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kwwiihrm, I clicked on the keyboard layout in the control center and now my machine is b0rked02:37
kwwiix comes up but nothing else02:37
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HappyCampasac, didn't we get moblin-applets into ubunut?  I thought for sure you and I worked on getting that in.  but I don't see it in the gutsy repo???  ToddBrandt  and I are confused.03:01
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kwwiihow does one turn off the matchbox-keyboard all together?03:26
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HappyCamp_ubuntukwwii: people over on #moblin can probably help03:34
kwwiiHappyCamp_ubuntu: thanks, I'll ask there03:34
=== pwnguin wants to know how kwwii got the screenshots he's finding on the ML
pwnguinall i get is a message telling me to update to get flash (i think something important was truncated)03:39
kwwiipwnguin: screenshots?03:39
kwwiipwnguin: don't worry, that does not appear like that for me either03:45
pwnguinapparently flashplugin-nonfree isn't available in lpia or something03:51
kwwiiwhat you are seeing in that screenshot is not the flashplugin03:52
kwwiithat is the html interface03:52
kwwiiwhich should come up by default03:53
kwwiibut the theme set is not the correct version03:53
kwwiithat might have been fixed by now03:53
kwwiinot sure03:53
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Ward1983i would like to know if its possible to seperately install parts of ubuntu-mobile, trough from within a (not ubuntu, jsut debian) debian system05:07
Ward1983or as source, that would maybe even be better05:08
Ward1983i mean this the way like you can for isntance install ubuntu-studio from a regular ubuntu, or the ubuntu studio look05:09
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asacHappyCamp: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/moblin-applets/0.7 ... failed to build everywhere but on i38611:13
asacHappyCamp: ToddBrandt should have received the build failure notifications11:14
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KenSentMeHi, the UME project is only aimed at UMPC-like devices, not mobile phones, right?02:48
Ward1983i would like to know if its possible to install parts of ubuntu-mobile on a regular debian system03:08
Ward1983KenSentMe, from what i've read that should be correct at the moment03:11
KenSentMeWard1983, ok, so openmoko would be the best idea if i wanted a mobile phone that runs on open source software?03:12
Ward1983KenSentMe, there are also other options03:13
Ward1983i know there's the familiar project, which runs on a lot of pda's, so it probably runs on some phone/pda combo's03:15
Ward1983and there's also the greenphone03:15
Ward1983( http://trolltech.com/products/qtopia/greenphone )03:15
Ward1983all i can say is, research before you buy, try to find out as much as possible about all your options, and the pros and cons of each03:16
KenSentMeAh, thanks.I sure will. My Nokia E61 runs fine for now, but i am considering my options when it stops running03:17
Ward1983KenSentMe, i foudn a very intersting page for you03:18
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Ward1983KenSentMe, i'm looking for a decent pda and i also had interest in the neo 1973, i went to ask in the openmoko channel if the software would be ready around newyear, and someone replied probably not03:23
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KenSentMeWard1983, i'm in the openmoko channel now and asked the same question, but the answers are still vague03:27
Ward1983the one that answered me said he was not 100% sure because its possible that they get extra funding or developers03:28
KenSentMeI also found out that umts/3g won't be supported yet03:29
KenSentMeThat is something i don't want to miss anymore03:29
Ward1983costs so much money03:30
Ward198325eur/month with a 1GB datalimit03:30
Ward1983(at least over here in Belgium)03:30
KenSentMeWard1983, in holland i pay 10/m for fair use policy (e.g. 50mb). It's enough to do some surfing and email while i'm on the road03:32
Ward1983KenSentMe, do you have roaming? lol03:32
Ward1983would be cool03:33
Ward1983(then it also works in belgium)03:33
Ward1983hmmm maybe i'll try it out, there's a laptop here from a collegue of my dad who quit03:34
Ward1983and there's a 3g card with it03:34
Ward1983with a KPN SIM in it03:34
Ward1983(they are building a large project in holland so they needed internet in holland)03:34
KenSentMeWard1983, it's for my nokia phone, but it gets costly when i cross the border03:35
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Ward1983KenSentMe, so i better not try it :p03:59
Ward1983is it possible to install parts of ubuntu-mobile on a regular debian system?03:59
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Ward1983so nobody knows this? :-s05:34
=== Ward1983 forgets about ubuntu mobile
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