nothlitwow, quite nice inkscape work https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/Animals?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=kuti_heron.svg12:34
Gadrenthat's cool12:45
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kwwiisomeone remind me how to increase the font size in an xterm02:05
nothlitxterm*faceSize:          1002:06
kwwiiexport that before opening it or what?02:07
nothlitput that into your ~/.Xdefaults02:07
nothlitif reopening xterm doesn't fix it, use xrdb -load ~/.Xdefaults02:08
kwwiiwell, I really just wanted to increase it for this one session02:08
kwwiiI am ssh'ing into my server from my samsung q1 with ubuntu-mobile atm02:09
nothlitxterm -fs #02:09
kwwiiahha, let me try that, brb02:10
_MMA_Hmm.. didnt work here. :-/02:10
nothlit       -fs size02:11
nothlit               This option sets the pointsize for fonts selected from the FreeType library if support for that library was compiled into xterm.  This corresponds to the faceSize resource.02:11
kwwiiyeah, and on this machine I cannot start an xterm like that02:12
kwwiiI need something to change it while it is running02:12
_MMA_kwwii: Family in bed?02:20
kwwii_MMA_: yeah, my son is sleeping over at a friends and the wife went to sleep at 1102:21
kwwiiI fell asleep for a while but woke up02:21
kwwiiso I thought i would play with my little toy here02:21
_MMA_I do that at least twice a week.02:22
kwwiibut a 7" screen with 1024x600 resolution makes for tiny fonts in xterm02:22
_MMA_I can imagine.02:22
_MMA_I wanted to SSH with the Nokia Im gonna get. That has a smaller screen. :(02:23
kwwiihehe, I did that with my N77002:23
kwwiiit sucks02:23
_MMA_Should I wait for this samsung thing? ;)02:24
kwwiiwait for the next version02:24
kwwiithe next ones will have bascially a core-single chip02:24
kwwiiand a nice intel graphics chip02:24
_MMA_samsung q2?02:24
kwwiithis one has something like a celeron02:24
kwwiinot sure how they will be named02:24
_MMA_Whats the MSRP _supposed_ to be?02:24
kwwiiI think sony will make one as well02:25
kwwiisomewhere around 1000 dollars I woudl guess02:25
kwwiiI got this for free from intel :-)02:26
_MMA_Ouch. Might be a bit steep.02:26
_MMA_I might get a 770 to play with for a bit. I can grab one for $130 US.02:26
kwwiilooks like the current version costs around 1500+02:26
_MMA_Yeah. That would be a hard-sell to the wife.02:27
_MMA_At least $1500 for a 30" screen looks like we got something.02:28
_MMA_Though Im fighting her on a $1500 replacement wedding ring. :)02:28
kwwiiyeah, no doubt02:28
kwwiidid you lose it?02:29
kwwiithat is like instant divorce02:29
_MMA_She developed a nickle allergy. Cant wear gold.02:29
kwwiiouch, that sucks02:29
kwwiiI am allergic to nickle but I have a white-gold wedding band02:29
kwwii't seem to bother me02:30
_MMA_Yeah. I really like her engagement/wedding rings. Slight bummer.02:30
_MMA_And replaceing them feels, wrong somehow.02:30
kwwiishe could just replace you at the same time :p02:31
_MMA_lol. Sure. I cant give her kids anymore. She's done with me. :)02:31
kwwiioops, just learned one thing02:34
kwwiithe control center on that machine does not work well02:34
kwwiiI clicked on another keyboard layout and it immediatly rebooted and just kept rebooting02:34
_MMA_Oh hell.02:34
kwwiiconsidering that I spent most of the day setting it up to use the new theming and tweaking that it really wasn't worth it02:35
kwwiioh shit02:36
kwwiiI totally screwed it up02:36
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=== kwwii reinstalls everything
nothlit`alphaif you can reinstall everything, you can't just wipe out the messed up config files? =/03:18
kwwiiI erased all the config files03:18
kwwiithis thing runs some things as root03:18
kwwiiand once you do init 3 you cannot go back03:18
kwwiiso something somewhere is b0rked and it would take more time to figure that out than to just reinstall and redo all the hand-tweaking I did today03:19
kwwiiit has something to do with matchbox-keyboard not being able to start03:19
kwwiifunny thing is, this device has a keyboard built into it *and* I use an external keyboard03:20
kwwiiall I did was click on the control panel and select keyboard layouts and then select german (didn't even hit "ok") and then it died03:21
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DanaGIs there an easy way to get my Tangerine icons to be orange again?03:22
DanaGI don't like how the Computer icons are now brown.  It clashes with everything else.03:22
nothlit`alphaDanaG: grab the ones you want and paste it over the new ones03:22
DanaGIs there a nice list of the ones that that change applied to?03:23
nothlit`alphapackages.ubuntu.com has the source files for the previous releases03:23
nothlit`alphayou can probably grab it from the bzr03:23
DanaGI'll look there, then.  Thanks.03:23
DanaGI don't see 0.25 on packages.ubuntu.com.03:25
DanaGWhat is bzr?03:26
ubotubzr is Bazaar-NG, a decentralized revision control system designed to be easy for developers and end users alike. Decentralized revision control systems give people the ability to work over the internet using the bazaar development model.  See http://bazaar-vcs.org/QuickHackingWithBzr for a quickstart guide.03:30
ubotulaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's Bounty and Bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/03:30
DanaGYay: http://mirror.linux.org.mt/mirror/ubuntu/pool/main/t/tangerine-icon-theme/?C=N;O=D03:35
DanaGYay, I have my orange icons back.  Cool.03:39
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andreasnkwwii: around?02:50
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kwwiiandreasn: for a bit04:41
kwwiiandreasn: you still around?04:41
andreasnkwwii: yeah04:45
andreasnjust wanted to check when you were going to be in and out of boston04:45
andreasnI ordered flight tickets already though04:45
andreasnarriving 26th, departing 2nd04:46
kwwiicool, sounds ok04:51
kwwiiI will be arriving on the 26th as well but I do not leave for another week04:51
kwwii(canonical has an all-hands meeting for one week after the UDS)04:51
andreasnah, I see04:53
kwwiiandreasn: if you send me your flight info I will add it to our internal wiki (in case I forget or such)04:53
andreasnwill do04:54
kwwiiI arrive at 19:35 at Boston Logan airport on the 26th04:57
kwwiiI'll answer your email with my info as well, just so you know04:57
kwwiiAlso, I'll send you my cell phone number in case of any problems04:57
andreasnah, good05:01
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