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ubotuIn ubotu, PriceChild said: no ops-#ubuntu-motu is <reply> Help! Hobbsee, Riddell, sladen, fbond or PriceChild01:31
ubotumneptok called the ops in #ubuntu-motu01:33
mneptok^^ ignore ^^^01:33
LjL /kb mneptok01:35
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ubotuVorian called the ops in #ubuntu02:03
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ubotuTheMuso called the ops in #ubuntu-devel03:55
Pici!staff | devel03:56
ubotudevel: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, BearPerson or ompaul! I could use a bit of your time :)03:56
Piciubuntu-devel, no ops reporting to duty03:56
Picichris_punches (n=chrispun@unaffiliated/chrispunches/x-569201)03:58
Picijust left.03:59
ubotuFlannel called the ops in #ubuntu03:59
Picibleh, spammed about 3 pages worth of some youtube link04:00
stdinI'm almost tempted to click (only almost)04:02
PiciIts just Banana Phone on top of the Simpsons04:03
Picimneptok: thanks :)04:35
ubotuFlannel called the ops in #ubuntu05:15
ubotuIn #ubuntu, danhs said: ubotu: is there a way to "select" the SSE2 optimized package in synaptic?  cause right now all I do is apt-get -b source atlas3-sse2 but it can't find it on regular, old synaptic....which seems odd to me05:25
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ubotuLadyNikon called the ops in #ubuntu05:52
ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu05:54
ubotuyell0w called the ops in #ubuntu05:55
ubotut3hwiz0rd called the ops in #ubuntuforums05:57
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drukehmm i need to betest for the dcc exploit thingy06:41
drukebe tested*06:42
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ompaulmneptok, most strange - are you on a quest for the worst video on you tube? ;-)09:09
ubotuIn #ubuntu+1, ChaosParser said: !no, Envy is A useful script that will install video drivers if the restricted drivers console does not work for your card.  However, not uninstalling drivers before kernel updates causes issues.09:30
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PriceChildAsked isp for static ip yesterday11:14
PriceChildtoday randomly my connection drops... all tests on modem show that it should be connected to the net fine11:14
PriceChildget a text from isp saying ticket has been answered... so they gave me a static ip without telling me what it was or netmask/gateway etc. so that I could actually reconnect.11:14
FujitsuPriceChild: Haha, nice one.11:18
PriceChild2 minute phonecall and all information is revealed though so its all good :)11:19
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PriceChildA few people saying ubuntu servers are unreachable...12:27
PriceChild!away > Mez|Away 12:27
mc44i'm updating now so at least the uk mirrors are fine ;)12:29
jpatrickthey must be doing upgrades12:30
PriceChildthinks like ubuntu.com, ubuntuforums12:30
PriceChildI'm perfectly fine myself12:30
mc44yeah they work here12:30
jpatrickyep, work here12:31
PriceChild*wonders why his port forwarding isn't working*12:45
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ubotustefg called the ops in #ubuntu03:01
Hobbseedid anyone attend to that?03:02
=== Tm_T is in restaurant with parents
PriceyI think they just stopped :/03:11
Tm_TI feel like kid again03:11
PriceyHobbsee, wondering why you gave me access in -motu? 8-) not complaining, just wondering :)03:12
GaryTm_T, you are in a restaurant on irc?03:13
=== yoman_80 [n=are@89-139-171-17.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceyGary, phone probably03:21
Priceyyoman_80, hello?03:21
HobbseePricey: because you're on hte irc council.03:22
Hobbseeand there arent many ops there03:22
Priceyah k :)03:23
Hobbseetonyyarusso: i'm around now03:23
PriceyHow is hobbsee?03:23
Pricey*growls at pennergame spammer who was in -devel*03:23
LjLPricey: hello? is this pricey? hello?03:23
LjLseriously, haven't we had enough of yoman now?03:23
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Hobbseemneptok: what?03:23
=== yoman_80 [n=are@89-139-171-17.bb.netvision.net.il] has left #ubuntu-ops [requested]
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LjLhas he *spoken* yet?03:23
PriceyLjL, he doesn't shut up does he!03:24
HobbseePricey: can you do me a favour, and update the ubuntu-motu ops factoid?03:24
PriceyHobbsee, i added myself, but didn't want to add whoever else unless they wanted it.03:24
HobbseePricey: well, probably best to stick it on there anyway - it rarely gets called03:25
LjLHobbsee: hey, i didn't even know people could have access level -103:26
LjLsuppose that's a permban?03:26
PriceyLjL, think its auto-deop03:27
Priceysee levels03:27
Pricey/msg chanserv level #ubuntu-ops list03:28
=== LjL isn't sure what the purpose of autodeop is =)
Priceywell if I go mad and start opping say..... jdong in #ubuntu all the time03:28
Priceyyou could set jdong to level -1 in #ubuntu so that even if I opped him... chanserv would deop him before he could begin his reign of madness and terror03:29
Garypoor jdong 03:29
Hobbseenalioth: can you give me a higher level in #ubuntu-devel please?  30 will do.03:29
Hobbseenalioth: i'll grab some mroe ops, we dont have enough03:29
LjLPricey: but that defeats the point of opwars... opwars are fun...03:29
PriceyLjL, :P03:30
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PriceyHobbsee, but thom is the contact? :/03:31
=== jpatrick [n=patrick@ubuntu/member/jpatrick] has joined #ubuntu-ops
GaryI see sev is retiring :'(03:36
PriceyGary, that's been the plan for aaaaaages03:37
Garywell yeah, but I'm special (read slow)03:38
ompaulGary, na you're not slow, you're special ;-)03:42
ompauldid you get that btw?03:42
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ubotuheguru called the ops in #ubuntu04:28
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LjLoh, UNban.04:28
PriceyHow rare.04:28
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Tm_TLjL: =)05:35
ubotuIn #ubuntuforums, NeedHelp said: !HELP Apt-Get is not installed when booting! I need help!05:36
Garyand he runs away before anyone can tell him what he is doing wrong05:37
Tm_Tjust perfect05:38
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Hobbseeoh no, it's Seveas!07:35
Tm_Tit's not07:35
Seveasrun, run!07:36
=== ThunderStruck cant figure this xchat windwos out to save my life
ThunderStruckgrrrrrrrr cant even add plugins07:38
=== mrguser [n=mirggi@81-208-36-87.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Tm_Tirssi <307:42
ThunderStruckTm_T, i have it open on my gutsy pc but im working on win atm and it sucks07:44
Tm_TThunderStruck: I mean, you can use irssi in windows too07:44
ThunderStruckTm_T, eh its not as good07:44
ThunderStruckas irssi on linux07:44
ThunderStruckits kind of feature less07:45
Tm_TThunderStruck: err, you gotta be kidding me07:45
ThunderStruckTm_T, no im not i used it for ~1 year and it wasnt so good IMMHO07:45
Tm_Tso you really doesnt know07:45
ThunderStruckTm_T, did they updated it in last 6months or so07:46
Tm_TThunderStruck: you can use _same_ irssi07:46
ThunderStruckTm_T, without scripts07:46
ThunderStruckTm_T, i wasnt avle to load scripts in it even after installing perl07:47
Tm_Tyou mean, you run irssi _in_ windows? :O07:47
ThunderStruckTm_T, i used to07:47
ThunderStrucki run it in ubuntu always07:47
Tm_Tbut still works07:47
Seveasssh to a linux box and run irssi there07:47
ThunderStruckim running xchat in win since irssi for win sucks07:48
Tm_Tscreen <307:48
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ThunderStruckSeveas, putty?07:48
SeveasThunderStruck, yup07:48
ThunderStrucklooks to find if its free brb07:48
Seveasmrguser, what can we do for you?07:48
Tm_TThunderStruck: putty is very free07:49
Tm_T!info putty | ThunderStruck 07:49
ubotuthunderstruck: putty: Telnet/SSH client for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.59-2 (feisty), package size 304 kB, installed size 752 kB07:50
ThunderStrucki know putty is in uni,07:50
Tm_Twell you asked if its free07:50
Tm_Tits in universe, so it is07:50
Tm_Tthough I wouldnt use putty in *NIX07:50
ThunderStruckTm_T, free for windows is what i menat07:51
Tm_TThunderStruck: how it wouldnt be?07:51
Tm_Tits in universe, so it have to be free as in speech, right?07:52
ThunderStruckTm_T, you never know what people will charge for. Tm_T xchat is free in linux but hold a price for full xchat in windows or atleast used to07:52
Tm_Tyou mean binaries?07:52
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ThunderStruckTm_T, for xchat it used to be a charge dont rmrmember for what if you give me a minute ill check if ther estill is07:53
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=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+b *!*@unaffiliated/seeker/x-838755] by Seveas
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Seveas(temp ban since he's been kicked before)07:53
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ThunderStruckits for registration07:54
Tm_Tthats perfectly fair07:55
Tm_Tbut its still free07:55
ThunderStruckit is?07:55
Tm_Tit is07:55
Tm_Tyou are free to build it by your own07:55
mc44or get it from there07:55
ThunderStruckpay for registration is fair? why is this after 10 days you have to pay or lose it. mc44 ive been running xchat on windows sfor over a year07:56
Tm_Tsee, fully free, its not wrong to charge from your time and work07:56
ThunderStruckTm_T, but will it work if you dont reg. it?07:56
Tm_TThunderStruck: it does if you build it yourself07:57
ThunderStruckyuck build things on windows, but most likely07:57
ThunderStruckpoint being you pay for things in windows you wouldnt nomrally pay for in linux07:58
Tm_Twell you do pay for it in Linux too in some cases07:59
ThunderStruckyou do?07:59
Tm_Tits not new thing to pay for binaries even with gpl sources07:59
Tm_Tno I dont pay currently in sense of "I have to pay"08:00
Tm_Tbut I do spend my time and money, yes08:00
ThunderStruckbrb im done on win finally ;)08:00
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ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, MenZa said: !sudo is <reply> sudo (substitute user do) is a command to run programs as a different user, mainly used to run applications as the root user. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information. Also see http://xtermin.us/whysudo/08:53
=== Daviey notes Seveas has gone crazy
GarySeveas, seeker is alright :p09:08
DavieyHe isn't a complete idler09:08
DavieySeveas: ping09:13
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SeveasDaviey, Seeker` pm'ed me -- am discussing (if he responds now :))09:43
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Seveasdgjones, where are you operator?09:46
dgjonesSeveas, sorry, i'll leave, i came in another time to pass a message on about something that didn't look right in #ubuntu09:47
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Seeker`Seveas: Thankyou.09:48
SeveasDaviey, I'm pretty sure you're an op somewhere (hence no kciking you), care to confirm that so I can add you to the access list here?09:49
Seeker`Seveas: He is an op in -uk09:49
SeveasSeeker`, merci09:49
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v Daviey] by ChanServ
ikoniaevening guys09:50
Seveashi ikonia 09:50
=== SportChick [i=essy@freenode/staff/sportchick] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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DavieySeveas: Arg.. I was away from this channel and just sent a msg to the irc ML i probably wouldn't have if i'd realised you'd responsed10:19
naliothDaviey: we always respond10:23
Davieywelll.. I pm'd Seveas and he hasn't responed yet10:23
jribDaviey: no one is banned, just kicked10:24
=== Vorian [n=Steve@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.Vorian] has joined #ubuntu-ops
naliothDaviey: if you see anyone banned, they are trolls most likely10:24
DavieySeeker`: I always knew you were a troll10:25
stdinthere is sometimes a temporary ban to stop auto-rejoin for instance10:25
naliothnow now "most likely"10:26
naliothas stdin says, there can be other reasons 10:26
=== nalioth only bans the ban-avoiding trolls
naliothit's a fun game, sort of like 'whack-a-mole'10:27
Meznalioth, whack=a=troll10:27
Seeker`Is this channel logged?#10:31
naliothSeeker`: it is  (see ubuntulog?)10:32
Seeker`found it10:32
ubotusoundray called the ops in #ubuntu10:46
ubotuHelp! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici10:47
ubotuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu-ops10:47
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+o Mez] by ChanServ
Seveasbigfuzzyjesus is back as jesys10:47
naliothwhat in hades is going on?10:47
Seveasin -offtopic10:47
Mez/cs kb Seveas do not abuse !ops10:47
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [-o Mez] by ChanServ
ikoniaSeveas: thank you 10:48
jribbigfuzzyjesus_ is is #ubuntu, is he banned there as well?10:53
Mezjrib, seems seveas placed a ban on him and didnt lift it yet10:56
Seveas--- [bigfuzzyjesus]  ##/dev/random #xubuntu-offtopic #xubuntu ##trangle #ubuntu 10:59
Seveaswhy am I not surprised that he's in troll central10:59
Mez##/dev/random ?10:59
LjLand/or ##trangle10:59
Pici##/dev/random wasnt supposed to be like trangle11:00
=== coreymon77 [n=coreymon@ubuntu/member/coreymon77] has joined #ubuntu-ops
LjLPici: bah, you join both anyway :P11:00
PiciI  dont think I've said anything in trangle for over a month.11:01
LjLyeah yeah sure, try to justify yourself now11:01
ubotuhwilde called the ops in #ubuntu11:09
Seveasikonia: I smell troll11:12
ikoniaSeveas: possibly11:12
ikoniaintervention was appriciated11:12
ikoniaI believe he just didn't get it11:12
ikoniabut you could be right11:12
ikoniaor was it pici in disguise  ? :)11:13
Seveasretract that, I recognize his problem11:13
ikoniathe ati driver one ?11:13
PiciI am not a troll </nixon>11:13
ikoniaPici: genius 11:13
ikoniaSeveas: I think - from what he was saying he just had incompatible drivers versions for his card11:14
ikoniabut I couldn't get any sense out of him to check11:14
Seveasikonia, no, hwilde :)11:14
=== mrguser [n=mirggi@81-208-36-87.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ikoniahwilde seems to be genuine11:14
PiciThe name sounds familiar11:15
=== mrguser is now known as LjL2
ikoniaI've not seen the ssh problem he's on about11:15
LjL2Perhaps it reminds you of some writer or something pici11:16
ikoniaI wondered lonley as a cloud......11:16
ikoniawandered even11:17
PriceChildTake that France!! :D11:27
Seeker`PriceChild: :P11:28
Seveasikonia, you don't use the nc trick to proxy ssh I guess :)11:31
Seeker`PriceChild: Who are we against in the final?11:31
jdongProxyCommand ssh -A host1 ssh -A host2 ssh -A host3 nc %h %p12:10
jdongyou devil12:10
jdongwhoa, I'm voiced?12:11
Piciyou are an op12:11
=== jdong hops up and down with excitement
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [-v jdong] by ChanServ
=== jdong slaps PriceChild
jdongwith an unlocked iPhone12:12
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v jdong] by ChanServ
PriceChildcoreymon77, can I help you?12:13
Seeker`jdong: Isnt that = to a brick?12:13
jdongSeeker`: depends on the degree of unlocking12:14
Seeker`fair enough12:14
jdongSeeker`: mako and I spent the day today hacking a 1.1.1 iPhone12:14
jdongSeeker`: everything but SIM unlock works with 1.1.1; and that doesn't look far away either12:14
jdongI'm not gonna get one myself; mako was given one by Ford.... but I have to admit hacking a *nix smartphone was a LOT of fun12:14
jdongmight sound silly, but having to unlock it actually was a turn-on for me :)12:15
Seeker`that may be taking it a little far :P12:16
Seeker`I wish I had the money to spare on potentially bricking an iphone :P12:16
jdongSeeker`: it's extremely hard to brick actually....12:18
jdongSeeker`: the restore mode does a binary-rewrite of both the firmware and data partitions and I think that's failproof12:18
Seeker`fair enough12:18
jdongconsidering that I don't see a way to patch the bootloader in ROM12:18
jdongit's just that it can all break with any update Apple feels like pushing on you12:18
jdongI wouldn't recommend it as your primary phone if you hack it12:19
jdongjust as I wouldn't recommend a Hackintosh OSX86 as your primary PC12:19
=== Seeker` wouldn't have a clue how to hack a phone
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Seeker`what does that actually do?01:02
PriceChildSeeker`, logs into the bantracker01:02
Seveasthat is, if you are known to ubotu :)01:07
Seveas@config plugins.bantracker.enabled01:07
Seveas@config channel #ubuntu-uk plugins.bantracker.enabled01:08
SeveasSeeker`, it also logs kicks/bans in #ubuntu-uk :)01:08
Seveasjoin the ubuntu-irc team on launchpad to be able to login01:08
PriceChildSeveas, are we going to want council approval for additions to ubuntu-irc? :/01:11
Seeker`Seveas: jsut clicked join01:11
Seveasubuntu-irc is only used for ubotu access control, so any op on channels monitored by ubotu should be able to join01:11
Seveasmaybe I should rename the team01:12
Seeker`Seveas: I'm ChrisOattes / cjo2001:12

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