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Burgundaviaugh, I get to talk about Compiz06:12
Burgundaviagiven I haven't even run it06:12
Madpilotyou could copy-and-paste my blogrant :)06:13
Burgundavianah, I need to market this shit06:13
Madpilotprobably not the sort of publicity being looked for06:13
Burgundaviathink I will talk about fast user switching instead06:14
Madpilotdidn't the last "new shiny" article promise Compiz as the next episode?06:14
Burgundaviasort of06:14
BurgundaviaI didn't promise order06:14
Madpilotfair 'nuf06:14
mdkeBurgundavia: "take a peak"? :p08:25
mdkethe X article. I've changed it now08:26
Burgundaviaoh, oops08:29
Burgundaviathat is why I have other people proof my stuff08:29
mdkebleh, things will slip through occasionally08:31
mdkeit happens08:31
Burgundaviacrap ubuntu.com is down08:34
mdkeworks for me08:35
BurgundaviaI get redirected to /access08:35
mdkeall seems normal here08:36
mdkeyou might want to give them details of the problem in #canonical-sysadmin08:39
mdkeBurgundavia: possibly related to different locations; my netvibes page (presumably based in north america) isn't getting the rss feed from the website08:52
mdkeyet accessing it directly from here works fine08:53
Burgundaviamdke: do you have brilliant ideas about the whole "what is FUSA" section?09:02
mdkeI'll have a think09:05
Burgundaviathanks, my brain is failing me09:05
mdkebasically the point is to avoid logging out and logging in again, right?09:05
mdkei'll have a go09:06
mdkeok, see what you think09:09
Burgundaviathat looks good09:10
Burgundaviamdke: it looks like that issue might be more than just ubuntu.com09:10
BurgundaviaI cannot access openstreetmap.org09:10
mdkethat's broken for me too09:11
Burgundaviaoh, interesting09:12
mdkeI suspect their site is just broken09:14
Burgundaviamight be09:15
Burgundaviashall we go live with that story?09:17
mdkei wonder if the last instance of "login screen" should be changed to "desktop" or "screensaver" or whatever. The whole point is to avoid the login screen again so it sounds a bit weird09:19
Burgundavialet me play with the last para and add a short bit09:19
mdkesomething like "you're back to your desktop. All you have to do is enter your password to unlock the screen and you're immediately ready to work"09:20
Burgundaviaok, changed09:21
Burgundaviayou can go live, once you have a final look09:21
Burgundaviaremember to blank the date09:21
mdkegood job09:23
Burgundaviano worries09:24
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Burgundaviahey penguincentral10:16
penguincentralhow are you Burgundavia?10:16
Burgundavianot bad10:16
Burgundaviaabout to head to ed10:16
penguincentralBurgundavia: nice10:17
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LaserJock"there will be sessions for Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, and the newest member of the Ubuntu family, Gobuntu"06:38
LaserJock^^ no Edubuntu?06:39
LaserJockthere's also some word wrapping issues it seems06:39
LaserJockmdke: ^^06:40
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popeyi see no word wrap issues06:52
popeyoh, get... along?06:52
LaserJockthe last 3 paragraphs before the "Sessions" part have wordwrap problems here06:53
LaserJockget along is one06:53
LaserJockthen ... see in the next paragraph06:53
LaserJockand anything ... else in the one before it06:54
popey:( sorry, i missed it06:54
LaserJockword-wrap's just a pain06:55
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