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nothlithttps://people.fluxbuntu.org/~nothlit/tablet_fun/ mypaint brush tests :)07:05
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KidProQuokwwii: when are the official guidelines for Hardy due out?08:35
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kwwiiKidProQuo: probably sometime like the end of next week or the beginning of the next10:01
KidProQuokwwii, thanks. I heard it was brown & orange mainly; what kind of orange are we talking? bright, light, dark, etc?10:04
kwwiiactually it will be black and orange mainly10:05
kwwiiso the brown is kinda going away10:05
KidProQuothat's what I meant, black10:05
KidProQuoanyway, what kind of orange?10:05
kwwiiI'll make a palette soon but I would think that it will be more darker oranges than lighter ones10:05
KidProQuoOk, thanks. I'll get my thinking cap on.10:06
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=== Topic for #ubuntu-artwork: Next team meeting sometime around Nov 2nd 17:00UTC :: Check out the revamped http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ :: Coming very soon to a wiki near you: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy
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lassegul /join #ubuntu-no12:59
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hellraiser_robHey folks, anyone got any tips for someone just joined?03:32
_MMA_hellraiser_rob: What would you like to do?03:33
hellraiser_robI feel i could contribute in quite a few areas, i guess what i'm after is advice as to what needs help working on?03:34
_MMA_Well the WIKI for info on Hardy's art will be up soon.03:35
_MMA_Reading that will be a good start.03:35
hellraiser_robah thats explains it, i thought it looked a bit sparce03:35
hellraiser_robi get everything has been tidied now gutsy is going out the door?03:35
_MMA_Gutsy is done yes.03:35
hellraiser_robwhich would be here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy03:36
hellraiser_robi guess i should wait for the new artwork direction advice03:37
_MMA_That will be it yes. I believe its a work-in-progress ATM.03:37
hellraiser_robwhat kind of work do you do _MMA_?03:37
_MMA_I'm the lead on Ubuntu Studio.03:37
_MMA_hellraiser_rob: Do you have examples of your work?03:38
hellraiser_robi guess i would say i'm looking to give something back even if it is a small amount: http://www.robertjamesphillips.com/03:39
hellraiser_robDo you think i could be of any use?03:41
_MMA_hellraiser_rob: If you want to take a look our page is farther along. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/OfficialHardyIncoming03:41
_MMA_hellraiser_rob: Well that's up to you. Having self-motivation is key IMO.03:43
hellraiser_robinteresting concepts for studio03:43
hellraiser_robit's surprising that your going so far away from the main branch design03:43
_MMA_So once the pages are further along for Ubuntu, read the wiki and post your ideas.03:43
_MMA_hellraiser_rob: "main branch" is what? Ubuntu?03:44
hellraiser_robyeah sorry i'm not up with the lingo yet03:44
lassegulnothlit: ping?03:45
_MMA_hellraiser_rob: np. In any case, if you're looking for an "assignment" it doesnt work that way.03:47
_MMA_Just post your ideas to the wiki once its done. :)03:47
hellraiser_robyeah i assumed it would be way to busy for that03:47
hellraiser_robwell thanks for the advice03:48
hellraiser_robI also guess there is some technical skill within this "artwork" group in order to implement the designs?03:51
hellraiser_robor are the graphics simply handed over?03:51
_MMA_hellraiser_rob: Could you elaborate?03:52
_MMA_Are you asking about the process?03:53
hellraiser_robi guess designs are all mocked up first03:53
hellraiser_robrevised, changed, finalised.....then sliced up and actually built (as in a theme created etc)03:54
_MMA_Yeah. Thats pretty much it.03:55
hellraiser_roband who would build the theme? the art group?03:58
_MMA_"build" as in package?03:58
hellraiser_robbuild as in slice it up and create the theme03:58
_MMA_Im still missing what you're saying. :) Do you mean pick the best submissions for each part of the theme?03:59
_MMA_ie: icons, walls, GTK theme, etc...04:00
hellraiser_robsorry, my descriptions probably aren't very good04:00
hellraiser_robi mean:04:00
_MMA_Ubuntu has a art lead that will take into consideration all opinons. Mark S. also has a say.04:00
hellraiser_robis it up to the artwork team to turn the designs into working parts (themes for example), or do they hand the designs over to another department, who build them04:01
lassegulhellraiser_rob: you mean like creating the gtkrc and stuff?04:01
_MMA_No. People submit that. :)04:01
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_MMA_Like wallpaper, icons and what have you.04:02
hellraiser_robpeople submit that?  What does that mean?04:02
hellraiser_roboh i think i see04:02
hellraiser_robignore me now,04:02
hellraiser_robi'm starting to annoy myself04:02
_MMA_huh? What have we been talking about for the past 30mins? :)04:02
hellraiser_robsometimes it's hard to understand bloody text conversations :)04:03
hellraiser_robhow do you find time to be lead for studio, do you have a fulltime job?04:04
_MMA_No. I'm a stay-at-home Dad.04:04
hellraiser_robthat is a full time job!04:08
hellraiser_robi read that the main form of communications is the mailing lists?04:16
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hellraiser_robis this the most common way for people to send work etc04:17
_MMA_hellraiser_rob: Using the WIKI? Yes.04:18
_MMA_kwwii: You around?04:19
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kwwii_MMA_: now I am04:34
_MMA_kwwii: I was just seeing if you could chime in on my chat with hellraiser_rob and just wondering whats up. How goes the day and all that jazz.04:36
kwwiiI think I will change my nick to something so overtly positive that people will be nice to me04:36
kwwii_MMA_: yeah, just reading back04:36
kwwii_MMA_: today has been ubuntu-mobile hell04:36
kwwiiwell, nobody wants to work on the weekend and apparently it is a holiday in brazil so last night they decided that today is the deadline04:37
kwwiiI was up all night04:37
_MMA_kwwii: re: nick. My normal internet name (fourms and such) is MetalMusicAddict. I started using IRC when most networks wouldnt take all those characters. So I had to shorten.04:38
kwwiihellraiser_rob: there is nobody who officialy helps with getting the more technical pieces together, so we need to search for help among the community developers in other channels, etc04:38
kwwii_MMA_: my nick is just my name, abbreviated but for years gnome people gave me shit because they said it meant "k world war 2"04:38
_MMA_lol. Nice. ;)04:39
kwwiithanks be to god nintendo made the wii :-) now they say I am proud of owning a wii (which I don't even own)04:39
_MMA_Man. Dont wanna work on the weekends. pftt... Thats crazy.04:40
kwwiiI know that I will be working this weekend04:48
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kwwiibut my son is leaving in a bit to stay at a friends house04:48
kwwiiso I will definitely try not to do too much work tonight04:49
_MMA_Yeah. Im not doing much till after UDS.04:49
_MMA_Ill get Ubuntu Studio out the door then its time for a break.04:49
_MMA_Go to Boston. Have some geeky fun. Eat some food. Spend time away from the crazy kids. Should be fun. ;)04:51
kwwiiyou should do it every 3 months and more as I do to see how un-fun it can be04:51
kwwiialso, I'll be in Boston for 17 days :-(04:52
_MMA_kwwii: Wow. Time enough to miss the family again. :)04:52
kwwiitime enough to get really sick of sleeping in a hotel rooom04:53
_MMA_Yeah. I see that.04:53
kwwiiand being the only artist I get sick of listening to funny developer stories04:54
nysosymfunny developer stories?04:55
nysosymany developer has my greatest respect!04:55
kwwii"did you see code X...what I think you need to do is blahblubblah" - everyone chuckles04:55
_MMA_And the use of "crackful" get old in reference to code. :)04:56
_MMA_kwwii: But the fact that you understand the geeky joke is also telling. ;)04:58
=== _MMA_ points at kwwii and yells "NERD"!
=== _MMA_ also realizes its the pot callin' the kettle black. ;)
kwwii_MMA_: lol, doubt05:05
kwwiiI kept telling the intel people that they cannot expect me to do the technical stuff as I am just and artist, you should have heard their response05:06
_MMA_Which was? :)05:07
kwwiibasically they said "compared to our artists you are a geek"05:08
_MMA_Our their artists OSX/Windows guys?05:08
kwwiipure osx people05:08
_MMA_There ya go. :)05:09
kwwiiwell, I have two osx boxes as well05:09
_MMA_You are the exception.05:09
kwwiiI should just learn to shut my mouth05:09
_MMA_Most Mac people I know are arty and dont even know they can bring up a terminal.05:09
kwwiiterminal? what's that? :D05:11
kwwiiguess I should stop chatting with irssi before I say that05:11
nysosymi need a terminal very often and i use osx too :D05:11
kwwiiI just wrote a bash script for a friend so that he can create indexes of his external drives05:12
_MMA_kwwii: On what OS?05:12
kwwiihe does video production and until now was taking screenshots of the finder windows05:12
kwwiion OSX05:12
kwwiihe wanted to be able to look for a file without having to hook up the drive05:13
kwwiiI came to his office and one wall was nothing but taped-together printouts of screenshots05:13
_MMA_There's nothing like Tracker or Beagle in OSX?05:13
kwwiisure but he has like 50 external harddisks and did not want to have to hook it up first05:14
_MMA_Dont Tracker and Beagle do this.05:14
_MMA_Well maybe not.05:14
_MMA_50!? Time to get a couple of TB drives. ;)05:14
kwwiihe actually was going out to buy newer bigger drives05:15
kwwiihe also has DVD backups for some stuff but that is very time consuming05:16
kwwiiof course, he also has the original tapes and such05:16
kwwiiman, I just saw my christmas present to myself...a 300mm/2.8 nikon lense05:20
kwwiicosts only 4,500Euros05:20
nysosymahhh a nikon fan :)05:20
kwwiimy wife just stared at me like I was stupid05:20
kwwiiguess I will have to buy it when she is not looking05:21
kwwiiif she knew how much all my cameras and stuff cost she would probably divorce me05:21
nysosymgirls doesn't understand what costs so much money on a lense :D05:21
_MMA_Im hoping to get a Nokia 770/800 and a 30" Dell LCD Christmas. I doubt Ill get the LDC. I ll have to wait till the spring most likely.05:22
nysosymwhich model do you have kwwii?05:22
kwwiinysosym: I have a fuji S5 pro atm05:23
kwwiinysosym: but I am going to pick up a D3 when they come out in November05:23
_MMA_Oh, and a bigger Wacom pad. :)05:23
kwwiiI have a big wacom tablet and I love it05:23
=== _MMA_ will have to pick kwwii's brain in Boston about cameras.
kwwiiin fact, if anyone is looking for an a4 intuos3 I would be willing to get rid of it pretty cheap05:24
_MMA_kwwii: Really?05:24
=== _MMA_ googles
nysosymwow a d3 my hearts beats on! :D05:24
_MMA_kwwii: Works fine using wacom-tools I suppose right?05:25
nysosymkwwii what kind of photos did you shot?05:25
hellraiser_robkwwii: Thanks for the clarification05:29
kwwii_MMA_: yepp05:30
_MMA_kwwii: Ignore the PM. How many levels of sensitivity? Does it work fully in linux buttons and all?05:31
kwwiinysosym: I do all kinds of stuff, although not much sports05:31
nysosymkwwii: wow, any examples?05:31
kwwii_MMA_: not sure about the extra buttons, been a while since I tried to get them to work05:31
_MMA_kwwii: Any chance of bringing it to Boston?05:32
kwwii_MMA_: sure I can bring it along05:32
kwwiinysosym: www.flickr.com is my personal stuff05:33
_MMA_Depending on what you want for it I might be able to get the $ together. The sweatshirts I got printed and the trip in general got me pretty thin atm. Maybe after Boston. December-ish.05:34
_MMA_But Im interested.05:34
nysosymkwwii: i can't find you there under "kwwii"05:34
kwwii_MMA_: I took it with me when I left SUSE so the price will be pretty low :-)05:35
kwwiithey gave me both my tablets and one of my macs when I left05:35
_MMA_kwwii: Is it a 9X12?05:37
kwwiilet me find a pic05:38
kwwiiit is not the really big one05:38
kwwiiI am keeping that one :-)05:38
_MMA_I have a 4x5 now.05:39
kwwiierm, I take it back that it is an a4, it is an a5 intuos305:42
kwwii34.5cm x 25cm or su05:43
kwwiinysosym: www.flickr.com/photos/kwwii05:44
kwwiithere are lots of pictures of my son though ;-)05:44
kwwiiI don't post anything there that I sell, so most of the best pics are not on that page05:45
nysosymi see, is see and i like them :)05:45
_MMA_Because I'm crazy, I want this: http://www.wacom.com/intuos/12x19.cfm05:46
nysosymyes, you are crazy :D05:47
_MMA_Ooo.... Cool. http://www.wacom.com/cintiq05:47
nysosymi wanne have the wacom display, these is much better as any externel Tablett :)05:47
_MMA_Though I want something thats 16:10.05:47
nysosymkwwii i love your macro shots!05:48
hellraiser_robAre the majority of the art team US based?05:49
nysosymhmm i*ll say no05:49
kwwii_MMA_: yeah, if your monitor is wide, it is worth every penny to get a wide version05:49
_MMA_hellraiser_rob: I dont know how much of a "team: it really is. Most of the people who hang out here seem to be pretty spread out.05:50
kwwiihellraiser_rob: I would guess that there are more europeans working on artwork than americans at this point05:50
_MMA_kwwii: Yeah. After having the 24" LCD I could never go back to 4:305:50
kwwiialthough I am american I live in germany05:50
hellraiser_robwell thats good to know it's diverse05:51
kwwii_MMA_: I found that the most important thing is to have a tablet which is at least as big as your monitor05:51
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hellraiser_robhave a good weekend all05:51
troy_swhat do you guys use your tablets for?05:51
kwwiidude, the mailing list got a spam bomb today05:51
_MMA_kwwii: Yeah. Seems a tablet the same size as my LCD would be more than the LCD itself. :)05:52
kwwiitroy_s: I use it to draw with...although it is really nice to use in an "inking" kind of way05:52
kwwii_MMA_: lol, you're monitor is too big05:52
_MMA_kwwii: We got hit as well. I just block/rejected the address.05:53
kwwiiI'll give you my small tablet and you give me your monitor05:53
_MMA_Pfftt.. No such thing.05:53
_MMA_Well the wife gets the 24 if I get the 30. ;)05:53
_MMA_Though Apple has a 32 now I think.05:53
_MMA_troy_s: You arent using you tablet in Inkscape?05:55
nysosymtroy_s: my current work for a computer game :)06:00
nysosymthat's what i do with my wacom :)06:00
_MMA_Thanx to jono for the link to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1WKYmx4i1Q :)06:04
kwwiilol, I think you just turned me on to a new hobby06:06
nysosymmuch better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZN1puUwH0c ^^06:09
_MMA_lolololol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBiLAy7mDbw06:09
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kwwiithis guy has too much free time06:14
_MMA_Theres TONS of videos. I didnt look at them all. I stopped with the cantena clip.06:16
=== kwwii heads to the store
kwwiibe back much later06:32
_MMA_Later sir.06:34
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nothlitkwwii: if you have a tablet as large as your monitor you can do this ;p http://www.bongofish.co.uk/wacom/wacom_pt1.html07:58
nothlittheres youtube videos of it as well07:59
nothliti don't find much of an advantage for digital painting, perhaps for inking, or anything in inkscape where zoom is death08:08
nothlitbut on another computer i just used a tablet meant for writing chinese, never missed the 9x12... i think its more important to get the touchstrips and control buttons if you need them08:09
nothlitlassegul: pong08:11
nothlitoh, last reason for getting a large tablet would be if you would like to transfer/trace things digitally, rather than scan/shoot and trace as a layer08:12
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Andehhai guize :D09:54
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Gadrenhi, i heard that the Ubuntu colors are moving away from brown and more toward orange and black -- is that true?11:49
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nothlitGadren: that seems to be what sabdfl prefers, if you want to know about the official direction you'll have to wait for the official page to get populated12:24
Gadrennothlit: oh, ok -- is sabdfl a person?12:25
ubotuMark "sabdfl" Shuttleworth is our favourite cosmonaut, the founder of Canonical and the primary driver behind Ubuntu. You can find pieces of his thinking at http://www.markshuttleworth.com12:26
Gadrenoh :P12:26

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