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=== lamont discovers that the hppa buildds already had the no-unligned-traps crowbar thrown.
lamontdoko: so the gij-4.2 hack only made it so that people couldn't reproduce buildd failures on paer.07:38
lamontheh... actually, paer has the big crowbar thrown too07:39
dokolamont: ok, I'll turn off building java for hppa07:44
lamontthe preference would be to actually get a toolchain that works on gutsy with that patch from yesterday, even if it needs unaligned traps enabled for the moment07:46
dokolamont: please ask slangasek =)07:49
lamontbecause whatever is currently in sid is working with unaligned traps disabled07:49
dokobesides the interpreter ...07:49
lamontI didn't say _in_ gutsy.  I just want a working toolchain so that we know it's all good when hardy opens07:50
lamontI haven't seen java failures on sid...07:50
dokobecause it's not used, correct07:50
lamontnote that I didn't just disable unaliged traps - they have been disabled on the buildds for _months_07:50
lamontso what is the interpreter doing that it needs unaligned support and can't tell gcc to generate code that does it in the app?07:51
dokohave a look, the problem is there for years07:52
lamontdoko: it would help if I knew the first thing about java...10:35
lamontand had a working  java (even requiring unaligned) on any hppa box (which means gutsy these days)10:35
dokolamont: ok, I can prepare an upload, please get the ok on #ubuntu-release10:36
lamontdoko: not for upload.  for me to work with10:52
lamontI couldn't justify changing the compiler this late in things10:53
dokolamont: it hppa conditional only10:53
lamontso if you could make what you would have prepared for a gutsy upload, along with debs for same, then I can smash through debugging it, and we can get it fixed in (1) sid and (2) hardy10:53
lamontI'll ask, I don't expect much in the way of a yes though.10:54
dokolamont: it's fixed in sid10:54
lamontI need to go fetch kids now though10:54
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