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bryceheya pcjc203:42
pcjc2where were you adding a usleep?03:42
bryce--- xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.1.1.orig/src/i830_driver.c03:43
bryce+++ xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.1.1/src/i830_driver.c03:43
bryce@@ -1957,6 +1957,7 @@03:43
bryce    OUTREG(VCLK_POST_DIV, pI830->saveVCLK_POST_DIV);03:43
bryce    for(i = 0; i < 256; i++) {03:43
bryce+      usleep(20);03:43
bryce       OUTREG(PALETTE_A + (i << 2), pI830->savePaletteA[i] );03:43
bryce    }03:43
pcjc2ah - see if the register access is too fast for the HW?03:43
pcjc2the other point in the code where the pallette is programmed made the assertion (in comments) that the PLL / clock had to be running03:44
pcjc2I'm presuming this is the case after we're restored the clock register (s) above03:44
brycemm could be03:44
pcjc2although I (vaguely) recall delays being used to wait whilst the PLLs stablise03:44
brycehrm, running this under gdb isn't working very well03:53
brycebbiab (dinner)03:53
pcjc2how comes?03:54
pcjc2not crashing with GDB?03:54
pcjc2or just not easy to trace through03:55
pcjc2It just occured to me.. the set_cursor_colors function sets the palette regs03:58
pcjc2and that is another place I've seen it crash (not that function specifically, but after reloading cursors)... I could never make it do it once I'd added a print statement to see what functions were being called... timing does look like a distinct possibility03:59
brycewhen running under gdb when I switch to tty1 it doesn't switch; the background turns purple though, and the system behaves erratically after that, until reboot04:10
pcjc2gdb presumably affects timing04:10
pcjc2I have absolutely no idea why... but that ramdac thing "seems" to make a difference here04:11
pcjc2when I patched it the other way (forced ramdac to load with SWCursor), it said it was already built in04:11
pcjc2you're supposed to need ramdac to do HW Cursors (and they program the palette)04:11
pcjc2but I don't see the intel driver using it04:12
bryce<bryce> mjg59: adding the usleep() had no effect; still crashed with gray block lockup04:14
bryce<mjg59> bryce: Ok, so probably not a timing issue. If you skip that block entirely, does it work?04:14
pcjc2for whatever reason, I'm not getting the crash05:01
pcjc2but it messes up the video overlay control registers05:01
pcjc2(and presumably has trampled a load of memory / IO somewhere)05:01
pcjc2before bug, I have XV frames flipping between buffers at 0x80004000 and 0x8010400005:02
pcjc2after, I've got 0x80000000 and 0x8010000005:03
pcjc2(sorry, those are the wrong way around)05:03
bryceafter running the -intel with the aforementioned loop blocks removed, I've been unable to reproduce the bug05:04
brycedeb, debdiff, etc. at http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Testing/bug127101/05:04
pcjc2I'll test that here05:14
pcjc2See if I can get past running XV a 2nd time05:14
pcjc2sorry... something is still not right05:29
pcjc2just rebooting to make sure the video hardware is really clean05:29
pcjc2sorry... I've still got a crash here05:33
pcjc2am running compiz05:33
pcjc2(or whatever the fancy accelerated desktop is)05:33
pcjc2mplayer video.ogg05:33
pcjc2close mplayer05:33
brycelike I said on the bug, this fix is not intended to fix the Xv bug05:34
pcjc2switch to VT1 (nocrash with either your patch or my noramdac patch - goodness knows why), switch back05:34
pcjc2ok - is that a different known bug?05:34
brycethey both result in the gray blinking blocks05:35
pcjc2I've probably been seeing a slightly different crash05:35
brycebut one is 127101, the other is 14106305:35
bryceI don't know if yours is 141063, but it's not 12710105:35
pcjc2mine only occasionally resulted in blinking blocks - more usually a pallette corruption, followed by crash05:35
pcjc2did you try the ramdac thing?05:35
bryceit could be you're seeing multiple issues05:35
pcjc2I'm certain it must just be some fluke05:35
bryceno I stopped after my change seemed to resolve it05:36
pcjc2as it seemed to work.. but having chased the code paths which I commented out, shouldn't actually have any effect!05:36
pcjc2We need the Intel docs to resolve this _properly_05:36
bryceplus it's getting late and I'm going to be out the rest of the week at a customer site, so need to do some packing and spend a little time with the gf ;-)05:36
pcjc2Presumably there is a reason to restore the pallette regs05:36
pcjc2That sounds like a good point05:37
pcjc2its 4:37am here05:37
bryceyeah I was up late last night myself on this05:37
bryceyou'll probably have better ideas once you've had time to sleep on it05:37
pcjc2I've caught myself in a nasty insomniac cycle which will give me real problems for tomorrow's 9am lab demonstration!05:37
pcjc2I'll chase the report on the Xv bug, see what I can learn05:38
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tepsipakkibryce: seems that the blackscreen-ati08:09
tepsipakkilet me try again08:09
brycehi tepsipakki08:12
tepsipakkiseems that bug 132716 can be narrowed down pretty well08:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132716 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "ATI Driver Gets Black Screen on Radeon 7500 Mobile (Regression)" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13271608:12
tepsipakkiit should be safe to add a workaround at least for the inspiron08:14
bryceI think we've got a potential fix for bug 127101 too08:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127101 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "laptop hangs when switching video mode" [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12710108:18
brycetepsipakki: I've posted a debdiff to fix up a couple xresprobe issues, but I'm going to be out of town the rest of the week08:20
bryceit includes the vesa portion of tormod's patch08:21
brycetepsipakki: I'd appreciate it if you could speak with slangasek about getting it in for final.08:21
bryceit's not the end of the world if it doesn't make it, though.08:22
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tepsipakkibryce: I already uploaded the vesa-fix :)08:23
bryceah ok08:24
tepsipakkislangasek asked for it yesterday08:24
bryceI saw it in the backlog but didn't notice the result08:24
tepsipakkidid soren test the xresprobe fix?08:26
brycenot that I know of08:27
bryceto be honest I'm still not sure if it is a critical enough fix to need going in08:29
bryceit only is needed for intel laptops where ddcprobe fails, which I think would be fairly rare08:29
bryceotoh, chances for regression are pretty small08:29
tepsipakkiand the installer does work after that, it's just that you need to hit enter a couple of times :)08:29
brycebut the bug is marked as milestoned for -rc08:30
tepsipakkinight :)08:42
tepsipakkiI wouldn't mind going to bed again.. instead I cycled 9km to work when it was -3C08:43
sorentepsipakki: Which xresprobe fix is that?09:29
tepsipakkithe intel corruption with alternative installer09:30
sorenNo, that's the bug, not the fix :)09:31
tepsipakkiheh, right09:31
tepsipakkicheck the bug, Bryce asked you to test the fix (links there) .)09:32
sorenYes, just saw it.09:33
sorenUm.. Sure, I'll try it when I'm in my office.09:33
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sorentepsipakki: I just tested the fix from Bryce. It doesn't break the display, but asks me for my resolution, but I suppose that's to be extected?11:29
soren...since it neither gets the info from ddcprobe nor xprobe..11:30
tepsipakkisoren: right..11:36
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sorentepsipakki: Ok, so I guess the fix works as intended. It's not optimal, but better than before.11:41
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pcjc2Hi Bryce04:40
bryceheya pcjc204:40
pcjc2am playing with the Xv issue04:41
pcjc2I'm just trying to make sure it forces a reset of the Xv regs / setup after its mode-switched, see if that helps04:41
pcjc2I wonder if the mode-setting is clearing the Xv regs, and as we don't seem to be reprogramming them afterwards - it might be an issue04:42
pcjc2To be honest though, I don't know what bits of the driver Compiz invokes which would make it only appear with compiz04:42
pcjc2fixes the issue for me!04:43
bryceooh, awesome04:43
pcjc2Also, ubuntu patch 01 has a bug 04:43
pcjc2kindof... it introduces an extra condition test checking to see whether to return BadAlloc or not04:44
brycecan you report that to the ubuntu-x@ list?  I'm about to hop on a plane and will be gone the next couple days04:44
pcjc2but doesn't add () around it, the test is like (A && B || C)04:44
pcjc2where it should be (for clarity at least), (A && ( B || C))04:44
pcjc2I will disect to make sure it wasn't just this tiny little change (as well as my "hack" of a  forced reset) which helps04:45
=== bryce nods
pcjc2It shouldn't be the if statement, as if that were to be the problem, it would either return BadAlloc un-necessarily04:45
pcjc2or NOT return BadAlloc when it should.04:46
pcjc2We should probably send the info via Intel at least.. I'm so new to the driver - and they have the docs / knowledge of _how_ it should work04:46
pcjc2Being dumb... where is the ubuntu-x@ list subscription?04:47
pcjc2darn.... still managed hang the GPU mode-switching with Xrandr whilst its playing video04:50
tepsipakkipcjc2: lists.ubuntu.com04:51
pcjc2tepsipakki: thanks04:52
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pcjc2I've sent a possible fix for #141063 to ubuntu-x@06:55
ubotuNew bug: #151635 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (main) "Intel G33 X broken again by -14 kernel" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15163506:56
tepsipakkipcjc2: that's already been fixed by dropping a patch06:57
tepsipakkiwhich needed a patch for the kernel, which has also been dropped :)06:58
pcjc2ok, can you point me at the upload?07:00
pcjc2ok, I see it07:01
pcjc2that fixed it?07:04
pcjc2I didn't think I had "G33" class hardware!07:04
pcjc2was it the kernel patch which was causing the corruption?07:07
pcjc2because the patch dropped from the xorg driver looks like a NOP on my hardware07:07
pcjc2No, I can confirm the 0ubuntu7 release which drops the G33 patch does not fix #15162107:15
pcjc2(sorry... wrong number... that was unrelated)07:15
pcjc2I can confirm the 0ubuntu7 release which drops the G33 patch does not fix #14106307:15
tepsipakkioops, sorry.. I was confused07:33
tepsipakkiright after your message ubotu mentioned about a bug, which I thought was the one you mentioned :)07:39
pcjc2Unfortunately Bryce's workaround for the grey blocks crash breaks palette restore when switching back to console07:40
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pcjc2well... its not pretty (still got a lot of debug code which stops me setting the palette anywhere), but I may have got a fix for #12710111:58
pcjc2I took the block Bryce commented out (stops it crashing, but messes up the console palette) and moved it to before other registers are restored11:59

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