Rinchenbeuno, nixternal popey have time to test something for me? proof of concept01:14
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RinchenI was thinking about our conversations about digg (and yes you too LaserJock) vs slashdot style01:15
Rinchenand found that you can configure digg to work like slashdot01:15
Rinchenwith an upcoming stories queue but editors have to promote to front page01:15
Rinchenso I tried it to see if it works.01:16
Rinchenit does:  http://news.ubuntu-rocks.org/01:16
Rinchendespite what it says it's a proof of concept01:16
LaserJockhmm, interesting01:16
Rinchenit took me 5 minutes to setup01:17
Rinchenas you can tell from the basic theme01:17
LaserJockyeah, brown digg01:17
LaserJockthat's pretty cool01:17
LaserJockwhat do you think of http://news.opensuse.org/01:18
LaserJockthat's basically what we're doing now01:18
LaserJockjust looks maybe better01:18
LaserJockbut there's votes01:18
LaserJock and comments01:18
RinchenI think the suse site is pretty :-)01:19
LaserJockwhat if we had both?01:19
LaserJocklike fridge.ubuntu.com/news was digg01:20
LaserJockwith like the top 5 from there put in a sidebare on fridge.ubuntu.com01:20
LaserJockI just can't help but think of the digg stuff as being amatuerish looking01:20
LaserJockmaybe I'm just getting old01:21
Rinchenamateur yes, by design.01:22
LaserJockI don't mind some amateur bits01:29
LaserJockbut I rather see Fridge as a bit more professional01:29
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mdkeLaserJock: i guess you should ping jono about edubuntu being missing08:54
Burgundaviaugh, bloody dvd paused halfway08:54
Burgundaviano disk space, so no compiz article until tomorrow morning08:54
LaserJockmdke: hmm, yeah08:59
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newz2000If I try out the iCal/google calendar fix real quick on the fridge would anyone here have some time to do testing to let me know if it needs backed out or if things look OK?05:49
Rinchenit doesn't fail for me since I use google06:11
Rinchenimbrandon, nixternal popey  might be able to help06:11
newz2000Rinchen: you're able to see fridge events in your google calendar?06:12
Rinchennewz2000, oh doh06:12
RinchenI can't06:12
Rinchendid you just change that?06:12
Rinchenlet me try that06:12
newz2000no, I don't want to until I know someone can test it06:12
popeyi use evolution, would be good to test06:12
newz2000ok, if you two have a min, I'll make the change now06:12
=== Rinchen is on a phone call
popeytell me what to click06:13
newz2000let me get the fix in place real quick06:13
RinchenI can confirm it's not working now06:13
popeywhat isn't working? :)06:14
Rinchennewz2000, ping me when you're ready so my attention is ddrawn here06:14
newz2000popey, Rinchen: can you guys check to see if you can see events now from the iCal feed?06:15
newz2000popey: was your iCal feed for fridge events working before?06:15
popeydunno, i still don't know what the broken functionality was06:16
newz2000no events would show up06:16
popeyhttp://fridge.ubuntu.com/event/ical in that?06:16
newz2000you'd add the ical feed but google cal would show now events06:16
newz2000popey: yes06:16
popeywell that ical file looks good06:17
newz2000does your calendar like it?06:17
Rinchennot working here. let me readd the feed06:17
popeyyes it imports to evolution06:18
popeybut it looks screwy06:18
popeysome meetings last two days06:18
newz2000hate to be in that meeting06:18
newz2000popey: did this just change with my update?06:19
popeydunno, i didn't try it before becasue I didn't know what was broken :S06:19
=== imbrandon looks up
newz2000I don't think that fixed it06:21
Rinchenreadded and didn't work06:22
newz2000that's it, drupal's going into the trash, we're switching to dreamweaver06:22
newz2000ok, I reverted to the old ical.inc. I'll have to research this more a little later06:26
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