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dokolamont: so how often did you build icedtea? ;)09:03
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lamontdoko: I did one build on ronne, and then it built in launchpad, and then one upload so that it's in launchpad built with launchpad-built-binaries01:47
dokoahh, ok. we usually did skip the last step because it would be rebuilt anyway01:52
lamontdoko: right01:53
lamontI wasn't sure if you had another upload planned or not01:54
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dokolamont: does this address your hppa problems? http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2007-10/msg00603.html ?09:41
lamontdoko: probably09:42
lamontdoko: if you want to give me a source package with that, I have a machine where I can build the compiler and proceed to test java stuff out...09:43
lamontfor bonus points, turn off the test suite, just for this test build. :-)09:44

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