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toidinamaiHow does upstart compare with runit or djb's daemontools?05:43
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Jc2ktoidinamai: i am in no way even close to an expert on the subject, but runit seems very minimalist in comparison to upstart10:20
Jc2kthats not meant to say that upstart is fat, just that it has a larger scope10:21
Jc2ki can't see that daemontools even tries to replace init, so that would be the difference there10:22
Jc2kmy understanding is that upstart tries to be a really flexible event based service manager10:23
Jc2kso you can configure a service or job to run each time a service is starting, started, stopping or stopped10:24
Jc2kbut also on a time event10:24
Jc2kor even on a HAL event10:24
Jc2krunit and daemontools just seem concerned with getting things started or stopped, and your left to handle dependencies in your scripts rather than taking advantage of a ready made dependency handler10:25
Jc2ktoidinamai: the best guy to answer your question is probably Keybuk10:26
Jc2khe's on UK time if that helps you plan when best to come on IRC (04:43AM is a little early for us brits ;D)10:27
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toidinamaiJc2k: Thanks.01:23
toidinamaiJc2k: I'm on CET but my sleep schedule is currently a little off. :-)01:24
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toidinamaiKeybuk: Does upstart supervise its services like daemontools or runit?02:21
KeybukUpstart supervises services, so can respawn them if they die02:22
KeybukI don't know whether it supervises them in the same way as daemontools or runit though02:22
Keybuk(but maybe you didn't intend to ask that)02:22
toidinamaiHm, I guess I'll just have to try it out.02:23
toidinamaiI'm currently using runit as an init replacement everywhere I can but it still needs a lot of fine tuning.02:24
KeybukI can probably answer specific questions in quite detail02:24
Keybukthough I don't know how the other tools behave02:25
toidinamaiSo upstart doesn't use the traditional init scripts at all, is that right?02:25
toidinamaiHow does it deal with scripts installed by packages like openssh-server?02:26
Keybukwhat kind of scripts?02:27
Keybukit ignores them completely02:27
Keybukthe usual way you install Upstart is to have Upstart jobs emulate the lines in your old inittab02:28
Keybuk(running /etc/init.d/rc, or whatever)02:28
Keybukso existing init scripts are run by the existing sysvinit scripts, etc.02:28
Keybukleaving you free to convert over to Upstart jobs at your leisure02:28
Keybukobviously you don't get any kind of supervision for legacy init scripts02:28
toidinamaiHm.  I sometimes get conflicts that way when using runit.  After installing a server package dpkg adds it to the runlevels and tries to start it.02:31
toidinamaiUpstart uses traditional logging using syslog, right?02:43
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KeybukI hate valgrind07:30
=== Jc2k chuckles
Keybuk==29463== ERROR SUMMARY: 348 errors from 18 contexts (suppressed: 11 from 1)07:32
Keybukit keeps finding errors in code I'm happy with07:32
Jc2khow dare it!07:32
ion_Another guy got valgrind to segfault just a while ago.07:45
Keybukvalgrind usually segfaults because your program does07:48
ion_Well, it spewed an error like valgrind: the impossible happened first. :-)07:48
=== Jc2k lols
Keybuk==29490== Invalid write of size 407:50
Keybuk==29490==    at 0x80523D5: nih_list_cut (list.c:202)07:50
Keybuk==29490==    by 0x80524A9: nih_list_destroy (list.c:246)07:50
Keybuk==29490==    by 0x8051096: nih_free (alloc.c:336)07:50
Keybuk==29490==    by 0x804C3A4: test_dir_walk (test_file.c:793)07:50
Keybuk==29490==    by 0x8050CC1: main (test_file.c:1336)07:51
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