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duluuI have no luck to install rc release of gutsy on amd6405:24
duluuit seems package files are broken05:25
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kgoetzduluu: package files?05:41
duluuthat contain package list05:41
kgoetzduluu: can you run the cd verificatio check ?05:42
duluuit failed05:47
kgoetzduluu: does th disc itself have  good md5sum or is the whole image corrupt?05:48
duluuiso was good05:48
duluuthis occurred during beta, and still on rc05:49
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kgoetzduluu: hang around - i'm probably not the best person to talk about this with05:50
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ivoksdendrobates: ccc disclosing company secrets... cccc :D03:43
dendrobatesivoks: hey now03:43
ScottKlamont: Have you doing anything with Postfix and connecting to milters via a unix socket?03:48
ScottKlamont: I'm trying to sort out Bug #151850 and getting no where with connecting to clamav-milter due to permissions problems.03:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 151850 in clamav "clamav-milter postfix defaults fail" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15185003:49
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lamontScottK: I haven't done anything with postfix milters04:01
ScottKlamont: OK.  Thanks.  Works great, lasts a long time with a TCP socket, but with a Unix socket, I'm stuck.04:02
ivoksScottK: something like this:04:02
ivoksclamav-milter: ClamAv: Unable to create listening socket on conn local:/var/spool/postfix/clamav/04:02
ScottKivoks: I unchrooted for my test and so my Postfix can read the socket in the normal location (/var/run/clamav), but I get perimssion denied.04:03
lamontcan the user postfix get into /var/run/clamav?04:04
ScottKIt's 755, so I'd think so.  I tried chgrp to postfix and that didn't help either.04:04
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ScottK2warning: connect to Milter service unix:/var/run/clamav/clamav-milter.ctl: Permission denied is the exact error04:05
lamontsu - postfix and see what happens?04:05
lamontnetcat is love04:05
lamontat least I think netcat can be bludgeoned into talking to a unix socket04:05
ivoksScottK: cause it's srwxrwxr-x?04:05
ivokshow to check if mail is checked at all? :)04:08
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ScottK2Well if I see Postfix gets permission denied in the mail log, I'm pretty sure it didn't work.04:08
ivoksi don't get that04:08
ivoksthis is my setup:04:08
lamontScottK: yeah, but gdb and strace can help with figuring things out with netcat easier than with postfix.... :)04:09
ivoksand in main.cf:04:09
ivokssmtpd_milters = unix:/clamav04:09
ivoksi don't get permission denied, but, imho, i should04:10
ScottK2Well I opened up the permissions a bit more and it worked.  So I'll try ivoks setup and see if it all works.04:10
ivoksmy postfix is chrooted04:10
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ScottK2Step one for me in troubleshooting is get out of the chroot.04:11
ScottK2ivoks: Permission denied is what Bug #151850 is about.  It sounds like you have exactly what the reporter says doesn't work.04:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 151850 in clamav "clamav-milter postfix defaults fail" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15185004:12
ivokssrwxrwxr-x 1 clamav clamav 0 2007-10-12 16:05 /var/spool/postfix/clamav04:13
ivoksclamav can't create files in /var/spool/postfix/04:13
ScottK2So how does the socket get created then?04:14
ivoksi added w+r :/04:14
ivokssorry, i forgot about that04:14
ScottK2ivoks: Is a world writeable socket a good idea?04:15
ivoksi added w+r on /var/spool/postfix for testing04:15
ivokswe should add clamav in postfix group04:16
ScottK2So how does one get this to work in a sane configuration?04:16
ivokswhen clamav-milter is installed04:16
ScottK2That sounds reasonable.04:16
ivoksand create socket in /var/spool/postfix/somewhere04:16
ScottK2Just have to make sure we don't break sendmail users.  Their life in painful enough as it is.04:17
ivoksbut this has a downside04:17
ivoksif one deinstalls postfix, does he looses /var/spool/postfix?04:17
ScottK2If one deinstalls postfix, clamav-milter isn't a major problem.04:17
ivoksit's not, but /var/spool/postfix stays on system04:18
lamont    purge)04:18
lamont        rm -rf /var/spool/postfix04:18
lamont        rm -rf /etc/postfix04:18
lamontthat'd be _gone_04:18
ivoksok then04:18
ivoksbut, where in /var/spool/postfix? :)04:19
ScottK2lamont: How does adding clamav to the postfix group sound to you?04:19
lamontno issues here04:19
lamontthat would allow clamav to directly open things in the mail spool, which sounds a bit strange if everything is really passing through a socket with some other (clamav/milter/whatever) defined syntax04:20
=== lamont needs to focus on some other stuff atm, though
ScottK2I'm thinking I don't like the idea of automagically doing it.04:20
ivokswe need to rethink this one...04:21
ivokspostfix user/group can't create anything in /var/spool/postfix04:21
ivoksso, that wouldn't solve the problem with creating socket04:22
ivoksthere should be a directory inside jail in which postfix group should be able to write04:22
ivoksatm, i think there i no suck dir04:22
ivokssuch :)04:22
ScottK2README.Debian has some instructions on Postfix integration for clamav-milter.  I'm going to purge everything, start over and follow those directions to the letter.04:23
ScottK2Then if it works, I'll mark the bug invalid -RTFM.  If not, I'll go from there.04:23
ivoksthat package has both README.Debian and README.Debian.gz :)04:24
ivoksand they aren't the same04:24
ivoksah, yeah...04:25
ivoksthat makes sense..04:25
ivoksthat should work04:25
ivoksbug is valid04:28
ivoks /etc/default/clamav-milter should contain:04:28
ivoksSOCKET can't be file...04:29
ivokssorry, directory04:29
ivoksit must be file04:29
ScottK2OK.  So it's missing the final clamav04:29
ivoksor better clamav-milter.ctl04:30
ivoksthere should also be a pointer to README.Debian.gz for howto04:30
ScottK2I can fix that.04:30
ivoksgo ahead :)04:31
ivoksone point tough...04:31
ivokspurging clamav-milter leaves /var/spool/postfix/clamav/04:32
ivoksand when you purge clamav.*04:32
ivoksyou get a direcotry with a rw permissions for uid which isn't taken04:32
ivoksif that uid gets assigned to userbob, userbob will be able to write there and create files as postfix group04:33
ivokss/as/owned by/04:35
ScottK2Right.  Well according to the README.Debian you have to make that dir manually.  So it's on the admin to remove it manually too I'd say.04:39
ivoksstill, debian solution suggests setgid, which should always be last resort04:42
ScottK2ivoks: True, but it's only a few days befoe release, so I'm taking the least invasive path.04:43
ScottK2Personally I'd use a TCP socket and be done with it.04:43
ivokslooks like patent war beings...04:43
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lamontScottK: the whole userid thing is why we assign system uid/gids to postfix users...05:35
lamontid postfix05:35
lamontuid=113(postfix) gid=109(postfix) groups=109(postfix)05:35
lamontbecause userbob won't get that id05:35
ScottKlamont: This all gets into why I like TCP sockets better.  Urgh.05:47
ScottKBy adding the file name I'm fixing a bug in what the Debian Maintainer has recommended.  I'm not going to re-engineer it less than a week before release.05:48
=== Drazha is now known as Drazha[away]
lamontScottK: sounds like a wise decision (not re-engineering at T-6 days)05:49
ScottKlamont: Heh.  I got a mail from the Debian clamav maintainer a little while ago discussing closer cooperation.  I'll add this to my list for Hardy/Lenny.05:50
ScottKlamont: What's your view on the preferability of TCP versus Unix sockets in circumstances like this?05:51
lamontunix sockets have the advantage of being able to restrict who can connect to them05:51
ScottKIt'd be nice to be able to say "I've talked to the Debian Postfix maintainer and he thinks ..."05:52
lamonttcp sockets have the advantage of being reasonable an straight forward05:52
lamontreload will require that there be a way to add additional sockets05:52
lamontc.f. http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=31181205:53
ubotuDebian bug 311812 in postfix "postfix: syslog reconnection" [Important,Open] 05:53
ScottKlamont: Sorry for being dense: Which kind of socket does that apply to?05:55
lamontspecifically, /dev/log05:56
ScottKlamont: Thanks.05:56
ScottKClamav-milter currently ships a etc/default file that has the recommended Unix socket for Postfix listed, but commented out.  It seems to me like the best answer is to also provide instructions on TCP socket (and a commented out default) and let the admin decide where they sit on the tradeoffs.05:59
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ScottKsoren: Would you be up for doing a source backport of clamav from Gutsy to Feisty (I need a core-dev to do the upload).  The debdiff in Bug #151308 looks correct to me.07:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 151308 in feisty-backports "please backport Clamav from Gutsy to Feisty " [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15130807:04
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sorenScottK: I'd need to read up on the mechanics of that sort of thing. I have no clue how it works.08:20
sorenI'm just about to eat dinner, though.08:20
sorenI'll stop by later.08:20
ScottKsoren: Great.  It's not very hard.  I can probably talk you through it.08:21
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hendrixskihey, is this the right place to ask this?  I can't get Mysql server to install.  and I'm pulling my hair out over here :-(09:33
leonelhendrixski: what's the problem ?  I don't use mysql but maybe can help ...09:34
hendrixskileonel, I apt-get installed it... and halfway through it breaks09:35
hendrixskiI uninstalled it and re-isntalled, and it's not helping09:35
leonelwhat errors ?09:36
hendrixskidpkg: error processing mysql-server-5.0 (--configure):09:36
hendrixski subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 109:36
hendrixski...actually... do you mind if I _don't_ pastebin this.. s ince it's only a few lines, and a not very active channel?09:37
hendrixskidpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of mysql-server:09:37
hendrixski mysql-server depends on mysql-server-5.0; however:09:37
hendrixski  Package mysql-server-5.0 is not configured yet.09:37
hendrixskidpkg: error processing mysql-server (--configure):09:37
hendrixski dependency problems - leaving unconfigured09:37
hendrixskiErrors were encountered while processing:09:37
hendrixski mysql-server-5.009:37
hendrixski mysql-server09:37
hendrixskiE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)09:37
leoneldpkg -P mysql-server-5.0  mysql-server09:38
leonelapt-cache clean09:38
leonelapt-get install mysql-server-5.009:38
hendrixskik, it's not being friendly in the removal either09:40
hendrixskilemme try it after the apt-get clean09:40
leonelis there a previous error ?09:41
leonelbefore the mysql ?09:41
hendrixskinah, the rest of that is normal I think09:42
hendrixski:-( crap... now when I ran the apt-get install -f to fix things it's crapping out again09:44
hendrixskipastebinned  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/40442/09:44
hendrixskiit stops and starts the mysqld... but the start fails09:45
hendrixskiI guess that's an error09:45
=== osmosis [n=steven@] has joined #ubuntu-server
=== hendrixski sighs: nothing can ever just work on LInux, can it
leonelhendrixski: you are in a chroot  environment ?09:46
hendrixskileonel, yes09:47
leonelthere's no /proc  or  something like that  that     mysql  and  all daemons  need to start for networking ..09:47
hendrixskiso... mysql won't work in a chroot?09:48
leoneli had that same problem  with postgresql09:49
hendrixskithere's a /proc/09:50
leonelbooted into  the os  and did the install fine09:50
leonelyes but  there's something  missing  that  can't  let  mysql  start  in that  chroot09:50
hendrixskiso how do people get into databases from chroot?09:51
leonelhendrixski: good  question ..09:51
leonelI think is that  what causing you that error ..09:53
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hendrixskihhmm, well,, I guess I'll try re-uninstalling it again09:53
hendrixskiexcept,.... now even when I try to remove it it tries to complete the install09:55
hendrixskiand craps out again and again09:55
sommerhendrixski: do you have apt-utils installed in the chroot?09:58
sommeralso if you're trying to remove it you might try apt-get --purge remove mysql-server09:59
hendrixskisommer, yeah, I've tried that... like I said, even the removes try to complete the install10:00
hendrixskiis there a way to trick apt into not knowing that there's something that didn't finish install?10:00
hendrixskisommer, and do you know how to get databases to work in a chroot?10:01
sommerhendrixski: sorry I don't have much experience with chroot environments.  Did you have apt-utils in the chroot?10:01
hendrixskisommer, I may not have... but there's no way to install ANYTHING now10:02
hendrixskiapt-get install apt-utils tries to install the mysql-server10:02
sommermmm...can you recreate the chroot?10:02
sommeror can you copy the apt-utils bin files into the chroot?10:02
hendrixskisommer, I can, but I'd probably lose a ton of work10:02
sommerI'd try copying the bin files then.10:03
hendrixskiactually... most of the crap compiled in there is in /home which is mounted separately... I guess I can delete and recreate it... and all I lose is running make install once or twice10:04
hendrixskisommer, is there anything in apt-utils that would help me stop apt from trying to install mysql server every time it runs?10:05
sommernot that I'm aware of.10:05
hendrixskiman, this is a pickle... I guess I'm just gonna have to redo the chroot again10:06
sommerhendrixski: you might wait I'm checking the docs10:08
sommerhave you tried apt-get --purge --force-yes remove mysql-server10:10
hendrixskinot yet10:10
sommermay be worth a try10:10
hendrixskisommer, same thing10:11
hendrixski$ sudo apt-get --purge --force-yes remove mysql-server10:11
hendrixskiReading package lists... Done10:11
hendrixskiBuilding dependency tree10:11
hendrixskiReading state information... Done10:11
hendrixskiPackage mysql-server is not installed, so not removed10:11
hendrixski0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.10:11
hendrixski1 not fully installed or removed.10:11
hendrixskiNeed to get 0B of archives.10:11
hendrixskiAfter unpacking 0B of additional disk space will be used.10:11
hendrixskiSetting up mysql-server-5.0 (5.0.38-0ubuntu1) ...10:11
hendrixski * Stopping MySQL database server mysqld                                                                                           [ OK ] 10:11
hendrixski * Starting MySQL database server mysqld                                                                                           [fail] 10:11
hendrixskiinvoke-rc.d: initscript mysql, action "start" failed.10:11
hendrixskidpkg: error processing mysql-server-5.0 (--configure):10:11
hendrixski subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 110:11
hendrixskiErrors were encountered while processing:10:11
hendrixski mysql-server-5.010:11
hendrixskiE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)10:11
mathiazhendrixski: have a look at /var/log/daemon.log - it should have the output of the mysql init script10:12
hendrixskimathiaz, lemme check10:12
hendrixskithere's a /var/log/dmesg.log and a dpkg.log10:13
hendrixskino daemon.log10:13
hendrixskiand dmesg is empty10:14
hendrixskimaybe I should try dpkg-configure -a ??10:15
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mathiazhendrixski: you said you were in a chroot ?10:18
mathiazhendrixski: did you mount /dev ?10:18
hendrixskimathiaz, I think so, lemme check10:19
hendrixskiDon't think so10:20
hendrixskithe only lines I added into /etc/fstab were for /home/ /tmp  proc-chroot and devpts-chroot10:21
hendrixskimathiaz, should I mount the regular /dev into my chroots dev?10:22
hendrixskioh shit... it's almost 4:30 ... I gotta head out soon10:23
mathiazhendrixski: you could try - it may help10:23
hendrixskimathiaz, well... I guess I'll come back to this problem on monday morning10:24
hendrixskigotta get out of the office, and pick someone up now10:25
hendrixskithanks for the help so far10:25
sommermathiaz: heh... thanks from me as well.  I was out of ideas.10:27
mathiazsommer: np.10:28
mathiazsommer: I've seen your post on -doc about the server guide.10:29
mathiazsommer: is this going in for gutsy ?10:29
sommerI tested it on gutsy, but I thought it's way too late?10:30
mathiazsommer: I don't know. I was just asking.10:31
sommerah, I think it'll have to be for hardy.10:31
mathiazsommer: I think it's too late, but I'm not familier enough with the documentation process.10:31
mathiazsommer: I think so too.10:31
sommerheh... me either.10:32
sommerI've almost got a patch for the mediawiki section as well.10:33
mathiazsommer: excellent !10:33
mathiazsommer: do you think it would be interesting to move the server guide to a wiki page ?10:34
mathiazsommer: same thing as the Packaging guide ?10:34
mathiazsommer: it's just a random idea10:34
sommermathiaz: I'm not sure... I think for some packages it would work better.10:35
sommerWe could also be more detailed.10:35
mathiazsommer: yes. OTOH it's hard to keep a version for wiki pages.10:35
mathiazsommer: such as - this is for feisty, gutsy, hardy, etc...10:36
sommerya... I try to put which releases I've tested on when editing the wiki.10:36
sommerI think over all it's fine to have the Server Guide in docbook10:37
sommerwould have been nice to get updates for Gutsy in though.10:38
mathiazsommer: yes. OTOH we started quit late in the cycle.10:38
mathiazsommer: I think we can review and improve the guide for Hardy.10:38
sommermathiaz: definitely10:39
sorenScottK: Surely it must be documented somewhere?10:40
ScottKsoren: I've no idea.  There's not much to it really.  It's a regular upload except it goes to feisty-backports and should have a ~feisty1 version number.10:42
ScottKsoren: Once it's done, I'll subscribe the archive to the bug and they'll release it when they get around to it.10:42
ScottKThat's it.10:42
sorenScottK: Hm.. I found this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BackportRequestProcess10:44
soren"In addition to syncs, members of [WWW]  ubuntu-core-dev are allowed to upload directly to -backports"10:44
sorenOk, so far so good.10:44
soren"Uploaders have to abide a 'backporting' policy"..10:44
ScottKYes and the clamav one meets the requirements.10:44
soren...so I'm allowed to upload directly, but have to get permission from the backports team?10:44
ScottKYes and I'm authorized to give it.10:45
ScottKIt's weird.10:45
ScottKI can authorize you to upload it, but can't upload it because I don't have archive rights and you have archive rights, but procedurally aren't authorized.  Yeah.10:45
sorenOh, I've just reread it.10:45
ScottKBut then again, every backport I've seen that broke stuff since I've been doing this was done by an archive admin without following the process....10:46
sorenAnd this time, I read it as core-dev members don't need approval.10:46
ScottKOK.  I just know if I upload it it will bounce automagically.10:46
sorenThe first paragraph is about how to request backports by asking you. The next bit is the "In addition... core-dev... directly to -backports".10:47
soren-> #ubuntu-devel10:47
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