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GNUtoo-laptophello, does sun's java export the jardir variable?01:49
GNUtoo-laptopi have gutsy gibbon and the script of the libgtk-java doesn't find the jars because the jardir variable is not set...but i don't have sun's java nor want to install it(proprietary) so before bugreporting for the path i'd like to check if it export the jardir variable or not01:53
GNUtoo-laptops /script/script of the example /01:53
man-diI never saw a jardir variable02:20
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GNUtoo-laptopman-di, so i bugrepot03:37
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leonelbig surprise  yesterday when I saw  IcedTea  in Ubuntu Gutsy  Universe ..05:08
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ravihphow to read data from keyboard in java?06:10
ravihpwhat is the function?06:11
ravihpplaese help ?06:11
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man-dipeople have no patience06:13
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