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Netham45what software does edubuntu come with?04:08
LaserJockwell, lots04:16
LaserJockthere's the usual Ubuntu software04:17
LaserJockplus LTSP server software04:17
LaserJockand on the Addon CD there's quite a bit of educational software04:17
LaserJockNetham45: does that help?04:19
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tsurcogra: bit ruff and ready but its a start https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuProxy11:15
=== ogra1 is now known as ogra
ogratsurc, great, thanks :)11:16
tsurchopefully we'll have a few more of these installs to do. Part of your schools specialism in maths and computing is to kit some of our feeder primary schools out with thin client networks like ours.11:19
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pips1ogra: you up?01:04
pips1I'm having trouble burning the amd64 server iso ... although the file size is 690 it doesn't seem to fit on a regular 700 cd :-/01:05
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=== groov1 is now known as groovedreamer
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ograpips1, thats weird01:46
ograits working with i386 here01:47
ograwhich is 695M01:47
=== redguy_work [n=matik@bramka-zew.dfqs.pl] has joined #edubuntu
pips1yes, quite wierd :-(01:48
pips1arg, another prob is that I can't get rsync to work01:50
pips1 rsync -av --progress rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily/current/gutsy-server-amd64.iso .01:50
pips1@ERROR: Unknown module 'edubuntu'01:50
pips1rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1171)01:50
pips1I don't get it. Why is it complaining about the "module" edubuntu? It seems to think that the /edubuntu path should be the file to sync??01:52
groovedreamerhave a question01:54
groovedreamerhow does wine work?01:54
groovedreamercan i run dos programs on ubuntu?01:54
groovedreameri have no idea how wine works01:55
groovedreameris it possible to run exe files ?01:55
Kamping_Kaiserwine is "an emulator" (its not, but thats the easy description)01:56
Kamping_Kaiseryes, it will run exes01:56
Kamping_Kaiserand i suspect it runs some dos stuff01:56
ograpips1, rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/edubuntu/daily/current/gutsy-server-amd64.iso01:56
Kamping_Kaiserdosbox is probably better suited for dos stuff though01:57
pips1ogra: thanks!02:03
pips1that works02:03
Kamping_Kaisereek. gutsy installers not working :| (its not an edubuntu cd, i just happen to be here)02:04
groovedreamerKamping_Kaiser: i have installed wine how can I run exe file now02:15
Kamping_Kaiserdont know. tried double clicking?02:15
=== Kamping_Kaiser doesnt use wine,
Kamping_Kaisertheres nothing i need from windowsland02:15
groovedreamerok i understand02:16
groovedreamertried clicking doesnt work02:16
groovedreamermaybe dos emulator??02:17
groovedreameri ll try02:17
groovedreamermaybe you know any advanture game going on edubuntu?02:17
Kamping_Kaisertried reading the wine doco?02:17
groovedreamernot yet02:18
groovedreamerwhere can i find it.02:18
Kamping_Kaiseradventure game?02:19
groovedreameri would like to play some old good games02:19
groovedreamerbut i dont want to install windoza just for that02:20
groovedreamerthese are really small ones02:20
=== Kamping_Kaiser shrugs
Kamping_Kaiserthe main ubuntu channel may be more use02:21
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sbalneavMorning all03:39
=== pitux [n=pitux@] has joined #edubuntu
pips1hi sbalneav03:48
tsurcwell that went well.... not!03:48
sbalneavtsurc: Context?03:48
tsurcran an update over lunch time on my gutsy server..... took my network cards out!03:49
Kamping_Kaisersorry :|03:49
tsurcstill it is an odd intel server board03:49
tsurcnow..... wheres that beta cd? *goes hunting under desk somewhere*03:50
=== jsgotangco [n=JSG@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
=== ogra screams
ograthe first install in two days that went half way through ....03:52
=== ogra glares at the "no space left on device" message
=== ogra goes crying and tries to find some coffee
tsurccoffee wont make it better. Cheese on toast will :)03:54
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tsurcfound it! lets see exactly how long it'll take me to install edubuntu gutsy + squid + dansguardian + transparently proxying on the same box. 3pm now I'll report back soon04:02
=== Castigador [n=Alfredo@88.Red-80-38-9.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
Kamping_Kaisertsurc, good luck04:03
Kamping_Kaisergnight all :)04:03
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tsurc40mins in and its started to build the thin client chroot.04:42
pips1ogra, I don't know what is wrong with my box, but I can't write any iso's to cd . sigh :-((04:44
pips1sorry I'm not much help with testing04:44
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tsurctypical, half way through an install and.........04:55
tsurcanswers on a post card please ;)04:56
=== boyam [n=boyam@] has joined #edubuntu
tsurcin the absence of any whitty comebacks. The power failed. :( maybe I'll try again tomorrow05:03
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LaserJockogra: I did a fresh install of Edubuntu last night on my laptop05:56
ograwent well ?05:56
LaserJockinstall went well05:56
ograi just finished a server install here05:56
LaserJockpost install behavior was not so great05:56
ograoh ?05:57
ograwhat was wrong ?05:57
LaserJockwell, there's the "panel doesn't show up until you click" bug, but that's known I think05:57
ogranvidia bug, yeah05:57
LaserJockI don't have nvidia05:58
LaserJockthat's a trivial thing though that'll get fixed05:58
LaserJockbut a show-stopper is that scrollkeeper-update doesn't want me to install packages :(05:58
ograhmm there was just a discussion in the meeting about it and people seemed to agree its nvidia related05:59
ograLaserJock, ouch05:59
ogratell that to seb128 immediately if thats not filed yet05:59
LaserJockif anything calls scrollkeeper-update in postinst (which is a lot of packages, btw) then it pegs my CPU and just sits there05:59
LaserJockmy machine is virtually unusable until I killall scrollkeeper-update05:59
LaserJockand I have to do that for every package that calls it :(06:00
LaserJockoverall my RC experience is not as good as Beta or dist-upgrade from Feisty, which is no fun06:00
LaserJockbut the install itself was great06:00
LaserJockand nothing Edubuntu-specific went wrong that I see06:01
=== moquist [n=irk@pool-70-20-58-126.man.east.verizon.net] has joined #edubuntu
ograthats good :)06:01
ograi had the worst test days ever ...06:01
ograeveryx install i made since tuesday made another piece of HW die06:01
ograwell, i had at least one that just finished06:10
ograand one -desktop install in vbox06:10
LaserJockmine installed great06:10
LaserJockand then I poped in the addon cd06:10
LaserJockand installed some more stuff06:10
LaserJockso is RC as big for testing by users as Beta is?06:11
LaserJockin some ways it seems like RC is a bit too late06:12
ograwell, we should have scheduled one milestone less06:12
LaserJockI was thinking we could have a "Test RC" note on edubuntu.org06:12
ograso beta and RC could have moved one week06:12
LaserJockI even had a chance to use gnash last night06:14
ogradid it work ?06:14
LaserJockof course my wife came home right when I was done with the install06:15
LaserJockso I didn't have time to install the usual goodies06:15
LaserJockand she wanted to go see Jay Leno's website06:15
LaserJockwhich has a lot of flash06:15
LaserJockit was slow, but it worked06:15
ograbad guy06:15
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joebob777as7_mouse on thin client isn't working what should i check? i tried ps/2 and usb08:30
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sladenwho here has an an _installed_ system08:59
sladenand an off-centre usplash progress bar?08:59
sladenI would like you to test a fix09:00
joebob777as7_that'd be me sladen09:03
sladenjoebob777as7_: bingo, can you try  http://www.paul.sladen.org/ubuntu/upload/edubuntu-artwork-usplash_0.1.0-52sladen1_i386.deb09:04
sladenand follow up to bug  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/edubuntu-artwork/+bug/13531909:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 135319 in edubuntu-artwork "Usplash progress bar not centered on the monitor" [Undecided,In progress] 09:04
joebob777as7_sladen, i have 64 bit clients...09:05
=== JordanC [n=MasterPl@host86-130-141-98.range86-130.btcentralplus.com] has joined #edubuntu
joebob777as7_let me go grab an i386 client09:06
sladenjoebob777as7_: http://www.paul.sladen.org/ubuntu/upload/edubuntu-artwork-usplash_0.1.0-52sladen1.debdiff  is here if you're able to apt-get the source09:06
joebob777as7_so i need to chroot into my i386 and dpkg -i that deb?09:08
LaserJockif it's the clients that are messed up09:09
joebob777as7_fixed the mouse issue btw09:09
sladenjoebob777as7_: I have no idea how it'll interact;  I probably wouldn't bother09:14
sladenis there somebody here with an installed i386 system who see the off-centre progress bar09:14
LaserJockmine's fine09:14
sladenLaserJock: okay, you're running at  !=  640x48009:15
LaserJockrunning what?09:15
joebob777as7_sladen, looks the same to me09:16
sladenjoebob777as7_: if you have a chance;cd somewhere  apt-get source edubuntu-artwork ; sudo apt-get build-dep edubuntu-artwork ; wget http://www.paul.sladen.org/ubuntu/upload/edubuntu-artwork-usplash_0.1.0-52sladen1.debdiff ; cd  edubuntu-artwork-0.1.0 ; patch -p1 < ../edubuntu-artwork-usplash_0.1.0-52sladen1.debdiff ; debuild -uc -us ; sudo dpkg -i ../edubuntu-*sladen1*deb ; sudo reboot09:17
sladenjoebob777as7_: if you've tried to install that in an i386 chroot on an amd64 box, it won't make any difference09:17
joebob777as7_sladen, i installed in i386 chroot and booted my x60 tablet still off center09:17
sladenanything in a chroot.  will make no difference09:18
LaserJocksladen: we do LTSP09:18
joebob777as7_oh forgot to rebuild image hold on09:18
LaserJockjoebob777as7_: are you working on the client?09:19
joebob777as7_did it all on the server now rebuilding image09:19
LaserJockright, but what is off-center09:19
LaserJockthe splash on the server or the client?09:19
joebob777as7_still off center...09:20
joebob777as7_no luck sladen ...09:20
sladenjoebob777as7_: can you get me a screenshot/digital camera shot?09:21
=== sladen /win 353
LaserJocksladen: do you seriously have that many open?09:23
sladenthe best way to debug this further might be to alter the .png and check we really are getting a new usplash09:28
joebob777as7_i installed the deb now how do i uninstall to get back to how it was?09:29
sladensudo apt-get install edubuntu-artwork=0.1.0-52 edubuntu-artwork-usplash=0.1.0-5209:30
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #edubuntu
joebob777as7_both are sent sladen09:35
joebob777as7_anyone know why i keep getting "no whitelisted driver found" when i try to enable compiz?09:38
sbalneavjoebob777as7_: When you were testing, did you do an ltsp-update-kernels?09:39
joebob777as7_so i get to try it again... lol09:40
joebob777as7_so i don't need to do an update image i need to do update kernels instead09:40
joebob777as7_sladen, trying again09:40
sladenjoebob777as7_: the initramfs needs to be updated09:42
joebob777as7_sladen, works09:42
sladenjoebob777as7_: in my humble opinion I don't think the new one was installed in the second shot09:42
sladenwoo! :)09:42
sladenthank you!09:42
joebob777as7_no problem09:42
sladenjoebob777as7_: could you email another photo, so I can attach it to the bug report and feel happy :)09:43
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cberloHi folks.  Anyone come across any issues with thin clients "falling asleep" or going into a power save mode after a while of non-use and not able to "wake" them?10:21
cberloThis is with feisty.10:21
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bdmurrayI've been testing the edubuntu daily builds and have a question about the gdm login screen.11:48
=== racter [n=jake@c-24-1-181-152.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
ractercan i change the welcome/login screen for the thin clients?11:50
racterah i found it in the faq :)12:16
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