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CIA-18ubiquity: superm1 * r2347 ubiquity/ (4 files in 4 dirs): merge with ubiquity-mythbuntu. this includes mvo's patch for proper package installation05:33
superm1(Now that we are past RC)^05:34
superm1cjwatson, or evand, could you release 1.6.7 sooner rather than later so the dailies can be double checked?  It appears to work for me on both variants (mythbuntu and a gutsy with that applied), but would like to be sure05:35
evandI'd do it, but I want to make sure these changes are allowed to be in the final release.  I'm still somewhat confused as to what is allowed to change between RC and final.  I thought it was only RC critical bugs.05:36
evandBy make sure I mean check with cjwatson05:36
superm1well cjwatson had mentioned before when i brought this up that he didn't want to slip it in right before RC, but that we can probably try right afterward05:40
superm1if it ends up that it can't stick, i'll revert it and our gutsy release will just have to use a PPA built ubiquity05:40
superm1probably better to wait for his word again though in case he has changed his mind05:46
evandhrm, mandriva immediately crashes when I try to install it in VMWare.05:59
evandas did Fedora Rawhide05:59
evandthey don't seem to like SCSI disks.06:00
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CIA-18migration-assistant: evand * r67 migration-assistant/ (debian/changelog ma-script-utils):09:07
CIA-18migration-assistant: * Added a short timeout and retry to unmounting to accomodate slow umounts09:07
CIA-18migration-assistant:  (LP: #135149).09:07
evandstill mulling over whether or not that's appropriate09:07
evandshouldn't umount be a blocking operation or is that different in fuse?09:08
cjwatsonsuperm1: I can see at least one bug in that patch already10:12
cjwatson(the default updateInterface implementation doesn't return a boolean, which our run() expects10:12
cjwatsonsuperm1: I'm really not very happy about this patch, and I wish you'd asked before merging as now the history will be wonky10:13
cjwatsonevand: it should block or fail, but it is allowed to fail ...10:15
cjwatsonevand: there's umount -l, but I'm not sure if that's appropriate here10:15
cjwatson09:17 <mvo> cjwatson: my idea with the patch was that the mythbuntu folks use it, I don't think it should go into our CDs at this point10:18
cjwatson09:17 <mvo> cjwatson: that should read "that only they use it"10:18
evandsorry, what I said was a bit off.  What really confuses me is that it's returning that the device is busy when it's just copying files.  I though the only thing that caused an error was operations that would never end, like sitting in a directory that you're trying to unmount.10:26
evandof course I could be wrong about this assumption.  I haven't been able to reproduce the bug yet.10:26
evandbut I'll give it more thought in the later morning10:26
=== evand bed
=== cjwatson does timezone maths
cjwatsonevand: busy just means "something has a file open on this device"10:28
cjwatsonthe kernel doesn't attempt to figure out how long the relevant operation is likely to take10:29
evandSorry, I wasn't trying to say that it did, just that it only failed in circumstances like sitting in a directory that needs to be unmounted.  Whenever I unmount a volume it always waits for the writes to finish, then returns.  Is this not always the case?10:30
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xivulonevand, cjwatson, I uploaded also the wubi-cdboot version with autouninstaller10:34
xivulonrev329 is the one with uninstaller, rev328 is the one in the rc10:35
cjwatsonevand: no, it fails if somebody has a file handle open on the device too - that handle happening to be some process' current directory is just a special case of that10:35
cjwatsonxivulon: thanks10:35
evandbut, I'm guarenteed m-a is not running at that point10:36
cjwatsonevand: are you thinking of removable devices?10:36
cjwatsonoh, hmm10:36
evandas it's not forked10:36
xivulonplease test it well, and drop me an email if anything is wrong. I'd be particularly interested if you could reproduce the crashes mentioned by evand10:36
cjwatsonevand: where you might have cached writes still happening to USB, say?10:36
cjwatsonevand: ok, then I agree that shouldn't block unmount10:36
cjwatsonbut I think it's sane to work around it at this stage10:37
evandbut I'm thinking of that for the example10:37
evandin this case what I think is happening10:37
evandis that they have at least two partitions, and m-a runs on the first, then umount is called, but something is still chugging along and the umount fails10:38
evandthe first being ntfs10:38
evandof course it's late and I could be completely and wildly off10:38
evandI'm led to this conclusion as /mnt/migrationassistant is only used by m-a10:39
evandoh wow10:40
evandnevermind, thought I saw something10:41
cjwatsonyeah, it's possible10:44
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CIA-18oem-config: cjwatson * r376 oem-config/debian/ (59 files in 2 dirs): * Update translations from Rosetta.03:58
CIA-18ubiquity: superm1 * r2348 ubiquity/scripts/install.py: revert patch from mvo04:03
CIA-18ubiquity: superm1 * r2349 ubiquity/debian/changelog: cleanup changelog entry from reverted patch04:04
CIA-18oem-config: cjwatson * r377 oem-config/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.2304:08
cjwatsonow, those locale hacks in the mythbuntu_apply component are badly broken04:17
cjwatsonthey affect the entire frontend process04:17
cjwatsonoh well, it's your problem I guess04:18
CIA-18ubiquity: cjwatson * r2350 ubiquity/d-i/manifest: revert broken d-i/manifest change04:19
cjwatsonsuperm1: we'll upload 1.6.7 with those changes if ubiquity needs to be uploaded for something else, but at this point I don't know of anything04:20
cjwatsonevand: what's happening about that "passwords instead of full names" bug? it's still on the gutsy list04:20
superm1cjwatson, at this point, we needed something to at least let the install finish.  they are just workarounds for now until there is time to fully investigate them (the locale workarounds)04:20
evandit's fixed in gutsy and I'm testing my fix for it in Feisty04:20
cjwatsonevand: the bug is still open in gutsy; can you update the status so that it gets off the RMs' radar?04:21
superm1cjwatson, well since you'd prefer to keep mvo's patch just for us for now, we'll go off PPA for the rest of the gutsy cycle, so no rush on our end04:21
evandcjwatson: will do04:21
cjwatsonsuperm1: ok04:21
cjwatsonsuperm1: sorry for the awkwardness, but at this point I think most known ubiquity bugs are better than unknown ones :)04:22
cjwatsonevand: ah, the bug didn't get auto-closed by your m-a upload because there wasn't a migration-assistant task open on the bug04:22
superm1cjwatson, i agree.  i'd rather not break all of the normal live cd install from our project.  its a good thing that we are still building the cds ourselves for now since we have support to add the PPA into the builds04:23
=== cjwatson nods
cjwatsonit'd be sort of cool for that to be possible for datacentre CD builds (though not those for the main flavours, obviously)04:23
superm1but during the next cycle, i'd like to explore the proper way to add us to the cd build process and sort the rest of that out04:24
cjwatsonsuperm1: will you be at UDS?04:24
superm1cjwatson, yeah04:24
superm1all week04:24
cjwatsonsuperm1: I already need to sit down with the Ubuntu Studio folks, so might be good if you joined in too04:24
cjwatsonthough my schedule is likely to be tight, so we'll see what we can do04:24
superm1cjwatson, yeah, just let me know when you'd like to04:25
superm1i haven't even started to look at a list of sessions or anything, so i'm open right now04:25
evandugh, there doesn't seem to be any way to save state in migration-assistant in ubiquity.05:48
evandas it needs to run every time, filling in the questions as it goes, to discover what its options are05:48
cjwatsonevand: could you look at bug 149473, please? it got reopened with another problem that seems to be valid05:48
evandwill do05:48
cjwatsonevand: (if a workaround is possible, that would be fine at this point)05:50
cjwatson(and in fact preferable)05:50
evandfor noninteractive?05:51
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evandI'm not sure if they're trying to point out a documentation bug or if they're just playing with LP.07:13
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cjwatson_evand: we get a bunch of weird bugs like that; I don't know if it's spam or what - though the attachment is new08:38
cjwatson_I've rejected it anyway08:38
evandcjwatson_: I have a solution to saving state in m-a in ubiquity, but I think it's too big of a change for Gutsy.  I'll commit a fix for bug 151126 that just drops the user changes on m-a when going back to its page, and merge with my hardy branch when gutsy is released.  That is, if you think this sounds reasonable.09:18
evandTo give a little background to that, m-a used to save state in ubiquity by leaving the page as is if it had already been run, but this obviously doesn't work as the user could go back to the partitioning page and say, "format everything."09:19

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