hsn_yes. in checkouts it works like in svn. in branches it doesnt12:03
PengIn branches, you use 'bzr pull'.12:04
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lifelessactually it does the same thing in branches as svn up in a branch01:08
lifelessthat is, nothing :)01:08
lifeless(well, takes your tree up to the state of the branch)01:08
keirwhat's the status of nested trees? right now i'm symlinking one project into another, but that's not too optimal!01:29
keirlifeless, is bzr going to support repositories > 4gb on 32 bit machines?01:31
keirright now packs won't scale like that01:31
keirat least, i don't think they will because repack requires fitting everything in memory01:31
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hsn_ubotu: 15196801:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 151968 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:42
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lifelesskeir: repack doesn't buffer everything in ram12:01
lifelesskeir: it buffers a single knit record at a time + the source and target indices12:02
=== lifeless waves
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DavieyHey, has anybody got a suggestion on how to auto email commits(+comments) to certain addresses?01:22
Daviey(non LP bzr)01:22
luksdepends on what do you mean by "auto"01:23
Davieyluks: this - https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr-email :)01:24
DavieyHmm.. but that is client side...  I really wanted the branch to do it :/01:26
Daviey(server side)01:26
luksoh, you meant sending mails to e.g. commits mailing list01:27
Davieyyeah.. but rather than a ML a list of addresses01:28
luksI haven't tried, but what about https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr-hookless-email/01:28
Davieythats the one :)01:29
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Kamping_Kaisershould bzr automatically update the default `bzr pull` location when you do a pull from a different server?01:54
Odd_BlokeKamping_Kaiser: No, you need to pass --remember for it to do so.01:55
Kamping_KaiserOdd_Bloke, oh. cheers.01:56
Odd_BlokeKamping_Kaiser: :)01:56
=== Kamping_Kaiser notices from survey that bzr supports bzr+ssh
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bialixluks: ping?05:02
luksbialix: pong05:05
bialixhi luks05:05
bialixsomething really weird wit qannotate05:05
bialixand this is not my fault05:05
bialixtry to qann bzrlib/merge3.py05:05
lukswhat's the problem?05:06
bialixit throw away series of lines05:07
bialixespecially: class Merge3 ... it's simply missing in qann window05:08
bialixsay me it's not win32-related05:08
lukshm, not in mine05:09
bialixscreenshot: http://bialix.com/qbzr/qann-merge3.png05:12
bialixdoes not matter: with my latest encoding support or before it05:12
lukssorry, I'm back (stupid wifi was disconnecting me)05:17
luksyes, I see it too on windows05:17
luksno idea what could be causing it05:17
bialixIMO it's < sign05:18
lukshm, it depends on whether Pygments is installed05:18
bialixline 3905:18
bialixI'm running standalone bzr.exe05:18
bialixso no Pygments here05:19
bialixmay be we should escape < sign?05:19
luksuhh, right, it doesn't escape html at all05:19
luksso &, < and > need to be changed to xml entities05:20
bialixi think so05:20
bialixhtmlize from util.py is enough?05:20
lukshtmlize creates also links05:21
luksnot sure if that's a good idea in code05:21
luksbut maybe yes05:21
luksI'd prefer to not use the cgi module05:21
luksshould be moved to util05:22
bialixI see05:22
bialixwant me to do this?05:23
luksI'll do it05:24
bialixok, thanks05:24
bialixluks, do you know how to plug-in new merge algorithm?05:24
bialixmerge3 is wtf for me time to time05:25
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ubotuNew bug: #152360 in bzr "AssertionError: empty revision for the inv_entry TREE_ROOT when doing "bzr branch -r 1 bzr.dev foo"" [Critical,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15236005:50
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niltonhi. how can i setup a bazaar server over https with apache?10:47
niltonor how is the best way to setup a bazaar server?10:49
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niltoncan anyone give some tips on setting up a bazaar server?11:09
niltonI'm reading the docs but I don't think I see how to do it...11:11
keirnilton, you don't need a server11:12
keirhttp will do11:12
keiror if you have ssh access, do bzr+ssh://11:12
niltonkeir: i would like to do it over http...11:15
niltonbut i need to setup dav and use a bzr plugin, so i can write to it, right?11:15
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keirnilton, yes. i don't know anything about DAV :(11:22
niltondo most bazaar projects use bzr+ssh protocol? because for svn projects dav over http is the default choice...11:24
PengActually, I'd say most use sftp.11:29
=== jelmer always uses bzr+ssh
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PengI meant to add that bzr+ssh is replacing sftp.11:41
AfCnilton: you can configure things so that http:// requests are internally forwarded to a bzr smart server (though I personally have never made this work). We just run a Bazaar daemon to serve bzr:// now for reads, and the few people with write access push via bzr+ssh://11:43
PengYou've never made forwarding work, or never made bzr+http work?11:44
niltonAfC: I've read something about that on http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/user-guide/server.html11:47
niltonbut i didn't see anything about forwarding http to a bzr server... the docs seems somewhat scaterred..11:49
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