade the restricted modules somehow...01:10
bazhangbsm: that would do it...01:10
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lucahi everyone01:11
OldPinkBeen using nothing but Ubuntu for over a year now, usually upgrade to the next release at RC time, thinking of upgrading to Gutsy now, have some free time, what do you think, is it ready, am I ready for it? :)01:11
lucaam I the only one for whom Gnome stopped working altogether?01:11
bazhanghi luca!01:11
lucahi :)01:11
bazhangwell since I use KDE, yes?01:11
lucaI solved the Nvidia problem btw - installed the binary driver :P01:12
lucawell myself I am a KDE guy :)01:12
lucabut today I tried login into Gnome both with KDM and GDM...and I cannot.01:12
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bazhangwhat's the gnome issue then?01:12
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tech0007hi everyone!01:12
lucanice to see there are other KDE people around :D01:12
bazhanghi tech0007!01:12
lucayeah no real issue...but it stinks :(01:13
bazhangtalk to the gnome people about that..haha01:13
tech0007im on feisty right now..is gutsy ready for me hehe01:13
tech0007i mean is gusty stable enough?01:13
bazhangtech0007: the question should be are you ready for Gutsy?01:13
bazhangstable here.01:13
OldPinkI heard there are some kernel issues on laptops?01:14
lucatech0007: I did the switch, and I am very happy. But there are tons of upgrades/bug fixing every other day01:14
bsmI get new problems and solutions with every upgrade01:14
lucaOldPink: Nvidia drivers do not function any more if installed with apt-get right now01:14
tech0007when will it be released?01:14
ubotuThe Ubuntu Kernel gets updated in stages.  If you have the updated kernel, but do not have the corresponding restricted modules, you may be leaving yourself with no X when you reboot.  If you have compiled binary versions of your video driver, eg from the nVidia site, you will need to recompile them for the new kernel.  This is normal, and not a bug.01:14
lucatech007 I would wait some days unless you are willing to get your hands dirty :)01:15
tech0007ok..think i'll jst wait...time enough to add more RAM to my system01:15
OldPinkluca: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=569535 :)01:15
bsmI'll go and try entrance with ubuntu :)01:15
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lucaI have to say however that the new kernel rocks in terms of power consumption01:15
bazhangno question.01:15
OldPinkluca: that might be you, of course, just sounds similar to your problem?01:15
lucaI did gain about 2 hours also using powertop :)01:15
lucaOldPink: let me see01:15
lucayeah exactly01:16
lucaonly I do not get even the bars01:16
tech0007does gutsy have more support for phone connectivity and legacy usb webcams?01:16
lucaand yes, gnome apps stopped working...not a big deal, except for tracker :(01:16
lucatech0007: no idea really01:16
bazhangno idea..01:16
lucausb webcams patches have been included into the kernel since 7.04 or 6.10 though01:17
lucaif it functions on linux, then it is already installed in ubuntu, practically :)01:17
OldPink... gutsy isn't LTS, is it?01:18
lucahardy heron (april) will be01:18
OldPinkYeah, I remember now, thanks.01:18
OldPinkFor all those that stuck with Dapper, will there be a Dapper > Hardy upgrade?01:19
OldPinkFrom LTS to LTS?01:19
bazhangyeah, it's called ISO01:19
lucaOldPink: really, no idea, but I think that a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade *might* do the trick in paril01:19
bazhangand ten thousand packages.01:20
OldPinkI don't have any Dapper systems, just wondering01:20
lucayeah probably01:20
stefgThis is never going to work01:20
lucawell I dunno but last LTS was WAY different from even feisty01:20
lucaI'v been in Ubuntu since Dapper, I should know :) I had a lot of problems until Feisty...that edition rocked for me :)01:21
lucauhm seems at least that we are in kernel freeze right now01:22
OldPinkI started with Dapper, 6.0601:22
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bazhangme too01:22
OldPinkHaven't had *any* problems01:22
OldPinkOn any release01:23
bazhangFeisty was bad for me.01:23
OldPinkDon't fresh install, update-manager all the way, straight into release candidate ASAP.01:23
tech0007tried different distros before...feisty has it all01:23
lucawell bazhang feisty had a lot of nice things for laptops01:23
chronographerHello anyone good at ftp trouble shooting? I got a new ftp server and I can connect to it through my lan's ip address, i want to test through the internet. I should just be able to go to whatsmyip.com and use that ip rather than my lan one from a local area computer right?01:23
bazhangOldPink: wow.01:23
lucaah! I have fresh-installed more times than it should be legally allowed :P01:24
LynoureOldPink: all hardware and software has always worked perfectly and no weird drivers or adjusting needed? Lucky, unless you chose you hw for linux (in which case, skilled)01:24
bazhangluca: it was nice, but I had an external pcmcia card, and that's really not on Linux..haha01:24
lucabut that's because I am an irresponsible experimenter :P01:24
lucaah got ya ;)01:24
=== g0dd3ss [n=euphoria@d58-104-191-72.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu+1
lucaflash cards work flawlessly though01:24
lucadunno about firewire...have two ports, but no firewire hardware :)01:25
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bazhangmy new box has a slot for md's!01:25
OldPinkLynoure, luck. :) I didn't build my desktop, it's an all in one thing, all built into the monitor, looks pretty good with wireless keyboard and mouse. So yeah, pure luck. As for the laptop, well that started on Feisty, yet to upgrade it :)01:25
LynoureOldPink: Then you must tell us the brand and make of the computer, at least.01:26
bazhangLynoure: it really is a good idea to find stuff that is Linux friendly; thanks for pointing that out!01:27
OldPinkLynoure: "Clevo" - http://www.clevo.com.tw/en/index.asp01:27
OldPinkLynoure: I think they're purely laptop now, haven't looked in a while01:28
LynoureOldPink: they have something called L297N that matches your description.01:29
OldPinkIt's similar, but more attractive, the L297N is pretty ugly. Don't have the model number right now, on the laptop :)01:30
OldPinkActually, I made a post on a forum about it, I'll try and find it01:31
bazhangplease do!01:31
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LynoureOldPink: that's good. That way other people can consider that hardware with relevant information.01:31
OldPinkI hotlinked the image from clevo.com.tw, and since the product was taken off, the image no longer works :(01:34
=== Vorian [n=Steve@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.Vorian] has joined #ubuntu+1
OldPinkLynoure: Specification:
OldPinkLynoure: Image: http://www.hundyx.net/Producto/imagenes/LPL295N.jpg01:35
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LynoureOldPink: thanks01:37
chronographersince were talking clevo, anyone got a tablet laptop with a touchscreen and got the touchscreen working?01:41
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chronographererm... a clevo tablet?01:42
=== hetauma [n=hetauma@dsl-255-143.diodos-gsrt-gr.duth.gr] has joined #ubuntu+1
hetaumaany ideas why when I run vncviewer I can't type anything on the dialogue box of server's address ?01:44
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mez_Hi, why is my sda1 (ntfs partition) being devmapped? mounting through regular /dev/sda1 returns device-busy...  /dev/mapper/sda1 works, but still....01:45
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haranpI upgraded from feisty to gutsy and my video card doesn't work. Any suggestions?01:50
haranpradeon 200 if it matters01:51
rexywhat driver are you using?01:51
haranphow can I check?01:52
chronographerharanp: are you using the -13 kernel? cause I think that one is broken01:52
haranp(was using fglrx, after the upgrade fglrxinfo crashes X)01:52
haranpyup, 1301:52
chronographerit overwrote my xorg.conf and many other ppl's01:52
chronographerso if you can, use 1201:53
chronographeruntil its fixed01:53
haranphow do I do that?01:53
chronographererm....  can you install it in synaptic?01:53
haranp(ubuntu newbie, sorry)01:53
haranpno X01:53
haranpbut I can use apt-get01:53
chronographeroh shit01:53
chronographerhold on01:53
haranpcomfortable with the command line if that help01:53
chronographersudo apt-get intst alllinux-image-2.6.22-12-generic     <-- I think that will workl, anyone else tell me if it will?01:54
haranpintst -> install ?01:54
chronographerhopefully it will be automagically added to (yeah) you grub boot menu01:55
chronographersudo apt-get intstall linux-image-2.6.22-12-generic01:55
haranpcouldn't find package01:55
haranplet me check for misspellings on my end...01:56
haranpnope, doesn't exist01:56
chronographerdo 'apt-cache search 2.6.22'01:57
haranpchanging -12 to -13 says "already have newest version" so it's not a misspelling01:57
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chronographermaybe use aptitude01:57
Vorian(you can also tab complete)01:57
haranpI have -xen, -rt, -ume, but not -generic01:57
haranp(for -12, I mean)01:57
haranphm, is -rt ok?01:58
chronographeri dont know01:59
haranplet me check my sources01:59
haranpI have gutsy-proposed restricted main multiverse universe01:59
haranpany suggestion for a source for -12-generic?02:00
chronographerit may not be in the repositories any more.02:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
haranpany way to fallback on standard vesa? kill the restricted drivers etc?02:01
haranpI'm fine with slow X as long as I have *some* X :)02:01
rexyyou can try the open source radeon driver, not sure if you need to enter ati or radeon though02:02
chronographerIm not sure, I tried a few different combinations and yesterday someone else was in here saying X wouldn't work. So I would wait till a new update is released!  It opens up with the new screen setting wizard thing though right?02:02
haranpchronographer: no02:02
haranpactually the login screen shows up...02:03
phyrewallok, crazy question.... can you burn a bootable iso to a DVD-RW and have it boot?02:03
haranpthen logging in starts showing the screen, then decides to go blank and stay blank02:03
slackernthe opensource driver for ati/amd r5xx/r6xx gpu's is in #radeonhd if thats what you are looking for02:03
phyrewallI can't find any blank CD-Rs.... :(02:03
chronographerphyrewall you can02:03
bazhangphyrewall: sure, why not?02:03
=== phyrewall is not a burning master... :)
haranpslackern: radeon 200 counts or not?02:04
phyrewallwill gnomebaker do it correctly?02:04
slackernharanp: hmm not sure, thats a laptop chip, maybe best to check with the devs there02:04
haranpwilldo, thanks02:04
slackernharanp: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_ATI_Graphics_Processing_Units maybe you can find your chip there too02:05
chronographerphyrewall: all will do it fine, its the same thing in the end, except that cd drives wont read dvd's02:06
=== nikolam [n=nikola@adsl-233-203.eunet.yu] has joined #ubuntu+1
slackernharanp: maybe i should say that the driver is still experimental and it doesn't do much except show a working screen with correct modes detected (hopefully) and it can't do most of acceleration that you might want02:06
bazhangharanp: I had a 340M radeon from way back (7 years ago) that worked ok--but not really too good with 3d graphics..haha02:06
haranpautodetect gives this line:02:07
haranpATI Technologies Inc RC410 [Radeon Xpress 200] 02:07
=== Jaymac [n=Jaymac@82-46-66-41.cable.ubr11.azte.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
rexymy M6 mobility works(*ed) too02:07
slackernharanp: ahh r4xx chip then, won't work with that driver then i guess =/02:07
haranpoh well02:07
phyrewallchronographer: thanks02:07
phyrewalla clean install will give me time to watch Labyrinth...lol.02:08
phyrewalland, no, not "Pan's  Labyrinth"02:08
=== BentJ [n=BentJ@port46.ds1-esp.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu+1
phyrewallDavid Bowie in what my wife calls "crotch-pants" Labyrinth. rofl02:09
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IndyGunFreakdoes anyone know why Gutsy doesn't have a working version of Gparted?02:16
haranpaha, now it's working, just very very slow (and konsole crashes X)02:16
IndyGunFreakit just freezes on "Scanning All Devices" on my PC and my laptop02:16
phyrewallwell, doing a clean install. if I'm not back in 20 minutes, pray for me. ;)02:17
chronographerIndy: use the gparted live CD02:18
IndyGunFreakchronographer: wel i did that, actually used the partedmagic live CD, same thing almost, but i just like having a working version on my install,02:18
=== OldPink [n=OldPink@host81-151-243-124.range81-151.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
bazhangIndyGunFreak: gparted maintainer has been looking for someone to take over support since 7/0702:21
IndyGunFreakbazhang: oh is that right?... didn't know that.02:21
IndyGunFreakwell, qtparted sucks... i hate it.02:21
=== gunny [n=rgunn@124-170-235-93.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu+1
bazhangIndyGunFreak: parted magic is being abandoned, too.02:23
=== _Jaak_ [n=ernst@elanser.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
IndyGunFreakbazhang: really?..geez that sucks.. wish i was smart enough to make it myself.02:23
_Jaak_How do i restart bluez in gutsy? (sudo /etc/init.d/bluez-utils restart doesn't work)02:24
=== jsomers [n=jsomers@d51A50113.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
bazhangIndyGunFreak: the reason the parted magic maintainer gave was that Ubuntu and others have their own excellent tools, so no need to carry on..02:24
IndyGunFreakbazhang: what is ubuntu's partitioner?02:24
snadgewhat happened to the grand paradiso packages?02:25
bazhangIndyGunFreak: not sure, sorry.02:25
IndyGunFreakoh well, i guess as long as my partedmagic live cd never bites the dust, it'll be OK.02:25
gunnygparted can also get live cd for it02:26
hetaumafor gutsy with ati.... compiz-fusion works fine with the ati driver... should I download the restricted one ?02:27
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chronographerI find that a few packages don't work perfect in gutsy. it is unstable still!  Firestarter keeps dying on me, that sucks. I don't use gparted except for in a live cd tho02:30
snadgewtf happened to granparadiso? :P02:33
slackernanyone else had nautilus not showing remote hosts after adding them through "connect to server", it works if nautilus is restarted02:33
=== omha [n=kj@] has joined #ubuntu+1
snadgethe package has just vanished into thin air02:33
omhaanybody know where i can get any information/howto on libnotify and python02:34
=== tobias [n=tobias@dslb-084-063-106-055.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
tobiashi all! I've got a little sound-problem: Everything works fine at first boot, but when hibernating, the sound makes a cracking noise and doesn't work anymore after waking Ubuntu up again.02:36
tobiasUbuntu doesn't show any error-messages and all settings indicate the sound is working02:36
slackernsnadge: firefox-granparadiso is still installed on my machine02:36
tobiasI can even play music etc. without errors... but there's just nothing coming out of the speakers anymore - No matter what I try.02:37
tobiasAfter re-booting, everything is fine again - until the next hibernation.02:37
tobiasWhat can I do?02:38
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njendetobias: whats your soundplayer? Alsa or oss? Maybe you want to try alsaconf?02:43
njendetobias: ...and amixer02:45
tobiasnjende: I just found a bug-report in Launchpad about my problem... digging through the responses right now. I didn't find it earlier. I hope it'll tell me a solution... I'll get back to you!02:46
=== luca_ [n=luca@host20-115-dynamic.60-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
snadgeslackern: but is it installable?02:48
=== tobias__ [n=tobias@dslb-084-063-106-055.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
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bsmhi, out of nothing knetworkmanager stopped working, it gives me: Error requesting name, org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Connection ":1.19" is not allowed to own the service "org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerInfo" due to security policies in the configuration file02:52
savvasGranparadiso Web Browser cannot be installed on your computer type (amd64)02:52
savvasEither the application requires special hardware features or the vendor decided to not support your computer type.02:52
bsmseems like a dbus error, bu i did not change anything dbus related02:52
savvassnadge: negative, the package seems to be removed02:53
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=== Pusur [n=henbru@127.84-48-172.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
compwiz18has anyone had issues with the system monitor applet in gnome freezing, and the wireless card loosing connection at the same time?02:57
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
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spr0k3tcompwiz18: yes... but it was back in tribe 5... I haven't seen it since.  Using an atheros chipset03:09
compwiz18spr0k3t, I used the install cd from tribe 5 then have been updating, so I shouldn't see it anymore... are you using amd64 or i386?03:10
compwiz18same here03:10
spr0k3tthe problem may also depend on your chipset for the wireless card.03:11
compwiz18I'm using ndiswrapper03:11
compwiz18I'm trying to decide if I should go file a bug report03:11
spr0k3twhich card?03:11
compwiz18broadcom 431803:12
spr0k3tcurious... have you tried the fwcutter found in the repos?03:12
compwiz18yeah, I've used it before, but its a little tipsy03:13
spr0k3tI have a lappy with the 4318 and it's solid with gutsy03:13
=== kling0n [n=kling0n@0405ds1-ynoe.0.fullrate.dk] has joined #ubuntu+1
compwiz18using fwcutter?03:14
compwiz18I guess that's the thing to do then03:14
spr0k3tgive it a shot... see what you think.03:15
=== Jaymac [n=Jaymac@82-46-66-41.cable.ubr11.azte.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
compwiz18I'll do that03:15
=== ion [n=ion@71-35-71-34.phnx.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
kling0ni experience a hang in when running "update-manager -d"... there is no significant output in the console but the step is "Modifying the software channel" and the update process has stopped at file 47 out of 5603:15
kling0nany suggestions ?03:15
=== fff [n=kj@] has joined #ubuntu+1
kling0nbtw trying to upgrade from feisty to gusty beta if that wasn't obvious from context :)03:16
=== stefg [n=stefg@e179145109.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
spr0k3twired connection or wireless?03:16
kling0nthis is about 3rd run03:17
kling0npreviously it has stopped at file 3703:17
kling0nbut I dont really have any data since thre is no output03:17
kling0nfigured it might be load on the server or something03:17
=== bsm [n=rob@p5B042DA2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
spr0k3tlet me check to see if there's a bug filed for that... I think I've heard of that issue before.03:18
kling0nFailed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/Release.gpg03:18
=== nosrednaekim [n=michael@02-076.200.popsite.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
kling0nah got some output after pressing cancel03:18
kling0nbut just a bunch of "failed to fetch"03:18
spr0k3tnow that makes sense...03:19
kling0ngpg fetches fine with curl03:19
spr0k3tare your repos updated with the correct keys?03:19
kling0nI'm trying to follow the upgrade path specified at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades03:19
kling0nso no03:19
kling0nit should be handling that03:19
kling0ni believe03:19
kling0nconsole output:03:20
kling0n[cip@gamebox /etc/apt/sources.list.d] $ update-manager -d03:20
kling0nextracting '/tmp/tmpnZoayh/gutsy.tar.gz'03:20
kling0nauthenticate '/tmp/tmpnZoayh/gutsy.tar.gz' against '/tmp/tmpnZoayh/gutsy.tar.gz.gpg'03:20
spr0k3tthat is the correct update path03:20
=== hetauma [n=hetauma@dsl-255-143.diodos-gsrt-gr.duth.gr] has joined #ubuntu+1
kling0nseems it authenticates03:20
hetaumacan some1 tell me compiz-fusion on ati works better with the default driver or with the restricted one?03:20
=== saxin [n=saxin@216-139-228.0513.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvasthe restricted ones always have extra goodies :)03:21
kling0nhetauma: AIGLX or XGL ?03:21
savvasotherwise they wouldn't be restricted :P03:21
bazhanghetauma: I heard someone earlier today say that theirs worked fine with the standard. ymmv03:21
spr0k3tkling0n: have you looked into the meta-release troubleshooting on that page?03:22
nosrednaekimhetauma: it depends on how new your card is..03:22
nosrednaekimhetauma: how old is it?03:22
hetaumakling0n, no idea just after installation it works fine with ati driver03:22
kling0nspr0k3t: nopes03:22
kling0nill give it a shot03:22
hetaumanosrednaekim, mobility 9600 2years old or something03:23
spr0k3tcheck that as it looks like it may help with the signatures in gpg03:23
nosrednaekimhetauma: try the open drivers first...03:23
nosrednaekimhetauma: is its too slow, go to the restricted ones03:23
nosrednaekimhetauma: with the restricted ones, you will also need XGL03:23
hetaumanosrednaekim, it works fine with the open ones03:23
nosrednaekimhetauma: compiz works fine?03:24
hetaumanosrednaekim, yeap03:24
nosrednaekimhetauma: then stay with them, they are more stable.03:24
spr0k3tkling0n: the other option you have is to d/l the daily.torrent and update from that.03:24
kling0nmight be useful to include that error message in the output from update-manager :)03:24
kling0ni'd rather not :)03:24
kling0nI prefer apt upgrades03:25
hetaumaany ideas if there is some good development on ati drivers now since amd released chipset data?03:25
spr0k3tanyway, time for bed... is getting late03:26
hetaumanosrednaekim, how do I install xgl if I want to tryout restricted drivers?03:26
kling0nah now i got some useful output03:26
kling0nsome sort of dbus error by the looks of it03:26
nosrednaekimhetauma: "sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl" but03:27
savvashetauma: shouldn't the restricted drivers manager take care of the dependencies?03:27
hetaumasavvas, I guess so03:28
nosrednaekimsavvas: not with XGL03:28
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=== Lunar_Lamp [n=Lunar_La@unaffiliated/lunarlamp/x-038437] has joined #ubuntu+1
Lunar_LampI keep trying to install various packages and getting told that "package x is required, but is a virtual package".03:32
Lunar_LampHow can I solve that?03:32
=== Nicke [n=niclasa@h161n2fls31o808.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== superbenny [n=bene@ip68-9-142-127.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
nosrednaekimnever seen that error03:33
=== compwiz18 [n=adam18@] has joined #ubuntu+1
superbennyok when i upgraded from 7.04, knetworkmanager stopped seeing my card. intel chipset. im connected via wifi-radar, and lshw sees my card ans iwcongif sees my network03:35
kling0nsuperbenny: try commenting out the interface in /etc/network/interfaces and restart hal03:36
=== IdleOne [n=idleone@unaffiliated/idleone] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== elate [n=Elate@85-211-246-178.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
superbennyrestart hal?03:39
=== Knofi [n=martin@pD9E847D6.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
compwiz18superbenny, sudo /etc/init.d/hal restart03:41
superbennydidnt work03:42
=== kekZpriester [n=luc@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Geroni [n=gerome@p5B056732.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Le-Chuck_ITA [i=proxyuse@dhcp-131-114-3-239.di.unipi.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Le-Chuck_ITA [i=proxyuse@dhcp-131-114-3-239.di.unipi.it] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Leaving."]
=== njende [n=njende@p5B0FCEF0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
njendehi there!03:47
njendeone question, I'm trying to install gutsy, but the installer hangs while installing the language packs03:48
=== Knofi is now known as Knofi|afk
njendeso, the installer is at 87% and nothing happens. That's not normal, is it?03:48
bazhangnjende: are you doing a fresh install?03:48
njendebazhang: yep03:48
bazhangnjende: how long does it hangt?03:49
njendebazhang: for like ~3-5mins now03:49
VousDeuxit's probably waiting for the translator03:49
bazhangnjende: that's not too long--lots of folks are upgrading now, so wait a bit and see what happens..03:50
bazhanghi VousDeux03:50
VousDeuxhello bazhang03:50
=== Knofi|afk is now known as Knofi
bazhangVousDeux: you all set?03:50
superbennyi upgraded from 7.04, knetworkmanager stopped seeing my card. intel chipset. im connected via wifi-radar, and lshw sees my card ans iwcongif sees my network03:51
VousDeuxnot really, but I'm not sure anything can be done about it03:51
bazhanghave you talked to the kernel people?03:51
VousDeuxhow would I do that?03:51
njendeahhh...okay, I think that might be the main prob then. I just switched to tty and chekced the route...there isn#t a route...*uuups*03:52
bazhangkernaltrap.org might have a link03:52
njendeit's a onboard sis190/191 Gigabit Ethernet03:52
VousDeuxahhh...okay, thanks03:52
bazhangno problem.03:52
bazhangnjende: you sorted as to the hang up?03:53
VousDeuxI finally trapped an error with the guidance-power-manager: Warning: While setting SystemPowerManagement to  True :  org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.SystemPowerManagement.NotSupported: No powersave method found03:53
VousDeuxnot sure what it means though...google found nothing about it in english03:54
njendebazhang: what do you mean with"you sorted..."03:55
=== contrast83 [n=mike@adsl-074-236-242-009.sip.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
bazhangnjende: problem solved?03:56
njendebazhang: nope03:56
bazhangnjende: ten minutes now?03:56
=== borg_ [n=olaf@] has joined #ubuntu+1
njendebazhang: neither the onboard wlan (Atheros) nor the NIC (sis190) are recognized by the installer - I guess. Modules for the sis190 are loaded but if say sudo ifconfig all I get is *lo* and no other interface is shown03:57
njendeyep, roughly 10mins now03:57
=== tobias [n=tobias@dslb-084-063-106-055.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
njendebazhang: a route is not given, as it looks like. At least a sudo route is not showing anything03:58
bazhangnjende: hmmm.03:58
njendeyeahh...hmmmm...that's what I am asking myself, too03:59
tobiasnjende: I'm back....  sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart does the trick in a console after resume.03:59
bazhangnjende: I had trouble the first time I tried to isntall; then killed the machine,a dndid it again it was fine.. don't know why though.03:59
kling0nnjende: are you sure you should use sis190 anot not sis900?03:59
VousDeuxthat kerneltrap.org looks like nothing but a spam trap03:59
bazhangkilled=powered off.03:59
tobiasnjende: But I didn't manage to launch this command automatically at resume.... even putting it into resume.d's sound.sh didn't work03:59
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=== bhavna [n=bhavna@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
bhavnai got gutsy up and running04:00
njendekling0n: well, not really. But a lspci | grep Ethernet tells me simply that it is a sis190 I posted yesterday some deeper details to debians paste server. Should I post the links and we'll have a look at it?04:00
kling0nnjende: maybe try reloading the module and checking dmesg04:00
bhavnahowever i cant get the external drive to work04:00
bazhangVousDeux: it's written by the kernel developers...04:01
kling0nnjende: sudo modprobe -vr sis190 && sudo modprobe -v sis190 ; sudo modprobe -v sis90004:01
bhavnait keeps giving an error of hal-storage-removable-mount refused uid 100004:01
bhavnacan someone help me with this04:01
kling0nnjende: and check dmesg04:01
VousDeuxoh, I figured it out...I went to kernaltrap instead of kerneltrap04:01
=== nomasteryoda [n=nomaster@ip68-225-112-12.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
kling0nbhavna: start by checking ownership on $HOME/.dbus ?04:02
njendekling0n: here is the output of dmesg | grep sis:04:03
Assidkling0n: set to the correct user04:03
kling0nnjende: tri dmesg | grep -i -e sis -e net04:03
njende[90.820000]  sis 190 Gigabit Ethernet driver 1.2 loaded04:03
kling0nnjende: and still nothing in ifconfig?04:04
njendedid that04:04
kling0nsorry thought you got empty output :)04:04
njende[90.820000]  sis Gigabit Ethernet driver 1.2 loaded04:04
Assidkling0n: just doesnt work.. the same drive mounts fine on a macbook04:05
njende[90.836000]  sis190: probe of 0000:00:04.0 failed with Error -504:05
Assidruns ntfs04:05
Assidi tried wih ntfs-config as well.. for ntfs-3g04:05
=== Gat0rvean [n=gredish@] has joined #ubuntu+1
njende[117.036000]  NET: Registered protocol family 3104:05
nanonymehmm, gutsy still has xmms?04:06
njende[2305.524000]  sis 190 Gigabit Ethernet driver 1.2 loaded04:06
contrast83Anyone else getting ridiculous CPU usage out of Amarok (20-30% while playing, ~%70 while changing tracks)?04:06
kling0nAssid: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/115768 -- it looks like there might be an issue if you're missing a policy manager04:06
bazhangnot here.04:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 115768 in hal "hald not parsing policies under /etc/hal/fdi/policy on kubuntu feisty" [Undecided,Confirmed] 04:06
njende[2305:540000]  sis 190 probe of 0000:00:04.0 failed with Error -504:07
Assidshouldnt gutsy have it solved?04:07
njende[2305:756000] sis900.c v.1.0.8 Apr 2 200604:07
njendein ifconfig i Get just 'lo'04:08
Assiddoesnt have a howto for getting it up04:09
=== vega- [n=mikko@lotus.puolikuu.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
njendekling0n: it seems to me that the sis190 is buggy and/or I should start with a bootparameter such as irqpoll, of wjhich04:09
njendeI'm not sure if it might be of any help04:09
kling0nnjende: that might be worth a try04:10
kling0nor try soemthing like this for i in `ls /lib/modules/\`uname -r\`/kernel/drivers/net/*`; do e=`basename $i .ko`; sudo modprobe -v $e; done04:10
Assidkling0n: no fix ?04:10
kling0nan/or even04:10
kling0nAssid: sis you check for a policy kit ?04:11
=== Pusur [n=henbru@127.84-48-172.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
Assiddont understand how to check for it04:11
Assidstorage methods?04:12
kling0nhmm Assid is your user a member of group "plugdev" ?04:12
kling0nAssid: type "groups" to check04:12
kling0nAssid: what file system is on the drive btw?04:13
=== mahrellon [n=mahrello@user248.85-195-57.netatonce.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Assidntfs .. yes im a member of plugdev04:13
njendekling0n: syntax error near unexpected token `sudo'04:14
kling0nAssid: check this post04:15
kling0n Nikolay Pavlov wrote on 2007-07-03: (permalink)04:15
kling0nI can confirm that i don't see any .xsession-errors, but removable usb storage device is still not functional. Are you sure that we are talking about exactly removable devices, because my fixed ntfs-3g HDD partition works? I want to try to build policykit manually and see if it fix my problem.04:15
kling0n Adriano Provvisiero wrote on 2007-07-03: (permalink)04:15
kling0nYes, I am sure. In my case, it's an external 40gb 2.5" USB Disk, with only one partition on it, formated as NTFS. The policy contains precisely the data I pasted in my first post. The partition automounts finely using the ntfs-3g driver. I only have the ntfs-3g and ntfs-config packages installed, from the official repos. I don't have pmount installed. If you need any more infos, just ask.04:15
kling0n Nikolay Pavlov wrote on 2007-07-03: (permalink)04:15
kling0nCould you please send me lshal dump regarding this device i want to compare it with mine. I am using 1Gb usb stick by the way.04:15
kling0n Adriano Provvisiero wrote on 2007-07-04: (permalink)04:15
kling0nThere it is:04:15
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:15
kling0nudi = '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/volume_uuid_A23072FA3072D4AF'04:15
kling0n  block.device = '/dev/sdb1' (string)04:15
kling0n  block.is_volume = true (bool)04:15
kling0n  block.major = 8 (0x8) (int)04:15
kling0n  block.minor = 17 (0x11) (int)04:15
kling0n  block.storage_device = '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/storage_serial_IC25N040_ATCS04_0_0_0' (string)04:15
kling0n  info.capabilities = {'volume', 'block'} (string list)04:15
stdinwill you stop the flood?04:15
kling0n  info.category = 'volume' (string)04:15
kling0n  info.interfaces = {'org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume'} (string list)04:15
kling0n  info.parent = '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/storage_serial_IC25N040_ATCS04_0_0_0' (string)04:15
kling0n  info.product = 'USB40' (string)04:15
kling0n  info.udi = '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/volume_uuid_A23072FA3072D4AF' (string)04:15
kling0n  linux.hotplug_type = 3 (0x3) (int)04:15
kling0n  linux.sysfs_path = '/sys/block/sdb/sdb1' (string)04:15
PusurSpambots would be nice -.-04:15
kling0n  org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.method_argnames = {'mount_point fstype extra_options', 'extra_options', 'extra_options'} (string list)04:15
kling0n  org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.method_execpaths = {'hal-storage-mount', 'ha04:15
Assidkling0n: pastebin04:15
kling0nstdin: i knows04:16
Assidi think i see it tho04:16
kling0nsaid sorry for same reason04:16
Assidhold on04:16
kling0nintended to paste a lnk04:16
mahrellonOk, I'm back again! I have just reinstalled my GG dist and I'm anxious to know if I dare to update everything and then try to get my Compiz Fusion (on NV7950Gt that used to work) up and running? I know there were some broken packs?04:16
kling0nassid https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/115768/comments/404:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 115768 in hal "hald not parsing policies under /etc/hal/fdi/policy on kubuntu feisty" [Undecided,Confirmed] 04:16
bazhangmahrellon: fixed afaik.04:16
mahrellonbazhang, dude. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Love you man!04:17
mahrellonThat's awesome news04:17
bazhangmahrellon: feeling's mutual; I just got the nv 7300 and it's very nice with GG!04:17
bazhangmahrellon: scale +ring switcher = ultimate eye candy.04:18
mahrellonbazhang, I can't wait for the Official Gutsy to be released. You know both me and my wife used to run Windows (Xp and Vista) on our machines but once we got a first look at Ubuntu with Beryl and Compiz we threw everything Microsoft related out the window. I even play World of Warcraft through wine.04:18
mahrellonbazhang, yeah. It sure beats Vistas "3d switcher" (wich I phrown at btw) lol04:19
Assidsweet worked04:19
mahrellonI got to reboot. I'll see ya guys in a bit.04:19
bazhangmahrellon: good news indeed--how does WOW run? Vista=bleh04:19
Assidbut they should really fix it so we dont have to copy the file04:19
Assidbut sweet..works.. thanks04:19
njendekling0n: are you still with me?04:19
kling0nnjende: are you using bash ?04:20
kling0nor tcsh ?04:20
mahrellonbazhang: it runs awesome! I don't even get any fps-drop or anything when running it on latest wine and compiz. I do have to start it with -OpenGL switch though to get the cursor to work =)04:20
njendekling0n: i'm on bash04:20
mahrellonAnyhow, brb.04:20
bazhangmahrellon: great news...04:20
kling0nperhaps you don't have sudo installed?04:20
kling0nyou can su to root and try it without the "sudo" part04:20
njendesudo is installed04:20
kling0nnjende: are you typing the line ? or copy/paste?04:21
kling0nperhaps you forgot a ';' or something04:21
=== Ximal [n=paducahg@c-68-63-251-132.hsd1.ky.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
njendei have to type it, mate04:22
kling0ncheck for typos then04:22
Ximalsavvas ? anyone ? I needed to figure out how to configure Xchat Gnome Chat to auto join this channel and auto identify .. I can't find the scripts folder/options ?04:22
kling0nXimal: in the menu: "Xchat" - Network list - choose freenode - click edit04:23
Ximalhmm.. brb... going to try it04:23
Assidcan we make this a permanent fix?04:24
kling0nAssid: ?04:24
njendeI typed: for in `ls /lib/modules/\`uname -r\`/kernel/drivers/net/* ; do e=basename $i.ko` ; sudo modprobe -v $e; done04:24
Assidkling0n: copying that file04:24
kling0nAssid: if you copied the file it should stay there (if that's what you mean?)04:25
Assidnah for other people04:25
=== avilon [i=mk@] has joined #ubuntu+1
Assidmake it a global thin04:25
=== lucasvo [n=lucasvo@wservices.ch] has joined #ubuntu+1
Assidi gotta update my other laptop too now04:25
njendekling0n: did I made any typos incorrect?04:26
=== slackern [n=slackern@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== vasuvi [n=vasuvi@75-172-75-231.tukw.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
kling0nnjende: if you get a syntax error you probably did :)04:27
njendebut where at?04:27
kling0nAssid: I'm not a maintainer on the ntfs-3g package04:27
Ximalok .. brb04:28
kling0nnjende: you're missing a ';'  before the 'do'04:29
=== Ximal [n=paducahg@c-68-63-251-132.hsd1.ky.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ximalthanks for the help earlier04:29
=== mahrellon [n=mahrello@user248.85-195-57.netatonce.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== lhoerste [n=lhoerste@cpe-69-133-100-180.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
mahrellonGL Desktop seems to work now! (Cheers wildly)04:30
kling0nwelcome :)04:30
mahrellonThanks =)04:30
bazhangmahrellon: yessss!04:30
mahrellonNow to get my desktop-cube up and running. It's gnome-compiz-manager I'll have to install right?04:30
=== Ben_Cs [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ben_Cshello. i instaled a switch in my home network. WinXP works fine. Kubuntu: some progs (pidgin,skype) have internet, and some (firefox,opera,xchat) don't. please help!04:31
lhoersteI've just updated to gutsy. I had the EVMS problem so I removed that from a chroot and now it looks like my system boots cleanly except when it starts GDM, the screen just goes black. I've waited and it does nothing. Any suggestions?04:31
bazhangmahrellon: compiz-fusion? or compiz?04:31
=== vasuvi [n=vasuvi@75-172-75-231.tukw.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
mahrellonbazhang: Compiz-fusion. That's what I want =)04:31
kling0nlhoerste: check your xorg.conf and /var/log/Xorg.log.004:31
lhoerstekling0n: good idea - one sec04:31
njendethe ';' before the do id there, but I still get an unexpected token...damn04:32
kling0nnjende: did you try a restart with the irqpoll option ?04:32
njendekling0n: nope, just about to do that04:32
lhoerstekling0n: i'm going to try single user mode04:32
bazhangmahrellon: you'll need to install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra emerald emerald-themes for starters.04:33
Ben_Csbtw, skype says it's connected but i am not able to make calls, so only pidgin has internet04:33
Ben_Cssome one? please help!04:33
=== bazhang [n=bazhang@61-230-100-116.dynamic.hinet.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
mahrellonbazhang: Thanks again!04:33
mahrellonI'll give it a try and get back to you. Thanks and see you soon =)04:34
bazhangmahrellon: no problem..04:34
Ximaloh.. i found a bug..04:34
Ximalthe DISK icon disappeared from my desktop this morning when i booted...04:35
lhoerstekling0n: no problems in the X.org log04:35
lhoerstekling0n: and single user mode boots fine04:35
=== hydrogen [n=hydrogen@ignorance.campus.alfred.edu] has joined #ubuntu+1
kling0nlhoerste: try running startx and see if X loads properly04:36
=== Ben_Cs [n=chatzill@] has left #ubuntu+1 []
njendekling0n: just rebooting now...will be back shortly04:36
lhoerstekling0n: same symptoms04:37
kling0nlhoerste: right the problem is in your xorg config then04:38
kling0ntry Xorg -config04:38
kling0n(as root)04:38
kling0nor by suidop04:38
lhoerstedoesn't xorg usually bring up that curses error dialog if there is an X.org problem and let you see the logs?04:38
lhoerstethis isn't crashing xorg i guess, it's just not displaying anything?04:39
kling0nmy guess is your sync ranges are out of range for your monitor04:39
kling0ncheck hsync and vsync values04:39
kling0nor maybe try starting with irqpoll as a kernel option04:40
lhoerstesince I'm not sure what the sync ranges should be, I'll try the irqpoll04:40
kling0ni rmember having some sort of problem on a hp laptop which the irqpoll options fixed for me04:40
kling0ncan't remember the specifics though04:40
lhoerstedo I just specify irqpoll on the boot line or do I have to set it equal to something?04:40
kling0nlhoerste: just check to see if the high range is over 60 or so04:40
kling0nif it is, try adjusting it and run X again04:41
kling0nwith 'startx'04:41
lhoerstekling0n: eh I already rebooted04:41
lhoersteafter the irqpoll option i'll try sync ranges04:42
=== mohamed_ [n=mohamed@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Aishiko [n=phoenix@nc-76-0-144-152.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== riotkittie [n=tracy@cpe-72-228-37-187.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
njendekling0n: If I now switch to a tty while installing, I still havent got an interface in ifconfig04:44
lhoerstekling0n: I don't even see any sync ranges in the config???04:44
lhoerstekling0n: that could be the problem right there maybe?04:44
kling0nlhoerste: it should be in your "monitor" sections04:45
lhoersteyea that's where I'm looking04:45
kling0nnjende: sorry... cant help you then04:45
kling0nnjende: try another disk perhaps?04:45
kling0nnjende: or check your hardware?04:45
lhoersteit looks like whatever did the update to xorg.conf saved a backup - i'll pull the sync ranges out of there04:45
kling0nnjende:  is the card correctly set in ?04:45
njendekling0n: its a notebook04:46
kling0nlhoerste: if you have a back try bootin using that04:46
=== Aishiko [n=phoenix@nc-76-0-144-152.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
lhoerstekling0n: actually there are no sync ranges in the backup either... ?04:46
kling0nlhoerste: pastebin ?04:46
lhoerstejust the monitor section?04:46
kling0nnjende: and you're sure the card works correctly ?04:46
kling0nlhoerste: whole thing04:46
njendekling0n: yep, as it workes yesterday with a sidux live-cd04:47
lhoerstesure, I'll have to use USB key to get it to this comp so one sec04:47
kling0nnjende: did you verify the disk ?04:47
kling0nmaybe try another image ?04:47
Aishikoonce again Ubuntu is unstable (I shouldn't have updated :P)04:47
njendekling0n: true, could be a wrong md5sum...I'll check and brb04:47
=== lisa [n=lisa@82-47-202-137.cable.ubr05.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
bazhangAishiko: what's the problem?04:48
=== mzuverink [n=mzuverin@adsl-75-41-24-160.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
bazhanghi lisa04:48
lisai wonder if anyone can help with an apt problem04:48
bazhangwhat is it?04:48
lisai used adept to install msttcorefonts. it failed to install properly and now i cant remove it. its stopping me from updating04:49
Aishikobazhang: I try to run Ktorrent and it crashes within 30 minutes, I've tried dpkg --configure -a, dpkg -C, reinstalling Ktorrent, I'm seeing if the issue is Ktorrent or something else04:49
bazhanglisa: what's the error message say?04:49
savvaslisa: what's adept?04:49
lisasorry using (k)ubuntu04:49
bazhangsavvas: kde equibalent to synaptic04:50
bazhangequivalent also04:50
kling0nlisa sudo apt-get -f install04:50
Aishikobazhang: ohh I'm also know installing KDE and I'm going to try the KDE desktop to see if gnome is broken somewhere04:50
=== kRush [n=krush@f049012245.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Wendell [n=ubuntu@c-24-34-177-87.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Aishikobazhang: can you think of anything I might be overlooking to trouble-shoot this issue?04:51
bazhangAishiko: it is a beta; they are very good at fixing things quickly--if ktorrent has a bug, you can bet it will be fixed very quickly.04:51
=== ConstyXIV [n=andrew@74-128-189-16.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
lisaResolving switch.dl.sourceforge.net... failed: Connection timed out.04:51
lisaandale32.exe: No such file or directory04:51
lisaAll done, errors in processing 1 file(s)04:51
lisadpkg: error processing msttcorefonts (--configure):04:51
lisa subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 104:51
lisaErrors were encountered while processing:04:51
lisa msttcorefonts04:51
bazhangAishiko: I use transmission, so can't help you there.04:51
lisasorry for large paste04:51
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=== vasuvi [n=vasuvi@75-172-75-231.tukw.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
lisathanks but i tried -f install04:52
WendellHi all - doing a fresh install of Gutsy Beta.... To get my setting back for GNOME, etc... is it generally safe to just copy back the hidden folders from the home directory? (i.e. different versions of config files won't mess anything up?)04:52
=== squidy [n=squidy@unaffiliated/squidy] has joined #ubuntu+1
ConstyXIVwhat's the command to suspend from the console?04:52
lisaits not able to connect to sourceforge04:52
bazhanghiya squidy04:52
vasuviIs there any way to prevent NetworkManager from clobbering resolv.conf every single bootup?04:52
lhoerstekling0n: http://paste.lisp.org/display/48784 <-- this inlcudes the sync rates I added that did not work04:52
squidyhello bazhang.. :}04:52
ubotudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.04:53
bazhangoops. wrong command.04:53
Aishikobazhang: Ohh I know, last time I had this issue I ran dpkg --configure -a and found 8 broken packages 6 or 7 I recognized as being part of the desktop so I reinstalled them all and it fixed the issue, which was crashing in about 60 minutes of boot up04:53
kling0nConstyXIV: try sudo suspend04:53
ConstyXIVsudo: suspend: command not found04:53
kling0nlhoerste: change       VertRefresh        50-160 to       VertRefresh        50-7504:54
=== hoora80 [i=hoora@gateway/tor/x-2ee65d888848d867] has joined #ubuntu+1
Aishikobazhang: regardless of what was running04:54
bazhangAishiko: you should have seen when Gimp and cupsys broke the same day (two days ago) they got it fixed and to all the servers in a couple of hours. You should perhaps report a bug to lanuchpad.04:54
lhoerstekling0n: no luck04:54
Aishikobazhang: I'm not sure what to report though, I need to look up my launchpad id04:55
kling0nlhoerste: can you give me xorg.log.0 as well ?04:55
lhoerstesure - one sec04:55
njendekling0n: is there any way to get the wlan atheros running while installing rather than the sis190? btw the ingerity check was okay04:56
Aishikobazhang: I did report some in the beginning, but until recently I've not needed too04:56
kling0nnjende: sudo modprobe ath_hal04:56
lhoerstekling0n: can I just dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?04:56
bazhanglisa: have you tried sudo dpkg --configure -a?04:56
lisai'll try again04:56
kling0nlhoerste: try it04:56
lisajust to make sure04:56
bazhangAishiko: only ktorrent giving you problems?04:57
bazhanglisa: sorry I don't know very much.04:57
Aishikobazhang: not sure I'm not running it now, so if it goes past 30 minutes I'll assume it is Ktorrent04:57
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bazhangAishiko: as much as I like the interface, I prefer transmission over ktorrent or azureus.04:58
lisayeah. still timing out04:58
lisadont worry04:59
lhoerstekling0n: running through it now04:59
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njendekling0n: is there a mirror, maybe, with daily builds for gutsy? Maybe there is newer version than the one I downloaded yesterday...just trying to get that beast running04:59
kling0nnjende: no clue05:00
lisaanyway to manually remove msttcorefonts or install it properly? can anyone confirm whether the install works for them?05:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
kling0nthink there's a daily torrent05:00
vasuvinjende: Yes, I just installed a daily build of Kubuntu myself yesterday, works great05:00
njendevasuvi: from which mirror?05:00
vasuvinjende: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/ or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ , depending on what you want05:01
lhoerstekling0n: when I startx, the xserver runs and backlight is on but the screen is black. What should display if GDM isn't running? twm or something?05:01
Wendell Hi all - doing a fresh install of Gutsy Beta.... To get my setting back for GNOME, etc... is it generally safe to just copy back the hidden folders from the home directory? (i.e. different versions of config files won't mess anything up?)05:02
kling0nhmm depends on your configuration05:02
kling0nbut default is just a black/white pattern05:02
vasuvinjende: Make that last one http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily/current/ for the complete set05:02
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WendellWendell  (upgrading from Fesity)05:02
vasuvinjende: (Unless you want Xubuntu/Edubuntu or some other derivative)05:02
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=== Aishiko_ is now known as Aishiko
ConstyXIVwhats the best sound driver for wine?05:03
Aishikobazhang: it looks like the issue is more then just ktorrent it just crashed again at the 30 minute mark05:04
njendevasuvi: thx05:04
njendewill be back once the download finished05:04
=== PatrickWeb [n=PatrickW@AMarseille-256-1-142-174.w90-10.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu+1
vasuvinjende: np, good luck! :)05:04
bazhangAishiko: hmmm. I would definitely report this--did a crash reporter launch?05:04
savvasConstyXIV: try #winehq05:04
njendevasuvi: I hope so...that beast needs to get into gear by tomorrow morning CET05:04
lhoerstekling0n: http://paste.lisp.org/display/48784#105:04
lisamight try the main kubuntu channel. i dont think its a gutsy specific problem....05:05
=== Overlord_ [n=tango@adsl-068-209-021-230.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Aishikobazhang: no no crash reported was launched the whole thing just stopped responding and then I rebooted05:05
Aishikorunning dpkg --configure -a since, sypantic said to again05:06
bazhangAishiko: it froze your entire system?05:06
Aishikobazhang: yes05:06
savvaslisa: msttcorefonts installed fine here05:07
Aishikobazhang: that is what i've been calling a crash should I call it something else?05:07
bazhangAishiko: show-stopper. try a different torrent client first.05:07
kling0nlhoerste: it's definitely your sync ranges05:07
kling0nlhoerste: you have lots of errors regarding them in your log05:07
bazhangAishiko: well I just though you meant the app died, but a total system freeze-up..that's serious biz.05:07
Aishikobazhang: it did it again while just running gx-chat and synpatic05:07
=== nowshining [n=nowshini@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu+1
lisathanks sawas. wonder if thr problem is not connecting to sourceforge05:08
kling0ntry googlin the technical specs for your specific monitor05:08
Aishikobazhang: that was whta happened this last time05:08
lhoerstekling0n: those new sync ranges are from dpkg-reconfigure and I selected 1024x768 at 60htz so that's all the correct info05:08
savvaswhy is everyone using a "w" instead of double v? :P05:08
kling0nlhoerste: or maybe google xorg.conf and your monitor model to find a functional one05:08
lhoerstekling0n: is that what those visual not supported warnings are?05:08
=== thesaltydog [n=fabio@ubuntu/member/thesaltydog] has joined #ubuntu+1
lhoerstekling0n: good idea05:08
thesaltydog just upgraded to Gutsy. My /home doesn't mount and I can't boot. I had to boot with 2.6.20 kernel...!05:08
nowshininghi changing the root folder to hide from ALL users except for too is suppose to also lock the desktop folder right05:09
kling0nlhoerste: dpkg-reconfigure basically just runs the Xorf -config command05:09
nowshiningexcept for ROOT*05:09
nowshiningin roots home folder right05:09
lhoerstekling0n: but it knows about resolutions + sync rates05:09
=== FunnyLookinHat [n=funnyloo@] has joined #ubuntu+1
lhoersteso it usually works for me =/05:09
kling0nlhoerste: well.. it's not working is it ?05:09
Aishikobazhang: yeah I had this issue a couple days ago reinstalling 8 broken packages fixed it until the lastest patch05:10
savvasnowshining: yeah, probably you have to use a command parameter/argument for recursive, to be applied on all files/folders inside the root directory05:10
lhoerstekling0n: no =) I'm googling05:10
nowshiningi'm using gksudo nautilus05:10
nowshiningand well05:10
bazhangAishiko: are you fully uptodate?05:10
nowshiningit doesn't lock the desktop folder05:10
Aishikobazhang: I'm hoping this --configure -a finds some broken ones I can reinstall to fix it and yes I'm up todate fully05:11
kling0nnowshining: sudo chmod -R 700 /root05:11
nowshiningand when i do manually well it just resets the root folder and ALLOWS ALL ACCESS and no lock icon and i can write to the desktop folder from an non root account05:11
nowshiningshouln't right click and permissions  do it05:11
=== hagabaka [n=hagabaka@unaffiliated/hagabaka] has joined #ubuntu+1
nowshiningit locks all but desktop at most05:12
kling0nnowshining: if you started nautilus with root permissions that window will have full access to the root solder ofcourse05:12
nowshiningand i can write to it05:12
bazhangAishiko: I hope this latest fix does it for you; I had some funkiness during the first couple of rounds of upgrades--but nothing as serious as what you had, minor stuff really.05:12
kling0nnowshining: also, you'll have to make sure the users you want to keep out are no in the sudoersz05:12
nowshiningonly root is05:12
nowshiningnothing else05:12
Aishikobazhang: Ohh I know this is the first time I've encountered this and I installed gusty over a month ago this is the first time I've gotten a "show stopper" as you put it05:13
nowshiningthe other folders are fine, it shows only read access and write for root and none for others and well then when manually changin the desktop folder it resets the root folder itself and even with root only group there is no lock and i can write to it via tho i am not root05:14
nowshiningokay try this05:14
nowshininggksudo nautilus05:14
hagabakaso will there be no new packages released?05:14
nowshiningfilesystem - root, right click the folder05:14
nowshininggo to permissions05:14
kling0nnowshining: can you give me output of 'ls -alh /root | grep Desktop'05:14
bazhangAishiko: I think we may all have some of these from time to time--I have a problem with autosave and javascript--though that may down to wordpress and not Linux--total system nightmare freeze requiring hard reboot--I just shut off javascript for now; the alternative is to go back to Windows...and no thanks..haha05:15
nowshiningby the way the files in the folder itself and find and permission stick and the files inside won't open due to permissions05:16
nowshiningdrwxrwxrwx  2 root root 4.0K 2007-10-07 07:59 Desktop05:16
kling0nsudo chmod 700 /root/Desktop05:16
hagabakais there an apt repository for upgrading from feisty to gutsy?05:16
=== ericrost [n=eric@74-136-158-62.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
nowshiningbut can't i just use the right click method and drop down box05:17
nowshiningagain the files are locked inside05:17
nowshiningbut not the folder itsel;f05:17
lhoerstekling0n: no luck with the sync rates from online for the specific computer. it's a dell inpeiron 5100 (reletively old so there is a lot of material)05:17
nowshiningand right clicking from a non root nautilus window shows the correct permesion05:17
nowshiningpermission are own root - create and delete files, grop root - folder - none and files none and others none and none05:18
kling0nlhoerste: i'm out if ideas05:18
kling0nlhoerste: is it a dvi or a vga connection ?05:19
lhoerstekling0n: alright thanks man05:19
lhoerstekling0n: it's a laptop05:19
kling0nlhoerste: ah05:20
kling0nlhoerste: try changing driver from ati to radeon05:20
lhoersteha ok cool05:20
lhoerstei'll give it a try05:20
nowshiningokay the sudo chmod 700 /root/Deskto just not even displayed nothing05:21
njendelhoerste: have you pastes your conf? haven't seen it as I was way too busy with my probs here ;-)05:21
nowshiningand now it won't open up in regular mode05:21
nowshiningbut no icon05:21
njendeif not paste it05:21
nowshininglock icon05:21
lhoerstenjende: yea i'll link you05:21
Overlord_Speaking of gfx drivers, can anyone take a look at this fglrx failure problem I'm having?  Thanks.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56962105:21
lhoerstenjende: ^05:21
nowshiningit went right back to allow05:21
nowshiningi exited the regular nautilus browser05:22
nowshiningand still05:22
nowshiningyep i can create a folder in there05:22
nowshiningall files inside are locked and all others in root are locked05:22
njendelhoerste: as klong=n said change to radeon05:23
lhoerstethat didn't fix it =/05:23
nowshininghowever the desktop files again are locked as normal05:24
njendelhoerste: weird05:24
nowshiningi know05:24
nowshiningi can create in normal user mode05:24
lhoerstei'm checking xorg log05:24
njendelhoerste: jepp05:24
kling0nlhoerste: http://www.jlab.org/~moffit/computer/i5100_xorg.conf05:25
lhoerstenjende: ooh now I'm clearly getting vrefersh out of range errors05:25
lhoerstekling0n: thanks05:25
lhoerstekling0n: I think you were right, I just have a combo of problems =)05:25
=== Aishiko [n=phoenix@nc-76-0-144-152.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Aishikoanother showstopper05:27
thesaltydogI   just upgraded to Gutsy. My /home doesn't mount and I can't boot. I had to boot with 2.6.20 kernel...!05:27
thesaltydogthe boot process says that the "device is busy"...05:27
lhoerstekling0n, njende: no luck =/05:28
=== VousDeux [n=CroiX@24-236-210-3.dhcp.cdwr.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
njendewow...and my new desktop machine wont get installed wit gutsy either...that's not MY lucky day I'd say05:28
=== bsheep [n=bsheep@ANantes-252-1-54-100.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu+1
nowshiningokay, evertime i reset the desktop folder to block all access it works fine05:29
kling0nlhoerste: new logfile please?05:29
nowshiningi set the root folder the same way and BAMMO05:29
njendewell, I'll check wheter the machine wants to start with gutsy using irqpoll noapic -- sure, I know I wont be able to use both cpu's05:29
nowshiningit clears the desktop permissions folder and allows ALL ACCESs05:29
lhoerstekling0n: sure one sec05:29
nowshiningDesktop folder only05:30
nowshiningbut blocks access to any opening of files such as txt, etc..05:30
kling0nlhoerste: or try to install xserver-xorg-video-ati05:30
lhoerstei'll be sure its installed05:31
nowshiningi'll be on the forums bye05:31
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lhoerstekling0n: it's installed05:31
elliotjhughi all, any ideas on how best to increase the number of workspaces in gutsy? The way I used to do it in feisty doesn't appear in the preferences any more05:32
kling0nlhoerste: try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg-video-ati05:32
elliotjhugI'm using desktop affects05:32
elliotjhugsorry, scratch that... I just got an answer from another channel05:33
kRushelliotjhug, ccsm: horizontal virtual size05:33
lhoerstekling0n: that didn't work05:33
lhoerstekling0n, njende: http://paste.lisp.org/display/48784#205:34
kling0nlhoerste:  right... out of ideas now05:34
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kling0nlhoerste: maybe try reducing your colour depth and modes to 800x600 until you get it working and then lower the vsync and refresh rates05:35
=== mohamed_ is now known as mohamed_eat
lhoerstekling0n: that worked! with ati driver as well!05:37
=== kling0n ftw
=== pvandewyngaerde [n=pvandewy@32.127-201-80.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
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AishikoI'm back in the KDE desktop now, since the gnome did a show stopper after a couple min :(05:46
savvaslhoerste: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ftw05:46
njendeany ideas when the next daily/nightly build will be released?05:46
Aishikoanyone know what "ldconfig deferred processing now taking place" means?05:46
=== mirak [n=mirak@m207.net81-66-74.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== shannon_ [n=shannon@] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvasnjende: ..the next day? :)05:47
shannon_Anyone experiencing this problem with compiz? You login, you get just a blank (black) screen and mouse pointer, nothing loads. User accounts with compiz disabled work fine, but I can't login to the compiz accounts to turn compiz off. Started happening after I downloaded upgrades today. Running Gutsy beta. Can't seem to find the bug in launchpad.05:47
njendeand another question: to whom should I talk if there are still probs recognizing Interfaces, such as my WLAN and NIC?05:48
mirakis there a way to have tracker seatch in nautilus ?05:48
vasuvinjende: I downloaded mine last night (Mountain time)...and a new one was uploaded while I was downloading ;)  So I'm thinking around midnight05:48
njendevasuvi: cool, so I'll try the one I'm just downloading and will see, if there'll be a new one tomorrow, if the one I'm just downloading wont work05:49
bazhangAishiko: bug filed on this 6-7 days ago...05:49
vasuvinjende: sounds like a good plan05:49
=== Pusur [n=henbru@127.84-48-172.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
Aishikobazhang: there was? what is the recommended fix?05:50
njendebrb...just running to get some smokes ;)05:50
PusurHow do I avoid that my other partitions/drives get an shortcut on the desktop when mounted?05:50
bazhangAishiko: it's a new enough bug that it's undecided..perhaps if you filed as well they would up the importance of it--that seems pretty serious.05:51
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pqnetI think I found a bug05:52
Aishikobazhang: ohh OK, I'll do that now05:52
Aishikoassuming I stay up long enough to do that05:52
=== PatrickWeb [n=PatrickW@AMarseille-256-1-142-174.w90-10.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu+1
PusurI'm trying to make a nice and clean dekstop here. But how the hell do I remove the other partitions which are mounted from the desktop?05:56
Aishikobazhang: should I second the bug you found or file a brand new one05:56
bazhangAishiko: the javascript one? I think that's on Wordpress--I was in their channel and they confirmed it. Thanks!05:57
pqneti found a bug too!05:58
bazhanghi pqnet!05:58
pqnetwow, just say "I found a bug" and they fix it!!! I didn't say even what it was!06:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
pqnethi bazhang06:00
pqneti solved my problem06:00
bazhangpqnet: you just missed vousdeux...06:01
VousDeuxand then?06:01
pqnetbazhang what about vousdeux?06:01
pqnetvousdeux hi!06:01
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxhello...just taking a little break from homework I should have done yesterday06:02
bazhangpqnet: you just missed him; he was here earlier--he may file a bug reprot with the kernel developers..haha06:02
pqnetit's a missing feature report however, if I know what it is about06:03
pqnethis synaptic touchpad is not recognized by the ps2 driver, right?06:04
kRushPusur, gconf-editor: /apps/nautilus/desktop/volumes_visible06:04
bazhangpqnet: right.06:05
VousDeuxpqnet: yeah, it's something like that. I don't believe it is defective hardware because it basically functions OK. It is just not recognized by the kernel. Not necessarily a bug though.06:06
VousDeuxI'm just trying to learn how all of this stuff works, and where to get help.06:06
=== reon_ [n=reon@dsl-244-182-177.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== ProN00b [n=dot@pD9E3A7B8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Aishikosay is there anyway to have the clock in kde display seconds as well as the hour and minute?06:07
pqnetvousdeux i think this particular model hasn't been supported by opensource driver yet06:08
reon_I removed my ATI driver and ended up getting a black screen, I reinstalled the ati module but still have a black/blank screen, how do I fix it ?06:08
pqnetvousdeux you could help developer in adding support to that particular model in kernel module06:08
VousDeuxpqnet: that's what I suspect most of my problem are...what I don't know, yet, is what channels to use to get the ball rolling on getting them supported.06:08
=== reon_ [n=reon@dsl-244-182-177.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu+1
Aishikobazhang: this show stopper bug you think it's related to javascript?06:09
VousDeuxpqnet: I sure don't have a problem with that, but I don't know how to help06:09
VousDeuxpqnet: I don't have a great deal of spare time either06:09
reon_could someone help me with my display issue please ?06:10
bazhangAishiko: wordpress + javascript +autosave=their answer "turn off javascript!" a surly bunch there..haha06:10
gnomefreakhow do you get showstopper bug out of that?06:11
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-184-134.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
VousDeuxI'm also trying to put together a business plan for a college class for a business that markets Linux-based computers to small businesses.06:11
Aishikobazhang: lol I don't know how to do that :P so it does me little good to know to do that :P06:11
AishikoVousDeux: nice! have you tried looking at system67, ibm, or dell's marketing and business plan?06:12
bazhanggnomefreak: not in Ubuntu/Kubuntu; it freezes my Linux system, but it's on them--tons of people at their forums are griping about it--their answer is turn off javascript!06:13
VousDeuxAishiko: no, I appreciate the tip :)06:13
gnomefreakbazhang: yeah its a widely seen bug but that doesnt make it showstopping bug. is there an LP bug on this issue?06:14
=== rewq [n=root@ppp-107-73.21-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
AishikoVousDeux: your quite welcome06:14
Aishikobrb have to step out for a sec06:14
=== gnomefreak too brb
rewqI have internet connection06:16
rewqbut apt-get wont work06:17
=== xstasi [n=xstasi@85-18-14-24.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== eugo [n=infacto@unaffiliated/eugo] has joined #ubuntu+1
rewqI need this to download ndiswrapper06:17
rewqand dell windows driver for wireless06:17
reon_what error are you getting ?06:17
bazhanggnomefreak: well, it stops my show..haha and is 100% reproducible--depends on how many times I want to do a hard restart. don't know what LP is.06:18
rewq1 sek06:18
=== Konam [n=Konam@] has joined #ubuntu+1
rewqit goes up to 27%06:19
rewqand then it's stuck there06:19
=== xotl [n=chatzill@77-101-64-43.cable.ubr04.camd.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
rewqwaiting for headers06:19
reon_what repos are you using, archive.ubuntu.com or some other ?06:20
rewqconnecting to ubuntu .com (
rewqwhere I can find this??06:20
rewqto the adept??06:21
reon_your sources list or apt-get tells you when you try and get a package06:21
rewqserver from italy06:21
rewqrepos security and universal06:22
reon_maybe change them to the default one and see if it helps06:22
rewqits a fresh install06:22
rewqand I didn change anythig06:22
rewqfrom adept???06:22
VousDeuxI'm planning on using this laptop in my presentation, so that's part of my justification for spending so much time trying to get it working as well as possible.06:22
reon_use archive.ubuntu.com instead of it.archive.ubuntu.com06:22
=== haranp [n=haranp@di8-35032.dialin.huji.ac.il] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakbazhang: launchpad.net  the developers/maintainers see the bug there its more likely to get fixed, if its on forums its very very unlikely to get fixed since the developers dont hang out or look for bugs there06:23
haranpHow do I downgrade from 7.10 to 7.04?06:23
gnomefreakharanp: you dont06:23
gnomefreakharanp: reinstall 7.0406:23
haranpfrom the CD?06:23
gnomefreakor however you installed it to start with06:24
haranpOK, I'll do that, thanks06:24
bazhanggnomefreak: thanks! but what i'm experiencing is with wordpress--should I file a report with LP?06:24
gnomefreak!info wordpress06:24
ubotuwordpress: an award winning weblog manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.2-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 783 kB, installed size 4196 kB06:24
gnomefreakbazhang: yes06:24
=== gnomefreak couldnt remember if it was still in repos or not
=== Pusur [n=henbru@127.84-48-172.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== `23meg [n=m@ubuntu/member/-23meg] has joined #ubuntu+1
rewqI used the other repos06:25
bazhanggnomefreak: thanks!06:25
rewqand it still stuck at 25% waiting for headers06:25
=== kekZpriester [n=luc@dslb-088-065-105-012.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakbazhang: yw06:25
gnomefreakbazhang: dont be suprised if it doesnt get done for gutsy, if it is javascript causing it there isnt much we can do about it06:26
rewqwhen I installed kubuntu I dint had a dhcp connection06:26
PusurAnyone else had problems with making terminal the background with devilspie?06:26
=== svu [n=svu@] has joined #ubuntu+1
reon_rewq try static ip config ?06:27
rewqand now I cant do apt-get update06:27
Dr_willisPusur,  i followed a guide on that the other day. it worked. :)06:27
bazhanggnomefreak: I don't like javascript anyway--can't use pastebin, though..haha06:27
Dr_willisPusur,  but was annoying in many ways06:27
PusurWell, not working here...06:27
Dr_willisI forget the guide i found.. ubuntuhq.org perhaps?06:27
Pusurhttp://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-create-a-transparent-terminal-session-as-your-desktop-background.html I used this one06:27
PusurIt works if I run the commands manually, but not when making them run at login with sessions06:28
Dr_willisPusur,  could be devilspie isent getting ran first..06:29
Dr_willisi just made an icon that launched them06:29
rewqreon where do I set up static ip06:29
=== branstrom [n=fredrik@ua-83-227-158-67.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu+1
rewqim on a router with lan connection06:29
Dr_willisthe console thing is a neat idea. but has some issues..  like it hides the icons, and grabes focus when ya click on the desktop in the wrong place. :)06:29
reon_click on the network icon, top panel06:29
=== billytwowilly [n=chris@] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Konversation]
PusurDevilspie should run first, the command i used was "devilspie && gnome-terminal -window-with-profile=DesktopConsole"06:30
gnomefreakAishiko: you might want to give alot more info on your bug, right now its unclear what the complaint is other than 3 things causing it to freeze, is it the kernel? is it dpkg? or ktorrent? could it be compiz that is causing it?06:30
=== marko-_- [n=kaizoku@BSN-61-2-93.dial-up.dsl.siol.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
rewqand then06:31
marko-_-bazhang, tell me here :D06:31
bazhangmarko-_-: one thing--try not to enter one or two words then hit the enter key;06:31
reon_phew, display problem fixed06:31
=== sahin_h [n=ezaz@dsl5402AB98.pool.t-online.hu] has joined #ubuntu+1
bazhangmarko-_-: are you going to upgrade with a fresh CD install, or do it over the internet with the package management system?06:32
marko-_-over internet06:32
marko-_-i don't know what do you suggest ?06:32
bazhangmarko-_-: a fresh install will erase all of your old files, settings, etc--over the internet will not.06:32
marko-_-then i will just use dist-upgrade06:33
marko-_-right ?06:33
gnomefreakmarko-_-: no06:33
rewqI cant find where to change static ip???06:33
=== riotkittie [n=tracy@cpe-72-228-37-187.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
bazhangOk cool. I would wait until 10/18; as you are very new to this and some broken stuff might be very confusing for you.06:33
marko-_-gnomefreak, what then ?06:33
rewqim on kubuntu beta kde06:33
gnomefreakmarko-_-: safest to clean install right now but if you do want to upgrade use "gksudo update-manager -d" without the "06:33
marko-_-all i want when upgrading to gutsy (not now when it will be stable on 10/18) that all my files don't get deleted06:34
bazhangrewq: change to or from static?06:34
gnomefreakmarko-_-: warning upgrading atm is not very safe and expect problems06:34
rewqtell me how I can do that on kde please06:34
=== LiMaO [n=limao@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== buntunub [n=davemcbo@c-24-126-58-229.hsd1.va.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
marko-_-gnomefreak, i won't upgrade it now06:34
marko-_-just asking when i will do it if my files get deleted06:35
bazhangmarko-_-: after 10/18 you can do a dist-upgrade; right now things are still being fixed, so it might freak you out if you tried it at the moment.06:35
buntunubhey all, anyone have xorg issues after the latest kernel upgrade06:35
=== VousDeux [n=CroiX@24-236-210-3.dhcp.cdwr.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
bazhangmarko-_-: not if you do it via the internet.06:35
LiMaOi wanted to say that for a beta, gutsy is fairly consistent06:35
marko-_-ok i will do it on 10/18 but the question is will my files be deleted when i will upgrade it or not ?06:35
buntunubim having major issues getting dual screens working after the .13 kernel update06:35
LiMaOjust had some problems with 'Screens and Graphics'06:35
LiMaObut besides that, it's all good06:36
buntunubya same06:36
bazhangmarko-_-: no they won't, but it's a good idea to back them up nonetheless.06:36
gnomefreakmarko-_-: personal files no06:36
LiMaOmarko-_-, just backup your home folder06:36
rewqok can anyone have an idea how i can setup wireless conection without apt-get wotking06:36
rewqbut internet working06:36
buntunubwhen i enable nvidia driver via restricted drivers and use just the single screen, it appears to configure properly06:36
buntunubbut when i try to setup dual screens it gets major hosed on both screens06:36
marko-_-ok for you to easy understand it will the files in /home/username and any other directory (not / ) will deleted06:37
rewqI cant stay  without it06:37
buntunubthats via screens and graphics tool06:37
rewqif i have wireless06:37
rewqI can go in my room06:37
LiMaOmarko-_-, they won't be overwritten if they're on a different partition and you tell the installer not to erase it06:37
bazhangmarko-_-: no they will (not) be deleted. best to record them to a DVD or flash drive anyway thoug.06:37
buntunubi then have to do a  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg to fix things to get back to the single screen goodness06:37
rewqand have some time with kubuntu ad apt06:37
bazhangthough even06:38
gnomefreakmarko-_-: no they shouldnt but there is always a chance things will not work out the way you want its called breakage back ups would be the smart way of doing it06:38
LiMaObuntunub, i hope it gets fixed in the final release.. i like using the tv-out for dvd output06:38
marko-_-LiMaO, the / and /home are on the same partition :s06:38
buntunubyes this is a show stopper imo06:38
LiMaOthen backup /home and restore if after a clean fresh install06:38
buntunubthis is on a fresh intall too btw06:38
marko-_-i don't know how to do it besides i don't want to upgrade yet06:38
buntunubNOT an upgrade06:39
rewqhow do I change from or to static ip06:39
gnomefreakbuntunub: dual screen is being worked on and its not a show stopper since it doesnt stop you from using ubuntu06:39
LiMaOmarko-_-, just tar it all06:39
bazhangmarko-_-: don't know how to back up?06:39
LiMaOi mean compress the /home folder to a .tgz file06:39
gnomefreakrewq: stop with the one word or char. lines06:39
marko-_-i know i know but this is all now a little confusing06:39
marko-_-... :>06:39
LiMaOor simply write /home to a dvd disc06:39
LiMaOthen after the upgrade/reinstall, just copy it back to where it was06:39
marko-_-LiMaO, and this will work ?06:40
LiMaOmarko-_-, why wouldn't it? ;)06:40
marko-_-but /home is bigger then 80 giga06:40
LiMaOall your settings and config is stored in /home06:40
LiMaOwell, that's where compression comes in place06:40
gnomefreaknot all06:40
bazhangmarko-_-: well better start burning DVDs now--you've got eleven days to do it in..haha06:40
LiMaObut i'm pretty sure you won't be able to fit it on a single dvd ;)06:40
marko-_-oh shit i was thinking when upgrading only the / get changed but everything stays the same :/06:41
LiMaOmarko-_-, it does stay the same06:41
marko-_-and why should i backup then... ?:D06:41
LiMaObut you gotta have a security backup06:41
LiMaOin case something goes wrong06:41
gnomefreakmarko-_-: LiMaO /etc hold ALL config files06:41
reon_rewq click on the network icon on the top panel for manual configuration, select the interface then click on properties, can select dhcp or static06:41
marko-_-LiMaO, even if i have the / and /home on the same partition ?06:42
LiMaOgnomefreak, indeed, but i meant his personal settings for some applications, like his bookmarks are in .mozilla in his home folder06:42
LiMaOmarko-_-, yes, even if they are in the same partition it won't be overwritten06:43
marko-_-oh ok then06:43
=== Bandit12 [n=gavin@] has joined #ubuntu+1
reon_I just did a update and experiencing severe mouse lag, any ideas for a fix ?06:43
LiMaObut i like to play on the safe side.. i have /home on a diff partition, and i hold a backup of / in case this beta goes wacky06:43
marko-_-and what's the chance that it will get overwritten when i upgrade it on 10/1806:44
LiMaOreon_, ctrl+alt+backspace (that will restart xorg)06:44
buntunubsorry had to afk06:44
LiMaOmarko-_-, near 0%06:44
marko-_-cool then:>06:44
marko-_-i don't have sooooooo important files06:44
LiMaOupgrades don't erase anything06:44
marko-_-just music06:44
marko-_-i don't want to download it again..:>06:44
reon_LiMaO, already rebooted06:45
reon_LiMaO, but still got lots of lag06:45
buntunubgnomefreak i believe this is a show stopper because right now dual screens is not possible unless you know scripting, and I really doubt many people who use Ubuntu do06:45
LiMaOreon_, no other idea then =/ sorry06:45
=== LastLemming [n=LL@men13-2-82-224-174-159.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
LiMaOreon_, are you using those fancy compiz effects?06:45
gnomefreakmarko-_-: if install/upgrade fails to point you cant use than the back comes in handy :)06:45
buntunubI was only able to get back to a working single screen via the  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg command.. again, not many people know that either06:46
reon_LiMaO, nope, but i'm gonna try with the ati driver now.06:46
gnomefreakbuntunub: it is possible i just cant remember what everyone is using right now (has nothing to do with scripting)06:46
=== FossZombie [i=svencoop@pdpc/supporter/student/GPLGeek] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== lucasvo [n=lucasvo@wservices.ch] has left #ubuntu+1 []
LiMaOi'm afraid of ati heh06:46
buntunubi tried using the nvidia-settings, but that seems to be disabled now06:46
=== usser [n=dcherniv@ool-18b8e9e6.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakbuntunub: its a feature that is broken does not make it showstopper from devel point of view but there is an app everyone is using until it is fixed06:47
reon_LiMaO, ati driver fixed my mouse problem ;)06:47
buntunubI even tried to write my own xorg.conf, but that got overwritten on reboot06:47
LiMaOmarko-_-, my / partition is 18gb big, still only 4gb is used... its backup is 3gb big... that's why i keep my /home partition with 40gb separate from the rest06:47
reon_rewq did you come right ?06:47
LiMaOeasier to mantain06:47
LiMaOreon_, that's nice, nothing else broken?06:47
gnomefreakbuntunub: sounds like your being kicked into failsafe X06:47
buntunubmy last resort is to disable startup scripts and go with GNOME default and well see how that goes06:47
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-184-134.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakbuntunub: i suggest you look for bug reports in launchpad to see how it is being set up06:48
buntunubill try that06:48
reon_LiMaO, nope. it just does not work so well with vb seamless mode but besides that all is well06:48
buntunubi had no trouble getting dual screens working via nvidia-settings in feisty so they might just be better off defaulting dual screens to ati and nvidia tools for now06:49
LiMaOoh, btw, nautilus is giving me some problems too.. sometimes the file browser lags, and when clicking on an mp3 file it doesn't show the open with options.. it seems like it just forget what the files are.. killing the process solves it though06:49
=== macogw [n=maco@unaffiliated/macogw] has joined #ubuntu+1
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=== Aishiko [n=phoenix@nc-76-0-144-152.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
LiMaOreon_, what version of vb are you using? did you download the feisty version?06:51
Aishikoback and discovered that at about 30 after the system stopped again, this time under kde06:51
=== lufis [n=sam@unaffiliated/lufis] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-184-134.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== DanaG [n=DanaG@71-9-52-25.static.snlo.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
lufisAnyone else having trouble with moblock on gutsy?06:52
LiMaOi mean, i went to download 64bit version of virtualbox and there was no gutsy option, only up to feisty.. and it looked weird when installed06:52
Aishikognomefreak: I saw your recommendation and I would add more information, IF I had any.06:52
gnomefreakAishiko: than the people that triage it will ask you but if you cant give any than it might get closed06:53
savvasLiMaO: that's a qt3 problem06:54
AishikoI'm adding more information as I get it and figure it out but I'm not sure how to get more to add to it06:54
savvasLiMaO: give me a sec to find the bug report :)06:54
LiMaOsavvas, because of me using gutsy or because of the 64bit?06:54
savvasbecause of non existing qtrc06:55
=== tretle [n=tretle@] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakAishiko: use htop or top while lookihng at top see if you can get it to freeze but keep top/htop visible see if it doesnt show you what process is causing it06:56
tretlehow do i install kde4?06:56
LiMaOall i know is that the virtualbox window had huge fonts, and the buttons and stuff looked like 1980's applications06:56
gnomefreakAishiko: strace of say ktorrent until freeze06:56
gnomefreakAishiko: htop is a pretty version of top06:56
reon_LiMaO, I'm using the feisty version on gutsy and it works like a charm06:56
=== bdgraue [n=bdgraue@host-091-096-255-248.ewe-ip-backbone.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
LiMaOdoesnt't it look weird?06:56
LiMaOi mean, bigger fonts than what you used to have on feisty06:57
AishikoOK I'll try those06:57
reon_LiMaO, nope mine looks fine and it looks fine on my friends as well06:57
gnomefreakAishiko: most likely they will ask for strace to start with so i would try to grab one06:57
=== ha-nocri [n=piotr@87-205-47-241.adsl.inetia.pl] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== ha-nocri [n=piotr@87-205-47-241.adsl.inetia.pl] has left #ubuntu+1 []
gnomefreakAishiko: steps to reproduce is a good thing too06:57
rewqhere is the error out put from sudo apt-get update:06:58
rewqErr http://it.archive.ubuntu.com gutsy/universe Translation-en_US06:58
rewq  Could not connect to it.archive.ubuntu.com:80 (, connection timed out06:58
rewqErr http://security.ubuntu.com gutsy-security/universe Translation-en_US06:58
rewq  Could not connect to security.ubuntu.com:80 (, connection timed out06:58
=== andrei [n=andrei@] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakrewq: use pastebin06:58
gnomefreakrewq: remove it and use gb06:58
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!06:58
=== fay_elf [n=fay_elf@polymer131.gprs.dnafinland.fi] has joined #Ubuntu+1
Aishikognomefreak: OK got them, but do I run strace before or after ktorrent?06:58
lufisWhat?! But I don't speak British!06:58
rewqwhat is pastebin???06:58
gnomefreakrewq: looks like it mirrors are giving issues06:58
gnomefreak!pastebin | rewq06:59
uboturewq: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:59
rewqso what i can do about it???06:59
lufislittle joke there...06:59
gnomefreakrewq: change "it" to "gb"06:59
=== lufis [n=sam@unaffiliated/lufis] has left #ubuntu+1 []
gnomefreakAishiko: hold on let me see if i can find the how to for you06:59
rewqtell how aand when??06:59
gnomefreakrewq: gnome?07:00
rewqkubuntu beta07:00
gnomefreakrewq: kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list07:00
gnomefreakrewq: once it opens please tell me07:00
=== DanaG [n=DanaG@71-9-52-25.static.snlo.ca.charter.com] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Default]
=== Turms [n=aldo@host-84-220-30-27.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Turmsi have installed another distro (ubuntu gutsy) how can i transfer from the previous one my custom smileys to the new one?07:00
Turmsi just copied the .amsn dir but with no avail07:00
gnomefreakAishiko: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Strace07:00
rewqok I opend th source list07:01
Aishikothanks gnomefreak07:01
rewqand now...07:01
gnomefreakAishiko: yw07:01
gnomefreakrewq: every line that has it.archive......07:01
savvasLiMaO: sudo mkdir /etc/qt3/ && sudo wget http://pastebin.ca/raw/729078 -o/etc/qt3/qtrc07:01
gnomefreakremove the it and in its place put gb07:02
KonamMy internet connection in gutsy dies every once in a while, it drags down my internet experience. It could be working right now and die for a moment and then it works after a while, briefly moments, it makes my browser take too long just to load a web page, because the connection is death most of the time and when it work is just for a few seconds. What's wrong?07:02
rewqchange it to gb???07:02
gnomefreakrewq: when done save and close it07:02
reon_whoot!, just got 3G working with a cool gui app, I'm so happy I can...  :)07:02
gnomefreakrewq: yes07:02
tretlehow do i install kde4?07:02
rewqo thank u07:02
gnomefreaktretle: see kubuntu.org07:02
savvasLiMaO: wait07:02
gnomefreakrewq: after you close it run apt-get update07:02
tretlein #kubuntu they said to ask here07:03
savvasLiMaO: this should do it: sudo wget http://pastebin.ca/raw/729078 -O/etc/qt3/qtrc07:03
savvasLiMaO: that's the qtrc from feisty07:03
gnomefreaktretle: this channle has nothing to do with kde 407:03
=== Skiessi [n=qwe@dsl-roibrasgw1-ff90c100-219.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreaktretle: read the article on kubuntu.org07:04
gnomefreaktretle: btw kde4 has pretty much nothing07:04
Aishikognomefreak: do you think the last 5 or 6 processes from htop would be useful to the troubleshooting or do you think they'll want more?07:05
=== riotkittie [n=tracy@cpe-72-228-37-187.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakAishiko: what are their CPU% adn mem%07:05
AishikoCPU 0.0 mem 0.1 or 0.207:06
gnomefreakAishiko: not at all07:06
njendetretle: you'll find the answer to your question on kde.org -- eventhough I would suggest that you shouldn't install right now as the Beta3 has been postponed due to some probs. And if you don't know how to install it, I don't think you know how to solve the probs which may occur.07:06
rewqok I did it and it gives the same error...07:06
Aishikognomefreak: what should I be looking for?07:07
gnomefreakAishiko: something using alot of mem or alot of CPU07:07
=== osito [n=osito@] has joined #ubuntu+1
rewqroot@ubuntu:~# sudo apt-get update07:07
rewqIgn cdrom://Kubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Beta i386 (20070925.2) gutsy/main Translation-en_US07:07
rewqIgn cdrom://Kubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Beta i386 (20070925.2) gutsy/restricted Translation-en_US07:07
rewq20% [Connecting to gb.archive.ubuntu.com (]  [Connecting to archive.canonical.com (]  [Connecting to security.ubuntu.com (1.0.007:07
LiMaOsavvas, that will make virtualbox looks beautiful again? =D07:07
gnomefreakrewq: comment out the cdrom repo07:07
gnomefreakrewq: and use pastebin07:07
rewqok how do i use pastebin???07:08
Aishikognomefreak: nothing like that yet07:08
ositohello all, letest updates have nuked my screen to a rainbow of flashing colors, I have and nvidia ge force go 4 on my laptop, can anyone help?07:08
njendeI'd love to hear how finished Beta 3 is/will07:08
njendefeel. How usable is it, more so than beta 2? How do all the changes of07:08
njendethe last few days,  like a BIC friday, and the upcoming developer07:08
njendeplatform release affect the user experience of beta 3?07:08
fay_elfIf i dont wanna apt-get to gutsy, can i get the alternate cd after final is released and use just the iso to do the update?07:09
savvasLiMaO: well.. I made mine with a different way, I added that qtrc in my home dir, all details here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt-x11-free/+bug/14570907:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 145709 in qt-x11-free "7.10: Qt3 ~/.qt owner root and missing qtrc result result in ugly appearance" [Undecided,Confirmed] 07:09
gnomefreakfay_elf: yes07:09
rewqdidit and no difrent07:09
tretlei know how to install kde07:09
=== gerome [n=gerome@p5B056732.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
rewqsame prob07:09
tretleand am 99% sure about kde407:09
gnomefreakrewq: than its a local issue not a mirror issues07:09
rewqcant connect to any server07:10
fay_elfGnomefreak: can i mount with adept?07:10
gnomefreak!upgrade | fay_elf07:10
ubotufay_elf: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes07:10
gnomefreakgaythat will tell you how near bottom07:10
LiMaOsavvas, you downloaded that libqt3-mt package?07:10
gnomefreakfay_elf: cd upgrade is kind of shakey right now07:10
rewqis there any way i can install wireless without apt-get working???07:10
=== kri [n=kri@p5B293839.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
ositoanyone seeing a rainbow of flashing colors in nvidia laptop cards?07:11
gnomefreakrewq: yes wget and dpkg07:11
fay_elfGnomefreak:but after 18th?07:11
rewqI need ndiswrapper07:11
gnomefreakfay_elf: hopfully will work better07:11
LiMaOsavvas, i'll follow the instructions on that last page you gave me, thank you so much07:11
rewqand linux headers07:11
savvasLiMaO: no, I made my own "theme" in the bug report :) the other one from pastebin, yes it's from libqt3-mt feisty's package07:11
Aishikognomefreak: this looks promising CPU 100 and mem 11.2%07:12
gnomefreakrewq: use package.ubuntu.com and download the version for your system and use dpokg to install07:12
fay_elfRewq: i think if you have a cd the ndis is there07:12
=== Jacob_ [n=jacob@] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakAishiko: what is it xorg?07:12
Aishikognomefreak: ktorrent07:12
buntunubirt my last xorg issue, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/13999007:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 139990 in xorg "gutsy: Xorg with two screens crashes" [Medium,Triaged] 07:12
Aishikognomefreak:  it's the top 3 at the moment07:12
gnomefreakAishiko: good07:12
rewqhow can I take it out from cd??07:12
buntunubno resolution or suggestions to fix posted07:13
gnomefreaktake a screenshot of it and attach it to bug report07:13
gnomefreakrewq: its not on the cd07:13
Aishikognomefreak: I just took the screenshot :P07:13
=== Jacob_ is now known as Jacob
=== ConstyXIV_ [n=andrew@74-128-189-16.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Ahadiel [n=michael@S010600131042857c.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakrewq: i told you how to get it, its up to you to do it07:13
ositohow do I get back to the vesa driver?07:14
gnomefreakosito: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg07:15
rewqok thank u very much all ov you07:15
bazhangbye rewq07:16
ositognomefreak, thanks07:17
Konami found a bug in the pidgin's plugins07:18
Konamwhen you enable one of the plugins and close pidgin it doesn't remember the plugins you enable.....07:18
ositognomefreak, how do I attach to the other screens of xserver?07:19
Aishikognomefreak: what is "/usr/bin/X :0 -br -audit 0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -nolisten tcp vt7"?07:19
gnomefreakAishiko: why?07:20
Aishikognomefreak: that process is now at 70% CPU and 3.1% mem07:20
gnomefreakthats just gdm07:20
gnomefreakmake that X07:21
gnomefreakin general07:21
Aishikognomefreak: ohh so that is pretty standard then?07:21
JanCI guess some program is keeping X very busy07:21
=== akrus [n=akrus@] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakAishiko: for most part it looks like X is telling gdm to use vt7 or up to vt707:22
gnomefreakbut should only use vt107:22
JanCgnomefreak: Ubuntu runs X on vt7 by default07:23
gnomefreakoh yeha07:23
gnomefreakdont go there07:23
=== LiMaO [n=limao@] has joined #ubuntu+1
JanCI've seen some Firefox extensions misbehave and causing high X activity like that07:24
LiMaOsavvas, virtualbox looks wonderful again. thank you so much =)07:25
=== martalli [n=martalli@cm231-238.madisontelco.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
gnomefreakJanC: this is mainly ktorrent freezing it07:25
JanCbut I guess it can be any program07:25
savvasLiMaO: the qtrc from pastebin or my solution in the home dir? :p07:25
=== jdrake [n=jdrake@fyodor.hcoop.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
martalliIs it possible to do an dist-upgrade off of the desktop cd for a feisty->gutsy upgrade?  Earlier I had plopped a desktop cd into a feisty install, meanign to reinstall, and it had offered to do an upgrade.  Would that work, or was feisty merely confused?07:26
martalliI thought that could only be done off the alternate cd07:27
bazhangmartalli: not yet--once it hits final it will be. right now it is in beta07:27
=== mohamed_ [n=mohamed@] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Leaving"]
jdrakeMy volume control keys seem to be controlling the 'front' volume control (which does nothing), is there a way I can switch it to 'PCM' or 'Surround'? This is an intel hda sound device.07:28
martalliso for right now, if I want to upgrade the computer to gutsy beta, I should use the alternate CD?  The root partition doesn't have enough space to upgrade through upgrade-manager, so I thought an upgrade off the alternate CD would save room (less packages to download and store on the root partition)07:28
savvasmartalli: you can try: gksu update-manager -d07:29
martallinot enough space on the drive =(07:29
savvasoops :)07:29
bazhangsavvas: isn't that -c -d?07:29
martalliI might just reinstall.  It is a fairly basic install int he first place07:29
martalliWe use it in the office mostly for internet and OOo for office stuff07:30
bazhangyes it is07:30
savvasbazhang: correct, they can do the -c one when they click "check" :)07:30
martalliI think it is only -d now07:30
martalliAt least from the ubuntu website07:30
bazhangsavvas: thanks!07:30
LiMaOsavvas, pastebin.. just saved that file as /home/me/.qt/qtrc07:31
=== Martinp23 [n=martinp2@wikimedia/Martinp23] has joined #ubuntu+1
martalliIs there a release candidate cd out?07:31
savvascool LiMaO07:31
bazhangmartalli: yes.07:31
=== TheRepacker [n=rick@d226-43-244.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
savvasmartalli: maybe this? sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade07:32
=== Aishiko [n=phoenix@nc-76-0-144-152.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
martalliI couldn't find it for kubuntu07:32
martallikubuntu rc, I mean07:32
Aishikognomefreak: sorry it froze again,07:32
Aishikognomefreak: but this time I had strace runing and loging everything07:33
martalliAh, I think I wil just wait to upgrade this computer07:33
Aishikonow if I can just get htop to make a log :)07:33
bazhangmartalli: right there07:33
martalliI was looking at that page, but it is the beta (built in sept)07:33
bazhangyou mean a nightly build?07:34
martalliThe schedule was for a rc in october07:34
bazhangbeta is late september07:34
=== filthpig [n=carl@ti0010a380-1133.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu+1
martalliAh, its no big deal.  I will just wait until the actual release.  My office staff would have a fit if their was any glitch07:34
martallias there could always be before the final release07:35
bazhanggood idea.07:35
=== thompa [n=thompa@c-76-22-143-152.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
martalliBetter to keep them happy07:35
Konamsomeone can confirm it07:35
thompahello, not sure to use 64 or 386 for intel macbook?07:35
njendemartalli: and maybe the bugs in sis190 and some mor are fixed til the final release as well ;-)07:35
=== FunnyLookinHat [n=funnyloo@] has joined #ubuntu+1
thompai know about flash and adobe dont care about that07:36
Aishikognomefreak: dang this log is huge!07:36
njendethompa: i38607:36
Konamis just in the gutsy's pidgin package, other third party packages work just fine07:36
njendethompa: ahhh...if you dont care about flash and stuff, you could try the 6407:36
martalliI am using kubuntu gutsy on an SIS mainboard without any problems07:36
thompanjende: i saw that the daily build site lists 386 for intel macs, but i thought they would run 64 also07:36
njendeI think07:36
thompayes thats right07:37
martalliWith all the little troubles installing linux on Apple hardware, it would have been nice for Yellow dog to make te move to 396 hardware and continue to support Apple based hardware07:37
martalliI mean, I am a debian/*buntu user, but still, that was yellow dog's niche07:38
njendemartalli: lucky you, my notebook isn't running as yet at all...having a Intel Dual Core with SiS Chipsets07:38
Konammartalli I agree with you07:38
martallinjende: That's a fairly old mainboard...an asus pundit of the old order07:38
thompawell gutsy is working great here on intel macbook with 386, only have 4G for osx and thinking of deleting it07:38
thompaonly touchpad is sensitive when typing07:39
martallithompa: If you already paid for the prop os, why not keep it?  Sure there some use for it...after all, wine won't run osx =)07:39
Dr_willismartalli,  but vmware can! :)07:39
martallithompa: I have the same problem with my dell m1210.  I wish I could turn off the darn touchpad07:39
njendemartalli: ahhh...well. the sis190 hasn't seen as far as I can tell any major changes since 2006. In the 2.6.23 Kernel shall be a better driver for sis190 and stuff07:39
=== mahrellon [n=mahrello@user248.85-195-57.netatonce.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
martalliDr_willis: very true07:39
thompamartalli: you can turn it off and use external usb mouse07:40
martalliDo you think they will use 2.6.23 or 2.6.24 for 8.04?07:40
mahrellonHi! I have second HD (ext3 format) that always prompts me for root pass when I mount it. Are there any quick fixes for this? =)07:40
=== squidy [n=squidy@unaffiliated/squidy] has joined #ubuntu+1
njendemartalli: I hope so07:40
Dr_willis,23 would be a beta kernel wouldent it? odd #'s = beta, even = stable?07:40
thompamartalli: im not sure why to keep osx other than for firmware updates07:40
martallithompa: Couldn't figure out how to turn it off....and I wouldn't want to do it permanently, but rather an option to turn it off, or have it turn off when an external mouse is present07:41
njendeDr_willis: dunno -- to be honest07:41
martalliI think Dr_willis is right07:41
Dr_willismahrellon,  you can make the fstab file have a entry for it with 'users' or was it 'user' option.07:41
Dr_willismahrellon,  or just make a fstab entry for it,. and let it mount at boot.07:41
thompamartalli: try qsynapics it works here07:42
reon_thompa, i think i saw a fix for the touchpad somewhere but dont ask me where07:42
thompai just git a fix thanks07:42
thompai can disable or enable it07:42
martalliOh, quoting the wikipedia: "Starting with the Linux 2.6.x series, there is no significance to even or odd numbers, with new feature development going on in the same kernel series. Linus Torvalds has stated that this will be the model for the foreseeable future."07:42
mahrellonDr_willis, Thanks man. I'll use your info and google up some tips'n tricks. I'm sort of a newb to Ubuntu so I'll need someone to hold my hand all the way and It's probably better it's google who'll be doing the handholding so I don't have to bother you guys to much =)07:42
njendeDr_willis: however, I think that the 23 will be released as a 24 soonish. actually the 23rd is now downloadable as a rc9...shouldn't be that long anymore, I guess07:42
martallithompa: OK, I will try it07:42
thompamartalli: you may have to edit xorg.conf is all so qsynapics will run07:44
martalliIt says I need the synaptics driver, too, but xorg already notes I have a synaptics trackpad07:46
martalliHmm.  I will find this in a sec07:46
martalliI think mepis had qsynaptics installed by default and it had worked great07:46
thompamartalli: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49375807:46
=== MetaBot [n=metabot@unaffiliated/ljl/bot/metabot] has joined #ubuntu+1
njendecu folks later07:47
thompayou need to maybe add the touchpad section to xorg.conf07:47
thompavery easy07:47
=== Stev [n=steven@ppp-237-170.32-151.iol.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
njendegot to go for a while....07:47
Stevhi, i had a problem while upgrading07:48
=== OwdGitRon [n=ron@88-111-187-86.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Zdra [n=zdra@] has joined #ubuntu+1
Konammi internet connection keeps dying :(07:48
=== LjL [n=ljl@ubuntu/member/ljl] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== AirBender [n=felipe@pc-147-135-214-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Stevon the right there are soome other errors i got during the process (in gedit)07:51
=== rothchild [n=rothchil@cpc5-cmbg1-0-0-cust236.cmbg.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== j01101111sh [n=Josh@ip72-213-33-225.om.om.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== martalli [n=martalli@cm231-238.madisontelco.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
usserStev: too small of a picture07:51
=== vasuvi [n=vasuvi@75-172-75-231.tukw.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
martalliNow the trackpad works better07:52
Stevuhm a sec.. :P i posted the thimb07:52
martalliI put a short delay on the trackpad while typing keys and it isn't catching while I am typing now07:52
martallivery sweet07:53
martalliEs ist mir alles Spanische07:54
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@S010600902754713b.wp.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
=== j01101111sh [n=Josh@ip72-213-33-225.om.om.cox.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
=== IndyGunFreak [n=ken@user-0cdv00n.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
Stevwhat should i do, now?07:55
thompamartalli: you only need to really add this to xorg.conf  under input devices synaptics:  Option "SHMConfig" "on"07:56
thompafor dell laptops this seems to work also07:56
martallithompa: That's all I added - then restarted X and all was well07:56
martalliIts working for this Dell laptop (m1210 - a very nice rig I might add =)07:57
thompaive got a nice working macbook with 386 am wondering if i should reinstall for 6407:57
=== Ximal [n=paducahg@c-68-63-251-132.hsd1.ky.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
IndyGunFreakthompa: depends.07:58
Ximalhey guys..07:58
thompaIndyGunFreak: is compiz effected anyway on 64?07:58
kyjaI enabled cpu scailing. however running in conservitive mode is ideal except my lowest setting is 424 mhz wich is laggy and it can step all the way up to 3.4 ghz. is there a way to disable the 425 mhz setting so 850 is minimum?07:58
=== thesaltydog [n=fabio@ubuntu/member/thesaltydog] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ximalanyone mind telling me why i can't play anything ? like videos i download from frostwire ?07:58
IndyGunFreakhmm not sure07:58
KonamXimal do you have all the restricted codecs?07:59
thompaIndyGunFreak: i also have 2g ram so im wondering if 64 will utilize more of this07:59
Ximali tried playing a divx file and it won't decode anything divx07:59
IndyGunFreakXimal: yu proably don't have proper codecs, what file format?07:59
Ximalkonam : no but i can't figure out how to get them under add/remove07:59
thesaltydogjust updated gutsy on my laptop, and now it is unusable. The booting sequence loops into a device-mapper error and never ends. I lost the control over the pc...07:59
=== tehk [n=tehk@c-68-44-165-48.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
thesaltydogI tried also to boot with the old kernel (2.6.22-12) but it is the same07:59
KonamXimal sudo aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras08:00
IndyGunFreak!medibuntu | Ximal08:00
ubotuXimal: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org08:00
Ximalthesaltydog : did you install something that just came out ?  if so an update , it could have been buggy..08:00
IndyGunFreakjust use the feisty codec repo under gutsy, it will work fine08:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
StevWhile upgrading i got this error: http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/6270/schermatakt0.png on the right there are other errors i got during the process, the error message for all except dpkg is something like "problems with dependencies"08:00
thesaltydogXimal, just a dist-upgrade!08:00
Ximalaye dog .. savvas warned me of some of the buggy upgrades in the distro updates08:01
=== ratpoison [n=ratpoiso@ppp248-225.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Vorian [n=Steve@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.Vorian] has joined #ubuntu+1
thesaltydoghow should I put hands on it now? It doesn't boot, not even in single mode!08:01
IndyGunFreakStev: its pretty unlikely any of us speak whatever languate that is, so how do you expect s to help?08:01
Stevthe italin part just says "there has been an error, the system may not be working. A recovery procedure will be run (dpkg --configure -a)08:02
savvasXimal: type this in terminal: sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-good gstreamer0.10-plugins-base gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-gl gstreamer0.10-plugins-base gstreamer0.10-plugins-good gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse08:04
Ximalsalty : try using the restore via live cd ..08:04
savvashm I repeated some :p08:05
savvaseh? what happened?08:05
Konamwell, I go back to Feisty, no one seems to be listening to my feedback, I hope the devs get rid of them before the final release. Gutsy is, by far, the worst ubuntu Beta i've tried...08:05
Ximalok sav08:05
=== Lattyware [n=Latty@host86-141-180-28.range86-141.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
thesaltydogso, the quality control over the released packages is very bad.08:06
Konamfor the record: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3488894#post3488894 & http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3488039#post348803908:06
Ximaldog : the reason for me keeping windows on a partition is in case of this type of issue you are facing so I can come try to figure it out .. heh.. how are you with us now ?08:06
Turmsi cannot find emerald-themes among pkgs, do you know what is the reason?08:07
=== nickrud [n=nickrud_@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/nickrud] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== robin_ [n=robin@5571fe0e.ftth.concepts.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
robin_small question, I just installed kubuntu, and the nvidia 3d binary driver. how can I now enable compiz'/fusion08:09
=== filthpig [n=carl@ti0010a380-1133.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== CodeImp_ [n=dont@s55910c2b.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
filthpighmm, my linksys WUSB54GC behaves kinda weird on my system08:10
filthpigit uses the rt73 chipset, and gutsy enables the rt73usb driver for it08:10
filthpigit works smoothly out-of-the-box, but at random times it just stops and throws an error08:10
Stevany idea? what should I do now?08:11
filthpigStev, what's your problem?08:11
pvandewyngaerdeStev:    dpkg --configure -a08:12
pvandewyngaerdeStev:    sudo dpkg --configure -a08:12
Stevfilthpig: while uprading i got this error: http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/6270/schermatakt0.png. The italian part says that the upgrade was halted and that dpkg --configure -a is going to be run to try to recover the sytem.. on the right there is a list of packages where i got the error "problem with dependencies" while upgrading08:13
=== CodeImp_ [n=dont@s55910c2b.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
squidyis anyone here using compiz and xorg configured to dual head?08:14
Stevdpg --configure -a just returns a list of problematic packages08:15
=== Turms [n=aldo@host-84-220-30-27.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Ximalwell i can now watch all the videos I want.. Im in heaven ! w00t08:16
Stev(the same listed on gedit in my screenshoot)08:16
=== Xbehave [n=juan@82-45-210-78.cable.ubr02.dals.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
Dr_willissquidy,  :) Yes. on my nvidia 8800gtsXXX card08:17
squidysquidy, do you use kde or gnome?08:17
squidyops.. Dr_willis08:17
Dr_willisboth. :)08:17
Dr_willisi got kde + compiz sort of going last night.. but it has some issues08:18
Dr_willislike the focus, and a few other annoyances08:18
Dr_willisive not found a guide specifically for gutsy/kubuntu/compiz yet.08:18
Xbehavein kubuntu gusty my system settings dont have access to some files, can some1 help me figure out whats wrong?08:19
pvandewyngaerdeStev: try installing apport and apport-gtk first08:19
squidyDr_willis, when you're using GTK apps in kde with compiz enabled and dual head.. is your gtk app getting slow?08:19
=== wokwendell [n=wendell@c-24-34-177-87.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
squidyfor example.. if you minimize the gtk window like firefox or ccsm.. when you maximize it you have a delay about 2 secs08:20
Stevpvandewyngaerde: i installed pyton-apt and it worked, it was the 1st dependency missing08:20
Dr_willissquidy,  i noticed all of KDE being sluggish when using compiz.08:21
=== robin_ [n=robin@5571fe0e.ftth.concepts.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
Dr_willisgnome was much snappier08:21
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - Help in #ubuntu-effects08:21
wokwendellHI all - when I boot into a secondary user account in GNOME, I get a black background (though) I can still taskbar... but no desktop icons and quit dialog doesn't come up - any ideas?08:21
Stevpvandewyngaerde: now.. i need to do additional steps to continue upgrading? the upgrade process was not completed, some packages where missing and then cleanup...08:21
pvandewyngaerdetry to install the packages it needs08:22
=== DigitalNinja [n=dhull@157-157-237-24-mvl.ewc.gci.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
pvandewyngaerdeand sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:22
Stevpvandewyngaerde: already done :) now dpkg works08:22
StevStev: now? how to resume the upgrade?08:23
robin_when I enable compiz with ' compiz --replace '  I lost all my file - menu / window decorations08:23
pvandewyngaerdeStev:  try sudo update-manager --dist-upgrade08:24
Stevpvandewyngaerde: tnx08:26
=== linxeh [n=linx@88-96-202-38.dsl.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
Stevpvandewyngaerde: it didn't install any new package.. while during the 1st upgrade some packages where messing when there was the error, it just removed my obsolete packages08:28
pvandewyngaerdetry to upgrade again and see if it works08:29
=== AirBender [n=felipe@pc-147-135-214-201.cm.vtr.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Stevpvandewyngaerde: it says that the system is up to date08:30
pvandewyngaerdebut do you have 7.10 now ?08:31
Stevpvandewyngaerde: how to check? I guess yes, it said that the upgrade was completed08:32
=== robin [n=robin@5571fe0e.ftth.concepts.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - Help in #ubuntu-effects08:33
=== soundray [n=rolf@dsl-217-155-44-246.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
soundrayI'm updating gutsy, and it's stuck at scrollkeeper - "Rebuilding the database. This may take some time" for about half an hour. This is a fast machine. How long should I wait?08:34
rothchildevenin all, how do I get cron to run this script? http://pastebin.com/m58bae13608:34
soundrayrothchild: I would schedule that with at08:35
rothchildi've installed gnome-schedule but it's not immediately obvious to me08:35
rothchildsoundray ok, can you give me some pointers?08:35
soundrayrothchild: echo runscript.sh | at 23:5908:36
=== sayers [n=sayers@c-76-20-182-119.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
sayerswhat in the world has happened to rythmbox!08:39
Ximalquick question guys...08:39
rothchildwhat do I do with the script (where do I put it?)08:39
Ximalif i install a windows file share program through wine... to use it... will the spyware on it be active through wine and wine allow it to do what it normally would ?08:39
rothchildXimal generally no windows viruses don't run well on WINE08:40
Dr_willisXimal,  ive installed apps with wine.. and explored what spyware they insgtall.08:41
Dr_willisthen deleted the .wine dir to clean them out.08:41
Dr_willisI imagine a lot depends on the 'spyware' in question08:41
Ximalok doc,,, does the spyware ever stay active on the linux side of things ? i assume they attack the win32 architectures and not linex/unix environments ?08:41
Ximallike can they go active and scan for ur passwords etc ?08:42
Dr_willisDepends on the spyware.. :)08:42
Dr_willissome apps have spyware 'in them' that only runs when they run..08:42
=== FunnyLookinHat [n=funnyloo@] has joined #ubuntu+1
StevHow to install packages that werent istalled during the upgrade process? (upgrade was halted due to an error)08:42
Dr_willissome apps install spyware that auto-start. I doubt if wine would work with those08:42
=== Ryandor [n=justin@c-24-8-225-10.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ximalso they would only BOOT when wine is being used08:43
Ximalmy question was , is wine active at all times or only when WINDOWS programs are being used08:43
Dr_willisits possible  that they would hang around after you  closed the initial wine program.08:43
Dr_willisyou could see them in the 'ps' listing as wine programs.08:43
Dr_williswine is active when you use it. the spyware could spawn off and stay in the background. Is my guess08:43
rothchildsoundray what do I do with my script to ensure that at knows where it is08:44
Ryandoranyone able to help the newb? ::08:44
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)08:44
=== _dan_ [n=dan@unaffiliated/dan/x-128397] has joined #ubuntu+1
RyandorI've got a HP/Compaq NC6220 with built-in bluetooth.. how ever Gutsy beta doesn't see it at all... (based on lshw at least).. any pointers to get it to see?08:44
soundrayrothchild: echo /path/to/script.sh | at 23:5908:44
Ximal" ps " ??08:45
rothchildoh ok thanks (sorry for the slow uptake it's been a long day!)08:45
=== twilight [n=twilight@ubuntu/member/twilight] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== maco_ [n=maco@] has joined #ubuntu+1
RyandorI've installed everything related to gnome/bluetooth as well.. and nothing is actually detecting the biult in bt08:45
soundrayRyandor: it may be disabled in the bios08:45
=== TheInfinity [n=TheInfin@bchm-4d091856.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ximalit would show under system monitor right ?08:45
=== rexy_ [n=rexy@s5591754c.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
RyandorI thought it was enabled but I will double check that, Soundray. (be right back) :)08:46
=== Ryandor [n=justin@c-24-8-225-10.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
soundrayI'm updating gutsy, and it's stuck at scrollkeeper - "Rebuilding the database. This may take some time" for about three quarters of an hour. This is a fast machine. How long should I wait?08:50
=== [diablo] [n=diablo@253.Red-83-41-20.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== unf [n=unf@] has joined #ubuntu+1
[diablo] evening #ubuntu+108:52
[diablo] guys, I've got a KVM gutsy guest, with all updates to today... I'm thinking of installing Gutsy on my laptop, but would like to copy all the updates from my vm guest to the clean installed laptop... and then use the updates rather than download em all again.. is this possible please?08:53
=== kekZpriester [n=luc@dslb-088-065-105-220.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
unfwhat does exactly mean the status "fix commited" in the launchpad?08:53
[diablo] unf, think it means it's me patched08:54
[diablo] the issue08:54
NightBirdunf: probably that the fix has been commited to the repo, but may not be widely available yet08:54
StevHow to install packages that weren't istalled during the upgrade process? (upgrade was halted due to an error, i suspect that some packages weren't installed)08:54
=== Aranel [n=Aranel@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== newsense [n=newsense@adsl-68-253-181-7.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
soundray[diablo] : copy the package cache over (all the debs in /var/cache/apt/archives/)08:55
=== Ryandor [n=justin@c-24-8-225-10.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
soundrayStev: sudo apt-get -f install08:55
[diablo] soundray, nothing more?08:55
RyandorBluetooth is enabled in BIOS.. but still nothing per lshw or in hardware devices :(08:55
Stevsoundray:  0 installed, 0 upgraded, 1 not upgraded08:56
[diablo] soundray, then just do an apt-get update yeah?08:56
=== tehk [n=tehk@c-68-44-165-48.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
unfi ask because ive seen this status in a bug description but the program still crashes08:56
soundrayStev: okay, now 'sudo dpkg --pending --configure'08:56
soundray[diablo] : apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade08:57
Stevsoundray: no output08:57
[diablo] soundray, mmm can I safely get away with only copying the one dir? do I not have to regenerate the cache info etc?08:57
rothchildRyandor have you seen this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup?highlight=%28CategoryBluetooth%2908:57
soundrayStev: then you're probably okay08:57
=== thesaltydog [n=fabio@ubuntu/member/thesaltydog] has joined #ubuntu+1
soundray[diablo] : no. apt-get update creates all the info, then only downloads those debs that aren't in its cache already.08:58
[diablo] ah ok08:58
soundray*then apt-get dist-upgrade only...08:58
Stevsoundray: ok.. but when i was upgrading "25 minutes" were remaning and the bar was 3/4 full08:58
thesaltydogmy laptop is unusable after a dist-upgrade. It doesn't boot in any way, and loops into a device-mapper error. Shit!08:58
[diablo] soundray, you've actually tested this method out please?08:58
soundray[diablo] : many times. What are you worried about?08:58
[diablo] nothing08:59
[diablo] I attempted something similar @ work the other day08:59
[diablo] and it failed08:59
thesaltydogBooting the desktop with 2.6.22 kernel, it doen't mount my /home partition!08:59
[diablo] it did not see the copied files08:59
[diablo] had to do all the updates online08:59
[diablo] but, I'll try again with the laptop08:59
soundray[diablo] : make sure they have the right permissions once they are copied across.08:59
[diablo] nod08:59
=== juan [n=juan@82-45-210-78.cable.ubr02.dals.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
rothchildthesaltydog I had that yesterday and it was a borked system and reload for me08:59
thesaltydogrothchild, which one of the 2 ? How did you get out of it?09:00
Xbehaveis there anything like beryl-manager for gusty?09:00
rothchildwhen you try to mount your home partition it tells you it's 'busy'09:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Xbehaveinfact is there anyway to install beryl on gusty?09:00
[diablo] I'll give it a shot, thanks soundray09:00
thesaltydogrothchild, yes!09:00
[diablo] right, TOPGEAR is on!!! wee-hee09:00
[diablo] adios09:00
thesaltydogrothchild, how did you fix it?09:01
=== mssever_ [n=scott@75-106-9-198.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
rexy_is there a thread for the open source ati driver woes?09:01
rothchildI ended up reinstalling09:01
rothchildbut that's exactly why I have my /home on a different partition09:01
thesaltydogrothchild, I can't reinstall!! It is my main pc... I prefer going on with feisty's kernel.09:02
usserXbehave: nope09:02
usserXbehave: i think everyone hates that compiz config09:02
rothchildcouldn't work out what it was I did try earlier kernels but no joy09:02
rothchildsomeone else here may be able to help but Hobbsee helped me yesterday and their conclusion was it was broken09:03
Ryandor"bluez-utils is already the newest version." .. " * Restarting Bluetooth services " ... hcitool shows nothing09:03
thesaltydogthe kernel was broken?09:03
Lynourethesaltydog: if you have separate /home, reinstall will not distroy that09:04
mssever_I'm developing a program that depends on libdaemonize-ruby. Someone recently complained that there is no such package in Gutsy. Since I'm not yet running Gutsy, can someone verify this and/or find the proper name for the gutsy package?09:04
Ryandor..it as if it's not even seeing this laptop has bt09:04
thesaltydogLynoure, I understand.. But what about the thousands of packages I have? And their configurations?09:04
Lynourethesaltydog: There is a reason why the topic says what it says and the bots tells you to read it...09:05
Xbehavei dont get what the rush the compiz is about all my favorite plugins broke and i really liked having beryl-manager even when i was using compiz as it supported crashes09:05
Stevsoundray: ok.. but when i was upgrading "25 minutes" were remaning and the bar was 3/4 full.. isn't this strange?09:05
thesaltydogLynoure, yes. I am testing ubuntu since 2005, but this discourages other testings.09:05
Lynourethesaltydog: or boot with live cd and take backups first...09:05
TheInfinitymy laptop makes powersave when i have power cable plugged in and dynamic when power cable is out09:05
TheInfinityisnt it a little curious? ;)09:05
rothchildthe saltydog a lot of stuff is in the home folder so when you reinstall create a new user and then you can migrate yor config about09:06
thesaltydogLynoure, if I reinstall, it will reinstall the same buggy kernel.09:06
soundrayStev: yes. One possibility is that it stopped updating your screen for some reason, while it worked away happily in the background.09:06
XbehaveLynoure: a reinstall is a very windows solution it wont fix the problem for anybody else or tell anybody else how to09:06
Lynourethesaltydog: you can reinstall feisty, if you wish, too.09:06
soundrayStev: the output you quoted indicates fairly reliably that your system is okay, though.09:06
Stevsoundray:  i don't think.. i was in front of my pc while upgrading09:06
LynoureXbehave: I did not recommend it.09:06
Stevsoundray: uhm ok..:|09:06
soundrayStev: did it stop at installing scrollkeeper btw?09:07
Stevi'm unable to open deskbar preferences on gutsy09:07
Xbehavethesaltydog: you can run some dpkg commands to list everything you have installed and a copy of /etc will save the configs09:07
thesaltydogLynoure, as far as I can reboot with the old feisty kernel, I prefer to wait for a new 2.6.2209:07
LynoureXbehave: mostly antirecommended installing on one's main pc without being prepared for this. Especially if there are no backups09:07
thesaltydogLynoure, I know, but we are very close to the release, so the testers may expect an almost stable system.09:08
Lynourethesaltydog: oh, I was under the impression you could not get a working system at all. Sorry about the misunderstanding09:08
Stevsoundray: yes scrollkeeper is installed09:08
=== BHSPitLappy [n=steve-o@unaffiliated/bhspitmonkey] has joined #ubuntu+1
thesaltydogLynoure, no, I have the desktop working now with gutsy but, booting with feisty's kernel.09:08
soundrayStev: I'm asking: when it stopped progress on the install, was the last package it worked on called scrollkeeper?09:08
thesaltydogthe vcery big problem is on the laptop... no way to boot.09:08
DigitalNinjaHas anyone done an update in the last few minutes?09:08
Xbehavetesters should always expect everything to go wrong, this morning my swap stoped working09:09
Dr_willisDigitalNinja,  doing one right now.....09:09
Dr_willisis that bad? :)09:09
DigitalNinjaDr_willis: I would like to know if anything breaks09:09
thesaltydogDigitalNinja, I did. It was a mess.09:09
=== ppj [n=mrj@c-71-228-69-135.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== onechard [n=chard@ip68-98-192-143.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Dr_willisheh - glad its just my newly installed Mythbuntu box thats updateing then.09:09
Stevsoundray: err... yes  I read "after" instead of at.. i don't know.. i've a screen but i see the output of dpkg --configure -a09:10
DigitalNinjathesaltydog: I have gutsy09:10
ppjis there any reason why my nvidia drivers wont let me go above 640x480 after updates on friday?09:10
DigitalNinjadid an upgrade last night and a few things broke09:10
DigitalNinjahad to go back a kernel09:10
Xbehavethesaltydog whats the probelm, your home is buzy before you mount it?09:10
thesaltydogLynoure, for the laptop I will have to reinstall. No way to boot. I have a loop on device-mapper09:10
Ryandorsoundray: hidd doesn't see it, hditool doesn't see it. lsusb neither, but expected since I don;t think it's a usb device.. the bluetooth is biult-in09:10
thesaltydogXbehave, yes.09:10
soundrayStev: never mind, it's just where I seemed to get a similar problem just now.09:10
ppji can't even work on fixing things at this resolution its pissing me off09:10
thesaltydogXbehave, but that is on the desktop. On the laptop there is no way to boot.09:11
Xbehavethesaltydog: are you using evsm or lvm?09:11
soundrayRyandor: does lspci show it?09:11
soundray!language | ppj09:11
ubotuppj: Please watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.09:11
DigitalNinjappj: What's wrong with your resolution?09:11
ppjubotu: uh? pissing me off?09:11
thesaltydogXbehave, lvm09:11
Ryandorsoundray: nope, lspci doesn't see bluetooth either09:11
ppjDigitalNinja: after some updates on I believe friday, I havent been able to get anything but 640x480 and below resolution, I'm using the nvidia drivers09:11
soundrayppj: some people want to use this channel professionally. Your language is not appropriate.09:11
ppjDigitalNinja: and my xorg is fine09:12
soundray!fixres | ppj09:12
ubotuppj: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type  sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto09:12
DigitalNinjappj: is this gutsy09:12
Stevsoundray: are you able to open deskbar preferences? In resources/find file do you get tracker?09:12
DigitalNinjappj: go back a kernel09:12
ppjDigitalNinja: but if I go back a kernel and update won't it just break it again09:12
Xbehavei had this problem this morning with evms or whatever the non lvm 1 is called, i think its because of a kernel patch if you have the same problem, is your root on an lvm partition?09:12
DigitalNinjappj: no09:13
DigitalNinjappj: you need to wait for the developers to fix things09:13
ppji know09:13
thesaltydogXbehave, no.. the root is on a plain device09:13
DigitalNinjappj: I did an update yesterday and it broke X09:13
ppji'm just sick of having to run in 640x480, i can't even click on half of the options on my screen09:13
DigitalNinjappj: I rebooted, selected the previous kernel and everything was fine09:13
ppjcool i'll see what happens09:13
DigitalNinjaI hope it works for you09:14
=== tim__b [i=tim__b@draws.asciians.info] has joined #ubuntu+1
Xbehaveis uninstalling a lvm an option, if so thats the easiest fix, if not im looking for the bug i read it had a fix, either a patch to kernel or you tell lvm to not use any drives the kernel does09:14
DigitalNinjaXbehave: You can't remove LVM09:15
thesaltydogXbehave, that's what I was looking for. How can I tell lvm not to bother with my drives?09:15
DigitalNinjaif you setup your drives using LVM you are stuck09:16
thesaltydogDigitalNinja, I swear I NEVER setup my drives with lvm..09:16
DigitalNinjawhat does fdisk say09:17
soundrayStev: no, my system is fine after a dpkg --configure -a09:17
Ryandorsoundray: I seem to recall that the bluetooth showed up under 7.04 .. but I didn't have a bt device to connect at the time. I'm wondering if there might be a related problem with my system on 7.10 that would affect.. I do have some minor issues with X and compiz, but could these relate?09:17
=== secret901 [n=dhn@user-0c8gi70.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
thesaltydogDigitalNinja, just /dev(hda.../hdb... and so on09:17
Xbehavethesaltydog: yeah alot of people are saying that heres the bug report its for evms but ill look for the lvm fix if its the same problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evms/+bug/11561609:18
soundrayRyandor: I don't think so, but I can't really claim any knowledge09:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 115616 in evms "Device-mapper errors: dm-linear, lookup failed" [High,Fix released] 09:18
DigitalNinjathesaltydog: Yes but what kind of file system does it show09:18
DigitalNinjaor should I say partition09:18
thesaltydoglinux ext309:18
DigitalNinjalooks like you don't have LVM for your drives09:18
Stevi'm unable to open preferences of deskbar09:19
secret901Including Compiz by default in 7.10 messed up the windowing in my Dell Ubuntu laptop09:19
DigitalNinjathesaltydog: What is LVM doing?09:19
soundrayStev: do you mean the panel, or are you talking about something else?09:19
thesaltydogDigitalNinja, don't know. Xbehave was saying it was due to lvm..09:19
DigitalNinjalets start from the top09:19
thesaltydogXbehave, tks for the bug report link. It is exactly what I have on the laptop09:19
Ryandorsoundray: also, if it matters: I did a clean install of gutsy on live CD dated sept 25th09:20
DigitalNinjathesaltydog: What is the problem?09:20
Stevsoundray: deskbar, in the panel09:20
thesaltydogDigitalNinja, sorry I am confusing you, but I have 2 problems. One on the desktop and one on the laptop.09:20
thesaltydogLet's start with the desktop:09:20
Ximalhaha.. found a bug09:20
DigitalNinjaWhich one is the LVM problem09:20
soundrayStev: what's that for?09:20
Stevsoundray: the applet for the panel to search for files , launch apps etc...09:20
thesaltydogduring boot sequence, /home partition doesn't mount with 2.6.22. It says that /home is busy.09:20
=== secret901 [n=dhn@user-0c8gi70.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Stevsoundray: riight click on panel / add to panel / add deskbar09:21
=== Aishiko [n=phoenix@nc-76-0-144-152.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ximali accidentally tried to drag my start bar at the top of the ubuntu thing.. the icon bar that shows all things like your login name and network connection etc... anyone know how i can straighten it back up ? the text is sideways and the bar is STILL at the top09:21
Ximalhaha.. nm fixed it09:21
soundrayStev: I've got it, preferences open fine09:21
=== qbjunkie [n=Qube@S0106000ea6be3878.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
DigitalNinjathesaltydog: Does the system boot09:21
DigitalNinjaor finish booting09:22
Stevi get a crash if i try to open them...09:22
thesaltydogDigitalNinja, no. It does boot with kernel 2.6.20 (feisty)09:22
Stevi tried to purge and reinstall deskbar-applet :(09:22
DigitalNinjais this gutsy09:22
Aishikowell I just added htop images, strace, and updated the how to recreate part of my bug report09:23
Ximalthis is gutsy all older are in #ubtunu :)09:23
erichjStev, you could try purging gnome-applets and reinstalling all of them09:23
Ximalthis is basically beta support ;)09:23
Ryandorsoundray: Thanks for the help, even though I'm still stuck. I'm going to do a clean reinstall today to make sure everything is setup correctly. (It's true what they say about production machines!) Thanks again09:23
soundraythesaltydog: is it possibly trying to mount /home twice?09:23
DigitalNinjathesaltydog: boot with the working kernel and do an upgrade09:23
thesaltydogthere is nothing to upgrade at the moment. Anyway I will continue with the old kernel until a good upgrade comes.09:23
Aishikoif this frezzes again I'm going to do a reinstall of every package on this machine09:24
DigitalNinjathesaltydog: When was the last time you did an upgrade09:24
thesaltydogone hour ago09:24
Steverichj: in resources / find file do you have tracker or the old search dialog? if the old search dialog is normal where to open tracker?09:24
Xbehavethesaltydog: do you use lvm on your system?09:24
DigitalNinjayou should have a huge list of kernels to choose from09:24
thesaltydogbut the big problem is on the laptop09:24
DigitalNinjawhat's the story there09:25
thesaltydogit doesn't boot at all after the upgrade.09:25
DigitalNinjathat's strange09:25
thesaltydoglooking at the boot sequence I have an infinet loop error on device-mapper.09:25
DigitalNinjacan you get into grub09:25
erichjStev, tracker09:25
thesaltydogyes, then?09:25
=== jsomers [n=jsomers@d51A50113.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== BHSPitLappy [n=steve-o@unaffiliated/bhspitmonkey] has joined #ubuntu+1
DigitalNinjaswitch to a different kernel09:25
Steverichj: i have the old dialog.. i think09:25
soundrayStev: create a new user and see if you get the same deskbar trouble. If not, reset your gnome config for the original user.09:25
=== Ryandor [n=justin@c-24-8-225-10.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Xbehavethesaltydog: is it using lvm?09:26
thesaltydogno way. on the laptop I have 2 kernels: 2.6.22-13 and 2.6.22-12. Both of them don't work09:26
thesaltydogXbehave, don't know09:26
DigitalNinjais this gutsy09:26
Xbehavecan you chroot into the system from a live cd09:26
=== barduck [n=barduck@bzq-179-108-44.static.bezeqint.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
thesaltydogXbehave, maybe... the bug report says to remove evms from the pc. Can I do it from a chroot?09:26
=== DigitalNinja on my Gutsy system I have a long list of kernels
=== thesaltydog thinks that DigitalNinja is a lucky boy
Xbehaveyes, just rember to mount the boot partition09:27
=== pvandewyngaerde [n=pvandewy@80.74-241-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
thesaltydogXbehave, the boot partition is not separated from /09:27
=== thompa [n=ubuntu@c-69-180-211-1.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
DigitalNinjaI'm wondering why others don't see a long list09:27
=== ibara [n=ibara@cpe-74-75-208-191.maine.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
DigitalNinjawho knows09:28
XbehaveDigitalNinja: depends when you installed it09:28
DigitalNinjaabout 3 or 4 weeks ago09:28
=== ppj [n=mrj@c-71-228-69-135.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
thompaon this laptop i did not see a message that grub install or anything prompted for reboot09:28
AishikoDigitalNinja: I see a long list of like 4 kernels in my grub list along with memcheck and recovery versions of each kernel09:28
thesaltydogXbehave, so if I chroot my "/", mount the /home, can I remove evms from the pc?09:28
Stevsoundray: unable tp switch user -.-09:28
thompatarget system and everything created and it stops, i have windows in the other partition09:28
=== stefg [n=stefg@e179144213.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
pvandewyngaerdeStev:  so you are on gutsy now without any problems left ?09:29
DigitalNinjaIf gutsy stops working my suggestion is to try an older kernel09:29
DigitalNinjaIt has worked for me09:29
thompahow can i install grub from live after install is done09:29
Stevsoundray: if i do "switch user" the screen flasahes for some seconds and then the screen locks for the current user09:29
soundrayStev: well, you know how to boot in recovery mode or switch to a console and create a new user, don't you?09:29
=== Creationist [n=nrossin@c-71-205-67-153.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Xbehavei dont think youd need home just /09:29
thesaltydogXbehave, ok.09:29
Stevsoundray: the new user is created i just can't switch :P09:29
thesaltydogXbehave, I'm gonna try09:29
soundrayStev: well, reboot then09:30
CreationistCould someone tell me how to stop Compiz in Kubuntu Gutsy?  I've tried kwin --replace, but then I have no window decorations.09:30
soundray!grub | thompa09:30
ubotuthompa: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto09:30
soundraythompa: follow the RecoveringUbuntu... instructions09:30
thompai know that it wont work09:30
DigitalNinjaWell, time for me to run09:30
thompalilo will install though for some reason09:30
Creationisthmm... nevermind.  It worked this time ... go figure ;)09:31
erichjcould always use the windows boot manager09:31
thompai dont want to reformat and reinstall windows, too much pain09:31
erichjjust boot into windows and add an entry for linux09:31
thompawhere  do you add that?09:32
thompaits windows xp i think my kids laptop09:32
erichji want to say boot.ini09:32
erichjbut it's been awhile09:32
thompame too09:32
=== newsense [n=newsense@adsl-68-253-181-7.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
thompagrub rescue wont work either09:32
thompamaybe i will try a 3rd party boot loader09:33
thompaits only this laptop, and i know its cause of windos install09:33
ppjyes the boot.ini09:33
Ximalheya .. I'm having trouble getting my wireless adapter on my laptop to realize the network in the room... how do i have it search for them ? or does it not work unless it's installed .. ubuntu completely into the pc ? like the live cd edition won't work ?09:33
thompait took me days to get windows crap working anyway09:33
=== Stormx2 [n=Stormx2@5ac82464.bb.sky.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
thompappj: will i have to boot into windows first each time09:34
erichjthompa, it will ask you what OS to load for each boot09:34
thompanightmare getting sp2 on this vaio09:34
Tomcat_thompa: Getting Windows XP up to SP2 is always a nightmare. ;)09:35
thompathanks ill try that. i have to keep xp for the kids horse game only09:35
thompaespeciall bad with vaio and drivers, needs safe mode and all sorts of tricks09:36
Lynoureakregator on gutsy seems a lot slower than on feisty09:36
thompathe vaio disks stopped working ages ago09:36
ppjthompa: ? you can set a default and have a menu using the boot.ini09:36
thompaso i got my old xp disk never opened09:36
newsensewhats the best way to upgrade from feisty ?09:36
thompanewsense: you got lots of data09:37
erichjnewsense, wait for final for beta then do a dist-upgrade09:37
ppjman compiz has a lot of options in the manager09:37
erichji meant Gutsy not beta09:37
thompai like the paint screen with fire09:37
AishikoI have an install disc of XP Pro with SP2 with it so it's not hat big adeal09:37
thompamines first xp release disk09:38
ppj323 updates for you09:38
ppjwell actually 273 at first09:38
erichji still have xp RC2 on cd somewhere around here09:38
ppjthen another 3009:38
newsenseerichj: i need the module for tr61 based wifi card the one with feist doesnt work and i dont wanna recompile kernel09:38
newsenseerichj: any suggestions09:38
newsenseerichj: gutsy's  stock kernel has rt61-pci module rather than rt61 in feisty default kernel09:39
thompaerichj: the drivers were a big problem because without ac i got blue screen, also no wired or wireless nothing09:39
erichjnewsense, well if you don't mind using a beta. sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. or burn gutsy to cd and install09:39
Ximalanyone mind telling me or clueing me in on how to get my wireless to notice my network ? on my laptop? it doesn't show anything unless i add it09:40
erichjXimal, turning roaming on09:40
ppjXimal: is ssid broadcast on?09:40
Ximalit is on09:40
Ximalroaming is09:40
Ximallemme see if i got ssid off09:40
newsenseerichj: i ran debian sid for years, not new to betas, and do i have to edit my sources.listat all ?09:40
rothchildif you need to roll sp2 in to an xp install you can do it with this http://www.nliteos.com/09:40
newsensefeisty/gutsy ?09:40
erichjnewsense, i don't think you do. i might be wrong though.09:41
thompanewsense: back up your data09:41
thesaltydogXbehave, fixed the laptop!!!09:41
thesaltydogXbehave, After changing /etc/evms.conf (exclude = [ * ]  in sections 'activate' and 'sysfs_devices') 2.6.22-13 booted now without problems09:41
newsenseerichj: ill post bug reports if i find any,im not one of "those" beta users09:41
thesaltydogfrom a live-cd09:42
thompaim reinstalling on 3 computers just now , 2 are 64 1 a macbook09:42
=== miki [n=miljenko@dh108-147.xnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu+1
Xbehavethesaltydog: good09:42
thesaltydogXbehave, thank you for the link to the bug!09:42
Xbehavethesaltydog: good, i dont get why they installedevms if your not using it :S09:42
Xbehavesimilar thing should work on desktop09:43
thesaltydogdon't know if it is the same...09:43
=== nzero [n=nreynold@ppp-70-245-248-33.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Xbehaveit sounds the same, i had the same problem as you this morning it wasnt mounting my swap or boot sayiung they were too busy09:44
nzeroanyone know if the monitors and graphics feature is going to work in final09:44
newsensethompa: what is the correct procedure to update from feisty to gutsy, do i have to edit the sources.list ?09:44
Xbehavenewsense: the prefered procedure is backup, install of CD i think09:44
=== Stev [n=steven@ppp-237-170.32-151.iol.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
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=== jmichaelx [n=james@74-129-241-49.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
newsenseXbehave: i have nothing to backup really, just a box to play with, no cds09:45
newsenseXbehave: would like to upgrade via net09:46
=== Vorbote_ is now known as Vorbote
Stevwhen you do Resourches / Find file, do you get nautilus-search-tool?09:46
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #ubuntu+1
kRushnewsense, update-manager -d09:46
=== fyrestrtr [n=burhan@pdpc/supporter/student/fyrestrtr] has joined #ubuntu+1
nzeroanyone know if they are going to have the monitors and graphics configuration program working by final09:47
Steverr -.-  i mean tracker-search-tool09:48
=== thesaltydog [n=fabio@ubuntu/member/thesaltydog] has joined #ubuntu+1
thesaltydogXbehave, yes. I fixed the desktop too. Same bug.09:49
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=== thompa [n=ubuntu@c-69-180-211-1.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
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thesaltydogXbehave, tks again also for this. Just one hour ago I was thing to reinstall..09:54
Aishikothesaltydog: I've been considering that myself but I don't really want to do that09:55
=== LjL [n=ljl@ubuntu/member/ljl] has joined #ubuntu+1
ppjanyone using kde4 on gibbon?09:56
Aishikoppj is that kde?09:56
AishikoI mean the most current kde09:56
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ppjits the beta09:57
ppjkde 4 is still beta09:57
ppjman anytime i mess with beryl/xgl/compiz settings i make it more annoying to use09:58
ppji'm glad theres default buttons09:58
=== Ximal [n=paducahg@c-68-63-251-132.hsd1.ky.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== LjL [n=ljl@ubuntu/member/ljl] has joined #ubuntu+1
Dr_willisi had the wobbly windows so wabbly. i had to wait 3 min for them to calm down. :)10:00
=== gabor_ [n=gabor@53548418.cable.casema.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
gabor_what is wmaster0 ?10:01
=== Vorbote [n=vorbote@unaffiliated/vorbote] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Ryandor [n=ubuntu@c-24-8-225-10.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ryandorhullo again10:02
ppjDr_willis: ive got some fade effect going on and I'm not even sure which one it is but its annoying and is very slow10:02
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=== shadylookin [n=shadyloo@74-140-98-184.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Latty [n=Latty@host86-141-179-79.range86-141.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ryandor...So I'm booting off the lastest gusty livecd (downloaded 30 minutes ago), and it's not seeing the built-in bluetooth.. HP/Compaq NC6220 .. I think it's a broadcom chipset.. I've got the extracted windows drivers.. is there a way to get bluetooth working.. using a method like NDIS or anyway else that anyone knows.. I thought the bluetooth was seen under 7.04, but not sure, and didn't have a bt device at the time..10:06
=== Frost^ [n=sweiss@85-250-142-63.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== jgm [n=jgm@host-87-74-179-156.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== miki [n=miljenko@dh108-147.xnet.hr] has left #ubuntu+1 []
AmaranthRyandor: There is no ndiswrapper-like thing for bluetooth10:15
jgmHi is there a nvidia-kernel package for the 2.6.22-13-generic image?  I'm not getting any luck with attempting to use the 'nvidia' driver in my xorg.conf...10:15
=== TheInfinity [n=TheInfin@bchm-4d091856.pool.mediaWays.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Amaranthjgm: Yeah, since about 38 hours ago10:15
Amaranthjgm: your mirror might be outdated10:15
jgmHmm... possible, but suspect that something else may be broken with my install.  What's the primary site?10:16
jgmYeah that's what I'm using.10:16
Amaranthwhat i do is put my local mirror first in sources.list and that one second10:16
=== nikolam [n=nikola@adsl-233-203.eunet.yu] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== arpu_ [n=arpu@p54BFE009.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Amaranththat way i get the speed of the local mirror but can still get up-to-date packages if the mirror hasn't updated yet10:17
RyandorAmaranth: Thanks. Any other method you can think of?10:17
Amaranthjgm: then your system is broken10:17
jgmYeah thought that may be the case10:17
AmaranthRyandor: nope, i hate bluetooth10:17
Amaranthbluetooth absolutely trashes battery life10:17
=== shadylookin [n=shadyloo@74-140-98-184.dhcp.insightbb.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
jgmI get lots of segmentation faults when I try an "aptitude reinstall linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-13-generic" coming from ld_static, which I suspect may be the core issue (so to speak)10:18
RyandorAmaranth: Thanks. I'm not much for it either, but it would be nice not to have to use a dongle for a "regular" wireless mouse.10:18
AmaranthRyandor: pastebin your lspci10:19
=== kri_ [n=kri@p5B293839.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
Ryandorpaste the whole think? I grep'd for blu but nothing showed10:20
Amaranthwhole thing, and pastebin, not paste10:20
RyandorAmaranth: not sure I know how to pastebin :(10:21
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)10:21
Amaranthjgm: uh, ouch10:21
Amaranthjgm: run memtest (it'll take a few hours)10:22
=== nosrednaekim [n=michael@04-080.200.popsite.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== neildarlow [n=neil@cpc1-bigg1-0-0-cust731.lutn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
jgmAmaranth: possible but it's only that one package that has the problem so more likely to be something bad on the install (which was originally tribe5 and been upgrading since then)10:23
Amaranthjgm: I'd vote corrupt install, bad RAM, or bad HD10:23
Amaranthjgm: But the first one is usually caused by one of the other two10:24
neildarlowfollowing a recent kernel/networkmanager update, my wired connection is reported as eth1 instead of eth0. any idea why this is happening?10:24
jgmYeah I may run a memtest and if I don't get anything from that do a reinstall.  Thanks for the help10:24
Amaranthneildarlow: it's no big deal10:24
RyandorAmaranth: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/39912/10:24
AmaranthRyandor: That is a weird system10:25
neildarlowAmaranth: sure it works but even dmesg shows eth0 as the interface but mii is reported for eth1. it's odd that's all10:25
AmaranthRyandor: If it has a sticker that says "Centrino" I'd complain to the manufacturer, they're lying :P10:26
AmaranthRyandor: Normally the bluetooth comes with the wireless on these systems so it'd be intel10:26
AmaranthRyandor: Are you sure the bluetooth isn't working? A lot of those wireless mice don't actually use bluetooth, that's why they have the dongle10:27
Amaranthit's more like wireless PS/210:28
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=== neildarlow [n=neil@cpc1-bigg1-0-0-cust731.lutn.cable.ntl.com] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Ex-Chat"]
RyandorAmaranth: It does say centrino, but all the windows bluetooth drivers (from hp.com) for this model give broadcom inf files. Of course I could be clueless. This mouse was bought specificly to test bluetooth wireless: "Kensington Si670m bluetooth wireless notebook mouse"10:29
AmaranthAre you running some tool to associate the two?10:29
AmaranthBecause it's not just magically going to happen10:30
=== Stormx2` [n=Stormx2@5ac824c6.bb.sky.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== manicnerd [n=manicner@c-24-3-71-94.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
RyandorAmaranth: Not even getting that far.. nothing indicates that bluetooth even exists on the laptop, except BIOS.. Under windows bluetooth worked (as best as I knew, since I didn't have the mouse then, and I've wiped windows completely)10:31
=== nzero [n=nreynold@ppp-70-245-248-33.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== danny [n=home@c-76-26-57-157.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
ikonianzero: welcome, thanks for joining10:32
AmaranthRyandor: Sorry dude, that's all I know10:32
=== a71984 [i=a7@dynamic-acs-24-239-222-100.zoominternet.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
LynoureDoes akregator eat most of CPU for anyone else?10:32
=== Brucevdk [n=bruce@] has joined #ubuntu+1
AmaranthI don't have any bluetooth devices and I've blacklisted the kernel module so it's not even enabled10:32
=== heartsblood [n=heartsbl@pool-71-163-112-67.washdc.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== a71984 [i=a7@dynamic-acs-24-239-222-100.zoominternet.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
AmaranthLynoure: Not many KDE people here :)10:32
Ryandorpreviously, I did load every tool I could find that has gnome/bluetooth related.. nothing. I've booted off livecd now so I figured I'd at least be able to see the bluetooth in lspci10:32
heartsbloodWhat is the name of the crash report program in gutsy gdm?10:32
LynoureAmaranth: hmm, there is a #kubuntu+1?10:33
Amaranthin gdm? gdm is the thing that lets you login10:33
AmaranthLynoure: no10:33
=== manicnerd [n=manicner@c-24-3-71-94.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
nzeroI no prob, I have the latest XGL server and ATI restricted drivers running and everything is fine except for the screensavers. I can see the screen savers in the little preview window but when i try to preview full screen or run it it just is blank10:33
AmaranthLynoure: not many kde people period in ubuntu-land10:33
Amaranthwell, compared to gnome users10:33
LynoureAmaranth: then I guess I'll have to take my chances here as it is not yet supported on #kubuntu10:33
heartsbloodproblem is, it's saying programs that arn't even installed have crashed then pointing to files that don't exist10:34
=== lurking_ [n=lurking@rrcs-71-42-147-99.sw.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
heartsbloodhow do I remove it?10:34
AmaranthKubuntu users are supposed to be more...self-sufficient :)10:34
ikonianzero I don't know if its related, but that use to happen to a few ati cards / drivers in fesity too10:34
=== kri [n=kri@p5B293839.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
LynoureAmaranth: maybe we are, for much part... :)10:34
Amaranthheartsblood: It's going over every program that crashed when you were using feisty10:34
=== pqnet [n=pq@utente6Carducci.sns.it] has left #ubuntu+1 []
ikonianzero: I've never had that problem with nvidia, but it was noted on ati10:34
Ryandorlol (that's why, while I prefer kde, I don't use it as there's more "support" for gnome)10:34
Amaranthheartsblood: Just click ok the 100 or so times required and it'll go away for good :)10:34
LynoureAmaranth: but when app goes silly with gettimeofday({1191788164, 28695}, NULL) = 0, it looks like a dev thing10:35
heartsbloodAmaranth: easier said than done, it's crashed X twice now in the process10:35
Amaranthheartsblood: or run sudo rm /var/crash/*10:35
Amaranthit'll clear out the crash files10:35
Amaranthso the crash reporter doesn't bug you about them10:35
LiMaOi tried kde (kubuntu) 2 days ago. it was a 10min experience. couldn't stand it.. went back to ubuntu/gnome10:35
dannyikonia: hey I am letting you know I am here and I am waiting scine it seems your the only one that can help me as it seems. just let me know when your rdy to help me :) thanks10:36
nzeroikonia: i noticed now, the screen can run when it is activated by idle fullscreen but not when previewed fullscreen. When it runs though it looks like its really have a hard time rendering10:36
heartsbloodJust so I know in the future, what is the name of the program that is doing this?  I thought it was newer version of bug buddy but even with bug buddy removed I still get spammed10:36
ikoniadanny are you running gusty10:36
ikonianzero thats a very odd, yet specific behaviour10:37
Amaranthheartsblood: apport10:37
heartsbloodty sir10:37
Amaranthheartsblood: And you should basically never bother to file a bug about a program crash unless you use it10:37
ikonianzero: probably a bug in the way preview is launched against the ati drivers,10:37
heartsbloodI haven't10:37
dannyikonia: Ubuntu 7.04        - the Feisty Fawn - released in April 2007.10:37
=== hetauma [n=hetauma@dsl-254-77.diodos-gsrt-gr.duth.gr] has joined #ubuntu+1
heartsbloodit's just that so many windows come up at once X dies10:38
nzerohmmmm, if i disable desktop effects then it is fine, runs fine both in fullscreen preview and idle use10:38
Amaranthnzero: unredirect fullscreen windows10:38
=== gerome [n=gerome@p5B056732.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
nzero...in compiz config10:38
Amaranthnzero: or just run `gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz` and reset your settings to stock10:38
ikoniadanny jump in #ubuntu for support10:39
=== WGGMk [n=wggmk@] has joined #ubuntu+1
dannyI am there as well and you said youe gana get to my problem soon I been in there for 15 min so far waiting, so I though you know how to fix it lol10:39
heartsbloodAmaranth: I love you10:40
ikoniadanny I meant I'd get around to seeing if we could help you as you where being ignored, but support for 7.04 is in #ubuntu, not #ununtu+110:40
nzerohmm, well i want all my nifty effects running, I am using a custom configuration of effects using the compiz manager, I like naked chicks with guitars on the top of my desktop cubes, but all that compositing is messing up the Screensavers ability to render Opengl10:40
=== cabajgtr [n=mythtv@c-76-102-191-187.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
LiMaObrb, changing from xchat to kvirc10:40
ikonia4nzero sounds a sane explination10:40
dannyikonia: aahh ok,10:40
nzerohmmm, so i need compiz to stop rendering when the screensavers start10:41
nzeroand then to restart when they quit10:41
Amaranthnzero: that'd be unredirect fullscreen windows10:41
heartsbloodAmaranth: There is one thing that I would like to give you a heads up about in case you weren't aware.  People who have firefox and google desktop will not be able to type "crash report detected" into a search box without firefox crashing out.  removing google desktop fixed the problem but I dont understand why that phrase caused such an adverse reaction.10:42
Amaranthheartsblood: eh10:42
nzerowhat is that exactly, like what does that tell the display to do?10:42
Amaranthgoogle desktop == crap and unsupported10:42
heartsbloodmaybe, but I loved it in feisty10:42
Amaranthnzero: Exactly what it says :)10:42
nosrednaekimdanny: unless of course you are using kubuntu, whose support is in #kubuntu10:42
Amaranthnzero: compiz redirects drawing to an offscreen buffer, that's how composite works10:43
nzeroit tells the fullscreen windows to bypass the compositing of compiz10:43
AishikoOK how do I change ownership of a thumbdrive? sudo chown -R username:usergroup /media/thumbdrive isn't working it's coming up as not permitted10:44
AmaranthAishiko: you can't change permissions on a flash drive, FAT doesn't support permissions10:44
nosrednaekimAishiko: did you replace username and usergroup with real values?10:44
Aishikonosrednaekim: yes, I'm not that silly :P10:45
nzerobut if i do that, won't i lose the ability to see fullscreen windows that i do want included in compiz, like say being able to see a fullscreen movie playing in the cube10:45
AishikoAmaranth: then why can't I edit anything on it?10:45
=== LiMaO [n=kvirc@] has joined #ubuntu+1
Aishikoit says the drive and everything on it are owned not by me but by root10:45
AmaranthAishiko: you mounted it wrong10:46
=== Almindor [n=ales@chello085216128066.chello.sk] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== thedonvaughn [n=jayson@unaffiliated/printk] has joined #ubuntu+1
AmaranthAnd know, I don't know the right way10:47
AmaranthIt should have automounted10:47
Almindorhello, I went with a clear reinstall after some troubles, and installed tetex-extra, but I still get a missing "utf-8.def" on processing my .tex files. Anyone has any idea where the file might be? (I'm fairly sure i didn't add any external .def files)10:47
AishikoAmaranth: nothing has ever automounted thru the usb10:47
hetaumaany ideas when ubuntuguide will be available for gutsy?10:47
AmaranthAishiko: and you're using ubuntu? as in ubuntu-desktop10:48
Amaranthhetauma: hopefully never10:48
=== freezerburn [n=freezerb@ip72-205-208-197.pn.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
AishikoAmaranth: as in gnome that came standard only change is compiz was removed10:48
AmaranthAishiko: that's...odd10:48
hetaumaAmaranth, by the means that it would be same with feisty?10:49
Amaranthhetauma: No, because it's crap and tells you to do things that are bad10:49
cabajgtrHey is there an way to use the new resolution tool to switch between Mirror mode and dualscreen?10:49
AishikoAmaranth: I know I've had to modify the fstab to get anything to mount, and then I had to go in and use the mount command in the terminal10:49
WGGMkanyone know of a good vncviewer like app, mine is sorta sluggish10:50
nzerohey where is file associations controlled at?10:50
=== x_link [n=sedde@unaffiliated/xlink] has joined #Ubuntu+1
x_linkJust have a quick question to ask.10:51
nosrednaekimnzero: are you on kubuntu?10:52
=== Almindor [n=ales@chello085216128066.chello.sk] has left #ubuntu+1 ["One]
x_linkIn Kubuntu Feisty when I had my mousecursor over a .jpg-file it should a "viewport" or what it's called of the picture.10:52
x_linkBut it isn't like that in Gutsy, Dolphin. Doesn't seem like I can use Konqueror instead of Dolphin.10:52
x_linkIs there anyway I can change that? I really want that setting.10:52
=== cellojoe_ [n=joe@unaffiliated/cellojoe] has joined #ubuntu+1
nosrednaekimx_link: yeah.. there is a way... go into system-settings-> default applications10:53
nzerono ubuntu gutsy10:53
nzeroi yes10:53
nosrednaekimnzero: oh.. sorry, can't help w/ that10:53
x_linknosrednaekim: I use kControl.10:53
nzerodefault applications10:53
nzeroahahahahahahahaha i have the power10:53
WGGMkanyone know of a good vncviewer like app, mine is sorta sluggish10:53
nosrednaekimx_link: is system settings broken or something?10:54
x_linknosrednaekim: THen what?10:54
x_linknosrednaekim: I'm in system settings now.10:54
x_linknosrednaekim: No, I just like kControl better =)10:54
=== LiMaO [n=limao@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== redheat [n=redheat@] has joined #ubuntu+1
nosrednaekimx_link: click on "default applications" its near the top10:54
redheathi everyone10:54
x_linkI did, I'm thre now10:54
redheatI know this is strictly help channel and all, but please let me say this ...Hooah Hooah HOoah10:55
redheatI got compizfusion to run on KDE10:55
x_linkredheat: Hehe10:55
redheatnow back to my question10:55
x_linkredheat: You use Gutsy?10:55
=== eugo [i=eugo@unaffiliated/eugo] has joined #ubuntu+1
x_linkredheat: Okej, which version did you get installed?10:55
x_linkSeems like I have an old version.10:55
redheat7.10 the second beta version,10:56
nosrednaekimx_link: there whould be "filemanager" there.10:56
redheatwow awesome..10:56
x_linknosrednaekim: Okej.10:56
redheatmy question is about one thing..I have the 100.14.19 nvidia drivers installed, but there's one problem10:57
nosrednaekimand that would be...10:57
x_linkredheat: Okej.10:57
redheateverytime I restartd the machine the brightnes, contrast, and gamma settings, are gone..I mean the screen is pale as ghost until I open the xserver settings10:57
=== Viper550 [n=Viper550@d57-121-167.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
heartsbloodhow do I change the font type/size in a tty console?  gutsy made the font really hard to read10:57
nosrednaekimx_link: change it from dolphin to konqueror10:57
=== mzuverink [n=mzuverin@adsl-75-41-24-160.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
redheatand the brightness,contrast and gamma come back in an instant10:58
=== fraco [n=fraco@] has joined #ubuntu+1
x_linknosrednaekim: Email Client, Embedded Text Editor, Instant Messenger, Terminal Emulator, Web Browser10:58
nosrednaekimx_link: oh... hmm.10:58
LiMaOcan i use evolution for calendar stuff, note taking and personal management without using it for email?10:59
freezerburnHey guys I just updated to Gutsy from a clean install of Feisty.  I've been having problems with the video driver working on my Geforce 6800go with my Inspiron 9300.  If for some reason when I enable the Restricted "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (latest cards)" my xserver goes down I guess that's what it's called.  So I'm trying it again but if for some reason I get stuck in the terminal without GUI, how do I bring it back to10:59
freezerburn download another driver or return it back to it's old state?  If anyone could help I'd appreciate it!10:59
x_linknosrednaekim: =)11:00
IndyGunFreak!res | freezerburn11:00
ubotufreezerburn: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type  sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto11:00
=== buzztracker [n=buzztrac@pelikan.garga.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
nosrednaekimfreezerburn: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and select the nv driver11:00
IndyGunFreakfreezerburn: what i woudl do, is run that  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg that is on thatp age.11:01
IndyGunFreaknosrednaekim: but if the nvidia driver is causing the problem... and it still happens, he shoul probably select Vesa, which will get him back to a GUI,11:01
IndyGunFreakor it should anyways11:01
nosrednaekimIndyGunFreak: so would NV11:01
nosrednaekimwhich is the open 2d driver11:02
x_linknosrednaekim: Is it even possible to change it to Konqueror?11:02
IndyGunFreaknosrednaekim: right.., but he could take a generic driver.. his screen res may suck, but it will get him to a gui11:02
nosrednaekimx_link: hmmm I THINK so.. I forget how though.11:02
=== slackern [n=slackern@] has joined #ubuntu+1
x_linknosrednaekim: Humm okej.11:02
x_linknosrednaekim: I'm trying to find it, but without sucess.11:02
=== cdm10 [n=caleb@unaffiliated/cdm10] has joined #ubuntu+1
freezerburnWell the whole idea of all this is to get compiz-fusion working, I just did the clean installs cause it was messing up before.11:03
nosrednaekimx_link: maybe ask on #kde11:03
LiMaOhey everyone, can i use evolution for calendar stuff, note taking and personal management without using it for email?11:03
cdm10Has anyone noticed issues with the rendering of the "i" in Firefox on Gutsy?11:03
=== cellojoe1 [n=joe@unaffiliated/cellojoe] has joined #ubuntu+1
cdm10LiMaO: I don't see why not...11:03
x_linknosrednaekim: They told me to ask here.11:04
=== cellojoe1 is now known as cellojoe
LiMaOcdm10, gonna give it a try then.. as soon as i finish backing up11:05
nosrednaekimx_link: lol... umm google it11:05
x_linknosrednaekim: Trying to find it....11:07
IndyGunFreakwha tdo you want to change to konq/11:07
x_linkIndyGunFreak: I don't want to use Dolphin, I want Konqueror instead.11:08
nzeroanyone offhand remember the command to run VLC media player11:08
IndyGunFreakuh, vlc?11:08
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nzerodumb question11:08
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IndyGunFreaknzero: lol, we all have those moments11:08
nzeroi thought it was something like gvlc11:09
nzerobut no11:09
cdm10Can anyone go to a wikipedia article and tell me whether they se this font rendering issue with the "i" letter? I have a screenshot here: http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/4383/fontissuegm8.png11:09
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nzerodoes anyone know if they will have the mutlimonitor configuration feature working by final release11:10
LiMaOcdm10, no problems here11:10
slackerncdm10: It doesn't look like that for me not on any page i have seen atleast, got an url maybe to that link?11:10
IndyGunFreakme either.11:10
cdm10slackern: Any wikipedia page... here's one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish11:10
cdm10I have msttcorefonts installed, I'll try removing that.11:11
LiMaOhave you tried right clicking the desktop, going to fonts and messing up with the settings there?11:11
cdm10LiMaO: I should...11:11
LiMaOi have it too, no problems with msttcorefonts11:11
nzerodoes anyone know if they will have the mutlimonitor configuration feature working by final release11:11
cdm10!repeat | nzero11:11
ubotunzero: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience11:11
x_linkIndyGunFreak: Do you know how I can do that?11:11
IndyGunFreakx_link: absolutely no clue11:12
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IndyGunFreaki don't mess with KDE much11:12
x_linkIndyGunFreak: Okej, sorry.11:12
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adi_msttcorefonts install help nedeed in kubuntu11:12
adi_can anyone help??11:12
cdm10Same issue with fonts no matter the font settings I try. I installed a bunch of font packages, maybe one of those screwed something up... I'll remove and reinstall one-by-one.11:12
LiMaOcdm10, it only happens on wikipedia?11:13
cdm10!anyone | adi_11:13
ubotuadi_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?11:13
x_linkDoes anybody here in #Ubuntu+1 know how I can change from using Dolphin to Konqueror?11:13
cdm10LiMaO: I think I saw it somewhere else once, but I don't remember where.11:13
cdm10x_link: Doesn't KDE have a default browser selection thingy?11:13
LiMaOadi_, type apt-get install msttcorefonts on a terminal window11:13
nosrednaekimcdm10: thats for web browser I think11:13
cdm10nosrednaekim: Dammit, Dolphin is a filemanager.11:13
adi_I did that11:13
cdm10x_link: sorry 'bout taht11:13
LiMaOadi_, and?11:14
adi_ and Im stuck with xml files11:14
Viper550x_Link: You still have Konqueror. Dolphin is just a file manager11:14
rothchildwhat setting do I put in ccsm 'window decoration' to make compiz use my metacity theme for window decoration?11:14
cdm10adi_: what do you mean, stuck with xml files?11:14
cdm10adi_: It should add the fonts to your applications.11:14
adi_im on kubuntu kde11:14
nosrednaekimadi_: and....11:14
x_linkViper550: I know, but I want to change so that Konqueror opens when I doubleclick on my hardrive-icon.11:15
cdm10adi_: Yes, I realize that. It shouldn't change anything.11:15
LiMaOadi_, what does xml has to do with msttcorefonts?11:15
adi_on ubuntu I know how to do it11:15
x_linkDon't want Dolphin to be default, I want Konqueror as default.11:15
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cdm10adi_: sudo aptitude install msttcorefonts should do it...11:15
nosrednaekimadi_: it automatically configured them for me.11:15
Viper550Put a shortcut to konqueror on your desktop11:15
adi_ really11:15
slackerncdm10: sorry a bit slow but this is how it looks for me. http://:
adi_I followed aome guides and11:15
cdm10adi_: You're not telling me what's happening. I don't know what you mean by "stuck with xml files."11:15
nosrednaekimadi_: yeah... where can't you find them?11:15
adi_ yeah ok11:16
cdm10slackern: Yeah, taht's what it's supposed to look like...11:16
adi_i installed msttcorefonts from adept11:16
cdm10Dammit I can't type today.11:16
x_linkDamn it, I really don't find it anywhere.11:16
wabiDis there a way to set the default size of a window when i unmaximize it11:16
freezerburnguys I did not get the CompizConfig Settings Manager in my gutsy install.  also emerald so now I'm not sure what else is missing11:16
cdm10I'm going to try running without my nvidia drivers.11:16
wabiDfirefox and gedit end up being the exact same size, which is really annoying11:16
adi_then i had to extract xml files in to some dir11:16
cdm10freezerburn: do sudo aptitude install emerald compizconfig-settings-manager11:16
adi_and this is where im stuck11:16
cdm10adi_: You shouldn't have to do that... if you've installed the msttcorefonts package, it should just work. Can you go to your office app and tell me if you see Times New11:17
cdm10damn, Times New Roman11:17
LiMaOadi_, msttcorefonts = a font package. after it's installed, it's installed. and that's it. no xml files to mess up with11:17
LiMaOadi_, sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts11:17
LiMaOand that's just it11:17
adi_ok im trayin out now11:17
LiMaOit's installed11:17
cdm10adi_: Could you just check if the fonts are installed?11:17
cdm10adi_: Like, in an office app?11:18
adi_1 sek11:18
LiMaOi wonder where those xml files came from11:18
x_linkcdm10: Do you use KDE?11:18
cdm10x_link: I've tried it, but I don't use it.11:18
x_linkOkej =/11:18
cdm10Restarting X as soon as my Flickr upload is done...11:19
x_linkI'm looking in KDE Components --> File Associations + File Manager. But there is nothing I can change.11:19
adi_no they are not installed11:19
LiMaOcdm10, what's your flikr page?11:19
cdm10LiMaO: Why?11:19
adi_but its my fallt11:19
LiMaOi'm into photography as a hobby too =)11:19
cdm10LiMaO: They're family-only photos :)11:19
cdm10LiMaO: I do black-and-white film photography in school, but my Flickr is mostly just quick snapshots.11:20
adi_i've unistalled them after  I thought the guide was not for me11:20
adi_im doing it now11:20
LiMaOoh ok, sorry for asking =)11:20
cdm10That's ok.11:20
adi_what was th shell command??11:20
cdm10adi_: sudo aptitude install msttcorefonts11:20
cdm10LiMaO: I'd really like to get a DSLR so I can get more into digital photography as art.11:21
LiMaOi'm looking forward to buying a canon 40d11:21
LiMaOreally want it11:21
Aishikocdm10: I agree I would love the 12Mp DSLRs that are out there11:21
adi_then I have to reboot the machine11:21
cdm10LiMaO: I think if I get one, I'll get a Nikon. I'm normally a Canon guy, but for some reason I think NIkon is the way to go.11:21
adi_or just ctrl+alt+canc11:22
cdm10adi_: neither.11:22
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adi_so how im going to see them on apps and in konqueror???11:22
cdm10Aishiko: I'm not looking for resolution with a DSLR... most DSLRs are about on par resolution-wise with compact cameras. I just like the bigger sensor size and other DSLR-ish things.11:22
adi_should I set them up??11:22
cdm10adi_: No, you'll just see them in your word processor in the fonts menu.11:23
adi_is this just for open office??11:23
x_linkcdm10: I fixed it =)11:23
cdm10adi_: No, it's for anything.11:23
cdm10x_link: ok :)11:23
adi_cause I want to use them on all11:23
adi_ah ok11:23
x_linkcdm10: I just did sudo aptitude purge dolphin =)11:23
Aishikocdm10: I go for everything SLR like, including resolution, compact cameras are annoying to me and way to much of a uni-tasker to me11:24
cdm10x_link: Yeah, that would work :)11:24
LiMaOcdm10, i would get a 200D if i went for a nikon, but it's much more expensive11:24
cdm10LiMaO: Yeah :)11:24
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cdm10I'll probably go for the low-end.11:24
LiMaObut i've been getting some pretty nice results from a point and shoot11:24
LiMaOlet me give you my flickr link.. you can check it out if you want11:24
x_linkcdm10: =)11:25
adi_ok now I see times new roman on office11:25
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adi_but not in the system11:25
cdm10Well, it's possible, but you can't do cool things like depth-of-field-changing and you can't change lenses. And the noise from the tiny sensor means that you can't use shots full-resolution unless you take them in really bright light.11:25
adi_ok many thanks cdm1011:26
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cdm10Now I'll test the wikipedia page again...11:31
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Aishikoanyone able to help me add a cups ppd to my system so I can use my printer?11:32
cdm10Nope, the nVidia driver is not the culprit. I'll remove all the font packages I installed and see if that solves everything.11:32
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stefgannaimkonki: scanning and printing are completly different things. sanning is don with xsane, printing with cups11:33
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freezerburncdm10: ok did that.  I've got the windows sliding stuff but I can't get the cube to work11:35
cdm10freezerburn: In the general settings, set the horizontal size to 411:36
nzeroanyone know why gutsy can't remember your monitors after you tell it what they are and restart11:37
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Chri2 I have a question..... I have compiz fusion installed porplery, but when I try to rotate the cube...it isn't a cube...it is just a flat rectangle...11:38
Chri2Please help..11:38
cdm10Chri2: That means your horizontal size is only 2.11:39
cdm10Chri2: I'm not sure how to set it to 4 without installing the advanced config editor, so run the command < sudo aptitude install compizconfig-settings-manager >11:39
cdm10It's too bad fusion-icon isn't in the repos. I liked that functionality of Beryl.11:40
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riotkittieyay. finally, i am experiencing weirdness :D11:41
cdm10That was weird...11:41
riotkittiewhat was?11:41
cdm10Your message..11:42
Chri2and then owhat?11:42
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riotkittieoh. :D11:42
Chri2What is this command doing removing  everything?11:42
cdm10Chri2: aptitude finds stuff that's no longer needed and removes it. Other package managers don't, so Aptitude will sometimes find a lot of leftover dependencies.11:43
Chri2that just wiped out all of my settings11:44
cdm10Chri2: your compiz settings?11:44
Chri2i'll tell you my problem in more detail11:44
Chri2I used that guide11:44
cdm10Chri2: What settings? Before this is installed, there are no settings.11:44
Chri2an di installed compiz fusion11:44
nzerothat guide is great11:44
Chri2and everything is fine...very smooth.. i fixed it up11:44
Chri2however, no matter what settings i change..11:45
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cdm10Chri2: Are you on G