bspencerno idea01:22
bspencersomeone in the mtg today01:23
bspencerthey might have said that Monday was the hard freeze01:23
kwwiiwell, afaik the rest of ubuntu freezes really hard on monday01:23
bspencerand I worked backward01:23
bspencerthat's probably the real story.01:23
kwwiiso we will still have some chance of fixing the hardcore shit on the weekend01:23
bspenceryes, that could be01:23
kwwiimy wife won't like it, but mark will01:23
kwwiiI think that we can get most of the stuff in tomorrow and finish any extra pieces or major problems over the weekend01:24
bspencersounds promising01:24
kwwiierm, so if I see a row of small icons with orange text underneath that is the html interface?01:25
bspencertry this:  can you get to a terminal?01:26
kwwiiyepp the terminal works01:26
bspencergconf-editor  (not sure if this is installed by default)01:26
bspencerhm, not sure how to set the theme w/o gconf-editor01:27
bspencerbut if you set the theme to hildon-theme-mobile-basic, your buttons will get the nice background graphics01:27
bspencerby default it is set to "Human"01:27
bspencerI use gconf-editor, but I don't this is installed on the target by default01:27
kwwiierm, not installed by default...what is the root pswd?01:27
kwwiilol, just hit enter01:28
bspencerthe gconf key is desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_theme01:28
bspencerstrong security01:28
kwwiido I need to restart after the change?01:30
bspencertheme change?01:31
bspencershouldn't 01:31
bspencerbackground and theme should auto-switch01:31
bspencer(if your background is slightly brown, go to control panel and pick black)01:31
kwwiihrm, that did not work01:35
kwwiiouch, the control panel does not come up either01:36
kwwiibut the darn keyboard does again and again01:36
bspenceryes! I hate that01:36
bspencerwe need to turn off the keyboard autolaunch01:37
bspencerI'll note it on the growing to do list01:37
kwwiithere is no menu at all, I guess that is intentional01:37
bspencerMithrandir, the keyboard starts too easily.  Can you disable autolaunch?01:37
bspencerkwwii, just jumps home01:37
bspencerif you are running an app, hit home and it goes there01:38
bspencerto get the control panel, you have to install "moblin-applets"   ToddBrandt do you know if there is already a moblin-applets version in ubuntu ?01:38
kwwiifunky, I set the gconf key to hildon-theme-mobile-basic and is does not seem to change anything01:38
ToddBrandtbspencer: moblin-applets 0.7 is already in ubuntu gutsy01:39
bspencerToddBrandt, kwwii is using the Ubuntu image and can't launch control panel from the UI01:39
ToddBrandtbspencer: Do you mean that the controlpanel process doesn't exist or does nothing, or that the control panel comes up but with nothing in it?01:40
kwwiiToddBrandt: it says "Starting Control Panel" but nothing comes up01:41
kwwiithe same thing happens with Notepad01:41
kwwiieverything else seems to work though01:41
bspencerkwwii, can you run this from a terminal:   apt-cache policy moblin-applets01:41
ToddBrandthmm, sounds like a hildon-desktop of xhost issue01:42
ToddBrandtI saw that initially when use ume didn't have permission to populate the GUI, try xhost +01:42
ToddBrandtthat was a  long time ago though01:42
kwwiibspencer: it says "installed: (none)01:43
bspencerkwwii, one other check01:43
bspencerapt-cache policy moblin-notes01:43
bspencerprobably also missing01:44
kwwiiunable to locate package01:44
bspencerok.  so moblin-applets is in ubuntu, but not in the "full-mobile-stack" fset01:44
bspencerand moblin-notes isn't in ubuntu01:45
bspencerkwwii, apt-get install moblin-applets01:46
bspencerthen you should be able to start control panel01:46
bspencerand notes is out of reach01:46
kwwiiyepp, that works now01:47
bspencerthese are the steps we're documenting for the Gen-Y'ers.  It's not just a mobile device, but it takes a lot of extra love and attention to get it going01:49
bspencerif we market it right we're sure it will be a hit.01:49
=== doko_ [n=doko@dslb-088-073-090-033.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
kwwiilol, no doubt01:51
kwwiifor some reason changing the gconf key does not change anything01:52
kwwiibut that is not the end of the world for now01:52
bspencermaybe the theme doesn't have the graphics I think it should01:52
kwwiialso, I can close any app except the terminal with the X in the top right corner01:52
kwwiihave to kill that with control-d01:52
bspencercheck /usr/share/theme/mobilebasic/images/mb_gridhome*01:53
bspencerthere should be 3 png's 01:53
kwwiiyepp, they are there01:54
bspencerok, then you are not setting the right key somehow01:54
bspenceror there's another problem01:54
bspencerdid you use gconf-editor?01:55
kwwiiyepp, and when I open it again it shows the hildon-theme-mobile-basic in that key01:56
kwwiiin desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_theme01:56
bspencerlet me check something01:57
bspencerthe package is called hildon-theme-mobile-basic01:57
bspencerthe theme name (and /usr/share/themes/<theme>) is "mobilebasic"01:58
bspencerand joila!01:58
=== bspencer can predict the future
bspencerTo tweak the layout, you can play with the values in /usr/share/mobile-basic-flash/grid_home.js02:01
bspencerthis is where spacing and graphic image sizes are stored.  The only thing I know that works is changing the spacing between buttons.02:01
bspencerbut if you find a value you like as the default , I'll update it02:01
kwwiihrm, changing that key to mobilebasic still did not fix anything02:02
bspencerok.  now you're yanking my chain02:02
kwwiibut anyway02:02
bspencerwe can debug it if you like02:02
kwwiime? I try to stay away from your chain02:02
bspencerin the same file above is the callback for theme change02:02
bspencerin /usr/share/mobile-basic-flash/grid_home.js02:02
kwwiienough for today02:03
bspencerif you want you could put a call to "alert ('got here')" inside the "updateTheme" function02:03
kwwiiI am dead02:03
kwwiiI just put a package with lots of little pixmaps and an messed up gtkrc on my server02:03
bspencerok.  I'll try to put that as my theme.02:04
bspencerand see what magic happens02:04
kwwiiit might make a few text colors too dark for now, but I can fix that easily tomorrow02:04
kwwiithat should make your browser nice and unusably dark02:05
bspencerok.  02:05
StevenKbspencer: Hi! I'm that elusive Australian working on -mobile stuff.02:08
kwwiiman, I know I am up too late if the Australians are waking up02:08
kwwiinight all02:08
StevenKHah. Night.02:08
bspencerStevenK, howdy02:09
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dholbachgood morning08:54
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bspenceranyone online here create images using image-creator?09:19
Pc_Madnessyep, but not recently09:21
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bspencerI was just wondering if you needed gutsy to run image-creator09:26
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Peter_u3bspencer, ping10:00
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Peter_u3ok. Cool. One strange thing, my current desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_theme is NOT set to mobilebasic , why marquee get displayed correctlY?10:02
pwnguinhi. i've got a question about moblin-image-creator. what's the difference between mccaslin and menlow, and does it matter on a system that isn't either of those?10:03
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pwnguini was under the impression that ubuntu mobile would be compatible with most things i386, but if the images built are going to be highly specific in that reguard..10:07
=== spheric [n=spheric@] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
Mithrandirpwnguin: different kernels.  And yes, lpia is binary compatible with i386.10:33
pwnguinhmm. moblin-i-c is a bit... unfinished10:44
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pwnguinoh. what i ran into is a known limitation10:45
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amitklool: what machines have hibernate broken? bug numbers? I have working hibernate on my Thinkpads12:51
loolamitk: I didn't file a bug because I coudn't reproduce the same thing twice and because downgrading the kernel didn't help12:59
loolamitk: My hardware is a desktop PC with a G33 chipset (an Asus MB, P5K-V)12:59
loolamitk: One of the thing which /might/ be interfering could be the USB UPS, so I filed a bug on that01:00
loolI spent too much time in trying to diagnose the issue and came out with almost no information, so I decided to cut the time drain01:00
loolThe only barely relevant thing I have is a photo of my screen with "Power down" as the last message and nothing happening01:01
=== matt_c [n=mcroydon@gozur.sunflowerbroadband.com] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
loolamitk: I'll he away for lunch now, but if you have pointers to a procedure I could follow to gather more information on my hibernate issue, that would be interesting01:08
amitklool: Could you see if you get something from the procedure at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspend ?01:10
loolamitk: Thanks01:41
Mithrandirlool: I found the mesa problem01:54
loolMithrandir: Cool; would be curious to hear what you had to do when you're done :)01:55
bspencerkwwii, ping02:00
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kwwiibspencer: pong02:32
bspencerkwwii, howdy. I answer my own question02:34
bspencerand the answer was "black"02:34
bspencerwe checked out your stuff. 02:34
bspencerpeter is sending you a status02:35
kwwiiI'll send you some new pics for the html interface02:35
kwwiiI think the main problem is that the menu text is too dark, or?02:35
bspencerbasically a package with your template pics and all the pics we want added02:35
bspencerI don't mind the menu but you were right about the browser 02:35
bspencerkind of dark02:35
kwwiiprobably the quickest way to get things done02:35
bspencerand he worked on the tools too02:35
kwwiiyeah, I have talked to others who use a black interface and that seems to be a problem with the whole black thing02:36
kwwiiI think that we will need different gtkrcs for different apps02:36
bspencerhe's penning his email now, so that should be enlightening for both of us02:36
bspenceryes -- I tried to get that to work02:36
bspencerI would like to figure that out02:36
bspencerin fact I played with the gtkrc files in the theme for an hour just trying to add a new one called "gtkrc.mid02:36
kwwiiare we going to try to use these tools for this release or are we just going to include pics for now and work on the tools later?02:36
bspencerwithout luck02:36
kwwiiI hate gtkrc02:37
loolMithrandir: Apart of mesa, libgtk2-perl also seems to be missing on lpia; it failed to build in the testsuite; I see some errors that do not seem lpia specific though, and it also failed on hppa02:37
bspencerwell, Peter_u3 can explain what he recommends.  I think you use the tools to splice the template for hildon graphics, and then hand-tweak the other ones for marquee if you want02:37
bspencer(or leave them alone ... they are all black too.. your call)02:37
kwwiiright, I started looking into tweaking them already02:38
bspencerI had trouble setting the default gconf values for the theme and the background color02:38
bspencerbut hopefully someone can help me later today02:38
bspencerwhen in doubt, the back is black02:38
kwwiibspencer: one question - are the icons that jason made done directly on the marquee background or are they overlayed on the bg pic?02:39
bspencerI put the graphics from jason in the theme/images directory and edited gtkrc02:39
bspenceris that what you are asking?   02:39
bspencerso there are 3 states for the images for buttons in the marquee02:39
=== tmarble [n=tmarble@user-38q4et6.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
bspencerhandled by the theme, not in the code02:39
bspenceroh, and there is a background pic too02:40
bspencerbut the button images are currently the full width of the button02:40
kwwiiright, that answers my question02:40
bspencerso when you press the button, the whole area changes to another image02:40
kwwiiI'll send off new pics for the html interface in a couple of minutes, after that (and lunch) I'll get to work on the marquee02:41
bspencerkwwii, ok02:42
bspencerI might be out for a few hours to catch some Z's02:42
kwwiino worries...will you be available sometime over the weekend?02:42
bspencerI'll be around and online02:43
kwwiiI'll keep feeding you with graphics :-)02:43
Mithrandirlool: at the risk of asking "are we there yet"; how's the new hildon-desktop going?02:48
loolMithrandir: I'm building the lpia chroot02:48
loolUpdating hildon-desktop shouldn't take long02:49
loolI'm looking at libgtk2-perl while the chroot builds02:49
Mithrandirlool: I'm heading out relativetly soonish, so you might have to talk to davidm about testing it.02:49
Mithrandiryou can upload to universe, right?02:49
=== guardian [n=Guardian@mar44-1-87-90-32-28.dsl.club-internet.fr] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
loolMithrandir: But I could perhaps someone else to sponsor it02:49
Mithrandirif you get somebody to do it, then please, if not tell me and I'll get it when I get back online.02:50
davidmMithrandir, I still have limited access to chinstrap02:50
loolI'll try wrapping it now and upload it so that you can review it before you leave if I'm fast enough02:50
Mithrandirlool: sounds good.02:50
bspencerlool, any questions for me about hildon-desktop before I take off for a few hrs?02:51
Mithrandirdavidm: we're just talking about installing some prepared .debs on your q1, you shouldn't need chinstrap access for that.02:51
davidmMithrandir, lool I'll be off-line for a bit, driving my wife to airport.02:51
loolbspencer: I don't think so; any other package to look at?02:51
loolbspencer: Err you pushed new changes today?02:51
loolbspencer: Where should I stop pulling?02:52
bspencerlool, I didn't touch launchpad version of hildon-desktop02:52
loolbspencer: I mean in the git repo02:52
bspencerhold a sec02:52
bspencerhttp://moblin.org/repos/develop/hildon-desktop-0.0.43.git/   is the repo we updated02:52
bspencerthis is from the most recent upstream hildon02:53
bspencerand small patches for UME02:53
loolbspencer: Yes, it's the one I'm pulling from, but what exactly do I need to merge?  Anything I pulled right now?02:53
bspencerthere are 3 other packages that we are hoping to get updated today that we know will work with this version02:54
bspencermjg59 said he'd do those02:54
loolAlso, it doesn't look like it was created via git-svn, what was it created against exactly?  The tarball .43 in the maemo archive?02:54
bspencerhm, I didn't create it, and the engineer who did just took off02:55
bspencerI assume he started with a manual svn update from the archive02:55
loolbspencer: I'll compare the initial import with the tarball theen02:55
loolThe git log starts with:     0.0.43 pristine files release02:55
bspencerhoraceli, will be back online in an hour or two after his dinner02:56
loolbspencer: Ok; thanks02:56
loolbspencer: Good Z02:57
bspencerlool, and fyi.  we also are pushing for updates via mjg59 for  moblin-basic-flash, marquee-plugins, and hildon-theme-mobile-basic that we have tested with this version02:58
bspencerok.  I'm heading out02:58
kwwiibspencer: just sent you the button pics with a note about the color of the background (not needing to be totally black)02:58
kwwiisleep well :-)02:58
lool*naturally* the .43 tarball went away from maemo.org, blah02:59
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Peter_u3kwwii, you there? I would like give you new package but it's too big, any way I can give you.03:13
Peter_u3kwwii, don't care above message.03:14
kwwiiPeter_u3: hehe, ok03:18
kwwiiPeter_u3: in your email I see two "warning.html" which both say that some autogen.sh's were not included because they are not allowed to be attached, is that important for me?03:20
Peter_u3Sure, I will send in separate mail soon.03:20
kwwiicool, I am going out for lunch now, be back in a bit03:22
Peter_u3kwwii, I'm heading out home. see ya03:22
loolMithrandir: Hmm there are three ways conflicts with respect to the data/*.conf files which make the initial layout; I'm quite sure I'll break things03:37
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loolUhoh there's a new build-dep on a package we don't have maemo-launcher-dev04:37
suihkulokkilool: you can ignore that if you disable the maemo-launcher stuff from debian/rules04:50
loolsuihkulokki: Thanks; found that change in the intel tree too!04:51
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loolmjg59: Around?05:57
=== irreplaceable [n=kevintw@221-169-13-105.adsl.static.seed.net.tw] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
mjg59lool: Yo06:04
loolhoraceli: Around?06:15
loolHi rustyl 06:19
davidmrustyl, do you know when horaceli might be around?  We have some issues merging code that perhaps he can help with06:22
rustyldavidm, if he is not around right now, then he most likely will not be around till around 5:30 PST.  Horace works out of Shanghia06:23
rustyldavidm, the last entry i see from horace was 5 hours ago, telling bob that he would be back tomorrow06:25
=== sabotage [i=sabotage@nat/intel/x-eaef9315a7d6eabf] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
davidmrustyl, thanks, I was not sure where in the world he was06:30
rustylquestion for the crowd.... is the freeze in effect yet?  Are we too late for pushing updates from last nights work?06:31
=== Peter__ [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
mjg59rustyl: No, it should be fine06:31
rustylmjg59, ok, i see some more changes in moblin-media since i went to bed...  I am now starting to test them06:32
mjg59Anything that's UME-only can pretty much skip the freeze until we're actually building images06:32
Peter__Mithrandir, you around?06:32
=== Inuka___ [i=chatzill@nat/intel/x-997807ea15143ac1] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
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rustyldavidm, were you trying to find horace because of the conflict with the button image installed by both the theme package and moblin-media?06:43
davidmlool, is have a merge issue, perhaps he can explain it.06:44
rustyloh... i thought it might have been something i just stumbled across06:44
rustyli forgot you said it was a merge issue06:45
=== Peter__ [n=chatzill@] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
rustyllool, sorry, for some reason i can see private messages but my replies are dropped. I'm afraid i will not be able to help with the merge since i haven't been working with that code base06:48
loolrustyl: I guess you're not registered on freenode06:50
loolrustyl: /query nickserv and identify06:50
loolrustyl: Thanks anyway! :)06:50
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Peter__kwwii, you there?06:55
Inukaamitk, ping07:07
loolMithrandir: If you're not out of time, could you give a shot to the hildon-desktop I just pushed?  It's the merge with the upstream branch of hildon-desktop up to 0.0.43 + one rev to match the beginning of Intel's git tree07:08
MithrandirI don't have my setup right here now, sorry.07:09
MithrandirPeter__: momentarily.07:09
loolOkay; it will have to be tested before uploading to gutsy then07:09
MithrandirDavid can do that07:10
Peter__Mithrandir, ok07:10
mjg59rustyl: Let me know when you're happy for stuff to be pushed and I'll do so07:11
mjg59I'm just going to grab some food07:11
rustylok... i'm removing some images that are now in the theme (and are conflicting)07:11
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kwwiiPeter__: heading out for dinner in a bit07:21
kwwiiPeter__: I can't seem to get the new stuff running07:21
kwwiinot sure what the problem is07:21
kwwiierm, now I see it07:22
kwwiiwhen I restart hildon-desktop it rereads the gtk2_rc_files env07:22
Peter__kwwii, ?? what's going on?07:22
Peter__you should restart hildon-desktop. You'd better kill desktop then restart ume-gui-start.07:23
kwwiifirst I need to see that the variable sticks I guess07:23
Peter__anyway, can you successfully install layout and then ume-basic package?07:24
Peter__If yes, then set GTKRC2_RC_FILES env and gconf key and matchbox theme pointing out ume-basic theme as I wrote in that mail07:25
Peter__And then restart ume-gui-start?07:25
Peter__no "?"07:26
kwwiiright, I did the other stuff but I needed to add the env to my .profile to make it stick07:27
kwwiihrm, some things are black, some are not07:27
kwwiierm, what is ume-bui-start?07:28
kwwiiI do not see a process called that07:28
Peter__it's in /usr/share/ume-common-config/, you should use latest ume-common-config package. 07:29
Peter__kwwii, some are not black? which ones? 07:30
kwwiithe window frames and the menus are dark07:31
kwwiibut other parts are not, like the browser toolbar, etc07:31
kwwiiI am upgrading now07:32
kwwiiI have been afraid to update every day for fear of the nasty bugs which slip in :-)07:32
kwwiibut I just made this image late last night07:32
kwwiinow I see how much changes in so few hours07:33
Peter__toolbar,it's black in my side. 07:34
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kwwiilol, now I have two marquees :p07:40
kwwiiyou definitely want to kill the ume-gui-start before starting another :p07:40
Peter__sure, kwwii :)07:41
Peter__I suggest write a simple shell file to kill mb, hd and sampwood after you ctrl+c gui. kill -9 `pidof mb`.....07:44
kwwiilol, dude, I am an artist :p07:44
kwwiiwhere is the GTK2_RC_FILES set?07:44
Peter__just export it.07:45
kwwiievery time I kill hildon-desktop it gets reset to the old value07:45
Peter__really? it's not that possible. If yes, you might have to re-set again.07:46
Peter__So kwwii, as you talke toolbar of mid-browser, which parts are not black?07:48
kwwiithe toolbar is not07:48
kwwiibut for instance, the window which shows that the browser is starting is black and orange07:48
kwwiinone of the widgets themselves are black07:48
Peter__toolbar totally not black?07:49
kwwiitotally white looking07:49
kwwiiboah, but the gconf-editor comes up dark07:49
Peter__ok, let's quit irc here to enter intel machine to double check. one minute07:49
Peter__my chatzilla seems not accept intel proxy anyway.07:50
=== Peter__ [n=chatzill@] has left #ubuntu-mobile []
smagounI'm having trouble with my LPIA image, it quits with the following:07:55
smagounGConf Error: Type mismatch: Expected `string' got `list' for key /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/kbd/options07:55
smagounanyone know where that value is initially set?07:55
Peter_u3kwwii, yes,it's black in my side, for mid-browser toolbar, totally black.07:58
kwwiiPeter_u3: I added that export to the top of ume-gui-start script and it is all black now08:01
kwwiiproblem solved08:01
Peter_u3kwwii, good news. great. So now can you check if any other issues in your side?08:02
kwwiiPeter_u3: yepp, I will have to tweak a few values in the gtkrc and finish up the pixmaps for the marquee but generally speaking we are *much+ further from where we were yesterday08:03
kwwiiof course, we will need to set all these values per default but for now it works08:03
kwwiiI will make a new template and therefor new gtkrc values and send them to you tomorrow08:04
Peter_u3yes, you can ask bob for setting them default. Actually I wrote some in my mail. But bob might have more info.08:04
kwwiiI'll ping him when he wakes up :-)08:04
kwwiitime now to take my wife to dinner08:05
kwwiithanks for the help08:05
kwwiigreat work08:05
Peter_u3kwwii, good. thanks. Time to sleep for me. welcome. One last questionl you are in German?08:05
kwwiinope, I am american but I live in germany08:06
kwwiigermarican I guess08:06
Peter_u3hehe, cool. 08:06
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bspencerlool, ping08:22
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loolbspencer: pong08:37
loolbspencer: (it was dinner here)08:37
bspencerlool, it was nap time here08:37
loolbspencer: Good that you're here08:37
bspencerlool, I hear that we should chat08:37
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Inukaping, amitk10:57
amitkInuka: I just replied to your email10:58
Inukaamitk ,thanks10:58
=== lucasr [n=lucasr@cs164220.pp.htv.fi] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
Inukaamitk, doing that results in the same error....    , even gives the error if I set the architechture to lpia11:00
amitkInuka: you got this kernel from kernel.ubuntu.com?11:00
Inukano, I did apt-get source inside a mcilin image....   I was not sure if the generic kernel from the there would just work. 11:01
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amitkInuka: that should work too, so you got 2.6.22-14?11:02
amitkInuka: what machine are you trying to compile on? Are you trying this inside a lpiacompat chroot?11:03
Inukaamitk, yes copied the config file over from /boot just to be sure, patched it and keeps on giving this. Tried it within a shell in image creator as well as on a physical machine11:03
amitkInuka: aah, that is your problem I think. Delete the .config and try the command I suggested11:04
Inukaamitk, I still get the error :( , let me try a different kernel version. Thanks for the help11:06
amitkInuka: once you apt-get source a kernel, do NOT use the in-kernel build system. So do not copy over a .config, or do a make menuconfig, etc. Instead run the fakeroot command and if there are additional config options, you will be prompted11:07
amitkGood luck and have a good weekend. It's midnight in my part of the world :) Good night.11:08
Inukaamitk, oh ok...  let me clea nit up and start again....   , you too. 11:08
amitkInuka: best to delete the whole thing and do and apt-get source again.11:09
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Inukaamitk, thanks again will try that out11:12
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