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mirkobuholzerhi evand05:43
evandhi mirkobuholzer06:11
mirkobuholzerjust wanted to do some testing with ubiquity automatic install. I saw that the command is now noninteractive, is there still the possebility to add an url for the preseeding file?06:13
evandcan you elaborate on what you mean by "the command is now noninteractive"?06:14
mirkobuholzerno problem06:15
mirkobuholzeryou once sent me some sample parameters for an early ubiquity automatic install. this looked like url=http://evalicious.com/evan.seed noninteractive06:16
mirkobuholzerI cant find the url parameter in the latest version of ubiquity06:18
evandmirkobuholzer: you don't pass this to ubiquity06:21
evandthose are kernel cmdline arguments06:22
evandhit F6 at the isolinux CD bootloader06:22
evandand add them there, before the --06:22
evandmirkobuholzer: note you can also use 'automatic-ubiquity' in place of 'noninteractive' if you want a stripped down GUI while you install, rather then just text running across the screen.06:23
mirkobuholzerohh I see06:24
mirkobuholzerthanks for the information this helps alot. so I could preseed before starting ubiquity with automatic-ubiquity to have the nice ubiquity ui without any questions.06:25
evandif you run into any problems with that or have any questions, feel free to ask me in here or at evand@ubuntu.com.06:27
mirkobuholzerthanks I will do some tests with different preseeding options. I still have you preseeding file as a template06:27
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jauchteranyone here?05:45
jauchterhave an issue getting the installer to start05:47
jauchtergetting a invalid compression type err=1 error and system halts05:47
jauchterand when its uncompressing the kernel, its does so extremely slow... takes almost a minute showing progress in chunks05:48
evandcheck the CD for defects, try burning at a lower speed, check the md5sum of the ISO image06:02
jauchterdid that06:05
jauchterno go06:05
jauchterrunning a memtest... 86 percent through, but I dont think thats the issue06:05
jauchterbtw -  checking cd for defects throws the same issue06:06
jauchterburning at a lower speed... I guess I can try the next lower06:06
jauchteralready went down one level06:07
jauchtermd5 is good06:07
jauchter36x, no luck06:18
jauchtersame issues06:18
jauchterinvalid compression format err=106:21
jauchterso thats the only advice you can give?06:50
jauchterthink im going to piggie back the drive on another machine and run the install06:51
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