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mindframe-any currently known issues with going from feisty to gutsy right now?05:52
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graelbHi! does anyone know how to delete saved sessions in xubuntu?06:26
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nbjaymehello anyone successfully installed/setup epson stylus c90?08:39
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Ed934Just wondering, how do I unpack .rpm files?10:07
Ed934i've looked around but the rpm command doesn't work10:07
Ed934is there a program I need to install first?10:07
Ed934any help would be great10:08
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chervawhat is the reason for xubuntu to boot from a live cd without the toolbars ? ( i mean the applications menu, the clock and so on)12:26
chervahow do i show the panel bar ?12:33
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d1n0Can anyone here help me? I've got hd2400 video card, got picture on both the lcd screen and the tv, but the picture is cloned... how can i extend my desktop to the tv?02:46
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atlfalcons866will my computer be faster with xfce03:12
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d1n0Can anyone here help me? I've got hd2400 video card, got picture on both the lcd screen and the tv, but the picture is cloned... how can i extend my desktop to the tv?03:48
=== vinze [n=vinze@a80-126-159-235.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillion!xinerama | d1n004:00
ubotud1n0: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead04:00
maxamilliond1n0: that is the only way i can think of to extend to a tv04:00
d1n0im not at all interested in one lagre virtual display04:03
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=== neozen dances
neozenonly 6 more days till gutsy!04:04
d1n0Yeah, I'm looking forward to that too04:04
maxamilliond1n0: then i don't entirely follow what you mean by "extend my desktop"04:05
neozenhow much of the enhancements from ubuntu are making it in?04:05
d1n0maxamillion: have you never used windows xp with 2 screens?04:05
neozenie.... compiz-fusion etc04:05
maxamilliond1n0: uhmm... not really, i've been a gnu/linux user for almost 8 years now04:06
ubotusamba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT04:06
vinzeneozen, not CF :P04:06
d1n0In windows you can select "extended desktop" or "clone", if you go for the extended desktop, you get a new desktop at the tv, which you can drag movies and stuff over too, and still use the lcd screen for other shit04:06
vinzeDoes anyone know why I didn't see X-Displayconfig in Xubuntu Gutsy?04:06
neozencould anyone recommend a solid gtk-based samba share browser04:07
maxamilliond1n0: please don't curse .... and i think you are looking for what is called twinview in the gnu/linux world04:07
d1n0maxamillion: dude, curse? :) hehe... ok... twinview doesnt work with ati, does it?04:07
maxamillionneozen: http://pyneighborhood.sourceforge.net/ <--- its either hit or miss if you get it working but i have heard good things (i think you might have to run it as sudo .... its in the repos also)04:08
maxamilliond1n0: its an ubuntu thing ... they don't like "four letter words"04:08
maxamilliond1n0: ati has their own version ... lemme get you a tutorial04:08
d1n0hmm, ok thx :) but just so you know, i've gone through a dozen of tutorials, and im still stuck04:09
maxamilliond1n0: http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxAndDualMonitors.html04:10
=== yotux [n=nathan@66-168-59-247.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
d1n0Thanks, i'll check it out04:12
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tech404could someone recommend a really feature full irc client. I have been using pidgin but i am disappointed with its irc behavior.05:53
tech404now im using xchat and it seems very plain05:53
mindframe-xchat is about as good as it gets for a linux irc client.05:57
TheSheeptech404: irssi05:57
maxamilliontech404: irssi05:57
maxamillionTheSheep beat me to it05:57
mindframe-i dont think he wants a cli irc client05:57
TheSheepmindframe-: too bad05:58
maxamilliontech404: read the docs and it will be your favorite program by the end of the day05:58
=== maxamillion huggles his irssi
=== pleia2 huggles her irssi
TheSheepmaxamillion: wait, there are docs? ;)05:58
tech404no mindframe is right05:58
pleia2people say konversation is nice too if you want to go the GUI route, but probably no better than xchat05:59
maxamillionTheSheep: lol05:59
maxamillionkonversation to my knowledge is basically a port of xchat to the kde-libs and qt05:59
tech404im lame i know.... i like to be visually stimulated... im add05:59
tech404a.d.d that is05:59
maxamilliontech404: me too ... been clinically diagnosed for 12 years, doesn't mean much06:00
maxamilliontech404: you are alot more productive with a keyboard than you are with a mouse ;)06:00
totalwormfacehow much visibla can a irc client become, you can make your terminal transparent .. :{06:00
tech404maxamillion: no it sure doesnt... except that stimulants will often have the opposite effect06:00
=== maxamillion has transparent terminals
maxamilliontech404: true ... but it does mean that multitasking comes easier and more fluent to you ... and you can do more at once using keyboard shortcuts than you can having to move to move your mouse06:01
mindframe-this is true06:02
tech404well anyways thanks for the invaluable input... i will continue my search for something that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling06:02
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TheSheepmaxamillion: even better way to learn to use keyboard: use a stylus with a tablet instead of a mouse06:02
TheSheepmaxamillion: stylus is over 2 times faster than mouse06:03
maxamillioninteresting ....06:03
TheSheepmaxamillion: but putting it down takes down, and typing with it in hand is horrible06:03
TheSheeptakse time06:03
TheSheepmaxamillion: I usually put it behind my ear06:03
TheSheepor in my mouth06:03
=== bigredradio [n=david@] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepmaxamillion: still, makes you want to minimize switching :)06:04
bigredradioAnyone know where the "user specific" screen resolution setting is? My xorg.conf is fine. I only get out of sync for one user.06:04
TheSheepbigredradio: settings->display settings06:04
bigredradioTheSheep: I have no screen. Out of sync error only.06:05
TheSheepbigredradio: you can also switch them with alt+ctrl+gray plus06:05
bigredradioTheSheep: What is gray plus?06:06
TheSheepbigredradio: the plus on your numeric keypad06:06
TheSheepbigredradio: to the far right06:06
bigredradioNo that doesn't work either.06:07
bigredradioI am looking for the file itself.06:07
bigredradioFor those keeping score at home. The file was: /home/user/.config/xfce4/mcs_settings/display.xml06:19
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harpettecan anyone do a "du -sh /var" and tell me the result, please?08:26
=== wyrd [n=alex@82-68-87-41.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepharpette: apt-get clean will reduce it a little08:38
=== bw_hb [n=bw@L6166.l.strato-dslnet.de] has joined #xubuntu
zoredachewhat do you want to know the size of /var for?  My /var is more then 20gb...08:52
wyrdkeep tabs on on diskusage?08:59
=== tonyyarusso [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #xubuntu
harpettei'm trying to decide on a size for the /var partition; i have a small disk09:05
harpetteso i thought i'd run a poll09:05
harpette20GB for /var is astronomical BTW09:06
harpetteGentoo uses a large /var because that's where it builds everything from source, and 3GB is enough09:06
TheSheepharpette: why do you need a separate /var ?09:07
harpetteTheSheep: actually i'm also trying to decide that09:08
harpetteusually it's good to separate /usr and /var from /; if one filesystem fails on you, you can fix it separately, and it takes less time too09:09
TheSheepharpette: I can understand that you could want a separate /boot, if you wanted to use a different filesystem than ext3, a separate /home is obvious, separate /tmp mounted in memory might be nice, separate /usr to make it read-only, etc., but /var ?09:09
harpettealso, you may want to journal /var but not /usr09:09
harpettethe multi-disk howto says it's higly recommended to split /var and /usr from /09:11
harpetteTheSheep: /us is static data, /var is... variable: changes a lot09:12
TheSheepharpette: so does pretty much anything else in /09:13
TheSheepharpette: except maybe /etc and /lib, bu they are small09:13
harpetteso, journaling /usr is not necessary. Yes, you may want to journal /09:13
harpettealthough, hmm i can't think of what changes so much under /09:14
TheSheepharpette: /etc :)09:15
harpettedo you update your config files continuously?09:15
wyrdsheep, if /var and / are on the same partition and you fill it, it can cause real problems09:15
=== self_enquiry [n=lawrence@213-15-54.netrun.cytanet.com.cy] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepwyrd: how so?09:15
TheSheepwyrd: as long as /tmp is separate...09:16
harpettecan't boot09:16
self_enquiryXubuntu Gutsy will be released in the same day as Ubuntu?09:16
wyrdas harp said, can't boot with a full /09:16
TheSheepself_enquiry: or few days later09:17
TheSheepself_enquiry: there can be some slip09:17
self_enquiryk, thenk you!09:17
TheSheepwyrd: ok, that's a good reason :)09:17
harpetteTheSheep: actually, i'm not sure it can't boot, but having pbms as wyrd said rings a bell09:18
harpettehey, i've been partitioning for quite a while now and haven't had pbms in while09:18
TheSheepharpette: afair apt-get downloads all the packages to /var/cache when updating, you might want to have at least 800-900MB if you plan on dist-update in the future09:18
TheSheepharpette: then again, you can mount some partition temporarily there wheile updating09:19
harpetterats, too big. OK, TY though09:19
wyrdmine was 500, on my laptop09:19
TheSheepharpette: yu only need that much when replacing almost whole system with newer versions09:19
wyrdjust cleaned it out though09:19
TheSheepharpette: you can probably do it in steps too09:19
wyrdmy gentoo on's 90009:20
harpetteTheSheep: indeed i usually prefer doing it in steps09:20
harpettewyrd: yes i've made do with 1GB on Gentoo09:20
wyrdit's a headless server though09:20
wyrdso i don't do much X stuff with it09:21
TheSheepharpette: some tex files might need about 100-200MB in there, possibly, if you use some advanced features09:21
TheSheepharpette: font cache and the like09:21
TheSheepharpette: the whole text system is pretty complicated, so I'm not sure what *exactly* are these09:21
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wyrdwrong window09:58
=== sam_home [n=user@] has joined #xubuntu
sam_homedoes anyone know where i can download the default xubuntu desktop background please?10:00
wyrdit'll  be in /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops10:02
sam_homenot if i run Debian!10:03
wyrdah ha, i see your problem ;)10:03
wyrdlet me see10:04
=== Defuzed [n=jfry@cpe-24-210-99-237.twmi.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
sam_homeof if someone could just stick it here?  http://yourfilehost.com/flash_upload.php10:06
DefuzedIs there a better channel for xubuntu 7.10 support10:06
wyrddefuzed: for more general things, not to do with xfce etc, try #ubuntu10:08
wyrdsam, witch is it you want?10:09
sam_homethe blue one please10:09
Defuzedwell my issue is with installing compiz fusion in xubuntu 7.1010:09
wyrdd, sorry i can't help there, my xubuntu lappy would die if i even mentioned it10:10
Defuzedwyrd, thanks10:10
wyrds, there's a lot of blue in xubuntu10:10
sam_homeumm the one that loads by default? not sure what else to say10:11
sam_homeit's kind of wavy?10:11
wyrdthat upload thing's pretty rubbish10:15
wyrdthere you go10:18
wyrdtook 3 computers to achieve that miracle :P10:18
sam_homethis is a GPL image?10:20
wyrdi assume so10:20
wyrdcome in the universe packages10:20
sam_homehmm so could be copyright..10:21
wyrdwill be, but free to distribute10:21
sam_homeOK thanks10:22
=== The-Kernel [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
hyper__chand free to alter10:41
=== bigredradio [n=david@] has joined #xubuntu
bigredradioVery strange network issue. Cannot ping self (hostname or localhost) but can access the rest of the work. Any ideas?10:54
bigredradioWas having problems starting/stopping portmap so I removed it. (don't use nfs).10:55
bigredradioNo firewall either.10:55
maxamillionbigredradio: can you just not do 'ping localhost'? or can you not do 'ping'?10:57
bigredradioboth. Or my hostname or ipaddress.10:58
maxamillionbigredradio: interesting10:58
bigredradioI can ssh to another machince and have no problem.10:58
bigredradioI can ping my hostname remotely logged into another system but not locally.10:58
maxamillionbigredradio: run this command in the terminal and tell me if it says anything 'cat /etc/network/interfaces | grep loopback'10:59
=== bigredradio wonders where the cameras are
bigredradiomaxamillion: Yes. I have loopback11:00
bigredradioMy /etc/hosts is configured correctly. I have an entry with ifconfig -a. I am typing on the system I cannot ping.11:01
maxamillionbigredradio: its possible your iptables setup is rejecting it .. but that's unlikely11:01
wyrdcan you ping it from else where?11:01
bigredradiowyrd: yes. I do not have iptables running. (lsmod check)11:01
wyrdcan you do route -n11:04
=== DM| [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #xubuntu
bigredradiowyrd: No problems there.11:06
wyrdso, you've a route to
wyrdcan you do cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_*11:08
bigredradiocat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_*011:09
bigredradioThere is a line break after the asterisk.11:10
wyrdthat looks ok11:10
bigredradioI am having trouble connecting to any local services. ssh, telnet, rsh, and others.11:11
wyrdcan you pastebin the output of route -n for me please?11:11
wyrdand iptables -L -n, just in case11:11
wyrdah ha!11:12
wyrdno route to 1927.0.0.111:12
bigredradioBut I cannot ping my ipaddress either.11:13
wyrdif you ping your ip it goes through that secreetly11:13
wyrdi think11:13
wyrdroute add -net
wyrdthat should fix it11:14
bigredradioroute add -net
bigredradioSIOCADDRT: Invalid argument11:14
wyrddid you use sudo?11:15
bigredradioI am already root11:16
wyrdsame error here11:16
wyrdodd, that's straight from the man page11:17
bigredradiowyrd: what version are you?11:17
wyrdof route?11:18
bigredradioyes, and xubuntu11:18
bigredradionet-tools 1.6011:18
bigredradioroute 1.98 (2001-04-15)11:18
wyrdnet-tools 1.6011:18
wyrdand xubuntu edgy, i think11:18
wyrdi haven't a lo route either11:19
wyrdbut i can ping localhost11:19
bigredradioSince it is more than ping failing, I suspect something deeper.11:22
wyrdthis is weird11:22
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #xubuntu
=== grazie [n=grazie@88-110-179-34.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
wyrddodgy routing is all i can think of11:24
wyrdis lo up?11:24
=== DM|_ [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
bigredradiowyrd: yeah. From what I can tell.11:25
bigredradiowyrd: hold the phone11:26
bigredradioifup lo reported already configured. I took it down, then brought it back up and it now works.11:26
wyrdwonder what's changed11:27
bigredradiothanks for your help.11:27
wyrdno worries11:27
bigredradioI think this may have to do with the new module I use. I read about taking eth0 down and back up to work, but did not suspect same issue with lo.11:28
wyrdwhat module was that?11:28
bigredradio(Also explains why I don't get X on boot). I have to startx manually.11:28
wyrdx needs lo11:29
bigredradioI updated /etc/init.d/networking to take down and bring up all interfaces on start.11:29
bigredradioBand-aid for now11:30
bigredradioChecking if X comes up on boot. Be back later.11:30
=== bigredradio [n=david@] has left #xubuntu ["The]
wyrdthere must be a btter way11:30
=== bigredradio [n=david@] has joined #xubuntu
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bigredradiowyrd: No luck fixing X. That one still baffles me. It attemps to start on boot, but appears to fail, but log in as user and run startx, no problems.11:34
wyrdcan you do tail /var/log/whatever you x log is in paste bin?11:36
bigredradiowyrd: There is a lot of data. Not much helpful.11:39
bigredradiowyrd: That will have to be for another day. Gotta get *some* work done today.11:40
bigredradiotake care.11:40
wyrdyou too11:40
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Alkivari love you people seeding the 7.04 torrent11:52
Alkivardirect download i was maxing at 240kB/sec11:52
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tombar_when is going to be xubuntu 7.10 released? 18th october?12:19
pcrtechseems to be12:22
pcrtechthere is a countdown on the ubuntu and fluxbuntu pages12:22
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jet65I'm having problems connecting to the internet on Xubuntu. I have a belkin wireless G usb network adapter and I can't get the ndis wrapper to run correctly. Any suggestions?12:28
jet65Could anyone tell me where I could get started on setting up a wireless connection from Xubuntu? It works when I boot windows12:34
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Lewinjet are you on 7.04?12:35
Lewinhave the case sensitive ssid and password for your wireless router?12:36
jet65I can get into the router from the main computer if that's what you mean, the routers on a different computer.12:37
Lewinwhen you go to system>network is your wireless card visible?12:39
jet65I have to get on the other computer upstairs to check tha, but i know it is registered within the network. Do i still need to go check?12:40
Lewinwhat kind of encryption are you using? wpa2 enterprise?12:42
jet65and I do have the web key for it12:42
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jet65i apologize lewin but I have to go. thanks for the help i'll log on again in about 4 1/2 hours hopefully12:44
Lewindoes anyone know command to restart ps2 mouse? i plug in my ps2 mouse after i boot up (with kvm switch) and it will not automatically detect but keyboard will work. xubuntu 7.1012:48
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Mark7It's not fair :(01:06

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