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nothlittroy_s: i talked to the creator of the dawn wallpapers, says he doesn't have any time to contribute artwork and is at least working on the german portal for ubuntu04:50
troy_snothlit: Not a shocker.  Did he mention what he painted it in?04:53
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nothlit`alphatroy_s: no, i asked him now though05:41
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lassegul_troy_s: hi, are you there?08:21
troy_slassegul_: Go for me.08:23
nothlitlassegul, lame nothlit update of the day: another orange and black sketch https://people.fluxbuntu.org/~nothlit/communitytheme/hardy/thumbnails/08:24
lassegul_troy_s: are there any way to make a box that blurs everything under it in inkscape?08:27
troy_slassegul_: Hrm... as in an effect layer...08:27
lassegul_troy_s: yes08:27
troy_slassegul_: Technically, you should be able to accomplish something with clones for that.08:28
nothlitclone group clip blur?08:28
troy_slassegul_: But the quickest trik I did was simply do a copy / mask / blur.08:28
troy_snothlit: Yes... something like that should work.08:28
lassegul_hmm. thanks guys ill try.08:29
troy_slassegul_: Clones are a little tricky to wrap your head around -- as being 'clones' only certain aspects are editable and therefore they behave like stubborn mules to some people.08:29
nothliti would have just carved out the entire thing and blurred it, you can save the original in a hidden layer08:29
troy_slassegul_: That said, if you master clones, they will unlock a whole other area of power.08:29
lassegul_nothlit: is it a waterfall?08:29
troy_snothlit: That is what I did.08:29
lassegul_troy_s: hmm.08:29
troy_snothlit: I did it on the gdm for Alive08:29
nothlitlassegul_: yes it is =p08:29
=== nothlit is ashamed you had to ask
lassegul_nothlit: when you have orange water i think of unclean, sewer water.08:30
troy_sthe quickie pill is much like what you are going for lassegul_ correct?  http://bp1.blogger.com/_95-BHeta7y8/RrTLz-8cWeI/AAAAAAAAALo/qUgBzLfyklk/s1600-h/Screenshot-Xnest-1.png08:30
lassegul_troy_s: yep.08:31
troy_slassegul_: I believe that clones can get you there.  I haven't experimented with an 'adjustment layer' approach with clones... perhaps I will spend 15 mins on it.08:31
nothlitlassegul_: lol, will not be that sort of orange =p08:31
nothlitbut thanks for that image ;p08:32
lassegul_nothlit: im sorry08:32
nothliti was joking lol08:32
troy_snothlit: You are a bit of a compiling guru yes?08:32
nothliti guess i should make it less yellow to avoid the golden stream connotation as well08:32
lassegul_nothlit: i didnt mean to offend you, its just, water that isnt blue or clear often represents unclean water.08:32
troy_sseriously... we can't really be in any channel labeled '*artwork*' and not be willing to offend.08:33
nothlittroy_s: a little, but i may not be able to help at all with ubuntu funniness08:33
troy_sall of this 'please be nice and courteous and kind and don't ruffle feathers' business rather detracts from about 1000 years of formal art patterns.  lol.08:33
lassegul_troy_s: ok im sorry08:34
troy_slassegul_: LOOOOOL08:34
troy_snothlit: http://www.pastebin.ca/72916408:34
troy_snothlit: I can't seem to see where it is bagging out... only perhaps in the order of compilation?08:34
nothlitchecking packages now08:36
troy_snothlit: I wonder if it is starting with a lower version of automake...08:38
troy_snothlit: Grr...08:38
nothlittroy_s: last time i had an error like that the source upstream application was actually not installing the file to begin with though08:38
nothlitthe cinelerra mailing list suggests trying ./configure --disable-mmx08:38
nothlitor maybe try disabling the motion effect from motion tracking?08:39
troy_shrm... god you are a speedy little genius aren't you.08:39
troy_sit looks like it _might_ be related to mmx (which I always thought was avail on X86_6408:39
nothlit"If that doesn't work let us know where you your source code is from.08:40
nothlitCurrent svn (1016) source compiles for me without any flags.  But around08:40
nothlit6 weeks ago installing from svn source was not amd64 friendly and08:40
nothlitrequired hacks."08:40
=== _MMA_ cringes at the slightest mention of Cinelerra.
nothlit_MMA_: still working out tracking down license issues for each commit?08:40
_MMA_Ive given up for now.08:40
_MMA_Feels like a lost cause.08:40
nothlitdoes the originating branch have that issue as well?08:41
_MMA_Oh hell yeah.08:41
_MMA_The mainline doesnt care whatsoever about these issues.08:41
nothlithis code isn't GPLed?08:41
_MMA_*HIS* code is.08:42
_MMA_But its all the other code he uses.08:42
_MMA_Without mentioning.08:42
nothlitdoes the google code search help at all?08:43
_MMA_LGPL stuff which you can find looking over header of some files.08:43
nothliti would just create a compiler tool specifically for cinelerra08:43
_MMA_Ive never tried.08:43
troy_sLGPL and MIT is fine08:43
troy_sthe biggest wham bam is a rather ignorant approach to fonts08:43
troy_snot wanting to break backwardness.08:43
troy_sneedless to say, it cracks me up about 'linux not ready for mmedia'  go out and get nuke or smoke if you want.08:44
_MMA_Any license that fits the DFSG is fine. Its the fact that he/they say _everything's_ GPL and its not.08:44
troy_sconsidering that nuke was used to create pirates 3, spider 3, etc. linux is very much ready for it... and smoke is uh... well... high end to say the least.08:44
=== _MMA_ really doesnt want to rehash this whole issue for the 1000th time. :)
nothlitILM and DreamWorks use linux. not much more needs to be said.08:46
troy_s_MMA_: Problem is though, people are in the dark.  Nuke and Smoke are proprietary high end apps.  It should have gone away about six years ago.08:46
nothlitall the high end renderes run on linux, and things like maya and houdini do as well08:46
_MMA_I was talking about the Cinelerra thing.08:46
troy_s_MMA_: Has muzzol offered any news?08:47
troy_s_MMA_: It seems they are working towards fixing hte gpl issues slowly08:47
_MMA_No. And Ive asked several time.08:47
nothlitpirates 3 drove me crazy while i was watching it thinking about how much budgeting they spent on effects08:47
nothlitits such a tight movie though08:47
troy_snothlit: Say hello to nuke!08:47
troy_snothlit: P3 is Nuke's entry as the reigning champ of compositors.  It effectively killed Shake with that move.08:48
=== _MMA_ likes that the actor that plays "Hiro" in "Heroes" was a programmer for ILM. :)
troy_s_MMA_: Never knew that.08:49
nothlitwater scenes for LOTR :)08:49
nothlitactually i think they used part of his code in pirates08:49
nothlitstill can't believe they still needed actual water composited with the 3d for LOTR though08:50
troy_snothlit: Nuke is one helluva tool.  NLEs best venture outside of FCPS is probably Smoke -- and that too has a x86 and x86_64 version for Linux.08:50
_MMA_troy_s: On the DVDs there's couple min thing about how he and the director can talk on a technical level the director wasnt used to.08:50
_MMA_troy_s: Do you know which distros are use under Nuke and Smoke?08:54
troy_s_MMA_: Nuke 32 works on Ubuntu out of box.08:55
troy_s_MMA_: I haven't got my hands on the 64 bit but I assume it works fine.08:55
nothliti'm finding a lot of those sorts of apps give you debs or src packages that needs old versions of gcc08:55
troy_s_MMA_: The Foundry recently bought Nuke -- it is easily the best compositor out there.  Shake was great until Apple purchased them and started driving it  into the ground.08:55
_MMA_I meant specifically the production studios.08:55
troy_s_MMA_: They will turn Shake into a prosumer gongshow.08:55
troy_s_MMA_: Oh most studios are _probably_ running F08:56
troy_s_MMA_: I know Technicolour runs F (Well RHEL)08:56
_MMA_Ahh.. Figured that or Debian.08:56
nothlitno gentoo deployments with a binary package server?08:56
troy_s_MMA_: All about reputation for them and the paid support.  Ubuntu might get there if they can show a little more care about security.08:56
troy_s_MMA_: Unfortunately, all the admins I know in those studio situations heard about the 'root password' sitting in a plaintext file and pretty much wrote Ubuntu off.  As they should have.08:57
troy_s_MMA_: That was a blunder that can only happen from a company that doesn't give a rats ass about security.08:57
_MMA_Couldnt that be done as a gpg (pgp I always forget) key?08:58
troy_s_MMA_: I think it is more symptomatic.  That was just a blunder.  A complete blunder.08:59
nothlitroot password?08:59
nothlitits disabled and empty now, but should still have been salted before09:00
nothlitthey're still not that concerned tbh, i saw a ticket filed by a <loco head> asking for ssl on logins for their drupal and moin09:01
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nothlitthis is after the dugg breakins of course09:02
troy_snothlit: Agree 100%09:02
kristjan_can we get new crystal icons for kubuntu gutsy? http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Crystal+Project?content=6047509:03
troy_snothlit: It is a cavalier march to becoming the Windows of Linux.09:03
troy_sEveraldo's new set kill all the other icons out there really.09:05
troy_sIn that style.09:05
troy_s(hell in any style)09:05
nothlitkristjan_: if kwwii wants to get it in, we're only a few days to the RC though09:06
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nothlittroy_s: they can't, linspire has that, and with their basing on ubuntu, they'll always be ahead09:10
troy_snothlit: ?09:10
troy_snothlit: Security wise?09:10
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nothlittroy_s: they just added nonroot as default, and only to freespire09:12
nothlittroy_s: they can't do it to their paying customers who "expect it"09:12
troy_snothlit: What are you talking about specifically?09:12
nothlittheir sudo is passwordless still in linspire too iirc09:12
troy_snothlit: Sorry I am completely in the dark on the last few lines.09:12
nothlitlinspire, (ie the paid version) is still administrator as default09:13
nothlitthats all you need to know =p09:13
troy_snothlit: Not so much just that -- look at the whole.  Hell... ssh should be enabled by default and other little details... like simplifying ssh for sharing etc.  Otherwise people start using garbage apps like FTP / Telnet / etc.09:13
kristjan_nothlit: and this is related to crystal icons exactly how?09:14
nothlitwell ssh and avahi together i suppose09:14
troy_snothlit: And that is just a stupid bloody move.  Idiots.  98% of the security problems that amassed through windows started strictly because of admin rights.09:14
nothlitkristjan_: its called a continuation of a different conversation09:14
troy_skristjan_: Not all that happens here is about KDE icons.  :)09:14
troy_skristjan_: It isn't in our hands.  You are also probably about 4 months late.09:14
nothliti don't like the idea of every ubuntu machine out there available for ssh bruteforcing09:14
troy_snothlit: True enough, but a basic IPtables clause would shatter that quite quickly.09:15
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nothlitiptables can only block ips rather than domains, theres a variety of ssh bruteforcers that respond or use the hosts files09:15
troy_snothlit: Needless to say, security should be high up the map.09:16
nothlitbut it still opens up a whole bunch more machines for 0day09:16
nothlitmaybe we should write a spec for this including security lol09:16
_MMA_troy_s: So apparently I can use "difference" or "exclusion" through multiple objects in inkscape?09:18
_MMA_Makes all the difference. ;)09:19
troy_sWholly CRAP09:19
troy_s_MMA_: I got Cinelerra up!09:19
troy_s_MMA_: Unbelieveable.09:19
thorwil_MMA_: try grouping?09:19
troy_s_MMA_: Only BASE objects09:19
_MMA_thorwil: They are. Doesnt work.09:19
troy_s_MMA_: If the object is for example, a font, you will need to spline it.09:19
troy_s_MMA_: All boolean math works only on root objects.09:20
_MMA_troy_s: Yeah. thats the error I get.09:20
nothlitpath booleans only work on paths :P09:20
troy_s_MMA_: (well that is an oversimplification -- it works on Rects etc.)09:20
troy_snothlit: Well yeah.  :)09:20
troy_s_MMA_: Anyways, the bottom line i that the paths all need to be paths :)09:20
nothlitcinelerra works fine straight from the pkgbuild in arch lol, and i don't even use it09:20
troy_snothlit: ?09:20
troy_snothlit: Good luck on amd6409:21
troy_snothlit: This is the FIRST time I have had it up on my 64 bit boxen.09:21
thorwil_MMA_: ah right. i remember i worked around that once by copying my objects and applying the op on pairs ...09:21
_MMA_troy_s: So how to I make grouped objects a root object?09:21
troy_s_MMA_: You will need to make sure that your objects are all simple paths.  This might be done by looking to the obvious 'oopsies' like text.09:21
nothlittroy_s: has 64bit specific stuff built in =p09:22
troy_s_MMA_: And converting to a path.  That is generally the breaker.09:22
troy_snothlit: Well 64 bit is always a bit more effort.09:22
nothlitthats why pkgbuilds have maintainers lol09:22
_MMA_troy_s: You can guess Im working with that set I showed you last night. I "strokes" objects all over the place.09:23
troy_s_MMA_: I'm impressed!09:23
troy_s_MMA_: Erk... sorry set?09:23
troy_s_MMA_: All should be good -- if you have a stroke set though it will inherently change when you do a boolean on a path.09:23
_MMA_So Im just trying to "cut" through the grouped objects that make the icon.09:23
troy_s_MMA_: Can you show me the exact case?09:23
troy_s_MMA_: And I can resolve it for you quite quickly.09:24
troy_sI need more info _MMA_ which one?09:24
nothlittroy_s: http://cvs.archlinux.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/multimedia/cinelerra-cv/PKGBUILD?rev=1.3&cvsroot=AUR&only_with_tag=CURRENT&content-type=text/vnd.viewcvs-markup  http://aur.archlinux.org/packages/cinelerra-svn/cinelerra-svn/PKGBUILD :)09:24
_MMA_troy_s: Well thats the set and the specific one really doesnt matter. Im just playing with the "computer" image.09:25
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troy_s_MMA_: Ok... dcc me the actual svg you are trying to boolean?09:25
troy_s_MMA_: I might be able to diagnose the exact starting problem and then you will be better off down the road.09:25
troy_s_MMA_: Did you get my message about an art director?09:26
troy_s_MMA_: He is a friend of mine currently doing DIY work for a few bands.09:26
_MMA_Do yo uhave a link to his work?09:26
troy_s_MMA_: He has about 15 years as art director with Electronic Arts and a few other companies.09:26
troy_s_MMA_: He doesn't have anything online I believe.  Further, most of his 'reel' is found in game.09:26
_MMA_troy_s: I cant DCC you. Never works for me.09:27
troy_s_MMA_: Porto problems.  Email?09:27
_MMA_Just DL that set.09:28
_MMA_Take yo uless time than for me to do a email.09:28
troy_s_MMA_: Hold then.09:31
nothlit_MMA_: uhh, that set has 47mb worth of flat svgs?!?09:31
_MMA_15.4 actually.09:32
_MMA_1500 icons.09:32
nothlitthats the compressed tar size lol09:34
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_MMA_troy_s: re: Art friend. Sure. See if he's interested and he and I can chat.09:41
=== troy_s [n=troy_s@d206-116-6-170.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
troy_spower outages suck09:42
troy_s_MMA_: Sorry... little downtime here :)09:42
_MMA_re: Art friend. Sure. See if he's interested and he and I can chat.09:42
nothlitwhat? brownout?09:42
troy_s_MMA_: He said he might be.  I guess it would ultimately depend on how you guys mesh.09:43
troy_snothlit: And outout.09:43
_MMA_troy_s: Sure.09:43
troy_s_MMA_: Ok what one?09:44
_MMA_Looks like a monitor.09:45
troy_sno wonder that bloody thing is so huge.09:45
troy_s_MMA_: Path?09:45
_MMA_troy_s: I have Andrew converting it to Tango naming speck and cleaning it up now. ;)09:45
troy_s_MMA_: Many of those shapes need to be booleaned down to a simple look ala lith -- which I assume is what you are doing.09:46
_MMA_troy_s: its in filesystems but really doesnt matter which one you use.09:46
troy_s_MMA_: Ok got it... and you are boolean what?09:46
troy_s_MMA_: So every basic shape in there works fine for a boolean.  So the boolean problem is with your end regarding the object you are trying to subtract etc...09:47
_MMA_So I grouped all the objects in the .svg.09:48
troy_s_MMA_: Hey those look familiar :)09:48
_MMA_Then tried to use the .svg I just linked to to "cut through" the icon.09:48
troy_s_MMA_: Ahh... so take whatever elements you want to bool09:49
_MMA_And remember this is all testing. Im just trying to get a method down for doing this.09:49
troy_s_MMA_: And duplicate them09:49
troy_s_MMA_: Then arrange the new copies as you like09:49
troy_s_MMA_: And do a ctrl shift + on them09:49
troy_s_MMA_: That will be a pure union and work fine for subtractions.09:49
troy_s_MMA_: At some point the complexity level will prohibit bools.09:50
troy_s_MMA_: You will need to subdivide and conquer...09:50
_MMA_See. Same error. What option from the "Path" menu should I choose.09:52
troy_s_MMA_: I would like to be able to tell you the internal logic of Inkscape re that, but I don't know what it is exactly -- and it changes pretty much weekly on the complexity of the bools.09:52
troy_swhen i first started in on the http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/troy.sobotka/ImageDump/photo#5068722476331584498 portrait, it was far more limited in bools.09:52
troy_s_MMA_: Hrm... so you ungrouped?09:52
troy_s_MMA_: Pick two of the ungrouped decays, and union them.09:53
troy_sala ctrl shift +09:53
troy_sthat should give you the bounding box indication that it is now a union09:53
_MMA_I keep getting this "ONE of the objects in not a path." error.09:54
troy_s_MMA_: From that decay svg?!09:55
troy_s_MMA_: There are only three paths on the original icon.09:55
troy_s_MMA_: And about 8 different paths worth in the decay09:55
troy_s_MMA_: If you do a single, it should work.  Perhaps one of them is a subgrouping?09:55
_MMA_On either decay or the icon.09:55
troy_s_MMA_: Decay09:56
troy_s_MMA_: Icon is all good.09:56
troy_s_MMA_: I booleaned every element.09:56
=== thorwil_ [n=thorwil@p508954D9.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
troy_s_MMA_: Did you find the problem entity?09:56
troy_sthorwil appears to be having connection problems.09:57
_MMA_I dont think I can do what Im thinking.09:57
troy_s_MMA_: Save the svg as you have it now09:57
troy_s_MMA_: And email it to me.09:57
troy_s_MMA_: You most certainly can do what you want.09:57
troy_s_MMA_: Give me the snapshot, and then talk me through what you are attempting.09:58
_MMA_Im unsure because I want to also cut through a "stroke".09:58
troy_s_MMA_: Hold please.10:02
troy_s_MMA_: Ok now specifically, talk me through it.10:03
troy_s_MMA_: First, if you want the stroke to be cut cleanly -- as in use the actual shape of the stroke, you will need to convert the stroke to a path as well.10:03
troy_s_MMA_: Out of the gate, your basic monitor is grouped -- so that is a starting problem.10:04
troy_s_MMA_: Ungroup the monitor into its discreet elements.10:04
_MMA_See. Thats what I was trying to do.10:04
troy_s_MMA_: Then you will need to convert the stroke to path via the "Edit nodes" tool (2nd down on left) and click the 2nd to last toolbar icon from the top.10:05
troy_s_MMA_: Obviously when you convert strokes to paths, you lose the two tone colours as now each is a path.10:05
troy_s_MMA_: Net result == rethink how the object sits on the page - as it is now a 'shape' that is the border and a 'shape' that will be the background.10:06
_MMA_Crap. I needed a simple way to do thi. I cant go through this with 1500 icons.10:06
troy_s_MMA_: Well it is quite simple -- you don't want strokes.10:06
troy_s_MMA_: You want a generic shape ala lith10:06
troy_s_MMA_: and distress that.10:06
_MMA_No. Im keeping the strokes.10:06
troy_s_MMA_: Uggh.  Anyways, then path them and use a basic shape as the bg to keep opaque.10:07
nothlitlol, nonsimple is to duplicate everything on a seperate layer10:07
_MMA_What you propose is more work than I want to put into it.10:07
troy_s_MMA_: Then distress accordingly.10:07
nothlitunstroke everything on the first10:07
troy_s_MMA_: Actually no, I would be unioning the piss out of those images -- the strokes are clunky as hell.10:07
nothlitand stroke to path everything on the second10:08
_MMA_Still, too much work.10:08
troy_s_MMA_: You can't get a good product and do no work.10:09
_MMA_Just think about going through 1500 icons. Thats a shitload of work.10:10
troy_s_MMA_: Remember the holy trinity of "Time" "Money" and "Quality" -- pick your two.10:10
nothlit_MMA_: or get someone to script it as a python effect for you10:10
troy_s_MMA_: If you you want "Quality" without "Money" it will be time.10:10
nothlitor batch render and then batch process the different versions with gimp10:11
_MMA_I could also just export them to hires .png and do it that way.10:11
troy_s_MMA_: Honestly, with someone knowing what they are doing, its relatively quick.10:13
troy_s_MMA_: We managed to convert all the tango SVGs to the Flux palette in about (well me) 2 hours.10:14
troy_s_MMA_: It isn't that huge a deal.10:14
_MMA_troy_s: Well Ill look into it. As Im not seeing a simple way to do this Im just uneasy about asking someone to do the work.10:15
_MMA_1500 icons is ALOT if icons.10:16
troy_s_MMA_: It will require work. Someone.10:16
troy_s_MMA_: And there is no way in hell that there is 1500 icons.10:16
_MMA_Though with simlinks I think it can be widdled down.10:16
troy_s_MMA_: MOST of those in that package are silly duplicates.10:16
troy_s_MMA_: There simply isn't that many.  That said, the person doing the work will need to know Inkscape or get to know it rapidly.10:16
_MMA_Well I get 1183 objects. So in any case there's over 1000. And I have andrew cleaning it up like I said. Once that is done Ill go from there.10:18
troy_s_MMA_: Yeah... look at Tango's install and you get a better idea.  It is a far more top shelf layout with exactly the proper quantities.10:19
troy_s_MMA_: There aren't that many.10:19
=== el-mariachy [n=ipok@ppp-80-87-222-8.dsidata.sk] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
_MMA_troy_s: Without stroke and a quicky subtraction job.10:30
_MMA_With stroke. http://mma.users.ubuntustudio.org/rect628test2.png10:33
_MMA_Im gonna have to do this .svg.10:34
_MMA_gah. gotta run.10:34
nothlitthis is what i got if you don't mind only rendering it out--the clean svg way will take longer https://people.fluxbuntu.org/~nothlit/gnome-fs-directory.png10:34
nothliti did it that way too if you want to try though10:34
_MMA_.svg is the bitch.10:36
_MMA_Oh well. Ill keep tinkering.10:36
=== Viper550 [n=Viper550@d57-121-167.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
nothlit_MMA_: did you do that in gimp without feathering/aliasing or something?10:50
_MMA_Yeah. Damn quick.10:56
Viper550I noticed that they added some new styles for Clearlooks in recent versions10:56
=== KidProQuo [n=Kid@] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
nothlit_MMA_: if you want i'll give you the inkscape raster only method10:57
_MMA_Naa... Its ok.10:58
Viper550anyone? remember me?10:59
nothlitits about 3 steps minus the dirt import and ungrouping =p10:59
nothlitwait, 4, but it depends on what colour the import was to begin with11:00
nothlitViper550: dunno anything about that sorry11:00
Viper550from what I hear, the ClearLooks engine has a dedicated Gloss style now11:01
troy_sViper550: Yes, some remember you.  No, not many people care.11:16
Viper550Well, anyway, I have noticed since the last time I've played with Gnome, that ClearLooks has gloss now, we could theoretically use it as the power for the default theme instead of ubuntulookks11:17
_MMA_gloss FTW!!!11:17
troy_sViper550: Sure.  Gloss is about oh circa 1997.11:17
Viper550well, Clearlooks has a gloss STYLE now you can use11:18
troy_sViper550: Great idea.  Maybe we could even make everything square too and possibly 4 colour for a really 1980s contemporary feel.11:18
troy_sViper550: GREAT.11:18
_MMA_troy_s: Oh you SOB. You hurt my feelings. :(11:18
troy_sViper550: You might also want to consider packing in some "Warrant" or "Def Leppard" as the default sound splash for it too.11:19
=== _MMA_ cant help but feel like the color palette he's been playing with looks like a 80/90's "L.A. Gear" shoe commercial.
_MMA_Or like Im friggin' watchin' Max Headroom. :)11:20
KidProQuoUnrelated to the current gloss/ colour discussion... does anyone know why the icons in my splash screen (the one between login and desktop) look faded?11:22
KidProQuoalmost like they're behind a semi-transparent white layer?11:23
_MMA_KidProQuo: In Feisty?11:24
_MMA_Hmm... Never noticed. Then again I havnt used the Ubuntu image in a while.11:25
troy_sKidProQuo: Ignore that11:25
troy_sKidProQuo: It's gone in Gutsy11:25
troy_sKidProQuo: Had you had a faster box or less of a gag between video, you would have seen a fade on the icons.11:26
KidProQuook, I was just working on some concepts for hardy and noticed it11:26
=== Viper550 [n=Viper550@d57-121-167.home.cgocable.net] has left #ubuntu-artwork ["Leaving"]
troy_sKidProQuo: The logon splash is done like dinner.11:27
troy_sKidProQuo: Any snaps of what you are thinking?11:27
KidProQuoI'll chuck them online now. Give me 2 min11:27
_MMA_***Viper550 takes his glossy toys and goes home.11:28
troy_sKidProQuo: Thanks a million11:33
troy_s_MMA_: Viper has a long history with buntu.11:34
troy_s_MMA_: Long.11:34
troy_s_MMA_: Long.11:34
_MMA_Any of it good?11:34
_MMA_I do know his name.11:34
KidProQuoNo gloss in sight you'll be happy to know11:36
_MMA_The brown might have to go.11:36
_MMA_As well as the Gnome-Splash in general.11:36
KidProQuowhy might the brown have to go? for any specific part?11:37
_MMA_Not in the palette for Hardy.11:37
KidProQuoreally? what is the palette for hardy based on?11:38
_MMA_Its not quite final but Black/Orange will be prominent sounds like.11:38
SkiessiI don't like the window borders :P11:39
Skiessiin that "desktop idea 1"11:39
KidProQuoskiessi: the squareness?11:40
troy_sOk... before we go into too much more 'Ugly' 'Isn'tUsable' and all the other wonderful random bot comments...11:40
troy_sSkiessi: What about the work don't you like.11:40
troy_s(the reason I have stuck on it is largely that we as a community REALLY need to amp up our analysis of work and the comments that come out.  I don't mind the fact that someone doesn't like something -- moreso _why_ they don't like something is probably more relevant.)11:41
KidProQuoSkiessi: I just got sick of everything being round and glossy, thought I'd do something a bit different to get some discussion going11:41
troy_sKidProQuo: If you manage to develop a full theme, you will probably find a place for it in the Community package (or at least the hope-to-manifest community package)11:42
Skiessio_o ok, I prefer the round ones11:42
nothlittheres an Automatic Artwork builder with full instructions on the wiki if you want to have it in your own package as well11:44
nothliti should put links to that in the resources page actually11:45
_MMA_Yeah. Can you post that here? I forgot it myself.11:45
troy_soh man11:48
_MMA_Wow. That hasnt been touched since June. :)11:48
KidProQuoAnyway, I should probably explain some of the underlying concepts of that theme idea...11:51
troy_sKidProQuo: People working on anything are valuable.11:52
KidProQuoI wanted to use mainly flat colours with transparency to give the texture of the popular lion wallpaper a bit of space to show its richness11:52
KidProQuoThe choice of a well defined border is for usability; so your eye has a definite border between different sets of info on the screen11:54
KidProQuoAnd the squareness of the borders was just to take it to the other extreme of what a lot of other people seemed to be doing for themes. I'd probably blunt them a bit in the final one11:56
troy_sKidProQuo: is that gion?11:59
troy_sKidProQuo: Icons11:59
KidProQuonope, nouveXT 1.612:00
troy_sHrm... is that in the repos KidProQuo ?12:00
troy_sIt looks tastier than tango for certain12:01
KidProQuoIt's on gnome-look.org; GPL but not SVG version available.12:01
nothlit!find nuov12:02
ubotuFound: gnome-icon-theme-nuovo, kde-icons-nuovext12:02
KidProQuooh, and in that mockup the menubar is still just a concept. I'm writing up a detailed spec at the mo, but a brief overview is available on: http://sam.bristow.googlepages.com/12:05
troy_sKidProQuo: So you are going to code it?12:05
troy_sKidProQuo: Most of the general feel should be obtainable using the pixbuf engine.12:06
KidProQuoI'm going to write up the full spec and put up a bounty.12:06
KidProQuoEverything I've done, I'12:06
KidProQuo^'ve included a fallback to metacity12:07
nothlita bounty? :o12:07
KidProQuoI put up some $$$ up for whoever is able to code it.12:09
troy_sKidProQuo: Don't expect much.  Perhaps hammering away with pixbuf would get it done sooner?12:09
nothlitlol, i know what it is, i'm just suprised a nondistro/large project would put up one12:09
KidProQuoIt's not just a cosmetic change though, there's actually a few different *functionality* changes.12:10
troy_snothlit: Is there a centralized bounty site out there anywhere?12:11
KidProQuononhlit: I'd do the bounty through Canonical12:11
troy_snothlit: I would love to see a 'bountyhunter.org' or whatever.12:11
_MMA_nothlit: Trust me. $ talks. I offered $100 dollars to get a kernel issue worked out the other day.12:12
troy_s_MMA_: 100$?  I can't imagine anyone bit.12:12
troy_s_MMA_: Am I wrong?12:12
_MMA_No it got fixed. ;)12:13
_MMA_Didnt take the money though.12:13
_MMA_It almost sunk the -rt kernel but I scrambled and got it done.12:14
nothlittroy_s: not a foss, prolly just those freelance coding sites12:14
nothlitubuntu has its own bounty page12:14
nothlitas do many other projects12:14
troy_sit really needs to get into launchpad or some centralized repo12:15
KidProQuoI agree, and they need to add the ability to do collective bounties.12:16
=== _MMA_ really hates when people take others art, mod it and doesnt give credit.
nothlitoh, guess there is :) https://www.bountysource.com/project/list12:17
nothlittroy_s: ^12:17
KidProQuoI should probably head to work. Thanks for the feedback12:20
nothlitubuntu is in there too12:20
nothlitnice.. its filled with 0 dollar bounties12:22
_MMA_troy_s: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/OfficialHardyIncoming/Icons Ill get more info up soon.12:22
_MMA_troy_s: And as I look at Litho more, there's 2 things going on there. There is a subtle white overlay then the subtraction or holes/whatever.12:25

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