superm1i switched out the return statements for prints01:19
superm1and they worked as expected01:19
therethinker2Well, now it just crashes, so its a problem eariler on01:20
therethinker2i got it from here01:20
superm1probably import os or import string?01:20
superm1no those are both imported01:21
therethinker2Nope... something so bad, I don't dare say and shame myself01:21
superm1well probably good you didn't push then :)01:21
therethinker2Oh wow, I did it, and its root01:21
superm1foxbuntu, the way you did it, you broke the existing vbox behavior01:23
superm1which of those buttons got highlighted was controlled by what was installed01:23
superm1so for example the old box called synaptic_vbox01:23
superm1can't just be deleted01:24
superm1unless you modify the code01:24
superm1which it probably can be taken out of the code now anyway : software-properties-gtk has it01:24
superm1and is a dependency of mythbuntu-control-centre01:24
foxbuntusuperm1, ok01:25
foxbuntuso what do I need to do to fix it?01:25
superm1find the references to it in core.py01:26
superm1and clean them up01:26
superm1you could debug this in the future by running m-c-c like this 'sudo /usr/share/mythbuntu-control-centre/bin/mythbuntu-control-centre'01:26
foxbuntui did a cut and paste though01:28
superm1you didn't cut the vbox it was in01:28
superm1is what it was in01:28
superm1update manager and terminal probably had similar ones01:28
foxbuntuso I gotta find those in core right?01:29
superm1that is where it crashes correct?01:31
therethinker2I have an idea01:33
superm1uh oh.  are you doing that thinking thing again01:34
superm1today is about coding.  not thinking silly.01:34
therethinker2Give me asprin, I have headache01:34
therethinker2Rather than launch a terminal and change the user01:34
therethinker2I'll launch the terminal as the user01:34
therethinker2su USER -c COMMAND01:35
=== Tari [n=Tari@mke-66-97-119-162.milwpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1does that work?01:37
therethinker2er... no01:38
superm1to solve your current problem01:38
superm1what is the current problem then?01:38
superm1have you tried to add print statements?01:38
therethinker2Well, the problem is launching it01:38
superm1to make sure that its properly passing data01:38
superm1and is it?01:38
superm1so what's the problem then :)01:38
therethinker2launching the terminal as user X01:38
therethinker2found it01:40
superm1oh those things are pretty annoying01:40
=== OpenMediaSupport [n=steve@60-234-129-166.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
OpenMediaSupportlaga: You around?01:45
therethinker2laga: ping01:45
therethinker2it worked :D01:46
therethinker2And pushed01:47
therethinker2well, pushing01:47
superm1woah OpenMediaSupport is alive :)01:49
OpenMediaSupportSorry.. Been a bit distracted of late.01:50
OpenMediaSupportsuperm1: Your beta rocks by the way.01:50
superm1thanks :)01:50
superm1you like Xfce?01:50
OpenMediaSupportDo you know what laga was after? Was is the mysql optimisations?01:50
superm1yeah mysql stuff01:50
superm1he wanted to know what sort of things you guys were up to01:50
superm1so he could implement them into m-c-c01:51
OpenMediaSupportI've alwasy liked xfce. I like how you've used it.01:51
OpenMediaSupportIs there a ticket I can add some notes into on launchpad?01:51
superm1i dont think so01:51
OpenMediaSupportMost of our settings are the same as vanilla knoppmyth.01:51
superm1i see01:52
therethinker2anything else01:57
OpenMediaSupportI don't have any mythbuntu instances booted. Do you set any values in my.cnf at present?01:57
superm1OpenMediaSupport, well beyond defaults no, but laga has some new stuff in m-c-c01:57
superm1if you look at the m-c-c branch01:58
tazgodxso just curious, is there a way to get web movies playing in mythbrowser? like videos from stage6.com and youtube?01:59
OpenMediaSupportsuperm1: Details at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/39811/02:00
superm1OpenMediaSupport, okay cool.  laga will be greatful :)02:01
OpenMediaSupportI tried foxbuntu's settings but I couldn't see any major performance differences, but my test rig doesn't have a huge database.02:01
foxbuntuOpenMediaSupport, if your DB is stock (not much in it) you wont see much of a difference it only makes a difference as the DB grows02:02
superm1therethinker2, okay one thing02:02
superm1it spawns the terminal but doesn't hide m-c-c02:02
superm1is that how you wanted it to work?02:02
superm1because the old way was pretty much spawning , hiding m-c-c, and then after the terminal quit, m-c-c came back02:03
therethinkerI didn't like when it was hidden02:07
therethinkerbut I guess I can see why people might want it to hide02:07
superm1well either hide that or don't hide the other launchables02:16
superm1your call :)02:16
superm1therethinker, otherwise good job :)02:18
superm1therethinker, one last thing i had in store for m-c-c if you want it.  i expect this one to be "fun" though02:19
=== bliffle [n=john@64-142-27-84.dsl.dynamic.sonic.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2sure, what is it>?02:33
therethinker2although I think you've said that everything is fun02:34
superm1and isn't it?02:34
superm1well there is a last tab02:34
therethinker2...damn you02:34
superm1that is deactivated02:34
therethinker2Whoo tabbage02:34
superm1Network Shares02:34
superm1this one has a lot less code to match it yet02:34
superm1and will require some python-samba action02:35
therethinker2I haven't seen anything on it02:35
therethinker2Although... some samba02:35
superm1and if it exists (python-nfs)02:35
superm1so this one, if you don't get figured out, no biggie, i was planning to defer until hardy because it looked like trouble02:35
therethinker2was this always there?02:38
superm1what do you mean?02:38
superm1the tab?02:38
therethinker2Shows how observent I was :p02:38
therethinker2I never saw it02:38
therethinker2or the glade file02:38
superm1well its not marked visible02:38
superm1the glade file has always been tehre02:38
superm1but the tab was off because it wasn't sorted out yet02:38
therethinker2Yeah, so I am blind02:38
therethinker2hmm.. cool02:39
tazgodxi have a PVR-350 that came with a remote, its the grey remote with the 4 color buttons accross the bottom, which remote should i choose during setup for that remote?02:40
therethinker2G'night laga02:41
superm1hey laga02:41
superm1OpenMediaSupport, showed up02:41
therethinker2Who are they exactly02:41
superm1i pm'ed you what was said02:41
therethinker2that's so... amazing?02:41
lagaOpenMediaSupport: thanks!02:42
lagasuperm1: yeah, saw it.02:42
=== therethinker2 feels so... ignorant
superm1therethinker, i thought of something.02:42
superm1during that apt get update02:42
superm1i'm gonna see if that progress can be shown in the terminal window02:42
superm1i'll experiment02:42
therethinker2I think its xterm [--some-modifier]  apt-get update02:43
therethinker2xterm is the small black one02:43
superm1well i mean in the m-c-c window02:43
superm1there is a way to do it02:43
superm1i'll take care of it02:44
superm1don't worry02:44
lagaDaveMorris: oh, nothing. just clueless people testing bleeding-edge software, but i'll stop before someone fuels my misanthropy again by accusing me of talking shit :)02:44
lagafoxbuntu's suggestion looks similar to the one posted on the mailing list02:46
superm1i think not.02:47
therethinker2That was worthy of CAPS02:48
superm1haha your right it was02:48
superm1well it would have been if he was here02:48
superm1wonder if he got scared of the little python02:48
=== therethinker2 always wears gloves while programming pythons
therethinker2THICK gloves02:48
therethinker2IRC needs italics :P02:49
=== superm1 should be working on school stuff, but python is more enjoyable to toy with
lagahum, not working02:49
lagasuperm1: your school stuff must be horrible02:49
therethinker2I do that too02:49
laga<3 polemic02:49
therethinker2How to I view bugs for MCC02:50
therethinker2I've seen it before02:50
therethinker2but I can never remmber how to get ot it...02:50
therethinker2Yeah, so I fixed 2 bugs02:51
lagaor so02:51
laga-> bugs02:51
superm1well two reported bugs02:51
lagatherethinker2: cool02:51
superm1you've handled a lot more today02:51
superm1lots of stuff that's been on the todo02:51
=== therethinker2 is proud
lagacome to think of it, i fixed a bug, too. one which i reported myself, but hey. ;)02:52
therethinker2Yeah, "Err... this isn't working"02:52
superm1i fixed one that i found without needing to report02:52
therethinker2*10 minutes later*02:52
therethinker2I fixed it! I'm a genius!02:52
therethinker2I think I did that on IRC quite a few times... quite too often02:52
lagasuperm1: i always hope someone else takes care of it, but that doesn#t happen a lot :)02:53
therethinker2When do the Archives close?02:54
lagayesterday or so.02:55
therethinkerThat's nice02:55
lagai was gonna suggest to make a -fixes branch for mcc where we merge translations. but since the archives are already closed..02:55
therethinkerthat sucks...02:55
therethinkerWhen do they "open" again :P02:56
superm1well this is goign to be pushed02:56
superm1but i need to poke02:56
superm1on monday to convince them that it doesnt break02:56
superm1or tomorrow02:56
superm1or whenever i find an archive admin02:56
therethinkerThis is universe, or multiverse?02:56
lagait should be in multiverse unless i misunderstood something02:57
laga(i do know it's in universe, but it depends on mythtv-common)02:57
lagasuperm1: it fixes some known bugs as well and it#s maintained by ubuntu people so it shouldn't be a problem02:57
superm1well it itself is okay to be in universe though02:57
superm1it doesnt link with any wacky stuff02:58
superm1laga, well that's my argument for monday02:58
morphinexheh, finally got my entire myth system working, thanks for all the hard work guys :)02:58
superm1but as i learned with the SRU, this is a pia when we're in freeze mode02:58
lagasuperm1: heh02:58
therethinkerWhoo 12 days 'till gutsy :D02:58
lagawe were a bit late with mcc, right02:59
lagalet's do better in 6 months :)02:59
therethinkerI think MCC will be done in 2 :P03:00
therethinkerI don't think we can do much more to it...03:00
superm1are you kidding?03:00
superm1code rework03:00
superm1it needs it sooo bad.03:01
superm1especially if mythpython is going to be used03:01
superm1this needs to be less tied to gtk03:01
lagaif mythpython ever gets anywhere03:01
therethinkerOh yeah...03:01
=== therethinker gets out of fantasy world
superm1and we really needs a libmythbuntu03:02
superm1there is sooo much code duplications03:02
lagain python?03:02
lagasuperm1: sorry that i couldn't convert the lirc stuff to debconf :/03:02
=== laga waves goodbye to morphinex
therethinker2Do you want me to do like libmcc? :P03:03
superm1oh i forgot about that03:03
superm1therethinker2, its not just in m-c-c03:03
superm1there are multiple other python apps03:03
superm1that we use03:03
therethinker2Yeah, I know03:03
superm1that do very similar calls03:03
superm1all over03:03
superm1the board03:03
therethinker2Is there ANY hope in getting a libmyth?03:03
lagathere is a libmyth03:03
therethinker2like, is there a blueprint03:03
therethinker2Oh, there is03:04
lagait's just c++ ;)03:04
superm1the nice thing about doing this whole thing in python was that could easily rely on ubuntu's existing python infrastructure03:04
superm1for stuff like apt03:04
lagathere's mythpython, the mythtv perl bindings and some even more limited python bindings03:04
superm1whereas you go to C, and it turns not so pretty03:04
=== Tari_ [n=Tari@mke-66-97-119-162.milwpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagapython + glade seems like the right job for this task, IMHO. just need to make it structured.03:05
lagai need to upload the feisty packages, darn03:06
therethinker2Should I build MCC for fiesty?03:06
therethinker2Is it possible? :P03:06
lagawe depend on some gutsy stuff03:06
therethinker2Of course.03:06
=== therethinker2 really hates the VM
superm1there is so much stuff in gutsy that would not backport03:07
superm1even if we tried03:07
lagai think i need to delete my ~/.kde dir. there's too much weird stuff going on.03:07
=== therethinker2 laughs at joke he doesn't get
lagahat was not a joke. that's a real problem ;)03:08
therethinker2I know, but if I understood, I'd say "heh"03:08
lagai tend to get crash reports on login from program i was not running. which feels like windows ME to me03:08
=== therethinker2 runs in a corner... laga said the M word
superm1therethinker2, your gonna like the change i am about to commit03:09
=== therethinker runs to the other corner
lagawindows me. spreading fear among geeks since .. well, whenever03:09
therethinkerI've used Win. ME for 2 years... uughh03:10
superm1therethinker, even better, it happened in revno 10003:11
therethinkerAt least they had sys. restore...03:11
therethinkerWe should throw a party03:11
superm1update and turn on and off your medibuntu03:11
superm1and checkout what happens03:11
superm1you'll be in awe and/or amazement03:11
therethinker*looks at diff*03:11
=== therethinker2 waits for 100 to show up...
therethinker2Ahh! BLING03:12
lagaohy. the i386 PPA must hae a long queue by now.03:13
lagamythtv-additional-themes was queued 13 hours ago and it's still not built03:13
superm1don't like it therethinker2 ?03:14
therethinker2not sure03:14
therethinker2its building03:14
therethinker2is there a quicker way?03:14
therethinker2Eugh was @ laga03:14
superm1other than debuild03:15
=== MitoTranin [n=mito@24-177-155-206.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2We need to add the medibuntu keys03:16
superm1therethinker2, oh that's right03:16
therethinker2How can we make sure we do that only ONCE03:16
lagaquery the key ring?03:17
superm1apt-key list | grep blah03:17
OpenMediaSupportlaga: Whats in the additional themes, or is still just a placeholder?03:17
lagaOpenMediaSupport: juski's themes in trunk03:18
OpenMediaSupportlaga: Nice..03:18
OpenMediaSupportSince 0.20.2 these larger themes have become usable..03:18
lagayes, the memory usage improvements are nie.03:19
superm1laga, can you push those to the normal mythbuntu ppa too?03:19
therethinker2Ah, figured out how to do it03:20
superm1even though they can't get into the archive, we can still build our disks with them i guess.03:20
therethinker2I'll get on it03:20
superm1laga, how big is the resultant binary?03:20
therethinker2Do you know where the documentation is for apt python?03:21
lagasuperm1: no, i can't. they pull from svn and it's only applicable to trunk. if you want me to package some themes for fixes, i can do that but it's not that easy03:21
therethinker2eh, I've poked around and found some stuff03:21
therethinker2I'll ask if I still cant' find what I need03:21
therethinker2and yeah, everythings blank03:23
superm1therethinker2, everything's blank?03:23
superm1laga, they're only applicable for trunk?03:23
therethinker2Well, all the sites, IE sourceforge, didn't have any doucmentation on it03:23
superm1i thought that the same binary worked on both/03:23
therethinker2and the doc folder just had some irrelivant examples03:24
lagayikes. i'll have to push the feisty trunk builds tomorrow. the svn revision will differ but oh well.03:24
superm1therethinker2, the best place to look for apt keyring stuff in python03:24
lagasuperm1: i'm not sure about that. i doubt it for now :)03:24
therethinker2... is...03:24
superm1is software-sources-gtk03:24
lagasuperm1: there are theme changes between trunk and fixes03:24
superm1look at its source03:24
therethinker2yay, thanks03:24
superm1they use apt in there03:24
therethinker2Oh, yeah, I remember poking in there03:24
superm1that is how i got the synaptic bling03:24
superm1through them03:24
therethinker2Yay stealing!03:25
superm1they're credited03:25
lagayay, software communism!03:25
therethinker2Yeah, I was joking03:25
therethinker2Yay open source!03:25
superm1laga, really?03:25
superm1i didn't consider that03:25
lagasuperm1: wrt communism or themes?03:25
superm1i thought that stuff like blootube you could get there03:25
superm1and go with ti03:25
therethinker2It is kinda communism...03:25
lagasuperm1: yes, there are differences. some themes wont work anymore because of that, eg purpegalaxy03:26
lagasuperm1: there are versions for -fixes, of course.03:26
superm1oh purplegalaxy never worked anyway03:26
lagasuperm1: i think it did when i started a few years ago03:26
lagasuperm1: this is a secondary backend and mysql-server is installed. however, in the system services tab, "mysql service" or whatever the english string is is set to "deactivated"03:27
lagabut without looking at the code, i'm afraid that it's a translation problem.03:28
superm1laga, yeah that is only valid on master backend03:28
superm1i thought03:28
lagaah, ok03:28
lagastill, i can toggle it and stuff gets installed03:29
laganow it's greyed out03:30
lagai give up and chalk it off as "works as intended" O_O03:30
superm1so is something borke or no?03:30
therethinkerAgain, that's the bugfixer's mantra03:31
lagasuperm1: sorry for the confusion03:31
lagai got confused by my translation.03:31
superm1i'm still confused.  but okay03:32
lagai basically translated activated as "to activate"03:32
lagawhat else is needed for final? unionfs?03:33
OpenMediaSupportAnyone got some specs on the smallest possible mythbuntu frontend install?03:34
lagaoh, superm1: what was that about mythbuntu-default-settings? i was supposed to merge ubuntu-mythtv-frontend in there, but you said something about trouble03:34
superm1well i think this is good as long as nothing else breaks (m-c-c)03:34
superm1laga, yeah that's right03:34
therethinker2andding keys is easy :P03:34
superm1the new way that xfce and stuff works03:35
superm1the frontend is started by symlinking /usr/share/applications/mythtv.desktop to ~/.config/autostart/mythtv.desktop03:35
superm1so the only way to really implement the logging support would be directly within the 'mythtv' package in it's .desktop file03:35
superm1or by changing the behavior that m-c-c does03:35
superm1OpenMediaSupport, smallest frontend only?03:36
OpenMediaSupportYeah.. Basically a lite install for flash based frontends03:36
OpenMediaSupportAt the moment Its about 1.3G which is high03:36
superm1well i imaging ~80003:36
superm1but i dont know for sure03:36
superm1i can fire up a vm and check though03:36
OpenMediaSupportHmmm Things like themes and mytharchive don't helpo03:37
OpenMediaSupportI'll try to build as clean a frontend as I can and then see what is still "surplus"03:37
superm1well so by smallest what do yo ureally mean03:37
lagasuperm1: ok. i could imagine a wrapper script which does most of the stuff startmythtv.sh did. so, if someone clicks on the desktop file everything goes to /var/log/mythtv/ and if it#s started in the terminal everything is back to normal03:37
superm1you want literally smallest, no plugins03:37
OpenMediaSupportRuns on a 1Gb stick03:37
superm1no themes03:37
OpenMediaSupportsome themes, no need for mytharchive etc.03:37
superm1OpenMediaSupport, how about i tell you the absolute smallest with no plugins, and you can add what you want from there03:38
OpenMediaSupportCould stretch to a 2Gb stick, but 1Gb would be nice03:38
superm1i have a feeling that there are extra dependencies that we didn't take care of though03:38
superm1in terms of removal03:38
laga1Gb was no problem with feisty here...03:38
superm1but i dont know for sure03:38
lagacould go as low as 700 to 800M by removing locales and man pages :)03:39
superm1laga, well the thing is that desktop file isn't double clicked03:39
OpenMediaSupportI'm looking at 1 or 2 Gb flash and 512Mb Ram03:39
superm1its automatically started03:39
superm12gb will be no trouble for sure03:39
lagasuperm1: what would that change wrt logging?03:39
OpenMediaSupportYeah. 2gb is easy03:39
superm1well you dont want to log all the time on the desktop file do you?03:39
OpenMediaSupportMight be worth it to cut down on the pain03:39
superm1like even on normal installs?03:39
lagasuperm1: why not?03:39
superm1well i guess03:39
superm1ugh i pushed mythtv though already, i wonder whether or not i can push the same version again03:40
superm1since it hasn't cleared03:40
lagasuperm1: it's almost 4am here, i wont get any work done tonight03:40
superm1laga, okay well if it doesn't get acked by an admin tomorrow03:40
superm1then we'll add this in somehow03:40
superm1otherwise for hardy03:40
=== OpenMediaSupport wanders off to make coffee
lagasuperm1: ok.03:42
=== laga really needs to get some numbers wrt memory foot print
lagafeisty + ubuntu-mythtv-frontend: 60M, gutsy + xfce + no frontend = 128M :/03:44
lagathat was on different boxen, though03:44
superm1i'll tell you when i finish this install03:44
superm1turned off every possible install option03:44
superm1well what do you need the ram for anyway though?03:44
superm1it's overrated03:45
lagamy bedroom frontend only has 128M and it's not upgradeable without a soldering iron and the matching pair of chips :)03:45
superm1oh that can be trouble indeed then03:46
therethinker2do you have to remove keys?03:46
therethinker2Or can we just leave it there03:46
superm1this is why i kinda wanted an option to still use ubuntu-mythtv-frontend, but eh03:46
superm1leave them i say03:46
therethinker2yay less coding!03:47
lagasuperm1: it's ok, i can still use ubuntu-mythtv-frontend.03:47
superm1maybe in hardy we can sort out a frontend and frontend-lite option03:48
superm1well better yet03:48
superm1and frontend-light03:48
superm1and then default to frontend03:48
lagasuperm1: 'm even thinking about ordering another box like that. fanless, wlan built-in, very good tv-out (which requires nasty proprietary driver, but OK), turns on using the remote, draws like 20W. celeron 733 and can be had for 50 :)03:49
superm1doesn't sound like a bad deal at all03:49
superm1especially if that proprietary driver is nvidia03:49
lagano, it's intel. you have to tell X to ignore the ABI versions ;)03:49
superm1intel has proprietary drivers?03:50
lagaone day i'll just stop upgrading stuff and be happy with the status quo :)03:50
lagasuperm1: yes.03:50
lagasuperm1: the IEGD03:50
lagait's the tv-out encoder which needs a binary-only module03:50
superm1eh maybe its not a smart idea to be doing virtual machine, burn dual layer dvd, ff, OOo, geany, xchat all at same time03:51
superm1i wonder which one decides to lose first03:51
lagaOOo i say03:51
superm1well i'm only using 1.4/2 gb ram.  maybe i'm fine03:52
therethinker2Do you have FF too/03:52
therethinker2Thats a big waste03:52
lagait's not a big waste unless you wat a browser03:53
therethinker2Its taken up 1.4GB RAM for me before...03:53
therethinker2I use Epiphany...03:53
lagai used to have like 200 tabs in FF03:53
therethinker2Haha me too :P03:53
superm1na ff is only using 12503:53
superm1and thats because both acroread and java are running within it03:53
lagasounds crashtasti03:54
therethinker2Yeah, I had Meebo, Pandora, and 198 other tabs running in it, its very demanding03:54
therethinker2now I just use Gaim, and Epiphany... and try to use less tabs03:54
superm1okay lets see how much this VM is using now that it finished03:55
lagatherethinker2: i just bought  a gig of ram ;)03:55
therethinker2I only gave mine 400MB, and its doing surprisingly well O_o03:55
therethinker2How much do you have now?03:55
therethinker2I have only 2GB... I think I need more...03:56
superm1well according to free -m: mem used: 288.  +/- buffers cache: 7203:56
superm1with a full out frontend running in xfce03:56
lagaand w/o a frontend?03:57
superm1give me a sec, i'm apt get autoremoving03:57
therethinker2I'm running about 20 tabs in FF, Glade, Gedit with 20 tabs, pidgin, and a few nautiluses. (In GNOME) I'm using 200MB ram and 200MB swap. (VM)03:57
superm1OpenMediaSupport, it's just around ~1.1 gb post install.  apt-get autoremove claims i can free another 90 megs though03:58
therethinkerMy real computer is using 1.1GB Ram, just under 1GB swap03:58
=== MythbuntuGuest06 [n=Mythbunt@adsl-69-105-202-124.dsl.scrm01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker.8MB away)03:58
superm1OpenMediaSupport, so in the end 965 mb03:58
MythbuntuGuest06When installing to disk, should I use the guided partitioning? or should i manually set my own partitiong from following the ubuntu help community mythtv pages03:59
therethinkerI'd guess the manual03:59
therethinkerDon't hold me to it, though03:59
MythbuntuGuest06arg... i just did guided, and i think it did everything ext3 ...03:59
MythbuntuGuest06how do you check the partiton skeem?  nano /etc/fstab04:00
superm1laga, w/o frontend running: used 347 and +/- buffers/cache 6304:00
superm1that doesn't make sense.04:00
superm1i dont trust free -m anymore04:00
lagacan you paste the complete output?04:01
superm1let me give it a fresh boot04:01
lagaMythbuntuGuest06: cat /proc/partitions as well04:01
therethinker2GReat. I'll push the key fix04:01
superm1this has to have been m-c-c's most productive day since i first coded her04:02
MythbuntuGuest06laga thanks04:02
therethinker2Yep, because of me :D04:02
therethinker2jk :p04:02
lagatherethinker2: :P04:03
=== therethinker2 is not egocentric
=== therethinker2 never has compulisive lying fits
therethinker2...okay maybe I do...04:03
superm1laga, http://pastebin.org/428704:04
therethinker2Okay, I think i've figured out bzr. And how to upload only once :P04:04
superm1yeah it took me a while to figure it out04:05
therethinker2Although, I still dont get merging04:05
therethinker2it won't let you unless you commit04:05
therethinker2then you cant push if you dont commit again04:05
superm1if you look at olive-gtk's log output04:05
lagasuperm1: ho-hum. ok, that looks good.04:05
superm1you'll understand it a little better i think04:05
therethinker2Should I add more codecs?04:06
lagasuperm1: guess ill take back my xfce FUD :)04:06
lagatherethinker2: maybe ffmpeg?04:06
superm1laga, so -/+ buffers/cache means how much its really using?04:06
MythbuntuGuest06arg ... yea guided did just an ext3/swap partitions04:06
lagasuperm1: yes04:06
therethinker2I'm wondering what "non-free-codecs" is04:06
superm1ah neat04:06
superm1then that's not bad at all04:06
MythbuntuGuest06to setup mythbuntu, should i just follow the feisty fawn mythtv pages?04:06
superm1MythbuntuGuest06, no.04:06
superm1MythbuntuGuest06, see www.mythbuntu.org04:07
superm1download the ISO image04:07
superm1and install from that04:07
lagasuperm1: no, it's ok. might almost consider upgrading, but thaT'd mean i lost my customizations :)04:07
superm1well ideally we should all be committing our customizations upstream04:07
superm1so other people can use them04:07
superm1i've tried to do so for as much of my stuff as i could04:07
lagaoh well, i'll keep the box as long as i want to build for feisty.04:07
lagasuperm1: no, i mean my very own stuff.04:07
lagaeven though that's not much, mostly the apple trailers04:08
superm1laga, perhaps you should go to bed now?04:08
lagayes, mom04:08
superm1its pretty early04:09
superm1i'm just saying04:09
superm1if you want t obe productive in fixing stuff :)04:09
superm1tomrorow and all04:09
=== laga blinks
lagai dont get up before 12 anyways. :>04:09
therethinker2What should ffmeg's tooltip be?04:12
therethinker2Then I'm done04:12
therethinker2... *leaves blank*04:13
lagasomething obscene04:13
therethinker2"You know this is illegal, you bastard?"04:13
laga"now you can encode porn in linux, too"04:14
therethinker2Wow... 10204:15
therethinker2What was it this morning?04:15
therethinker2o, I think 8204:15
therethinker2Wow, you're right, 7804:16
therethinker224 revisions... more than 1 an hour :P04:17
=== DiggThis [n=anon@123-2-145-209.static.dsl.dodo.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2Digg this?04:17
DiggThissuperm1: if your here need you again...04:18
therethinker2Ah... sorry... It sounds like a bot :P04:18
DiggThiscouldnt think of anything else lol04:18
DiggThissuperm1 or anyone that knows: i need to install linux headers 2.6.22-12 generic but cannot. Is there a way??04:19
superm1um therethinker2 doesn't need to be sudo apt-get04:19
superm1just apt-key04:19
therethinker2I did...04:19
superm1since it already runs as root04:19
superm1DiggThis, you need to update to linux-image-2.6.22-1304:19
superm1and install linux-headers-2.6.22-13-04:19
laga1549 downloads for i386 beta, 273 for amd64 beta. woohoo.04:20
superm1-12 is out o tthe repos now04:20
superm1okay i'm done with mythbuntu stuff for tonight04:20
DiggThisu mean dist-upgrade?04:20
therethinker2Thats a lot more than before04:20
superm1i  need to get back to homework :)04:20
therethinker2Have monday off, though :P04:20
lagabye superm104:20
DiggThiswill dist-upgrade work?04:20
superm1cu guys.  i'm holding off pushing until tomorrow morning04:21
superm1so if you need to get anything else in go for it04:21
MythbuntuGuest06superm1 - i downloaded the iso and installed from the mythbutnu beta image.  I did the guided partitioning.  Is that ok?04:21
therethinker2Whats new04:21
superm1but as of now, everything looks pretty good04:21
MythbuntuGuest06it looks like it only did an ext3 and swap partition04:21
DiggThissuperm1 before you go what is the command for linux headers?04:23
troy_ssuperm1: check mail04:23
MythbuntuGuest06i don't know if you are understanding my question ... or maybe im just not understanding the response04:26
therethinkerI'm going to stop too04:27
therethinkerI'll dream in python if I keep this up much longer04:27
MythbuntuGuest06I burnt a beta disc and did a full install on my Hard Drive.  I chose the guided partitioning, which I had no input on.  Now that it has rebooted and I am on the hard drive, I checked fstab, and I only have 2 partitions.   A swap drive and an ext3 partition.  I thought XFS was better for big files.  Should I reinstall and do a manual parititoning and make an XFS partition that is /var/lib like the fiesty fawn M04:27
DiggThismythbuntuGuest06: id say yes thats what i did and no problems here04:28
MythbuntuGuest06k, so the guided partitioning scheme does not setup an XFS Partitiong for mythtv.04:29
MythbuntuGuest06thanks for the input, im going to reinstall now and choose manual and setup my own partitioning scheme.04:30
=== foxbuntu [n=nick@12-216-16-102.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
DiggThismythbuntuGuest06: Don't know that..i've just found that when its manual you have control and not the setup program. good luck.04:30
foxbuntusuperm1, I fixed my tab issues04:30
foxbuntuI got the app running with my tab changes04:30
foxbuntulaga, you around?04:37
DiggThisdoes anyone know a fix for the hash-sum mixmatch yet?04:38
=== MythbuntuGuest98 [n=Mythbunt@75-135-151-14.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== Tari__ [n=Tari@mke-66-97-114-21.milwpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MitoTraninanyone know why even though I enable the vnc server in the control center, I can't connect to the machine via vnc?05:14
MitoTraninI am assuming the service isn't started, but what's the best way to enable the service?05:14
foxbuntutherethinker, ping05:15
foxbuntuMitoTranin, did you restart X after enabling it in MCC?05:16
MitoTraninI tried restarting the whole pc05:16
foxbuntuthat should have done it05:16
MitoTraninyeah... that's why I did it :)05:16
MitoTraninbut the good news is, that the fact I can do that means I got it installed :)05:16
MitoTraningot past the 94% bug05:17
foxbuntuMitoTranin, do this05:17
MitoTraninit was one of 2 things... I both unplugged my USB tuner, and I bumped the ram from 256 to 51205:17
foxbuntusudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:17
MitoTraninwith the intent of?05:18
foxbuntuand under SECTION "Module"05:18
foxbuntulook to make sure there is one for vnc05:18
MitoTraninSection "Module"05:18
MitoTranin        Load            "extmod"05:18
MitoTranin        Load            "type1"05:18
MitoTranin        Load            "freetype"05:18
MitoTranin        Load            "glx"05:18
MitoTranin        Load            "v4l"05:18
MitoTranindoesn't look like it....05:18
MitoTraninI have edited the xorg.conf file via the editor and via the nvidia config program after I enabled it05:19
MitoTraninmaybe the nvidia program wrote a clean xorg and didn't edit the existing?05:19
MitoTraninthus taking it out?05:19
foxbuntuthat would do it05:19
MitoTraninI'll try disabling vnc then re-enabling it05:19
foxbuntuusually, when you run the nvidia driver install/update, I suggest not allowing it to write the new conf05:20
MitoTraninbah, can't right now... my update is still going05:20
foxbuntuif its an update nothing is needed05:21
MitoTraninit had gotten stuck waiting for me to click a box05:21
MitoTraninyeah well, I was having very strange display things going on05:21
MitoTraninso I had it write it to try to fix it05:21
foxbuntujust a heads up05:21
troy_sfoxbuntu: So I have two revisions -- you have one -- although I am hesitant to use the saturated version.  The other is a papery feeling (nerfed saturation and slightly different tonal range -- almost identical to a casual glance)05:22
MitoTranin(the mythtv window was huge to the point of me only being able to see the middle of the screen)05:22
foxbuntutroy_s, let me bring up my mail05:22
troy_sfoxbuntu: Let me just montage the two05:23
MitoTraninthe good news is that I found the easy way to avoid the bad hash errors during the updates05:23
troy_sfoxbuntu: So you can get a side by each comparison.05:23
troy_sfoxbuntu: The reason for this fine tuning is that I plan on building a larger palette out of the result05:23
foxbuntuMitoTranin, oh the huge screen there was an easier way of dealing with that05:24
troy_sfoxbuntu: And then I can more or less get you a wallpaper quite quickly -- as the 'proper' wallpaper for something in this genre would be the repeated pattern...05:24
foxbuntutroy_s, great!05:24
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: how?  I tried many things and it wasn't working right...05:24
MitoTraninright now I finally have it set to work by using my monitors settings05:25
=== OpenMedia [n=steve@60-234-129-166.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MitoTraninwhich isn't good for long-term, because in the end I plan on only using the svideo out and vnc'ing into it05:25
foxbuntuMitoTranin, the nvidia easy config (or whatever its called now) has problems with certian monitors and selects bad res's for them05:25
MitoTraninyeah, it's not set to that, I had it set to 1024x768 so it would work with a tv easily, but that wasn't working05:26
MitoTraninthat's when the display was huge05:26
foxbuntuMitoTranin, to fix the vnc the disable/reenable will fix it as well..you are just missing the X start option for your config05:26
MitoTraninso I ended up telling it to do my monitor's normal display (1440x900) and now it works great for my monitor05:26
MitoTraninit'll be crappy again when back on the TV :)05:26
foxbuntuMitoTranin, you can just change it in the xorg.conf05:27
foxbuntuand default the s-vid to the right res05:27
foxbuntuand the monitor to another05:27
foxbuntutroy_s, I think the teal in this first one is a little bright05:28
MitoTraninwell, I have no tv here... in order to connect it to the tv, I have to physically move it05:28
MitoTraninthus why I need vnc access05:28
troy_sfoxbuntu: Well that's exactly the point05:28
foxbuntulike my system05:28
foxbuntutroy_s, ok05:28
troy_sfoxbuntu: Just so there isn't any confusion -- I want you to see the option so that when people say 'Why isn't it saturated' you have a clear response -- it doesn't work with the texture / pattern.05:28
troy_sfoxbuntu: Here it comes05:29
foxbuntutroy_s, gotcha05:29
troy_sfoxbuntu: So of the three, I like the last one.05:29
troy_sfoxbuntu: Not that it is terribly relevant.05:29
=== foxbuntu has mail
foxbuntutroy_s, your ideas and opinion is very important on this subject05:30
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: what area of dev work do you do for mythbuntu other than graphics?05:31
foxbuntutroy_s, I agree with you05:31
foxbuntuMitoTranin, I work a little on everything05:31
MitoTraninIn my little looking sofar, I havne't found something yet...05:31
tazgodxso, does mythbuntu set up ssh?05:32
foxbuntuhowever my big points of contact at the Artwork and Lirc-Generator05:32
MitoTraninis there anywhere that will let you easily mount a network share?05:32
MitoTraninin my setup, I have all my recordings stored on my NAS05:32
foxbuntuMitoTranin, not exatly...becuase nfs/samba aren't exatly user friendly05:32
MitoTraninthat, and my pictures and music too05:33
MitoTraninwell... the best way that I've seen is to put an entry in the fstab05:33
foxbuntuthats it05:33
MitoTraninnothing hard about that is there?05:33
foxbuntutroy_s, the 3rd one is nice05:33
foxbuntuit draws your eyes to the name without locking them in on it05:34
MitoTraninjust make an fstab section that is filled in via a gui program05:34
foxbuntuMitoTranin, might be a feature request you could file05:34
MitoTraninwhere would be the best place for such a request?  the launchpad?05:35
foxbuntuMitoTranin, yup05:35
foxbuntuMitoTranin, I am currently working on a new feature for m-c-c that allow for easy cleanup of old recordings in myth...since right now that is a giant pain05:36
MitoTraninwow... I just finished the full system update after a clean install, and then dis/re-enabled the vnc05:36
MitoTraninthen rebooted...05:36
MitoTraninnow the display is REALLY huge...05:36
=== thoroth [n=rol@chello062178111049.10.12.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MitoTranin"information center" takes up the whole screen left to right05:36
MitoTraninon my widescreen monitor at that05:36
foxbuntuMitoTranin, do thsi05:36
foxbuntusudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:36
foxbuntuscroll to the Display section05:37
foxbuntulook at the default depth05:37
foxbuntuand then scroll to the default depth section05:37
foxbuntusend me that line05:37
MitoTranindefault depth is 2405:37
MitoTraninthere are a ton of modes here that I don't want/need too... I should be safe to clean those out right?05:38
foxbuntuyou got it05:38
foxbuntujust keep the formating the same05:38
foxbuntusave and restart X05:38
foxbuntusudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart05:39
foxbuntu(from ssh)05:39
foxbuntuor ctrl+alt+bksp05:39
foxbuntufrom the console05:39
foxbuntusorry windows admin speak05:39
foxbuntufrom the desktop05:39
MitoTraninnp, I'm a windows admin :)05:40
MitoTraninthat's my day job at least :)05:40
foxbuntuyea mine too05:40
foxbuntuI am an Enterprise Consultant05:40
=== bliffle [n=john@64-142-27-84.dsl.dynamic.sonic.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
foxbuntuMitoTranin, I gtg for a few...PM me with more troubles if needed05:42
foxbuntutroy_s, be back in like 2005:42
foxbuntutroy_s, I am back now06:15
troy_sfoxbuntu: Okie... anyways... 3 has the same hue as the blue background for the logo06:15
troy_sfoxbuntu: more saturated (but not uber saturated)06:15
troy_sfoxbuntu: It is more or less a combination of all the +1s we arrived at.06:16
foxbuntutroy_s, yea. I really like it06:16
foxbuntutroy_s, perhaps a slightly darker color for the name however06:16
troy_sfoxbuntu: ok let me try a few revisions...06:17
troy_sfoxbuntu: It seems to work better with the blue hue, I'll dry darker and perhaps a few alternates...06:17
troy_shold tight for a few.06:17
foxbuntutroy_s, great06:17
MitoTraninif I change the recording location for mythtv within mythtv-setup will that screw up other things in mythbuntu?06:18
MythbuntuGuest06so, i just installed mythbuntu on my HD.  Is it normal for it to go through normal postback from bios, then go blank for a long time, then boot up into XFCE interface?06:18
MitoTraninie: I keep my recordings on my NAS06:18
troy_sfoxbuntu: Again, the point of this is to lock the logo and build our bigger palette out of it.06:18
MitoTraninand I don't really want to mount my NAS to /var/lib/mythtv06:18
foxbuntulaga, therethinker you guys here?06:18
foxbuntutroy_s, right06:18
foxbuntuMitoTranin, you don't have to06:19
foxbuntujust mount it whereever you please and then change it in the frontend config06:19
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: that's why I was checking... to make sure moving the location in mythtv-setup wouldn't screw up other portions of mythbuntu06:19
foxbuntuMitoTranin, thats just the mythtv default location06:20
foxbuntuI actually have mine mounted as /mythtv06:20
MitoTraninI've changed it in my past setups, just wanted to make sure mythbuntu didn't plan on using that location assuming people would never change it06:20
MitoTraninI do mine as /data/nas/mythtv06:20
foxbuntubecause I mounted a LVM Group for storage06:20
MitoTraninbut yeah :)06:20
MitoTraninMythbuntuGuest06 it will go from the post to a loading screen, and then to the gui06:21
MitoTraninthere is a loading screen with a progress bar that you're probably not seeing06:21
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: do you know how to fix putty so that the numpad doesn't screw up when in nano?06:29
foxbuntuMitoTranin, not off hand06:31
foxbuntuyou might goolge it06:31
MitoTraninyeah, just thought you might know... thanks though06:32
troy_sfoxbuntu: Ok.. check your mail. should be there in a moment.06:33
foxbuntutroy_s, The blue is my favorite of those06:35
foxbuntutroy_s, the Orange is intresting however I think its too...out there06:36
foxbuntuand the last one, the pink clashes too much with the look of the era06:36
foxbuntutroy_s, I really like the first one though06:37
troy_sfoxbuntu: those are roughs... the idea is look at a general tone06:39
troy_sfoxbuntu: make a call...06:39
troy_sfoxbuntu: we can dicker with a tone if you like it or think it has potential06:41
foxbuntutroy_s, my call is #106:41
troy_sfoxbuntu: the most logical is the blue as it is the same hue as the bg palette tone, but adding a fourth tone isn't a huge deal.06:41
foxbuntutroy_s, no I think the hue there is what I was thinking06:41
foxbuntuI like it06:41
troy_sfoxbuntu: Okie.  So let me polish the tones slightly and round out the palette.  the wallpaper is probably quite easy06:42
foxbuntutroy_s, the I assume the wallpaper will be done at 1600x1200 and then scaled to other resolutions correct?06:45
=== pdragon|games is now known as pdragon
pdragoni'm still getting the screen saver coming on when watching videos. watching tv or recorded tv shows doesn't let it happen06:50
pdragonthought i'd heard superm1 say that was fixed06:51
pdragonahh was already a bug openned. just added a comment there06:56
tgm4883pdragon, is this a new mythbuntu beta install?06:56
pdragonjust now was the first time i've actually watched videos from my library so i hadn't seen it happen til just now07:00
tgm4883we were hoping they would fix that07:01
pdragonwell, it's not happening when i'm watching recordings or live tv07:01
tgm4883just videos?07:01
pdragonused to happen then too back in alpha07:01
pdragonyeah, just videos07:01
tgm4883ok, and you're sure it's still gnome-screensaver?07:01
pdragonum...really not sure it's gnome-screensaver actually07:02
pdragonthe screen slowly fades to black07:02
tgm4883sounds like gnome-screensaver07:02
pdragonlemme check something07:02
pdragonyeah, under Screensaver Preferences it's set to activate after 10 minutes of idle07:03
pdragonthat's about how long until it goes black07:03
pdragonalso, i'm getting a new network icon on the bar every time i reboot07:04
pdragoni'm just full of good news!07:04
pdragonhmm... there's updates available. i haven't run and update since the day after i installed. was a fix put in since then?07:05
MitoTraninpdragon: make sure to set your updates to use the main server and not the edu server though07:06
pdragonyeah i did that07:06
MitoTraninand yeah, I'm getting more and more network icons too07:06
tgm4883thats a feature :)07:07
tgm4883we're trying to speed up your internet connection by giving you more network connections07:07
MitoTranindoesn't seem to be working too well there tgm4883!  I'd better restart more and get a bunch more of them!07:08
pdragonput a bug report in?07:08
tgm4883if you run ifconfig, how many network adapters show up?07:08
pdragonjust 2. lo and etho07:09
tgm4883do you have wireless?07:09
tgm4883check and see if there is a bug report filed against xubuntu07:10
pdragonshould only be one icon even if there's wireless, tho, right? i have wireless on my laptop and only one icon07:10
MitoTraninmy guess is this:  it's set to startup every time you boot07:10
tgm4883yes, there should be only 107:10
MitoTraninbut the system remembers it's state, so it keeps the ones it has there...07:10
MitoTraninso it puts back what was there, and then adds another07:11
MitoTraningoing through my stuff for the first time here, I don't have any devices showing up as a valid cd burner in the music options setup07:16
MitoTraninanyone know of a way to get it to know that it's cd-drive is a burner?07:16
pdragonnot i, sorry07:16
pdragonxubuntu doesn't have it's own bug reporting section outside of ubuntu does it?07:17
pdragonhttp://www.xubuntu.org/devel#bug_triage   that just points to ubunut07:18
pdragonnot finding anything there about it anyway07:21
troy_sfoxbuntu: I can do the wallpaper at whatever resolution you want.07:26
troy_sfoxbuntu: To be honest, with no blur -- I see no reason why it can't remain a fully scalable SVG07:26
foxbuntutroy_s, ok thats fine too07:29
tgm4883MitoTranin, what device is your cd burner?07:42
MitoTraninit's a DVD dual-layer burner07:44
tgm4883eh, that is probably a sym link it should be something like /dev/hdc07:44
MitoTraninoh, well, yeah07:44
tgm4883thats how mine is setup07:44
tgm4883and I can burn directly to it07:44
MitoTraninactually it's a symlink to /media/cdrom007:44
tgm4883the device should be /dev/somethign07:45
tgm4883is it ide?07:45
MitoTraninlet me throw a disk into it and see where I find that data07:45
MitoTranin the drive device is /dev/hdd07:47
MitoTraninthe drive mount is /media/cdrom007:47
=== OpenMediaSupport [n=steve@60-234-129-166.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
Wy|laptopHrm. Does mythbuntu add mtd as a service by default?07:49
MitoTranintgm4883: the problem though is that it isn't a place that I can type in a location, it is a dropdown menu, so I can't just tell it where my burner is...07:54
=== pdragon is now known as pdragon|out
foxbuntutherethinker, are you in/08:04
foxbuntulaga ping08:04
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lagaWy|laptop: no02:13
lagaMitoTranin: you can type suff into the drop down box AFAIK02:14
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lagaalmost 2000 downloads (counting both i386 and amd64)03:00
=== Dr_Willis [i=GillBate@74-140-6-108.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Dr_WillisHello everyone04:03
lagahi Dr_Willis04:03
Dr_WillisTesting out Mythbuntu on my  machine in the basement now. :) used to be a KnoppMythbox.04:04
Dr_WillisGot it working good so far.04:04
lagathat's nice to hear04:04
Dr_WillisJust noticed that the Vista box - sees the Mythtv box as a media server. but cant seem to find any media on it.04:05
Dr_Willisi got it recording shows.. so not sure exactly how this media server stuff works04:05
lagathat's upnp. no clue how it works, either04:05
lagacheck http://svn.mythtv.org ?04:05
Dr_Willisyea - never had upnp actually do anything either. :)04:07
lagai meant http://wiki.mythtv.org04:07
Dr_Willisaha - mentions i need to set teh ip# propery of the mythtv box.04:10
Dr_WillisThat might be the issue04:10
Dr_Willisasus has a MB with linux in the bios/ram.04:22
Dr_WillisWithin five seconds of turning on this $360 USD gaming/enthusiast motherboard, you can be using Linux and surfing the Internet.04:22
lagajust saw it on phoronix.04:22
Dr_Willisyep :) gotta love live bookmarks04:23
Dr_Willis$360 - ick.. :) but it is a high end motherboard.04:24
lagai might have to exchange my nice gigabyte motherboard. i can't select the primary VGA card. and it sucks when BIOS POST comes up on the TV04:24
Dr_WillisBut its a sign of what Might be common in the future04:24
lagajust wrote an angry mail to them, maybe that's gonna help :)04:24
therethinkerHello everyone04:25
lagahi therethinker04:25
tgm4883MitoTranin, where are you trying to put your burner into?04:26
=== guddl [n=guddl@pD95F83CE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== Binary_Crap50 [i=1010101a@gateway/tor/x-e1fa504789738f23] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
directhexDr_Willis, http://img.hexus.net/v2/articles/MythTV/wmp-upnp-05.jpg ?04:38
Dr_Willislets see.04:42
lagadirecthex: do you know of a better upnp client for windows?04:43
Dr_Willisdirecthex|work yea.  i click on the media icon for the muthtv box  - it loads wmp, and thats it. :)04:43
therethinkerMaybe we should have a way to disable the screensaver in MCC?04:49
lagait should be disabled when you watch a recording.04:49
lagain beta.04:49
tgm4883laga, apparently it's still happening for videos04:59
tgm4883yea, thats what I said04:59
lagait was a race condition in alpha4, right?04:59
=== tgm4883 shrugs
lagathe GF will kill me if the screen saver comes up ;)04:59
tgm4883I just know that we need to do something for it now04:59
tgm4883you can always disable it05:00
tgm4883but we want to disable it from install05:00
lagait's not like it's really needed on a CRT TV05:00
tgm4883well not with dpms05:00
=== laga hopes mythbuntu will perform better than debian sarge on the asus pundit :)
lagaalso, it'd be cool if there were some reference frontend / backend hardware designs05:03
tgm4883you mean like hardware?05:04
tgm4883like this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=566529  probably ammended a little maybe?05:04
tgm4883you can use storage groups in trunk right?05:04
tgm4883yes at the first or second part?05:05
lagai was more talking aboujt a *completE* box, including case and hints to make it quiet05:05
lagayes at storagwe groups05:05
=== yotux [n=nathan@66-168-59-247.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
yotuxIf I have a generic IR blaster how can I configure it to work with mythtv05:05
=== sebrock [n=sebrock@h-91-126-96-52.wholesale.rp80.se] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== mindframe- [n=mindfram@ip72-207-244-33.br.br.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
yotuxhas anyone gotten an Ir blater from irblater.info to work?05:23
lagai haven't05:23
yotuxI am new to this LIRC idea where should I start?05:24
lagaprobably by reading the documentation. i have no clue how ir blasters are handled in our current setup05:25
yotuxI am running mythbuntu05:25
yotuxso I will do some googling for docs05:26
lagayou can also talk to superm1 or even better, ask in the forums05:27
lagai bet someone knows there05:27
superm1or read the wiki05:41
superm1its documted in the wiki05:41
lagawiki wiki wah.05:41
lagamorning superm105:41
yotuxsuperm1 & laga I am sorry I was thinking remote and not seeing the section further down the wiki05:44
lagasuperm1: the mythtv build i queued yesterday just started building on the i386 buildd :)05:49
superm1yotux, be wary of following that guide in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3491166#post3491166 .  You will need to rebuild kernel modules every kernel update (whereas they are shipped with gutsy/mythbuntu).  Also there is no such thing as neeing to "change" to normal ubuntu.  Mythbuntu is a preconfigured gutsy installation05:55
superm1anything you can do on ubuntu you can do on mythbuntu05:56
superm1and vice versa05:56
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@74-140-6-108.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
yotuxsuperm1 thanks,  I think I have the serial part setup looking fora way to test it now06:03
yotuxI have a dish receiver so digging for some info06:04
superm1yotux, well if you do sort things out and have updates for the gutsy wiki info, feel free to update it or let one of us know what you had to do.  I don't have a serial receiver/transmitter anymore myself, so it's possible that some of the information up there is not still accurate, but hopefully is06:05
yotuxI have only a blaster,  what have you upgrade to I am looking for a blaster / receiver06:06
superm1well i have a mceusb2 which has a transmitter and receiver together06:07
superm1but it doesn't work with all of my devices06:07
superm1but enough to get me by06:07
=== MythbuntuGuest18 [n=Mythbunt@c-9c4fe255.662-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MythbuntuGuest18hello! trying to find out how this chat works...06:10
Dr_williswoo hoo.. Mythtv frontend/backend going check!  - second frontend going.. Check! :)  Thank you Mythbuntu06:10
Dr_willisNow not sure why the #*!@*!@ vista box cant find the upnp stuff06:10
MythbuntuGuest18I have a problem with my Hauppauge bt878 in Mythbuntu. Anyone?06:11
superm1what sort of problem?06:11
MythbuntuGuest18when i select it it doesn't get selected. no cards is "selected"06:11
superm1check dmesg06:12
superm1see if there is an error loading the drivers for the card06:12
yotuxsuperm1:  what type of IR blaster / receiver would you recommend?06:16
superm1yotux, serial is probably the way to go for a blaster should you get it working.06:17
yotuxall of the guide that I have found in regards to the device I have bought seem to want a fresh compile of LIRC06:18
yotuxThis would cause issues if upgrading kernels as you have said I believe06:18
superm1like i said the kernel modules are all shipped in gutsy06:19
superm1so you shouldn't need to compile anything06:19
superm1it should just be a matter of configuration06:19
superm1also a very modern version of lirc is shipped06:19
superm1post 0.8.206:19
yotuxand configuration refers to remote code to be transmitted correct06:19
superm1yeah and if you have two devices, making lirc work with both06:20
superm1eg receiver and transmitter06:20
yotuxI only have 1 right now06:20
yotuxsorry to ask so many questions06:20
superm1i suspect that all you will need to do then is sudo dpkg-reconfigure lirc06:20
superm1and choose the serial option06:20
yotuxok I have done that06:21
superm1place your remote control in /etc/lirc/lircd.conf06:21
yotuxthink that has been done also06:21
superm1and then try to irsend -d /dev/lircd SEND_ONCE REMOTE BUTTON06:21
superm1that lirc device may be wrong06:21
superm1you'll have to check06:21
superm1and you may need to turn off your serial port as described below06:21
superm1but i don't know for sure06:21
yotuxthanks for the baby steps06:23
Dr_willisHmm.. Since my Mythtv backend is also a desktop machine some times.. Id like to see a Gnome Panel applet/widget (or other program) that just tells me the status of the MythTV backend. (show if its recording, what its recording, prove that its up, and so forth)06:24
Dr_willisSound like a neat suggestion? or is my case rather rare?06:24
superm1sounds like a good idea06:24
superm1there is an xml feed to report that stuff06:24
superm1so it would be a mtter of writing a small applet to parse it06:25
lagaheh, beavis also asked about such a thing06:25
superm1okay any last additions to m-c-c?06:26
superm1i'm gonna push it right now06:26
Dr_willisI was just hinking of a little panel applet.  green for up, a icon for recording.. ect..06:26
superm1i just tested every option that has changed in my VM06:26
lagasuperm1: push it. there's no point in adding even more features, IMHO06:26
superm1well this is a pretty lengthy debian/changelog06:27
lagahope we did a good job i think06:28
lagai love how websites like facebook want to tell me that my email address is not valid.06:29
laga"laga+facebook@laga.ath.cx" is valid. gna.06:29
superm1don't use characters like  06:30
superm1or 06:30
lagai didn't do that :)06:30
Dr_willisand i thought using an Underscore confised things. :)06:31
superm1laga, on your test install, see if bulletproofx ends up working if you get a few moments06:34
superm1i suspect its broken in some form06:35
lagabulletproofx is even working on my kubuntu box where it's not supposed to be activated. guess that happens because GDM is installed...06:36
lagasuperm1: ok, i'll reboot soon. cant use the VM right now06:37
superm1well i think that the problem is on my machine that i built the disk06:37
superm1it took the pci id of my machine06:37
superm1and stored it to debconf06:37
superm1which obviously isn't the same for everyone06:37
lagai'll reboot now then06:38
beavisDr_willis, I found such a green/red recording icon for gnome some time ago, can't find it anymore06:41
lagasuperm1: blowing away xorg.conf and rebooting should be sufficient, right?06:42
superm1laga, well actually06:42
lagais it OK to do that in virtualbox?06:42
superm1just modify your driver name06:42
superm1from say vesa06:42
superm1to vessssssa06:43
superm1and reboot06:43
superm1or blafoo06:43
beavisDr_willis, I really miss something like this, a red icon when it's recording, yellow if there are pending recordings for this day and green if the backend is up and running06:43
superm1that works too06:43
lagai like blafoo better06:43
=== MythbuntuGuest34 [n=Mythbunt@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagasuperm1: http://laga.ath.cx/mythbuntu-notifier.png that's interesting :)06:45
superm1yeah i've had that occur too06:46
lagagood that it vanishes.06:46
superm1which really its a good thing it comes up thoug06:46
superm1it reminds people to update06:46
superm1but otherwise06:46
lagacrap. i still dont have a quit button. totally forgot about that.06:46
beavislaga, this notifier really annoys my wife, it can't be clicked away with the remote06:48
lagabeavis: it vanishes after some time06:48
lagaOTOH, that's what you deserve for getting married06:48
=== laga runs
beavishmm the original one in feisty wasn't vanishing06:48
beavislaga, :)06:49
lagait does in gutsy, at least in my VM06:49
lagasuperm1: X didn't come up06:52
superm1laga, if you can run sudo dexconf -o /tmp/xorg.conf06:52
superm1that will spit out the xorg.conf that it stored in debconf06:52
=== MythbuntuGuest92 [n=Mythbunt@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1which probably won't match your machine06:52
lagasuperm1: it's using06:54
lagaDriver "vmware"06:54
lagaBusID "PCI:0:15:0"06:54
superm1that's from frink_'s box06:54
superm1since its a vmware build06:54
superm1so indeed bulletproofx is broken06:54
=== superm1 sighs
lagaany idea hwo to fix it? we could clear the debconf questions, but i dunno if that helps06:55
=== jono [n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1well here is the deal.06:56
superm1on the live disk06:56
lagadexconf wouldnt like that i'm afraid06:56
superm1it does a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:56
superm1which takes effect locally06:56
superm1eg on live disk only06:56
superm1when you reboot, it doesn't reconfigure xserver-xorg06:56
superm1but rather just copies your xorg.conf and figures it's good06:57
lagathought as much06:57
superm1i really dont know how the normal gutsy disk can get around this thoug06:57
lagathey dpkg-reconfigure in the chroot?06:57
superm1supermario@portablemario:~/Software/source/ubuntu-installer/ubiquity$ grep xserver * -R06:58
superm1doesn't come up with any calls like that06:58
lagaYou can also use debconf in other, standalone programs. The issue to watch out for here is that debconf is  not  intended to  be,  and must not be used as a registry. This is unix after all, and programs are configured by files in /etc, not by some nebulous debconf database (that is only a cache anyway and might get blown away). So  think  long  and  hard  before06:59
laga using debonf in a standalone progranm.06:59
laganot sure if i'd want bulletproofx to depend on something like that anyways06:59
lagathat's an excerpt from man 7 debconf-devel, btw :)06:59
superm1well bulletproofx is a spec06:59
superm1not a app06:59
superm1it spans across a lot of apps06:59
lagai know06:59
lagabut depending on a valid debconf database is stupid for the reason i posted above.07:00
superm1ah yes.07:00
lagaespecially when you can just use vesa.07:00
superm1well the problem is that the failsafe driver does use vesa07:00
lagabut you're not the right person to complain about this07:00
superm1but it doesnt write out the right pci-id07:00
superm1i complained to bryce about this a week ago07:00
superm1because i thought it might be broke07:01
superm1and he said that the pci-ids are needed on some machine07:01
superm1i'd really like to know how ubuntu disks get around this though07:02
superm1it makes little to no sense07:02
lagablow away the pci id?07:03
superm1in debconf?07:03
superm1sounds like i need to download a gutsy disk07:03
lagai'll investigate07:03
superm1and look in its squashfs07:03
superm1okay have fun :)07:03
lagaif dexconf works if the pci id is gone in debconf07:03
lagaheh, i wont do all work :P gonna go out for a bit soon07:04
lagabefore it gets to dark07:04
superm1well it still writes out (in my case) more info that it shouldnt07:04
superm1that it found out07:04
superm1like in a local build07:04
superm1"ATI Radeon x850 Platinum"07:04
lagahow are we supposed to fix all this stuff now that the archives are frozen07:04
=== superm1 mutters
superm1workaround in our build script07:05
superm1or workaround in a local ubiquity (which it appears we'll still need anyway)07:05
lagatoo bad i couldnt fix the shutdown in mythfrontend :/07:05
superm1i really hope we can get m-l-g fixed too07:05
superm1for hauppauge remotes07:05
lagaalthough i might just use a ready-made lircrc for the GF07:06
lagai cant sudo because "timestamp too far in the future"07:09
lagai have to sudo reboot07:10
laga*resets the vm+07:10
laga1737 downloads for the i386 iso07:12
lagasince there's so little feedback i guess we have done a good job :)07:12
superm1well or people are too lazy to report their issues :)07:13
lagathey'll probably just whine in their blogs about it07:13
superm1stuff like this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56974707:13
lagahow "this bad baaaaaad pre-release software didn't give me a back rub"07:13
superm1i dont even feel like answering07:13
superm1okay i'm getting in a bad mood.  i better go work on homework.07:14
superm1cya later07:14
lagaor like morphenix yesterday07:14
lagaheh :)07:14
therethinkerWow... this is funny07:17
therethinkerI have a 500MB and 250MB drive in this system.07:17
therethinkerI hope that's a typo07:17
sebrockI cant find the setting for which tuner to have the highest priority`07:17
sebrockwhere is this?07:17
laga^ check this posting.07:18
sebrockis it even backend or frontend setting?07:19
lagasuperm1: good news. echo "reset xserver-xorg/config/device/bus_id" | debconf-communicate <- this brought X back to life after a reboot. i have the displayconfig screen now07:19
lagasuperm1: backend07:19
lagaerr, sebrock i mean. sorry07:19
sebrocklaga, you know exavlty where? I've been browsing the settings 5 times now lol07:20
lagano, sorry07:20
lagapriority is also determined by the order they're listed, but i think therE's a separate priority setting07:20
sebrockmine always starts on tuner 2, why I dont know07:21
=== Tari_ [i=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagasuperm1: while X is now started, i'll always get the displayconfig screen. blah07:24
=== Nixus_Maximus [n=simon@i59F7ECB1.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== Tari_ is now known as Tari
lagasuperm1: but we're getting there...07:25
lagateh suck.07:27
=== beavis [n=beavis@drms-590c9e48.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
sebrockmy god where is this setting07:35
lagamaybe it's only available in trunk07:38
Dr_willisHmm.. still cant get the vista box to see the darn upnp server07:39
superm1ugh why couldn't we have known about stuff like the problems in bug 150276 sooner.07:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 150276 in ivtv "UVFe: [Sync Request]  ivtv 1.0.2-2 from debian unstable" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15027607:39
lagaDr_willis: directhex knows more.07:40
sebrockthing is there is no reason for it to start on tuner 207:41
lagasuperm1: ouch.07:42
Dr_willislaga,  yea. been followign the various guides ive found checked all the settings..  not sure if its windows being dumb.. or mythtv setting thats wrong. I got a 2nd MythTV front end going at least.07:42
superm1okay i'm really leaving for a bit now.07:42
Dr_willisHmm.. lets test the GeeXbox upnp - see if that sees the MythTV stuff.. thats a good test. :)07:42
lagasuperm1: i have now reset the bus id and the driver in debconf and i still only get displayconfig over and over :/07:43
ubotuNew bug: #150276 in ivtv (multiverse) "UVFe: [Sync Request]  ivtv 1.0.2-2 from debian unstable" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15027607:46
Dr_willisaha - Unpn does work with GeeXbox.. so we can blame windows :)07:47
=== foxbuntu [n=nick@12-216-16-102.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
foxbuntusuperm1, ping08:06
=== tgm4883 smacks foxbuntu
tgm4883sorry, habit08:08
=== MitoTranin smacks both tgm4883 and foxbuntu just for fun
therethinkerHey everyone08:08
lagafoxbuntu: you wanted something from me08:08
tgm4883MitoTranin, did you get my earlier message?08:08
foxbuntulaga, yes08:09
=== MitoTranin realizes that he left out people, and smacks therethinker, laga and others too :)
MitoTranintgm4883: no, I just got in, let me scroll through my backlog and see if I still have it08:09
tgm4883it might be too far08:09
foxbuntulaga, I am working on a new feature for mcc...i need a little help figuring out the code structure08:09
tgm4883all i asked is where you were selecting your burner08:09
therethinkerOoh, what is it?08:09
lagafoxbuntu: shoot08:10
MitoTranintgm4883:  was it about the cd burner?08:10
MitoTraninah, yeah (sorry, typed while still scrolled up)08:10
tgm4883eh, whatever burner you were having trouble with last night08:10
foxbuntuI have the glade worked out, but now I need to know how do I grab the user's interaction to create my vars in the code and perform the actions08:10
foxbuntuI have 2 entry boxs I need to grab user input from08:11
MitoTraninin the frontend setup, under setup, then media, then music, there is an option there that lists your burners, and mine isn't there (which means that if I wanted MythTV to burn me a cd of music, it won't be able to do so...08:11
tgm4883k, sec08:11
foxbuntulaga, perhaps seeing what I have done already would help?08:12
MitoTraninbtw: I have a lot of ideas for the mcc that I'm going to put into the launchboard sooner or later08:12
foxbuntuMitoTranin, great...always open to new ideas08:12
MitoTraninI'd help the best I could if you want, but I'm not much of a programmer (much more a hardware person)08:13
lagafoxbuntu: easy one08:13
foxbuntulaga, great!08:13
foxbuntuI knew it was simple, just out of my reach08:13
lagafoxbuntu: you gave names to your input boxes in glade. use foo = self.name_of_the_input_box.get_text()08:13
tgm4883MitoTranin, it's not listed there under enable cd writing?08:13
lagato store the text in foo08:13
=== Nixus_Maximus [n=simon@i59F7ECB1.versanet.de] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
tgm4883what does it list?08:14
MitoTranintgm4883: nope08:14
foxbuntulaga, awesome, I was on the right track then08:14
MitoTraninbut I don't see why not...08:14
superm1foxbuntu, i'd really prefer if you can fix m-l-g over m-c-c's new feature08:14
foxbuntuso, do I add that in the changer.py then with the rest of my "doing" code so to speak?08:14
tgm4883MitoTranin, what does it list?08:14
MitoTranintgm4883: it doesn't list anything... it's empty08:14
superm1hauppauge remotes are generating horribly08:14
=== Tari_ [n=Tari@mke-66-97-114-21.milwpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
foxbuntusuperm1, m-l-g?08:15
foxbuntuwhat is wrong there?08:15
superm1look at the bug reports for it08:15
superm1against its source package08:15
superm1you'll see08:15
foxbuntusend me a link08:15
MitoTraninjust for kicks I put a cd in to make sure it was reading it properly etc, and it does (it opened up the CD in the music player)08:15
superm1i can't08:15
superm1i'm very busy right now08:15
superm1search on launchpad yourself08:15
foxbuntusuperm1, I actualy made quite good progress on m-c-c last night08:15
superm1i'm just saying m-l-g is much higher priority because of the freeze and all.08:16
tgm4883MitoTranin, is this on a standalone box?08:16
therethinkerDo you know how much power a Mythfrontend box needs?08:17
MitoTraninwell, for now... I plan on having additional frontends later08:17
therethinkerI'm trying to find it...08:17
MitoTranintherethinker: enough to decode the video08:17
lagafoxbuntu: no. you never query the UI in changer.py. you query the UI in find_case_for_change or whatever that function is called and then use to_reconfigure["bla"] ="something" to kick off changer.py, so to speak.08:17
hugolptherethinker:  dependes on the video quality you want to watch08:17
tgm4883therethinker, actual power or specs?08:17
lagafoxbuntu: look at tchanger.py, it's pretty self-explaining08:17
MitoTranintherethinker: which is very dependant on what type of video card it has (if it has hardware decoding etc) and what type of video your recordings are08:17
tgm4883MitoTranin, can you use the burner outside of mythtv?08:17
tgm4883therethinker, i refer you to what MitoTranin is saying08:18
MitoTranintgm4883: I've never tried in linux, but it works in windows perfectly fine08:18
tgm4883I think there is going to be a sticky about that sort of thing though08:18
=== Tari__ [i=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
foxbuntulaga, ok, do you have particular section in core.py to correlate in changer.py that I could use as a learning example?08:18
therethinkerfoxbuntu: what are you doing?08:19
lagafoxbuntu: the stuff i've been adding lately might be a good starting point. wait a sec.08:19
tgm4883MitoTranin, right, but we need to figure out if mythbuntu (ubuntu) is picking it up right08:19
tgm4883superm1, do windows always have to open on top?  For instance, if im installing MCC in the background it really sucks when im typing on here and the lirc generator pops up and takes focus08:20
foxbuntutherethinker, I am adding an interface to clean up old recordings since the one provided in MythTV...well is poor and rather annoying08:20
MitoTranintgm4883: I have no idea... I just booted it up (I had turned it off last night).  let me see what I can find08:20
therethinkerfoxbuntu: ah, that sounds good08:20
lagafoxbuntu: bzr diff -r77..7808:21
lagafoxbuntu: check that08:21
=== MythbuntuGuest02 [n=Mythbunt@75-135-151-14.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== therethinker2 [n=zach@c-76-24-122-94.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2Okay, working on Samba/nfs08:21
foxbuntulaga great08:21
foxbuntuI will jump to that08:21
MitoTranintgm4883: when I put a blank cd into the drive and open the file browser, it correctly sees it as a blank cd-r08:23
tgm4883it does sound like it's properly detected08:23
tgm4883is it a sata or ide drive?08:23
foxbuntuguys I need to poll you...what would the logical action in MythTV of the power button be? Esc?08:23
tgm4883primary or seconday channel?08:23
tgm4883foxbuntu, no08:24
foxbuntutgm4883, then what?08:24
tgm4883I think the power button should either restart X or just restart the frontend.  The stop button makes a good esc08:24
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: I would say that the default logical action to the power button would be the same as what is on a lot of projectors etc these days08:25
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: a window popup that says "are you sure you wish to power-down?  If so, press OK"08:25
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: and then when you hit ok, it cancels all actions and starts a system shutdown08:25
MitoTranintgm4883: secondary slave08:25
MitoTraninHDD is primary master08:26
tgm4883MitoTranin, foxbuntu, no a window that say do you want to shutdown, reboot, restart x, nothing08:26
MitoTraninprimary slave and secondary master are emtpy08:26
foxbuntuMitoTranin, the way buttons map is by application, and MythTV only has a certian subset of Keys08:26
tgm4883MitoTranin, whats secondary master?08:26
foxbuntuso when MythTV is running you have to enter commands from the remote related to Myth08:26
tgm4883foxbuntu, not exactly08:27
tgm4883you could have it restart x08:27
foxbuntutgm4883, hmm08:27
tgm4883I believe that superm1 does that08:27
MitoTranintgm4883, foxbuntu, I would think that the remote should power the system, not just mythtv08:27
foxbuntuI would have to build an X handler then for the configs08:27
tgm4883if you check his mceusb2 .lircrc file08:27
MitoTraninso the suggestion that tgm4883 had as a remix of mine sounds good08:28
foxbuntusuperm1, could you post or email your lircrc for compairision?08:28
tgm4883foxbuntu, it's on the feisty guide08:28
superm1foxbuntu, i dont have one.  its attached to the bug reports08:28
foxbuntutgm4883, ok08:28
foxbuntusuperm1, ok08:28
MitoTranintgm4883: did you see my message?  I don't have a secondary master, it's empty08:29
tgm4883MitoTranin, not saying that it is the problem, but it is A problem08:29
MitoTranintgm4883: I can try moving it to 2nd master... the only reason it's slave is because the last machine the drive was in, it was a slave, and I just didn't change it..08:30
therethinker2I just realized a big problem...08:30
MitoTraninI'll power it down and try that08:30
tgm4883MitoTranin, I'd change it08:30
therethinker2they'res no python-samba for Gutsy yet08:30
=== MythbuntuGuest02 [n=Mythbunt@75-135-151-14.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
=== MythbuntuGuest38 [n=Mythbunt@cpe-66-68-37-53.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2I could build from source... but we can't expect everyone to08:30
=== MythbuntuGuest14 [n=Mythbunt@75-135-151-14.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MitoTranintherethinker2: why's that a big problem?08:31
therethinker2Because, I'm supposed to be working on samba/nfs file sharing :P08:31
MitoTraninah! :)08:31
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MitoTraninwell then... one of the suggestions that I plan on putting into the launchpad is right up your alley!08:32
tgm4883foxbuntu, something like this http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/39905/08:32
therethinker2Yay :D08:32
=== therethinker2 awaits work
MitoTraninmind if I PM you with the details?08:32
foxbuntusuperm1, what is the .checkmythrunning.sh?08:34
MythbuntuGuest38which version of mythtv is built into mythbunto 7.10?08:34
tgm4883foxbuntu, I would guess it checks and restarts the backend08:34
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest38, .20.2 as of now08:34
MythbuntuGuest38nice, thanks08:35
tgm4883hopefully .21 soon  :)  But I wouldn't hold my breath08:35
MythbuntuGuest38what kind of crazy features is .21 supposed have?08:36
=== MythbuntuGuest38 wonders over to mythtv.org to look at the dev notes.
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest38, lots, check it out over there.  But we are waiting for them to release it08:36
superm1foxbuntu, that's a script i used years ago.  where did you find a reference to it?08:36
tgm4883afaik, there are weekly builds though08:37
foxbuntutgm4883, sent it from some post you did a long time ago08:37
tgm4883superm1, it's still in the feisty mceusb on the lirc page08:37
tgm4883but it is commented out08:37
superm1i see08:37
tgm4883i used it just as an example that I thought you could launch scripts from the remote08:38
foxbuntutgm4883, I get what you are getting at now, I wasn't thinking about that08:39
tgm4883foxbuntu, it's on my list of things to setup on my system :)08:40
foxbuntuI am building the handler for irexec now to add a power down option08:40
tgm4883although if superm1 still has a copy of that script.....08:40
tgm4883superm1, isn't mcc supposed to poll the system state (ie ubuntu-desktop being installed?)08:41
superm1power down option?08:41
superm1yes it does.08:41
tgm4883maybe i dont have ubuntu-desktop?08:41
tgm4883i don't08:41
therethinker2Use MCC and test the DE installer!08:41
lagafoxbuntu: you looking for a script to restart mfe if its running?08:42
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=== Dawson64 [n=dawson64@75-135-151-14.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
foxbuntulaga, I think that would be a logical function of the power button08:42
foxbuntuactually, it should ask the user first too08:43
tgm4883superm1, do you still have you checkisrunning script?08:43
tgm4883foxbuntu, once we can control mcc from the remote, you could make it launch a shutdown prog08:43
lagafoxbuntu: ask the user? how is the user gonna interact with that popup08:43
tgm4883foxbuntu, you could always write a plugin for that08:44
foxbuntuI hate to add an oops I bumped that button kind of button however08:44
=== MythbuntuGuest38 boggles at .21's vast fixes/enhancements
superm1foxbuntu, it was a horrible script that issued killall's and such08:44
lagafoxbuntu: so. your TV has a remote control as well :)08:44
superm1there are a lot of things that needed to be cleaned up with it08:44
foxbuntulaga, got me there08:45
lagawhats wrong with killalls. heh. i have such a script, too.08:45
superm1if you send a signal to myth instead08:45
tgm4883foxbuntu, the real question is why would you want to shutdown mythbuntu :)08:45
superm1its much nicer08:45
superm1and then you can have myth issue the shutdown08:45
superm1but there are other things that need to be accounted for then (eg sudo permissions)08:45
superm1and permissions to shutdown without a password08:45
superm1worries about if recordings are running08:45
tgm4883woohoo, it's starbucks time08:45
superm1i'd really prefer not to put in a script that isn't very well thought out08:45
lagakillall just sends a signal to mythfrontend?08:46
lagayou mean shutdown the box.08:46
superm1and there isn't enough time to address all these sorts of things08:46
=== MythbuntuGuest56 [n=Mythbunt@cpe-66-68-37-53.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1that's what my script did08:46
lagano, there's no time left.08:46
superm1hence why i said foxbuntu focus on fixing m-l-g08:46
superm1the hauppauge stuff needs fixing08:46
lagai was thinking of restartint eh Fe with the power button08:46
superm1new features are very low priority08:46
foxbuntusuperm1, this is all related to the hap remtoe08:46
superm1well just dont map the power button then for now with it will suffice08:47
superm1if they want it to shut off their box, they will have to come up with their own script to handle such things08:47
MythbuntuGuest56when the move to .21 comes around, what are the chances it will be a simple package upgrade as opposed to a fresh install? (never used mythbunto...)08:47
foxbuntusuperm1, ok...I will just yank that mapping then08:47
superm1MythbuntuGuest56, very likely08:48
MythbuntuGuest56bye-bye fedora08:48
=== MythbuntuGuest56 jots off to start the ISO download
therethinker2in python, if I have a string, say "1          2    3", and the space between the stuff could be anything, how can I split them apart to just [1,2,3] ?08:50
lagathe GF wants to watch when in put mythbuntu on her myth box. but i wannja do it _now_08:50
therethinker2Lucky, a GF who cares about that stuff :P08:50
superm1therethinker2, well if the stuff between can be any character, then no08:50
=== camelreef [n=nico@user-514fa49a.l2.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1if you know what characters it will be then yes08:50
camelreefhello everyone !08:51
therethinker2superm1: yes, it will always be spaces08:51
therethinker2hello camelreef08:51
camelreef!bug 13653308:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 136533 in mythtv "OSD fonts badly rendered when watching 16:9 TV" [Low,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13653308:51
camelreefthere is hope !08:51
superm1therethinker2, then its doable08:51
camelreefwoot !08:51
therethinker2superm1: yay! what function? I can look it up from there08:51
lagacamelreef: where is hope? did you talk to sphery?08:51
superm1therethinker2, i've done it before myself, i dont know where off hand08:52
camelreefchangeset ! http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/1452008:52
superm1i can look it up in a little bit if you dont come across it08:52
lagacamelreef: btw, that's interesting:08:52
therethinker2Give me 10 minutes08:52
camelreeflaga, changeset ! http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/1452008:52
laga19:55 < Chutt> sphery, that xinerama fix has absolutely no chance whatsoever to fix any osd font rendering problems.08:52
lagacamelreef: i saw it08:52
camelreefdams, my spirits were up08:53
lagacamelreef: well, chutt might be wrong.08:53
therethinker2found how to do it in C :P08:53
lagacamelreef: or rather not wrong, but he probably believes you can fix it by setting some config options. i havent bothered to ask him08:53
foxbuntusuperm1, how would I add a '\' to the code since thats an esc char?08:53
superm1beats me08:54
superm1i thought in lircrc's you can just type esc?08:54
foxbuntugoogle time08:54
camelreeflaga, he put some long stuff in a ML post too08:54
superm1rather than have to do anythign else08:54
camelreeflemme get the URL08:54
foxbuntusuperm1, well on the hap lirc...the back button is actually back\esc08:54
lagasuperm1: have you already done this week's weekly builds?08:54
superm1laga, not yet08:55
lagasuperm1: that's great. i wanna add a dpatch for camelreef's issue.08:55
lagasuperm1: http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/14520 ?08:55
camelreeflaga, http://mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2007-October/198203.html08:55
superm1laga, put it in 0.20-fixes's branch08:55
MitoTranintgm4883: you still around?08:55
foxbuntusuperm1, nevermind I figured out what I needed08:55
superm1i can re push mythtv since it hasn't cleared the archive admins yet08:55
superm1and then also push it on weekly's08:56
MitoTranintgm4883: changed the drive to 2nd master and it's still not showing anything in the cd-writing dropdown08:56
lagasuperm1: ok.08:56
lagacamelreef: will get fixed.08:56
camelreefguys, I got to go take care of the kids08:56
camelreeflaga, many thanks08:56
lagacamelreef: give it a few days08:56
camelreefno problem08:57
lagawho is mythtbugbot in launchpad?08:57
ubotulaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's Bounty and Bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/08:57
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therethinker2Haha, wow. Solved it08:58
MitoTraninbah, what's the link to the mythbuntu launchpad?08:58
therethinker2thats it08:58
lagaMitoTranin: http://launchpad.net/mythbuntu/09:00
MitoTraninlaga: thanks!09:05
foxbuntuwas 0.13 of m-l-g ever release? its still marked as unreleased09:05
tgm4883foxbuntu is unreleased09:06
MitoTraninsorry... what what is m-l-g ?09:06
superm1foxbuntu, yeah it was.09:06
superm1probably forgot to upload the very last debian/changelog change09:06
tgm4883i'm about to release version 1.0 of s-f-n09:06
foxbuntusuperm1, ok, I will mark as 0.14 for this one then right?09:06
=== tgm4883 smacks foxbuntu
superm1revision 17 has the fix for it09:07
tgm48831.0 released09:07
MitoTraninfor a feature request, should I make a tag of somesort in the bug summary?09:08
tgm4883MitoTranin, that would be a blueprint09:08
MitoTranintgm4883: the drive is still not detected as a cd burner... any other suggestions?09:08
tgm4883let me look into a few things09:08
tgm4883what kind of burner09:08
MitoTraninI believe it's an NEC09:09
MitoTraninI didn't even look when I had it out, go figure :009:09
MitoTranintgm4883: NEC DVD_RW ND-3520A09:10
MitoTranintgm4883: as reported by /proc/ide/ide1/hdc# cat model09:10
MitoTraninlaga: is there a blueprint for mythbuntu instead of the whole ubuntu?09:11
superm1foxbuntu, there is another bug somewhere about the hauppauge lircrc09:11
superm1let me see if i can find that oen09:12
superm1it must be classified wrong09:12
tgm4883MitoTranin, what do you mean?09:12
foxbuntusuperm1, oh, I didn't see that then09:12
MitoTranintgm4883: I was going to start putting down some feature requests that I've been thinking could be really useful and somewhat easy, and I was going to put it into the launchpad, but that's bugs only... so I asked if I should put a tag on the summary that classifies it as a feature request rather than bug, and laga said that a feature request would be a blueprint... but the only blueprint I can see is for ubuntu, not mythbunt09:13
tgm4883MitoTranin, http://blueprints.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/09:14
tgm4883have you looked here?09:14
MitoTraninnope, the link I had was https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/09:14
MitoTraninthanks :009:14
tgm4883well same thing09:15
MitoTranin:0 = :)09:15
tgm4883nm your right09:15
superm1foxbuntu, well i don't know where it was posted.  there have been several mentions on the forums at least09:15
tgm4883https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/ is the whole link09:15
superm1of things not working properly for people09:15
superm1foxbuntu, so if you can double check to make sure the config generated is very similar to the config on the feisty wiki page09:15
superm1for hauppauge remotes09:15
superm1that is probably the best that will suffice09:15
foxbuntusuperm1, ok09:16
superm1i'll keep hunting for the post that i found regarding it09:16
superm1someone had a good break down09:16
lagasuperm1: added debian/patches/29_xinerama_fix.dpatch09:16
lagaCommitted revision 25.09:16
superm1of what did and didn't work09:16
MitoTraninsuperm1: speaking of remotes, that could have been my problem with the 94% bug09:16
superm1laga, did you test build?09:16
superm1make sure it applies cleanly and stuff09:16
lagasuperm1: it applies cleanly. will test a build now.09:16
MitoTraninsuperm1: I fixed it when I did 3 things... I removed my usb tuner, I bumped the ram from 256 to 512, and I did not specify my remote as "other"09:16
foxbuntusuperm1, there is a snapstream remote listed09:16
superm1oh that's right MitoTranin09:17
superm1you were using other09:17
superm1that is very possible to have been the issue09:17
MitoTraninI later went in to change it to other after the install, and other is no longer an option09:17
superm1eh laga i forgot to push to bzr my fix for perl bindings09:17
superm1text conflict :)09:18
lagasuperm1: :P09:18
lagasuperm1: i need to commit another changeset, too. borked the changelog entry09:18
=== tgm4883 [n=tgm4883@c-76-115-157-227.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagasuperm1: the schedules direct patch is borked09:20
superm1laga, wha?09:20
superm1why'd that break?09:20
lagasuperm1: is this supposed to work against the 0.20.2 tarball?09:20
superm1yeah it does09:20
lagasorry then09:20
lagawill get the tarball09:20
superm1what were you using?09:21
laga-fixes checkout09:21
lagals | grep -v debian | xargs rm -rf *whistle*09:22
lagadebian/rules get-orig-source09:23
lagaget-orig-source ftw.09:23
lagaMitoTranin: keep rockin' ;)09:25
=== Binary_Crap50 [i=1010101a@gateway/tor/x-e9e62548bb6ae9cb] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== Tari__ [i=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2MitoTranin: Once I get this newtwork stuff underway, I'll start on that09:27
therethinker2Since it sounds mcc-related09:28
superm1foxbuntu, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3457752&postcount=3509:28
foxbuntusuperm1, that remote isnt in the hwdb09:30
superm1okay well that makes for things to be even more troublesome since we can't change the lirc source package anymore09:30
lagadont fix it then :)09:31
lagashould have reported it earlier.09:31
foxbuntusuperm1, also the branch is locked09:31
lagamaybe he can get a updated lirc package from our PPA09:31
foxbuntuand I can't seem to break it09:31
superm1try to break it like this09:31
superm1bzr break-lock sftp://user@bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-lirc-generator09:31
superm1who is it locked by?09:32
superm1laga, it was reported some time back against hte lirc package it looks now09:32
lagagod, i _hate_ conflicting .po files.09:32
foxbuntusuperm1, still no09:32
therethinker2laga: who doesnt?09:33
foxbuntustill giving me an error about the lock09:33
superm1laga, my test build seems to work fine09:33
superm1i didnt let it go all the way09:33
superm1but it applies cleanly09:33
lagasuperm1: building here too.09:33
superm1and based on the source it has shouldnt break anything09:33
lagasuperm1: whoops, did you fix debian/changelog? because i did the same ;)09:33
lagacan you fix it again? :)09:33
lagaafter bzr up09:34
superm1okay i need to get going for a bit again.  i'm going to push this now then (hopefully i can repush the same version number, otherwise this is a bit messy)09:34
superm1you broke it again?09:34
lagano, but i changed it i think09:34
laganot sure about the correct intendation09:34
superm1you did break it again.09:35
superm1okay i'll push it back up with the fix09:35
foxbuntusuperm1, I commited that fix for m-l-g09:35
lagafoxbuntu: woohoo.09:35
superm1foxbuntu, okay great09:35
superm1anything else in it that needs fixing09:35
superm1or just that09:35
foxbuntusuperm1, thats all I could see09:35
superm1foxbuntu, or better yet that is getting fixing09:35
foxbuntuI updated the bug report as well09:35
superm1i'll push this to the archive then09:36
foxbuntusuperm1, great09:36
foxbuntusuperm1, I think at some point the dictionary needs moved out of the core but thats pretty minor09:37
foxbuntusuperm1, laga gotta run for a bit, but will back online in like 2 hours or so09:38
lagalooks like my tv_grab_eu_epgdata grabber will be committed soon09:38
lagato xmltv. yay.09:38
lagaok, gonna go for a walk09:38
therethinker2If I get half of this network thing done, could someone work on the other half? I have no idea how I'm going to test the connection09:41
therethinker2like, 0, less than anything else :P09:41
=== troy_s [n=troy_s@d206-116-6-170.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== OpenMedia [n=steve@60-234-129-166.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2For ComboBoxes, how do I get the data?09:46
therethinker2Is it like self.combobox.item?09:46
therethinker2or just self.combobox09:47
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2superm1: ping10:01
lagatherethinker2: are you working on the backup-restore blue print?10:03
therethinker2I'm about to, yeah10:03
therethinker2I'm trying to start network mounting10:03
lagatherethinker2: note that the python configparser stuff has the ability to write a config file10:03
lagafor the mcc settings10:03
lagaits just not activate10:03
therethinker2"its just not activate"?10:03
lagaoriginally it was intended to ~move settings from one host to another, but you dont always want to replicate the same set of settings on another box. that's why it's deactivated.10:04
lagatherethinker2: "its just not activated"10:04
therethinker2So its there... we just have to turn it on?10:04
MitoTraninwhat language are you guys programing most/all of this stuff in?10:05
therethinker2MCC is python10:05
therethinker2(thats all I've touched)10:05
MitoTraninthat's similar to Delphi isn't it?10:05
therethinker2No clue\10:05
MitoTraninI've had a big of experience with Delphi, but not python...10:05
therethinker2Wait, the macromolecular electrostatics modeling software package!?10:07
therethinker2Lets see10:07
=== tgm4883 [n=tgm4883@c-76-115-157-227.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinker2No, I dont think they are10:08
therethinker2Python really isn't "like" much :P10:11
therethinker2Although Ruby is the closest10:11
therethinker2laga: how was the walk?10:12
lagathis pepper strawberry chocolate tastes interesting10:12
therethinker2Its not cold here...10:12
therethinker2I'm not going to ask10:12
lagawhat. you can buy that stuff10:15
therethinkerStrawberry pepper?10:17
therethinkerThat's an odd combo...10:17
=== Tari_ [i=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== sebrock [n=sebrock@h-91-126-96-52.wholesale.rp80.se] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== mindframe_ [n=mindfram@ip72-207-244-33.br.br.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinkerI'm going to take a break10:39
therethinkerbe back later10:39
=== foxbuntu [n=nick@71-34-161-72.desm.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
foxbuntusuperm1, any other things you find to fix in lirc while I was out?11:03
lagabah, paint thinner smells badly11:06
lagabut it's great for removing heat-condutive paste11:06
MitoTraninlaga: alcohol swabs are better11:07
MitoTraninbetter, cheaper, and not as fumey (if that's a word)11:08
MitoTraninthat, and you already have the cloth to wipe it with :)11:08
lagadidnt have them here :)11:08
foxbuntulaga, hey which revs did you say to look at before for my example?11:09
=== laga is scared of smelly chemicals
MitoTraninoh, but you happen to have paint thinner....11:09
lagaMitoTranin: yes, in my living room. ;)11:09
laga20:06 < laga> foxbuntu: bzr diff -r77..7811:09
=== MitoTranin wonders what kind of a weird person laga really is :)
foxbuntulaga, thanks11:09
MitoTraninok all, bbiab11:09
lagaMitoTranin: bah. :)11:10
foxbuntulaga, so to_recofigure is a class in changer right?11:13
foxbuntu^^ though its spelled wrong11:13
foxbuntulaga, oh I see, to_reconfigure just calls the applicator class from changer and runs the specified "item"11:15
lagai dont even know what a class is11:16
foxbuntulaga, oh11:18
lagai just hacked on it till it worked.11:19
lagaand my master backend is drawing an ungodly amount of power11:19
lagadoing nothing11:19
foxbuntulaga, well its ok, I really don't know much about coding either11:19
foxbuntulaga, perhaps time for a new PSU11:19
lagawell, PFC is a bit low, around 0.75, but it's probably that athlon XP in there which needs some serious underclocking.11:21
foxbuntulaga, ah11:22
foxbuntulaga, I think I am nearing a test for my code, but I have an issue...I am out at my parents place now...and no Mythbuntu box to be found11:23
=== Wy|laptop [n=wy@c-24-21-162-35.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagafoxbuntu: dont give me that look, i'm busy assembling the gf's box11:29
lagai wonder how long that paint thinner needs to dry11:29
lagafor fucks sake.11:29
therethinkerPaint thinner?11:29
lagatherethinker: thermal paste11:29
lagai had to insert a VGA card to underclock the CPU. looks like when i remoe the VGA card, the cpu clock settings are reset11:30
therethinkerThat's bizzare11:30
lagamaybe it's some kind of failure detection :/11:31
foxbuntulaga, CPU underclock is only stored in the BIOS unitl a change is made11:32
foxbuntuso when you pull the card the BIOS settings change and thus goodbye under clock11:33
foxbuntulaga, one thing you could do to limit the speed is select a slow bus speed for the proc in the BIOS if its an option11:34
therethinkerWhat's the codec for quicktime MOV's?11:36
foxbuntutherethinker, I am not sure11:40
foxbuntudo you have totem installed?11:41
=== sebrock [n=sebrock@h-91-126-96-52.wholesale.rp80.se] has left #ubuntu-mythtv ["Leaving"]
therethinkerjust got that11:41
therethinkerSorry :P11:41
=== therethinker slams door
=== foxbuntu turns up his iPod to further ignore therethinker
=== therethinker splices in Barbie fairy princess music into foxbuntu's earbuds
foxbuntusorry, My iPod is full already...no more music allowed11:44
lagafoxbuntu: bah. :/11:44
lagaathlon xp running at 500 MHz and 1.1V is gooood.11:45
foxbuntulaga, bah what?11:45
foxbuntuthats way underclocked...why so far?11:45
lagabecause i wanna save power :) transcoding/commflagging is *supposed* to take place on my core 2 duo, but thaT's not working for some reason11:45
therethinkerHmm... is it a good time to be helped?11:49
=== foxbuntu gonna be upset...batt power on the iPod is getting low
therethinkerI need help setting up my backend11:51
therethinkerI can only get 1 channel11:51
therethinkerand its in black and white...11:51
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: do you need a test box?11:51
foxbuntutherethinker, you only need one channe;11:51
foxbuntuMitoTranin, I will after a bit11:51
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: odd question... will it require sound?  :)11:52
foxbuntujust a DB with recordings in it11:52
=== beavis_ [n=beavis@drms-590c9e48.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinkerfoxbuntu: care to elaborate?11:52
MitoTraninah, well, I don't have that even... lol11:52
therethinkeron needing only 1 channel11:52
beavislaga:    Change automatic login from [Disabled]  to [Deaktiviert] . <-- ??11:52
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: I only have 2 tuners, one with a bad sound input, and 1 that I'm still trying to get to work.11:52
therethinkerI only get one channel, that's bad...11:53
MitoTraninfoxbuntu:  and my only recordings were in a database on my only system which happened to have a bad PSU kill the hard drive...  (thus my suggestion of the easy backup/restore as a blueprint)11:55
foxbuntuMitoTranin, i see11:55
lagabeavis: it'll be fixed in the next upload.11:55
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: so... I now have a fresh install with no recordings and no good way to make a recording until I get this tuner working in mythbuntu :)11:56
beavislaga, great, there's also a typo in the german translation, a missing blank11:56
lagabeavis: file a bug? :)11:56
beavisoops it's gone :-P11:57
therethinkerHmm.. and when it scans for channels, it gets 2-1311:57
therethinkerbut they're all the same thing11:57
beavislaga, I mean Passwortsollte inside the Hint for VNC11:58
foxbuntuMitoTranin, your no help then11:59
foxbuntuits alright, i will prob demo on my own box when I get home tonight11:59
therethinkerWhat's the difference between us-cable {,-hrc,-irc}11:59
lagatherethinker: are you using cable?12:00
lagaAFAIK, you dont have to scan if you're in north america. just use schedulesdirect?12:00
therethinkerI don't use a channel listing12:01
therethinkerOh wait12:01
foxbuntulaga, do you know how to execute a shell command from python?12:01
therethinkerYou know how you can set a "starting channel"12:01
therethinkerwell, whatever I put there, is the 1 channel I get12:01
therethinkerSo... it 1/2 works :p12:02
therethinkerBut its still b/w... not good\12:02
lagafoxbuntu: popen?12:04
lagatherethinker: why dont you use a channel listing?12:05
therethinker$$$ :P12:05
lagamythtv is next to useless without EPG listings12:06
lagabut that'sn your call i suppose12:06
=== laga goes to look for his screws
therethinkerWell. A) I get TV12:06
therethinkerB) I can record manually12:06
therethinkerOkay... well.. even if I don't -- why can't I change the channel, and why is it black/white?12:10
=== cann_ [n=cann@h88-206-148-3.vokby.se] has joined #Ubuntu-Mythtv
foxbuntutherethinker, do you have the channel binary / irblaster setup?12:15
foxbuntuor are you using the actual tuner?12:16
foxbuntuand do you have the channel command to match any of these setup?12:16
therethinkerI have just a tuner12:18
therethinkerOhh... I need the channel command12:18
therethinker*smacks self*12:18
therethinkerDo you happen to know it?12:19
MitoTranintherethinker: why not look at the lirc config and see what command is issued when the "channel up" button is pressed12:22
therethinkerWhat directory is that in :P12:23
therethinker*feels so silly :P*12:23
foxbuntusuperm1, you back yet?12:23
=== pdragon|out is now known as pdragon
therethinkerfound it12:24
MitoTraninah, ok12:25
therethinkerTHANK YOU :-)12:25
therethinkerI don't need an external channel changer12:25
therethinkerIts cable line > Tuner12:25
MitoTraninwell.. the channel change commands should at least be similar...12:26
MitoTraninit was the first thing I found...12:26
therethinkerI don't even have lirc installed... I'm not using the remote...12:26
MitoTraninuh... then it's the up arrow :)12:27
MitoTraninand down arrow12:27
=== therethinker waits for people to hit him
therethinkerYeah, but I don't have an /etc/lirc director12:27
therethinkeror a /home/mythtv/.lircrc file12:27
MitoTraninI don't get it... why do you need one, if you are looking to just change the channel manually?12:27
MitoTraninjust hit the up arrow on the keyboard... it will change the channel12:27
therethinkerExactly, that's the problem12:28
therethinkerI do, and it doesn't12:28
therethinkerit SAYS it changed channel, but it didn't12:28
lagatherethinker: i'd recommend you get at leas tht efree 7 day trial to get your channels set up12:28
lagathe schedules direct trial, that is.12:28
MitoTraninand install lirc... even though you aren't going to use a remote, it doesn't hurt the system12:29
foxbuntutherethinker, did you setup the channel change command in mythtv-setup?12:29
MitoTraninif you're simply trying to keep it bare due to it being an underpowered system (not sure if that's the case) check out this link:  http://hawley.homeip.net/recycled-machine-mythtv.html12:29
ubotuNew bug: #150367 in mythbuntu "Multiple network icons on reboot" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15036712:30
MitoTraninthe intro tells you how old it really is... but it also tells you how much of a system is really required to run MythTV....12:31
MitoTranin"Updated (12/8/2005):  The last weekend I decommissioned the old Celeron  in favor of a 550-MHz P3 I got as a hand-me-down from a co-worker.  Thank you, Chad.  The experience has made me come to realize that some of the stuff in this guide is desperately out of date.  I'm going to try to make some updates over the next couple weeks to bring this document up to speed."12:31
therethinkerfoxbuntu: That's what I'm trying to figure out12:31
therethinkerwhat is it suppos to be12:32
therethinkerMitoTranin: Its underpowered, but that's not why I'm trying to keep it bare12:32
therethinkerMitoTrainin: Wow :P12:33
foxbuntutherethinker, it depends on the type of setup you have12:33
foxbuntuare you using IRBlasters?12:33
foxbuntuSerial Cable?12:33
therethinkerfoxbuntu: its Cable line directly to the tuner card12:33
therethinkerno blaster12:33
foxbuntuor direct tuner12:33
therethinkernothing in between12:33
foxbuntuso you have the cable on the coax connection?12:34
=== DaveMorris [n=dave@host-212-158-244-26.bulldogdsl.com] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
foxbuntuthats one I am not sure how to setup, however, when superm1 gets back he can prob tell you, I think he has at least one tuner setup that way12:34
therethinkerOkay, thanks :-)12:35
therethinkerOnce this works, I'll do the trial12:35
therethinkerAny ideas why its black & white?12:35
therethinkerIs there a b/w filter I mgiht have turned on accidentally?12:36
lagawrong tv standarD?12:37
lagadoes it work outside mythtv?12:38
therethinkerForget -- checking the outside mythtv12:40
therethinkerYep, its B/w12:43
therethinkerAnd I've tried all the us-cable*12:44
MitoTraninhey all... any idea why I can't connect to my backend from anything external?12:47
MitoTraninmythweb tells me it's not running even12:47
foxbuntuMitoTranin, you need to enable the security access for Mysql12:47
MitoTraninthe remote frontends say that it can't connect12:47
MitoTraninbut the local frontend works fine12:48
foxbuntuby default its bound to localhost12:48
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: where is that option at?12:48
foxbuntu/etc/mysql/my.cnf i think12:48
MitoTranin(this should be a very obvious option in the MCC I would think...)12:48
foxbuntuMitoTranin, i think it is12:48
foxbuntulet me look for you12:48
MitoTraninI looked everywhere and couldn't find it12:48
troy_sfoxbuntu / superm1 :  mail.12:49
troy_serm rather12:49
troy_sfoxbuntu / superm1 :  "You have mail."12:49
foxbuntutroy_s, awesome;12:49
foxbuntugive me a min12:49
foxbuntuMitoTranin, MCC > System Services >MySQL Service > Enable12:50
MitoTraninit is enabled12:50
foxbuntutry disable it and reenable it12:50
MitoTraninI started to... but it wants to uninstall the mysql server when I do that....12:50
foxbuntuand are you connecting via a host name or ip?12:50
MitoTraninand uninstalling that will kill my database, won't it?12:50
foxbuntuit shouldn't...arg12:51
foxbuntuok well...let me just get you the change in the mysql server12:51
lagano, it shouldn't.12:51
MitoTraninlet me check again, but I'm pretty sure that's what it wanted to uninstall12:51
tgm4883frink_, any status update on the rsync setup12:52
foxbuntuMitoTranin, sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf12:53
MitoTranindisabling that option gives:12:53
foxbuntuthere is a line bind-address12:53
MitoTranin"Remove mysql-server service"12:53
MitoTraninoh, well there's a bug too...12:53
foxbuntuchange it to the actual ip of your backend from
MitoTraninI disabled the service, hit cancel, and the screen still showed it as disabled12:53
foxbuntuMitoTranin, did you catch all that?12:54
MitoTraninyep, changed it just now, and am shutting down the backend, restarting the mysql, and then starting the backend12:55
MitoTraninI knew I could change that.. I was looking for how to do it via the gui (since, well, that should easily be there... :) )12:55
foxbuntuMitoTranin, it should do it via that service option....but Idk why it wouldnt for you12:55
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: well, as I said, to disable it means it wants to uninstall it...12:56
foxbuntuMitoTranin, file a bug12:56
MitoTraninsince uninstalling it isn't possible if you're running the primary backend, that shouldn't even be an option...12:57
MitoTraninone thing that might have done it: I am pretty sure I set that option before I set my static IP12:57
MitoTraninthat's another thing... the installer should ask if you want a static IP12:57
MitoTraninbecause if you're doing the primary backend, you want it to be static... if you're doing a secondary backend or frontend, that's not a big deal though...12:58
foxbuntuMitoTranin, indeed12:58
MitoTraninodd, still not able to connect my mythweb12:58
foxbuntufile a bug so we can track it12:58
MitoTraninheh, I gotta go cook dinner..12:59
MitoTraninI'll send myself a pm to do so later :)12:59
foxbuntutroy_s, what about putting 2.png behind the crest?01:00
troy_sfoxbuntu: It would work easily.01:01
troy_sfoxbuntu: The gut says it would pull into monotony...01:01
troy_sfoxbuntu: On a more serious note, the crest will likely feature alone...01:01
=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@c-76-115-157-227.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
foxbuntutroy_s, yea01:02
foxbuntutroy_s, can you send me the full blown files for those so I can set them as wallpaper to compare them?01:03
foxbuntutroy_s, as our wallpaper goes now the logo is part of it as we run a bare Xfce seup01:04
lagagah, i need some thermal paste and it's 1am :/01:05
foxbuntulaga, too bad you don't have a 24-hr shop like I do01:05
lagai'd just need to know where i put that crap01:05
lagasome is at the GF's. hum01:06
troy_sfoxbuntu: I can whatever you need.  I wouldn't suggest any sort of testing until you get some things palettized though - it will clash heavy.01:07
foxbuntutroy_s, indeed...I am not gonna do anything other than on my own personal machine01:08
foxbuntutroy_s, so what I would like to have is a crest image only and one with each of those wallpapers ehind the crest01:10
foxbuntuso I can do some playing and see what I like the best01:10
foxbuntuand perhaps just the wallpapers as well01:10
foxbuntutroy_s, PM with anything, I gtg for now...be back later01:13

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