sorenThe livecd should have lvm and also be able to mount any partitions using it.12:29
sorenIt will not, however, be able to access the encrypted lvm partitions without you entering the appropriate password.12:30
sorensommer: You are prompted for a password when you boot, right?12:32
=== leonel [n=leonel@] has joined #ubuntu-server
mathiazsoren: do you have access to a non-ubuntu linux machine ?12:42
sorenmathiaz: On actual hardware?12:43
mathiazsoren: I'm trying to confirm bug 15127312:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 151273 in php5 "Interactive mode doesn't work" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15127312:43
mathiazsoren: no.12:43
sorenAh. it's probably because we don't build against libreadline, because Richard Stallman says we can't.12:44
sorenJust a guess, though.12:44
mathiazsoren: could you check if php -a works as described in the bug on a non-ubuntu system ?12:44
sorenmathiaz: The non-ubuntu system I have is Debian :)12:45
sorenmathiaz: It's unlikely to be any different at all.12:45
mathiazsoren: yeah... That doesn't help then.12:45
mathiazsoren: thanks.. I'll try to find a redhat box then.12:45
ajmitchshame, I only have ubuntu or debian boxes as well :)12:46
sorenmathiaz: It works as expected, though.12:49
sorenphp5 -a12:49
soren<? echo 'it works!'; ?>12:49
sorenit works!12:49
sorenIt just doesn't show the prompt, which is to be expected as we don't build against libreadline.12:50
mathiazhum... shouldn't it be:12:50
mathiazphp5 -a12:50
mathiazecho 'it works';12:50
sorenNo, apparantly not.12:50
mathiazsoren: ah ok, then.12:51
ajmitchno, php is extra special like that12:51
sorenthe point is that you're supposed to be able to execute complete snippets of php code and in order to do that it has to have the same semantics w.r.t. context and such.12:51
ajmitchbeing a glorified template language12:51
sorenmathiaz: the interactive mode is ridiculously poorly documented.12:52
mathiazsoren: ok. Thanks. I'll mark the bug as invalid then.12:52
ajmitchprobably because noone uses it?12:52
sorenmathiaz: The docs just explain that it exists.12:52
sorenajmitch: Yeah.12:52
ajmitchcompared to python, which had a semi-decent interactive mode from the start12:52
ajmitchdifferent origins12:52
mathiazsoren: yes. There is a small paragraph in the man page.12:53
sorenmathiaz: Yeah. "do this if you want interactive mode" :)12:53
sorenmathiaz: You could turn it into a documentation bug, really.12:54
mathiazsoren: what would you add to documentation ?12:54
sorenmathiaz: The problem is divergence between expectation and actual results. I we can change people's expectations, there's no bug.12:54
sorenmathiaz: "Due to incompatibily between PHP's license and the license of libreadline, Ubuntu's php does not have readline support. As such, you will not see a prompt."12:55
soren"(Tip: To execute php code, don't forget to enclose it in <? ?> at you normally would)"12:56
sorenOr something to that effect.12:56
mathiazsoren: I see your point.12:56
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nijabaarrghhhh: cryptsetup is still missing in the latest server build...01:47
mathiaznijaba: are you using the latest version of the iso ?01:49
nijabahmmm let me double check01:49
mathiaznijaba: could you double-check with the md5sums ?01:49
mathiaznijaba: cryptsetup is on the isos according to the .list file01:50
nijabamathiaz: ok let me re-download....  i386 is fine, but not amd64.  Something must have gone wrong in rsync01:53
mathiaznijaba: rsyncing a second time may be faster then redownloading the image...01:55
mathiaznijaba: and just check with md5sum that you get what you're supposed to01:55
nijabamathiaz: 10m instead of 2....  at this point, I can wait01:55
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=== nijaba -> to bed
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kgoetzanyone know apache+ldap? i authenticate successfully but cant get authorisation to view the page http://apache.pastebin.ca/73257605:56
ScottKkgoetz: You'll probably have more luck in 4 - 8 hours from now.05:58
kgoetzScottK: thats when i finish work -> when i go to sleep. i'll keep hacking, see if i win :)05:59
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mikubuntuquestion: i just was given an older amd duron computer, and i think i want to use it to install the server edition... is this what is referred to as 64bit architecture?  do i need to use that flavor, or how do i determine?07:08
kgoetzmikubuntu: iirc the duron is 32 bit07:09
mikubuntukgoetz: what does iirc mean?07:10
kgoetzmikubuntu: if i remember correctly07:10
=== mindframe- [n=mindfram@] has joined #ubuntu-server
mikubuntuok, so i don't need to use that particular download of the server?  just the regular one?07:11
kgoetzyou probably want the 32 bit server install cd07:11
mikubuntukgoetz: is there some way for me to determine PRECISELY which?07:12
kgoetzmikubuntu: how precisely? i dont really understand what you mean07:13
mikubuntui just want to get lamp server up on a machine to later transfer the finished website to a commercial server.07:14
kgoetzget the 32bit server install cd07:14
mikubuntuwell, you said i 'probably' needed the 32bit, why i followed up the question... ok, thanks07:14
mikubuntugoing to the downloads page ... brb07:15
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-server
mikubuntukgoetz:  ummmmm, download page doesn't mention 32bit, says: Ubuntu Server Edition supports x86, AMD64 and UltraSPARC T1 architectures.07:17
kgoetzmikubuntu: x86 (aka IA32) =32 bit, AMD64=64 bit07:19
mikubuntuaaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAaaaa.... i know that (now i do) :) thanks07:21
kgoetzhehe. np :)07:21
mikubuntui go download now07:21
mikubuntuummmmm,  one more question... do you recommend the LTS or the feisty server?07:22
kgoetzLTS on a production server, for 'just playing around' fesity is fine07:23
kgoetzwhichever matches the commercial server best :)07:23
kgoetzbecuae you want to devel on something as close as posable to what your finishing on07:24
ScottKDepends on if you need features in Feisty not in LTS.  Feisty server is plenty stable for me.07:24
mikubuntuummmmm, so in my case, eeny meeny miny mo, cause i have no clue which will match the commercial server best ... the ecommerce i want to use is magento, which is new, and open source; and the presentation of its features attracts me.07:26
mikubuntuand then, if i'm not gnna go LTS, maybe i should wait a week for gutsy server?07:27
mikubuntugod, i hate decisions07:27
kgoetzor go gutsy server now07:28
kgoetzit wont stableise a whole lot ina  week :)07:28
ScottKmikubuntu: If you are just getting set up, get the Gutsy RC CDs that'll probably be released today and use those.  They should be VERY close to the final (and you'll be able to update to the final without reinstall).07:28
ScottKThat or upgrades from Feisty are pretty painless for servers.  I did it already (just before beta) on my test server (mail server).07:29
=== ScottK needs to get to be though, so good night and good luck.
=== Knightlust [n=dax@] has joined #ubuntu-server
ScottKbe/bed.  really needs to ...07:30
kgoetzlol. later mate07:30
mikubuntuthanks scott, nite07:32
mikubuntuok, so i guess he means 'release candidate' gutsy or something, i'll go check it out ... thanks kgoetz07:33
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jamisnemoI'm not sure on how many people here can help me with Snort but I'll ask anyways...08:28
jamisnemoShould the default install of snort using "apt-get install snort" put an alert in /var/log/alert if I nmap it?08:29
BurgundaviaI would try installing it08:36
jamisnemoI did but I don't know if it's working correctly08:38
jamisnemoi'll reinstall...08:38
jamisnemoit's catching outbound portscans (nmaping from the machine snort is running on) but not inbound08:40
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piercleoHello, I am having a problem with SSH and it's really starting to anoy me (i've been on it for ages). Is it here that i can get help ?02:36
Kamping_Kaiseryou can ask02:36
Kamping_Kaisersomeone may or may not be able to help02:36
piercleoI posted my problem on the forum: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3514101#post3514101 (i tried to pu as much info as possible)02:37
piercleoto sum up the problem I can connect through ssh on local lan but not outside of lan02:37
Kamping_Kaisergateway problem?02:38
piercleoha, one precision I should give, even though I take the time to read a lot on the forum and on the documentation site, I still am a newbie to linux and CPU's in general02:39
piercleo+ i'm french02:39
piercleoso gateway ?02:39
=== Kamping_Kaiser reads your forum post
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, btw. "computer" rather then "cpu" will probably stop some giggles :)02:40
piercleoOK i thought that's what people said in english :-)02:42
Kamping_Kaiserbtw all - when did ubuntu drop 'localhost.localdomain' from /etc/hosts, and would there be somewhere i can look for a rational?02:43
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, in answer to your two asides on the page (question A+B): i dont know an ssh troubleshooting guide02:45
piercleook ty02:45
Kamping_Kaiserand regarding B: when you move off the default port of 22 99.9999999(etc) % of the automatic ssh spambots stop hitting your server02:45
Kamping_Kaiserbecause they only check 22, and dont scan the hosts for ssh being moved02:46
piercleoha, so it's a good thing to change then02:46
Kamping_Kaiserpretty much :)02:46
Kamping_Kaiserpoints 5+6 seem contrary - amusing. can you tell me about your network? give a little diagram to show how its layed out. eg:02:47
Kamping_Kaiser[internet]  - [modem]  - [gateway]  - [server] 02:47
Kamping_Kaiser^^ thats part of my network btw ;)02:47
piercleo[desktop computer]  - [devolo CPL]  - [netgear router]  - [internet]  - [netgear router]  - [laptop computer] 02:48
piercleoand i didn't understand your last sentence02:49
piercleoi think you call it dLan (it goes through the electricity and gives me Wifi)02:50
Kamping_Kaiserwhat is 'devolo CPL'?02:50
piercleo(I meant  ^^ thats part of my network btw ;) when I said I didn't understand :-)02:50
piercleohere this is the devolo I have: http://www.devolo.com/co_EN_cs/produkte/dlan/dlanwirelessextsk.html02:51
Kamping_Kaiseroh, that diagram is a section of my network at home (eg it doesnt contain my desktop+laptop)02:51
piercleoah, ok02:51
piercleolol, i'm so lousy02:52
=== Drazha is now known as Drazha[away]
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, btw, do you know about #ubuntu-fr?02:52
piercleoyes but they haven't been of much help, and when I post on the english forum I always get a more precise help02:53
piercleowhy, is my english too bad ? :-)02:53
Kamping_Kaiserlol, no. just thought you might not know about it :)02:54
Kamping_Kaisermy french is non existant ;)02:54
piercleoHey Kamping, would the following be of any help: sshd_config ; ssh_config ; log of the router for this morning ?02:59
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, maybe. i'm not sure whats going to be in it ;). by the look of your network though, you might have to open the ocrrect port on the netgear and the CPL03:00
Kamping_Kaisernot sure though :)03:01
piercleoi opened the port on the netgear and there is no configuration settings of the cpl + doesn't the fact that I can connect in local show tht the port is OK ?03:02
Kamping_Kaiseryou can connect local? i missed that :|03:03
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, can you try and ssh in from the outside with -vv next time (very verbose)03:03
Kamping_Kaiserand that will prboably help work out the problem03:04
Kamping_Kaiserhm. your not identified, or you could PM me your address, andi could try and ssh to it03:04
piercleoi can do it right now i'm at work. I was using the following command: ssh -X -C -c blowfish piercleo@dyndnsserver So i should try: ssh -X -C -c -vv  blowfish piercleo@dyndnsserver Is that correct ?03:06
Kamping_Kaiserwhy -c blowfish?03:06
piercleodunno, someone told me so when i asked the question in a forum03:07
Kamping_Kaiserno, you should try -XCvv piercleo@dyndnsserver03:07
piercleodo you need me to send you my dyndnsserver ?03:07
Kamping_Kaiserno, not if you can ssh in from work :)03:07
piercleoi get a lot of information, shall i post it here ?03:10
Kamping_Kaisermake sure none of its private (IP address/password/etc) then pastebin it03:11
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:11
piercleoty guys03:11
sorensomething's forwarding your connections to a webserver.03:16
piercleohow can i identify where it comes from ?03:17
piercleoubotu: reading the channels FAQ as we speak :-)03:17
Kamping_Kaiserahahaha. classic03:17
piercleoyeah, just read the message03:18
piercleoonly a bot03:18
piercleohe i'm learning03:18
mralphabetpiercleo: which way are you trying to connect?  to your laptop or to your desktop?03:19
sorenThe problem is probably in your netgear router. It's forwarding your port 22 to a webserver somewhere rather than to your ssh server?03:19
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, sure the CPL thing has no configuration? :)03:20
piercleoNo, on the port configuration I put in the ip of the desktop computer03:20
piercleoi can try to disconnect the cpl when i get home and try without it, if it works, than it's the cpl that is posng a problem03:21
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, does you rdesktop have a webserver running?03:21
piercleohow do i check this?03:21
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, try to run `telnet dyndnsserver 22`03:22
piercleoKamping_Kaiser: i don't think so, unless i did something wrong03:22
=== raydogg [n=truz_`24@74-129-166-232.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, ok. hit up telnet :)03:22
=== raydogg [n=truz_`24@74-129-166-232.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
Kamping_Kaiseryou'll get this:03:23
Kamping_KaiserEscape character is '^] '.03:23
Kamping_Kaisertype something (asdf) and the session should quit out03:23
Kamping_Kaiserpastebin the output03:23
=== tru_`z24 [n=truz_`24@74-129-166-232.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
piercleoKamping_Kaiser: just to check i got it right: i type in the following command "telnet" from my laptop03:24
piercleoi get a telnet prompt03:24
Kamping_Kaiserdid you run the whole command?  `telnet dyndnsserver 22`03:24
piercleohe he03:24
piercleohold on03:24
piercleoyup, i get the escape character thing03:26
Kamping_Kaisertype anyting (break for example)03:26
piercleoit says i am connected03:26
Kamping_Kaiseronce you tyupe something it will spit a bunch of html in your face (in theory)03:26
piercleonope nothing happens so far03:26
Kamping_Kaiserrun ^] 03:27
Kamping_Kaiser(control key+ ] 03:27
=== Kamping_Kaiser cant remember ssh protocol well enough to cojmmunicate with the server manually *grin*
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, when you ssh to dnshost 22 do you get something like this:03:28
Kamping_KaiserConnected to localhost.03:28
Kamping_KaiserEscape character is '^] '.03:28
Kamping_KaiserSSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.3p2 Debian-903:28
Kamping_Kaiseryours would of course say Ubuntu :)03:28
=== mindframe- [n=mindfram@] has joined #ubuntu-server
piercleono i get: ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host03:31
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, can you pastebin what youve just done? i'm not sure whats going on atm03:32
piercleoi just typed ssh dyndnsserver 2203:33
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, just a tic, pastebining something03:33
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/40255/03:36
Kamping_Kaisernote how i telnet to the server (and after enough abuse it tells me stuff )03:36
piercleoi get this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/40256/03:39
piercleowhen i type in something nothing happens !03:39
piercleooh wait something just happend03:40
piercleoi'll paste bin it03:40
piercleocould the problem come from the settings that i put at dyndns.com03:42
Kamping_Kaiseri'd be supprised, but its posable03:42
Kamping_Kaiseri'm a bit confused. its the same html output03:43
piercleook i'll pastebin the settings for you to see03:43
Kamping_Kaiserremember to sanitise!03:43
piercleosanitise ?03:46
Kamping_Kaiserremove all passwords/etc :)03:47
piercleoah, I did :-)03:47
piercleoi hope03:47
Kamping_Kaiseryou did03:49
Kamping_Kaisershouldnt affect us.03:50
=== Kamping_Kaiser wonders if hes missed something really obvious
piercleosomeone just posted a reply on the forum where i posted my question. He identified an error in my auth.log (but i don't really understand what he is saying)03:50
piercleothe address again in case you don't have it: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3514368#post351436803:51
Kamping_Kaiseri did wonder about the agent03:53
Kamping_Kaiserpiercleo, my advice is come here and ask again when you get home03:54
Kamping_Kaiserget someone to help you disable the ssh agent03:54
Kamping_Kaiseri'm not sure it could be the problem  - the html output makes me think its not - but if it is theres an easy fix03:54
piercleoshall I post my sshd_config to the forum ?03:54
Kamping_Kaiseris it a default?03:55
Kamping_Kaiserdont bother03:55
piercleothe only thing i added is in the ssh_config03:55
piercleoat the bottom i put:     ServerAliveInterval 12003:55
Kamping_Kaiserthat wont cause problems03:56
piercleowell thanks a lot then03:56
piercleowhen i get home i'll try to get someone to disable the agent and see from there03:56
=== Kamping_Kaiser is going to bed Real Soon Now :)
Kamping_KaiserThu Oct 11 23:27:25 CST 200703:57
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stickystyleDoes anyone have a logcheck rule written for the yahoo deferred email log entries (postfix)? I have tried several times but cannot seem to get the regex quite right.04:29
=== PanzerMKZ [i=Panzer@09-038.136.popsite.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
stickystylee.g. Oct 11 08:50:20 MX1 postfix/smtp[4166] : connect to f.mx.mail.yahoo.com[] : server refused to talk to me: 421 Message from ( temporarily deferred - 4.16.50. Please refer to http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/defer/defer-06.html   (port 25)04:29
mralphabetstickystyle: check with ScottK, he's a postfix guy04:30
stickystylemralphabet: thanks.  yeah I probably should even hit up the folks at #postfix - but that would be to obvious for me to think of first ;-)04:32
lamont^\w{3} [ :0-9] {11} [._[:alnum:] -] + postfix/smtp\[[0-9] +\] : connect to f.mx.mail.yahoo.com\[[0-9.] +\] : server refused to talk to me: 421 Message from \([0-9.] +\) temporarily deferred - 4.16.50. Please refer to http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/defer/defer-06.html04:33
lamontshould work04:33
stickystyleoh, hey. cool thanks lamont.  I will give that a shot.04:33
lamontstickystyle: mind you, totally untested and all that...04:33
lamontlogcheck readme file shows how to test a regex04:34
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piercleoKamping_Kaiser: I found out what the problem was10:14
piercleomy company had the port 22 closed10:14
piercleoso i ended up using another port (the msn one) and now it works like a charm10:14
piercleothanks for your help again10:14
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mathiazajmitch: hi. Do you know if samba reloads its configuration file automatically if it has been modified ?10:23
ajmitchI believe it can10:24
ajmitchthough I'm not certain about that10:25
ajmitchthe initscript reload sends a HUP signal10:25
mathiazajmitch: hum... I'm looking at bug 33068, and i cannot reproduce the automatic reloading claims.10:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 33068 in gnome-system-tools "[shares-admin]  NFS/SMB not restarted once shares are added - require manual restart" [Low,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/3306810:25
mathiazajmitch: one of the RHEL guide mentions that samba reload its configuration automatically10:28
ajmitchtesting it here on sid10:33
ajmitchor at least trying to10:33
mathiazajmitch: It works.10:36
ajmitchok, works for me10:39
ajmitchat least adding a share does10:39
mathiazajmitch: yes. Any parameter change will do.10:40
ajmitchthe share I removed hasn't disappeared from view just yet10:41
ajmitchhm no, when I try to go to it, it says it's not there10:41
mathiazajmitch: yes. It may due to the fact the changes are only applied to new connection10:41
=== ajmitch was hitting reload in nautilus
mathiazajmitch: existing connections are affected by the reload.10:42
ajmitchso it seems to be workign as designed, at least10:42
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qhartmanI am working on remastering some dapper install discs for a custom internal project. I have had success using the advice found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization on a 32-bit alt install iso. Now I am trying to get it done using a 64 bit server iso and I am having trouble with it.11:20
qhartmanEven if I make no changes to the files extracted from the ISO and simply re-burn it, I get an error about the Release file when I start the install11:21
qhartmandoes the 64-bit disc do something that is not covered in the Install CD guide above? It seems the same on the surface, but clearly it is not.11:22
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