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gibI'm tearing my hair out trying to get mythtv to work with a ADS PTV-305 tuner (hardware MPEG2 and uses blackbird drivers).02:10
gibThe kernel seems to load all the blackbird drivers, OK, and even says it uploads the firmware OK.02:11
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gibBut when I choose "Watch TV" I get nothing but a blank screen.02:11
gibI even ran mplayer /dev/video1 and it played the firt TV channel (2), so the kernel drivers must be OK.  Not sure what the problem is with MythTV though.02:13
tgm4883_laptop_gib, feisty or gutsy?02:15
gibI'm using MythBuntu, as a matter of fact, which uses xbuntu gusty as it's base.02:17
MitoTraningib: what do you have your tuner set to in myth-setup?02:30
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gibI've tried just about every combination, but right now I have it set to an MPEG2 card, because I want to use the hardware encoding.  I assume that's the right choice.02:32
giband /dev/video1, since that's the one to use for the hardware encoder.02:33
MitoTraninthat's an HDTV card, right?02:33
MitoTraninif so, then you don't want it to be mpeg2, you want it to be dvb02:33
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tgm4883_laptopheh, good catch MitoTranin02:33
MitoTraninHDTV *cannot* be put into mpeg2, it's just a straight data stream02:34
MitoTraninmpeg2 is for analog recordings02:34
gibNo, it's analog02:34
MitoTraninare you sure you have the right model above then?02:34
MitoTraninthe mythtv page for that card mentions it as HDTV:  http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/ADS_Tech_Instant_TV_Deluxe_-_PTV30502:34
MitoTraninsorry, no, I read that wrong02:35
mungewellHi all. So I check out the LCDproc status of mythbuntu.... just as bad as Mythdora :-( Thinking some more today (ie. without access to machine) does MythTV support mouse/touchscreen control?02:35
MitoTraninit says that if you have this card, your HDTV card won't work02:35
MitoTraninI assumed that meant that this card was HDTV, but re-reading it, it sounds like it could be the other way around02:35
gibI already read the wiki, that's why I bought the card.  It made it sound like the like the only issue to worry about was to get the firmware loaded, and that seems to have happened form the dmesg output02:36
MitoTraninmungewell: MythTV does allow you to press buttons with a mouse, yes02:36
MitoTraninbut as far as I know, there's no interface for changing channels etc via mouse02:36
MitoTranindunno,... brb, gotta put a kid in bed02:37
mungewellMitoTranin: so.... using VNC on a touch screen portable would work?02:37
mungewellI don't have TV input, just play pre-recorded media and internet streams.02:38
MitoTraninmungewell: if you can get a touchscreen that has arrow keys it should work02:42
MitoTranin(not many, but some will have a small touchpad for directional keys)02:42
MitoTraningib: sounds like you're getting the same as this guy then?  http://www.mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2007-July/188305.html02:44
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gibYes, I am.02:46
gibI haven't checked my mythbackend.log file though.  Where is that located?02:46
MitoTraninuh... my best suggestion would be to email him and see if he ever figured it out then, because I don't see anyone posting a solution for it02:46
MitoTraningib: /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log02:47
gibI guess I'd better.  It sucks having a card that's not common.02:47
gibBut I don't have lots of choices in low profile cards with hardware encoders.02:48
MitoTraninyep... I'm kinda in the same boat02:48
MitoTraningot a great usb tuner that is said to be fully supported in mythtv etc02:48
MitoTraninonly to find out that it does have awesome mythtv support... built right into the myth-setup options...02:48
MitoTraninbut the linux drivers for it haven't been updated in over a year and don't work anymore02:49
gibI can't even use usb because it don't even have 2.0 on that machine.02:49
gibyeah, unless a lot of users use it, it can get broken and go unnoticed by any dev.02:49
mungewellMitoTranin: In my mind I thinking more along the lines of a pen (or finger) interface. Probably not supported at present, but would make one hell of a remote control that mirrored the menus seen on the screen and when playing TV/Video would present a simple interface to allow jumping to location/etc.02:50
MitoTraninmungewell: why not use a remote that does that?02:50
MitoTraninyou can program palm pilots to be remotes etc, that might work02:51
gibThe IR blaster that came with the card isn't working either, even though it's listed as a choice in the Mythbuntu setup.02:51
mungewell1. I'm too cheap to spend out on fancy devices.... 2.  ... well that's about it ;-)02:52
MitoTraninI picked up my remote for a whole $902:52
MitoTraninand it has *decent* (but not great) support02:52
gibWhat kind is it?02:53
MitoTranin(BUT, a disclaimer, I haven't gotten it working yet because I keep having problems with my IR receivers)02:53
mungewellI'd like to get a low power device which would enable my to navigate MythTV without having the main screen turned on. Have a large DLP and don't want to run all day when listening to streams/audio and not good for it to turn on/off all the time.02:53
MitoTraninthe one on the right02:53
MitoTraninah, I gotcha02:54
MitoTraninso why not dual-monitor it with a cheap monitor and have it down behind the couch or something?02:54
mungewellI'm happy to run an old Palm or Palmtop to connect wired or wireless to control the myth box.02:54
MitoTraninthe problem with a palm would be getting the display to show up on the palm02:55
MitoTraninI must have missed that part, I thought you said you just wanted a touchscreen style remote interface02:55
mungewellPower requirements is the main requirement. We're off grid and have to make every watt we use.02:55
gibYeah, my problem is with the receiver too.  Don't think a driver is being loaded for it, which is funny since it's listed as an option in mythbuntu setup--figued it would be auto configured.02:56
MitoTraninmissed where you want the display to actually show up on the remote/palm/thingy02:56
gibIt's a usb ir blaster02:56
mungewellMitoTranin: nope, that's what I was thinking. Don't need motion video, but do want menus.02:56
MitoTraningib: is your usb functional?02:56
MitoTraninmungewell: but since the menus are dynamic, you do need it to be an actual display though...02:57
gibYeah, but it's only 1.1.  Wouldn't want to use it for data transer, but it's fine for something like a remote.02:57
mungewellIf I push the idea really far, you could even do .Net VNC on cell phone connected via bluetooth.02:57
MitoTraninhow's that?02:58
gibThe usb detects it, I just don't think that triggers a kernel module to be loaded.02:58
MitoTraningib: you need to make sure that either hotplug or udev are working02:58
MitoTraninand that the firmware for the ir-blaster is being properly loaded02:58
giband I'm not sure which module should be loaded.02:59
mungewellMitoTranin: not bad... $99, what's that CDN? $80 ;-)02:59
MitoTraninmungewell: if you used that for the display, you could then use a standard remote for the controling02:59
MitoTraninor if you want wired, you could use a simple game-pad03:00
gibwell I could just modprobe it to see if it works.   You know what driver I should use?03:00
MitoTraninnot a clue03:00
MitoTraninsorry guys, gotta run for a bit...03:00
mungewellMitoTranin: thanks for the help. I'll post the forums if I get anything working.03:01
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therethinker$daily foxbunut04:26
therethinker$daily foxbuntu04:26
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therethinker$daily foxbuntu04:28
mythbot/me throws foxbuntu into a flaming pit, and forces him to answer questions on #ubuntu-mythtv without using me OR ubotu!04:28
foxbuntutherethinker, stop that04:34
foxbuntu$poke therethinker04:34
mythbot/me stabs therethinker violently with a rusty spoon04:34
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NSVOEanyone here04:46
mythbotAlthough I didn't know, ubotu says: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)04:46
NSVOEcan myth tv be use on 2 diffrent tv's at the same time by one box?04:47
mythbotWelcome to #Ubuntu-mythtv.  Please state your question or comment.04:47
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tgm4883You've got mail04:49
tgm4883foxbuntu, we've got a live one04:51
NSVOEso yeah, can you do that04:51
tgm4883do what?04:51
NSVOEdon't tell me you didn't see all of tha04:51
frank_anyone know how the 'match duplicates using subtitles' feature works? Does it record the whole show, the check if its a duplicate? or does it stop the recirding at some point?     And are the subtitles kept after a show is deleted?04:51
NSVOEone computer04:51
NSVOE2 tvs04:52
NSVOE2 remotes04:52
NSVOEand i want to watch tv and do stuff at the same time04:52
NSVOEon each tv04:52
NSVOEhas it ben done04:53
tgm4883so you want to have the shows displaying on the desktop.  And have each tv display the desktop and different shows?04:53
NSVOEkind of04:54
tgm4883it's a very complicated setup and I don't think there is much documentation.  Some people have been successful in running dual screens and having mythtv show on one screen and keeping the desktop on the other04:55
NSVOEi want each tv to basicly have their own control as if they had a seprate box there04:56
NSVOEgranted i am not dumb i would have 2 graphics cards04:57
foxbuntunsvoe you are going to need to setup xineorama or something similar04:57
foxbuntuyet you wont be able to use remotes04:57
tgm4883i dont' know if lirc can handle that04:57
NSVOEthe cards come with remotes04:57
foxbuntuand you can only spawn one mythfrontend session per machine04:57
foxbuntulirc can only handle one remote at a time04:58
foxbuntumeaning one remote kernel mode running04:58
tgm4883well you can spawn a second mythfrontend, but you would need a way to seperate the audio04:58
NSVOEwhat about a virtual mechine with 2 linuxes04:58
tgm4883which could be done via seperate sound cards04:59
tgm4883I think it's more trouble than it's worth04:59
NSVOEi like yours better04:59
foxbuntuNSVOE, you would be better off building a second machine04:59
tgm4883+1 for foxbuntu04:59
NSVOEi was hoping that myth tv would auto devide with 2 cards05:00
tgm4883NSVOE, help me visualize what your trying to accomplish05:00
tgm4883AFAIK there is no way that LIRC can send remote events to a specified mythfrontend05:01
NSVOEi'm watching tv in the den and my friend watching wresteling in another room05:01
tgm4883so you would lose your remote control unless you did it via keyboard05:01
tgm4883HD or SD?05:01
tgm4883not that it matters05:02
NSVOEbasic tv05:02
tgm4883because it's definetly not happening with HD05:02
tgm4883and with SD, you should pick up a cheap 1 GHz machine to use as a frontend05:02
tgm4883it's really way more work than your thinking05:02
tgm4883what are your machine specs?05:03
NSVOEi'll build it, but it is going to be micro quiet atx05:03
NSVOEso that's what i am gathering at the moment05:03
NSVOEthe specs05:04
tgm4883IMHO, it's not worth it then.  You would have to literally buy two of almost everything anyway05:04
NSVOEbut i was hoping i could pull off something special and use like a p4 or something05:04
tgm4883the few things that you would buy one of are motherboard, ram, cpu, ps05:05
foxbuntuNSVOE, nope...MythTV was designed around the concept of Frontend and Backend devices for scability05:05
tgm4883then your seriously looking at hours of setup which isn't guarenteed to work anyway05:05
tgm4883and you won't get LIRC to do what you want05:06
foxbuntuNSVOE, trust me on this one...I am a gluton for punishment and have tried several of the things you are talking about...the dual monitors alone can consume several hours of work05:06
tgm4883After the base install, I see an additional 20+ hours of research and work to get something to proof of concept state05:06
tgm4883which IMHO isn't exactly a state I would be happy with05:07
NSVOEok i have 2 4 port hd vedio cards and onboard sound with extra hd audio05:07
foxbuntubuild a basic backend server and a really cheap frontend and put a frontend on both05:07
NSVOEwith a 700 gb hd05:07
foxbuntuNSVOE, let me make this simple...05:08
NSVOEeach vedio card has hardware acceleration05:08
NSVOEwith upgraded memory05:08
NSVOEi have the hardware05:09
NSVOEi need the software05:09
foxbuntuNSVOE, you are welcome to use our software to attempt to make it work, however you will not find support from us (i.e. spending lots of our time on this for you) to make it all work05:09
NSVOEooh and i have 2 gig of mem05:09
tgm4883NSVOE, are you capable enough to code in python05:09
tgm4883ok then05:10
tgm4883this is what you need to do05:10
tgm4883you have 2 options05:10
NSVOEi can't do much but i take direction well05:10
NSVOEi know huh05:11
NSVOE2 boxes or hours of codeing that might break my cards05:12
foxbuntuNSVOE, I don't mean to sounds like a prick, but the fact of the matter is this software was not designed what you want to do, and I don't refer to that as Mythbuntu but its peices...Lirc, MythTV, tuner drivers, or IR Driver05:12
tgm4883A)  Install mythbuntu, setup xorg for dual x environments, setup each mythtv in a different account, setup each mythtv to use a different sound card.  If you want remote support, then you will have to hire a programmer to make you a custom IR receiving program05:12
tgm4883B) make a seperate box for a second frontend05:13
tgm4883The biggest hurdle is setting up the dual environments05:13
foxbuntuwhich will consume mucho ram05:14
tgm4883what tuner cards?05:14
frank_just reading this...  for A) you could use wireless keyboards instead of remotes and have this work. I have no idea how to separate the sound though.05:14
NSVOEwell for one i could seperate the chanels05:15
tgm4883NSVOE, what TV tuners?05:16
MitoTraninNSVOE: I've been reading a little while catching up on email etc...  and let me make this one simple observation...05:16
MitoTraninyou said you have two 4-port HD tuner cards05:16
NSVOEum....the graphics card that have tv tuners n them one in port  and 2 out ports05:17
MitoTraninthat costs a chunk of change... so you're obviously not short on cash.05:17
tgm4883NSVOE, what brand?05:17
MitoTraninthis means the reason for you to not do two frontends shouldn't be cost05:17
tgm4883NSVOE, what model?05:17
MitoTranineven if it is, you said you were hoping to be able to use a P4 or something... well, that doesn't fit with your ultra-low noise that you wanted05:17
NSVOEnot really i got them off of a guys computer that he had a chunck of change and didn't want them05:18
tgm4883NSVOE, are they all in wonder cards?05:18
MitoTraninalso, you can buy 2 VIA motherboards that can be ran fanless with built-in cpu's for cheaper than the cost of a single P4 motherboard+cpu combo05:18
NSVOEi'll need to see, i don't think so05:18
foxbuntuMitoTranin, your mirror server ready to go?05:19
MitoTraninyou said that you take direction well... yet everyone has been suggesting, and some telling, you that what you are wanting to do is impractical, over-your-head technically, and very simply against the entire design of MythTV...05:20
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: yes, good to go05:20
NSVOEok, i'm an IT, and i don't know that concept05:20
MitoTranindid a manual rsync this afternoon05:20
NSVOEvia motherboards05:20
MitoTraninVIA motherboards05:20
MitoTraninVIA is a company that makes chipsets etc05:20
=== tgm4883 sighs
MitoTraninthey also make motherboards with built-in processors05:20
foxbuntuMitoTranin, great thanks05:20
NSVOElike via the train via the the server room on fire05:21
foxbuntuMitoTranin, sorry...superm1 has be being his mirror nazi tonight05:21
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: not a problem :)  it's important that everyone is synced up for tomorrow :)05:21
NSVOEare they old ? fast05:21
NSVOElinkns pls05:21
MitoTraninfoxbuntu: I do have mine set to rsync daily at midnight PST time btw05:21
foxbuntuMitoTranin, ok05:22
foxbuntuMitoTranin, I need to do the same as well05:22
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propagandhigood day people05:27
=== Wy|laptop [n=wy@host-243-250.resnet.pdx.edu] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
mythbotWelcome to #Ubuntu-mythtv.  Please state your question or comment.05:28
NSVOEholly crap05:28
NSVOEOMG i want it! http://www.mini-itx.com/reviews/pico-itx/ it fits on your fingers05:29
NSVOEit looks smaller than a pci card05:29
MitoTraninNSVOE: then do it...05:29
NSVOEhave you seen it05:29
Wy|laptopHrm, anyone on the iso team around?05:29
Wy|laptopJust a quickie comment05:29
Wy|laptop /feedback05:30
MitoTraninnot to persuade away from mythbuntu, but there is a special mythtv frontend for small systems just like that05:30
tgm4883Wy|laptop, shoot05:30
NSVOEi'm just amazed they built a motherboard that fits in your hand05:30
MitoTraninand yes, NSVOE, I've built firewalls and vpn routers with such things05:30
Wy|laptopOkay, booting the A64 version, vid card is a 710005:30
Wy|laptopProblem is the x configurator selects the nv module for xorg, and picks some bassackwards mode line which doesn't work very well05:31
NSVOEhave you used that board b4?05:31
MitoTraninnot that board, no05:31
Wy|laptopSuggested solution: make xorg on the bootable cd default to VESA05:31
MitoTraninthe ones I have used are the mini-itx and nano-itx, never a pico-itx05:31
Wy|laptoppico-itx is crazy small05:32
MitoTraninanyways, if you want something that can run on something along those lines, check this out:  http://www.mini-box.com/iMediaMythTV05:32
Wy|laptoptgm: thoughts?05:32
MitoTraninactually designed to run on systems small such as this: http://www.mini-box.com/Mini-Box-M300-LCD05:32
NSVOEit's about the speed of a p4 older desktop you would say???05:32
Wy|laptopwhat is it?05:32
Wy|laptopmyth-frontend / mythbuntu works well enough on an epia05:32
MitoTraninWy|laptop: he's talking about a pico-itx05:33
tgm4883MitoTranin, do you rsync the isos?05:33
Wy|laptopyeah, but isn't the via pico-itx's built around the same stuff?05:33
Wy|laptoptgm: newest iso05:33
NSVOEhow mini is that mini box05:34
tgm4883MitoTranin, can you pop over in -dev and help foxbuntu05:34
MitoTraninread... it has the dimensions there05:34
Wy|laptopI mean, autodectection is nice, but too much wierd stuff out there. Better to just use VESA05:34
MitoTraninI've been there :)05:34
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Wy|laptopI can swap in my other card (x2400) and it'll just not work05:35
Wy|laptopexcept if you're in vesa05:35
NSVOEi mean from the pic it looks like i't fit in cuped hands05:35
tgm4883Wy|laptop, I think that is handled by gutsy, but i'll pass it along05:35
MitoTranin- Size 20cm (w) x 7.8 cm x 24cm05:35
tgm4883there is one problem with that though05:35
MitoTraninthat's the M30005:35
tgm4883Wy|laptop, have you tried the safe graphics mode?05:35
NSVOEc'mon now, i'm dyslexic05:36
MitoTraninNSVOE: the M200 is shorter...05:36
Wy|laptoptgm: oh, no worries, I fixored the mode line myself so it booted05:36
MitoTraninwhat, how can I give it to you better?05:36
MitoTraninyou want it converted into inches?05:36
Wy|laptopanyways, gotta run05:36
MitoTranin :)05:36
=== superm1 wanders in
superm1what's up with uk.cdimages?05:37
tgm4883run, run now superm105:37
superm1why isn't it working?05:37
superm1frink_, Daviey ?05:37
tgm4883superm1, whats not working?05:37
superm1the server?05:37
superm1i cant connect to it at all05:37
superm1can you?05:38
MitoTraninsuperm1: I just checked, can't get anything from it05:38
NSVOEcan you fit it in the palm of your hand05:38
superm1well this == bad05:38
MitoTraninsuperm1: I am fully synced though, synced this afternoon05:38
tgm4883superm1, i can't even ping it05:38
tgm4883i am fully synced though05:38
superm1ugh.  i didn't want to deal with trouble at all tonight, i've got os much other stuff to deal with05:39
superm1what time is it frink_'s time?05:39
tgm4883where is frink?05:39
superm1i probably don't want to call him right this moment05:39
tgm4883it's 5:39 am in germany05:40
MitoTraninif frink_ is the uk, then he's GMT+0, which means it's 4:40am there05:40
=== mungewell2 [n=simon@S01060016b6287ac4.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1yeah probably don't want to wake him up right now05:41
superm1Daviey, probably typed sudo shutdown by accident05:41
MitoTraninNSVOE: in answer to your earlier question, yes, it's kinda like an old p405:41
MitoTraninthose two models are actually a via 1.0Ghz system05:42
MitoTraninbut they are much faster than a P3 1.0GHz that you might be familiar with...05:42
MitoTraninI have a C7 1.5Ghz system, and it feels faster than my old P4 1.805:42
MitoTraninby quite a bit05:43
foxbuntusuperm1, ha05:44
foxbuntusuperm1, how the heck did 3 hours pass?05:44
NSVOEy does it only have 60 gigs available for that on that site you gave me??05:45
superm1foxbuntu, fast05:46
NSVOEi'm uessing because of space05:46
MitoTraninNSVOE: if you want bigger, don't order a HDD with it05:46
foxbuntusuperm1, needs to move slower...I dont want to work tomorrow05:46
MitoTraninbut do note that it uses a LAPTOP hard drive, and not a desktop drive05:46
superm1well i've got other stuff to take care of yet tonight.  hopefully frink_'s box comes back to life, if not i'll have to call him tomorrow morning05:47
superm1any remaining mirrors will have to sync from somewhere else05:47
superm1i've a feeling bendailey's mirrors weren't synced05:47
superm1but dont know for usre05:47
tgm4883*cough* foxbuntu *cough*05:47
foxbuntutgm4883, ?05:48
tgm4883oh superm1 was talking about people that weren't synced yet05:48
tgm4883and I was genetically bred to always blame you first05:48
foxbuntu$poke tgm488305:49
mythbot/me stabs tgm4883 violently with a rusty spoon05:49
NSVOEi'm just wondering if it was because you couldn't put one in it05:50
mythbotSorry, I neither I or ubotu knew, but Wikipedia says: "Mail, the postal service" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postal05:50
MitoTranindarn, that would have been a good one :)05:50
MitoTraninNSVOE: the enclosure itself supports any 2.5" HDD you can find05:51
tgm4883MitoTranin, link05:51
foxbuntu$whack tgm488305:51
mythbot/me whacks tgm488305:51
MitoTraninNSVOE: you will need to check the specs on that motherboard though to make sure though05:51
MitoTranintgm4883: link for what?05:51
tgm4883for whatever your looking at :)05:51
tgm4883im bored05:51
tgm4883id ask foxbuntu, but im afraid of the link he would give me05:51
foxbuntutgm4883, eh I looked at the dirty stuff earlier05:52
foxbuntunow I only have my web site manager up05:52
foxbuntuboring stuff05:52
tgm4883NSVOE, what part of IT are you in?05:53
NSVOEit's looking like i can put 4 hard drives in the box, but it's depending on if it has a daughterboard05:53
tgm4883uh, i doubt that05:53
MitoTranin4 drives?05:53
MitoTraninare you looking at the M300 or the M200 ?05:53
tgm4883allows mounting of up to two 2.5" laptop drives.05:53
NSVOEhardware netwotking research rollout05:54
NSVOEi am not allowed to do server management or helpdesk05:54
MitoTraninNSVOE: are you looking at the M200 system, or the M300 system?05:55
NSVOEsomeone's computer was overheating and i happened to be on the basterd excuses page and i refreshed it..................so i told the guy his problem was that his computer was over heating05:56
NSVOEand to get ice watter and pour it over his computer but make sure that it is on , i didn't think the guy was an idiot05:56
NSVOEbut only hdd help i got was in a pdf with nice grphics05:57
foxbuntuMitoTranin, one thing to make sure...get a good Fluxcapitor I suggest the g400 for about $50..its makes all the difference with MythTV05:57
NSVOEand the guy hung up the phone and he did what i said b4 i could tell him i was jokeing05:58
tgm4883foxbuntu, the g400 is old, the new g440 is out now05:58
MitoTraninI was thinking the g290 would do the trick though...05:58
foxbuntutgm4883, really?05:58
tgm4883yea yesterday they released it05:58
NSVOElmao rof i still get a kick out of that05:58
foxbuntuout of what?05:58
tgm4883there have been some bad reviews though05:58
tgm4883I guess some have disabled pipes05:58
foxbuntutgm4883, intresting05:59
tgm4883apparently they are trying to make some money before they release the g50005:59
tgm4883it's been out of R&D forever, I don't know why they haven't released it yet05:59
MitoTraninNSVOE: the M300 case is compatible for up to two 2.5" drives05:59
foxbuntuMitoTranin, I love the M30006:01
NSVOEthat's what i figured, there is a daughterboard on it06:01
MitoTraninso tgm4883, he's looking at this system http://www.mini-box.com/Mini-Box-M300-LCD06:01
NSVOEand that's as much as i can fit06:01
NSVOE2.5 isn't that laptop size06:01
MitoTraninyes it is06:01
MitoTranin3.5" is desktop06:01
MitoTranin2.5" is laptop06:01
NSVOEwhy the heck do they only have 60 g06:01
NSVOEthese people don't make scence06:02
NSVOEor is it me06:02
MitoTraninNSVOE: as I said before... you can put in *any* 2.5" drive that you want06:02
MitoTraninas long as you only put in 2 of them06:02
tgm4883it's you.  Dont' buy the HD from them06:02
MitoTraninas long as you make sure that the drive is compatible with the motherboard06:02
NSVOEmaybe the board won't  support high capacity drives06:02
foxbuntuNSVOE, right06:03
NSVOEyour a faster typer thanme06:03
tgm4883NSVOE, you should email them just to be sure06:03
NSVOEi already know what there gonna say, the same thing dell does, lmao06:03
MitoTraninthat M300 system uses this motherboard: http://www.mini-box.com/Hybrid-C7-1G?sc=8&category=9906:04
NSVOEif we could have we would have, and if it can then we can't tell you06:04
tgm4883NSVOE, why don't you purchase it and send it to me.  I'll do extensive testing for you06:04
NSVOEdell can byte my shorts06:04
foxbuntutgm4883, no this board had the old g400 on it06:05
NSVOElol ok06:05
foxbuntunice board06:05
NSVOEi'll e-mail it to you06:05
tgm4883ice cream time, im out06:05
foxbuntuNSVOE, what jigawatt rating psu unit are you planning on using?06:05
NSVOEawe your connection must not be big enugh06:05
MitoTraninhere is the link from the manuf. with their specs06:06
tgm4883NSVOE, whats your connection?  I only got 1Gbps here06:06
foxbuntutgm4883, really? I have 2.6Gbps here06:06
tgm4883yea, i live kinda out of town so we dont' get the fast speeds06:07
NSVOEi am unable to discuss that at the moment due to it might incriminate me06:07
tgm4883uh yea. ok06:07
=== tgm4883 is really off to get ice cream now
=== MitoTranin shouts to tgm4883: Get me some too!!!
NSVOEi live in apartments and i have wireless06:08
tgm4883so wireless might incriminate you?06:08
NSVOEi could be on your connection06:08
foxbuntuNSVOE, oh you hack?06:08
superm1i do mean to rain in on everyone's fun by reminding them of /topic06:09
NSVOEi said nothing of the sort i was relateing our possable isp provider similarity due to popularity06:09
foxbuntuNSVOE, well.../topic only now06:10
NSVOEif you take the "u" out of his handle that's aquard06:10
foxbuntuso unless you have more Mythbuntu support needs...I better get back to work06:10
NSVOEwhat you actually work06:11
foxbuntuNSVOE, yes06:11
foxbuntuquite alot actually06:11
tazgodxis it possible to set mythtv to output sound as mono?06:11
foxbuntutazgodx, yes06:11
superm1NSVOE, am i going to have to kick you from here? /t only ok?06:11
NSVOEnonono i men't this is related to your work?06:12
foxbuntuyou can change alsa/oss to do that06:12
foxbuntutazgodx, do you use alsa?06:13
tazgodxnot sure06:13
tazgodxhow can i tell?06:13
foxbuntudo you know where the sound settings menu is in setup?06:13
NSVOEyou must be the boss man that didn't realise the aquardness of his handle06:13
foxbuntuNSVOE, who?06:13
NSVOEnow realizeing it06:13
tgm4883NSVOE, your not on my connection.  I dont live in georgia06:13
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=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [+d PJIRC?WebChat] by superm1
=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [+b nsvoe!*@*] by superm1
=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [+b *!n=NSVOE@*] by superm1
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foxbuntusuperm1, you last chan op?06:14
superm1look closer at the order of events06:14
foxbuntuoh I see06:14
foxbuntuthat guy was a pain from the get go06:15
foxbuntuis that perm or temp?06:15
superm1well if he logs in from a different ip he can still get in06:15
foxbuntuwell i get that06:15
MitoTraninhe was using a webchat too?  go figure06:15
superm1but its blocked that nick, that ip, and ident06:15
tazgodxall i know is that my TV only accepts one audio RCA cable06:16
foxbuntutazgodx, do you know how to find the menu with Mythtv sound settings in it?06:18
tazgodxdon't know off hand, but i can go thru them all real quick06:19
foxbuntusuperm1, you know off hand which menu that is in?06:19
=== MythbuntuGuest99 [n=Mythbunt@12-216-45-174.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tazgodxok audio out device06:21
=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [+o superm1] by ChanServ
foxbuntuok so you are using alsa then06:21
foxbuntupull up your console06:21
foxbuntuand start up alsamixer06:21
foxbuntuor perhaps alsa-mixer06:22
tazgodxi guess ill have to do this tomorrow, i don't have it on the network today, i moved my box, and tomorrow i ahve to run my cable06:22
tazgodxbut continue, ill just save this convo06:22
foxbuntuwell one of the options in there you can change the input/output to mono06:23
foxbuntuIm not sure off the top of my head06:23
=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [-b *!n=NSVOE@*] by superm1
foxbuntubut there are only a few06:23
=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [-o superm1] by ChanServ
foxbuntuits pretty easy to use06:23
tazgodxok, thanks06:27
tazgodxill look into that tomorrow, or maybe the day after. or better yet, whenever i have a few free minutes06:28
foxbuntutazgodx, ok06:28
foxbuntuope it helps06:28
tazgodxim sure it will, this channel is always so helpful06:30
foxbuntuwe try06:30
tazgodxno prob06:31
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=== Wy|laptop [n=wy@c-24-21-162-35.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
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superm1Wy|laptop, video drivers are detected identically to ubuntu07:31
superm1when you choose safe graphics mode however, that will force vesa07:31
=== gib [n=gib@c-24-118-4-13.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
gibAny ideas on why I'd be able to use my ptv-305 card with both motv and xawtv, but not with Myth TV?  The card obviously works under Linux if I can watch TV with those other two programs.07:43
gibI get a black screen when choosing "watchTV" under MythTV.07:44
superm1likely not configured right under mythtv-setup07:45
superm1would be the most common cause07:45
gibWell they're aren07:47
gibthat many options, and I've tried them all.07:47
superm1what type of card do you have it assigned as?07:47
superm1and is this feisty or gutsy(/mythbuntu)07:48
Wy|laptopsuperm1: hrm, odd that my video worked under a gutsy boot by default and not under the myth boot, then07:48
gibADS PTV-305.  I've tried setting it up as both an MPEG2 card and a standard analog v4l card07:49
gibIt's gutsy--mythbuntu, actually.07:49
superm1it's not either from what i see actually07:49
superm1that looks like it would be dvb?07:50
superm1or wait no.07:50
superm1its cx88-blackbird.07:50
gibIt's an analog card.07:50
superm1yeah i just looked closer07:50
gibYeah, and dmesg shows a lot of blackbird drivers all loading07:51
giband even says firmware uploaded successfully07:51
superm1can you pastebin dmesg?07:51
superm1i'm a bit curious07:51
gibWhich pastbin should I use?07:51
superm1!pastebin | gib07:51
ubotugib: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:51
propagandhihi superm107:53
propagandhithanks for ur posts on the forum07:53
superm1no prob07:54
superm1sort out the wifi stuff then now?07:55
foxbuntusuperm1, I sort of went blueprint crazy on you07:55
superm1that's okay07:55
propagandhisuperm1: no, I have 1hr 5 mins before i can go home and fix it up07:55
superm1propagandhi, ah okay07:55
propagandhii love mythbuntu, its brilliant07:56
foxbuntusuperm1, I will try to elaborate on those later07:56
foxbuntupropagandhi, thanks!07:56
superm1gib, my only worry in there would have been cx88[0] /2-bb: Firmware and/or mailbox pointer not initialized or07:56
superm1but since it says that it loads fine after that,07:57
superm1perhaps no need for worry07:57
propagandhiseriously I've done all sorts of testing with doing ubuntu from ground up and other distros and then looked at mythdora, knoppmyth etc. But i love ubuntu the most, and mythbuntu just saves so much time07:57
propagandhiits really well put together07:57
gibI think it always says that mailbox thing because it even has that in the wiki example showing a sucessful load.07:57
foxbuntupropagandhi, its been a long road to here from where it all started and most of the credit goes to superm1 for his vision and commitment to it07:58
superm1gib, so when you use this card in xawtv or motv, does it spit out mpeg2 then?07:58
superm1gib, or does it spit out raw frames that get later encoded?07:58
superm1based upon this hardware: Cx23416-12 MPEG2 Encoder07:59
foxbuntupropagandhi, its good to hear the praises from users about it07:59
superm1i would suspect mpeg2 files07:59
superm1indeed propagandhi, do spread the word around.  the more people we using it the better :)07:59
propagandhisuperm1: well i've already rolled out 6 boxes running mythbuntu07:59
gibI didn't try saving anything.  I don't even get a picture period on Mythbuntu.  Figured I'd worry about that after I could at least watch live tv.07:59
propagandhii've got killer hardware at my disposal too, get it free so i can contribute to testing08:00
superm1gib, well as a quick experiment, can you try to capture from /dev/video0 > /tmp/test.mpg08:00
foxbuntupropagandhi, free hardwarE?08:00
propagandhifoxbuntu: indeed08:00
superm1gib, just "cat /dev/video0 > /tmp/test.mpg" and then wait a few seconds, hit ctrl c08:00
foxbuntupropagandhi, hows that work?08:01
superm1and try to play that with mplayer on the command line08:01
superm1gib, it will tell you exactly what kind of file you get out08:01
propagandhifoxbuntu: well basically if i tell my boss i want a piece of hardware i get it08:01
foxbuntupropagandhi, very nice08:01
propagandhicheck out the specs of my two myth boxes on the mythbuntu forum where superm1 asked for us to post our hardware08:01
propagandhion page 308:01
foxbuntuI usually only get old junk for free08:01
propagandhiand i got those two free08:01
superm1those are some killer boxes08:02
superm1sounds like you need to start sending some testing hardware my way :) hehe08:02
foxbuntumine too!08:02
=== foxbuntu is in desperate need of a test box
propagandhii'm in Australia, how far from me are u08:03
foxbuntuwell...another one08:03
foxbuntua long ways08:03
superm1propagandhi, yeah, midwest USA, so quite a ways away08:03
propagandhiwell thats no good, I might be able to send u a small package... like a floppy drive lol08:03
propagandhiha ha08:04
foxbuntuYAY a floppy08:04
foxbuntusuperm1, there we go...myth frontend on a floppy08:04
foxbuntuah...1986 technology08:04
superm1foxbuntu, you may poke fun, but that is part of the pxe spec08:04
superm1for hardware that doesn't support network booting normally....08:05
foxbuntusuperm1, well...PXE though08:05
foxbuntunot the software08:05
propagandhiin any case, I have access to a lot of hardware, if I can source it over here i can test it08:05
foxbuntuI was thinking back to a IBM 286 with DOS 5 that ran everything from 5.25" floppies08:06
propagandhii'm right into myth at the moment08:06
superm1propagandhi, wonderful, we'll have to call upon you for helping to test items then :)08:06
foxbuntupropagandhi, there is always need for testing...just keep using it08:06
propagandhii've also got it running on older hardware too, not just bleeding edge hardware08:06
foxbuntusuperm1, you should see this server of great awesomeness I recently picked up08:07
superm1propagandhi, i'd say if you can subscribe to our ML, and keep up with calls for testing and bug reporting, it would be great08:07
foxbuntuoh...nvm I told you about that08:07
superm1propagandhi, the sooner we know about stuff that is broke, the more likely we can fix it :)08:07
propagandhiwell i'm in08:08
propagandhiat the moment i'm running three different types of dvico hardware08:08
superm1i'm afraid of too much stuff cropping up right here after tomorrow's RC that we don't have control over anymore due to the archive freeze, but we'll see i guess08:08
propagandhidvico stuff is not so well supported anywhere08:08
foxbuntusuperm1, did you tell me to check perms on the ~/.mythtv/ for my FE problem?08:08
superm1you said you have to grab mecurial sources for v4l-dvb08:08
propagandhiyes i did08:08
propagandhiand now it works08:08
propagandhibut only one half lol08:09
superm1propagandhi, come the first hardy alpha, should you still need to do that, we need to get a bug report filed08:09
propagandhilike, it has dual tuner capability but only one adapter loads08:09
superm1and get that patch pulled from v4l-dvb08:09
propagandhisuperm1: no problem08:09
superm1it's too late now to do anything about it for gutsy08:09
superm1but at least for hardy its possible08:09
=== MythbuntuGuest14 [n=Mythbunt@c-69-140-68-17.hsd1.va.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
propagandhisuperm1: yeah, was definitely not expecting u to jump at it now08:10
propagandhiso which mailing list do i join, cause on the mythbuntu site it lists the mythtv users mailing list08:10
propagandhibut i cant see a mythbuntu one08:10
superm1propagandhi, well there are a few things that we *do* need to jump on if they come up, but yeah, that won't be one of them :)08:11
superm1is the ml to join08:11
propagandhisuperm1: totally understood08:11
propagandhisuperm1: so do i send a subscribe message or something08:11
propagandhioh ok08:11
superm1come final release in a week or two, we'll have to get everything on the site in order to point people to the right places.  it's just kinda a mess right now on that support page08:12
propagandhisuperm1: dont kill urself over it u've done a fantastic job08:12
propagandhiseriously, i love it08:12
superm1i've got to get back to a few other items, so i'm going to be afk, but propagandhi, most definitely thanks for dropping in.  the more testing users and hardware we get the better :)08:13
propagandhisuperm1: no problem, enjoy!!08:13
gibOK /dev/video is the  software channel, it creates a huge file fast when I cat that device to a file.08:13
gibIt must be raw08:13
gib"/dev/video1" gives an input/output error08:14
gibThat's the one that is supposed to output MPEG208:14
gibBut even if there is a problem, I'm not sure why I can at least use /dev/video0 under MythTV 'til I get it  sorted out.08:16
gibI wonder where it's loading the firmware from; it's not under /sys/firmware08:19
MythbuntuGuest14hey, quick question... is there any difference in setting this up if you're behind a digital cable box?08:28
MythbuntuGuest14should you run it through the box or straight to the wall? and are there any different signal settings you need to get it to work?08:28
=== Tari [n=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
foxbuntuMythbuntuGuest14, STB's actualy change things a bit but make it no harder08:39
foxbuntuI personally run a Dig. Cable box08:39
foxbuntuinfact if it is a Motorolla box it can be done without an IR Blaster08:40
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MythbuntuGuest14Hmm, because I'm not getting a readable signal08:44
MythbuntuGuest14the only other thing I can think of is my capture card is set up improperly08:45
MythbuntuGuest14hey fox, if you're still there where can I find docs on setting up an IR blaster or something similar?08:59
MythbuntuGuest14*or anyone*09:01
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frink_madness isnt it!09:50
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=== Topic (#ubuntu-mythtv): set by superm1 at Thu Oct 4 06:13:07 2007
=== propagandhi [n=pclaven@CPE-124-183-89-189.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
propagandhiI'm scanning QAM-64 channels in the mythbackend and its not showing any status... is there any way to see whats being scanned and if any locks are being made?12:16
=== Tari [n=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
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frink_Daviey: pong01:03
Davieyah frink_01:03
Davieysite down?01:03
frink_yeah :(01:03
frink_Fibre cut!01:04
=== Daviey hides the scissors
frink_cut primary AND secondary !01:04
Davieywas this you, or the datacentre?01:04
frink_well datacentre01:04
frink_one got cut a day or so ago01:04
frink_and the other last night01:05
DavieyI hope they have compensation!01:05
frink_me too01:06
frink_lemme get an update01:06
Davieyfrink_: Is this box a virtual machine, or a dedicated?01:07
frink_virtual but with dedicates resources on the host01:10
frink_the hosts are duel cpu quad core boxes with 8Gb ram01:11
frink_so each host gets 1-2 cpu and 1-2Gb ram and dedicated storage01:11
frink_Then when it needs more, it's an easy job to add more virtual machines and load balance then.01:11
=== Tari__ [i=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Davieyfrink_: nice01:31
bendaileyDaviey: ping01:40
bendaileyI caught my name on scroll back something about my mirrors?01:41
Davieynot from me01:41
bendaileyWere you around when they were talking about it?01:42
Davieyit was 5:00am my time01:42
bendaileycomment was from superm1 I will have to wait until he gets up :)01:42
bendaileycould be awhile :)01:42
Davieybendailey: I think we should consider putting the redirect script into bzr01:43
DavieyI'm looking to add some 'pre-probing' to see if the file (and mirror) is there and working01:43
bendaileyDaviey: that would be great01:44
bendaileyI would change the tables around a little bit and store the probing results into the load balance pool is regenerated then check all the host again01:45
bendaileywow just got to work and my brain is only at about 40% right now sorry01:45
DavieyI was thinking about probing at run time01:47
Davieydo you think pre doing it would be better?01:47
bendaileyhave you looked at how the script works?01:48
Davieyyeah.. fundamentally it's quite similar to my orig01:48
Davieybut cleaner :)01:48
Davieyand obv. DB support01:48
bendaileywell it could be a lot cleaner things should be moved to functions :)01:48
Davieyfunctions are for people that can't handle real life01:49
Davieywell.. what i was looking to do...01:49
Davieyshall we take this to #-dev ?01:49
bendaileyyeah that would be good01:49
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=== AnRkey [n=AnRkey@host-83-146-42-229.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
AnRkeyhas anyone managed to run mythbuntu on an xbox?02:40
AnRkeydon't all shout back at once :D02:40
laga<- i dont02:41
=== tuxmaster [n=IceChat7@c-67-172-250-185.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
DavieyAnRkey: there shouldn't be a problem02:51
directhex|workDaviey, 64mb ram isn't a problem?02:51
DavieyI would run Xebian personally02:51
Davieydirecthex|work: Well.. Is it a problem to XFCE?02:52
directhex|workit's a problem to mythfrontend on top of xfce, i'd have thought02:52
Davieydirecthex|work: possibly.. i don't know for sure... I'd suggest suck it and see02:53
directhex|worki have no desire to suck things!02:53
DavieyI mean, if Xebian+Myth can run - then it should02:53
directhex|workanyway, who uses an xbox as a frontend these days? it's all about the ps3!02:53
Davieycheap people :D02:53
lagamessing with the tv's service mode is scary. i managed to make it turn off itself hard by overloading some transformator, it seems02:58
Davieylaga: what is "re" you always use it!  "Regular Expression?"02:59
lagait means "i'm back" :)03:00
=== directhex|work reckons it's germanic!
Davieyyou crazy bunch03:02
lagai've been using that for 8 years or so now and almost noone complains ;)03:02
=== Daviey just expects you to say something directly afterwards
DavieyI was laying in bed the other night, and thought to myself - what the heck does it mean!?03:03
lagait's so cute that you think of me when you're in bed03:07
samson--laga: re2thee03:10
AnRkeyyeah, been reading further. I don't think there is much hope03:10
AnRkeyI love the distro though03:11
AnRkeyLooks like my little xbox's days are numbered03:12
lagamaybe you can get away with ubuntu-mythtv-frontend which uses openbox03:12
lagaAnRkey: use xbmc? although it's a bit illegal i hear03:12
Davieynot illegal.. just used stolen tools to create it03:12
DavieyAnRkey: If you post me your XBox - i can test it for you.. Sadly we offer a no-returns policy tho03:15
AnRkeyi have xbmc at the moment03:16
DavieyBut you'll know whether it works for future ones03:16
AnRkeyit does not do enough though03:16
DavieyAnRkey: I'd use Xebian personaly03:16
AnRkeyDaviey, thanks for the offer :P03:16
DavieyWill you require the postal address :D03:17
AnRkeyi am going to ditch the xbox me thinks03:17
AnRkeywhich loony bin are you at?03:17
AnRkeythanks for the info though03:17
AnRkeyi am gonna play with mythbuntu this weekend a bit more before i choose03:18
=== mindframe- [n=mindfram@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== bieb [n=bieb@atlanta.national-net.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1frink_, is there an eta when things will be alive again?03:53
superm1should we just take you out of the rotation?03:53
superm1or bendailey did you already?03:53
bendaileysuperm1: what is the problem?03:54
superm1uk.cdimages isn't up03:54
bendaileysuperm1: ok hmmm......03:54
bendaileysuperm1: is there a problem with my mirrors I noticed something last night?03:54
superm1bendailey, well i was pushing to yours the new images as frink_'s went down03:55
lagamorning superm103:55
bendaileysuperm1:  I see03:56
bendaileydo you want me to drop my mirrors and frinks mirror?03:57
bendaileydid everyone else get the pull before the server went down?03:57
superm1well i'm not sure who else is all pulled right nwo03:58
superm1i was gone all of yesterday03:58
bendaileyfrink_: ping03:58
lagacrap, i just dropped my channel table in mythtv-setup.04:01
lagatime to get in front of a real computer to fix that04:03
superm1bendailey, can you sync to your two mirrors from us-tx? It appears it's got full images: http://us-tx.cdimages.mythbuntu.org/04:12
=== bliffle [n=john@64-142-27-84.dsl.dynamic.sonic.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
bendaileysuperm1: do you know who runs us-tx?04:23
Davieyus-ca and cdimages are uptodate04:32
Davieyerm actually04:32
Davieythey aint.. just amd6404:32
superm1well i just double checked the md5's on keescook's mirror, they are indeed good04:34
superm1Daviey, so if you can grab i386 from there04:35
superm1go for it04:35
tgm4883bendailey, did I get put in the rotation?04:36
superm1tgm4883, it appears not yet.04:38
tgm4883i'm fully synced with the beta and rc isos04:38
superm1tgm4883, okay great, bendailey can you add him?04:39
superm1okay so remaining to update are us-az, us-mi, us-il, us-ca, cdimages., and uk.04:40
superm1hm that sounds like a lot that are still missing things04:40
superm1us-il isn't even marked as active right now04:40
superm1foxbuntu, is it good to go or not?04:40
tgm4883how easy is it to add and subtract mirrors from the rotation?04:41
superm1well turning them on/off is easy04:43
superm1i dont know how to add them04:43
tgm4883heh, thats what I meant04:43
=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@c-76-115-157-227.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== beavis [n=beavis@drms-590d5367.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== tgm4883 is requesting testing from anyone with a gutsy install and no mythtv install
bendaileytgm4883: I can add your mirror to the db. what is the baseurl of the isos?05:08
bendaileyosuosl.cdimages is now in and active :)05:13
superm1bendailey, can you sync us-az and us-mi still?05:14
bendaileyI will have to pull them down and them upload them05:15
superm1okay so for now we'll turn those two off05:16
bendaileysuperm1: do you have shell on mirror where you can do direct upload?05:16
superm1bendailey, that's the mirror that is down :(05:16
=== bliffle [n=john@64-142-27-84.dsl.dynamic.sonic.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
bendaileyok yeah I thought you might have access to a different one05:16
superm1that's the only one with your info afaik.05:17
bendaileyyeah i have the script and config file around if someone wanted to do it but I can just disable my mirrors for right now and get the isos pushed by hand05:19
superm1bendailey, well if you give it to Daviey05:21
superm1he can probably push from cdimages.05:21
bendaileyDaviey: ping05:22
bendaileysorry biab05:22
Davieybendailey: bong05:26
Davieyi can push you the iso's if you want05:27
beavisis there  a way to see if a backend is recording from the command line?05:32
beavisthey use fuser /dev/video* here, but is there something more reliable for DVB? http://blog.vrplumber.com/810#comments05:33
beavisI just try to find a way to see the mythtv recording status in system tray05:34
bendaileyDaviey: pushing the isos would be great05:34
superm1beavis, there is an xml feed you can parse05:50
superm1that mythbackend puts out05:50
beavisthere was a way to see the status which also is used by mythwelcome05:51
beavisbut I can't remember what it was05:51
directhex|worksuperm1, via http on some random port iirc05:55
directhex|work6482 or somesuch05:55
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=== safaricity___ [n=chatzill@e179144146.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== MattyM [n=Miranda@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== hugolp [n=tu@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [+o superm1] by ChanServ
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-mythtv:superm1] : "Welcome to #ubuntu-mythtv :: Mythbuntu 7.10 Release Candidate Released :: See our website at http://www.mythbuntu.org :: Paste logs @ http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org :: See our wiki for setting up and troubleshooting: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV "
=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [-o superm1] by ChanServ
superm1torrents are up there too.06:17
pdragonjust do a dist-upgrade if we have beta?06:20
superm1you may need to rm ~/.cache, but things should work otherwise with the dist-upgrade06:21
pdragoncool. will do it tonight when i get home06:21
lagatgm4883: you must really like your remote06:23
=== safaricity___ [n=chatzill@e179147071.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== MythbuntuGuest09 [n=Mythbunt@24-116-128-209.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
pdragonsuperm1: I've been getting that same message from apt-get about removable packages06:31
superm1pdragon, what did you change?06:31
superm1pdragon, add/remove during install06:31
pdragononly thing i changed in advanced setup what turning on NFS, and setting mysql to allow for remote front-ends06:32
superm1sure that was it?06:32
pdragoncan't remeber if samba was checked by default06:32
pdragonif it wasn't i did check that too06:32
pdragonI set a mythweb and mysql admin password06:32
pdragoni think that's it06:32
pdragonmysql root password i mean06:33
superm1okay we'll have to investigate once more between now and final release06:33
superm1which release did you start out with?06:33
superm1and dist-upgrade through06:33
pdragoni started with beta and did 2 or 3 updates with it06:33
pdragonthose packages started showing up like that after the first update06:34
superm1pdragon, can you add this to the bug, i know i'm going to forget by the time i get to investigate06:34
pdragonsure. i'll just paste this conversation06:35
keescooksuperm1: back.  (was something wrong with my mirror?)06:35
superm1keescook, your mirror is fine :)06:37
superm1keescook, uk.cdimages went down yesterday, so you were the complete one that a bunch of other mirrors synced from06:37
=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@dyn-124-65.wou.edu] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
keescooksuperm1: heh.  okay.  I had noticed that uk went down -- was going to ask about that today.06:53
superm1keescook, apparently somehow the fibre that was connected to frink_ 's datacentre got cut.06:53
superm1so no eta on it, but since we have osuosl.cdimages now, shouldn't be too much of a worry06:53
bendaileysuperm1: do you want osuosl to be in rotation for the uk?06:54
superm1bendailey, yeah that'd be good06:54
tgm4883_laptopdigg article?06:54
superm1keescook, have you done any dist-upgrades with lirc installed already?  I just realized that there may be some breakage since you need the new REMOTE="" in the new file, so if you don't let it update your conf file things may break06:55
keescooksuperm1: I didn't try, no.06:55
superm1keescook, so perhaps need to add something to that last bit before you push that other debdiff from a few days06:55
superm1keescook, okay i'll see if i can get a feisty install done and ready for a dist-upgrade and experiment a bit06:55
keescookbut lirc never works for me without lots of fiddling, so I think gutsy will still be an improvement.06:55
keescooksuperm1: based on what I've seen going in post-RC, I'm ... unsure ... if we can get the lirc through.  It may take some convincing.06:56
keescookbut if you have an updated debdiff, let me know soon.06:56
superm1well if dist-upgrading is broken, i think that'd be enough convincing right there06:56
superm1the bug filed last night is what got me worried06:56
=== safaricity___ [n=chatzill@e179149202.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883_laptopif you love mythbuntu, then digg it !!!07:17
pdragonjust curious... do you know when they expect mythtv .21? I really like that Storage Group option07:20
tgm4883_laptopprobably not before gutsy release07:20
pdragoni figured that. just wondering if it's still months away (hardy) or looking sooner07:21
=== tgm4883_laptop shrugs
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1 may know more07:22
pdragonwould you guys work that into an update before hardy, or wait til then?07:22
pdragonif it came out sooner07:22
superm1it would be in an update before hardy07:24
superm1but i can't guarantee that07:24
pdragonalright. thanks :)07:25
pdragoni know the general ubuntu distro doesn't usually put new versions of software in until the next version. didn't know if you were going to be following the same policy07:26
tgm4883_laptoppdragon, why haven't you dugg it yet?07:32
tgm4883_laptopkeescook, is your mouse broken, digg it07:32
pdragondon't have a digg account :/07:32
keescookI don't think I do either.  :P07:32
superm1haha tgm4883, our local marketing coordinator07:33
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883_laptopthats right07:37
tgm4883_laptopif you pm me your email, i can even sign you up07:37
Davieytgm4883_laptop: naa, use a spare you account you have07:45
DavieyThen pm keescook the password07:45
tgm4883_laptopEveryone Digg it07:46
tgm4883_laptopKoffa, time to digg it07:46
tgm4883_laptopWy_, Digg it07:46
tgm4883_laptopdid I mention that tazgodx should digg it?07:46
tgm4883_laptopAval0n, should also digg it07:46
tgm4883_laptopclaydoh, if you like mythbuntu, then digg it07:46
Davieyand if you don't, digg it anyway07:47
tgm4883_laptopbieb, bliffle.  Both of you should digg it07:47
tgm4883_laptopiuaudio_, if you are alive, then digg it07:47
biebdigg what?07:47
tgm4883_laptopcann, can you digg it?07:47
tgm4883_laptopfrink_, your day is not complete unless you digg it07:48
tgm4883_laptopdirecthex|work, are your working on digging it?07:49
Davieytgm4883_laptop: you are nuts!07:49
tgm4883_laptopkillefiz, every time you don't digg it, god kills a kitten.  Please think of the kittnes07:49
tgm4883_laptoptroy_s, needs to digg it07:50
tgm4883_laptopsolarbaby, if you like the sun, then digg it.  If not, then digg it07:50
tgm4883_laptopsslashes, will get 50 lashes if you don't digg it07:50
Koffatime to die?07:51
tgm4883_laptoppdragon, needs to be saved from the firey dragon by digging it07:51
tgm4883_laptopno, time to digg it07:51
tgm4883_laptopsafaricity___, if you like safari's, then digg it07:51
Koffathank cras for ignore <307:52
tgm4883_laptopmaybe we should just ask mythbot07:53
mythbotWhy haven't you dugg it?  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_7_10_Release_Candidate_207:53
=== tgm4883_laptop is tired
Davieyand relax07:53
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tgm4883_laptopsafaricity, have you dugg it?07:53
samson--i digg myself07:56
tgm4883_laptopsamson--, if you digg yourself, you should share the love and digg it07:56
mythbotWhy haven't you dugg it?  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_7_10_Release_Candidate_207:57
therethinker*diggs Mythbuntu*08:10
tgm4883_laptopbout time :)08:10
Davieybetter late than never08:12
therethinkeroh well :P08:13
therethinker6 diggs... whoo :P08:13
Davieythats pants08:14
=== tgm4883_laptop runs a test
tgm4883_laptop$mythbot tell tgm4883 to digg it08:23
mythbotNeither I, ubotu, or Wikipedia knows about "please don't", sorry.08:23
therethinkerOh, it works like08:23
therethinkertell tgm4886 to digg it08:23
therethinkerno $mythbot08:24
therethinker$ is only for lookup08:24
mythbotNeither I, ubotu, or Wikipedia knows about "please don't", sorry.08:24
therethinkerOr, you can set it as his todo08:24
tgm4883_laptopmythbot tell tgm4883 digg it08:24
therethinker$tgm4886 digg it08:24
mythbotNeither I, ubotu, or Wikipedia knows about "tgm4886 digg", sorry.08:24
therethinkerThat's odd08:24
tgm4883_laptopyou need tell?08:24
therethinkerno, that's the todo list thing08:24
superm1tgm4883, digg it08:24
therethinkerAlthough its not working... grahh debugs08:25
superm1like that?08:25
mythbotsuperm1, you need to none08:25
tgm4883_laptopheh, lets just use that08:25
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, tell tgm4883 digg it08:25
mythbotsuperm1, you need to none08:25
pdragonget on that none, superm1!08:25
=== superm1 leaves
superm1have fun kids08:25
therethinkermythbot, remind tgm4886 to digg it08:25
therethinkertell tgm4886 to digg it08:26
tgm4883_laptopit's not going to pm me is it?08:26
therethinkerOh well...08:26
tgm4883_laptopcause im not there08:26
therethinkerI'll debug it08:26
mythbotWhy haven't you dugg it?  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_7_10_Release_Candidate_208:26
tgm4883_laptop$therethinker diggit08:27
mythbotI'll tell therethinker to diggit08:27
therethinkerYeah... see...08:27
mythbottherethinker, you need to diggit08:27
therethinker$laga do that08:27
mythbotI'll tell laga to do that08:27
therethinker$tgm4883 digg it08:27
mythbotI'll tell tgm4883 to digg it08:27
therethinkerOh, I was saying 6, not 3 :P08:27
therethinkertell tgm4883 to digg it08:28
superm1keescook, well in testing, the upgrade didn't fail with lirc installed and not accepting the new configuration, but i think that future dpkg-reconfigure's will not work properly without that REMOTE="" in it08:38
=== frank_ [n=frank@CPE000d88f1925d-CM000a73668bc0.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
keescooksuperm1: how do you think it should be fixed?08:45
superm1keescook, i'm going to let this dist-upgrade finish 100 percent and then experiment a little more.08:46
superm1i imagine that a grep in hardware.conf08:46
laga$daily tgm4883_laptop08:46
mythbot/me throws tgm4883_laptop into a flaming pit, and forces him to answer questions on #ubuntu-mythtv without using me OR ubotu!08:46
superm1either that or checking the version in the postinst08:46
=== keescook nods
superm1and if its less than the one introduced for gutsy08:46
superm1cat >> some lines in08:46
superm1probably the later is the better idea08:47
lagayay, 11 diggs09:04
=== therethinker is being overwhelmed by feeds >_>
superm1keescook, well i guess it didn't break the dpkg-reconfigure.  it just doesn't work right in m-c-c the first time if they don't replace the config file09:11
=== hugolp [n=tu@] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
therethinkerhttp://digg.com/linux_unix/Support_free_software_Buy_this_copy_of_Windows_Vista_Ultimate -- that's doing quite well09:20
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=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@dyn-124-65.wou.edu] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
pdragonscaring myself... actually got a mail server with spam/virus scanning all up and working09:42
mythbotWhy haven't you dugg it?  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_7_10_Release_Candidate_2  Once you digg it.  Then comment it :)09:42
therethinkerSorry,, that was not meant to be "LO", or "LOL" even09:47
tgm4883_laptopsince you made a typo, you must now comment it09:48
=== MythbuntuGuest40 [n=Mythbunt@81-235-188-113-no48.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
mythbotWelcome to #Ubuntu-mythtv.  Please state your question or comment.09:52
=== lotek [i=lotek@gateway/tor/x-0e8c36e0ec56bd43] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MythbuntuGuest40Hi! Is there a way to add program to start with mythtvs frontend? I want to use anyremote together with my cell phone to handle mythtvs frontend. soo, is there a way do add a command when mythtv starts att login?09:53
tgm4883_laptopyou could add it to the session startup09:53
MythbuntuGuest40yes, but nor gnome och kde starts09:54
=== MythbuntuGuest59 [n=Mythbunt@c-69-140-68-17.hsd1.va.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1MythbuntuGuest40, Xfce allows the same thing09:54
mythbotWelcome to #Ubuntu-mythtv.  Please state your question or comment.09:54
MythbuntuGuest40I'm directy forwarde to mythtv09:54
superm1MythbuntuGuest40, right, you close mythtv and you're presented with a desktop09:55
superm1and then you click the applications menu09:55
MythbuntuGuest40okey. just exit it?09:55
superm1and can change settings there09:55
MythbuntuGuest40and add it to sessions?09:55
MythbuntuGuest40okey. I'll try that  out ;) thanks a lot09:56
MythbuntuGuest59can someone point me to documentation about setting up a myth box behind a digital cable box09:56
MythbuntuGuest59I'm pretty sure I have everything else working besides that09:57
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest59, with firewire?09:57
MythbuntuGuest59no, just a regular cable box09:58
MythbuntuGuest59I'm not able to pull a clear signal from it09:58
MythbuntuGuest59and I think the problem is the cable box09:58
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest59, how are you receiving the signal from the cable box?09:59
MythbuntuGuest59via coax09:59
MythbuntuGuest59it's coax in and out09:59
tgm4883_laptopbut how do you get it to your computer?09:59
MythbuntuGuest59you mean the adaptor?10:00
MythbuntuGuest59it's an ATI TV Wonder 20010:00
tgm4883_laptopwhat kind of signal are you receiving?10:00
tgm4883_laptopis it fuzzy?10:00
tgm4883_laptopor what10:00
MythbuntuGuest59it's static10:00
MythbuntuGuest59it's not the discolored / fuzzy pic that TV wonders are notorious for... it's just static10:01
tgm4883_laptopare you tuned to channel 3?10:02
tgm4883_laptopon your tv card, not the cable box10:02
MythbuntuGuest59I'm not sure there10:02
MythbuntuGuest59how can you check / tell10:02
tgm4883_laptopwhen it goes to watch live tv, change it to channel 310:03
tgm4883_laptopyou should be able to use the guide to do so10:03
MythbuntuGuest59shoot... you know what, it might not matter right now because we had a power outage this morning and I think it blew my mythTV power supply10:04
=== laga waves & vanishes
lagainto real life, you know? ;)10:05
tgm4883_laptopreal life is scary10:06
tgm4883_laptopdon't do it laga10:06
lagano worries10:06
MythbuntuGuest59where I live there was a power outage and I think the power supply for that system is dead10:06
tgm4883_laptop(plus the ? was directed at MythbuntuGuest5910:06
lagai've got the INTARWEBS on my PDA10:06
lagaincluding an IM and a SSH client10:06
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest59, you may want to get that checked out first10:06
MythbuntuGuest59lol... yeah10:07
therethinkerlaga: cool10:14
tgm4883_laptoptherethinker, comment it :)10:14
therethinkertgm4883_laptop: what?10:15
mythbotWhy haven't you dugg it?  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_7_10_Release_Candidate_2  Once you digg it.  Then comment it :)10:15
tgm4883_laptopim glad you asked10:15
therethinkerI had no idea what to say :P10:19
MythbuntuGuest59strange... must have just set the power supply to "broken" because it miracuously started working10:19
tgm4883_laptopI have canned responses if you need them :)10:19
tgm4883_laptopin -dev10:20
therethinkerforgot to join dev10:21
MythbuntuGuest59about setting the card to channel 3, my card doesn't detect any channels at all so I'm not sure if I can...10:21
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest59, 2 questions10:22
tgm4883_laptop1)  If you scan the channels, it should show up with 1 (channel 3, providing the cable box is on and tuned to a good channel)10:22
tgm4883_laptop2)  Does that card even work in linux?10:22
therethinkersuperm1: can you help me get my card working? We started working on it... then one of us had to go10:23
therethinkertgm4883 already tried10:23
therethinkerIts stuck on 1 channel? I think I need to setup the change command10:23
=== MythbuntuGuest89 [n=Mythbunt@81-235-188-113-no48.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
mythbotWelcome to #Ubuntu-mythtv.  Please state your question or comment.10:23
MythbuntuGuest591) it doesn't detect a channel and 2) I've seen several sites claiming the TV Wonder 200 works under linux10:23
MythbuntuGuest59so I would assume so to #210:24
MythbuntuGuest89hi, again. I was here before regarding autostart of programs via sessionstart, but it cant be done!10:24
MythbuntuGuest59and that's under ubuntu10:24
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest59, sec10:24
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest59, have you tried it outside of mythtv?10:26
MythbuntuGuest59actually no, not yet10:27
tgm4883_laptoptest it outside first10:28
MythbuntuGuest59will do10:28
MythbuntuGuest89how do I close myhtv and return to mythtvs accounts desktop?10:30
MythbuntuGuest89and then it comes back to login screen10:35
MythbuntuGuest89and when I try to login to the mythtv account I come back to mythtv-frontend10:35
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest89, alt+F210:38
tgm4883_laptopxfce4-terminal i think10:38
tgm4883_laptopthen you should be able to kill the frontend10:38
MythbuntuGuest89but I dont have xfce installed10:38
MythbuntuGuest89this install is from beta 2 of 7.0410:39
MythbuntuGuest89it uses openbox10:39
MythbuntuGuest89but if I login with the mythtv acc, wouldn mythtvs frontend start again?10:39
=== tgm4883_laptop sighs
tgm4883_laptopwe need to get you updated10:41
superm1MythbuntuGuest89, really i would recommend you upgrade from alpha210:41
superm1it was really more of a proof of concept10:41
superm1a lot has changed since then10:41
MythbuntuGuest89well, I do upgrade the system regular10:44
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest89, what do you mean regular?10:44
tgm4883_laptopyou need to apt-get update, then apt-get dist-upgrade10:45
tgm4883_laptopand hopefully that will work10:45
MythbuntuGuest89yes, I know, I to that very often, I that makes more sense10:46
superm1MythbuntuGuest89, okay then what you need to do10:47
superm1is log out of the system10:47
superm1and log into the "mythbuntu" session10:47
superm1and from there, apt-get install mythbuntu-desktop10:47
therethinkerso, can someone help me out?10:47
MythbuntuGuest89I'm doing a dist-upgrade now.10:47
superm1therethinker, i think you're beyond help.10:48
therethinker$whack superm110:48
mythbot/me whacks superm110:48
therethinkerAnyway... can someone?10:48
superm1therethinker, what u need?10:48
=== Holmen_ [n=daniel@81-235-188-113-no48.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinkerIts stuck on 1 channel. I think I need to setup the change command10:49
MythbuntuGuest89I'm connected as Holmen_ instead10:49
Holmen_here I am10:49
superm1external adapter?10:49
mythbotWhy haven't you dugg it?  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_7_10_Release_Candidate_2  Once you digg it.  Then comment it :)10:49
Holmen_how do I login to mythubuntu session?10:50
therethinkerBecause I can change the default channel, and it changes... but it won't change from within mythtv10:50
superm1Holmen_, with the beta and rc you are always logged into it10:50
superm1Holmen_, just quit mythtv frontend if you need to modify other stuff10:50
tgm4883_laptophome time10:50
superm1or open up the control centre from within the frontend10:51
superm1therethinker, what hardwaer?10:51
=== bendailey [n=bendaile@mail.bhmsd.k12.in.us] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
therethinkersuperm1: it's a PVR150 -- directly to cable line, no external channel changer10:52
Holmen_ah, so mythubuntu sessions is really the mythtv-frontend that I'm directy shown for when I boot up the pc?10:52
superm1Holmen_, exactly10:52
superm1therethinker, have you checked the consistency of your database?10:52
superm1it sounds as though there may be mysql corruption10:52
=== beavis [n=beavis@drms-590d5367.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinkersuperm1: Hmm... do I just skim it, or is there some tool...10:53
superm1therethinker, easiest way i've always done is phpmyadmin10:53
superm1it can check all your tables10:53
therethinkerK, that's what I'm about to do10:53
superm1actually mcc10:53
superm1might have an optimize and repair function10:53
superm1didn't YOU add that? :)10:54
therethinkerIts not gutsy, so I can't10:54
Holmen_superml, okey10:54
superm1Holmen_, and if you go to the settings menu, you'll find a 'mythbuntu' item listed there too, so you dont have to quit the frontend if you dont want to10:54
Holmen_superml, so I should be able to fix this session problem when Im done with dist-upgrade?10:54
therethinkerwhat exactly am I looking for?10:54
superm1Holmen_, which session problem?10:54
=== pdragon is now known as pdragon|out
superm1therethinker, in phpmyadmin?10:55
superm1there is a way to 'repair' tables10:55
superm1you'll have to look around10:55
superm1i dont know it offhand10:55
therethinkerSeems vaugely familiar...10:55
superm1but you select your db and then the functionality is around10:55
superm1i say just upgrade to gutsy though.10:55
therethinkerI will in a few days ;-)10:55
Holmen_superml, well it isnt a problem really, but I want to add a program to autostart with mythubuntu session10:56
therethinkerlets see, I hit repair10:56
superm1Holmen_, oh you were the guy just here?10:56
superm1as a mythbuntugeust?10:56
Holmen_haha, yes, that was me10:57
superm1yeah well once you quit the frontend, you'll be at a desktop and you can choose that applications menu10:57
superm1once you pick that mythbuntu session, you can progress forward10:58
superm1i forgot you were in the old way of doing things10:58
Holmen_superml,  great!10:58
therethinkerWow, its in color now...10:59
therethinkerbut still only 1 channel10:59
Holmen_superml, well I heavent checked out mythubnutuswebsite for a while now10:59
superm1Holmen_, well alot has changed10:59
superm1between alpha 2 and rc10:59
superm1we've got a lot of new toys and functionality10:59
Holmen_superml, what has been the greates change?11:00
Davieysuperm1: are you happy to advise an upgrade from a2 to rc?11:00
superm1i don't advise it, but i'll try to help with it11:01
DavieyHolmen_: mythcontrol centre... dropping openbox in favour of XFCE (Xubuntu)11:01
superm1i mean i know there are a lot of things that can get messed up11:01
Wy|laptopsuperm1: any details on how the irda autoconfigure is supposed to work?11:01
therethinkerYeah, so I'm halfway there11:01
DavieyHolmen_: check out mythbuntu.org, each Alpha release has stated the changes11:02
Holmen_okey! do you know why they changed to xfce or re you guys maybe one of the programmers?11:02
Holmen_thanks! I will check it ouy11:02
superm1Holmen_, that's us yeah.  because its easier for most people to use11:02
Wy|laptopI've got my iMon (silverstone MFP51) working but the the keymapping really, really blows.11:02
superm1and we can add wireless networking support11:03
DavieyHolmen_: We changed as openbox was too basic for many of the users.. and the lack of a docking bar, made wireless difficult11:03
superm1it was about a 12 meg install size difference11:03
superm1and its only about 15-20 megs ram usage difference11:03
Holmen_ah, so you were only using openbox session and not, ex. openbox-gnome-session?11:04
Holmen_oh, thats teriffic!11:04
superm1yeah this is much easier11:05
superm1Holmen_, if you're comfortable doing so, i would recommend just doing a fresh install of today's RC11:05
superm1it will save you a lot of hassle i think11:05
=== Wy|laptop thinks. Also, is there a more automated way of fscking around with sound output on modules than doing an alsa.conf?
Wy|laptopor passing on settings to the various myth-modules11:06
MythbuntuGuest59suprml, do you know if the ATI TV Wonder 200 supported by default under Mythbuntu? I know it's *supported* but it sometimes "has problems" detecting and there is very little documentation about getting it to work.11:06
Holmen_superml, that has crossed my mind, but I think im going to try to fix it after the dist-upgrade and if that doesnt to the trick I will do a fresh install11:07
Wy|laptopif I set my main sound output to /dev/adsp (optical out), tv plays back properly, as does dvds.11:07
Wy|laptopHowever, mythstream and mythvideo play back through analog11:07
DavieyMythbuntuGuest59: I tend to recommend Hauppauge rather than ATI11:08
therethinkerYeah, so I repaired all the tables, still stuck on a channel11:08
MythbuntuGuest59yeah... I found that out after I had ordered the card... I do know it works though11:08
superm1Wy|laptop, i've got some really wonky workarounds for digital audio out11:08
superm1Wy|laptop, i dont know which ones are necessary11:08
superm1but several in place11:08
Wy|laptopMythbuntuGuest: I'd recommend neither.11:08
Wy|laptopHDHomerun is pure awesome.11:09
Wy|laptopsuperm1: yeah, I'm familiar with alsa hacks, I just hate doing them if I can do them inside myth itself.11:09
superm1MythbuntuGuest59, it should be supported fine.  i haven't experimented with one myself since i don't own one11:09
DavieyWy|laptop: and HDHomeRun works outside the US now?11:09
superm1but it should be autodetected and such11:09
Wy|laptopDaviey: hrm.. not sure, didn't know he was oconus11:10
superm1Wy|laptop, this is my favorite one: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/845/11:10
superm1that has gotten me the furthest from what i can recall11:10
Davieysuperm1: how long has http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/ been out?11:10
superm1i dunno11:11
superm1i just typed it by accident honestly :)11:11
Davieynew to me :)11:11
superm1i meant to type something else, but somehow crossed my thoughts11:11
superm1and did that11:11
Wy|laptopanyways, any suggestions on the lirc stuff?11:11
mythbotpastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://pastebin.ubuntu.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste!)11:11
MythbuntuGuest59superml, is that supported as a V4L captuer card in the backend?11:12
Davieytherethinker: s/org/com11:12
superm1MythbuntuGuest59, yeah its supported by v4l-dvb project so there is no reason it shouldn't be11:12
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-mythtv:superm1] : "Welcome to #ubuntu-mythtv :: Mythbuntu 7.10 Release Candidate Released :: See our website at http://www.mythbuntu.org :: Paste logs @ http://pastebin.ubuntu.com :: See our wiki for setting up and troubleshooting: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV "
=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [-o superm1] by ChanServ
superm1Wy|laptop, if you dont like the config mythbuntu-lirc-generator made, fix mythbuntu-lirc-generator :)11:13
superm1or grab a lircrc from elsewhere11:13
MythbuntuGuest59superml, for some reason I'm still getting nothing but static under MythTV, is there any notable difference in backend settings when behind a digital cable box (coax in -> coax out, connected to the TV Wonder)?11:14
mythbotpastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste!)11:14
DavieyWy|laptop: is the a problem with the produced lircrc?11:14
Wy|laptopyeah. the keymappings are fooey.11:15
Davieyhow so?11:15
Wy|laptopstuff is just randomly assigned all over the place11:15
superm1MythbuntuGuest59, the only thing that i would say is to make sure its tuned to channel 3/4.  If that doesn't help, go and make sure you have the right frequency table selected11:15
superm1for us-cable11:15
superm1not us-broadcast11:15
Wy|laptopthe hardware is a http://www.soundgraph.com/Eng_/Products/oem3.aspx?topMenu=2&subMenu=1&leftMenu=43 (OEM type A)11:16
superm1MythbuntuGuest59, which would be in mythtv-setup11:16
Wy|laptopI also haven't started on getting the actual display working yet11:16
Wy|laptopbut if you look at the remote, there's an analog pad there with some selection keys11:16
superm1Wy|laptop, the best way to solve it is to find a lircrc elsewhere, and file a bug against mythbuntu-lirc-generator11:16
superm1attach the lircd.conf its using and the lircrc11:17
DavieyWy|laptop: You haven't really raised an issue IMO.. if you can be more specific raise a bug on LP11:17
Wy|laptopsuperm1: gotcha.11:17
Davieysuperm1: dang.. you beat me to it11:17
foxbuntuWy|laptop, if you can get all that information I can build a fix against it in the next several days11:17
Wy|laptopDavey: 'unusable key mappings' :P It's not a HUGE issue, and if all else fails I'll write my own11:17
Holmen_I will do a fresh install of Mythubuntu later11:18
DavieyI fail to understand what you mean by "unusable", either it works or it don't11:18
foxbuntuWy|laptop, please provide a bug against the remote so we can fix it11:18
Davieycan you pastebin the lircrc?11:18
Wy|laptopDaviey: It works in that keypresses are activate functions in Myth. It's unusable, as in there's no rhyme or reason to where things are mapped.11:19
Holmen_Daviey, superml, thanks for all the help and info ;). you will probobly hear more from me. keep up the F* great work11:19
=== MythbuntuGuest40 [n=Mythbunt@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Wy|laptopbut it does pick up the fact that there's a remote out there sending signals.11:19
DavieyHolmen_: keep us posted.. we like to hear success and bugs :)11:19
=== Wy|laptop grins. Oh, is anyone working on getting LCDproc into mythbuntu?
Davieyyes.. but not at top of the list atm11:20
Holmen_okey ;)11:20
Wy|laptopfair enough.11:20
MythbuntuGuest40hi, just installed mythbuntu wondering if anyone can help in accessing a windows share on another machine?11:20
DavieyWy|laptop: I have a LCD, but more pressing things are holding me back atm11:20
=== Daviey away from kb
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest40, what do you need help with11:21
Wy|laptopMythbuntuGuest40: there's no easy way11:21
Wy|laptopsmbmount is your best bet right now11:21
MythbuntuGuest40i have some setup files on a nas in standard ubuntu i just click on the connect to network icon but that is not present.11:22
=== Binary_Crap50 [i=1010101a@gateway/tor/x-330b1f88dc23922e] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== Daviey pops back briefly... er, easy way Samba! v. easy
Daviey.. gone11:22
MythbuntuGuest40i will give smbmount a try - cheers11:22
Wy|laptopSure, you need to mount it, though.11:22
Wy|laptopstick it into /var/lib/mythtv/videos music11:23
DavieyWy|laptop: other way around... share mythbuntu to samba, and access via windows11:23
Daviey... Really gone11:23
MythbuntuGuest40just installing smbmount now - unfortunately its a nas drive but it acts like a standard windows share11:23
Wy|laptopah, nvm, thought he was trying to play back stuff from a windows share11:24
=== tgm4883 [n=tgm4883@c-76-115-157-227.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== bieb [n=bieb@atlanta.national-net.com] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
MythbuntuGuest40when specifying a mount point is there a trick i keep getting could not resolve mount point /data/nas11:28
Wy|laptopthe format is usually smbmount //server/share mountpoint11:29
mythbotWhy haven't you dugg it?  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_7_10_Release_Candidate_2  Once you digg it.  Then comment it :)11:31
mythbotNeither I, ubotu, or Wikipedia knows about "duggit", sorry.11:32
therethinker$hug tgm488311:32
MythbuntuGuest40does a mount point need to exist?11:32
mythbotIf I had emotions, I'd laugh! No one would ever hug tgm4883!11:32
tgm4883looks like you better digg it again11:32
therethinker$whack "$diggit"11:32
mythbotOperationalError: near "$diggit": syntax error (file "/var/nas/phenny/modules/help.py", line 37, in f_chelp)11:32
foxbuntu$whack off11:33
mythbot/me whacks off11:33
foxbuntuthats still there11:33
mythbottgm4883/tgm4883_laptop: WE GET IT! WE ALREADY DUGG IT!11:33
tgm4883haha nice11:34
mythbotWhat is thy bidding, my master?11:34
mythbotWhy haven't you dugg it?  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_7_10_Release_Candidate_2  Once you digg it.  Then comment it :)11:34
mythbottgm4883/tgm4883_laptop: WE GET IT! WE ALREADY DUGG IT!11:34
therethinker$tgm4883 stop telling people to diggit11:34
DavieyMythbuntuGuest40: to mnt all shares.. something like11:35
mythbotI'll tell tgm4883 to stop telling people to diggit11:35
mythbotNeither I, ubotu, or Wikipedia knows about "muwhaa", sorry.11:35
therethinker(tgm: $todo)11:35
mythbottgm4883, you need to stop telling people to diggit11:35
foxbuntu$digg sucks11:36
mythbotNeither I, ubotu, or Wikipedia knows about "digg sucks", sorry.11:36
therethinkerWhoah, IT WOKRS11:36
mythbotWhat is thy bidding, my master?11:36
mythbottgm4883, you need to stop telling people to diggit, get more people to comment it, rule the world with mythbuntu, get foxbuntu to digg it again11:36
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=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [-o Daviey] by Daviey
therethinkerThanks :-)11:37
tgm4883the quietness is so good11:37
=== therethinker bets $50 on tgm4883 having a spasm in the next 10 seconds
tgm4883why is my arm shaking?11:37
therethinkerAnyway... my TV is working :D11:38
Davieytgm4883: dunno... have you dugg yet?11:38
therethinkerha, Saturn stole my trademark D:11:38
therethinkerThey have a commercial saying "Rethink"11:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about diggit - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:38
therethinkerOkay, hopefully this teaches you a lesson11:39
therethinkerdon't abuse the bot11:39
MythbuntuGuest40thanks - sorted smbmount11:39
tgm4883I will not abuse the box11:39
DavieyMythbuntuGuest40: did my script work?11:39
tgm4883I mean the bot11:39
tgm4883Instead, I will abuse foxbuntu11:40
Davieytgm4883: with that gap in his teeth.. no thanks :)11:40
therethinkerI could pretend to be the bot :P11:41
therethinker(don't abuse me...)11:41
Davieytherethinker: feel free to /invite the bot back11:41
tgm4883Daviey, it's only a gap if your poor.  If you're rich, then it's a distinguished smile11:41
Davieyeeek. hope we didn't upset foxy :O11:41
MythbuntuGuest40sorry i missed it - my problem was i was not specifying a correct share of the nas11:41
MythbuntuGuest40if i have a suggest for an addition to mythbuntu control centre where do i put it?11:42
Davieyraise a bug against it11:43
Davieymaybe add [wishlist]  to the bug11:43
MythbuntuGuest40thanks - launchpad then?11:43
tgm4883therethinker, you can bring mythbot back, i wont abuse11:44
therethinkerOkay :-)11:45
=== mythbot [n=mythbot@c-76-24-122-94.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MitoTraningreetings all11:47
MitoTraninback from work... anything interesting happen?11:47
therethinkertgm was abusing the bot11:47
therethinkerand I got my setup working11:47
MitoTranin"got my setup working"  meaning?11:47
tgm4883MitoTranin, why have you not dugg it?11:48
MitoTraninbecause I am anti-digg11:48
MitoTraninthat, and I just got home11:49
MitoTraninhaven't even seen the page yet :)11:49
tgm4883MitoTranin, if you don't digg, then you hate ubuntu and all things free11:49
tgm4883and kittens11:49
tgm4883and puppies11:49
=== mythbot [n=mythbot@c-76-24-122-94.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tazgodxtgm4883: guess you want me to dig it?11:49
therethinkerDon't you dare say it...11:50
tgm4883therethinker, tell them where11:50
tgm4883if only someone had a link11:50
mythbotWhy haven't you dugg it?  http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_7_10_Release_Candidate_2  Once you digg it.  Then comment it :)11:50
therethinkerAHH! Don't hurt me!11:50
tgm4883there ya go !!!11:50
therethinkertgm4883 was going wayy overboard11:50
tgm4883as the Mythbuntu Information Minister, I felt the need to let people know about mythbuntu11:51
tgm4883dont forget to comment it :)11:51
tazgodxdo i need to sign up to digg?11:52
=== frank_ [n=frank@CPE000d88f1925d-CM000a73668bc0.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MitoTraninyes, in order to digg, you have to be registered11:52
MitoTraninwhich is why I don't digg, because I refuse to register :)11:52
therethinkerWhy do you refuse?11:53
MitoTraninbecause.... I do...11:54
tazgodxi usually refuse to register for this too.11:55
therethinkerThey don't eat your brain...11:55
therethinkeronly the frontal lobe ;-)11:55
Davieytgm4883: -dev11:56
therethinkerSo, how do you guys feel about the madeup stuff.. err I mean patents against linux?11:57
tazgodxdugg, and commented11:57
MitoTranintherethinker: did you get the backup stuff into the rc in time for the rc?11:58
therethinkerI'm trying to work on it11:59
superm1therethinker, it's not going to happen in time for release11:59
superm1i got the last of our stuff uploaded today11:59
superm1we're in hard freeze11:59
superm1it will have to be deferred for hardy12:00
therethinkerYeah, I figured12:00
MythbuntuGuest59ok, here's the scoop with my box now, I still have nothing but static with no channels detected. My cable runs through a cable box to a coax input on an ATI TV Wonder 200. I have the backend set for us-cable frequency and the card is using the A4L driver. What COULD be wrong here?12:03
=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinkerthe cable works on a normal TV -- I've hit that problem before :P12:04
=== tgm4883_laptop checks digg
therethinker15 or 1412:04
MythbuntuGuest59therethinker, the cable does work on a normal TV and the card is functional - those were both checked12:06
therethinkerDo you get coherent sound?12:06
therethinkerOh, did you set a video source? If you didn't, because you aren't going to pay, there's a "no" option -- just set it up12:06
MythbuntuGuest59I haven't subscribed to a pay source, but I did set a video source with "no grabber"12:08
MythbuntuGuest59no sound at all btw, but that may be due to a sound driver problem (it's an obscure built-on card)12:09
MythbuntuGuest59and I do have it defaulting to channel 3 because it's behind a cable box12:10
therethinkeryou get nothing when scanning?12:12
MythbuntuGuest59I get a screen than says it's scanning, but no resulting channels12:12
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest59, what card again?12:12
MythbuntuGuest59ATI TV Wonder 20012:13
MythbuntuGuest59which I did verify as working - I was talking about this with you earlier tgm.12:13
tgm4883_laptopi know12:14
tgm4883_laptopi forgot12:14
tgm4883_laptopso it does work outside then12:14
MythbuntuGuest59outside of this box? - yes12:14
tgm4883_laptopno outside of mythtv12:14
tgm4883_laptopso youve tested it in the same box outside of mythtv and gotten a clear channel?12:15
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therethinkerCan anyone here me?12:19
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therethinkercan anyone hear me?12:20
mythbotNeither I, ubotu, or Wikipedia knows about "lowspec", sorry.12:20
mythbotLooking for recommended hardware specs?  Look no further than here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57020412:20
therethinkerDoes anyone know how I can check specs over SSH?12:21
therethinkerI assume its uname12:21
MythbuntuGuest59I can12:23
therethinkersorry, IRC got screwed up12:23
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MythbuntuGuest59superm1, are you around?12:24
tgm4883_laptoptherethinker, what are you trying to check?12:27
superm1MythbuntuGuest59, what's up?12:30
MythbuntuGuest59hey, I'm still getting nothing but static and I was wondering if there is any utility with Mythbuntu to check the feed it's getting outside of the frontend12:31
superm1MythbuntuGuest59, yeah you can install xawtv12:31
superm1and check inside there12:31
superm1or tvtime12:31
MythbuntuGuest59will do ty12:32
therethinkertgm4883_laptop: I need to check the CPU12:32
therethinkerhow fast it is...12:32
superm1therethinker, cat /proc/cpuinfo12:32
tgm4883_laptopcat /proc/cpuinfo12:32
tgm4883_laptopdang you superm112:32
tgm4883_laptopdang speedy fingers12:32
therethinkerWhoo, just under 800Mhtz12:32
superm1well see that's not it, you need to get yourself one of those thought->keyboard converters12:32
therethinkerOh, I've been thinking of getting one12:33
therethinkerReduce RSI12:33
therethinkerwhat's the file for RAM?12:33
therethinkerI know there's proc/swap12:33
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therethinkerHmm... so I have 256MB ram... and 800Mhz (PIII)... wow, so close to the 2nd bullet on that link12:38
therethinkerWhere do you set the codec?12:38
tgm4883_laptopi think in mythtv setup12:39
therethinkerHmm... yeah, think I found it12:41
therethinkerSince my card has a hardware encoder... I think... does that give me the extra 256MB boost? :P12:41
therethinkerI'm also playing it back on a different computer... does that make it less or more intensive?12:42
MythbuntuGuest59latest scoop on the static problem - xawtv shows static too so it has to be driver or card configuration to blame.12:49
MythbuntuGuest59I did find someone with a similar problem here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=415587 but that question was never answered12:49
superm1MythbuntuGuest59, can you post your dmesg12:50
superm1and we can see if its improperly autodetected by chance?12:50
superm1MythbuntuGuest59, if you can open up a terminal, and type:12:51
MythbuntuGuest59simple enough12:51
superm1and then highlight all that text and paste it into a pastebin12:51
superm1!pastebin | MythbuntuGuest5912:51
ubotuMythbuntuGuest59: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)12:51
MythbuntuGuest59how would one go about getting that to the clibboard so I can post to pastebin12:54
MythbuntuGuest59or is there something specific I should look for12:54
superm1highlight the entire thing12:54
superm1and then hit <ctrl> <shift> c12:54
superm1and its copied12:54
MythbuntuGuest59I didn't think you could do that in terminal12:55
superm1open up ff, and then hit ctrl v on the pastebin you open12:55
superm1yeah you can12:55
superm1the key is the extra <shift>12:55
superm1also its copied to a different keyboard when you highlight it all, that you can paste using <middle click>12:55
superm1either of those will work12:55
MythbuntuGuest59hey, my terminal buffer is too short for that entire message... what's the command to increase the visable terinal size again12:58
superm1its in the menus at the top of the terminal12:59
superm1if you just want to grab the important parts of the output from dmesg, you can do 'dmesg | grep cx' .  I think that should handle it12:59
MythbuntuGuest59it's at 4046201:03
superm1[ 8274.188000]  tuner 0-0060: tuner type not set01:04
superm1that sticks out01:05
superm1you may want to try what was posted here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=33818201:05
JacKnifehey all, what is the key mythfilldatabase uses to get channel info from a schedules direct lineup?  Specifically, what column in the channel table maps to SD information?01:06
MythbuntuGuest59that's what I linked to earlier, but there were feisty users with ATI cards having problems with that01:06
superm1right you might still need that workaround though01:06
superm1doesn't hurt to try01:06
MythbuntuGuest59well... sometimes :-)01:07
superm1well that is easily reversible01:07
superm1should it cause troubles01:07
superm1JacKnife, i'm not sure exact column you need, why not just do it in mythtv-setup01:07
JacKnifei've removed and added my lineup a few times.  making sure to assign it to an input card each time.  mythfill database just isnt pulling down the info01:08
JacKnifei have two tuners, one is working fine, the other has no data.01:08
JacKnifethe one tuner i have is antenna, channels are like 28.1, 28.2, etc..01:08
JacKnifebut i noticed if i log into SD, and click report for my lineup the call sign and name are slightly off from my channels table records01:09
JacKnifei tried matching some of the info, but i dont want to mess with too much so i havnt tried too many things01:10
superm1JacKnife, you can modify stuff like that in mythtv-setup too though01:12
superm1under the channel editor section01:12
superm1rather than right on the sql tables01:12
JacKnifesure, let me try that01:12
JacKnifehey, one thing i see here is an XMLTV id, i can see that from my SD account.  I'm assuming this would be a good time to add it?01:14
superm1that is populated automatically01:15
superm1when the channel name is right01:15
superm1you can change the channel name there too01:15
superm1and the channel number if its wrong01:15
JacKnifewell, thats the thing, from SD, the channel number is 28.  That is a conflict with an analog channel i have, and since this is a digital tuner i have channel 28.101:16
superm1that should be fine01:16
superm1you need to make sure that the call sign is right though01:16

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